The Six Million Holocaust Man


LEE MINORS WAS just a regular, midwestern guy anxious to make it big in Hollywood as a leading man. Happily surprised at his invitation, Lee was excited attending the star-studded weekend party hosted by Ari Felchingag, Universal Studios executive VP in charge of network productions, at his beautiful six million dollar Bel Air mansion; only last year Ari was awarded the prestigious “Hero of Israel” medal for financing a modern, condo-style “settlement” of righteous Hasidics on the West bank — thankfully uprooting several hundred FAKEastanian terrorist families in the process.

At the party, Lee was introduced to a beautiful young lady named Linda Lovelace, also doing her level best to get any kind of movie or TV work. Unfortunately, Linda was also forced to do a few pornos in the Valley just to make ends meet, but said nothing about all that to the handsome Lee — she was only too happy to meet any nice man with her own small town, midwest background.

Lee asked Linda what she thought about the big gold-leafed “Hero of Israel” proclamation, expensively matted and framed, hanging conspicuously above Felchingag’s mahogany den mantel and signed by the great Bibi Netanyahu himself. “Sure is good to see what one upstanding man can do for the world with his kind of money. Our special little ally in the Mideast needs all the help it can get these days,” Lee quietly explained.

Linda agreed. “I really like you Lee, you believe everything a fine, patriotic American should believe,” she told him. She thought she meant every word, but really didn’t know. Lee sheepishly grinned. “Maybe we should go out for a latte, sometime.”

Lee did seem down-to-earth and friendly enough. After only a year living in sunny southern California, Linda was already plenty sick and tired of the legions of horny-as-hell, weaselly studio execs; all eager to get her high as a kite and drunk on her ass, just so they might get a chance to re-enact that one certain sex scene from the triple-X Vivid DVD they bought the other day.

I once worried too, Linda, about the path America was on. But now I feel much safer with the Chosen Ones here to guide us.

Her actress roommate was always coming home in utter disarray: Blinding hangovers, makeup smeared every which way on her face and hair sticky with God-knows-what. The foolish woman would be lucky enough to find on strange floors whatever left of those overpriced cheap slut outfits she bought at that hip little store on Sunset, to make it home halfway dressed.

Right then, the beaky and cadaverous Moishe Joshua Grosschnoz, suddenly appeared out of nowhere next to the two. Out the corner of one eye, Lee could have sworn he saw a faint ribbon of smoke swirling over the outrageously expensive Macassar flooring, while a sickly sweet sulphurous smell invaded deep into his nostrils. Probably just somebody doing a big bong hit nearby.

Grosschnoz, who always insisted going by the friendly sounding “Josh,” was the top casting honcho for Universal and thought he was a real card. “Lee, I see you met the lovely Linda. You two should have lots in common, ha ha.” Snickering for no apparent reason, “Josh” nodded ever so slightly in the direction of the well-appointed wet bar, just for Lee to follow.

“Lee, old buddy, play your cards right and you just might tag that shit,” Josh whispered through his expensively whitened teeth. Lee barely knew the guy. The smiling Josh continued: “But that’s not what I want to talk about.” Lee couldn’t decide whether to smile or not about his little getting laid joke. Linda seemed like a pretty nice girl, maybe even a bit too good looking for a chumpster like himself.

“No, I called your agent, ‘Sharpie’ Shapiro, about the lead in a big juicy new pilot with a starting budget of six million dollars we’re getting ready to shoot. Interested? Of course, you are.” It wasn’t a movie, but Lee didn’t care. He was hungry, knew he had to get something going on out here, or have to go back to Bumfuck, Kansas and take a job selling used tractor tires.

Josh continued: “It’s set in Washington, DC. You play Steve Austein, top DOJ legal advisor for Eric Holder, mistakenly identified as an evil White slaver and beaten to the inch of death by a random ‘youth’ mob — whipped into a justifiable rage because of non-stop racism and now running amok after drinking too much ‘Lean’ and free shots at the ‘Food Stamp Fridays’ hip-hop concert hosted by MTV.”

