Israeli Ex-PM Says America Should Attack Iran

From The Ugly Truth

MARK GLENN: A question to those in the Jewish community who think it is the job of the us Gentiles to insure the survivability of the Jewish state – Your ENTIRE existence is explained, justified and predicated upon the writings of your ‘holy’ books, where (you claim) this great being known as ‘god’ gave this land to you. According to the narrative found in these books, ‘god’ MADE SURE to get you safely into that land by performing all these miracles – the plagues, the water turning to blood, the locusts, parting of the Red Sea and every freaking thing else. THEN, this ‘god’ orders you to kill everything that breatheth in this land – man woman and child – so that it will be yours.


I insert this here for discussion because it is high time now for civilized, enlightened societies to FINALLY come ’round to accepting the notion that these Jewish fables are DESTROYING THE WORLD and therefore consign them to the dustbin of a dark, backwards history so that the rest of us can get back to the business of enjoying life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

[read on for article from CNN]


Ehud Olmert

If international efforts to halt Iran’s nuclear program fail, any military action against Tehran should be led not by Israel, but by the United States, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said this week.

“The last resort is a military action,” Olmert told “CNN International’s Amanpour” in an interview that was shot Sunday and aired Monday. “And I prefer that it would be an American action — supported by the international community — if all the other efforts would fail.”

Olmert added that the U.S. government should also decide on the extent and the scope of any military action. “Israel certainly could be part of the effort, but Israel should not lead it,” he said.

Olmert’s comments came days after the former head of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service, slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak for their handling of Iran, saying neither inspires confidence.

“I don’t trust a leadership that relies on messianic leadership,” Yuval Diskin told a public conference Friday night in Israel.

“Our two messiahs from Caesaria and from the Akiorv Towers are not fit to stand at the helm of the government,” Diskin said, referring to the respective residences of Netanyahu and Barak.

Olmert described as “quite unusual” the comments from Diskin. “I prefer to distinguish between the personal aspects of what he said and the substantial aspects of what he said. We don’t think that the priorities are set in the right way. First priority, as I said, is cooperation with America from a respectful and serious and careful attitude and not trying to teach the president of America or preach to the president of America or blame the president of America, but rather cooperate with him.”

Olmert said there is no immediate need for military action against Tehran. “I know one thing: that the Iranian leadership has not gone beyond a certain line for the time being of developing the nuclear program,” he said. “And that shows that they are at least thoughtful, which means that they are not rushing, but they are calculating their steps.”

Olmert implied, but did not state overtly, that he ordered the Israeli military to destroy Syria’s al-Kibar nuclear facility in 2007.

He said he had read about the events in the memoirs of former President Bush. “He is a very honest man,” Olmert said. “I don’t think that he wrote lies.”

The former prime minister said there was a big difference between events at that time and those of today. “The reactor in Syria was about to be operated within days, and therefore there was no time to wait.”

In addition, “all the assessments made by all the intelligence agencies that I’ve heard — and I’ve heard all of them — is that Iran will react and that may trigger a regional war in the Middle East, which would impact the stability of the Middle East, the economic situation, which would have far-reaching consequences.”

Olmert also implied that he did not trust the current leaders of Israel to make the right decisions. “You could understand from what I said that maybe something in my trust is lacking,” he said.

In response to Diskin’s comments, Barak said last week that while he welcomed Diskin’s entry into politics, the comments are irresponsible.

“It is both embarrassing and saddening to see the weakening of judgment and responsibility and the low language a man who served the public for years was dragged into,” said a statement from Barak’s office. “Diskin is acting in a petty, irresponsible manner motivated by personal frustration. He is harming the heritage of generations of Shin Bet heads and the operational norms of the organization.”

Other high-profile figures have criticized the Israeli government’s handling of Iran.

Meir Dagan, the former chief of Israel’s spy agency, the Mossad, has been a frequent and vocal critic of talk about an Israeli strike on Iran, famously calling it a “stupid idea.”

Silvan Shalom, Israeli vice premier and Likud party member, told the Jerusalem Post that Diskin should not have spoken in public.

“I think that Diskin was wrong to say what he did, and that when he considers what he said, he will realize that he was wrong,” Shalom said.

Diskin’s commentary followed remarks by Israel’s top general, who said last week that Iran is led by “very rational people” and doesn’t appear poised to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran “is going step by step to the place where it will be able to decide whether to manufacture a nuclear bomb,” Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told Israel’s Haaretz newspaper. “It hasn’t yet decided whether to go the extra mile.”

Those comments were in stark contrast to those of Netanyahu, who suggested to CNN that time is running out for Western sanctions on Iran to have a meaningful effect on Tehran’s nuclear program.

The sanctions “are certainly taking a bite out of the Iranian economy,” Netanyahu told CNN. But, he said, “They haven’t rolled back the Iranian program — or even stopped it — by one iota.”

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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134 Responses to Israeli Ex-PM Says America Should Attack Iran

  1. Bailey says:

    Wait, What’s this?

    Japanese kikes?

  2. Incogman: I have tried…. Lord knows I have tried…

    Your choice now what you want to do about Akira. I suppose there is not enough room in Spamblinka for his ego……

  3. Luke says:

    “Mike says:
    May 3, 2012 at 9:25 am

    I have a question for Mark Glenn of TheUglyTruth…

    Is it really just “Jewish Fables” that destroy a neighborhood, city or nation with crime and filth when the DEMOGRAPHICS of such a territory changes to non-White?”

    Mike might have had his tongue planted in his cheek when he posed the above question, but I can’t be completely certain of that. I’d say he did, if he’s been downloading and listening to the Ugly Truth podcasts – even occasionally – over the last year or so.

