You Might Be a Kwan…

art by Lüscher

What’s a “Kwan,” you ask? Let some fellow INCOG bastids explain it to you.


You believe ole Adolf Hitler gassed 6 million Jews.

Al Bundy is your hero.

You think Michelle Obama is one of the world’s most beautiful women.

You believe it is ok to be groped and molested at airports as long as it keeps America safe from terrorism.

You think pornography is art and a great way to spice up your sex life.

You take your family to the zoo, witness a nigger chimpout then tell your kids you’re glad the wild and dangerous animals are caged up and not running free in society.

You show signs of Jewmonic possession at the sight of a swastika.


You’re eating cheetos and doritos while football is on the tv, rap music is blasting in the background, your computer is running hot from porn surfing, and you are trying to figure out why in the hell your penis has turned orange.

You stand when you hear the words: “Will the real slim shady please stand up.”

You believe “Rage Against the Machine” is really against “THE MAN!”

You can still rehearse word for word, Vanilla Ice’s – Ice Ice Baby.

When faced with a tough situation you ask yourself: “What would Martin Luther King do in this situation?”

You blame the pitbulls instead of Michael Vick.

You bitch about your weight while waiting in line at a Burger King drive thru.

You think Sasha Baron Cohen is hilarious.

You don’t have a problem with the fact that Adam Sandler has never made a movie without some type of queer material in it.

You miss Biggie and Tupac.

You feel guilty for being White.

You blindly drive into a tornado as if you didn’t even see it coming.

You believe Bush is really any worse than Obama.

You believe Obama just needs more time to get the mess Bush created, straightened out.

You believe “White oppression” is preventing Obama from straightening America out.

You make nig nog gang signs while taking pictures with friends.

Your ideal child or grandchild has nappy hair.

You are interested in seeing which female porn star will receive the “Anal Scene of the Year” award at the perverted Jew porn awards show.

You invite me to your “MANcave” to hang out with the fellas and the moment I make a politically incorrect statement you disappear and 5 minutes later your wife comes in and asks me to leave.


You never take a picture without your tongue sticking out of your mouth.

Your nude pics/videos are on the internet.

You are in a contest with your friend to see who can collect the most STDs from your interracial lust fetish.

You are aiming for the STD hall of fame due to your interracial lust fetish.


If you think the NATO attack on Libya was a HUMANITARIAN RESCUE MISSION.


You think that jets laying down a TIC-TAC-TOE grid across the sky (meanwhile other jets are only leaving contrails) are nothing but harmless ice crystals.

A disorganized bunch of clowns that were unable to even fly Cessnas, defeated the most sophisticated air defense system in the world and took box cutters and kerosene and brought down three buildings on 9/11 and punched a hole in the Pentagon because they hate us for our freedom.


Your neighborhood has sidewalks on both sides of the street. However, the young African AmeriKwan youths always walk down the middle of the street and obstruct traffic. You don’t honk or shout for them to get out of the way. You patiently wait as they move to one side. Because A) You’re not a racist B) You don’t want any trouble C) Walking is good exercise for these African AmeriKwans – afterall if they’re not in your neighborhood they could get in to trouble or might get accosted by racists. D) It’s a free country.


A group of African AmeriKwans assemble in your park’s basketball courts day after day. They’re not from your neighborhood. Progressively each day worsens, more trash, more loud music, more shouting obscenities, more fighting…. You never call the Poleese because A) You’re not a racist B) You don’t want any trouble C) Basketball is fun and it’s good exercise for these African AmeriKwans – afterall if they’re not in your neighborhood (trashing it) they could get in to trouble or might get accosted by racists.


You believe Jeebus was jewish and was killed by the Romans or maybe it was the Iranians (you get those two mixed up).

You believe Christian principles and methods of religious practice are WHACKO! but Jewish people have a proud and rich heritage. Their religious practices need to be preserved and protected because they are ageless and timeless.