“Instead of merely fixing you back to normal, they decide to legally declare you dead and turn you into a bio engineered action hero that jumps high as a motherfucker and runs fast as shit. Plus, they embed in your noggin the latest Intel microprocessor, WiFi, USB, 60 terabytes of memory and a slew of other high tech gadgetry guaranteed to get the nerd viewers all boned up.”

The power of HaShem is inside him. Na…Na…Na…Na…Naaah

“Right now we’re calling him ‘Super Mensch’ among ourselves. I guess we’re going to have to change that in post production, ha ha.”

“The pilot is a real doozy. The Zombie Apocalypse has broken out and you’re working in the president’s own secret service security detail as the tough, no-nonsense leader. But Austein has another very big secret besides all his fancy pants bio engineering. Oh yeah, we already have Morgan Freeman reading the script for prez, of course.”

“So what’s the big secret?” Lee asked. Josh coyly smiled. “The guy’s transgender, or I should say, wants to go that route. It seems the bio engineer nerds crossed some wires during the operation and shorted out his shorts, ha ha.”

“Too bad,” Josh explained, “Austein still needs his bionic schlong to interface with mainframes and SCUZZY hard drives. He might dress like a man, but insists on sitting down while peeing to show solidarity with the sisters. Sluts do nothing for him anymore and the script subtly implies he might also be on the ‘down low’ with the prez. The writers are still trying to work the angle of the dangle right.”

“Wait… I know that’s not you. But there’s plenty of scenes where you do kick some serious Zombie ass with big, very high tech weaponry. Only much later does it come out — giving you lots of tear-jerking lines with your beautiful, yet so understanding person of color something wife (we haven’t decided which one yet). You’re both holed up at the White House fighting freaky Zombies alongside our ever-so-wise and possibly gay, black president!”

“That’s not all.” Josh went on. “The guy’s grandmother was a Hungarian Jew and gassed at Auschwitz. Somehow, all her precious yiddish memories are now encoded in your ROM chips and you suffer horrible flashbacks of what the Nazis did to her and her family. We already have a second unit shooting on location outside of Prague.”

“Everything is getting filmed in black and white, except for his grandmother’s threadbare, ghetto-tattered red coat. How cool is that for a visual? We even seriously considered calling your character ‘Shoah Man,’ ha ha.”

The by now overly excited Josh still wasn’t finished. “It turns out the vice president — a Dick Cheny look-alike natch — is really behind the Zombie Apocalypse to begin with. He also just happens to be the grandson of Alois Hitler — nephew of herr fuerher man — who moved here just before the Great Patriotic War, then toured America warning us about Hitler and his sinister SS henchmen.”

“The guy really was a money-grubbing jerk (aren’t we all?), but we’ll do him up as a long-misunderstood hero and frequent target of Nazi assassins, knowing full-well his evil uncle was out to holocaust six million innocent Jews.”

“The Cheny look-alike veepee is the head of a secret Nazi mega corporation called New Reich KKK Oil and Armaments, based deep in the Alabama backwoods. The guy smokes like a fiend and hates everyone. He’s blinded with rage about his traitor grandfather, closet homosexual father and a spooky-looking albino catholic priest who used to molest him at a put-put golf course. He also runs a group of mad scientists working at the CIA, who design a recombinant virus that turns Muslims into murderous Zombie terrorists — as if they need anything else.”

“The Zombie virus was first meant as a legitimate weapon of war to be used against the enemies of Israe… er… America, like Syria’s Assad and those freedom-hating Mullahs in Iran, but Cheney veepee steals it to get back at everybody over here. The Supremacist SOB wants to kick start a Zombie slash Nazi slash Jihadi holy war in the good old US of A!”

