Snakelike Rabbi Targets “The Ugly Truth”

From the New Testament, John 8:44: You are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Open letter by Mark Dankof @The Ugly Truth

Well, seems a certain someone out there doesn’t like what we are doing here at TUT, and moreover, is miffed at the new radio network we are putting together here. In a post appearing on ‘Jhate’ (does that mean people who hate Jews or people the Jews hate?) our growing endeavor here at TUT is catagorized as ‘Mark Glenn’s new anti-Semitic broadcasting network’.

The website is owned/operated by one Rabbi Ariel Tuchman, described as Director of the Research Department of the ADL [formerly, according to him]. The website is typical Jewish drivel and full of typical Jewish nonsense, about how they are the apple of God’s eye, innocent, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow and how anything/anyone who moves against them is doing so for simple reasons of ‘hate’, and never, let me repeat–NEVER–as the result of Jewish obnoxious/criminal behavior.

Now, buried within the piece is the coded ‘GO GET ‘EM’ order, meaning that good, loyal Jews the world over (he only has about 62 subscribers) are supposed to do all they can to shut down what we are doing by contacting wordpress, which hosts TUT blog, as well as the other outfits who provide us with the chat room, the live streaming and the conference calling– ‘If Glenn is able to sustain this new operation, he will be entering an already crowded field of anti-Semitic broadcasting online.’

Now, as the readers of this site know, I LOVE a good fight, and particularly with this crowd, since every time they open their mouths and spew out the nonsense that is the natural by-product of their own congenital mental illness, they prove me right and make my job as a prosecutor easy.

Therefore, I sent an email to the owner/operator of this blog, challenging him to a one-on-one, live, which reads as follows:

Dear Mr. So and so, I have seen several posts on your website regarding me and my work. Now, since you Jews pride yourself on your debate/language skills, I would absolutely LOVE to have you on my program to discuss the things which you seem perfectly happy to cover in a platform such as this, where the only other people involved are your own personal sycophants and cheerleaders. What have you got to lose? You are God’s chosen people, aren’t you? Didn’t he send plagues and part the Red Sea for you? It is a slam-dunk in your favor. I eagerly await your (non) response. mg

We shall see if ‘the good Rabbi’ indeed has the faith to move mountains and elects to come on the program. My personal hunch is that he will not, but instead will do what organized Jewish interests do whenever someone chooses to exercise his/her right to free speech, which is to organize around that individual and screech their lungs out in shutting him up.

Ugly Truth Radio Schedule (all shows begin at 4PM Eastern Time in the US):

Tuesday – Keith Johnson (Revolt of the Plebs)

Wednesday – Mark Dankoff

Thursday – Mask of Zion Report with Jonathon Azaziah

Friday – Sammi Ibrahem, Palestinian journalist

Mark Glenn does shows (Mondays?) and makes appearances on RT which can be found at

Mark Dankoff followed up with this challenge the Pharisee:

Rabbi Aryeh Tuchman
Director, Library and Research Center
Assistant Director, Civil Rights Division
Headquarters: The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith/New York
Phone: 212-885-7859
Fax:  212-885-5882
Re:  Mark Glenn’s New Anti-Semitic Broadcast Network
Dear Rabbi Tuchman:
I am saddened that you have not responded to my formal and cordial public invitation to appear on The Ugly Truth, and on Press TV, to be given an honest opportunity to have your concerns discussed and addressed in these forums.
I simply repeat that open invitation here.  There is no need to continue these anonymous posts on your JHate blog when those of us accused by you of various sins are open and willing to give you the forum and time you need to present your end of this ongoing debate.  The First Amendment still lives in America, at least until the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and its affiliated stooges from Coast to Coast manage its complete shredding and destruction.
I cannot conclude anything from your clandestine, anonymous methods, other than the clear fact that in your heart you know that honest airing of concerns about Israel’s policies in the Middle East, their sordid campaign in the United States for the launching of an unjustified preemptive military strike on Iran, and the role of the Jewish Lobby in this country in facilitating a controlled news media and a bought-and-paid for electoral process, is exposing your own moral bankruptcy and that of your affiliates and assets worldwide.
That exposure is largely due to Alternative Media.  And this exposure means the eventual end of your shell game and that of the New World Order and the Zionist ideology that is its foundation.

Again, I repeat my original invitation to Come Out of the Closet and Join Us.
It is my hope that you leave this second open invitation on your blog.  In the event it is removed, alternative means of documentation and distribution have already been arranged.
Mark Dankof


The psycho Jews got my WordPress blog shut down in July of 2010, by using underhanded tactics. One secret Jew kept commenting like he was a White guy and then in response to another Jew making a fuss (openly describing himself Jewish), put up this Jew’s supposed address and then outright said someone should put a bullet in his head.

When I saw the comment about 10 minutes later, I immediately deleted it. But evidently not soon enough. They sent WordPress over (probably other embedded WP Jews were already prepped in advance), or sent them a screen dump of the comments. The next thing I knew, WP took me down.

Mad Jewess, commenting on the JTF forum (Jewish Task Force), said she got an email from the perps, bragging in detail about their little Internet false flag job on your’s truly. I know this must have been true, since I had told no one about it at that point. Funny, after I spied the gleeful comments from other Jews on JTF about my site going down, the moderators made the thread private. But I have the screen dumps — oh yeah, I do.

With the help of two others (Julian Lee was one of them — remember that) and my backup exports, I was up again in 3 days. Better than ever, IMHO.

These filthy creeps love using tricky dick methods to keep any non-Jew-wise Goyim stupid. Nothing is off-limits to this immoral and dishonorable race. They will not succeed — the world is indeed waking up to their behavior.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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126 Responses to Snakelike Rabbi Targets “The Ugly Truth”

  1. Citizenfitz says:

    “There’s probably a Jew Central somewhere, where countless people sitting before numberless monitors, circuit the Internet checking on “hate” sites like this, (of course, quoting Jews verbatim is now taken for “hate”) skewing their numbers unfavorably and otherwise making things difficult for them….”