    I tried to listen to the last two Ugly Truth podcasts, but was forced to bail out before either one reached the end. Same old, tired and worn out whining about any resistance by White Europeans to Muslim invasions of their native homelands. Now, granted – Glenn & his sidekick co-hosts do have a legitimate point, when they point out that jews are trying to stir up animosity between White ‘Christian’ European nations and the Muslim world as an example of their age-old ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. And, aside from Muslims having been imported (thanks to the jews who are trying to use multiculturalism to destroy every White majority nation) into White European nations – I would contend that Glenn is correct in his assertion that White Christians and Muslims do not necessarily have to be ‘enemies’ of one another.

    But, the presence of Muslims inside White European nations – and the social & cultural chaos and ethnic conflict that they bring with them – is a perfectly legitimate problem and White Europeans have every right in the world to want to send these Muslims back to their own native homelands and to prohibit any future migrations of Muslims into historic European nations. Under those conditions, White Christians and Muslims can be great friends and allies – as long as each side respects the other’s right to control their piece of territory on this Earth. And, yes, we do share a common enemy – the jews.

    However, The Ugly Truth Podcast – over the last year or so – has started to sound as if their scripts are being written for them by the jews who control Hollywood. Why do I say that? Simple. The jews have a litany of smear words that they constantly like to use as a means of demonizing their opposition. The biggest and most often used smear word is: ‘Racist’. Or, any of its derivatives: racism, Southern rednecks, bigots, Nazis, Neo-Nazis. Spewing the word ‘racist’ is becoming as common on The Ugly Truth Podcast as it is on the mainstream, jewish controlled media.

    Remedial Definitions: A racist is someone who’s White who is winning an argument with a liberal. A racist is someone who is White who opposes any aspect of the jewish agenda. A racist is someone who is White who opposes the jewish plan to engineer the reduction to minority status of their race inside their own native homelands, thereby subjugating Whites to being ruled over by non-Whites who are virulently hostile to their race and to their culture and traditions. A racist is anyone who is White who refuses to apologize for being White and who believes that Whites, just like every other ethnic or racial group – have a perfectly moral, perfectly justified, perfectly legitimate right to have, and to be concerned about, their ethnic and racially specific interests. And, last but not least, a racist is anyone who is White who has the audacity to think that Whites have a legitimate right to survive and to ensure a future for White children.

    These are definitions of ‘racism’ which will never be mentioned or acknowledged by the Ugly Truth podcast gang. Just as they are conveniently never mentioned by the jewish controlled mainstream media.

  4. AKIRA says:


    That video is of kiked Japs.

    That is a pathetic little cult that was started by a gangster who went into hiding in the mountains, and when he was captured said that he had had a vision and a visitation from Jesus, who told him that Japs are Jews and must support the newly-formed Kikestan-in-Palestine.

    He was encouraged in this by Freemasons and Kikes in the American occupation administration.

    Similar cults pop up all over the place and are promoted by gullible idiots who despise facts, history, texts, archeology and so on, and who believe in the sort of shit that is spread about by the likes of Whorus the Shite Wabbit and Oracle and Jordan Maxwell and Red Lice and all the other scammers.

  5. AKIRA says:

    I see Northern Non-Truth Seeker is pulling his usual Oy Vey! act.

    First he says that he does not believe in censorship. Then he kikishly tries to push Incogman to ban me here, after I asked him to cite a source for the ridiculous quotation that spewed onto his own blog.

    He wrote:

    “Every quote in this article is real and can be easily verified.”

    Well, come on, verify it, you sanctimonious, hypocritical whinger.

  6. AKIRA says:


    Just check out all the kikes that are guests and friends at Ugly Glenn’s ugly site.

  7. AKIRA says:

    The stink of Kike Agenda:

    “The fact is that the Japanese cannot solve this crisis on their own, and they need help from the international community immediately to come up with ideas for preventing the worse case scenario.

    “I am truly surprised that it has taken this long for these morons to finally realize that they need help.”

    Right, according to NTS, the dumbass Japs need help from Ban Ki-Fucking-Moon and American Kikestan.

    Why would anyone pay the slightest attention to twats like him when his site is full of quotes and lame articles he cut-and-pasted off of the Kike Communist Chossudvsky’s kike-site and similar stupid sites?

  8. AKIRA says:

    Sorry forgot to make it clear that it was NTS who posted this Protocols-of-Kikery-style shit:

    “The fact is that the Japanese cannot solve this crisis on their own, and they need help from the international community immediately to come up with ideas for preventing the worse case scenario. I am truly surprised that it has taken this long for these morons to finally realize that they need help.”

  9. Vox says:


    Advancing a theory here: Do you think the Kwan Nation got it’s foothold in the late 70’s and early 80’s with the “Big Hair” rock groups and shows like Three’s Company with a pussified, sold out, dick sucker, liked it in the ass from his jew producer John Ritter a.k.a. Jack Tripper (crypto jew for Jack the Ripper)?

    Seemed like from then on White males really became super pussies.

  10. Vox says:


    P.S. Check out latest pics of Joyce Dewitt (Janet). She was cute back then but WOW! did she age like a hag. Shit she looks like the Mad Jewess’s lesbian lover.

  11. CWD says:


    One of the great philosophers put it best, he said, “The Jew has an unending lust
    for KNOWLEDGE, yet NEVER seeks the wisdom that should accompany
    great KNOWLEDGE.”

