Will They False Flag The London Olympics?

The 2012 Olympic opening ceremonies are set for this Friday night, July 27th at 9PM London time, 4PM Eastern Standard Time in the US (NBC TV coverage is set for 7:30PM EST). Note: Since this is right at “shabbat,” the Jews have a ready excuse not to be on hand (Jew religious extremists will not lift a finger from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday). Israel’s president Shimon Peres, already said he will not attend because they won’t allow him to shack up in the Olympic Village afterwards and he’s not willing to ride an electric-powered limo the two blocks to a fancy hotel. No lie.

Will these Zionist Jews have any problems allowing electronic countdown timers to run by themselves? Or cleverly tricked “shabbos goy” patsies to deliver a special item to the Olympic stadium, later easily “traced” back to a certain country? Will the MOSSAD (or another weirdly Talmudic or biblical-named Israeli black ops group) do to London, what they did not so long ago to New York on September 11, 2001? Hell, we all know the devious-as-hell Jews are eager and desperate to get us into war with Iran sooner or later. A lot of folks watching will undoubtedly be wondering the exact same thing.

Imagine the world’s best athletes marching along in the Olympic stadium in that casual hip swagger of youth, suddenly coming to a confused stop and looking off towards something occurring nearby; at that very instant your TV screen back here in the US goes blindingly white, then dissolves into a strange storm of static, replaced with offline color bars and techno registration marks.

In that millisecond, tens of thousands of innocent tourists, hapless fans, sacrificial security people and dolled-up ceremonial extras become vaporized into a cloud of subatomic particles or, if far enough away from the initial explosion, turned into burned and blackened grinning corpses, limbs twisted into horrific positions from the exploding fireball of the small suitcase nuclear device — one specifically limited to point five of a kiloton — just enough to do the job but not enough to threaten precious City of London real estate a few miles away.

Nothing is too evil when it comes to devious Zionist Jewry!

Network news people in New York soon break into the interrupted satellite feed, hurriedly adjusting earpieces and lapel microphones, acting all surprised and shocked. Pundits and expert commentators — conveniently on hand in studios nearby — join them on-screen to offer up just who they think is to blame. Pictures of Syria’s Assad, Iran’s Ahmadinejhad (today’s designated evil Hitler persona) and bearded muslim Mullahs will already be qued electronically in the control room to go on screen at the click of a mouse when a smirking Jew producer barks an order in the display graphics operator’s earpiece.

Will they false flag the Olympics in such a way? I don’t know. Apparently, these people love to telegraph their plans to the world in clever, subtle ways, possibly to brag about their powers to those in the know.

Notice how the logo they are now using for American audiences is very different from the official Olympic logo used in Britain — the forms of which can easily be rearranged to spell out the word “ZION.”

And I sure as hell don’t put anything past these devious Zionist creeps when it comes to false flag operations like my horrible nuclear “shock and awe” scenario above. These people will kill any of you reading here in a Jew York minute if your painful death just happens to fit their never-ending “clash of civilizations” geopolitical scheming. Hell, they’d feel free to kill you dead merely because you were born goyim — another soldier in the army of Amalek — eternal enemy in the bizarro mind world of the International Khazar Jew.

And all you DHS and FBI monitors had better not think I have inside info that anything is going to happen, either. You never know, do you? If I just happen to nail it, it’s simply an ed-JEW-cated guess.

Also remember, the attack may not happen during the opening ceremonies; they might plan it out for when less important personages are present and as many regular Jews are outside the blast zone as possible. Hell, they may have planned a Munich-style terrorist assault on the Olympic village — using volunteer Kamikaze Jews assuming muslim false identities — “legends” carefully concocted perhaps even decades ago.

When it comes to these devious SOB’s, nothing at all is impossible, too horrible to contemplate anyone doing, or even so farfetched to imagine.

If I had planned to attend, I would have signed up in advance for an Israeli computer messaging service using the name “Israel Incogstein” and, once they message me to find safety as a Jew, I’d post a quick message here before hailing a turd worlder Paki-owned taxi to get out of harm’s way.