  2. Citizenfitz says:

    Bailey says: June 4, 2012 at 11:21 am… Zionist Bikers From Hell….

    Kikes on bikes?

    Biker, sorry you couldn’t post at my blog. It’s not you though, it’s Blogger. I can only imagine the crap IM goes through keeping this joint up and running.

  3. Citizenfitz says:

    Julian could come up with some real good stuff. Which made his childish outbursts seem all the more odd. Anyway, I wish him well wherever he went.

  4. GTRman says:

    I thought it a little bit funny how he was attacked by mostly anonymous people , when he had his face , voice , name , beliefs ,background , etc , out there for all to see .

    He defended himself to a point where he came across as priggish , humourless , prudish , pedantic , etc . He wound a lot of people up , and left a site that he helped to save /set up !

    Im inclined to believe that Christianity has roots in the Aryan vedantic whatever , and that astrology has some merit . He took the gay nazi thing as true , and thats what pissed people off the most , as far as I remember .

    Im not for or against , and not trying to pick at scabs . Hofflandia wouldnt exist without that particular storm , for example . But I can see why Incogman supports and defends Julian Lee . Ive read some great essays by him , I really enjoyed his ” White Singing Voice ” articles , and , though the production could be improved , the ” Jew Talk ” song is a classic .

    To accuse him of being a jew seemed silly , or worse .

    There , Ive said my bit .

  5. Citizenfitz says:

    I defended him on that score: whatever else Julian was, he was no Jew. And much as he’d piss me off with his petty rages, kooky as he was, I kinda miss him now. He did come up with some good stuff.

  6. Citizenfitz says:

    Brother Nate on the flocks of drones soon to be soaring over America:

  7. Citizenfitz says:

    All Jews and no mews makes for such depressing news:

  8. GTRman says:

    I just watched the BroNate drones vid , I had an image :

    Those corny slasher films where the teens sit around the campfire telling ghost-stories , usually about some atrocity ( trademark ) that occured nearby , whilst a real monster lurks , with a hunting knife …

    We are like those teens , telling the others tales of jewish / bolshevik / commie atrocities that happened long ago , in these very woods ….

    But it could never happen HERE ! Not NOW !

    Im just going alone down to the lake for a piss , dont drink all the beers you guys !

    ( synth plays in D- Minor ..)

  9. GTRman says:

    I searched jootoob for ” Jew Talk ( Lizst Version )” but drew a blank .

    I did find this though . Bloody awful :

  10. GTRman says:

    I used to believe in the ” Pendulum ” theory , that when things got too far one way , the next generation would rebel and reject the prevailing concensus .

    Later I realised that this shit is all going one way , spiralling down a plughole …
    BUT …there are hopeful signs .

    All is not lost , yet .

  11. Citizenfitz says:

    Found Jew Talk:

  12. summerled says:

  13. GTRman says:

    Fuck it , when I get my new computer , and with J Lee’s permission , Im going to re-record that song . Its truer than ever . Needs a clear production with the vocals up front .

  14. CWD says:

    How bout Vox? I ain’t seen em in a week?

  15. GTRman says:

    Man , I can see why you guys have smashed / shot your TV sets ..I scan the listings and EVERYTHING is just jew / queer / athiest / materialist / anti-white / anti-nazi / consumerist , pro-porn PROPAGANDA !

    Let me show you :

    1 : Graham Norton Show – camp queer “chats ” to celebs pushing hollywood bull
    2 : Terminator : Horrible future , predictive programming .
    4 : Embarrassing Bodies : Presented by queer doctor , this week , and I quote : ” the subject is poo ”
    5 : Ninth Gate : Satanic movie directed by pedophile jew rapist Polanski
    6 : Movie with black superman Wesley Snipes
    7 : American Dad – jew cartoon
    8 : The Coronation – royal propaganda bullshit
    9 : Jeeves and Wooster – starring queer jew Steven Fry
    10 : Miami Swat : jew cop bullshit
    11 : Bullshit movie about aristocrat who is a ” Nazi sympathiser ”
    12 : The Hoarder next door : A fat queer has a dirty flat since his queer lover died
    15 : 28 weeks later : yet another bullshit zombie movie
    18 : Russel Brand : some supposedly enlightened bloke talks about willies and poo-poo
    19 : Buzzcocks : Pop quiz presented by queer jew Simon Amstell
    21 : South Park : ” Not without my anus ” folowed by ” Cartmans mom is a dirty slut” , followed by ” Ickes wee-wee “, about a circimcision …jewish cartoon .
    poo poo , willy , bum bum , spunky puke ,farty pants . Had enuff yet ?
    24 : Scarface – coke is cool , guns are cool , gangsters and killers are cool .
    No gangsters are jews ..
    28 : Big Bang Theory : Kikes are just harmless nerds that want to bang the shiksa .
    Followed by ” Scrubs ” : Kikes are witty and cool , they hang with coffee-coloured people who are cool , and white men are buffoons .
    29 : The Inbetweeners : Simon Bird says hes not a kike but just look at him . Poo willy wee wee bum bum , puke , spunk , swearing and , giggle , giggle , sex is funny .
    31 : CSI : kike cop bullshit , Scooby-Doo for dead people .
    38 : Anthony Bourdain : If this New York chef isnt kike , I’ll eat his hat .
    39 : Cops Uncut : Presumably , Gentile policemen show us their nightsticks .
    39 : 80 : Hardtalk : Kike Gavin Esler grills Sir Tim Rice

    Fuck it , enuff already . I hope one day this proves useful !!!!

  16. GTRman says:

    The channels I missed out were shopping , casino , or porn phone ins .

    Dontcha miss that tee-vee ?

  17. x says:

    I remember a few years hearing about a boy who had been refused entry into JFS Jews’ Free School in London because his mother was not Jewish.

    Jews like to think of themselves as having the highest IQ’s so you’d think that Jewish only school that select’s it’s pupils only by pure bred Jewery would be the top of all school league tables in England?

