Happy Commie Day, Commie Bastards!

Your little gig killed hundreds of millions worldwide. Far more than any Nazis — or anyone else for that matter. Untold human suffering and misery to this day, even. And the History Channel shows us nothing but Nazi documentaries? What don’t you get about the real deal, fool?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. HKW says:

    Back to topic.
    Worldwide protests against austerity cuts mark May Day ;



    Anger boils over at May Day protests hit New York streets

    May Day clashes with police in Germany

  2. AKIRA says:


    Young’s songs over the past decade and a half are pointless. His attempts at protest songs are pathetic. His “Shack and Awe” is ridiculous, because he keeps using “we” “we” we” to mean Americans, and goes on about how evil Whitey is — but of course he’ll never indict The Kike, since he’s on The Kike’s payroll.

    His politics in Southern Man, Pochahontas, Cortez The Killer and other songs are stupid and misinformed. But at least he could come up with good melodies, and could play guitar well.

    So he should just STFU about anything political.

    His song “Let’s Impeach The President” is an ugly crime against song-writing.

    He should just retire. Play at home, for his friends, and cut out the attempt to be a political guru.

    Keep in mind that he’s been detached from most of what is normal life since he was about 23 or 24 and became a pseudo-rancher. “Old Man” is about him buying a ranch and getting pissed off with the old man he’d been pressured into keeping with the property. Young had wanted to just evict the old ranch hand. Then he got pissed off that the old man looked down on him while all his groupies and doped-out middle class hangers-on and kike associates would party at the ranch. The song was in response to the old man’s unstated contempt and refusal to grovel to the nouveau riche Young.

  3. AKIRA says:


    And it’s unlistenable, too — really awful. It helps illustrate how bad politics pollutes people’s minds and souls.

    Looking For A Leader

    By Neil Young

    Lookin’ for a Leader
    To bring our country home
    Re-unite the red white and blue
    Before it turns to stone

    Lookin’ for somebody
    Young enough to take it on
    Clean up the corruption
    And make the country strong

    Walkin’ among our people
    There’s someone who’s straight and strong
    To lead us from desolation
    And a broken world gone wrong

    Someone walks among us
    And I hope he hears the call
    And maybe it’s a woman
    Or a black man after all

    Yeah maybe it’s Obama
    But he thinks that he’s too young
    Maybe it’s Colin Powell
    To right what he’s done wrong

    America has a leader
    But he’s not in the house
    He’s waling here among us
    And we’ve got to seek him out

    Yeah we’ve got our election
    But corruption has a chance
    We got to have a clean win
    To regain confidence

    America is beautiful
    But she has an ugly side
    We’re lookin’ for a leader
    In this country far and wide

    We’re lookin’ for a leader
    With the great spirit on his side

    Someone walks among us
    And I hope he hears the call
    And maybe it’s a woman
    Or a black man after all

  4. Barney says:

    Akira – Any chance of toning it down a bit?

    You’ve been here, on and off, for a long time, and I was glad to see you back, despite your previous efforts to start a war with Cannibal Rabbi, who I know personally to be a good White Man.

    This time though, you’re more abrasive than ever, and you’re driving good people away.

    I don’t want to pick a fight with you because I respect a lot of what you say, but you’re damaging Incog’s credibility by attacking regular posters.

    We had something like that a while ago, which resulted in the formation of Hofflandia and a mass exodus of the best people. I don’t believe Flanders has been back here since.

    You may not respect some of us very much, but what about showing some respect for our host? Incog ALWAYS provides excellent information, but you’re trashing the place, and you’re not even a member of the White Race, the people this site is aimed at.

    I don’t always agree with what others say, but I do at least try to treat them with respect unless I know they’re trolls. Is that too much to ask?

    We’re not going to win this war by squabbling among ourselves. We can do that later. What’s needed now is solidarity. We don’t have to agree on every point, but there’s a REAL enemy that has to be defeated if we’re to have any future at all, so what harm can it do to at least be polite?

    What I’m really asking you to do is STOP ACTING LIKE A JEW.

    I’ll probably be attacked for saying that, but so be it. Words can’t hurt me and there’s no excuse for bad manners.

    Btw, sog has already explained that he has some difficulty writing coherently. It’s not his fault, and if you take the trouble to read what he says, he makes a lot of sense. In my opinion he’s one of us.

  5. kitty says:

    Well done. Thank you Barney.

  6. Bailey says:

    Well said Barney,

    And who the hell cares how sog writes or if his spelling is a little off.
    sog is cool and for the most part he never bothers anyone and this is our hosts site, showing some respect would be nice.

