Skanky Jews Sleazing Down America

THIS PAST WEEKEND HBO had on this disgusting movie called “The Change-up.” This piece of ridiculous crap is about two guys who somehow switch bodies after urinating into a wishing pool beneath a mysterious statue, while telling the other how much they wanted his “lifestyle” (oh so important in today’s selfish “ME” business) instead of his own.

In the first 30 seconds, they actually did a nasty closeup of a baby’s anus squirting brown crap all over the face of the good daddy protagonist (a now formulaic character used for pretend “family values,” as they try say “it’s all good”). His cool, fun-loving single pal is having a blast, smoking weed from a bong, having kinky sex with pregnant women and acting in “LORNOS,” or what Hollywooders apparently call “light” porn movies because they don’t show close-up shots of genitalia in action. Not a whole lot different from this movie, when you think about it.

Another scene has this White old guy partner in the law firm where good daddy works, telling the switched cool pal that his tasteless suit makes him look like a Jew. Wow, like this movie is not tasteless? He later tells his buddy he didn’t know he worked for an “anti-Semite.” Funny how they are now slipping the Jew protection angle into comedies (usually, it’s just drama movies, PC stuff and evil Hitler documentaries).

The movie was really nothing but stupid adolescent jokes about defecation and sex. Yeah, I know it was R rated, as if that makes the least difference anymore. The whole thing was just plain disgusting, even for stinky old me. I wanted to turn it off even though I’m not exactly a prudish person, as anyone who knows me will tell you. But I watched some of it, just to report back to you (the things I do for my site).

Just click HERE to see how much control they have on what YOU WATCH.

Jew-controlled Hollywood is obviously spinning out of control morally (has been for awhile but now it’s glaringly apparent). Every movie seems to depend entirely on generating “shock value” for stupid laughs (“humor” movies are not at all funny anymore) or, in the case of horror or dramatic movies, insanely realistic violence (it’s so bad these days no one is really shocked).

As a country and race, we are now dropping head-long into the gutter. This is due to the profit-driven Jew and these people’s often bizarre sexual urges. Because of PC inhibitions they’ve created to shut up decent White people and Christians, they now feel free to do whatever, whenever.

It’s pretty much the same thing that happened to Germany during the 1920’s when the country was prostrate after WWI. International Jewry flooded the Weimar republic and went Jew haywire. They took financial advantage (inflation scams and buying cash-strapped businesses for little to nothing); they tried several Marxist commie take-overs (Jews only recently were wildly successful in Russia); or to simply enjoy whatever deviancy individual perverted Jews so desired. Hell, knowing these punks, many of them went whole hog across the board.

Jewry is DEATH to any nation

Why do you think Germany elected Adolf Hitler? Because the Jews were disintegrating the country financially and morally, trying to turn the place into another COMMUNIST BOLSHEVIK HELL HOLE, just like they had done to Christian Russia, killing tens of millions of White people.

Trickster Jews today say that’s nothing but Nazi conspiracy BS, when it was an absolute historical fact!


New people coming here might say “you think Jews are behind everything bad and I know that can’t be true.” Well, I’ve got bad news for you Bub, it’s worse than you can possibly imagine.

History’s most subversive race has not only stolen the power to make money (the Federal Reserve and Wall Street financial matrix ensnaring the US government and you), but also forces America to get involved in Mideast crap all the time — going to war, dealing with so-called “terror” threats daily and paying out taxpayer bucks to bribe corrupt Arab countries. All thanks to Israel’s evil treatment of the Palestinians and never-ending regional destabilization programs (like what’s going on now) to level the playing field for Zionist ambitions.

You think it’s America “fighting for democracy of the little people? Well, if that was the case, then how come the pampered Saudi princes never have to worry about “Arab Springs” and US NGOs undermining their power? You think it’s just Big Oil, right? So how come us little people never get a break at the pump for all the soldiers we send over there? Anyone thinking straight should be royally pissed.

