Evil Anti-Semite Nazi Spews Hate-Filled Racist Filth

Video by JULIAN LEE — A truly decent and concerned White man.

Mr. Lee knocks it out of the park with this video. Please email, link, do whatever you can to spread this video around to everyone you know.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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237 Responses to Evil Anti-Semite Nazi Spews Hate-Filled Racist Filth

  1. Liberty'sGone says:

    I posted previously rabbi ranovioviches orders for the world. That was his 1952 speech. He says that after the atomic warfare the jews will align themselves with asians and africans. So where does that leave you hispanics and spanish heritage? I’ll tell you where that leaves you. After the white race is destroyed you will move up to the slave condition. You will clean jew toilets. Cut their grass and clean their pools. Do their laundry and change their kids diapers. wash their windows and build their houses. You will do their work. Plant their fields and harvest their crops. Go ahead and look at what the rabbi says and see if it includes spanish people. It say darker people and asian and african people. Your next after the jews take us whites out. We are your best ALLY and you dont even know it. Just like you stupid niggers. White men resisting the jew federal government are your best ally. So go ahead and kill us off. Thats what the jews want you to do. . So they dont have to.

  2. caligula says:


    ,Sorry but look up Alexander the Great and Hadrian. Not trying to razz ya, but as I’m known on FB as the “grammar nazi” just trying to set historical inaccuracies straight (no pun intended)

    “I’m absolutely certain they weren’t queers either. Why? Simple. Queers may be vicious in their hatred of all that’s normal, natural and good (just like the jews really), but they most certainly are NOT warriors.”

  3. t bone says:


    If your point is that the ‘Nazis’ were fags, I strongly disagree.

    Paragraph 175:


  4. caligula says:

    Not talking about Nazis. These dudes (ass kickers) predated them by milleniums

  5. sog says:

    all the posts on martin luther and some o the reasons he had to translate the latin bible in german catholic churches to german lingo for the masses that were more christain in belief …anyway the indulgence thing was a scam in the church and has been reinstated in places …..so i finally found the links ..above

  6. Fionn McCool says:

    There is a lot of talent in Julian Lee and his genetic heritage line.

    Along with the positive of who we are as Whites is what we have endured, I found these youtube videos about the Maxist Gulags which did the genocide of millions of Whites.

    Looks like some kids in a CCCP cattle car or something sad.

    Some pagan Russian folk pattern theme going on there it seems.

    The Jews tried to destroy our beautiful White race in Russia and Europe.

  7. mustsee says:

    jew hollywood laughing about murdering innocent people in satanic rituals and making films about it -life is so funny when your heart is rancid

  8. mustsee says:

    Michael Tsarion We Are Change Ireland Interview 1
    Uploaded by TheOLDIRELAND on Jul 23, 2009
    Michael Tsarion, Alternative Historian, being interviewed by We Are Change Ireland, discussing amongst others, the Illuminati bloodlines, Corruption in Ireland, and the Masonic undertones of the IRA, IRB, Sinn Fein and the Orange Order

  9. mustsee says:

    Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism!
    Uploaded by drdduke on Oct 24, 2010
    rude jews,heaven forbid, call white woman whores-shiksa can you imagine that reversed damn ooga-booga ADL BIG FATTY BOLSHERS comin at you 360 degrees
    MY FINAL POINT IS;if you are a jew who detests stupidity ,corruption and evil then my heart goes out to you-I HATE DIVIDE AND CONQUER, also it really is not clear to me WHO IS A JEW and who is just pretending,the holy bible terms jews in much different ways than mentioned in convention and mainly my research says that hebrew jews were black.

  10. mustsee says:

    I’m not british , i am a non catholic english that has been ethnically cleansed in my territory by the vatican rothschild talmudic ashkenazi jews who control the IMMIGRATION LAWS in england.

