Israeli Jews Pass Law Detaining Illegals

These smiling creeps have been at the forefront of flooding Whites countries, like America for decades. It’s costing our states billions a year. All this so the stinking Jews are not fearful of Whites having enough demographics to put a stop to what they are doing to us — as we should.

Stinking Jews are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

WOW, THESE PEOPLE are unbelievable hypocrites. It astounds me, pretty much on a daily basis. Over here in America and at other, what used to be White countries of the West, Jews have long been at the forefront of pushing for immigration of Turd worlders into our lands.

Just spend a lousy 5, 10 minutes reading from my page “The Real Immigration Deal” and checking out the links I have backing it all up, or just watch a video or two. I’m not asking a whole hell of a lot, am I? I can’t put a gun to your head to get you to do stuff on the Internet, even if I might like to, right?

The headline over at Council of Conservative Citizens reads “Israeli Interior Minister: Israel Belongs to the white man.” I was going to pickup the article to use over here, but I can’t with all the BS going on in that title, so I banged out this quick piece.

First off, the Jews do NOT consider themselves as “White” like in White European Gentiles. Sure, they have white skin, usually don’t rob liquor stores and talk without using ebonics, etc. but they do indeed think they are better than all of us non-Jews — especially the Negroes (not hard there). They think they are the “Chosen People” remember?

“You are not Whites — either symbolically or literally — as anyone knows who goes to Israel.”

— Professor Leonard Fein at speech at 27th biennial congress of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Johannesburg, SA May 15, 1972.

Second, Jews are indeed giant-sized hypocrites when it comes to all this. Basically, these hypocrites like the White business, living in our lands, enjoying our Western civilization. Just as long as we go along with their hypocrisy and Jew criminal bull. That means us Whites need to breed ourselves away, allow the stinking Jews to scam us all the time and fight wars on their behalf.

It’s just like the business with dogs. Dogs much prefer living with a nice human family — lots of food, a warm dry place to sleep and most of them have to do little real work. I like dogs, but they don’t usually shit their beds or tell me what to do, either!

I wonder if the rich Zionist Jews of America (like these spoiled Jew punks in LA), will say anything? I somehow doubt it. I've personally had it with the creeps.

Jews have to live in White countries, otherwise they might have to do real work with their hands and stuff. Few Jews can manage and the ones that do, have already gone to Israel to steal land off the Palestinians — using money donated by rich softy Western Jews and befuddled Christian Zionists who actually believe all the Chosen One crap fed to them over the years.

Now, getting back to the issue at hand. Israel just passed major new anti-immigration law. Illegals can be imprisoned for three years and those who help them (Coyotes), up to 15. Even migrant workers face trouble (Jews prefer paying imported Asians peanuts for a few years, like the Gulf state potentates they are in bed with). Also, Israel is building incarceration camps (like in concentration) in the Negev desert to hold these people before getting rid of them. Hell, they might even send them here.

Who are they? Well, it’s not Mexicans, or Mestizos like we have here, but black Africans, usually from the Sudan. They pay Egyptians and possibly Bedouins to help them cross over into Israel. They call themselves “asylum seekers” and Israel wants to deport up to 50,000 of the poor, sad sack Negroes. I wonder what Mr. Darfur guy, George Clooney, would say? Probably JACK, if the bum wants to continue acting in Hollywood movies.

Just because the guy looks handsome and reads his lines nice, doesn’t mean he has real guts. Lots of goyim know which side their bread is buttered. Little wonder so many in Hollywood are giant-sized whores (except for Mel Gibson, of course).

Plus, Israel has 10,000 or so blacks there already, remnants of a crazy idea of the Jews over the story of Queen Bathsheba (who King David nailed long ago, when he had the hots for a little darkie action, like Dominique Strauss-Kahn recently). Liberal idiot Jews actually flew about 100,000 Negroes from Ethiopia into Israel back during the 1970’s and 80’s, but since then the Ethiopeans have been leaving for Europe and the US (hell, would you go back to corrugated tin huts and eating mud cookies?). They know exactly how Jews really treat blacks.

From Haaretz…

A law granting Israeli authorities the power to detain illegal migrants for up to three years came into effect on Sunday, in the wake of widening public controversy over the influx of African migrants who cross into Israel along its border with Egypt.