You don’t see a problem with allowing your pre-teens and young teens to become obsessed with movies and Talmudvision shows themed on black magic, wicca, vampirism…. After all these shows are breaking down stupid taboos by bigoted Xtians regarding animal sacrifices and consuming and bathing in human blood. These shows have an important social message such as combatting bullying and often deal with complex teens issues such lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender – these shows might actually help a teen to know when and how to come out of the closet and what’s the best lifestyle choice for them.


You believe Trayvon was a really neat kid that had a bright future. It wasn’t a bullet that killed him, it was White racism (his spirit was killed by racism long before his body was). He was an innocent. He just wanted to eat his skittles, drink his tea and play his music. If he had lived he would have done some cool things like cure cancer, had a bright future in the NFL, maybe found numbers 1001 – 2000 uses for the peanut, or maybe have been President of the JewSa.

Zimmerman was a White supremacist.


You see a nigger in a purple or neon green pimped out machine rolling down your street eyeballing all the houses. You’re not concerned “Oh he probably just has friends in the neighborhood.”


You think Angelina Jolie is drop dead gorgoeous, Brad’s a real hunk. Adopting those AfriKwan babies is soooooo coool. You think Lady Gaga is really talented. Madonna still looks “hot hot hot”. You think Magic Johnson, Shaq and Tiger Woods are inspirational. Adam Sandler is hilarious, Julia Roberts is beautiful and is a really great actress and getting TMZ updates on your iDevice is too cool for words! You’re going to need to Tweet all this to your Kwanbook Friends.


You’re perusing the aisles of your local jew owned grocery chain. A AfriKwan DIVA Princess has the aisle blocked with her cart and in tow five AfriKwanlets. You remain the polite one “Excuse me”, nothing, “Excuse me”, nothing, a little louder this time “Excuse me”. Begrudgingly Kween Latifa moves her cart and says “That’s okay” to excuse you for the wrong you’ve committed and to let you know she’s taking the higher ground. Being the Kwan that you are you stop at one of the little male AfriKwanlets and try and continue stooping (your lack of spine necessitates this) “Well aren’t you a handsome young man? What’s your name?” semi-shouting in a typical undisciplined tone it says “MA NAYM KWANTELLE!” You say “What’s your name, honey?” “KWANTELLE, KWANTELLE!!” “Oh that’s a nice name. What do you want to be when you grow up Kwantelle?”

To which it replies:

Kwantelle has a little sister. Her name is Kwaneesha. She’s five years old, is 5 foot 4 and weighs 345 lbs. She has Type II Diabetes and is going to be a “bootifull moovee staw sum dae”. Here’s Kwaneesha’s picture:


You may have been a “Kwanette” if you never missed one episode of Oprah.

You may be a Kwanette if your hot little voluptuous 18 year old sees a AfriKwan
AmeriKwans and says “heez cute dwag.”

You may be a Kwanette if you are constantly saying “you go girl” or
“Hey girlfriend.”

More Kwanette lingo: “ahhh he is so fly.” you start every sentence and
end it with “Yo”

You are definitely a Kwanette if your stripper or Go Go job is just paying
your way through college, or so you say??? Male Kwan get excited until he
sees her get done with Mighty Joe Young in the back, doing couch or lap
dances, with this sweaty BEAST.

You are DEFINITELY a Kwanette if your son-law is a shine and he has a
record as long as your arm!


Your teenage sons and daughters are permitted to play that “nigger zone” shit that we just heard on that video Akira sent.

Same shit gonna be happenin’ here soon Akira, right here in the niggerized JewSA.


If someone calls you a Kwan and you’re not insulted by it.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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285 Responses to You Might Be a Kwan…

  1. t bone says:

    Here ya go,CR

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Incog knows my i fecking i p.

    I want t bone;s Bailys. American Born’s.. All the good guys.

    May’be a coupla birds. All above board

    Acchh ye know.

    I wouldn’t expect it.

    My pal, and he is a fine half-jap pal put this.