    That, is what separates us Gentiles from the Jew: they seek KNOWLEDGE
    to enslave others, destroy cultures, ATTACK OTHERS (sound familiar???),
    get control usually through FINANCE and FAKE civil rights,….etc.

    I think, Barney, NTS, and others are trying to tell you that, but you seem
    oblivious to wanting WISDOM, that SHOULD accompany GREAT

    Isn’t that what happen to the BRILLIANT Japanese culture when it
    got influenced by TOTALITARIAN chauvinism, which Hitler
    actual borrowed from the Zionists:
    and then did his brethren in Japan?

    So you see, you are becoming like your WWII brethren: a Zionist Supremest
    and chauvinist, the animal you DESPISE THE MOST, and like Hitler and
    fascist Japan, you now HONOR them with the EXACT behavior???

    Unbridled arrogance!

  12. CWD says:

    Read what Isaac Isaacs, said about Zionism?

  13. CWD says:

    @ Akira,

    Your best example of KNOWLEDGE without WISDOM: the Jew tyrants
    in Roosevelt’s camp, that talked that idiot Truman into one of the worst
    crimes against HUMANITY of the 20th Century : Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  14. Vox says:


    Think about what I posted earlier and then think:

    “Oh Serry you’re all alone. Hose on, hose on”
    Wha wha
    “Oh Serry”
    Wha wha, wha wha

  15. CWD says:

    Question Akira???

    You think, the honorable brilliant culture of Japan would of dropped
    bombs laden with lice, that was laced with bubonic plague on defenseless
    harmless Chinese children, and peasants in rural China, what, how come
    your site doesn’t give us that, if they were not CONTAMINATED by this
    Zion-Chuvinism that is straight from hell , which you seem to mock also???

    So in essence, did the chickens come home to roost??? As the bible says,
    Akira, as you learned as a young Catholic like me, “you will reap what
    you have sown.”

    Although atomic bombs had the radiation, millions and millions of
    Chinese DIED AGONIZING DEATHS attributed to those bubonic plague
    laced bombs, was that a “a reaping what you have sown?”

    No, i just think, it is humans fear the Devil here, more than they trust
    God, when that happens : you get the world we live in toy Akira!

  16. CWD says:

    live in toy Akira! typo should be live in today Akira!

  17. CWD says:

    Vox says:
    May 4, 2012 at 12:10 pm


    Think about what I posted earlier and then think:

    “Oh Serry you’re all alone. Hose on, hose on”
    Wha wha
    “Oh Serry”
    Wha wha, wha wha
    _ Vox

    Oh Yeah Voxer! oH yeah !

  18. CWD says:

    See Akira I take solace in the bible as God has said, the “Whore of
    Babylon” and “My Adulteress Bride” these metaphors don’t sound
    too flattering to me Ajira, maybe Mark Gleen missed those???

    But take solace my old ex-Catholic friend in that the Book of Daniel
    and Revelations, as promises the Almighty Jew, the APOSTATE JEW
    and APOSTATE ISRAEL, that Satan will repay them, just as they
    do their earthly puppets, I just hope around to see that UNIVERSAL
    culsterf_ck of those monsters, that’s LONG overdue!

  19. Kitty says:

    I think it is reprehensible to not accept the advice of international experts immediately on a situation such as Fukushima which affects the entire population and planet. That to me is the height of arrogance.

  20. Southern Daughter says:
    Rahowa was a Canadian White supremacist band that played goth metal with some elements of neo-classical metal. The band name is an abbreviation of Racial Holy War. They released two albums from 1993-1995. Many of their songs had explicitly racist and violent lyrics. {wikipeadia}

  21. Vox says:


    After the late 1960’s all the music became judencrap. All judenvermin groups, all judenvermin noise, all judervermin night. Sissy bullshit. Now it’s just like someone else posted they’re trying to build up the military again to fight their wars for them. Every one of them from Katy Perry to Toby Keith have some bullshit flag waving crap to get Whites to enlist in the fag military.

  22. GTRman says:

    Akira – C . Giuliani has interviewed J Azaziah TWICE this week !!

    No I havent listened ..

  23. Kitty says:

    Vox… it actually started before… if you haven’t read this (and others on this list) it is well worth reading… “Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation”

    Southern Daughter: I was given a warning before I could view the video on utoob… that it was considered “controversial” and “offensive.” I thought it was achingly bittersweet and sad. Thank you.

  24. AKIRA says:

    George Burdi (ex of RAHOWA, Racial Holy War), from his “The Eternal Winter of the White Man’s Soul”:

    “The presence of white separatism, like so many other modern manifestations, is the result of strong social currents of which it is merely a reflection. These tribal currents are many eons old, and have historically emerged as a virtuous element in times of peril. But in this age without heroes, it is little more than a preposterous reflection in a funhouse mirror of an otherwise natural impulse.”

    He went to jail in Canada for singing songs. Now he sucks Kike and Nigger dick.

  25. AKIRA says:

    MP3s & Real Media online listening of the “Great White Hope” with his Niggers & Kikes:

  26. Citizenfitz says:

    The counterfeit Church is here and now. A crypto Jew now holds one of the most important posts in nUcHurCh. This on top of all the Jewish Papal Knights! The judaification of the Vatican continues on course:

    “David Maria Jaeger, a native of downtown Tel Aviv who converted to Catholicism, will become a prelate auditors of the Roman Rota, one of the chief papal law courts of the Catholic church.”

    A very good blog on nUcHurCh and its abominations:

  27. Citizenfitz says:

    Akira: “He went to jail in Canada for singing songs. Now he sucks Kike and Nigger dick.”

    Nothing works better at lubing one’s vocal cords for a chance at those fat, 7 (or at least 6) figure recording contracts.

