Will Obama Pardon Ratboy Pollard Soon?

MANY ARE NOW expecting Obama will pardon traitorous spy Jonathan Pollard, especially after Israeli president Shimon Peres threatened not to accept the Presidential “Medal of Freedom” (WTF are we giving him that in the first place?) unless we did. This week he delivered a “rabbinical” petition (signed by ISRAEL-FIRSTERS and Jew extremists of all sorts) to America’s “first Jewish president” (untrue, FDR was Jewish and probably LBJ, too), to give him the excuse to free rat boy.

Someone should tell Peres to stick it right up his fat Jew ass. But we know that’s not going to happen: Obama’s re-election campaign could stand the extra shekels from rich Jewry, all too needed for Jew media advertising buys in the coming months (Jews make money at every point of the equation).

Peres is due to attend a dinner in his honor at the White House this coming monday night to get his little medal. Have you noticed how the stuck-up SOB’s love getting accolades? They give themselves awards all time in the Jew-controlled entertainment and media industry.

What we ought to do, is bring Pollard up on the stage and hand him over to Shimon Peres right there in front of everyone, while pinning the stupid medal on Peres’ chest. Maybe we should give Pollard a super Jew medal while we’re at it? Pretty sad we’re giving medals to selfish Zionists, while real heroes like Mordechai Vanunu only get ignored, finding themselves thrown into a dank Israeli gulag, huh?

Just when are YOU going to get the deal?

Take a minute and forget the business about whether or not Pollard deserves a pardon (he doesn’t). Just think how the media hasn’t even reported on the Peres story at all. But then again, they’ve hardly breathed a word on Pollard’s crimes in the first place. Surely, you must now see how controlled the media is when it comes to these precious Jews and Israel. Hell, if it wasn’t for the Internet, you probably wouldn’t know SQUAT about any of this.

Compare to how much attention the Jew media has given FBI/Soviet mole, Robert Hanssen, now serving life, without the possibility of parole, in the hard-living federal Super Max in Florence, Colorado. Since he was non-Jewish and Catholic, Jew media reported on his crimes left and right, did documentaries, made-for-TV movies and even a big budget Hollywood production in 2007 — “Breach” starring cutesy pie actor, Ryan Phillippe (to get the young girls in the theaters).

Haven’t you just GD had it up to here, with Jew hypocrisy?

If you pay attention, you’ll see tons of tricky-dick Jew angles everywhere in the mainstream media. You notice it. What do you think has been going on for so long now? If you do pick up on Jew crap, they want you to merely blame it on “culture wars,” as if that term really means anything. And if you say anything, they’ll just call you a Nazi. See the game the Jews have done to this country’s head?

Oh, the Hollywood Jews sure sure did love portraying Hanssen as a hard core Catholic fanatic and sex deviant (another level of serious Jew hypocrisy), right along with painting his wife as crazy religious nutjob, too. The friggin’ Hollywood Jews must of had a field day with Hanssen, probably drooling all over the scripts and storyboards.

Funny how you never, ever see anything on Jew spies, Jew mobsters, or all the pervert orthodox wackjob Jews out there.

And Hanssen had access to far, far less top secret stuff than Pollard. Note the subtitle in “Breach” movie posters: “Inspired by the greatest security breach in US history.” Total Jew BS there. In fact, Pollard was a hellava lot worse. He put each and everyone of us in mortal danger, since the secrets he stole involved our strategic nuclear forces. Had WWIII broken out back in the ’80’s, millions of us might have been turned to toast in thermonuclear fireballs.

Hell, with what the Jews are doing now over Iran and Syria, getting burned alive still might happen. Ever think of that?

Spy Pollard was indeed a major league rat. He passed over a million highly classified documents to Israel back in the 1980’s and the perfidious Israelis used the secrets as bargaining chips with the Russkies to get poor “oppressed” Jews out of Russia. Many of them immigrated to the US where us taxpayers have picked up the tab, including reimbursing them for Russian government and military pensions left behind. How’s that for some serious chutzpah?

It’s little wonder America is now swarming with stinking Eastern European Jews. Like parasites, they’ve descended on this country to feast away.

For years Israel tried to deny Pollard was working for them, but finally said it was true in 1998. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu was even allowed a private chat with Pollard in Butner Medium I prison in NC — nicknamed Camp Fluffy by the inmates since it’s such a comfy place to do time (Jew megaponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is esconced there, too).

A lot of stinking Jew rats get to serve sentences at Camp Fluffy. Funny how the real SOBs get the best treatment in today’s upside down Jew world.