The law makes illegal migrants and asylum seekers liable to jail, without trial or deportation, if caught staying in Israel for long periods. In addition, anyone helping migrants or providing them with shelter could face prison sentences of between five and 15 years.

The law amended the Prevention of Infiltration Law of 1954, passed to prevent the entry of Palestinians as part of emergency legislation. The law is expanded to address migrant workers or asylum seekers who enter Israel without posing a threat to Israel’s security.

According to the law, migrant workers already here could be jailed for the most minor offense such as spraying graffiti or stealing a bicycle – infractions for which they would not have been detained before.

“For this purpose, several wards outside Saharonim have been converted, and we will prepare according to need,” the statement added.

Meanwhile on Sunday, Israeli daily Maariv published an interview with Interior Minister Eli Yishai, in which he stated that most of the “Muslims that arrive here do not even believe that this country belongs to us, to the white man.”

“I will continue the struggle until the end of my term, with no compramises,” Yishai continued, stating that he would use “all the tools to expel the foreigners, until not one infiltrator remains.”

Note the business about Palestinians. Basically, when the Khazar Jews invaded the place and declared themselves Israel in 1948, they’ve been quietly working at clearing out any non-Jew Arabs from the landscape.

They had some big massacres back then to scare them into leaving. Over 800,000 Palestinians fled, leading to things like the PLO, “terrorist” events like the Munich Olympics in ’72, Yassir Arafat and the Muslims hating our guts. Hell, you would do the same stuff if a bunch of crazy Chinamen came over here and stole your home, brought up believing their forefathers were Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket!

Now a lot of folks give me hell for giving the Jews hell, but criminy, what don’t you get?

I’ve talked about Jew hypocrisy here till I’m blue in the face. Sure, you might be telling yourself, it doesn’t affect me pal, since I don’t really care much about Sudanese blacks 7000 miles away. Hey, I get your drift. I don’t either.

Far as I’m concerned, they can eat mud cookies and have sex with their goats all they want — but in Africa. But have you noticed them coming to the US? WTH do places like Minnesota and Vermont need to accept African immigrants for crying out loud?

Oh yeah, notice how the US mainstream media has said ZILCH about any of this. What’s that tell you? Yep, you guessed it: They can’t have the sheep get it about the Jew. What else do they keep from us? Plenty, bub.

All this crap is because the stinking Jews are purposefully destroying White demographics — so we don’t come together and put a stop to them (as we should). 

I say it’s good and GD time to kick out all these lousy creeps from OUR lands.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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367 Responses to Israeli Jews Pass Law Detaining Illegals

  1. John says:

    Sog, you are not making sense. So I’m anti-White for pointing out the FACT that there are a lot of WHITE Muslims in Iran?

    I’m curious, what religion do you claim if any?

  2. HKW says:

    I found Pleb comments quite interesting so far.
    Give this person a chance to stay a little longer on this forum…

  3. Sen10L says:

    Not trying to be disrespectful Pleb. I said MAY be a kike. Seems to have hit a nerve. Anyway, out of respect to the Cogmaster, I’m done with it. I don’t hate Muslim people but have as much to desire to buddy up to them as I would with Travon.

  4. t bone says:

    First off,I dont have a problem with Egyptians.

    …and second, I dont use the word ‘kike’ much, but I also dont have a problem with those who do.

    I’m trying to understand your commentary and much of it seems logical but your 2:53 comment leads me to believe that you have an axe to grind with Whites.
    I know we have a lot of shabbos goyim in our gov’t, but we also have a multicultural gov’t. Multiculturalism is a jew weapon used to dilute White identity and anti-jew Whites are the judens biggest threat.

    In a nutshell, you seem to be pretty heated over White people. If I’m misunderstanding, then please clarify.

  5. Biker says:

    the same, tired, shit. YOU are a JEW!! no… YOU are! kidney punch! throat chop! headlock, suplex takedown!! stand up. back rub, massage, nipple flickin, dry fuckin. ooohh! we’re buddies now! anyone got a rubber?

    puke. fucking vomitous. this IS the real Biker. wanna know the truth? it went to hell when Akira the metrosexual japo-kelt showed up with his sidekick cant understand what the fuck you say, watch this video! dont know what the fuck they are saying on the video so its all good! cannibal rabbi. and GTRman please give us a rundown of the fucking TV guide. again. always. every gaddam day.

    you kike bastards can go straight to hell.

