Violent Black Brats and Jews Ruin White Countries

Jew-Hollywood “comedian” Chris Rock commented for the 2012 Independence day on his twitter page:

“Happy white peoples Independence Day, the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

Maybe, Mr. Chris Rock, they did. Well, at least until some of them tried to go back to their cars to go home. 

Mobs of black “youth” specifically targeted and attacked White people –the elderly, women and children, too — attending a “Red, White and Boom” fireworks demonstration in Columbus, Ohio, this past Fourth of July. They beat them in the street while they were going back to their cars to go home. They got clean away with it, too. The police evidently were too understaffed to stop it or even come to their aid. Now, I don’t know about you, but us White people DO NOT deserve this total BS.

Now think about it: Isn’t this what you would call “racist?” Basically (besides the usual slavery crap they go on and on about), Chris Rock is saying Independence Day is only White thing, so why should he or other blacks celebrate it?

That’s just like these selfish brats. Here they live, enjoying civilization instead of a life living in corrugated tin roofed shacks in Africa (importing the tin from White countries), coming down with all sorts of foul, nasty venereal diseases from doing monkeys and then each other, eating mud cookies and taking a dump in the dirt track out front. And this clown has to act all militant and clever? You and I both know Chris Rock lives in the lap of luxury, most of it due to us White people paying to watch his movies, etc.

Haven’t YOU had enough of this totally worthless race?

Here’s the deal in a nutshell: Nothing will make these people happy. Nothing. They’ve had over 50 GD years to get their act together and they obviously haven’t.

Violent mobs of violent blacks now go on rampages, looting, robbing, running amok and attacking innocent Whites almost all the time now. They ruin outdoor events of any kind across the country, here and in Europe. Even black events frequently devolve into utter mayhem, often with shootings and stabbings.

Hell, it’s so bad that many July the Fourth celebrations this year were cancelled because of the possibility (notice how the media spun that fact into concerns about accidental fires).

Colin Flaherty wrote an excellent piece on July the Fourth black trouble. In it, he quotes this one black from Cleveland twitting:

“Yo, I got attacked by racist cops and attack dogs yesterday, cuz niggas wanted to start a riot at the fireworks. Lol.”

Man, that says it all. Cops are always “racist” even though the twit goes on to admit blacks like to cause mayhem for thrills — regardless of the slavery crap they go on and on about. They will never give it up, because they are pretty much spoiled little brats.

Of course, you heard nothing at all about this black crime in the mainstream media. They don’t care if White people are victimized. Never have. All they care about is propping up the ridiculous concept of multiculturism for a nation.

Imagine if the ancient Greeks imported Africans to live as full-fledged citizens. Hell, if you were alive back then and suggested doing such a stupid thing to your own country, they would have laughed in your face — or publicly flogged the living daylights out of your idiot head. 

Just ask yourself: Has the black race EVER created ANY civilizations? Name one. And no, the totally fictional African Kingdom where Eddie Murphy came from in the movie “Coming to America,” doesn’t count. Nor does the Egyptian civilization under the Pharaohs, either, as much as they want to try to make it so. It was really Semites (but the Pharaohs may actually have been genetically White Caucasian).

Sub-Saharan blacks (the Nubians) were nothing more than slaves to the Egyptians. Often castrated, at that. Yet, the Jew-controlled media is trying to quietly show as many hero blacks as ancient Egyptians as they can. You can spot these lies on the “History” Channel fairly easily if you pay attention.

We have the stinking Jews to blame for all this.

The International Jew has destroyed this nation with all his race machinations. There can be no doubt anymore that the Jewish race has been in a silent war against us White Gentiles, whom they call “the Goyim” in their infinite arrogance, for decades now.

I wish it wasn’t so, but there you have it.

One of the Jew media’s favorite movies was played in an endless loop on the “American” Movie Channel (AMC) during the Fourth. “Independence Day” (1996) starring Will Smith (the stupidest Negro action hero ever) teamed up with Jeff Goldblum, the smart Jew geek hero. Of course, both end up saving the planet from alien invasion. Bill Pullman played the young White president and, like shabbos goy Bill Clinton at the time, only had one daughter too (cutely called “munchkin”).

Clinton’s little “munchkin” recently married into “the Tribe,” making the media ecstatic. Son of a Jew scam artist, to boot. Did you notice how they gave Chelsea a nice little reporter gig on NBC? How much experience do you think she had? I’m certain the Jew-owned Comcast corporation pays her more than enough for big Gucci shopping trips — in Italy via private jet, no less. The Clinton whores have been turned into royalty by Jewdom.

It’s a bit surprising the Jews didn’t cast Morgan Freeman for president in “Independence Day,” like they pretty much always do nowadays. The other token White hero was Randy Quaid, playing a crazy drunk crop duster, once anally probed by aliens in the past. Ha ha. For some unspoken reason, he also had a gaggle of hispanic kids. I guess they had to figure out some way to get that angle in.

The Jew crap in this movie reeked. It was so obvious that it’s amazing they got away with it, but of course they did.

Now a lot of White folk out there will simply call me a “racist hater” and blow what I say off, and not bother to read any further or think about what I say. Which is huge crying shame since everyone out there knows something is messed up to the extreme.

Are you going to allow these violent, spoiled blacks and the filthy, subversive Jews ruin the world’s greatest country?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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