  28. Kitty says:

    QUOTE: “Citizenfitz
    The counterfeit Church is here and now. A crypto Jew now holds one of the most important posts in nUcHurCh. This on top of all the Jewish Papal Knights! The judaification of the Vatican continues on course:

    A very good blog on nUcHurCh and its abominations:

    Citizenfitz: Thank You so much for this… I have been looking for things like this.

  29. GTRman says:

    Jew-queer UK TV , Friday night :

    BBc2 , 10 pm QI – queer jew Steven Fry followed by ” The Graham Norton Show
    ( BBC1 , 10.30 ) ,Queer Graham Norton with queer jew Simon Amstell and lesbian Jesse J .

    Followed by ” The Matt Lucas Awards ” , queer jew Matt Lucas with his jew mother and jew Esther Rantzen

    ITV : ” American Pie presents band camp ” crammed with jew filth

    Channel 4 10pm – ” Chatty Man ” queer Alan Carr with transvestite Eddie Izzard and pseudo-queer David Walliams , followed by movie ” Hot Rod ” with Andy Samberg , who looks jewish and sounds jewish but , according to wiki was merely ” raised in a jewish household ” :

    ” He was raised in a Jewish household. His maternal grandfather, Alfred J. Marrow, served as the executive chair of the American Jewish Congress, although Samberg describes himself as “not particularly religious.”

    BBC3 : EIGHT episodes of ” Family Goy ” followed by ” Lip Service ” a series about lesbians .

    More 4 : “War of the Roses ” crap jew film with jew Micheal Douglas .

    Other movies on now include ” Animal House ” , ” Boogie Nights ” , “Waynes World ”

    Other queers and freaks on now are Russel Kane pseudo-queer half-jew , Steven K Amos , black queer unfunnyman …

    Also many typical jew crap like CSI , Law and Order , Life and times of R J Berger , The Big Bang Theory …….

    An intellectual goldmine .

    BBC4 ,10pm : ” Peter Green Man of the World ” doc about jew guitarist

  30. Kender says:

    This is the primary red flag of The Coward. Demanding that someone else fight his wars. Not him, no that can never happen, The Coward can never dirty his own hands, he has someone else do it. Thru deceit, or outright lies, The Coward is incapable of dirtying his own soul (possibly because he doesn’t HAVE one), no, he demands and coerces the Other, by whatever means are available, to do it for him. And when the Other rightly calls The Coward on it, The Coward throws the Other under the bus and goes in search for Another. wow, I just re-read my post and I think I just made a song. Hurray for me.

  31. DTTJ says:

    @ GTRman

    Ever get the feeling merry old England is completely conquered in every way imaginable?

    Israel = Rothschildistan
    JewSA = Rothschild Colony the Greater
    JewK = Rothschild Colony the Lesser

    Rest of world hates all manifestations of House Rothschild (Harkonnen)

  32. AKIRA says:



    Burdi did go to jail in Canada for singing songs. Yes, technically it was for a false charge of assaulting an “AntiFa” woman, based on her perjured testimony; and she perjured herself and he was found guilty and got a year in prison because he was a political dissident; therefore, yes, he went to jail for singing songs.

    He married a Hindu, is now divorced, signs his correspondence “Namaste”, and is some species of Hindu-Buddhist-NewAge-Multikult melange.

    He still plays RaHoWa’s best-known song, “Ode To A Dying People”, changing the original lyric, “IF this is the way it ends, IF this is the way my race ends…” to “THIS IS the way it ends, THIS IS the way my race ends…”

    Audio of the “Great White Hope” with his Kikes & Negroes, singing lyrics and playing music that expresses the Anti-Christian (e.g., “Black Easter” — MP3) religion/gestalt/weltanschauung of most of those kikes, queers and others at Dick Spenser’s Alternative Right (a.k.a. Alt-Kike), “Guessedworker”s Majority Rights, queer Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents (a.k.a. Kiker-Queerents) and related kikish “neo-pagan”, Nietzsche-wannabe outfits:

    If not for Burdi’s past (in spite of his public recantation), Novacosm would easily now be signed to a major kike record label, would be praised, would be played on the radio, would have sold truck-loads of T-shirts and other merch, would be fawned over at Kike Moses Znaimer’s MuchMusic, and would be a very, very sucksessful Canadian band.

    I find it virtually unlistenable, but it is better than most of the sucksessfull garbage that is pumped out by the Kike Media.

    Burdi presents the multikulti aspects of Novacosm as if they are merely accidental, but the truth is he can only manage at all in the Canadian kike-music-scene because he is partnered with Kikes and Negroes, and because he mouths multicukulti Hinduism-lite.

    Also, the average pathetic Canadian White person would run ten miles to distance themself from any hint of an association with Burdi, while Non-Whites can play their Kike-issued Race Card to “justify” or excuse being connected to him. They can present any sort of collaboration with him as some sort of therapy for him, to cure him of his dissident thoughts and direct them into kosher channels.

  33. Barney says:

    GTRman – I agree. Here in the jew-run gulag there’s no comedy, no music, no morals, no entertainment, no freedom, no justice, no beauty. They’ve all been banned.

    Nowadays we’re expected to laugh at disgusting scum like Graham Norton picking a turd (himself?) up by the clean end while we listen to nasal noises and jungle chants. Who was it who thought it was a good idea to remove the C from that word and call it -rap?

    Are you laughing? (no, not you GTRman). Did I hear someone laughing? How dare you! Stop it! What are you, a thought-criminal?