“So you see, my dear Lee, everything comes back around full circle at the very end. It’s got it all: Scary Zombies, evil Nazis and ties in neatly with the present day Muslim terrorist angle audiences sure had better love by now. What a trifecta! Just imagine the rest of the season’s episodes. It’s so great, we can’t understand why it hasn’t been done before.”

At this point, Josh was sweating profusely, so excited he was practically was foaming at the mouth. “Hell, we’ve already lined up third party contracts to sell tons of stupid crap to midwest yokels in flyover country: T-shirts, designer ball caps, posters, action hero toys, even retro lunch boxes — I shit you not.” I guess old Schnoz boy forgot where I was from, thought Lee. No matter. A gig is a gig, right?

“Now, get on back to your lovely Linda Lovelace and try not to say anything about it to her. We don’t want any Deep Throat business spoiling the show, ha ha. Sharpie will call you tomorrow, I’m sure. Need a little toot? That might help with her, you know. Here, take the keys to the spare Beamer Ari keeps out next to the guest house. We heard about that Pinto shit you drive, crapping out on the 405. Don’t worry about a thing, pal, us studio boys have your back. Ha ha.”

“Oh, and one more thing, Lee. You need to start going to the tanning salon every day for the next week. Your character is also an undocumented immigrant from Brazil. Gotta cut back on the white boy look. Ha HA.”

— Phillip Marlowe



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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153 Responses to The Six Million Holocaust Man

  1. Rich says:

    Hey Mike!
    If it was you asking about C. Bollyn Than you could check out Eric Huffsmids site. He’s kinda suspect to many people but he does seem to have a lot of info on Bollyn.

    Here ya go

  2. GTRman says:

    You were right about that site Marsh ….car seats made from whale foreskin ? Talk about over-compensating !! Other stories include :

    Ultra Orthodox Jewish children talk about being raped by their teachers.

    ” Six months into the year, his teacher called him into the school’s boiler closet. In that dark dank room, the teacher pulled down both their pants, and raped the little boy.
    “I was screaming the whole time,” Yoelly recalls. “When he finished, he went back to the classroom and I stayed where I was, in shock, gushing blood.”

    Hasidic children are not given sexual education and Yoelly had no words to describe the rape that continued to occur for the remainder of the school year.
    For Yoelly, those awful days were not the worst of it. A few months later, he found the courage to tell his father what had happened. His father slapped him and told him never to mention such immodest things again.

    “That day was the worst day of my life,” Yoelly says. “I realized that I was all alone. There was nobody to keep me safe.”
    The teacher who raped Yoelly still teaches at that school. As an adult, haunted by the thought that other children were enduring what he had, Yoelly sought a private audience with the grand Rebbe, or leader, of his Hasidic sect, to discuss the issue. After he told the Rebbe what had happened, the Rebbe turned to his personal assistant.

    “He’s a shaigetz,” the Rebbe said, using a derogatory slur for a non-Jew. “Get him out of here.” Yoelly was hustled out of the room with threats of violence. ”

    Jewish judge confirmed as head of the U.K. Supreme Court.

    A Jewish man has climbed to the strongest level of power in the United Kingdom.

    David Neuberger, also known as Lord Neuberger in the U.K., has been confirmed as the next head of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.

    Educated at Oxford University, Neuberger, 64, was called to the bar in 1974. He became a judge of the Chancery Division in 1966 and a judge of the Court of Appeals in 2007. Two years later he was appointed Master of the Rolls.

    Neuberger is also the nephew of Rabbi Herman Neuberger, who was influential in saving nearly 60,000 Persian Jews from persecution in Iran after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.
    “I will do my best to ensure that the court will continue to play its rightful role in defending the rule of law and the implementation and development of law in a coherent and principled and practical way, suitable for today’s world” said David Neuberger.

    In Western countries the Supreme Court has the final word on any law.

  3. Rich says:

    In fact I just checked it out, and dude is claiming the family has been found!