    Well JFS Jews’ Free School doesn’t even top it’s own district. Beaten by a Hindu school & that Hindu school comes about 52nd total in England so JFS might be around 300ish? mark out of 3127 schools. So much for highest IQ’s.

    *note when looking at top schools and taking into account this Hindu school and Jewish school. It is clear that children do better at schools without multi-culture/races. Just angering that Jew’s have there own school and fight to keep all other’s out of yet if a white Christian school did the same they’d be Jewish vulture human rights lawyers and protesters campaigning against it.

  18. GTRman says:

    Say it in your head or say it out loud , and keep saying / thinking it .

    The important thing is to MEAN it :

    ” Jews – it’s over . Nice try , but no cigar . Jews – its over . You failed . ”

    Or simply ” Out , demons , out ! ”

    We SHALL see the fall of Babylon .

  19. GTRman says:

    I went a bit nuts once , I slept for a while under a large holly bush . A stick came off in my hand and I carried it home ( I was living in my folks garage ) I wrote on this stick :
    ” We shall see the fall of babylon ” . I later found out that ” magic wands ” were traditionally made from holly .

    NUTTER ALERT ! Dont knock it , some great people have been a bit nuts .

  20. Marshall says:

    OMG FITZ!!! The Catinator 3000 Hunter-Killer!!!

    That cat has acquired you as a target. It doesn’t eat, it doesn’t sleep…and it will never stop…until…you…are…dead!!!


    I now don’t need to waste any time watching those shows…your Cliff’s Notes are far superior 🙂

  21. Marshall says:

    Jews HAVE to be highly intelligent x, because it takes extraordinary brainpower to overcome their genetic neuroticism and function in the normal world 🙂

  22. GTRman says:

    Indian ( Hindu / Sikh / Muslim ) kids and Asian ( Japanese / Chinese / Korean etc ) kids always perform very well at maths and physics . Is it genetic or parental pressure and discipline ? Bit of both .

    Im glad . They do the maths so I dont have to .

    The little island I live on has produced many of the worlds greatest musicians , writers , poets , engineers , architects , and inventors .

    signed , GTRman , in Haiti .

    jus’ kiddin

  23. Marshall says:

    Well GTRman, a business partner of mine used to build boats in China, and he said their engineers couldn’t design a freaking paper clip by themselves. They ARE however, complete masters at copying stuff, which is what they currently do. No R&D expenses = great profitability!!!

    He said there was an American guy working in the industrial complex they were renting space in, and he was working so well…the other Chinese workers surrounded him outside after hours and beat his ass!!! That’s the way they THINK. There are complete CITIES in China that are totally uninhabited. There are highways that go across the countryside and just STOP in the middle of nowhere LMAO!!!

    Strange culture that JEWISH Communism produces indeed…

    Just one Google search term is necessary for an explanation- “Israel Epstein.”



  24. GTRman says:

    Lord Byron , of Haiti :

    ” How rich is Britain! Not indeed in mines,
    Or peace or plenty, corn or oil, or wines!
    No land of Canaan, full of milk and honey,
    Nor (save in paper shekels) ready money;
    Not let us not to own the truth refuse,
    Was ever Christian land so rich in Jews?
    All states, all things, all sovereigns they control,
    And waft a loan from ‘Indus to the pole’.
    The banker-broker-baron-brethren, speed,
    To aid these bankrupt tyrants in their need.
    Nor these alone; Columbia feels no less,
    Fresh speculation follow each success.
    Not without Abraham’s seed can Russia march;
    Tis gold, not steel, that scars the conqueror’s arch.
    Two Jews – but not Samaritans – direct,
    The World, with all the spirit of their sect;
    On Shylock’s shore behold them stand afresh,
    To cut from nations hearts their ‘pound of flesh’.”

    Kipling , a goat-herder from Haiti , said :

    ” Rudyard Kipling, The Song of the Fifth River

    When first by Eden Tree,
    The Four Great Rivers ran,
    To each was appointed a man
    Her Prince and Ruler to be,
    But after this was ordained, (The ancient legends tell)
    There came dark Israel,
    For whom no river remained…

    Then He that is wholly
    Just Said to him
    “Fling on the ground
    A handful of yellow dust,
    And a Fifth Great River shall run,
    Mightier than these Four,
    In secret the Earth around,
    And her secret evermore,
    Shall be known to thee and thy Race.”…

    So it was said and done,
    And deep in the veins of Earth,
    And fed by a thousand springs
    That comfort the market place
    Or sap the power of Kings,
    The fifth Great River had birth,
    Even as it was foretold
    The Secret River of Gold…

    And Israel laid down
    His sceptre and his crown,
    To brood on the River bank,
    Where the waters flashed and sank,
    And burrowed in earth and fell,
    And bided a season below
    For reasons that none might know,
    Save only, only Israel…

    He is Lord of the Last,
    The Fifth, most wonderful Flood,
    He hears her thunder past
    And her Song is in his blood,
    He can foresay, “She will fall.”
    For he knows which fountain dries,
    Behind which desert belt
    A thousand leagues to the South…

    He can foresay, “She will rise”
    He knows what far snows melt
    Along what mountain wall
    A thousand leagues to the North;
    He snuffs the coming drouth
    As he snuffs the coming rain.
    He knows what each will bring forth
    And turns it to his gain…

    A Prince without a sword,
    A Ruler without a throne;
    Israel follows his quest.

    In every land a guest.
    Of many lands the Lord,
    In no land King is he,
    But the Fifth Great River keeps
    The secret of her deeps
    For Israel alone,
    As it was ordered to be.”