    The trouble is, we’re all thought criminals now, and we’re easily identified by our white skins. What we need is brown boot polish on our hands and faces and a Welsh accent, then we’ll be given everything like those “wonderful” machete-wielding savages from Paki-land.

    Funny how pakis are allowed their machetes and niggers their guns when we’re not allowed anything to defend ourselves with. We could be forgiven for thinking “our” jewish government doesn’t like us.

    No laughter allowed here. No music. No Whiteness of any kind.

    That’s me finished for the weekend. I used a fifth of my monthly bandwidth allowance on Tuesday, so a few days off line might help the month catch up with me. See you all Tuesday or Wednesday.

  34. Hoff says:

    It’s just a matter of time before U.S. tires of Israel – by C Bollyn:

    March 4, 2012

    It’s high time to stop the madmen of Israel.

    The well-known Israeli journalist Gideon Levy wrote an editorial in today’s Haaretz newspaper in which he discusses the bizarre relationship between the United States and Israel on the eve of Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the White House.

    “Never before has a small country dictated to a superpower; never before has the chirp of the cricket sounded like a roar; never has the elephant resembled the ant – and vice versa,” Levy wrote.

    About the Israeli demand for the United States to wage war against Iran, Levy wrote: “When he goes to the White House on Monday he will make a new demand: Either you or we (attack Iran), putting the leader of the free world in a tight spot. Obama does not want to ensnare his country in another war or in an energy crisis, but when Netanyahu hath demanded, who will not fear?”

    I agree with Levy but would add to his analysis. Benjamin Netanyahu and his military partner in crime Ehud Barak are complete madmen and liars. They are pushing for war against Iran because that has been their game plan all along, going back to the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11, which they are responsible for. Netanyahu and Barak are extremely dangerous criminals who should be arrested and charged with mass murder and terrorism. They need to be stopped before they kill more people.

    US-Senate and US-Congress give the jew war criminal and jew mass murder 30 standing ovations in one hour are all criminal americans.

    Netanyahu speaks to US Congress Pt 1 of 4

  35. AKIRA says:


    Isn’t Andy Samberg the Kike who celebrated Moter’s Day on Kike SNL by singing/rapping with Justin Timberlake about how they should fuck each other’s mothers?

  36. AKIRA says:

    ADL swings into action against Urban Outfitters’ “Holocaust” T-shirt:

  37. GTRman says:

    Barney – they used to call it “stand up comedy ” but now it’s just called ” stand up ” .

    How appropriate . Ive just seen a few “standups ” . Its supposed to be a “topical ” show .

    Well , well . I just discovered that the sentence , ” culture secretary Jeremy Hunt ” makes
    the Ukwan audience laff hard . It sounds like ” cunt ” , you see .

    I believe this was “topical ” about a year ago . What else have they got ?

    Gosh , it turns out that ( white man ) Eric Pickles is fat . And ugly . This is funny .

    It turns out that the rejected England manager ( white man ) Harry Redknapp is also ugly . This is also funny .

    Hmm , this is truly cutting edge stuff .

    Now its the Indian one , doing the ” weeks multicultural news ” . Im not kidding .

    He’s predictably going on and on about raycissm . He just called Jedward ( two white Irish wannabe celebs ) “turds ” .

    He just compared the (white , middle-aged ) TV couple , Richard and Judy , to the corpse-fucking muslims , just because Judy is a few years older than her spouse .

    There’s another little white cunt on now slagging off Marine Le Pen , and Le Front Nationale , all rightwingers , etc.

    I didnt hear anyone calling blacks or browns or queers :
    ” fat ” “ugly ” “turds ” ” necrophiliacs ” ” unevolved animals ” .

    Funny , that .

  38. Barney says:

    What do you mean, GTRman? Are you saying Jedward aren’t a pair of turds? I always have to reach for the Andrex whenever I see them (or am I thinking of the barf bag?).

    I remember the old “Mike Hunt” joke from the film “Porky’s” that still gets shown from time to time. Remember? “Where’s Mike Hunt?” and “Have you seen Mike Hunt?”.

    I don’t suppose there’s much hope for a country that’s got an MP called Ed BALLS, I believe he’s the minister/monster for “ed-jew-cayshun”, or should that be “balls-jew-cayshun”? Does it matter? The kids aren’t being taught anything, whatever we decide to call the queer multicult brainwashing process.

    Now I AM going to bed. See you all next week, apart from Mike Hunt that is.

    Goodnight all.

  39. AKIRA says:

    George “RAHOWA” Burdi:

    “Burdi, from that same interview:

    “There are Jews in many fields of endeavor doing great things; they are an intelligent and remarkable people. I have met many, many Jews with big hearts, brilliant minds and the highest integrity. Nobody is paying me to say this. I am not saying it to irritate white racialists, nor to play the sycophant. I am saying it because it is true. I have also known stereotypical bourgeois Jews, and like every race, they have their rough spots (and they all admit it.)

    “We know, even within a movement as incendiary as white separatism, that there is a broad diversity of opinion. Seen from a distance, the distinguishing features disappear, and people see only the ugly and view the movement as having one singular objective: spreading hatred. One may protest that it is the media that unjustly influences public opinion, but the truth is that this same process of leveling occurs with most media coverage on most topics. Through this same process, people in the movement have come to perceive Jews in a certain light, as being virtually unequivocally dedicated to a unified agenda that is Zionist in nature. The facts, however, tell a much different story, one where the Zionists are playing upon the entrenched Jewish fear of another pogrom, but where the masses of Jews themselves are not always that convinced of their agenda or the methods used to achieve them.”