  3. American born says:

    Hey, CR, everyone else. I hope everyone is well.
    I don’t know if this got posted yet, but here goes.

    John Travolta calls out the jew.
    ““Defendant began screaming at Plaintiff, telling Plaintiff how selfish he was; that Defendant got to where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his Welcome Back, Kotter days; and that Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity. Defendant then went on to say how he had done things in his past that would make most people throw up.”

    Seems Travolta is a poofter with a taste for jewish cock.

  4. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    To Tbone

    Over here the sky looks like layer cake.

    Sun UP!!!

    A song……………………..

  5. t bone says:

    Travolta seems to be a kwan who has awakened from shill-shock.

    The sky over here looks like a big, uppity negress with an attitude.

  6. sog says:,000_russian_grave_bolshevik.htm

    http:/ /

    expelledgermans dot org/index.html

    germancross dot com

    http:/ /

    stefanwolff dot com/files/EthnicGermansPolandandCzechRepublic.pdf

    polandpoland dot com/germans_expelled_after_war.html

    wintersonnenwende dot com/scriptorium/english/archivesindex.html

    wintersonnenwende dot com/scriptorium/english/archives/czechconspiracy/cc00.html

    jewwatch dot com

    tor download run a relay

    saveyourheritage dot com/

    saudhouse dot com

    abodia dot com/1/Gov%20Tests%20on%20Innocent/port_chicago__government_testing.htm

    northstarzone dot com

    conspiracyplanet dot com

    shut down i think ..http:/ /

    ihr dot org/

    ihr dot org/jhr/v15/v15n6p36_Weber.html

  7. sog says:

    hell yeah amborn ,, ha ha thats shoa business ,,right bring your own knee pads …seems like travolta is in a little kike trouble right now …
    he ought to just name the cock sucking jews who told him get busy if he wanted to be an actor ,,,,
    once you sell your soul or pawn it to jews which is worse ,i would think,you are never going to see it again …
    god can give em a knew one ,maybe but the jaundiced evil eyes of kikery are upon him and he is after all expendable at this point if he goes off the reservation..makes you wonder how travoltas son REALLY died ,,right ,a seizure ? … hmmm ,but if he goes viral on the commie homo commiewood movie mold culture the jews would off him in a jew york second ,and they probably have a very large studio life insurance plan on travolta ..
    so he is worth something to them kikes dead ,…
    even righteous patriot sherrif arpaio needs to be careful ,man these kikes killl kings and presidents like its nothing and whole countries as well …

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    @American born

    what i said to you SIR. It was a bag of trash.

    I apologise..

    Here’s my favourite singer, ..

  9. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    t bone

    I’m looking at it.

    It’s nice to look at.

    Tell incog to give me yer way to contact you.

    I don’t hide..
    I’ll send you the first cut, of a load of crap.

    Could a nigger do this……………………………….

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    O.K chums.

    Incogman has ALL our i.P.s

    Incogman. With permission.
    Put us in touch..

  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:

  12. t bone says:

    Absolutely CR

    Incog has my OK on giving you my email. I also have a plan B.

    Barney posted his email (I dont want to re-post without his permission). If you can contact him, it’ll work out. Barney and I have corresponded via email a few times.

  13. Bailey says:

    @ CR,

    Barney can put you in touch with me, good to see you back around too.

    @ sog, We know michael Jackson was worth more to the kikes dead than alive.

    I’m glad to see that proto is gone, perhaps he’s on another assignment.

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Here’s mine!

    I despise KIKES, if that’s a secret of some sort?

    See, it’s not somuch kikes i despise.

    Just their poison philosophy.

    Unfortunately for them, and us, it’s wrapped around their stinking bones.

    God bless Christ, St Adolph, and Bobby Fischer!

  15. Hoff says:

    These new immigrants infused South Africa with a love of Israel and a strong Zionist connection. They were instrumental in the creation of the South African Zionist Federation in 1898, responsible for coordinating all the Zionist activities throughout the country.