  4. mike says:

    If the jews can make whites think the germans were evil for deporting communist spies and sabateurs assassins ect… they we are really fucked but seeing as how hundreds of isrealis including massad were arrested during 911 some taping the whole event and celebrating and others with explosives false ids and vans that actually exploded and they are put in front of a dual citizenship judge and released without any questions asked is evidence that we will never learn? All the while elie wisel or whatever his fucking name is has no tattoe on his arm wtf?

  5. mike says:

    Rich hey thanks buddy I got reading about it and its bullshit any guy who tells the truth like bollyn gets harrassed and possibly tortured murdered and where are his white brothers toi stand up and stop it? Pisses me off just like larry mcdonald we’ve got to put a stop to this bullshit to me it sounded like they took bollyn did whatever to him and took over his site to put out disinfo? Or maybe he just got scared and is hiding I hope he’s ok fucking jew rat bastards have got to be punished for centuries of disgusting barbarity towards whites

  6. GTRman says:

    3 ultra Orthodox Jews arrested for raping mentally ill woman.

    3 ultra Orthodox Jews were arrested in Jerusalem for raping a mentally ill woman several times.

    The founding director of a haredi charity is suspected of raping and sexually assaulting a woman who turned to him for financial aid. The man is one of several suspects in a rape case that is being investigated by police in Jerusalem.

    On Sunday, police detained for questioning three residents of Jerusalem suspected of raping and sexually assaulting a young woman who asked for financial aid. It is also suspected that one of the

    suspects abused several other minors.

    Ultra Orthodox Jewish teen girls love porn websites study shows.

    New research shows that one in three Jewish teen girls from the religious sectors and ultra Orthodox surf porn sites nearly twice as much what non observant girls do at the same age.

    Seventeen percent of the nonreligious girls respondents said they visited the websites of sexual orientation, while over 30 percent of the national religious and Ultra Orthodox girls surveyed said the same.

    More than 500 students from grade 11 and 12 of the national religion, Ultra Orthodox and secular sectors participated in the study, which focused on the amount of exposure to the Internet and the “sexual conflict”. The research is a follow up qualitative study, published last year that examined the attraction vs. reversal to sexuality and attraction reversion vs moral conservatism.

  7. GTRman says:

    Couple arrested for dancing while waiting for the train in New York.

    Smoking first and then it was drinking soda now there is no dance in New York.

    A couple waiting for the train to arrive decided to dance a little but they were arrested by New York City Police officers.

    Caroline Stern, 55, and her boyfriend George Hess, 54, claim they were handcuffed by having happy feet on the platform of the subway station at Columbus Circle and spent 23 hours in custody as a result.

    “I am a dentist, and I am 55 and I was arrested for dancing,” said Stern, to the news media. “It was absolutely ridiculous that this has happened.”
    It was almost midnight when Stern and Hess, a teacher of film and prop industry headed home last July from Jazz at the Lincoln Center Swing Night of San Juan. While waiting for the train, a musician began playing the steel drums in the nearly empty platform, and Stern and Hess began to feel the rhythm.

    “We were doing the Charleston,” said Stern. That was when two police officers came and took it out at us.”
    “They said, ‘What are you doing?’ And we said, ‘Let’s dance,'” he recalled. “And they said, ‘You cannot do that on the platform.'”

    The police asked for identification, but when Stern, could only produce a credit card, the officers ordered the couple to go with them even though the credit card had the image of the dentist and the firm.
    When Hess began trying to film the encounter, things got ugly, Stern said.

    “We’ve got the camera out, and that’s when they called for backup,” he said. “That’s when eight police ninjas came out of nowhere.”
    Hess allegedly was beaten down to the surface of the platform, and the cuffs were then slapped on both. The initial charge, according to Stern, was the disorderly conduct “to prevent the flow of traffic.”

  8. mike says:

    Rich I’ve never read bollyns 911 book but if he wrote it in captivity is it trustworthy? What do you make of this whole story?

  9. GTRman says:

    Jews are banned from holding official position in Bosnia.