  40. Vox says:


    Remember how you said the childlike Kwans are terrified of harmless animals? A black bear. Black bears have never been documented as attacking humans. So the Kwaps tranquilize the bear and later it gets hit by a car so A) Kwaps justify their worthless existence B) Kwans feel like they conquered nature and are the fiercer animal that despite the Kwan being too cowardly to carry out the task themself.

    Kwans fear small animals and give their nation over to the most vile tribe to have ever stalked the Earth. The Kowardly Kwan

  41. GTRman says:

    No ,Barney , Im saying that an Indian can stand on stage and call two white kids turds .

    You wont see any white standing on a stage calling any black or brown kids “turds ” .

    Or ugly . Or fat . Thats my point .

  42. INCOG MAN says:

    Vox: That’s not entirely true. Black bears have attacked people. Rarely, sure. One big attack happened up in Canada a few years ago. There’s been a handful of attacks documented. Probably psycho black bears.

    It is true Kwans go crazy when they see any bear. I’ve had several encounters with real wild bears — not just park animals — they were more scared of me and ran off.

  43. Hoff says:

    Zion Crime Fatory com gets better by the minute.

    This is world class!!!

  44. zona guy says:

    So Northerntruthseeker, I am a trouble maker because I stuck up for Vox when your beloved sazzy and 3006 were calling him a jew? You and that other pair want to turn Incogland into another censored stormfront. I figure you are just a liberal poofter. So please come back sazzy and 3006 and post your garbage. I will not be commenting here anymore. Thanks to everyone else for the jew history lessons. Zona Guy signing off, screw the jew, fuck the libtards.

  45. GTRman says:

    A genuine listing from the Brighton Fringe ” Comedy ” section :

    Solo Show , stand up .

    “Walk Like A Black Man” :
    ” We’ve all wanted to be a black man haven’t we ? Rafiq is no exception he’s only half a black man , half an Indian man , and a whole lot of confusion ! ”

    Sounds fucking hilarious .

  46. Karen says:

    Jeesh, for the 1st time in a couple years the comment section actually has intelligent & interesting commentary, thanks to Akira, and I’m denied access to the site.

  47. sog says:

    kitty i saw where you may have been looking for church related sites …so you may like this or not………
    http:/ /
    you may already know all that stuff about how the jesuits was started up by crypto jew loyola and how as part of the protocols they have co-opted catholicism in vatican ..
    trying to study all the finer points of how christianity and catholocism separated is a large time consuming task.
    in those days a person was a “religion” of what ever was commonly accepted or not but the religion was the persons life or way of life or how said person defined their lives ..
    peoples lives were inecstricably intertwined in the religions they practiced so if a person said something off doctrine they could be called all sorts of themes from paranoid beleivers ,whether right or wrong ..
    intrestin how martin luther had the vision and revelation to see that catholocism had been almost completely taken over by cryptos and their brainwashed capitalist motivated subjects …
    the priests only had bibles and they were wrritten in latin and so exercised full control in that environment ..and so the huge struggle to translate the latin bible into german which was done i think by some other than luther at first but it came under heavy resistance ..
    the cathloic monopoly was losing their crowds of cash cows ,
    the catholic church was collecting money for all manner of strange things including selling transfers from hell or pergatory of dead relatives for a dowry or 2 ..
    so luthers reformed version of honest catholism was renamed to protestant ..and im sure it had its flaws but its easy to see this and looking back and knowing what we know now ,,right ,,,nothings perfect

    ther was alot of boolshit about hitler creating a new church etc ,but he was quoted to have said that jesus was not a jew which was true ,anyway some sites to look at
    i read where the jews were allowed to be the cash counters for the catholic churches in

    the 11-12 hundreds starting then cus counting money was considered beneath the priestly duties ,whatever that was …right ,,open the safe for the bandits > lol
    reformation dot org

    this site as per relevance is somewhat important as protestantism and catholocism had existed in germany for 400+ years and many foundations of the churches underwent transformations and reformations ..also the birthplace of protestantism..

    jews were also allowed to lve freely in germany as long as their activities did not include any communist affiliatians ..their temples were not dynamited like christian churches are now in some parts of the world and like they were in ussr during the 1917 ongoing coup by the commie zio kikes /jews ,same dif…

    never was a kike temple ever so much as tampered with in russia but gentile “christian” churches were razed and blown up/down ,and alot of churches were converted to whorehouses by the satanic led jewry during and after the total take over of rhe russian country and the total genocide of 70-80 million non jews there….right ,,,
    some of the aspects of the national; social eaders “taking over” the churches or organizing them under a common banner would be the samer thing alot of

    denominations have done for hundreds of years to bring a commonality to the diffrent groups involved and to bring about a protection in numbers ..

    but as with jewish owned media ,only the jews have the freedom of speech to malign hitler non stop …he had alot of other things to worry about …

    sure there was a religiosity and diffrent kind expression within some of the true hard core nazi cadre with a ll the occult and strange gods but as far as i can tell there is no evidence of christian persecution and religious repression in germany then …there was

    even a muslim SS division and there were a 150,000 + jews in the german wheremacht sub military groups during germanies military struggles with opposing forces around her or him as in fatherland ….anyway there are tons of things to read aleays ,right ?

  48. Kitty says:

    Hey Sog… yes there’s always tons of things to read, that’s for sure! Thanks for the links I will check them out.

  49. A stranger comes to town says:

    Are you people serious?

    This whole Iran thing is seriously overblown. It’s all over the media and international politics. If they were actually going to do it, nobody would be talking about it. Obvious distraction is obvious. Netanyahu’s up for re-election soon (next year I think?) in his country, so is Obamney. They need to look tough and rally voters behind a common enemy.

