Happy WHITE Mother’s Day

Here’s to all the wonderful WHITE women out there for giving birth to WHITE children!

Marissa Emkins and 6 others were murdered by her aunt's ex Negro boyfriend last year in Michigan. Jew media dropped the story like a hot potato when the perp turned out black.*

AND TO ALL you coal-burners: Just think about it when your negroid “playa” beats the living-crap out of you for cramping his “style,” dumps you (maybe even kills you) for another Jew media-brainwashed fool, or ends-up doing serious prison time with his homie pals — leaving you with a screaming gaggle of chimplets to deal with like all the other “sistahs” sucking on the government tit.

Think that’s nothing but “racist” bull? Happens all the time, fool.

Destroying the White family unit has always been part and parcel of the Jew World Order agenda. They’ve long recognized we’re the one race who might present serious dangers to their ongoing Globalist financial control of White, Western nations you see happening right at this very minute. These historically devious bastards have targeted our race from the beginning with PC politics, multicult brainwashing and psyops for well over fifty years — all the liberal, lefty stuff and “culture wars” — now turning America inside out and totally batshit insane.

Isn’t it time YOU figured out the real deal?

*Coke-crazed Negro Slays 7 in Wild Murder Spree


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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270 Responses to Happy WHITE Mother’s Day

  1. t bone says:

    The news wont ID the suspooks (every news vid so far):

  2. t bone says:

    Didnt know about this either. Sheboons chimping out (Emma West, Hello???)

  3. @AKIRA got to be any of the following piece makers.

    Keith Vaz
    Any Engel’s town child sex criminal groomers
    Any non Snowed C4 News presenters
    Harold Shipman and shipped women off this mortal coil for his heathen Ba’al Hammon professional network in Engel’s town.
    Tariq Jahan


    if you ever clock a UKplc programme without the heathen shining their ugly fizzogs and talking total bucolic amoebic dysentery at us drop me a line. You are a stronger man than me.

  4. Bailey says:

    T Bone,

    WTF? I thought Gary Coleman was dead.

    Anyway, Good reporting for a guy who definately sounds like a jew.

    I’ll tell you this, white people had better learn to fuckin’ stand up to these jigaboos.

    Personally, I can’t wait for a nigger to demand i give him my cell phone.
    You’ll see what i mean when you come up for BBQ.

    Fuckin’ niggers..

  5. t bone says:

    The guy talking on my first 1:12 post sheds good light on the situation right up until the end with his ‘nuclear weapons’ comment. Not the smartest thing he said.

  6. KA Telegraph says:


    In the same say, almost every American knows they have “the right to keep and bear arms,” although a majority may not be able to quote the Second Amendment verbatim. Thus, many don’t understand that the right to keep and bear arms is not just another right Americans possess, but a right which is actually the lynchpin holding all the other natural rights in their proper place (i.e., once the right to keep and bear arms is infringed, recognition of all other rights will depend only on the benevolence of the state).


    NBAs you may already know, police are actually free of any legal obligation to protect you, as documented for all 50 states in Dial 911 and Die (Attorney Richard W. Stevens, Mazel Freedom Press, 1999). The U.S. Supreme Court has confirmed this repeatedly, most recently in Castle Rock v. Gonzalez, 545 U.S. 748 (2005).

  7. Marshall says:


    There’s something very important about the Whitney Houston case you may not have been aware of. Houston was deeply involved with the Ethiopian Jews’ cause- (the blacks Israel is trying to kick out of the country en masse’ to the tune of about 50,000.) Here’s a video of her refusing to shake Ariel Sharon’s hand PUBLICLY!!!


    Now just imagine if Whitney had come out with a “We Are The World” type of music production for the Ethiopian blacks, or widely publicized their plight back in the USA. My oh my, the tribe just couldn’t handle that. It would be a public relations FIASCO NIGHTMARE for Isn’trael.