    Brian Gerrish – British Constitution Group 2011
    Uploaded by TruthViews on Nov 5, 2011
    Presentation by Brian Gerrish at the British Constitution Group conference.


  11. mustsee says:

    yes , i have been wiped out of my own cuntry by pedo homo perverts armed with weapons of mass destruction

  12. mustsee says:

    Girl, 10, sexually assaulted at popular family beach after going into dunes to look for lizards -daily mail

    fucking reptilians

  13. mustsee says:

    Earthquake hits Iran killing at least 250 and injuring 600 others as four villages are totally demolished

    well fuck was that you rothschild?


  14. mustsee says:

    ‘Politicians are human and need holidays’: Cameron and Clegg set to begin family getaway tomorrow despite eyes of the world being on London

    OH why dont the children of the devil go back home to hell for a few days or two,
    another pretend christian who goes around murdering innocent peole all across the world

  15. mustsee says:

    Snoring link to children’s naughty behaviour: Youngsters who snore loudly twice a week ‘more likely to misbehave’ -daily mail

    arrhh yah not because of demon fake joos OPERANT CONDITIONING THE CHILDREN like a pavlov dog to act like little cunts -take some more joo vaccines and brain damage your precious children and dont forget to drink lots of fluoride

  16. mustsee says:

    How stress and depression can shrink the brain -daily mail

    DONT get depressed -these stinking liar murdering chosen ones are behind it all
    wake up your fellow whites -stop obeying -start researching the corruption that has been done to YOU and YOUR WHITE FAMILY

    i am not racist ,i have love for blacks and every other race it’s just I am white and can only speak for my own race.

  17. mustsee says:

    liberal catholic(research jesuit oath and see how unliberal it really gets-jesuits murder all non catholics on behalf of the vatican and pope.)
    yah anyhow libtard clegg is connected with funding statues of christ with an erection.

    my own personal input is that just like we are unaware of who the real jews are (my research says they were black) we are also unaware if this so called image of christ (idol worship-pagan not christian) is zeus(jesus=hail zeus) or is the real messiah which may very well have been black and his name was not jesus.????????

  18. mustsee says:

    rothschild has moved on from setting up concentration camps (he set up all of the concentration camps in germany and currently in AMERICA )
    he has now broadened his horizon (and slightly narrowed all of our futures)
    with setting up mental asylum gulags all set up by talmudic satanist jews who hate christians and hate christ.

    Brian Gerrish will tell you sun-LOVE -ly man ,love him way better than any so called beautiful man -they usually have an ugly heart.

  19. mustsee says:

    Yah tis TRUE what they say about those WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION owned by those Talmudic ASHKENAZI JOOS George Bush and his serpent seed pharaoh bloodline who pretend to be christian,muslim and jew.
    You are not in control of anything,we are spiraling out of control in the vast darkness of our collectivized ignorance.

    Researcher Mike Hagan has found startling evidence HAARP may be more insidious than most investigators think. Hagan’s discovered incredible evidence that, while the masters of HAARP may be doing everything investigators suspect, they’ve also embarked on a mind-boggling project designed to power-up and control the unknown ancient powers locked inside some of the world’s greatest pyramids…a tremendous power that could enable the controllers of advanced Tesla technology to reach out, grab the world by its collective throat, and shake it into submission.

  20. mustsee says:

    we have been slaves for so long to rothschild usury in england that most will never realize that they are ; slaves.

    they carry on with the jewish psychological program of christian hating and being a degenerate satanist not giving a hoot about anyone or anything especially the children that they rape with their boastful filth.

  21. mustsee says:

    britney spears SEXING UP being a slave for rothschild-a slave for a jew
    yeah it’s real sexy aint it .

  22. mustsee says:

    it’s like this SLAVE -YOU do as SATAN says and less of the IMPUDENCE ,heaven forbid,otherwise we will arrange you to be john f kennedy’d and blame it on a GOYIM. (p.s. dont fuck around with satan or he will fuck you BIG TIME!)

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