Israeli Ex-PM Says America Should Attack Iran

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MARK GLENN: A question to those in the Jewish community who think it is the job of the us Gentiles to insure the survivability of the Jewish state – Your ENTIRE existence is explained, justified and predicated upon the writings of your ‘holy’ books, where (you claim) this great being known as ‘god’ gave this land to you. According to the narrative found in these books, ‘god’ MADE SURE to get you safely into that land by performing all these miracles – the plagues, the water turning to blood, the locusts, parting of the Red Sea and every freaking thing else. THEN, this ‘god’ orders you to kill everything that breatheth in this land – man woman and child – so that it will be yours.


I insert this here for discussion because it is high time now for civilized, enlightened societies to FINALLY come ’round to accepting the notion that these Jewish fables are DESTROYING THE WORLD and therefore consign them to the dustbin of a dark, backwards history so that the rest of us can get back to the business of enjoying life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

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Ehud Olmert

If international efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear program fail, any military action against Tehran should be led not by Israel, but by the United States, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said this week.

“The last resort is a military action,” Olmert told “CNN International’s Amanpour” in an interview that was shot Sunday and aired Monday. “And I prefer that it would be an American action — supported by the international community — if all the other efforts would fail.”

Olmert added that the U.S. government should also decide on the extent and the scope of any military action. “Israel certainly could be part of the effort, but Israel should not lead it,” he said.

Olmert’s comments came days after the former head of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak for their handling of Iran, saying neither inspires confidence.

“I don’t trust a leadership that relies on messianic leadership,” Yuval Diskin told a public conference Friday night in Israel.

“Our two messiahs from Caesaria and from the Akiorv Towers are not fit to stand at the helm of the government,” Diskin said, referring to the respective residences of Netanyahu and Barak.

Olmert described as “quite unusual” the comments from Diskin. “I prefer to distinguish between the personal aspects of what he said and the substantial aspects of what he said. We don’t think that the priorities are set in the right way. First priority, as I said, is cooperation with America from a respectful and serious and careful attitude and not trying to teach the president of America or preach to the president of America or blame the president of America, but rather cooperate with him.”

Olmert said there is no immediate need for military action against Tehran. “I know one thing: that the Iranian leadership has not gone beyond a certain line for the time being of developing the nuclear program,” he said. “And that shows that they are at least thoughtful, which means that they are not rushing, but they are calculating their steps.”

Olmert implied, but did not state overtly, that he ordered the Israeli military to destroy Syria’s al-Kibar nuclear facility in 2007.

He said he had read about the events in the memoirs of former President Bush. “He is a very honest man,” Olmert said. “I don’t think that he wrote lies.”

The former prime minister said there was a big difference between events at that time and those of today. “The reactor in Syria was about to be operated within days, and therefore there was no time to wait.”

In addition, “all the assessments made by all the intelligence agencies that I’ve heard — and I’ve heard all of them — is that Iran will react and that may trigger a regional war in the Middle East, which would impact the stability of the Middle East, the economic situation, which would have far-reaching consequences.”

Olmert also implied that he did not trust the current leaders of Israel to make the right decisions. “You could understand from what I said that maybe something in my trust is lacking,” he said.

In response to Diskin’s comments, Barak said last week that while he welcomed Diskin’s entry into politics, the comments are irresponsible.

“It is both embarrassing and saddening to see the weakening of judgment and responsibility and the low language a man who served the public for years was dragged into,” said a statement from Barak’s office. “Diskin is acting in a petty, irresponsible manner motivated by personal frustration. He is harming the heritage of generations of Shin Bet heads and the operational norms of the organization.”

Other high-profile figures have criticized the Israeli government’s handling of Iran.

Meir Dagan, the former chief of Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad, has been a frequent and vocal critic of talk about an Israeli strike on Iran, famously calling it a “stupid idea.”

Silvan Shalom, Israeli vice premier and Likud party member, told the Jerusalem Post that Diskin should not have spoken in public.

“I think that Diskin was wrong to say what he did, and that when he considers what he said, he will realize that he was wrong,” Shalom said.