    “Television, like the atom bomb and poison gas, is a modern thing, but that does not mean it is desirable. The government has to watch for any dangers to the people, both spiritual and physical… Television is the devil’s own box for disseminating communism and immorality.” – Hendrik Verwoerd, Prime Minister of Apartheid South Africa

    found here :

  25. GTRman says:

    Marshall , it’s time for a ditty . Care for a collaboration ? Ive got the first few lines :

    ( Dedicated follower of fashion )

    “They flee from here ,
    they flee from there ,
    Their cries are foul ,
    but never fair ,
    Eagerly destroying all the Gentiles’
    Hopes and dreams ,
    They are the kosher creed , the
    earthly wings of

    And as he skulks , and lurks around
    The Synagogues , of every town
    You can guarantee the ADL will be aroused
    Searching for every little sign of so-called

    Oy Vey it is ! Oy Vey it is !
    One thing that he loves and that is enemies
    One week he’s in Syria , and next week it’s Iran
    each one a
    certified adversary
    of J-ism

    Over to you guys !

  26. GTRman says:

    These ladies demolish the Mengele myths , and the Pink Swastika ones , too

    ( start at 42 mins for the ” Gay Nazi ” stuff , but its all good )

  27. sog says:

    there are new ingredients in street drugs ,,not to origianl or clever but one o the face eating guys took the new version of “bath salts” it is a super modified speed and with coaine like serotonin control theat traps all the S up in the brain ,,kinda like the pcp of old ,,dangerous stuff ,,.
    wher can i get a 55 gallon drum o this shit and how can i dump it in israels drinking water ,,heh heh ,,now that is f/n funny …the nameless, faceless peoples of palestine ,
    it would make a nice movie script but a fw kikes would holler ,but not if it was only about niggz /spikz/gentileswhites getting their faces eaten off …why make a movie on it when you can see it on the news …
    sometjhing is truly up ,,its only a matter of tyme befor the jews put this shit in the water instead of flouride ….

  28. HKW says:

    THE LONGEST HATRED An Examination of Anti-Gentilism

  29. melgibstein says:

    This Rabbi is nothing more than false opposition to make Mark Glenn and his Round Robin of crypto Jews look legitimate. Oooh a Rabbi is against Mark Glenn, Azaziah (jew), Atzmon (jew), Lendman (jew), Dankopf (works out at Goldbergs Gym), Vanunu (juju), etc etc etc. I get the feeling he wants us white Christians to sit back and eat popcorn and enjoy the show. Because it is without a doubt a show.

  30. sog says:

    oh yeah there are more survivors of gassing kamps but e-lie weeezal says in his own will that there were no death camps in germany …i guess the emerging survivors finally realized the war was over and crawled out of underneath the camps where they burrowed in and waited for 70 years without food or water …
    survivors diaries written in ball point pen that some nigger invented and only shared with the jews in 1940 …
    jews will be suing congress to change the actual historical dates of war or change their ages as these survivors are only 30-40 years old in reality …
    kikes owe white people reparations with interest and the kikes owe the survivng decendants of the royal russian family reparations and the return of the 881 million $ in 1917 ratio to 2012 and the jews owe armenians a return of stolen land and assets of 3.5 million armeniaens …
    jews committed genocide then and are busy in gaza ..
    palestinians deserve reparations and a return of their land …
    the ashkenazzi filth from russia are pouring into the israel and the settlements and are actively attacking peaceful palestinian villages …
    do not shop anywhere that has anyone but white people working ..
    no service workers of any kind that are not white …

    even the genocide of 1/10th of spanoish population in 1936-8 by kike mobile deathsquads from russia in spain is not real common knowledge and especially that hitler stopped this killing of women and children and priests..

    http://www.ihr dot org/

  31. t bone says:

    Mel G.

    Good to see you here. Love yer site.

  32. Sen10L says:

    Screw Julian. Regardless of what he has or hasn’t done, he nearly single-handedly shut this site down. It wasn’t till he bowed out did people begin return and comment. I don’t miss the name-changer.

  33. Manji no Akira says:

    Rabbi Dankhoff is a funny old Protestant revrin, bumming around with Ugly Glenn, who says the Bible should be banned.

  34. Manji no Akira says:


    Related to your link to the “Death Camp Atrocities!” link.

    I saw some interviews with “survivors” at some university website’s bolloxco$t page.

    Sorry I forget which one, but it was some non-Ivy League place, in “flyover country”.

    Anyway, all of their stories seemed very believable. They said they were kids, they were evicted, deported, had to live in dormitories, etc; life got very tough near the end of the war.

    The worst example of Nazi inhumanity was some guy who said that he had to go stay with his dad and older brother, and he missed his mom, who was in the women’s barracks. One day he saw her and asked the SS guard if he could see her. The guard said it was against the rules. He cried. The guard said, “Okay, you can go see her, but just for 20 minutes!” So he went and hugged her, and they talked for a while. Then she went to the kitchen and came back with a package in a brown wrapper, and told him to hide it inside his jacket.

    Then the guard signalled that he had to go back to the men’s barracks. The guard ordered him to show what was in the package, while keeping the package under his jacket. It was some bacon and bread. The guard looked around (“probably making sure he wasn’t being watched by a superior officer”), then just smiled and patted the boy on his head, and waved him on.

  35. Manji no Akira says:

    “Mark Dankof is a broadcaster for The Ugly Truth Podcast. Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, the son of a United States Air Force Colonel, he graduated from Valparaiso University in 1977 and from Chicago’s Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1983. In recent years, he has pursued post-graduate work in systematic theology and theological German at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.”

    “Through the literally hundreds of Passover demonstrations conducted by Menorah Ministries staff, some 15,000 people have learned of the Jewish roots and connections of their faith. The staff have also been responsible for establishing Jewish studies courses at one seminary (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) and for establishing and leading a Jewish studies department and major at still another (St. Petersburg Seminary and Yeshiva). ”

    “Rabbi Dr. John Fischer: Born on May 27, 1946 in Budapest, Hungary, to survivors of the Holocaust. M.A. in New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1972. Visiting Faculty in Jewish Studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 1975 -1981.”

    WTS offers a “Hazel Stone Memorial Scholarship: For Jewish women (at least one Jewish parent) who are planning on going to Bible college or seminary, have committed their life to Jesus Christ, and are going to be committed to an evangelistic ministry after graduation are encouraged to apply for these scholarships.”