    Also note that this “Brandy” singer is being praised by the Jewsmedia as Whitney’s new diva replacement. Isn’t it interesting that Brandy’s birthday is the same day that Whitney died? :-O Think that’s an accident? No way. What note was Whitney passing to “Brandy” with Clive the Crypto Davis present? Hmm…


    Hey, what’s this about Gary Coleman anyway?



  8. Bella says:

    Regarding Costa Rica. You can buy property there & wait for your property tax bill not get it & go & inquire & be told your name is not on the roll. Your name is no longer on the deed because some Costa Rican lawyers got into the vault & did some monkey business to line their own pockets. Also Costa is owned by the corp. of U.S. & within the last say 2 years the U.S. sent like 7000 troops down there & back quick for reasons i dunno. Cheers!!

  9. Bella says:

    Whose Brandy?

  10. Marshall says:

    “Brandy” is the hit singer replacing Whitney. She’s who Whitney was passing that note to in the video. I’m betting Clive the Jew had something to do with Whitney’s death.


  11. summerled says:

    so this little jew doesn’t want to give up any tax money, jump’s ship when it suites him
    its this behavior we need to expose over and over again no loyalty to anything but themselves

  12. John, I think we could find a non-controversial (oh how the kikes love to us the word controversy when two of them are contesting 100 “gentiles”!) middle ground by ensuring we posess truly Christian leaders. If they are anti-Christ then, well, that just isn’t satisfactory.

    I agree with both your comments wholeheartedly and thanks for the insight.

  13. Vox says:

    Whenever I start to explain to people the reasons were in the situation we’re in they always have questions like:

    “Well why do you think jews are so out of step with the rest of humanity?”
    “Why are negros such savages?”

    For the jews it’s pretty easy. They’re evil. It must have to do something with brain damage or some bizarre genetic deviance. They not very intelligent but don’t have the ability to hear what you’re telling them but it’s all disregarded. It can be explained to them “Look if you don’t stop pillaging the Earth, we’re going to kill you!” But it never sinks in. They certain that their evil is right.

    Now as far as niggers go, the thing is they’re stuck somewhere between humans and the animal world. Their low IQs and resemblance to humans is terribly confusing for them. This causes incredible confusion in them and causes them to lash out with violence. They don’t understand why they haven’t crossed over and are stuck between the species. The jews and the liberals tell them that they’re equal but even they realize they’re limited in their intellect and abilities and this angers them. They feel if they beat and destroy those above them that will help them achieve equality. However, the best thing for them is for their species to be extincted. It’s not a usable or viable species. But we know that won’t happen because jews and liberals will continue to artificially keep their species going despite it not being a design which would have survived without this life support.

  14. Marshall says:

    I can’t wait to see these drones!!! Skeet get expensive after awhile.


  15. summerled says:

    unfortunately thay fly so high you can’t see them maby we need a drone zapper!!

  16. summerled says:

    here’s one

  17. Marshall says:

    Hehehe- a pocket laser pointer might be fun to try on ’em. The stooges back in the control room wouldn’t even be able to watch their screens!!!


    Or, we could pursue peace through superior firepower-



  18. t bone says:

    I didnt know about that , Marsh.

    Kudos to Whitney for declining Sharon’s handshake. That’ll get ‘er 6 million brownie points.

    I wanna say “You go ,girl”
    but in her case

    You GO-Rilla!

    I think the humidity is getting to me 🙂

  19. t bone says:

    I just heard on the radio, about a rabbi who molested a 16 year old while in therapy. Posters went up in protest about him being free. The jew community went into outrage and the posters were considered anti-semetic.

    Thats the focus, not the violated girl.

    Couldnt find it on the web yet. The jews are hush-hush about it.

  20. t bone says:

    This explains everything:

    “Even if secular government were to incorporate substantive Jewish law into secular law and punish violations of what is, in effect, Jewish law, Jews would still be prohibited from cooperating with such a system.”


  21. Bailey says:

    WTF is with that Got Talent? ad on youtube?
    Why does it have to be a light skinned nigger boy who looks like Obama?
    If Barrack Obama had a son, he’d already be dead thanks to El Jorge Zimmerman.