Diskin’s commentary followed remarks by Israel’s top general, who said last week that Iran is led by “very rational people” and doesn’t appear poised to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran “is going step by step to the place where it will be able to decide whether to manufacture a nuclear bomb,” Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told Israel’s Haaretz newspaper. “It hasn’t yet decided whether to go the extra mile.”

Those comments were in stark contrast to those of Netanyahu, who suggested to CNN that time is running out for Western sanctions on Iran to have a meaningful effect on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The sanctions “are certainly taking a bite out of the Iranian economy,” Netanyahu told CNN. But, he said, “They haven’t rolled back the Iranian program — or even stopped it — by one iota.”

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  1. Marshall says:

    Hey Incog-

    Black bears do all kinds of crazy stuff that people rarely get to see.


  2. I have considered a boycott of this comment room all together because of characters like Akira coming in and chasing everyone else away, but I figure one more comment for the road…

    Zona guy.. I do not even know who the heck you are, or the logic behind your tirade. It seems to me that you are just wanting to foment more animosity amongst everyone in here, but it will not work..

    I do not even know what the term “Libtard” means, and I could not find it in any Webster Dictionary… One you have invented, I would assume..

    If you are trying to get my ire or somehow try to get me into an argument, forget it… I do not argue with anyone who does name calling, and makes false accusations. Child like behavior is not my style.

    I have long stated that everyone should have their rights to have their opinions and to present their views, and essential data pertaining to the subject of each article in this comment section. However, it should not come with personal attacks and attempts to stir up trouble or grief with others…

  3. AKIRA says:

    A stranger comes to town says: “This whole Iran thing is seriously overblown. It’s all over the media and international politics. If they were actually going to do it, nobody would be talking about it. ”

    True there is a heavy hype element, and a brainwashing element to the “We’re going to attack Iran!” meme — as if it must be an inevitability.

    However, the only reason it hasn’t happened is because the American and British electorates will not tolerate yet another war.

    The Kikes have probably blown their opportunity, and are trying to back down now without losing face. Yesterday the prez of Kikestan-in-Palestine said it might to be such a good idea to get into a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    A stranger comes to town says: “Oh yeah, this site’s attitude about immigration is funny to me, considering our history of all the Irish, Italian, Polish, Lebanese, Japanese etc. Americans who successfully earned their “whiteness” 100 years ago.”

    None of the populations you mentioned are collections of savage, ignorant, raping, robbing thugs and dummies — as opposed to your Somalis, Afghans, Pakis, etc.

    American blacks descended from slaves are of course a different matter in regard to immigration. Just because they are American citizens does not mean that more Black Africans should be admitted to the US.

    Also, immigration — specifically, mass-immigration engineered to make Whites minorities — is not just a U.S. concern.

  4. AKIRA says:

    Typo corrected:

    Yesterday the prez of Kikestan-in-Palestine said it might NOT be such a good idea to get into a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  5. sog says:

    you see the problem is not that akweera posts his shit opinions and browbeating kike style on here ..whatever ,,,yeah so dont read it ,,right ,but that doesnt work because even if you dont read his gay posts ,,it seems that everyone feeds him/her/it/heshe and posts in response to his posts so people end up reading something about the gooner one way or another ,,,bummer

  6. Kender says:

    If I am not mistaken, I believe I read a post by this “akira” threatening to leave…I believe the words were to the effect of “I’m outta here”………and yet akira still remains. Either get the fuck out, or shut up and play nice! I have been on so many blogs that started out really informative, and ended up being free-for-all. I like this blog. A lot! Isn’t INCOGMAN “the” moderator? Don’t let THIS blog turn into a shell of itself. I appreciate the fact anyone can say anything they want on here, but that doesn’t automatically mean that common sense flies out the window. If you don’t have an appreciation for what this blog stands for, just leave.

  7. AKIRA says:

    Re: “If I am not mistaken, I believe I read a post by this “akira” threatening to leave…I believe the words were to the effect of “I’m outta here”

    You are indeed mistaken.