    It is difficult to understand why in these modern times Bosnia, outlaws Jews from holding public office.

    The representative of the Irish President in the office of the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe or OSCE, Minister for European Affairs, Lucinda Creighton urged Bosnia to end discriminatory practices against the Roma and Jewish minority, whose members cannot run for any elected office, the news media reported.

    “There is no excuse to discriminate against anyone, especially minorities,” Creighton said in a statement.
    “This is especially important in the post-conflict Bosnia,” he said, referring to the war in Bosnia of 1992-1995.

    “In Ireland we know very well how difficult it is to build trust between communities, but we also saw the tangible economic and social benefit overcoming these divisions can provide,” he added.
    The Bosnia Constitution makes a clear distinction between “constituent peoples” like Bosniaks or Muslims, Croats, Serbs and “others”, classified as Jews, Gypsies and other minorities.

    more jewy stuff :

  10. GTRman says:

    The truth is anti-semitic , literally :

    The provocative posters on display in the platforms of Metro-North New York trains that show continuing decreasing land for Palestinians in Israel. The posters have alarmed a leader in the Jewish community who said the posters can lead to acts of hatred.

    “This is anti-Semitic, because when people think of Israel they think of Jews and the Jewish state,” says Dovid Efune, editor of a Jewish newspaper based in Manhattan. “Jews have seen this happen many times. It always starts with a message that says Jews are committing a crime.”

    The ads feature a series of diminishing Palestinian territory into four maps and contain a holder that says approximately 4.7 million Palestinians are classified as refugees by the United Nations. The
    posters were paid by an 84-year-old former Wall Street financier who lives in Connecticut.

    (Scroll down for video) Nine middle school children were suspended after masturbating during an English class while watching porn on their mobile phones.

    The incident took place in May at the San Diego Public School Bell Middle and although the teacher reportedly was told by other students that boys are masturbating, the teacher allegedly let them go with a warning.

    It was only after a different manager was told about the incident after the fact that nine children were suspended.
    Due to their age and privacy policy of the school, their names and the duration of the suspension was not made public.

    Add another layer of intrigue to the story, the boys were supposedly watching gay porn, as a student wanted to create a “test” to see if they themselves were gay.
    The news media cites the accounts of a group of students who said that gay test called a mandate

    that if the boys were excited to the sight of gay porn that they would be considered homosexual.

  11. GTRman says:

    That site is addictive . Check this out :

    ” Head of a Democrat National Committee claims that no Jews died on 9/11.

    It is becoming clearer that the Democrat party in the U.S. is becoming the party for people hating Jews and Israel. ( WTF ? )

    MD Alam is a candidate for Secretary of State of Missouri and directs the National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus, a group sponsored by the Democratic National Committee.

    Alam believes that no Jews died during the attacks of 9/11 and has made statements which indicate that Jews were involved in the attack itself.
    “Why was 9/11 an official holiday for all the Jews who worked at the World Trade Center?” Said Alam in a debate entitled “Was 9/11 a conspiracy?”

    Church of England votes to support anti Israeli activities.

    Even though Christians around the world are facing persecution from the recent Islamic awakening, the hatred of the Church of England towards Jews has caused the Church to vote to help support anti Israeli activities around the world.

    The governing body of the Church of England voted to support a pro-Palestinian group dedicated to the demonization of Israel.

    The General Synod passed a motion to approve the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel or EAPPI, a group that blames Israel for the failure of the peace process and calls for a boycott of the country, piracy of Israeli government websites and a sit in the embassies of Israel around the world. The motion was passed by 201 votes to 54, with 93 abstentions.

    “EAPPI is an advocacy group on one side promoting the strategy of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, support for the Palestinian demand for a “right of return”, which is the code to end the sovereignty of Israel, ignoring the systematic and continuous Palestinian terror attacks against Israeli civilians which is a war crime, “said Yitzhak Santis, the chief program officer of a Jerusalem based NGO monitor.