  36. Manji no Akira says:

    Check out this kike:

    Ugly Mark Glenn:

    “the dope-dealers trafficking in this pure, uncut Kristol Meth mythology known as Judaism simply open up their Old Testament scrolls (which they themselves wrote)”

    Kikes did not write the Old Testament.

    This pig “Christian Theologian” Dankhof has no problem getting in bed wit a scumbag who says the Old testament must be banned and is “Jew” (meaning the Kikes now known as “Jews”).

    See also:

    Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered, pp. 145:

    “There is no fundamental opposition between spirit and matter in Judaism. When Jesus declared in John chapter 6 that ‘the flesh profiteth nothing,’ he was violating the oral tradition of the Pharisees: ‘Rabbinic anthropology differs in this respect from…Christian-anthropology…there is not a fundamental metaphysical opposition between (body and soul)…’ Judaism celebrates the body to such a sordid extent that it even has a defecation prayer which every Talmudic male is commanded to recite every time he relieves himself: ‘Blessed art thou O Lord…who has made the human in its orifices and holes.’ Everything about Orthodox Judaism is either a distortion or falsification of the Old Testament, because it is based on anthropomorphic traditions that void the Old Testament by means of a series of dispensations and loopholes. These begin with the Mishnah, which represents the commitment to writing of the occult legends and lore of those Israelites who had preserved ‘secret knowledge’ which had arisen with the worship of the golden calf, of Molech and similar abominations. With the rejection of their Messiah and the commitment of the formerly oral traditions to writing, these Israelites completely abandoned themselves to a perversion which had once been only a persistent underground stream polluting Israel, but after Christ’s crucifixion, emerged as the main ideology of those who refused to accept Jesus as their savior.”

  37. Manji no Akira says:

    Kike VT’s Chief Kike Gordon “Global Intelligence Operative” Duff and Orion (ex-RBN) personality Mike Harris recently exposed the new ultra-ultra-ultra-secret shadowy super elite who are planning another nuclear attack on Japan from the bottom of the ocean in August!!!!!! They also discussed coffee… interspersed with ads about fecal waste and berky water filters and whatever else… Recently, they’ve also discussed “the state of plasma physics that has been in use by the secret space program for 20 years” … “in connection with a small New Jersey company, Iran is well along in building commercially viable plasma physics plants that can power interstellar space flight well outside our solar system, with a by-product of all the electricity you can use. And desalinated sea water… with no radiation and no other ill effects.” and “the impact of Iran going public with this technology that puts the energy wars into sharp relief… the possible real reason why the U.S. and Israel are so anxious to go to war with Iran” and “the absurdity of Gary McKinnon being in prison for stumbling on the Secret Space Program fleet-to-fleet transfers and list of off-world non terrestrial officers.”

    Free Lizard Mask with every broadcast!

  38. GTRman says:

    sog : ” there are new ingredients in street drugs ,,not to origianl or clever but one o the face eating guys took the new version of “bath salts” it is a super modified speed and with coaine like serotonin control theat traps all the S up in the brain ,,kinda like the pcp of old ,,dangerous stuff ,,.”

    Check this out , probably internet BS but a good yarn :

    Designer Drugs, the Zombie Apocalypse, and You

    ” You have to remember that my drug is not the “zombie chemical” itself, per se. It is a part of the entire cocktail, and the cocktail creates a synergistic effect that is more than the sum of its parts. I knew they wanted it for something related to psychological or behavioral modification- possibly as a new form of coercion for prisoners of war or a new truth syrum. The initial plans were to test in on an unwitting public, but I never knew it would be used like this.
    I was interested in creating something like a hideous evil twin for LSD or DMT so I chose to look for a serotonin like structure. All serotonergic hallucinogens have a common structural motif, which is an aromatic ring with a two carbon side chain that terminates in an amine; the aromatic ring in amphetamines is benzene, and the aromatic in tryptamines is indole. DMT and LSD share a tryptamine motif, however the skeleton of LSD is augmented with additional rings. One of the reasons that LSD is so powerful (50 – 200 ug dose compared with 20 – 50mg for DMT) is likely that these rings lock the tryptamine skeleton into the right geometry to interact with the serotonin receptor. I went ahead and modded the tryptamine system with a support ring lifted directly from the LSD skeleton, however I did not use the whole thing, so my compound doesn’t resemble LSD that closely. Oxygen and sulfur ethers are also featured on some rings, and seem to have a potentiating effect. Methoxy groups are found in 5-MEO DMT and Mescaline. I added a 5 -MEO group to my compound for this reason. Psychedelics containing thioethers (sulfur with carbon chains attached) are rare, and extremely unpredictable. All the ones that I know of are synthetic nightmare chemicals that people have unreal experiences on.

    4-methylthioamphetamine is similar to MDMA except that I have heard it described as considerably more intense and less pleasant. It was briefly legal in Amsterdam smart shops where it caused several fatalities. So of course, when prompted by [name omitted], I added a thio group as well.

    We extracted the basic chemical from fish, with the exception of the thioethers which were later added to the augmented compound in question. I’d say more, but at this point I already am nervous about my own wellbeing and feel I have said too much. ”

    AKIRA : How I wept at your holocaust story. Was nothing too evil for those German swine ? I mean….making jews smuggle BACON ?
    How could they ?
    The BASTARDS !!!

    And I’ll bet that the bread was leavened , too . HEARTLESS MONSTERS !!

  39. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Just say NO to drugs.

  40. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    When you volunteer for the military and they insist upon giving you shots in the arm– just say NO. “I’m not taking this shit anymore dammit!” When you volunteer to serve our country and they want to cut your hair stand your ground and say ” No Dammit, I aint taking this shit anymore”!! When they tell you how to shave or brush your teeth or wash and fold your own underwear– Just say NO! I ain’t takin’ this bullshit anymore! When they tell you when to get up at 4 in the morning or earlier for “watch” shift and when to go to bed and make you exercise every goshdarn day just stand up and say NO! I’m not taking this shit anymore! When they come to take away your hard earned pension STAND UP and say NO! I’m NOT Taking this SHIT ANYMORE! After all, college kids get a free pass to city hall to protest for more money.