  6. sog says:

    john i dont remember adressing you on or about anything …it was at pleb cus i was feeling some rage i guess and cwd of whom i was just fucking with but ,it is bs to start shit so i step off on that dogfight ..

    …..true religion is thru jesus the actual son of god …
    in some o my posts i have said on jesus …a hebrew of tribe clan judah in the flesh but GOD in mind soul and spirit …from god and now and always was ,,he is .. he was ..he has no beginning and no end ,,alpha and omega ..
    true religion is following jesus (gods will) all the way and i understand that but am recalcitrant at the moment but do not believe any less ..
    yes there is theatrical drama whether islam is ok or whether they do or dont kill christians in muslim qurters ,,et effen cetera….
    sog does not stand for muslim supremecy ,only religious freedom …it seems theat these other religions have become agendized …so many religions and they just dont meet at thhe same place …
    for me the truth is the jury is still out on whether islam can make the leap away from sharia law and the confusing thing is the koran and sharia law dont seem to agree with each other …

    point to rekon with is thwt muslims are being vectored by kikes to throw up more confusion …
    usa is supposed to be a place where people can do their god thing in peace just not likin the effort they put up to put blankets over christianity..
    the only thing i can say with absolute certainty is that some muslims seem cool and others radical ..i dont particularly like the sharia aspects of this clan …and dont want to see it here in the usa ..but our real fight is with the kikes ,the jews ,who emenate from all manner of dna ..
    any f/n body can be a jew ,all you haver to do is suck a rabbi s dick or pass some diminished capacity test and come out low on the score ..
    people have been fighting over religion now for thousands of years …
    i just dont see the redeeming value in a man made religion like islam ,,
    but if we all stayed on topik we probably wouldnt discuss religion too much except for the diminishing rights of christians and theior religious freedoms and that is on the burner currently …

  7. sog says:

    thank you pleb ….
    my style is my style ,,it is what it is …
    i stand by it ….
    see ya on the flip side ,,

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Bow down White man. Bow down. The wog can teach us something!


  9. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    So the pedoprophet licker says it spent time in the U.S.A. to further its “education”.
    Who goes to Egypt to do likewise?



    How come?

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    The kike/wog uses expressions like “trailer trash” pretty freely.
    Kike language.
    The least WHITE is a thousand orders above the best kike/wog.

  11. Bailey says:

    Is Joe Walsh a jew ?

    Not sure but i heard this today and kind of liked it.

    @ Biker,

    ,anyone got a rubber?


    That’s another reason why i don’t get into the pissing matches, it pisses off good white guys.

  12. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    “you must understand that this is a problem that goes beyond white or whatever.”

    No it isn’t.

    “If you guys can stop repeating the word Kike for two seconds like a child who has just discovered a new word you would realize that I could really care whether you welcome me or not because in general you are in the tiny niche minority of ultra bigots. ”

    Likewise kike/wog.

    “this is going to be hard on you, is that the problem is at it’s core a white on white problem.”

    No it isn’t kike/wog.

    “Think about that for a minute.”

    Such wisdom!


  13. sog says:

    have a dose of kike crapola via holohoax fairy tale ….
    i think first i will express my solemn disgust with the usa army and branches under kike tyrannical direction …
    have your daughter join the military so she can get raped by her fellow soldiers or niggers in uniform or used as an agenda by kikes like zio natonski or nobody gen. franks also a virulient zionist ….
    these viruses have no god damn place in a u.s. military position ,,,god dammmit this country needs to remove the jews from the military positions ..
    moving on to fairytales

    and for this link i may say that if you feel anything but gladness in the way this fuckscum was killed then you are a kwan
    good riddance to bad lying rubbish
    it is a fact that these kikes are approached as sayans and told what to say by spinmasters (kikes) and they cannot refuse as well they are offered some degree of kikecess success….
    i mean how could so many people tell sop many proven lies ..
    it means that jews for the sake of their little commie state israel will lie their ass es off and it doesnt seem like lying to them
    absolutely disgusting multi race these kikes .