    Oh yeah, this site’s attitude about immigration is funny to me, considering our history of all the Irish, Italian, Polish, Lebanese, Japanese etc. Americans who successfully earned their “whiteness” 100 years ago.

    After stumbling upon this site, I don’t even know why I’m commenting, but I got an urge to add my 2 cents.

    And I’m not Jewish, gay, black, Hispanic, Asian, or Muslim if y’all were wondering.

  50. sog says:

    its funny how some people will say ,oh you got that off the internet ,,right ,,meaning they dont believe the validity of things that other people have seriously researched and condensed …funny how these same

    people will believe everything that the jew media tells them though ..
    will anyone attack iran now ? … your guess is as good or better than mine …50/50 48/52 ? maybe for fun and profit and cus the talmud tells thaem so ..

    iran was brought into the international zio cap fold after the removel of mossadeq in iran back when they stiill had national sovereignty and a rational form of govt. but as always the religious pundits and their

    towel head politics made life hard for lots of other thinkers and women there …turmoil ,,kikes love it ,thats why sharks wont bite kikes out of professional courtesy …jews make good use of chaos and unrest because most of the time they are behind it anyway in a way that doesnt point back to them ..

    the 2nd or 3rd largest kike poulation outside of kikestan lives in iran and iran’s savak was always trained and maintained by zio kikes ..the name of irans secret squirell cop shop is dif now but the last guy in the head of that org was a mossad zio kike ,,..

    the media ,jew owned media blared out the cold war for 50 years and it kept people on the edge of their copuch for decades in front of the ziovision talmud vision etc…

    the joke was on everyone as joseph mCcarthy found out ,,dont fly to close to the sun when peeling back the kike onion layers …

    during all that saber rattling time ,the kikes owned and operated all the countries that were supposedly against each other …

    that is to say that the kikes have had total finANCIAL hegemony globally for 5-6 hundred years if not much longer and the means to

    create a web of protection to safe gaurd this cash enterprise they operate out of all their BIS sub franchises IF and all the local fed reserves they operate in hundreds of countries ….

    the jews want the iranian oil and assets like all the rest of thiier endeavors that netted them free real estate and gentile riches .

    if the kikes get a more tight strangle hold on iran and her resources without resorting to bombs they may not attack …they wont attack but

    they will get the usa golem to plow thru there and of course there will be slimy idf agents of satan that will snipe our troops to poiss em off like in iraq etc …

    jews are not rational and so will the talmud -nik lust for gentile blood take over inexcorably like in all kikelands other mass murders ,,..
    if history is any example ,,then we can be sure that ,yes kikestan will rally the usa golem into drunken action against a sovereign and

    peaceful nation and commit horrible atrocities there just like iraq ,syria,lebanon,pakky,afganny,and libya and much more as the pattern is easily read now ..

    the cowardly jews have retereated from this imminent attack on iran only to be thinking of other ways to genocide this nation ,like lebanon in

    82-83 etc shantilla and sabra refugee camps and the slaughter of 30,000 innocent lebanese and plans to purim off 75,000 more ….

    this wasnt over any great theft of wealth i dont think but could have just been killing for tha sake of same…

    when the usa came in and stopped the kikes purim orgy just by being witnesses to it ,the kikes eventually got us to hurl a monumental amount of battleship shells on lebanon ,further wasting thousands of innocent people …

    the kikes dont consider anyone who defends themselves against kikes as right or justified …they get the kike media smear tretment and all the sheeple watching the news get their daily dose of b.s.
    they have always used the false flag event and this time will be no different as they own the news medias and information sytems and so can use thier tools to brainwash all the sheep in the usa ……….

    the kikes always find a way to do the killing and stealing they have set out to do ,,they dont usually backstep for too long and they dont usually change their minds and show any humanity ofr mercy so the world can live in any safety or peace

  51. Marshall says:

    Hey Incog-

    Black bears do all kinds of crazy stuff that people rarely get to see.


  52. I have considered a boycott of this comment room all together because of characters like Akira coming in and chasing everyone else away, but I figure one more comment for the road…

    Zona guy.. I do not even know who the heck you are, or the logic behind your tirade. It seems to me that you are just wanting to foment more animosity amongst everyone in here, but it will not work..

    I do not even know what the term “Libtard” means, and I could not find it in any Webster Dictionary… One you have invented, I would assume..

    If you are trying to get my ire or somehow try to get me into an argument, forget it… I do not argue with anyone who does name calling, and makes false accusations. Child like behavior is not my style.

    I have long stated that everyone should have their rights to have their opinions and to present their views, and essential data pertaining to the subject of each article in this comment section. However, it should not come with personal attacks and attempts to stir up trouble or grief with others…

  53. AKIRA says:

    A stranger comes to town says: “This whole Iran thing is seriously overblown. It’s all over the media and international politics. If they were actually going to do it, nobody would be talking about it. ”

    True there is a heavy hype element, and a brainwashing element to the “We’re going to attack Iran!” meme — as if it must be an inevitability.

    However, the only reason it hasn’t happened is because the American and British electorates will not tolerate yet another war.

    The Kikes have probably blown their opportunity, and are trying to back down now without losing face. Yesterday the prez of Kikestan-in-Palestine said it might to be such a good idea to get into a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    A stranger comes to town says: “Oh yeah, this site’s attitude about immigration is funny to me, considering our history of all the Irish, Italian, Polish, Lebanese, Japanese etc. Americans who successfully earned their “whiteness” 100 years ago.”