  41. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    When they insist that you take some condoms with you before you get off the ship or airplane– Just Say No! Oh wait, I must be on the secret service website. Don’t tell anybody I said that.

  42. GTRman says:


    Drugged Bath Salts: Dangerous and Deadly

  43. Manji no Akira says:

    GTRman: “AKIRA : How I wept at your holocaust story.”

    I’m not sure if you got the main point, which is that I’m sure that man’s story about his deportation and concentration camp experiences was true.

    He, like the rest of the Jews on that site, were relating their experiences in very matter-of-fact and I would say honest manner. And all of them spoke mostly about how bewildered they were about being evicted, expelled, forced into camps and so on.

    That was their main bad memory, and they all expressed that concern. After that, they had a variety of experiences, but their main problems were all just related to relative hardships from being forced into camps.

    Their camp-tales were really just like the ones related by Japanese who were dispossessed, stripped of their citizenship, and forced into camps in the United State and Canada.

    No beatings, no tortures, no medical experiments, no gassings, no arbitrary shootings or Alsatian-rapes or any of the other Hololoco$t garbage.

    I’ve been searching for that site, but it’s difficult because it was all on video, not in text, so difficult to search. It was a “record-the-elderly-survivors-before-they-kick-the-bucket” project. I came across it back before I knew one can use software to download videos from most sites. If I saw it today, I’d download all the videos, which were all between 1 and 6 or 7 minutes long.

    And of course these “survivors” are cruelly ignored by the Oprahs of the world, and the ADL, and the Jewman Rights and Hololoco$t museums, because they’re not telling any stories that can be used for profit or to shame Germans very much.

    In the Historical context of all of the wars and atrocities of the 20th Century, their experiences were not especially harsh. I don’t make light of them, but just emphasize that they don’t even begin to approach the level of suffering of victims of Communism in Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, China, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, and so on and so on.

    So that old Jew’s story, about missing his mommy, and her smuggling him some food (btw, kike-kosher laws allow any sort of food, if necessary for survival), was the worst and saddest story that I came across at that site. And even that guy wistfully, bemusedly, related how the SS guard was very nice, and was clearly conflicted between following orders and trying to be kind to a little boy who missed his mommy. Yes, what a holocaust!

  44. GTRman says:

    Akira – I got it . Bacon , yum yum .

  45. Manji no Akira says:

    Japanese in camps in Canada and the US were treated much worse than those Jews, and had no grand pianos.

    Prior to World War II, there were about 23,000 Canadians of Japanese ancestry in British Columbia, of whom 80% were Canadian nationals.

    While immigration from Japan to Canada had begun at the end of the 19th century the Japanese were unwelcome and were subject to racism and discrimination. They were denied the right to vote and laws barred them from various professions, also promised freedom and equality rights but that was later forgotten. Their eligibility for social assistance and permits for forestry and fishing were restricted. The intent was to force them to return to Japan.

    The number of passports given to male Japanese immigrants was limited, because Japanese workers in British Columbia by 1919 owned almost half the fisheries in the province.

    22,000 Japanese Canadians (14,000 of whom were born in Canada) were interned in the 1940s

    On February 24, 1942, an order-in-council passed under the Defence of Canada Regulations of the War Measures Act gave the federal government the power to intern all “persons of Japanese racial origin.”

    were given 24 hours to pack, before being incarcerated, interned, and separated from their families.

    Japanese Canadians were initially housed at Hastings Park Race Track.

    A “protected” 100-mile (160 km) wide strip up the Pacific coast was created, and men of Japanese origin between the ages of 18 and 45 were removed and taken to road camps in the British Columbia interior or sugar beet projects on the Prairies, such as Taber, Alberta. The women and children and older people were sent inland to internment camps (desolate ghost towns and farms made into small cities) in the interior of British Columbia at Greenwood, Sandon, Kaslo, New Denver, Rosebery, Slocan City, Bay Farm, Popoff, Lemon Creek, and Tashme, which was notorious for its harsh conditions.

    The Liberal government also deported able-bodied Japanese Canadian labourers to camps near fields and orchards. The Japanese Canadian slaves were used as a solution to a shortage of farm workers. This obliterated any Japanese competition in the fishing sector.

    Many Canadian citizens were unaware of the living conditions within the internment camps. The Japanese Canadians who resided within the camp at Hastings Park were placed in stables and barnyards, where they lived without privacy in an unsanitary environment. Kimiko, a former internee, attested to the “intense cold during the winter” and her only source of heat was from a “pot-bellied stove” within the stable.

    General conditions were poor enough that the Red Cross transferred fundamental food shipments from civilians affected by the war to the internees.

    In early March, all ethnic Japanese people were ordered out of the protected area, and a daytime-only curfew was imposed on them.

    Those living in “relocation camps” were not legally interned – they could leave, so long as they had permission – however, they were not legally allowed to work or attend school outside the camps. Since the majority of Japanese Canadians had little property aside from their (confiscated) houses, these restrictions left most with no opportunity to survive outside the camps.

    Prime Minister King issued a ruling that all property would be removed from Japanese Canadian inhabitants. They were made to believe that their property would be held in trust until they had resettled elsewhere in Canada.

    In 1943, the Canadian “Custodian of Aliens” liquidated all possessions belonging to the ‘enemy aliens’. The Custodian of Aliens held auctions for these items, ranging from farm land, homes and clothing. Japanese Canadians lost their fishing boats, bank deposits, stocks and bonds; basically all items that provided them with financial security.

    Many boats belonging to Japanese Canadians were damaged, and over one hundred sank. A few properties owned by Japanese Canadians in Richmond and Vancouver were vandalized, including the Steveston Buddhist Temple.

    Some of the interned citizens had been combat veterans of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, including several men who had been decorated for bravery during the fighting on the Western Front in the First World War.