But don’t worry about little old me, I’ll actually be back here in the Jewnited States of Jewmerica, watching events unfold carefully on TV and divoing the coverage for slow motion replays later — right along with a lot of other people world-wide who simply don’t trust these Zionist Jews one GD bit anymore and know something stinks to high heaven.

— Phillip Marlowe

Comment below on anything you might see happening or what you think they might try!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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250 Responses to Will They False Flag The London Olympics?

  1. Steelback says:

    The problem the Yids have with pulling off a big false-flag at the London Olympics is that they’ve already screwed so many London visitors with their Congestion Scheme fines no-one wants to drive anywhere near London.

    That leaves public transport.

    Israeli security firms contract for Transport for London (TfL). These firms will make sure the cameras are all off when the false-flag bombs deonate as they did on 7/7.

    Commuters, pedestrians and spectators wil therefore put themselves in peril should they be so foolish as to be entranced by the hype for the Corporate Games:http://www.corporatewatch.org/?lid=4400

  2. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Cheers. I’d go. but i have t’stay.


  3. Bella says:

    Cromwell got the scene we see & it’s all going on due to shorterm STOMACHES. Just look at The Mess.

  4. Bella says:

    Louis. Thx. I did know about the ownership, but not about the children. I should of been able to guess. That is a difficukt place to go.but I do not doubt you.

  5. Bella says:

    Never could stand the broad.

  6. Bella says:

    The Stristand…always looked like she was 90 7 with a screech to run from.

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    @ Bella

    “shorterm STOMACHES. ”

    Theyr’e worse than the long-term ones.

    Trust me!

    Bastards they are!

  8. bubba(not bibi) says:

    Steelback says:
    July 28, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    The problem the Yids have with pulling off a big false-flag at the London Olympics is that they’ve already screwed so many London visitors with their Congestion Scheme fines no-one wants to drive anywhere near London.

    That leaves public transport.


    Larry “Pull it”Silverstein’s buddy Frank Lowry has a huge mall that is connected to public Transit near the oval stadium.

    It is insured for Terrorist attacks.

  9. LesBaer1911 says:

    Zionist slave, Romney, stated Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. I disagree based
    on the 1947 UN Resolution 181 which designates Jerusalem as a internationalized
    city. Where is Romney getting his info? I know the entire fiasco of Palestine
    was based on fraud and jew influence. But should not TelAviv be the capital
    of Israel and how in the Hell can these demented soulless mutants get by with

  10. Liberty'sGone says:

    The fucking jews have been violating every single u n resoluion since the beginning. No sooner did the u.n. divide palistine to give jews a homeland than the jews started building “settlements” into the designated palistinian territory. The Palistinians got fucked over big time no doubt about it and I know the jewish american federal government will come after me for telling the truth. They already did.

  11. LesBaer1911 says:

    Thanks. Liberty’sGone,
    I already know what these frankensteins are capable of. This is exactly what
    happened in Germany. So, Hitler enforced laws which forbade the jew from
    teaching (no indoctrination), practicing law, to own German newspapers or
    radio stations. Hoorah, they started leaving Germany.
    What sort of grief have you endured?

  12. CannibaL Rabbi says:

    Yeh! Niggers in a formerly White cuntry?

    W.A.S.P. s love it!

    Ye killed Kennedy ya cunts!

    Kikes+wasps! You love each other!
    Rot in hell.

    You’re not worth a tuppeny fuck!

  13. CannibaL Rabbi says:

    And all the W.A.S.P folk, that care t’ comeback?

    I’ll tell you why you’re a lump of stupid kike lapping shit!


  14. CannibaL Rabbi says:

    You betrayed us!

    You might not like us.

    But you betrayed Christ.!

    Fucking happy?

    Fuck you!!!

  15. CannibaL Rabbi says:

    How does kike cock taste?

    Ya traitors!

  16. LesBaer1911 says:

    Read on NorthernTruthSeeker where the 1972 Munich Olympic Games
    massacre was a mossad operaton. Only something truly diabolical
    and evil could pull this off. I am just fascinated with things that
    don’t belong.

  17. CT Wolf says:

    I’m hoping we see a repeat of what happened in 1972.