    First Half of the 20th Century
    During the Boer War, Jews served on both sides, although the arrival of English Jews helped out the British side. Some Boers harbored prejudices against the Jews, while others felt a kinship toward them. In 1902, the British defeated the Boers and, in 1910, they formed four British South African colonies. The British gave the Jews equal status to the other white citizens, giving British authority legitimacy among Jews.

    Following the mining boom, Jews became part of the rapid industrialization of South Africa. They became involved in food processing; clothing, textile and furniture manufacturing; insurance; hotel management; advertising and entertainment. Jews also established supermarkets, department stores and discount store chains.

    The Jewish community of Cape Town formed its own community organization, the Cape Jewish Board of Deputies, and, a year later, a similar board was created for the Transvaal and Natal regions. In 1912, the two boards merged and became the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD). Today the SAJBD represents nearly all of the Jewish community institutions and synagogues, works as a watchdog against anti-Semitic articles in the media, examines legislation concerning the Jewish community and maintains contact with diaspora communities world-wide, as well other political and religious organizations in South Africa

    Many Jewish South Africans, both individuals and organizations, helped support the anti-apartheid movement. Most Jews, in fact, had actually voted against the apartheid National Party, casting their votes for either the Progressive Party or the United Party. One organization, the Union of Jewish Women, sought to alleviate the suffering of blacks through charitable projects and self-help schemes.

    Fourteen of the 23 whites involved in the 1956 Treason Trial were Jewish and all five whites of the seventeen members of the African National Congress who were arrested for anti-apartheid activities in 1963 were Jewish.

    Mandela’s defence attorney, Isie Maisels, was Jewish.

    Jewish university students, in particular, vehemently opposed the apartheid movement. Jews, in fact, were largely represented in the percentage of white citizens who were arrested for anti-apartheid protests. A large proportion of Jews were also involved in organizations such as The Springbrook Legion, The Torch Commando, and the Black Sash. These anti-apartheid organizations led protests that were both active (ie. marching through the streets with torches) and passive (ie. standing silently in black). Other Jews sought to teach, train, and include black citizens in South African society. Ian Bernhardt lived in Johannesburg and led the Union of South African Artists in which he helped teach and protect black artists. Jews could be found in the majority of anti-apartheid organizations and protests throughout the apartheid regime.

    Harry Schwartz was South Africa’s first Jewish ambassador to the U.S.

    The Holocaust and Zionism are central to South African Jewish identity. The community successfully lobbied the government to require Holocaust education in all public schools and recently built the Cape Town Holocaust Centre, the only Holocaust institution in Africa. A siren was sounded from the Jewish community center on Holocaust Remembrance day last year and was broadcast throughout the country. Even the parliament observed a moment of silence. Jews express their Zionism through philanthropy. The Cape Town Jewish community donates more to Israel per capita than any other Jewish community in the world.

    philanthropy = Jew codeword for jewish mafia

    While the majority of the Cape Town population disapproves of Zionism, this generally does not affect attitudes towards Jews. In fact, many Jews have strong relationships with the local government. Prominent political figures often appear at Jewish events, despite their criticism of Israel.

    Hyman Lieberman was Cape Town’s first Jewish mayor.

    A Jewish Hospital was built in 1896 to administer to Orthodox Jews who insisted on kosher food and who felt more comfortable with Jewish doctors and nurses.

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I’m off to play some tunes.

    Don’t ever do what i did.


  17. AKIRA says:

    Cannibal Rabbi:

    “Coupla Niggers wandered into where i was working.”

    YOU WORK!?

  18. Kitty says:

    @Cannibal Rabbi….

    “Author: Cannibal Rabbi
    Could a nigger do this……………………………….”

    Play the music? Maybe. Sound like that? NEVER.

    Play the music? Maybe. Write music like this:

    Haven’t heard any yet… Shule Aroon…

  19. Kitty says:

    @Cannibal Rabbi….