You should have heard something or other about the Chick-a-Fila story, where the company CEO personally came out in defense of marriage between a man and woman. Homos everywhere raised Cain over him breaking PC, but decent America came out in force to support the guy’s free speech rights by visiting his restaurant chain in droves.

But why are we going down this road even to begin with?

Ever wonder why the media acts like faggotry is an important part of “progress?” You know, where America is “progressing” towards a wondrous rosy future where we all dance around together under multicolored rainbows with prancing Unicorns and playful baby Sasquatchs? We’ll all be high as hell on some killer psychedelic ‘srooms — happily provided by big government and the victimized Native Americans — who had their peaceful, natural world cruelly stolen by all us evil, beet-faced Europeans using smallpox blankets and guns. It’s a Yaqui way of knowledge!

Not all that long ago there was talk about the destruction of the family unit in America. Looking back, I now sincerely believe Jew-aware people of the time were trying to get our attention to the real deal. Even then, people feared being called a “Nazi” too, and had to resort to round-about talk. Same thing going on today over our countries getting flooded with non-White immigration and the White race being turned into a spat-upon minority.

Hell, I myself simply dispensed with any camouflaged BS talk and decided to call a spade, a spade. And I’m not just talking about the stinking negroes, either!

Jews like Harvey Milk here have been turned into hero martyrs by Jew-controlled Hollywood. In real life, the guy was actually a borderline pedophile (often the case for fags).

So how come so many Jews are poofters? I know, I know it’s crazy, but most of your homo rights people are in fact, Ashkenazi Jews (just go to that last embedded link and see for yourself).

That tells us being a homo has got a lot to do with it. Jews, plain and simple, are big-time pole smokers and carpet munchers. The more power International Jewry gains in our lands with the destruction and marginalization of us White Europeans, the more open air faggotry from a truly nasty, immoral bunch. It’s basic cause and effect.

If these people were really so Godly, people of the Old Testament, etc., etc., one might think  Jewry in general would be against homos. But no. Apparently, they feel free as a bird to pick and choose from the Bible what they’ll go along with, or simply insist they have the right to freely “interpret” the meanings. This gives Jews a wide latitude to enjoy their own special “peccadilloes” (old term connotating perversions).

Make note that those Jews who do happen to follow Biblical injunctions to the letter, are often totally wacked, following bizarro Talmudic crap like not flipping electric switches on the Sabbath (Saturdays), spinning live chickens over their heads to “absorb sins” (killed and thrown away) and rabbi mohels sucking the blood off freshly circumcised baby Jew penises to imbue the child with oh-so-special Jew Godliness.

These kind of freaks would dearly love to run bronze-age spears through any Palestinian taking up precious Jew space in Israel, or maybe any He-Goys found in bed with tempting Jew babes (are you reading this, Leo Decaprio?). The nutty Jew extremists can’t stand not being able to hand out righteous God-given justice simply because of Goy laws crimping “Chosen One” style. Well, at least until Jewry fully completes the NWO agenda on all our asses.

These crazy orthodox Jews sometimes love “taking a vacation” from acting all Godly and brimming with Talmudic wisdom in front of each other. For them, heaven on earth will finally arrive when the filthy hypocrites have neighborhood pleasure palaces, each as convenient as 7-11’s and staffed with blond shiksas and fresh-faced little Goy children.

Americans just have no idea of how sick these Khazar, Ashkenazi Jews truly are. Little wonder Jewry made such efforts to control the mass media.

The Skanky Jew Porn Industry

Like Hollywood, the pornography business is chock full of nasty-ass Jews — both in front of the camera and behind. Being sick mothers thrills these people to the core. And corrupting White girls into doing blacks on-screen is doubly satisfying to the White and Christian-hating Jew.

Greedy, immoral Jews suck immense amounts of shekels out of our countries by milking our base weaknesses! 


Some day in the future (soon, they hope) — once they have total NWO police control over the Western world — the Jew will richly live in protected gated communities and enclaves (they already do now to a certain extent); where they will freely pass new laws “rectifying our behavior” based on bizarro Talmudic injunctions called “Noahide” laws.