    Akira, I’m surprised you don’t like Greendale, it may not be of the best in musical quality but maybe it was meant to be raw.
    The story is good though it’s all about resisting the man, anti-establishment which is in my mind, anti-jew.

  7. Bailey says:

    @ Incogman,

    Did you suffer a little jew attack this morning?

  8. Great article again, Incogman…

    I am glad to see Akira is back to give us his perspectives.. He is entitled to his opinions, and people can accept or dismiss them politely.

    I am a bit perturbed by the accusation that Charles Giuliani is Jewish… I have talked to the man for years, and I know that he definitely is not… He was in training to be a priest but he could see the evils and ravages of those who have infiltrated that religion, and have ruined it to the degree it is at today.

    BTW… Even the Jews have admitted to the infiltration of Christianity to the point that some 20 popes were actually Jewish.. (Can be read about in my most recent post…Their own words..)

    Charles is not against religion per say.. What he sees is a subversion of the idealisms and true purpose of religion as a whole to unite people under a common goal of decency, respect, love, and understanding, and how its entire ruination due to Jewish subversion has destroyed peoples’ faith.

    Oracle itself is questionable, and their owners’ actions to curtail Giuliani with threats about his”Elite Jew Pigs” statements speaks for their attempts to force the man out.

    As I have already said, Akira.. Welcome back… Your views are appreciated and do make people stop and think…..

  9. Barney says:

    I agree NTS. Akira does have a lot to contribute here, but the way he’s been behaving just lately is unacceptable imho. That’s the way jews behave. I don’t believe he is a jew, but jew-like behaviour is damaging to the site and to the movement.

    It’s also bad manners to come to Incog’s blog and pick fights with Incog’s guests.

    As far as I’m concerned, you are welcome here, Akira, not that it’s for me to say who posts here and who doesn’t, but there’s no need to act like a jew, insulting people just because you disagree with what they say or how they say it.

  10. HKW says:

    Barney, the most rational personality on this forum, thank you for your very wise and reasonable comments.
    SOLIDARITY is definitely the right word and what is needed to achieve the desired goal unless one has a different, hidden agenda on their mind.

    Sog’s writing is unique and perhaps he wants it to be it that way.

    It’s not too difficult when one gets used to it. I don’t agree with him on everything either, but I found him to be knowledgeable in many other aspects.

    sog and I had our differences in the past, but I think that in the end we came to respect each other and that’s an ACHIEVEMENT in itself!

    Lets be FAIR!

    Once again;

  11. HKW says:

    I apologize for this extensive post which in my opinion is well worth reading to get to know the names of the communist GANGSTERS.

    Judaic Communists;

    V.I. Lenin, supreme dictator.
    Leon Bronstein (Trotsky): supreme commander of the Soviet Red Army.
    Grigory Apfelbaum (Zinoviev): executive, Soviet Secret Police.
    Solomon Lozovsky: deputy Soviet foreign minister.
    Maxim Wallach (Litvinov): Soviet foreign minister.
    Yuri Andropov: director, Soviet KGB, later supreme dictator of the Soviet Union.
    Jacob Sverdlov: first president of the Soviet Union. Sverdlov ordered the massacre of the Czar’s family–women and children–in the town named after Catherine the Great, Yekaterinburg, (renamed Sverdlovsk in 1924 in honor of the murderer).
    Jacob Yurovsky: commander, Soviet Secret Police. Yurovsky led the death squad which carried out Sverdlov’s order for the murder of the Czar’s family, including the bayoneting to death of the Czar’s daughters.
    Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich chief mass murderer for Stalin, ordered the deaths of millions and the wholesale destruction of Christian monuments and churches, including the great Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
    Mikhail Kaganovich: deputy commissar of heavy industry, supervisor of slave labor, brother of Lazar.
    Rosa Kaganovich: Stalin’s mistress; sister of Lazar.
    Paulina Zhemchuzina: member of the Central Committee and wife of Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov.
    Olga Bronstein: officer, Soviet Cheka Secret Police, sister of Trotsky, wife of Kamenev.
    Genrikh Yagoda: chief of Soviet Secret Police, mass murderer extraordinaire.
    (Jewish poet Romain Rolland, winner of the Nobel Prize, wrote a hymn of praise to Yagoda).
    Matvei Berman and Naftaly Frenkel: founders, the Gulag death camp system.
    Lev Inzhir, commissar for Soviet death camp transit and administration.
    Boris Berman: executive officer of the Soviet Secret Police and brother of Matvei. K.V. Pauker: chief of operations, Soviet NKVD Secret Police.
    Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk: commissars of death camps and slave labor, supervised the mass deaths of laborers during the construction of the White Sea–Baltic Canal.
    M.I. Gay: commander, Soviet Secret Police.
    Slutsky and Shpiegelglas: commanders, Soviet Secret Police.
    Isaac Babel: officer, Soviet Secret Police.
    Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin (Aleksandr Orlov): commander, Soviet Red Army; officer, Soviet Secret Police. Feldbin was chief of Soviet Security in the Spanish Civil War.
    He supervised the massacre of Catholic priests and peasants in Spain.
    Yona Yakir: general, Soviet Red Army, member of the Central Committee.
    Dimitri Shmidt: general, Soviet Red Army.
    Yakov (“Yankel”) Kreiser: general, Soviet Red Army.
    Miron Vovsi: general, Soviet Red Army.
    David Dragonsky: general, Soviet Red Army, Hero of the Soviet Union.
    Grigori Shtern: general, Soviet Red Army.
    Mikhail Chazkelevich: general, Soviet Red Army.
    Shimon Kirvoshein: general, Soviet Red Army.
    Arseni Raskin: deputy-commander, Soviet Red Army.
    Haim Fomin, commander of Brest-Litovsk, Soviet Red Army.