    “Author: Cannibal Rabbi
    Could a nigger do this……………………………….”

    Play the music? Maybe. Sound like that? NEVER.

    Play the music? Maybe. Write music like this:

    Haven’t heard any yet… Shule Aroon…

    (and no that is not me, although I’m trying to learn this song on my harp 🙂 )

  20. Kitty says:

    Sorry for the double post – hiccup!

  21. sog says:

    yeah bailey heh heh protos new job makes it hard for him to talk now and causes callouses in the throat ……

  22. ProtocolsR True says:

    proto dont owe any you fuckas an apology for nuttin heh heh heh,,,,,,,,,, Proto still here heh e heh,,,,,,,,,, Any dumb bitch dont know what a battleship is a a stupid nigga bitch ho heh heh heh ,,,,,,,,,, Den da dumb beyatch says daddy was in navy and knew people who died at pearl harbor heh heh heh,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The dumb beyatch never heard of a battleship. ,,,,,,,,,,,, Then the guy says nobody knows what a battleship is hey hey hey,,,,,,,,,,,, Den he tells da dumb beyatch dat a battleship is floating artillery hey hey hey,,,,,,, if da dumb bitch dont know what a battleship is even when her daddy was in da navy maybe she dont know what artillery is neither hey hey hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Fuck yourself 2cebags

  23. sog says:

    HEY… proto buddy what is abattleship exactly ,,i dune herd o dat ting wunsce ,aint dat like a boat or sumpthin ..hiuk hiuk hiuk …heh heh HEH HEH …
    you beneedin correctall to iron oudda wrrinkkles in da ass dat keep da schiut frum fallin out an shit,,ya gots danufff an shiut to float a battleshit er ship….duh arrright now ,,,yezzzsiirre i gotzz daa mfomation ouht reahl good bozzsss, yowza…..

    @bailey ,,someone turned me on to the hollywood studios keepin monumental insurance policies on their captives ….
    i knew a guy that could play the fiddle exceedingly well (guitar) and he was on his way to the yop but at one rest stop on the way up some kike faggot record producer put some crappy fag shit on his plate and bro said fuck you and fuck the record business and faded away ….he was good and hung out with the likes of people from butterfield blues band and big brother ,quicksilver ,dinosaur etc ….
    the ever present insurance policies on all the big stars pays off a lot of tymes …..anna nichole smith also was on an organ devolutioanaery process from anti cholinergics combo ,poly pharmacy, as was marylin and michael and lots of other people who count actually in society who kike quacks put on these nasty elements and add anti seizure meds and barbiturates ,and ssri’s which are personality killers on their own having in fact been produced around the flouride molecule ,,,fun huh ?
    maybe someone could send t-ravolta some bleach so he can try to gargle away what is disgustingly a selling of soul and pride ,,yeah heh heh he swallowed someone elses pride in his case…………Gott verdammt das ist widerlich
    Gott im Himmel!…………

  24. sog says:

    anyway kitty sog no try to troll you or anylize you ,,,i apologise for that 2 personality thing ,as it isnt what i meant anyway …..i dont have any excuses since i dont drink on friday nites ,,,……hang tuff ,,,,dig your claws in and hang on girl …..peace

  25. ProtocolsR True says:

    Bring on the wars shit bag cowards. Bring it on.

  26. ProtocolsR True says:

    Hi, My name is Kitty. I’ve never heard of such things called battleships, even though my father was in the navy. My mother worked in a factory that produced these horseless carriages. Yet I have never heard of such things as called automobiles. I am only 14 so I am very ingnorant on such subjects, Could you come tutor me?

  27. American born says:

    Prot, WTF ?

    What the fuck are drinking tonight, dude?

  28. ProtocolsR True says:

    I only drink when I am awake. And it is good stuff I pay for with my own hard earned money.