The backstabbing Jews in Israel have even named streets and boulevards after Pollard. When the guy gets out, he’ll definitely be on the first El Al flight to the motherland, or more likely a private jet. When he arrives, our so-called allies will undoubtedly award him medals and a nice little chunk of US taxpayer’s moolah — hell, they probably will give the guy a ticker-tape parade through downtown Tel Aviv.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

And Pollard wasn’t the only spy Israel had in the US at that time, now admitted by former ambassador Itamir Rabinovich on Israel radio last week. Tell us something we don’t know, Jew. The arrogant bastard then goes on to try to tell us Israel doesn’t have spies in the US anymore. Right. How many times have the Jews said that crap before?

Hell, just two years ago they busted one. Oh, the media told us ever so briefly that Stewart Nozette never made contact with the Israelis and was merely caught in a FBI sting operation. What a lie. Nozette had been in contact with Israel for over a year, and even passed on a thumb drive full of US aerospace secrets to our supposed little buddies in the Mideast.

These filthy, backstabbing Jews now tell this country what to do and when to do it. Hell, they’ve been doing so for decades. It’s so bad they have the utter gall to try to say Israel deserves to be thought of as “infallible”, like they absolutely can do no wrong — being chosen by God, suffered so terribly from the Nazis, our best little buddies in the Mideast, etc., etc.

Let me quote from Anti-War.com:

“Pollard’s ongoing imprisonment has uniquely and singularly defied Israel’s doctrine of accountability. Israel’s history is replete with demands that it should never be held accountable for any act committed anywhere — including in the US — that is perpetrated in the name of Israel’s national security. Most public figures lobbying for Pollard’s release grudgingly admit that he committed heinous acts against the US. But like the enforcers of other doctrines of infallibility, Pollard clemency lobbyists insist that acts to enhance Israeli security — as determined by Israel and Israel alone — are infallible. Clemency will serve this infallibility doctrine.  Pollard’s imprisonment has placed a damper on Israel’s widespread and constant recruitment of others to act audaciously — and often illegally — on the pretext of advancing its national security. Freeing Pollard would unfetter Israel and its supporters during increasingly tense international times.”

These Jews are so unbelievable arrogant, it’s little wonder what eventually happens to them. The reason why it’s getting worse and worse in our country nowadays, is because the Jews in Israel have the Big One and little Jews elsewhere feel it gives them some sort of insurance to let loose their Jew thing in the formerly White nations of the West.

Have you noticed the increased efforts to rehabilitate George W. Bush’s image in the media lately? Even supposed lefty outlets like ABC have been kissing his hiney. It’s quid pro quo time for the Zionist power structure after Bush’s patriotard work as head Zio puppet (it’s virtually certain they kept the dolt out of the 9/11 operational loop). The Jew World Order propaganda is now getting so obvious it’s pathetic.

Now your Anti-war and Anti-Zionist types understand the dealy when it comes to the Mideast. But they don’t like to get into the race angle over here because they too have been brainwashed by Jewy PC. In other words, they are exceedingly careful not to sound like evil Nazis wanting-to-kill-six-million-jews.

I was watching FOX news earlier when they had on some TV Zio pundit talking about Russia giving Assad’s Syrian army assault helicopters. He was quite irate and said it would be a war crime to use such powerful weapons against civilians. Uh, what the ef do you think our military has done in Iraq and Afghanistan, Zio fatboy?

It’s astounding the levels of hypocrisy created by stinking Jewry. I can assure you nothing will ever happen to really change things for the better until we come together as a race and put a stop to these war-mongering and devious racial hypocrites.

Look at what the Jews are doing to the racial makeup of the West. Think that’s nothing but conspiracy bull? No, it’s been a purposeful undermining of our race’s demographics in what was once our lands. Hell, turn on your TV. See how much they push interracial couplings? The Jews have been quietly at work destroying the White race from the inside out.

The Jews have been in a racial war against us for a long time now. They just don’t want us to put two-and-two together before it’s too late for us to stop them.

Isn’t it long past the time you set aside the clever and insidious Jewish mass media brainwashing and look at the world differently?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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224 Responses to Will Obama Pardon Ratboy Pollard Soon?