    Generals who were not themselves Jewish often had Jewish wives.
    Among these were Marshal Voroshilov, Marshal Bulganin, Marshal Peresypkin and General Pavel Sudoplatov (Sudoplatov assassinated hundreds of Christian leaders including Ukranian Catholic Archbishop Teodor Romzha).
    This Jewish wife “insurance policy” extended to Politburo members such as Andrei Andreyev and Leonoid Brezhnev.
    Sergei Eisenstein: director of communist propaganda films which depicted Christian peasants (kulaks) as hideous, money-grabbing parasites.
    The kulaks were subsequently massacred.
    KOMZET: commission for the settlement of Jewish Communists on land seized from murdered Christians in Ukraine; funded by Jewish-American financier Julius Rosenwald.
    Ilya Ehrenburg, Minister of Soviet Propaganda and disseminator of anti-German hate material dating from the 1930s. Ehrenburg instigated the Soviet Red Army rape and murder of German civilians. Referring to German women, Ehrenburg gloated to the advancing Red Army troops, “that blonde hag is in for a bad time.”
    Another publication distributed to the Red Army, this time as the soldiers approached Danzig, was described by a historian: “Millions of leaflets were air-dropped on the troops with a message composed by the propagandist Ilya Ehrenburg and signed by Stalin: ‘Soldiers of the Red Army! Kill the Germans! Kill all Germans! Kill! Kill! Kill!” (Christopher Duffy, Red Storm on the Reich).
    Solomon Mikhoels: commissar of Soviet propaganda.
    Soviet film propagandists: Mark Donsky, Leonid Lukov, Yuli Reisman, Vasily Grossman,Yevgeny Gabrilovich, Boris Volchok and Lillian Hellman (old movies written by her continue to be broadcast on American telelvision).
    Soviet propagandist: Yevgeny Khaldei who staged the photo of the raising of the hammer and sickle flag over the Reichstag in Berlin, May 2, 1945.
    Nikolai Bukharin: Lenin’s chief theorist.
    Samuel Agursky: commissar.
    Karl Radek: member, Central Committee.
    Mikhail Gruzenberg (Borodin) commissar.
    A.A. Yoffe: commissar.
    David Ryazanov: advisor to Lenin.
    Lev Grigorievich Levin: physician, poisoner of Stalin’s enemies.
    Lev Rosenfeld (Kamenev): member of the Central Committee.
    Ivan Maisky: Soviet Ambassador to Britain.
    Itzik Solomonovich Feffer: commissar, Soviet Secret Police.
    Abraham Sutskever: Soviet terrorist-partisan.
    Mark Osipovich Reizen: Soviet propagandist, winner of three Stalin Prizes.
    Lev Leopold Trepper: Soviet espionage officer.
    Bela Kun (Kohen): supreme dictator of Hungary in 1919. Kun was later Stalin’s chief terrorist in the Crimea. Kun’s eventual successor was Matyas Rakosi, Jewish Communist mass murderer of Christians in Hungary.
    Zakharovich Mekhlis: top executioner for Stalin.
    Henrykas Zimanas: leader of Lithuanian communist terrorists, butcher of Christians.
    Moshe Pijade (sometimes spelled Piade): commander, Yugoslav Communist People’s Army. Tito’s top butcher of hundreds of thousands of Croatian Christians.