  22. Bailey says:

    @ Marshal,

    Interesting about crack ho’ Whitney, that’s some good investigative reporting.

    Gary Coleman was in the vid from T Bone @ 1:22 p.m.

  23. John says:

    Now here’s something I like to see. A white cop in Houston was found not guilty for beating down a 15 year old negroid robber. Quanell X was not happy.


  24. sog says:

    here is a site that makes it clear as to why the kikes try to steer the niigers at whites …..
    all spiks should be shot on site aas they are all potential baby rapers and killers …..
    its nice that some more quasi intelligent niggers seee the the jews as the problem and it would be great if the niggers would call all their stupid vermin cousins off the white witch hunt
    this site is litterally stepping into the ass of the enemy
    if niggers wernt the usa crime spree kings and were law abiding instead of crack chimps then perhaps it wouldnt be every man for him self .
    the jews allowed all these spig gang bangers to get into the usa and of course funds the terrorist la raza miscreant sewage…
    do you think niggers and spijks could be turned against each other ,,,in the slam they kill each other all day long …
    niggers would hate spiks more but spiks dont rape and kidnap chimp children,, only white children….
    how izzit tht the average white joe 6-pack is irrationally held responsible for nigger suffering when we all know nigger crime against whites is totally out of control and niggers arent even trying to hunt down jews like they should , as the jews are the reason they are even here and blacks dont like it here so why dont they leave their social ghettos here and go back to africa …
    spiks have no use or purpose in the usa and should be ethinically terminated along with the insane sociopathic criminal niggers ….
    it is very apparent that niggers dont hunt spiks in the free jungle usa ,only in pennitentiary captivity …
    here is another jew example of disdain for swartzer coons in 1944
    gotta clear my f/n head ,,
    karen is that toledo or toronto

  25. sog says:

    yeah bailey its past time to hit la raza where they live …
    what are they taliking about that this was their land ..lol what a categorical falsehood …
    rediculous …mexicans are an invented race ,,,many many mixes of different races that prowled their way thru the now mexican territory …spanish spanis jew indian french brittish inca aztec etc …there never was a population or indigenous people known as mexicans until later developed through all the races mixing together south of the usa bborder …yeah this land was the americam indians land for thousands of years and if anyone should get repaerations or returned land it would be the thousands of tribes who inhabited each and every future state with millions of indigenous indian personell …
    mexicaan race evolved from non homogenous race mixing..when these fucking shuit stain la raza junkies start tryin to gather up allies in the blacks agauinst us maybe we need to sit down and pow wow with the likes of malik shabazz and the more rational black community …we need allies to put the invading spiks on notice …i have had it up to effen here wioth the spiks walkin around like they own the damn place ….racist la raza declaring war on whites ,right and i can gauruntee it wont be a war against “white” jews ,and the blacks need to know this ,and that is that spiks dont a damn about blacks just like the jews dont gife a @uck about blacks either ….
    the way i see it ther blacks are at a disadvantage and stuck in the middle and dont even see the dilemna they are in …..
    the jews and their sephardic mexican relatives will destroy blacks after they use them ….the jews which includes mexicans as their bloodline is from jew as well will close ranks on the blacks ..
    i would say that blacks are highly at risk in the ussa from jews and spiks ,,hell just look at katrina and tha agenda to steal their propperty when they coldnt pay the fema 100,000 $ clean up fees per house hold and many of these houses never even got wet or needed clean up ….when the bank transfered these properties did the 100,000 fee get lost in transit and the new jew buyers of property did not have to pay this ,,duh ,ok ..kikes never pay …
    simpl strategising is all im tryin to accomplish ….
    there will either be a bloody battle or it will go down in history as a culling of the white herds and happen to us without so much as a whimper or we will get smart and defiant …..hit em wgherever you can ,when ever and what ever capacity you can …its our future …
    peace to us \/
    death to the enemy ………

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