One thing they sure as hell won’t do is inhibit homos or any perversions. They would prefer as many of us being homos and doorknob humpers as possible to keep our numbers down to size. If we do happen to breed, it will need to be with other races, if possible.

Hell, they’ll probably one day make it illegal for Whites to mate with other White people entirely.

Being a cheap slut and getting us guys lusting over cheap sluts has always been a major source of revenue for media and corporate Jewry (makeup, fashion and even back-to-school clothing).

Destroying the White race is obviously a major long-running plan of theirs. Be it through immigration of third-worlders into our lands, trashing our morality and the Christian religion, or even openly pushing interracial sex so we breed ourselves away. You can easily see them working this quiet genocidal process everywhere — right the hell now.

Now some of you people who are fairly clueless about these Jew ambitions and perversions are probably trying to tell yourselves that this is just plain BS, the ravings of mindless Jew hater and all that jazz. That’s because most of you don’t know JACK since this sort of thing is always carefully kept from the public by a Jew-owned media in the first place. It’s part and parcel to the “PC” paradigm these people have installed in our heads.

You think they would allow this kind of talk in the mainstream? God, your brain must really be made of rotten cottage cheese by now.

Let me tell you a little something: Israel is one of the top nations on earth for “White slavery.” This is where they fool naive females in places like the Ukraine and Bulgaria into moving to Israel so they can work in the “hospitality industry.” Once they get there, they have their passports taken away and they become locked away as whores, sexually servicing multitudes of grunting, oily Jews per day. Funny how not a word of this is ever mentioned in the so-called liberal media, huh?

You think they wouldn’t do the same in this country if they could? What, are you stupid? No, you’ve just sucked down the brainwashing, thinking our media is really free to report on bad stuff, no matter where and who.

Like secular and atheistic Jewry (the majority), even Talmudic orthodox Jews engage in gayness, pedophilia and general moral depravity.

Hell, I can sit here for hours telling you all sorts of actual facts and events the Jew media has blacked out from your face. Every newscast is controlled to keep silent or carefully circumspect about anything involving Jews, Israel, homos and black crime — especially if it’s White people victimized. All these media people from top to bottom know exactly what they can and can’t talk about in front of the public. Trust me.

This is really not at all funny. In fact, it’s quite scary. There is the distinct possibility that Jewry is acting as foot soldiers for Satan himself.

Say what? Yep, the whole Beezlebub and Revelations business of the Bible. When the Romans nailed Jesus to the cross after the Pharisees and Sadducees (the Jewish leadership) insisted Pontius Pilate go along, Jewry lost any possible claim to “Chosen One” status. This evil act against the Son of God must have been “the final nail” for God about the troublesome, dirty little desert tribe of Judah. Satan jumped in and made them his new best buddies.

Should you be the less religious type, it doesn’t matter one bit. This stinking race is turning America into a twisted, dirty little hell on earth for all of us — Christian, Pagan, Hindu, agnostic or even atheist. The only way you’ll like it is if you’re truly some kind of tripped-out masochistic little creep, or possibly a sadistic monster waiting to find employment in the Gulag or secret police.

You think I’d bother having a fancy website like this, write my angry rants and do all the photoshop work if I merely hated Jews because of how they looked? I don’t think so, partner.

Let me tell you something right here and right now. I’ve studied this “Jew Question” business most of my adult life. Folks, everything is all too real (but not the ridiculous six million “holocaust” industrial gassing bit). I wished it wasn’t so, but there you have it.

So what am I going to do about it? You might be asking.

First off, I can’t say too much here. Jew HasbaRAT observation teams, the SPLC and the ADL almost certainly watch my site like a hawk. Traitorous Zionist elements in the Federal government probably do too. They know my kind of straight up talk is bad for the Tribe.