    In post-war Poland that nation was completely dominated by Jewish communists: the torturer Jacek Rozanski, head of the Secret Police; the Politboro commander Jacob Berman and commissars Minc, Specht (Olszewski) and Spychalski.
    These men murdered or deported to Kolyma and the other Arctic death camps, tens of thousands of Catholic Poles.
    According to Jewish researcher John Sack, “In 1945 many Poles felt (and not without reason) that Jews ran the Office of State Security…the chief of the Office was Jacob Berman, a Jew, and all or almost all the department heads were Jews.”
    Sack reports that 75% of the officers of the Communist Secret Police in Silesia were Jews.
    He noted that many Jews in the Communist terror apparatus in Poland changed their names to Polish ones like General Romkowski, Colonel Rozanski, Capt. Studencki and Lt. Jurkowski. (cf. John Sack, The New Republic, Feb. 14, 1994, p. 6.)
    Sack in this article also refutes some shoddy research performed by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, author of Hitler’s Willing Executioners, who, in the double standard typical of the Jewish mentality, refuses to accept the proven fact that Jews ran the Polish Communist secret police even as Goldhagen asserts the racist myth that the entire German nation was guilty of genocide.
    Sack does a good job of proving Goldhagen wrong about Poland).

    In Poland, “…a disproportionate number of Communists were Jews.
    In 1930, at its peak, 35% of the members of the party were Jewish.
    In Communist youth organizations, Jewish membership was even higher, while Communists of Jewish origin occupied most of the seats on the central committee. Communism appealed to some Jews because it opposed anti-Semitism more vigorously than any other Polish party…Jewish Communists reached their apogee in the years immediately after World War Two, when the party leadership was totally in the hands of the prewar Communist leadership that abhorred anti-Semitism.” (Sheldon Kirshner, The Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 5, 1992, p. 16).

    Of course when one encounters the issue of Judaics, Communists and Catholics in Poland in the Establishment media or universities today, the mass murder of the Polish Catholics at the hands of the Jewish Communists, is never raised.

    Instead, a minor attack on Jews by Polish peasants enraged at the role of Jews in Communist terror, which occurred in July, 1946 at Kielce and which has come to be called the “Kielce pogrom” will be the centerpiece of the “discussion.
    ” The motivation for the attack is not usually mentioned. Rather, the Catholic peasantry are painted in terms of “fiendish bigots” whose “blind, irrational hate” for the “poor, persecuted Jews” resulted in “yet another martyrdom of God’s Chosen.”

    But the Catholic Primate of Poland at the time, Cardinal Hlond, a brave prelate in a stalwart tradition of Christian resistance to Jewish tyranny in Poland, so different from the traitorous philo-Judaism of the current Pontiff, stated that the attack in Kielce occurred because of resentment ‘due to the Jews who today occupy leading positions in Poland’s (Communist) government and endeavor to introduce a governmental structure that the majority of Poles do not wish to have.
    As Piotr S. Wandycz of Yale University observes, “The average Pole could not but notice in the Stalinist era that the two most powerful men in the country–Berman and Minc–were both Jewish as was the dreaded security official Rozanski.” (N.Y. Review of Books, Aug. 18, 1983, p. 51).

    Solomon Morel was a commandant of a post-war Communist concentration camp for Germans in Poland. Stalin deliberately put Jews in charge of such camps.
    Morel tortured and murdered thousands of Germans, sometimes with his bare hands (cf. “The Wrath of Solomon,” Village Voice, March 30, 1993 and John Sack, An Eye for an Eye). Morel is comfortably esconsed in Tel Aviv.
    German survivors of Morel’s camp have demanded he be tried as a war criminal, but for the Establishment media and the phony, partisan, “human rights” groups, bringing Morel to justice is simply a non-issue.
    Julius Hammer, M.D.: New York abortionist and co-founder of the American communist party.
    Armand Hammer: fundraiser and financier for Lenin and Stalin, son of Julius.
    Lev Davidovich Landau: Stalinist physicist, co-father of the Soviet atomic bomb.
    Klaus Fuchs: helped steal atomic bomb secrets for Stalin.
    Ruth Werner: colonel, Red Army GRU intelligence, assisted Fuchs.
    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: stole American atomic bomb secrets for Stalin.
    Morris Cohen (Peter Kroger): assisted the Rosenbergs.
    Markus Wolf: chief of German Communist Stasi Secret Police.
    Howard Fast: American communist propagandist for Stalin.
    David Dubinsky: Stalin’s ally, head of the U.S. International Ladies Garment Workers Union.
    Nahum Goldmann: founder, World Jewish Congress, communist propagandist.
    Rabbi Moses Rosen: agent, Romanian communist party.
    Victor Rothschild: top British espionage agent for Stalin.
    Mark Zborowski: “…considered by historians of Soviet terror operations to have been the most fearsome…(Soviet) spy of all time” (Stephen Schwartz, Forward, Jan. 26, 1996). Zborowski, a medical researcher, murdered a dissident with a poisoned orange at the Soviet-run hospital in Paris.
    Jewish Communist Milton Wolff was the last commander of the American contingent.
    Rabbi Hyman Katz fought the Spanish Christians.
    Stalin’s propaganda agent in Spain was New Yorker Leon Rosenthal.
    Leftist Zionists like David “I am a Bolshevik” Ben-Gurion admired the Soviet model of Jewish power and sought to incorporate it as the political economy of the Israeli state.
    The African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa was guided by two Communist Jews, Albie Sachs, “one of its foremost intellectuals”( London Sunday Times, Aug. 29, 1993) and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo).
    Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC’s terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961.
    He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. Slovo had been the ” planner of many of the ANC terrorist attacks, including the 1983 car bomb that killed 19 people and injured many others. Slovo, who had traveled to the Soviet Union many times, was awarded a Soviet medal on his 60th birthday.
    When Nelson Mandela’s ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing.