  18. Jo Jackson says:

    This article says it all about the shit who put up this multicultural ape fest.
    Look at the nostrils of that creep using the label Cottrell Boyce – an overt commie piece of Jewish shit with its hand in the arse-hole of that freak show loon who created this puerile and truly toe curling “ceremony” (sic) Look at all this shit!!!!!!! WTF?

  19. t bone says:

    Another ‘racist’ Oy-lympian, booted.

    I wish they would stop apologizing. Theyre fucked either way. Might as well get your moneys worth and stand up to the jew for once.


    The jew will exploit the most menial shit to make the White man look bad.

  20. Marshall says:

    Man this “Twitter” thing seems to be the ruin of many a poor boy T-Bone!!! Glad I don’t “tweet.” My tweets are more like eagle screeches of doom LOL!!!



  21. Liberty'sGone says:

    Treason Count t #3. — Who ordered the redeployment of patriot missile batteries From U.S. troops to be put in defense of israel instead? Were any of these Patriot anti-missile batteries take from Dahrain air base? It was only about 90 goyim killed I guess. We don’t add up to much. But the jews got a gas mask check. My gas mask check was a whole lot better.

  22. Liberty'sGone says:

    Here’s a hint people. Anytime the jews start taking the highest technology weapon and defense systems away from American installations to protect israel instead that means the jews are going to start a new war real soon. Our best pilots and troops will be sacrificing themselves and their families soon. for israel.

  23. Liberty'sGone says:

    It aint just the explosions that you need to worry about. Those will kill or injure you instantly. The possible chemicles that could be mixed in with the explosion that people need to worry about also. Sometmes it takes a while to figure out if a deadly chemicle is still present. It was a jew fritz haber that industrialized chemical bioligical warfare. It had been done as long as warfare existed which is as long as jews existed. Jesus tried to kick them from moneychangers. He was killed by jews. The Romans fell by jews and every one since were killed by jews. Just the jews don’t do it themselves. They get gentiles to kill each other and destroy whichever non -jew entity that is their most dangerous enemy right now.

  24. LesBaer1911 says:

    The opening ceremonies of the London Olympics reminds me of what
    it must be like at the Bohemian Grove festival.

  25. Osiris says:

    Here’s an interesting article on the London Olympics – I agree with her conclusions:


    Someone posted the comment below with a video link. The London Olympics opening ceremony, which I hadn’t watched until now, was truly bizarre, and Satanic. The Beijing Olympics in 2008 also had a very strange occult ritual depicting the 7/7/2005 London bus bombing (also shown in the video, towards the end). The London Olympics closing ceremony is on 8/8/2012, which is 7 years, 1 month, and 1 day (711) after the 7/7/2005 London bus bombing. The people ordering these false flag attacks are basically Satanists who are heavily into numerology, and they do love those double numbers – 9/11/2001, 7/7/2005, and now 8/8/2012?

    Here’s that comment and video link:

    Seems like they’ve already released the message that something nasty is coming up. From around the 1:18 mark in the video below a message on screens inside the olympic stadium constantly displays “Save The Surprise.”

    Usually I wouldn’t think twice about a seemingly innocuous message but when the opening ceremony has demons flying down to orphans in hospital beds while the exorcist soundtrack is playing at what should be a family show then it probably has some sinister and deeper meaning behind it. At one point the stands are lit up like they are in a forest fire (or hell?) Hmmm.”


  26. Marshall says:

    Vimeo link isn’t working for me Osiris. Re-post? Anyway- I don’t want to change topic, but I think this is very interesting for anybody following the Holmes case…

    Oh I think the real James Holmes is the one in court, but the one MSM was showing was the fake. Either they did it on purpose or they just picked up on the photo floating all over the web.

    Check it out-

    Proof MSM ran with the pic of the “faux-Holmes” (whomever he is…)


    However, earlier pic of actual Holmes shows he was definitely the same person as the orange-haired “Joker” who appeared in court-


    It would be nice to find out who the “Faux-Holmes” actually is, hmm?


  27. Osiris says:

    Marshall, now it’s not working for me either. It was working for me last night, but I should have checked it again before posting it. I now get this message:

    “Sorry, “Satanic Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal 2012 London” was deleted at 2:20:06 Mon Jul 30, 2012.

    Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by International Olympic Committee claiming that this material is infringing: Satanic Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal 2012 London.”

    So someone actually took the time and trouble to contact the IOC about this video, who in turn told Vimeo to remove it. This speaks volumes that they are worried about what it revealed. How could this video have been infringing when the London Olympics opening ceremony was broadcast worldwide on NBC and on the Internet? That footage should have been in the public domain, right? Their quick censorship of this video is very interesting, and worrisome. I wouldn’t be anywhere near London on 8/8/2012.

  28. LesBaer1911 says:

    Empty seats at the Olympics! Think of all those
    empty seats at the Twin Towers the day of
    mossad attacks. hmmm

  29. silvernickel says:

    Osiris thanks for mentioning that about the Vimeo ‘Satanic Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal 2012 London.’ That says a lot alright!!

    The part in that video where the gunshot sounds ring out and the words ‘This is for everyone’ blared out from the stadium seating was beyong creepy. Basically it was saying “we are gonna kill all of you”

    Satanic Oy lympics



    Sorry, “Satanic Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal 2012 London” was deleted at 2:20:06 Mon Jul 30, 2012.

    “Vimeo has removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by International Olympic Committee claiming that this material is infringing: Satanic Olympics opening ceremony rehearsal 2012 London.”

    « Return to the previous page

  30. silvernickel says:

    Osiris, the dates for the Beijing opening was 8-8-8, and I believe the opening ceremony had that scene where they created the birth of the Dragon/Lucifer/NWO by showing a large womb with round egg being penetrated by lighted wheels.

    ‘Super Saturday’ on 8-4-12 looks very possible. It will be a huge day for worldwide viewing and the numbers 8-4 or 4-8 are significant in regard to their beloved anti-christ entity called Israel being recognized in 1948. The entire theme of the London opening was cryptically Israel/Zion/Jerusalem. Occult Freemasonry is judaic-occultism or kabbalah.

    Its Obongos ‘supposed’ Birthday as well.

    False Flag, 4 August 2012, London Olympics

  31. x says:

    don’t know if this is the same video?


  32. silvernickel says:

    London Olympic Stadium is a PAGAN ALTAR set up for OCCULT OPENING CEREMONY.

    Beijing ceremony starts at 5:56


  33. silvernickel says:

    Thanks X.

    that is the one under a new title.

  34. Osiris says:

    x, that is the video under a new title, as silvernickel said. I also misspoke when I said that the London Olympics closing ceremony is on 8/8/2012 – I got that date from a commenter on another blog, but didn’t verify it. Apparently the actual closing date is 8/12/2012, or 8/12/12 – still a double number.

  35. DTTJ says:

    silvernickel says:
    July 29, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Tell that wacky blogger that the battle is taking place on Hell, er, “Earth” and that the demons are the jews and the angels are Aryans.

  36. sog says:

    Following this fiasco, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel personally called Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and said Israeli linked companies controlled the security at most Japanese nuclear plants and threatened a nuclear holocaust unless the codes to the financial system were handed over to the Khazarians, according to a Japanese military intelligence source. The same blackmail has also been directed at the nuclear power plants along the Mississipi river that are now being flooded. The Isrealis were told by both the Pentagon and the Russians that nuclear blackmail was not their monopoly in a clear warning to back off or else.

    excerpt from ….

  37. mike says:

    What the fuck?


    AFTER watching ALL four of these videos and the seeing the symbolic implications from these Olympic ceremonies you should be seriously CREEPED OUT.

    What we see unfolding here is perhaps their NWO agenda unfolding ? The All seeing Illuminati Rothschild Eye everywhere, Clocks, calendars, countdowns, Drums of War, lots and lots of fire, demons and death, half man/ half beasts, the grim reaper. The garden of Eden, Too much too cover here but seriously weird stuff folks.

    These videos are some of the best pictures that were captured from theses events.
    Taken from scrawny2brawny, don’t agree with everything but the pictures are worth a thousand words. I have a link included here:

    2012 Olympic Illuminati Freemasonry NWO occult RITUAL symbolism ceremonies EXPOSED


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