    The decision of the synod has been a major obstacle in the way of relations between Anglicans and Jews. The main organization representing Jews in the country, the Board of Deputies of British Jews condemned the vote. The chairman said “to hear the debate in Synod full of references to the
    powerful pressure groups,” the money spent by the Jewish community, Jewish sounding names and actions of shame to the

    community ‘in memory of Holocaust victims’ is deeply offensive and raises serious doubts about the motivation of some of those behind this movement.”

  12. GTRman says:

    Spirit of rock n roll officially dead ….pathetic “police state ” Brit council cuts off concert ,and furious fans…..err…..tweet about how annoyed they are….tweet tweet ..

    ” It was supposed to end at 10.30pm but it was nearly 11pm when organisers cut the power.
    E-Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt also took to Twitter to express his outrage. He said the stars had planned a final encore number before the sound was cut off.
    The 61-year-old said: ‘One of the great gigs ever in my opinion. But seriously, when did England become a police state? Is there just too much fun in the world? We would have been off by 11 if we’d done one more. On a Saturday night! Who were we disturbing?

    ‘We break curfews in every country but only English cops needs to “punish us” by not letting us leave until the entire crowd goes.
    ‘The cops got nothing more important to do? How about they go catch some criminals instead of f****** with 80,000 people having a good time?
    Last night Westminster Council confirmed it was the concert organiser Live Nation which ended the show.
    A council spokesman said it did so to comply with its licence, which allowed the event to go on until 10.30pm, adding: ‘Licences are granted until certain times to protect residents in the area from noise late at night.’
    Those in well-to-do Knightsbridge and Belgravia have badgered the council about noise from concerts in the park. There were 109 complaints in 2011, around twice as many as in 2010.
    A Live Nation spokesman said: ‘It was unfortunate it was stopped right at the very end but the curfew is laid down by the authorities in the interest of the public’s health and safety.’
    London mayor Boris Johnson waded into the row, saying the decision to end the show was ‘excessively’ officious and if he had been consulted he would have ordered the music should continue.

    Read more:

  13. Rich says:

    Hard tellin good brother! The dirty, filthy kikes will not hold any punches in this “dirty game”. They will do what they do as long as we allow it! What say yea? Good WHITE men? The shit is coming whether we like it or not, be prepared White Man!…………….Please be prepared!

  14. Liberty'sGone says:

    dammit the niglet future sheboons survived to live off of disability and ssi payments. I bet they wont be disabled enough to prevent them from reproducing eight babies each that WE have to pay for .

    Chicago police sergeant: “Tribal warfare” on the streets

    CHICAGO – Chicago is in the grips of a deadly gang war. At least 275 people have been killed in the city so far this year and many more have been shot, many of them innocent bystanders to the gang violence. Among the latest victims were 12- and 13-year-old girls shot Tuesday night. They survived.

  15. mike says:

    Rich hey buddy there has got to be a way of combating this I just refuse to accept the fact that we are fucked you know? I’m not sure what the answer is but action on some sort of level is going to be a must I was reading the official nsdap party manifesto today from the 20s and i ll tell you what all of those ideas are just as important now as they ever were we need action before its too late

  16. Liberty'sGone says:

    hope and change. hope and change. hope we can change? hope for some change? whats his next campaign slogan? vote for me im black and the other guy earned his money?

  17. gator says:

    The jew is slowly but surely digging his own grave.
    But if ya could only wake those zionist Christians up to the jewish deceptian,we could make him dig faster.
    Than ya could bring the big dog to heel,and all the little dogs will roll over.

  18. John says:

    gator said:

    “The jew is slowly but surely digging his own grave.
    But if ya could only wake those zionist Christians up to the jewish deceptian,we could make him dig faster.
    Than ya could bring the big dog to heel,and all the little dogs will roll over.”

    Very well said. Zionist Christians are very hard to wake up though. I hope they start waking up soon.

  19. caligula says:

    Sheboon bitching about Africans, Vietnamese, and Indians, because they actually? work! Hats off to the Africans who told her to F-off.