    Malcolm Muggeridge’s book, an eyewitness account of the Jewish Communist holocaust against Christians, Winter in Moscow, has been tightly suppressed.

    Giving the voice to the voiceless millions of dead victims of Judaic Communism–is regarded as “hateful” by the vain Zionists who demand for themselves the right to vomit forth a daily barrage of sewage upon the sacred memory of our grandparents and ancestors.
    To defend against the dishonoring of our heritage and our ancestors, is surely not hate; it is the right of self-defense against psychological warfare.

  12. HKW says:

    Communist Crimes: The Soviet Story

  13. t bone says:


    That is a long post but a very comprehensive one. I saved it. Thx for posting.

  14. whatever says:

    mr environment prince charles behind poisoning the environment,owner of monsanto and royal liar

  15. whatever says:

    the semites are the arabs

  16. whatever says:

    they lie you sleep

  17. whatever says:

    The Rockefeller Empire 2 make you sick for corporate profit

  18. Biker says:

    WOW halina! excellent! thank you for posting so much valuable information

  19. Biker says:

    Halina = HKW, correct? if not, thank you HKW!

  20. HKW says:

    @ Biker at 6:31 am


  21. whatever says:

    Monsanto Extinction
    GMOs are made by manipulation of extremely deadly viruses & bacteria (such as E. coli) that have been engineered to be IMMUNE TO ANTIBIOTICS (Pause video at 8:08). Monsanto spends millions of dollars each year in order to “sugar” coat the facts of what GMOs actually are and more importantly, how they are made.

    This video straight-forwardly explains the scientific facts on how Monsanto manufactures their GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) by simply removing all the corporate propaganda, the “smoke & mirrors” if you will.

    Monsanto’s greed, combined with their quest to monopolize all aspects of food & seed on the planet, has knowingly allowed the proverbial Reaper free upon the world.

    GMOs are now acting much like the deadly virus and pre-cancer type cells they are made from… by infecting other organisms that were once pure and healthy.

    We as a people should be demanding Monsanto be held for crimes against humanity for the atrocities they have committed and what can be reasonably seen as the start of the end to all life as we know it.

    The Bee disappearance is in perfect unison with the time line of Monsanto’s uncontrolled release of GMOs into the environment; but due to Monsanto’s influence & corruption in governments across the globe, any scientist that tries to inform the public and raise the alarm about the Bee’s & GMO’s is destroyed financially, as well as their careers’.

    After watching these videos, will you knowingly look the other way and FEED your family GM foods; even though you now know you could be killing or permanently harming your child/family?

  22. whatever says:


  23. whatever says:

    Michael Jackson was a Satanist and Illuminati Puppet Part 2 of 4

  24. whatever says:

    666 Part 4 The Goat of Mendes and the Roman Catholic Church

  25. whatever says:

    Are FEMA Coffins For Corexit Dispersant ‘Dengue Fever’ Related Mass Deaths In The Gulf

  26. whatever says:

    The Phoenix Satan The Great Red Dragon

  27. whatever says:

    The FALSE WAR on TERROR Exposed !

  28. whatever says:

    Is Obama Really a Clone by Freeman Suppressed Technology w Alex Jone

  29. whatever says:

    G W Bush his So Called Love for Humanity Speech at Vatican Pope John Paul II
    The vaticans accountant funded the communists and hitler (rothschild)Bush says the pope helped to topple communism and tyranny

  30. whatever says:


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