    “It is the government’s plan to get these people out of B.C. as fast as possible. It is my personal intention, as long as I remain in public life, to see they never come back here. Let our slogan be for British Columbia: ‘No Japs from the Rockies to the seas.’”
    —Ian Mackenzie, MP

    In April 1945, Japanese Canadians were given the choice of moving east of the Rockies or be repatriated to Japan. Many chose to move east. By 1947, most Japanese Canadians have moved from British Columbia to the Toronto area. Japanese Canadians who resettled in the east wrote letters back to those still in British Columbia about the harsh labour conditions in the fields of Ontario and the prejudiced attitudes they would encounter. White-collar jobs were not open to them and most Japanese Canadians were reduced to “wage-earners”.

    Repatriation began in May 1946 and 3,964 Japanese Canadians were deported as a Final Solution back to Japan. Thousands of Japanese Canadians (born in Canada) were being sent to a country they had never known and that had been destroyed by bombs and was now hunger-stricken due to the war.

    The order-in-council that authorized the forced deportation was challenged on the basis that the forced deportation of the Japanese was a crime against humanity and that a citizen could not be deported from their own country. The federal Cabinet referred the constitutionality of the order-in-council to the Supreme Court of Canada for its opinion. In a five to two decision, the Court held that the law was valid. Three of the five found that the order was entirely valid. The other two found that the provision including both women and children as threats to national security was invalid. The matter was then appealed to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in Britain, at that time the court of last resort for Canada. The Judicial Committee upheld the decision of the Supreme Court.

    In 1949 that the all restrictions were lifted from Japanese Canadians, and the Japanese in Ontario and the Prairies were permitted to return to BC. Most didn’t though, since their homes and fishing equipment and so on had been confiscated.

    The Canadian government launched a Royal Commission (led by Justice Henry Bird) in 1947 to examine the issue of compensation for confiscated property. By 1950, the Bird Commission awarded $1.3 million in claims to 1,434 Japanese Canadians; however, it accepted only claims based on loss of property, refusing to compensate for civil rights abuse, damages due to loss of earnings, disruption of education or other issues.

  46. sog says:

    thanks for the links on the”bathtub” production of the zombeee dope
    i figure the worst nightmare of a zombeee is a neckrophiliac especially a jewish one ,heh heh ..
    the new terrorist threat will be ,oh yeah mf’er i’ll eat your f/n face off ,,ha ha .

    i wooda had this up sooner but a miniature kike got stuck in my hard drive and gave me the black screen of death ,but i used insect repellent on the computer and it all werked out …

    that new dope is not good ….
    the old dope is also contaminated with necrotizing facsiitis and levamasol and e-coli ,,etc ….
    there is certainly more than just the reason of drugs bein too destructive in life these days …
    for anyone to give up the recreational powders is a national patriotic duty as the shit is either made by mexikikes or askanazzikikes ,dependin on the drug and the destination of the monetery profit flight …usually to a israeli bank or offshoot which could mean any f/n bank with its doors open..
    findin the outta the way web sites is good ……

  47. sog says:

    yeah gtr kikes on stolen bikes ….i would loved to have been upon the buildings above and pissed down on these fools…all of them …
    judaeism not zionism says one o the signs that some kike is holding at the parade in the site …..i think saul/paul was of judaeism …judaeo=ism is till antichristian …any way ….
    a parade saying celebrate benjamin franklins petition to the founders to ban all jews from thr colonies would go over pretty good in nyc ,,heh heh
    and then the hurried up little war they created to destract and put the colonies in debt …it never ends except a shot to the head …..
    jews coopt any and all powers and sources to create anarchy for the personel on planet earth …kikes suck

  48. MaryC says:

    I confess I don’t much about Julian Lee, but I recently came across his response to this article by Lasha Darkmoon:
    I don’t know what Darkmoon has done to upset JL, but his comment was as follows:
    “This is utter garbage, it is no wonder that you were kicked off of TOO.”
    Apart from the fact that Darkmoon hasn’t been kicked off TOO, What precisely is there in the article to object to? Has JL received a bump on the head? or is he really a hasbsrat/shabbas goy.

  49. sog says:

    the kikes are in high gear the hitler channel along with swindler yeschiel shitstein on the weeeengzz of eegles ,,,oh lorry the poor russian kikes etc ..what a bunch of bull shit …kikes could be used for fertilizer,instead of sacks od fertilizer the kikes sacks o shit could be used ..
    holocrock holohoax holoschmoak

    i like the released camp death records that russia released on polish camps and as we know the king of professional lies elie weeeezel says there were no death camps in germany ,sog says that is true until the commie kike russian army took over the camps and started killing german civilians in them ..
    Who Would Actually Believe This Fairy Tale?

    To begin with Auschwitz was a giant work camp, that was built next to a series of factories. You don’t transport “6,000,000” Jews thousands of miles to kill them in a small room with bug spray. Why not take them to a forest and shoot them, or starve them, or drop a bomb on their ghettos.

    but but but mr kike prosecutor there was only 5,999,999 jews ,,jew math says you go to prison for 7 yeras in kike controlled germany..

    too bad 6 million wernt gassed ,,and yeah why waste a bunch of f/n time transporting them all over the place when you could just shoot em all where thay stood just like what they did to germans and poles all over the war grounds ..
    you think the kikes would be glad to know that 6 million wernt killed.

    but we all know that even french jews in southern france never saw a german
    there wernt 6 million jews in germanys grasp
    any one jew who wanted to leave germany was welcome to go and the zionists wanted them to move into primative palestine ..
    if germany was killing jews why then let any of them emigrate.
    the ovens used to try and sanitize typhus ridden bodies would have never been able to cremate as many kikes as the liars say …there are many records and national and global cencus’s that show the actual jew count gloabally was 13 mill and change which is what it is today
    in 1950 or so there were 14 million kikes from 13 million in 1939.
    the holocaust is the boldest yid lie to date besides 9-11 and russian genocide by jews to invlude forced starvation 2 times and the murders ..
    kikes are all upset with armenians wanting the genocide in 1915 to be recognized as such but the simpering kikes are fighting it ,,guilty minds ..

    since there is an absolute limit to what the ovens could do there is an absolute limit to bodies cremated and so since there is not 5,900,000 bodies stacked up like dresdens 1.1 million dead and thats poignant ,see there were not 5.9 million dead kikes stacked up waiting to be converted ..
    there were some bodies still left at some of the camps and more so at the camps for older inmates unable to work ..
    besisde jews doing what jews do best the kikes were controlling the camps soon and decidded who would get food and favors and who got murdered .