    Huge Sheboon Chimps Out @ Gas Station,Starts Talking About Slavery, Racism, Hair Salons, etc!

  20. White Beast Of Wotan says:

    Fucking hilarious. You have to laugh at some of this shit or you’ll go crazy. One thing dingle Barry has done is wake people up. The radio reported only 28% of non college educated whites support Comrade Kenya and around here people are not too happy about the fundamental transformation hopey changey Zimbabwe bullshit. Keep on truckin’ Incog. People are finally waking up.

  21. sog says:

    GTRman says:
    July 15, 2012 at 6:03 pm

    3 ultra Orthodox Jews arrested for raping mentally ill woman.

    3 ultra Orthodox Jews were arrested in Jerusalem for raping a mentally ill woman several times.
    it was their grandmother right …..come on granny ….heh heh …
    my question is ,was she mentally ill before or after and did they think this would cure her ….those pesky little jews …what kind of people are these ,,,ok wrong question ,,as they dont seem top posess humanity ….ya right they are from flying saucers and alien schtik bs …

    mike i think the guy (bollyn)is #1 definitely not communicating and there are several thesis.s.s.s. however the word is spelled …anyway asomeone went to an actuall address he “allegedly”posted from last yaer . 5 ago and it was a laundromat or somethin like that …and alot of theories have been put forth ….his communiquies are not his style etc …I know a guy who escaped from romania on a parasail after his family was kidnapped ,,and he was safr for awhile and then he vanished to ..t’was a scientist and this shit occurred in thr 70’s late….they take people away and have ships that are secret prison ships ,,,you really dont want to go on one of those…
    anyway disappearance and starvation and fear of death are very compeliing re-educators in the talmid joo playbook……seek god ,i would say is the answer for many ……
    kurt nimmo was routed
    judicial . inc was routed with predgiuidiz
    japanese dude richard komishizu has a 5 miillion $ reward for his head ,,hmmmm .i am tempted but he is an eminent jew wise charachter ,,,,his site is not to easy to link to and i dont have it anymore eight now..
    i think that johs blog guy has been threastened …look at edgar steele and brendon oconnel or zundel …check out zundel if you havent …..extremist hasidic rapist ,drug dealing , organ trading rabbis ashkaanz/sephlytic ,too many choices i tells ya …
    they al;l deserve to go to hell and die ..right ,heh heh ..
    anyway these sick anus pirates are in charge of central casting … KY …
    right hog oil and a super duper xxx belt >>??? can join the 500 club on taken em down lower …..hmmmm all right most o ya will get that one …
    sog inc. was exxing a reeeeeeel good dos /non dos ,,uno dos crash…
    venting it off by being abstract ,,maybe even cut off my ear ,,,ha ha

  22. sog says:

    gtr how about when led zeppplin played at isle of wight and earned 700,000 doll hairs and the queen took all but a few hundred in taxes …that will kill r&r pretty fast …some fat stupid kwan breed of cow chic the other day was tellin me ohh the queen this and that and i said hmmm this and that ,and she says oh but shes my queen jus cus she is from aussie ….i had to let this failed version of humainty wander on blythely blindly and half witted at best …jeeeeez h keeeeeryyyysss…….wt…..f

  23. gator says:

    Just a little bit at a time John,they will soon get it.

  24. mike says:

    Sog thanks buddy so what do you make of bollyns 911 book than? Is it worth reading if he wrote it in captivity? Also what were you saying about kurt nimmo?

  25. mike says:

    Sog hey buddy what’s up with chemtrails one thing seems that they want to contaminate soils ect with aluminum barium ect to stop natural growth forcing people to buy gmo seeds sounds like a good way to gain total control?

  26. SBD TV says:

    Vigilant Citizen did a review of this video:………………………………………………….[13,726]

  27. Canadian says:

    Holocaust denial is a federal offense in Canada but WHY?

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