  1. sog says:

    khazars were the mercs of choice for attila and ghenghis as they were theeee most capable of human degradation ,torture and dismmemberment ..their dna marches on today in the embodiement of kikes …..khazars and wannabe idiot converts to judaeism ,,,fukkin sukkers …

    in an offhand note ..i would like to honor geronimo he was of Bedonkohe apache aka he who yawns (his real name was Goyathlay),,named for st. jerome patron saint from the filthy spiks who he would always kill and tortuer ,the spiks would cry out jerome jerome jerome .as he wasted them .heh heh …the spiks had murdered his wife ,mother and kidss …right ..some things never change especially in light of the jewish blood that run=s thriough much of latin americans ….
    mexican soldiers =spanish soldiers then……….this guy was a badd ass who resisted the manifest kike destiny of the continent of north america and the genocide of 125 million indians who inhabited each future state in the millions of people ..
    this was never mexican land …history would write a different ending if all the tribes could have cohesively driven back colonialists and not been so trusting and honest …
    yeah sog is off topik but i like to recognize greatness where it was and to promote and preserve honest legacy ….amen out ..


  2. Liberty'sGone says:

    I do have something good to say. Good will prevail over evil.

  3. Liberty'sGone says:

    The jews hate when I tell them that.

  4. sog says:

    no im using a brain to finger converter analog axial jack on a mono to stereo splitter with a 047capacitor ..heh heh just pullin yer leg ….
    spell checker on this barge has almost crashed and am looking forward to it crashing soon
    I had a large background in the conspiracy stuff and believed all the holocrap stuff once and israel could do no wrong ,,so i gues i was shit stain zionist ….not kike …but zio christian …..when the polarized kike blinfold came off it the sunlight hurt me eyes for a while ….
    this site is one of the top 5 on line now for all the archives info here and present info ,but everyone must study all …kaminsky/mullins /pound /steele/zundel/www dot whale.to . nts zcf… kalki666 just kidding ..and many more …you know ,,there is about 1400 favorites on my computer and it takes 4 minutes for it to scroll down ,,heh heh ….
    its about 105 around here so off with the computer ,…..say hey barney,gtr,cannibal ,,aotp,,A/B …bailey…hofff. fitz …

  5. Liberty'sGone says:

    one of the previous stories I heard of Vlad the implayer was that he impaled 20,000 (yes 20,000) of his own subjects in the path of an invader. When the invader saw 20,000 people impaled on poles the invader say’s fuck this, this guy is crazy. Lets go home. That’s one story and has nothing to do with today.

  6. mike says:

    Sog your badass brother great fucking comment if nazism was ever reborn I think it should still be called the third reich though

  7. Bailey says:


    kalki666, LOL!

  8. Bailey says:

    Sorry for the double post, the first one i effed’ up my e mail addy.

    sog, here’s a lead in to Netanyahooos reference to the whore Esther @ the 2012 AIPAC of kikes conference where he commands the audience applause for the whore.
    I bet is hands were busy huh? He was probably turning the pages of his speech with his pud.


    And the crowd went wild.

  9. Bailey says:

    Mike, Read this current ZCF pc.
    It’s what i was getting at to your question about illuminati.
    They have us chasing bullshit and have their shills out providing the leads that are just more BS names when all anyone needs to know is one thing, IT’S THE JEWS!


    Their new trick is to just refer to global jewry as nazism, this is to lead the sheep away from the Matzoh crumbs that lead to the real destroyers, the Effin’ jews.

  10. Watcher465 says:

    @ Bailey
    Why did you post that youtube video without a “sickening comments” warning. I vomited for 9 min 06 secs watching Netanyahoo reciting the hasbara of some 18 year old Jewish cadet speechwriter. What crap. What a frigging nerve that turd has, spouting that childish crap and expecting people to believe it and believe in it. But then he delivered it to AIPAC didn’t he? Not to real people at all.
    Haven’t commented on INCOGMAN before but I see some familiar names.
    Cheers Bailey.

  11. Marshall says:

    “Netenyahu” isn’t even his real name…it’s “Nitay.” Another Jew name-changing bastard.

  12. Bailey says:


    I remember you from Hofflandia.

    Sorry i ddin’t leave a warning indication to that vile jew spew but i will tell you, if you ever plan to watch the whole speech it’s better to do it before breakfast, you don’t want to lose the most important meal of the day.



    Did you like that vintage Nitay video?

  13. Watcher465 says:

    As far as Pollard is concerned I saw, not heard of, saw a US official saying that he had three years to serve. I didn’t know what his sentence was but as usual the Jews want a win. They could let the prick serve his time but they need to show that they help their own. If they even get one year or one month off that hairballs sentence they will consider it a win. No human being would bother for something so minor but a Jew will. Remember that a Jew will fight for every one of your pennies and every drop of your blood.

  14. mike says:

    Bailey thanks buddy I was basically thinking exactly what you said and just wanted to find out what other people thought you know?

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