  29. ProtocolsR True says:

    What exactly do you have sog? I’m not afraid of going through the legal process of getting all these things sorted out. Criminal or Civil. Or both. I’ve been in jail before. Maybe it will be your turn. Fuck yourself and the jew in the cubicle next to you.

  30. American born says:

    OK, fair enough Prot.
    I don’t drink that much, but I like the nice stuff too. And I work for what I have as well.
    From what I gather from your posts is your a middle aged man, retired military man.
    I don’t get your hostile nature here. Maybe others don’t either.
    Represent yourself in a self respectful way and I’m sure you will be, in turn, be treated in respectful manor.
    As a military man, I’m sure this is not a new concept for you. You get what you put out.
    Take it easy, bro. This is not the drunk tank. 🙂
    White people are here discussing serious topics.

  31. ProtocolsR True says:

    Hey Bailey it’s me. I want you to hear this clearly and pass it on to all the cowardly scumbag government cocksucking agents sitting around you. Forward it to every one else of you scumbag coward government agents who are smart because they read other peoples mail and listen to their phone calls type scumbag coward when alone agents. Tell them Proto said HI Coward. You are a coward when all alone without backups on the other end of the wire. Just tell John or Louie I said Hi.

  32. ProtocolsR True says:

    Can I get 2 happy faces to take back to mommy?

  33. ProtocolsR True says:

    1 smiley face lowers my blood pressure to just below the exploding head level. 2 smiley faces lowers my blood pressure to the point where I can convince myself to take another drink and not be angry. Nor do I hate people just because they want to kill me or my children. 3 smiley faces says I’m drunk and it’s all in GODS hands anyway. 4 smiley faces means it’s time to get off this damn computer and put on some headphones and jam on Tom Petty or Stones.

  34. Bailey says:

    ProtocolsR True says,

    Hey Bailey it’s me. I want you to hear this clearly and pass it on to all the cowardly scumbag government cocksucking agents sitting around you. Forward it to every one else of you scumbag coward government agents who are smart because they read other peoples mail and listen to their phone calls type scumbag coward when alone agents. Tell them Proto said HI Coward. You are a coward when all alone without backups on the other end of the wire. Just tell John or Louie I said Hi.

    That’s funny, you believe what you want, it’s your actions here that leave people a little suspicious, not mine.
    You may not believe this but some people here actually know me, one guy has been to my house for Beer and BBQ in the winter, we ate pork along with our t bones as a joke to prove we aint jews.

    Only my dogs and my woman are sitting around me, no agents.

    We’ve all been guilty here of BWI, i suspect you do it too.

    I don’t like playing the who’s a jew game, it’s not good for the board and it’s disrespectful to our host.

  35. Fuzart says:

    Does Hoff work for the Zionists? Why is he attacking Dr. Paul?

  36. AKIRA says:


    Someone who “attacks Dr. Paul” must “work for the Zionists”?

    Are you talking about Ron Paul?

  37. SBD TV says:

    If you love the TSA you’re a kwan………………………………………..[3,183]


  38. bargain bob says:

    So Akira, where is your Nat. Soc. candidate? and if I remember correctly they were a jewish creation. Blues Bros. Show me a better candidate than Paul and I’ll vote for him!

  39. Bailey says:

    You might be a kwan if you let a group of nigger boys get away with this as you’re leaving a concert attended by 20,000 people, most of them white.

    You’de think that bad ass chili pepper fans would have issued a nigger beat down ?

  40. Sabine Centurion says:

    The drug soaked, dick centric RHCP mooks can’t kiss ENOUGH jew or nigger ass.
    Their millions are KFC grease and jew jizz smeared and polluted.
    I’m hoping for ODs or Death By Nigger at their earliest convenience.
    Soon The Cleansing.
    No Prisoners
    No Mercy
    Victory or Death
    All we have to lose is EVERYTHING if we don’t ACT…PDQ.
    Individual Independent ACTION—NOW !
    Seig Heil…and DROP DEAD if you don’t like it.

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