    None of the populations you mentioned are collections of savage, ignorant, raping, robbing thugs and dummies — as opposed to your Somalis, Afghans, Pakis, etc.

    American blacks descended from slaves are of course a different matter in regard to immigration. Just because they are American citizens does not mean that more Black Africans should be admitted to the US.

    Also, immigration — specifically, mass-immigration engineered to make Whites minorities — is not just a U.S. concern.

  54. AKIRA says:

    Typo corrected:

    Yesterday the prez of Kikestan-in-Palestine said it might NOT be such a good idea to get into a war with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  55. sog says:

    you see the problem is not that akweera posts his shit opinions and browbeating kike style on here ..whatever ,,,yeah so dont read it ,,right ,but that doesnt work because even if you dont read his gay posts ,,it seems that everyone feeds him/her/it/heshe and posts in response to his posts so people end up reading something about the gooner one way or another ,,,bummer

  56. Kender says:

    If I am not mistaken, I believe I read a post by this “akira” threatening to leave…I believe the words were to the effect of “I’m outta here”………and yet akira still remains. Either get the fuck out, or shut up and play nice! I have been on so many blogs that started out really informative, and ended up being free-for-all. I like this blog. A lot! Isn’t INCOGMAN “the” moderator? Don’t let THIS blog turn into a shell of itself. I appreciate the fact anyone can say anything they want on here, but that doesn’t automatically mean that common sense flies out the window. If you don’t have an appreciation for what this blog stands for, just leave.

  57. AKIRA says:

    Re: “If I am not mistaken, I believe I read a post by this “akira” threatening to leave…I believe the words were to the effect of “I’m outta here”

    You are indeed mistaken.

    If I exit anywhere, I don’t engage in drama queen histrionics after engaging in “it’s him or me” ultimatums. You seem to be thinking of Northern “Truth” Seeker and/or certain other commentators.

  58. Kender says:

    Akira, although I am a relative newcomer to this blog, the few posts you have shared with us do indeed seem to engage in the “drama queen histrionics” you pretend to disdain in others. Instead of lashing out, perhaps we could together? I don’t mean you and me personally, I mean as a group. This “one-upmanship” only serves to destroy, not edify.

  59. AKIRA says:

    Almost all the talk about CHA (Golden Dawn)’s minor success in the Greek election, and how it somehow represents a victory for Nationalism is rubbish.

    SYRIZA were second in the election. They got 17% of the vote, and have 52 seats in parliament. A government can only be formed with the participation of SYRIZA.

    CHA (Golden Dawn) won 7% of the vote and have 21 seats.

    Golden Dawn are just loudmouth go-nowhere Masonic trash.

    Jerusalem Post assured Kikes that CHA (Golden Dawn) are anti-queer, anti-immigrant, anti-negro, anti anti anti … but not Anti-Kike.

    One of CHA (Golden Dawn)’s manifesto policies is to “get back” Cyprus, Southern Albania, European Turkey, Macedonia, half of Bulgaria, Aegian islands… Why not claim North Africa, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, North Africa, Messina and Ravenna while they’re at it?

    Albanian, Turk, Bulgarian and Macedonian population bleed into Greece, not the other way round; and Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Macedonia are more likely to absorb Greece than Greece has any chance of grabbing their territories. And Cypriots fought to away from Greek control.

    The CHA (Golden Dawn) flag is ugly. Their ugly leader is accused of using “Hitler-style speech” because he bellows like some Fox windbag. Of course Hitler commanded respect. This puffy pig just has his musclemen shout at people and then he berates them.

    One of CHA (Golden Dawn)’s campaign promises is to put a fence on Greece’s borders and then lay land-mines along it. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Even if CHA (Golden Dawn) somehow formed a government that would never happen.

    SYRIZA campaigned on increasing immigration, introducing hate-crime laws, legislating queer “marriage”, ending the deportation of illegal immigrants, reduce the Greek armed forces significantly.

    The Jew Samaras will most likely form and lead a government, with the backing of the Communist Tsipras.

    Samaras is descended, on his maternal line, from Egyptian Jew Emannouli Benakis (founder of Masonic Athens College), who ended up in Greece via London and Frankfurt, and whose daughter (Samaras’ great-grandmother) committed suicide on the day the Wehrmacht entered Athens. (Her Masonic friend, Archbishop Chrysanthus of Athens, officiated over her non-canonical funeral and then resigned after refusing to swear in the new government.)

  60. j says:

    Onward Christian Soldiers,
    You have nought to fear.
    Israel Hore-Belisha
    Will lead you from the rear.
    Clothed by Monty Burton,
    fed on Lyons pies;
    Die for Jewish freedom
    As a Briton always dies.,_1st_Baron_Hore-Belisha

  61. SBD TV says:

    1.02-1.10. I call it Osama’s Super Whammy punch………………………………………………..[75]

  62. Patriarchal Pundit says:

    Good news, bad news… [Sorry I link to this old Incog article on Israeli warfare; it’s newer news.] First, the bad news… Americans dumber than ever…

    NJ Congressman Steve Rothman proudly announced today the highest US funding for Israel warfare in a year: almost $1 billion for its war defense systems (Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow). What are Americans in Jersey thinking? (Is the water toxic?)

    Jeff Goodall’s webpage news/views shows Americans are becoming more aware of our costly support of Israel that is increasingly isolated (neo-fascist?) to the point where many young Israeli grads from university now prefer to leave (mostly to US, oi vey!)

    “The Tipping Point for Israel” is a good page to show ordinary folks on this trend! (No extreme words and gaudy photoshop as one might find on Incogman, which many folks regard as objectionable and so it turns them off from reading and thinking.)

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