    * The caloric content of the diet was carefully monitored by camp and Red Cross delegates. It only deteriorated in Auschwitz and other camps towards the end of the war when German railroads and the entire transport system collapsed under constant aerial attacks –

    and the kikes sued usa in american congress for 200 billion for failing to bomb the hungarian railways and that fabled reason was for the fabled death of 400,000 more kikes ..
    this is as bad as the gold train law suit .
    the jews should give reparations to all who laost ther lives in ww2 and were cripled or made crazy ..
    it was always their war ..
    russians stole 800,000 german national art trasures and the usa brass stole 200,000 more during ww2 and post ww2 …yet the germans are always painted as the thieves ..
    look at what the kikes did in iraq while the f/n us army stood gaurd,000_russian_grave_bolshevik.htm

    germany losses colonies ans endless assets and gold from ww1 treaty versailles by kikes …separated from east prussia by the theft of their ancestral land west prussia which was only right for germany to forcibly reclaim as the commies were slaughtering germans here … most of this info is correct except for the holohoax brainwash he still thinks,_the_armenian_genocide.htm

    this is who will probably be involved in the commencement of iranian war

  50. Bailey says:

    @ Mary,

    That’s interesting, did you see the comment below it?

  51. sog says:

    kwanaballizm is on the rise ,,the other white meat ,,,
    anyway as i like to poke around ww2 history i had some times where ive posted from time to time on here about germanies unique military liasons and structuires …one of the deals the propaganda mill likes to use for hoax grist is the croation ustasha and that germany actually supported these shiuts …
    i found this article from reformation on the roman catholic front ,as in catholic church gets involved in wars and policies changing nations sovereignty …but first i figure from whay ive read that the catholic church took a turn when stealth crypto kikes took control of the core of the church also through jesuits (jewsuits)….i do believe that the church has had several scenarios where different powers and agendas reached out and manipulated free outcomes of many nations and at the very basic core is always outer rings of deniable plausibility as in all the banks the collars do business with and these are all kike for business or corporate supremecy or future forward looking profits many shrouded things and events would take place that didnt make sense to the average dumbed sown american ,,especially the jfk ass ass in nation,,where even the killer and his henchmen did not know why or what like and enigma wrapped up in a mystery just the way kikes like to deliver their surprises ….it is no surprise anymore …

    this is an excellent article that counters the kike slander of germany and that the 3rd Reich was behind the fuckin kike ustashoi or its f/n death camp and all the make believe cut outs that supposedly the germans killed in these camps in croatia ….more kike shit on germany …..

    we the people should petition a new govt . to make it a capital offense for jews who are med niggers anyway and not hebrews who sucked as well ,,as i was ranting ,it should be a capital offense for kikes to utter the old tired canard ,,anti semetism …these pricks are not semetik and none of their ancestores ever spent a day in israel as a hebrew ,,
    kingdom of israel ceased to exist in 722 bc but the removeal of kikes by assyria started in approx 742 bc………..the word lost tribes didnt come from no where …lost as in gone …there is some accurate speculation based on old records and such that DAN escaped from assyria by ships ,as they were the ship farers and the phoenicians of the time and the place where dan went ,namely the fisrt gaelic dialect ,phonecian and ancient hebrew were almost the picture identical language …..
    saveyourheritage dot com

  52. sog says:

    meaning of hte acronym MAFIA in italian …Mazzini -Autorizza -Furti -Incendi -Avvelenamenti ………….
    Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Fires and Poisonings

    SHVEK -Autorizza -Furti -Incendi -Avvelenamenti …………. HEH HEH heh heh

    all russian mafia is kike ex kgb ,political figures and million and billionaire kikes…..
    meyer kike lanski not his real kike name was the founder and caretaker per se of the 5 burrough dago mafia families in nyc …the real power always rested in london/tel aviv/russia/nyc by kike dynasty power kike families ….
    we must become like secret termites working in seclusion and secrecy and anonymously almost always alone in important projectts to further and support constitutionalism in the usa ….
    the kikes all run for local office right down to street sweeper ..what better way to know whats going on in AA or NA meetings or on the streets at all hours ,,,they are all deans and cvhancellors of colleges and schools severely draining exzorbitant sums of money called salaries ..
    they are all in school boards ,city and town councils …i mean thats all i see running for any civil office anymore …police forces are filling ranks with jews ,masons and now ex /current mossad agents and ex idf are all over hollywood and everywhere doing bodygaurd services …
    they are all over congress//senate/ as cryptos and sympathizers to israel..
    they are proabably manning all the crosswalk gaurd positions as well so they can eyeball the young children ….
    you dont need an imagination to see where they are all at in america,,,harvard brandeis yale princeton..all these ivy league colleges except for the kikel brandeis school used to be “christian” theology major schools in the original educational agenda until they got co-opted by marxist kikes who run these schools now and decide who gets to enroll ..
    on and on …

  53. funny, remember reading an article a short while back talking abotu how the Israeli embassy in Ireland was going to smear pro-palestinian activists by saying they actually worked for the other side. Can’t help but see the similarity between this tactic and some of the comments here concerning Glenn and his operation on the part of Gibstein and Akara. Other than the possibilty that both of these characters are indeed operatives meant to sow dissension within the ranks and discredit the more powerful voices within the anti-zionist crowd, I’d say it’s a safe bet that both of them are are just a tad bit green with envy over the fact that there are productive voices/endeavors out there and they they aren’t included in that list.

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