  14. sog says:

    here is also the budapest gold train hoax theat kikes got 25,000,000 from i assume american taxpayers ..i mentioned this arty in a prev post and couldnt find it …

    truth is 600,000 german treasures were stolen by russia and 200,000 pieces of art and jewels were stolen by american generals ..
    the germans had appropriated rothschild property during the rise of the 3rd reich and art but most of that shit is justified and was returned later ..

    wtf is up with these punks …
    they are all lying scum bags hebrew and jew alike ,converts ,judaeism ,atheist homo jews all of em are mankinds dilemna

  15. Screw Israhell the rogue terrorist "State" says:

    Yes, those Jew Demons are the biggest Hypocrites on this Planet.

    One more Example is the Fact, that the US Border to Mexico is wide open; every single Day an estimated 3000 illegal Aliens enter the US. Many of them become either Welfare Recipients or Criminals and ruin the already Jew-wrecked Economy even more.
    If you complain, you’re labeled a Racist/White Supremacist by the ADL/SPLC and they put you on a “Hate List”.

    What does the Jew do to stop them?
    Israel built a Fence in the Negrev Desert(with US Money) and either IDF Soldiers or egyptian Forces shoot and kill the Negroes if they try to cross the Border.

    But the main Reason i post here is this:
    (Not the only Source, it’s everywhere now. But they are starting to close Comments. Bastards!)

    These Vermin Scum Heathens are staring to deport the illegal Niggers now to “an undisclosed third Country”. I bet every single one of the they have.

    Could this “undisclosed Country” be the US or a Country in the EU?

    And notice the Term Bibi uses all the Time: “Infiltrators”. In an Article from last year a Likud Politician Called them a “Cancer”.
    Imagine an american Politician would dare to say something like that. He would be kicked out of Congress and the ADL would hire a Hitman.

    Nooo, every illegal Savage that enters our Countries is a “poor Refugee, looking for a better Life” and is entitled to do it. I could Puke, really.


  16. Bailey says:

    Yep, and there are now 6 states in the JewSA that issue drivers licenses to the illegal shitbags, uhh – I mean “undocumented” immigrants.

    The people in Amerikwa have gone through a grand mind fuck, it’s complete now.
    They oppose nothing, they apologize to niggers and spics who commit crimes against them and their families.

  17. Screw Israhell the rogue terrorist "State" says:


    I’ve done some Research now about the illegal Mexicans in the US. Unfotunately you can’t get real Crime Statistics, because on every good Source(Departpent of Justice/FBI etc.) they are in the Same Category as Whites to hide the true Impact they have.

    But according to Jared Taylor, who is a honorable Man an good Source, Mexicans in General commit violent Crimes two Times more likely than Whites.
    What makes me wonder is that you don’t hear much in the News, not even in the local Rags.
    When it comes to violent Crime you always see Niggers… But i could be dead wrong here because i don’t live in the US, and when i was a CO Member i searched for Nigger Crime all the Time. But i saw enough Mugshots of mexican Criminals…
    Sorry for slacking on this Topic a bit, but i bet what i tell you here is nothing new for you and most other Users.

    And maybe it’s better to give the illegal Scumbags a Drivers Licence, they have caused countless Fatalities when driving, either drunk or with zero driving Skills.(I bet that many have never been behind a steering Wheel in Mexico…)
    As long as the Drivers Licence dosen’t make them american Citizens it’s perhaps better. Unfortunately they can also commit and hide their illegal Activities with a Car and blend in…

    No, the whole Immigration Policy is a Joke for every regular Citizen. It’s pure Insanity and and Insult committed on Purpose by the Kikes to show their Power.

    As for Israhell and their Nigger Deportation; it’s almost 100% certain that they bribed a Country in Africa to take the 60.000 illegals. If you’re just a little Kike wise you know that the Jew will make the Deal with the most barbaric Regime that makes Slaves out of them to work in Blood Diamond Mines. The Jew gets off jeeper and probably can even exploit them.

    Or they are forced to become Muzzie Terrorists to attack the West. Maybe South Africa takes them for free, who knows?

    The Kike played a Key Role to end Apartheid and turn SA into a Turd Word Shithole, the ANC will forever be grateful for that. The Refugees could become paramilitary Troops to complete the white Genocide. The ANC already hired Gangbangers from the Townships to target Whites, no Joke.

    Sorry for suggesting the last Scenario, but if you know the wicked and evil Ways of the Jew you simply know that they hate us YTs.

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