If too many of us Goyim start understanding what’s going down, should we start noticing all the filthy Jew crap in movies (already we do, but may not have connected the dots) or, worse yet for them, start reading between the lines during the nightly news — especially all the crap in the Mideast — it just might get bad for Jew business!

What you need to do… no, what you have to do… is dig deep into your soul and character, stiffen your spine, grow a pair and start talking to everyone you know. Don’t you remember the story about the King’s new clothes? The little kid was willing to say what the rest of society wasn’t willing to — that the King was naked as a jay bird.

Forget all the BS about being called a “Nazi.” You simply must convince your friends and family what these stinking Jews are up to. Knowing the problem is half the battle. We’ll deal with the situation more “proactively” when the time comes.

Sure as I’m sitting here, the Ashkenazi Jews are taking this country and the White race straight to hell. We have to stop them in anyway we can. Thank you for your time.

— Phillip Marlowe

Scumbag Zionist Jews are laughing all the way to the bank while you sweat and slave.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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516 Responses to Skanky Jews Sleazing Down America

  1. Pat says:

    As you know, there is nothing new under the sun. Probably every conceivable deceit has been attempted and perpetrated in the past – and continue into the present day.

    Deceit is a useful tool. A deceiver often hides his dagger behind of cloak of truth and “righteousness”. They love the power of authority because that makes their job easier.

    Everyone here knows that we have a Jewish problem.
    Everyone here also knows that a primary weapon of the Jew is Deceit.

    Deceit is so important to them that they use it as a motto: “By deception thou shalt do war”.

    Jews consistently employ deception to aid their conquest of everyone else.
    There are many examples of how deception has been used in war. You are probably aware of the Trojan horse:

    The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the stratagem that allowed the Greeks to finally enter the city of Troy and end the conflict. In the canonical version, after a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select force of men inside. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war.

    Metaphorically a “Trojan Horse” has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or space.

    You do not have to be “religious” to lean a thing or two from religious texts.

    Beware of inviting a foe into your protected space. There are many teachings associated with this appearing in the Bible.

    According to the Lord Jesus, there are “many” false prophets in our present day that will “deceive MANY people” (Mt. 24:11).

    Though these false prophets might claim to know and communicate God’s truth, they are spreading lies (Jer. 14:14).

    According to the loving Lord Jesus, false prophets are really hungry, dangerous, ferocious wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing (Mt. 7:15).

    Hence, they can be as spiritually deadly and dangerous to Christians (sheep — Jn. 10:27) as a concealed, savage wolf is among a flock of sheep!
    False prophets can be known by their “fruit” (Mt. 7:16), not their personal claims or “gifts.” Many are very popular, good speakers and friendly.

    False prophets speak with conviction, since they expect their lying words to be fulfilled (Ezek. 13:6). False teachers can also sound authoritative in their teachings (1 Tim. 1:7).
    A New Testament example of a false prophet was Bar Jesus (Acts 13:6).

    As Paul was opposed by him, other servants of God in the past were likewise resisted by the popular false prophets in their day. Jeremiah is one such example (Jer. 26:7-15).

    Another was Micaiah, who was slapped in the face by a false prophet (1 Ki. 22:24). The misleading messages of false prophets can give comfort in vain (Zech. 10:2), fill sinful people with “false hopes” (Jer. 23:16), dress the wounds of people as though they are not serious (Jer. 8:10, 11) and not expose the people’s sins (Lam. 2:14).

    The false prophets, who had lying spirits that deceived Ahab, predicted success and victory in the name of the LORD (1 Ki. 22:11, 12). Because Ahab believed their message, he went into battle and died (22:35)! Similarly, Paul predicted the day would come when a great number of teachers would be speaking what itching ears want to hear, not what they need to hear (the truth), as found in the Scriptures (2 Tim. 4:3).
    Again, “many” will be deceived by religious, innocent-looking-but-deadly enemies of Christianity, who bring the way of truth into disrepute (2 Pet. 2:1,2).