    If I exit anywhere, I don’t engage in drama queen histrionics after engaging in “it’s him or me” ultimatums. You seem to be thinking of Northern “Truth” Seeker and/or certain other commentators.

  8. Kender says:

    Akira, although I am a relative newcomer to this blog, the few posts you have shared with us do indeed seem to engage in the “drama queen histrionics” you pretend to disdain in others. Instead of lashing out, perhaps we could together? I don’t mean you and me personally, I mean as a group. This “one-upmanship” only serves to destroy, not edify.

  9. AKIRA says:

    Almost all the talk about CHA (Golden Dawn)’s minor success in the Greek election, and how it somehow represents a victory for Nationalism is rubbish.

    SYRIZA were second in the election. They got 17% of the vote, and have 52 seats in parliament. A government can only be formed with the participation of SYRIZA.

    CHA (Golden Dawn) won 7% of the vote and have 21 seats.

    Golden Dawn are just loudmouth go-nowhere Masonic trash.

    Jerusalem Post assured Kikes that CHA (Golden Dawn) are anti-queer, anti-immigrant, anti-negro, anti anti anti … but not Anti-Kike.

    One of CHA (Golden Dawn)’s manifesto policies is to “get back” Cyprus, Southern Albania, European Turkey, Macedonia, half of Bulgaria, Aegian islands… Why not claim North Africa, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, North Africa, Messina and Ravenna while they’re at it?

    Albanian, Turk, Bulgarian and Macedonian population bleed into Greece, not the other way round; and Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia are more likely to absorb Greece than Greece has any chance of grabbing their territories. And Cypriots fought to away from Greek control.

    The CHA (Golden Dawn) flag is ugly. Their ugly leader is accused of using “Hitler-style speech” because he bellows like some Fox windbag. Of course Hitler commanded respect. This puffy pig just has his musclemen shout at people and then he berates them.

    One of CHA (Golden Dawn)’s campaign promises is to put a fence on Greece’s borders and then lay land-mines along it. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Even if CHA (Golden Dawn) somehow formed a government that would never happen.

    SYRIZA campaigned on increasing immigration, introducing hate-crime laws, legislating queer “marriage”, ending the deportation of illegal immigrants, reduce the Greek armed forces significantly.

    The Jew Samaras will most likely form and lead a government, with the backing of the Communist Tsipras.

    Samaras is descended, on his maternal line, from Egyptian Jew Emannouli Benakis (founder of Masonic Athens College), who ended up in Greece via London and Frankfurt, and whose daughter (Samaras’ great-grandmother) committed suicide on the day the Wehrmacht entered Athens. (Her Masonic friend, Archbishop Chrysanthus of Athens, officiated over her non-canonical funeral and then resigned after refusing to swear in the new government.)

  10. j says:

    Onward Christian Soldiers,
    You have nought to fear.
    Israel Hore-Belisha
    Will lead you from the rear.
    Clothed by Monty Burton,
    fed on Lyons pies;
    Die for Jewish freedom
    As a Briton always dies.,_1st_Baron_Hore-Belisha

  11. SBD TV says:

    1.02-1.10. I call it Osama’s Super Whammy punch………………………………………………..[75]

  12. Patriarchal Pundit says:

    Good news, bad news… [Sorry I link to this old Incog article on Israeli warfare; it’s newer news.] First, the bad news… Americans dumber than ever…

    NJ Congressman Steve Rothman proudly announced today the highest US funding for Israel warfare in a year: almost $1 billion for its war defense systems (Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow). What are Americans in Jersey thinking? (Is the water toxic?)

    Jeff Goodall’s webpage news/views shows Americans are becoming more aware of our costly support of Israel that is increasingly isolated (neo-fascist?) to the point where many young Israeli grads from university now prefer to leave (mostly to US, oi vey!)

    “The Tipping Point for Israel” is a good page to show ordinary folks on this trend! (No extreme words and gaudy photoshop as one might find on Incogman, which many folks regard as objectionable and so it turns them off from reading and thinking.)

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