    The Apostle Paul clearly stated that there are teachings which actually come from “demons” through false teachers (1 Tim. 4:1, 2) and that Satan has servants which masquerade as servants of righteousness (2 Cor. 11:15). Though disturbing, these are facts!

    As we obey the command not to be gullible, but “test the spirits” (1 Jn. 4:1) so that we won’t be deceived, we will have to carefully evaluate teachers and ministries by the Scriptures, which are always final authority (2 Tim. 3:16, 17). It is important to test everything and hold on to the good. (1 Th 5:21)

    Jesus wasn’t joking when he said beware of false prophets and teachers that come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ferocious wolves (Mt. 7:15). They are here NOW! Be on guard. It’s a matter of life and death.


  2. Pat says:


    Regarding this:

    Hoff says:
    August 26, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Ari Ben Canaan


    You may want to inform the authorities of this death threat.

    I would.

    Let the bastard feel some heat.

  3. mike says:

    Hoff, the shitkike says I’m going to hunt you down, with my american taxpayer supplied m16? Wtf?

    Cannibal I can’t stop saying shitkike now? Wtf? My boy is saying it too.

    Hey everybody my 10 year old got a ride home by the police yesterday. The cop said he was saying racial slurs at some gooks. I said so what? They are not citizens and they receive white taxmoney to be antiwhite? Also, the friend of my soon lives down the street so I went and questioned all the kids and they said they started mouthing off to some gook gangsters but they never said anything racist. I went to the police station and got the cop and told him they didn’t say anything racist. Just because they are white does not male them racists. The cop than proceeded to lie and say they admitted to it. Also, the gooks started hitting and denting the garage door of my sons friends and the cop didn’t care. He was all about the racial slurs. I asked for the police report where he says children are racist for future criminalization purposes. He claimed he didn’t make out a report. The cop was white and I asked him how it felt to betray his own for non tax paying foreigners? Fucking communist piece of shit cop!

  4. Pat says:


    So now it’s “illegal” to say words that are not a “threat”?


    How about a quick meeting with the Chief of Police where you live – and ask when the Police started enforcing laws that aren’t laws.

  5. Luke says:

    “Hoff says:
    August 26, 2012 at 7:32 am

    Br Nathan, a jew false flag op! Grow a brain:”

    Its a little more complicated, and diabolically devious, than merely being a ‘jew false flag op’, as Brother Hoff warns. I’ve given this Kapner fellow a considerable amount of deep thought, and I will admit that I was drawn to him in the beginning – albeit with my joodar antenna in the full, upright position.

    Here’s what I have concluded about Kapner. Christianity, with its jewish origins, is one of the greatest enemy weapons that have ever been foisted upon White Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and Germanic people. The reason? Well, because it teaches Whites to be passive, to be submissive, altruistic, and to turn the other cheek.

    Now, those characteristics aren’t necessarily – all by themselves – completely negative. In fact, if Whites were living inside exclusively White nations and if our nations weren’t polluted with our racial competitors – those characteristics would be great, if they were only applied to our fellow Whites. But, that’s not the case – and therefore, when Whites exercise their altruistic impulses across racial lines – and extend them to non-whites who have never had an altruistic bone in their bodies, those non-whites see this and learn very quickly that they can take advantage of the White race. In fact, the jews have long ago recognized this weakness in our race and they exploit it with an amazing and highly destructive skill. This is the foundation upon which White race treason thrives, folks. And, Christianity – in its present configuration and in it’s present state of corruption by the Frankfurt School of anti-White Cultural Marxism – encourages and promotes White race treason in a whole variety of ways.

    Therefore, I think Kapner’s mission is two fold. First, by being a jew who claims to be a devout Christian who loves ‘Jesus’, he is able to plant the seed of trust inside the easily snookered heads of a lot of White people that ‘all jews are not bad’. This may well be true, to a certain extent – and I realize that not all jews are directly involved in the evil that the elite jews are up to. However, I would caution Whites who drink this cup of kool-aid and remind them that even those little jews who aren’t directly involved in waging a genocide war against our race are more than likely still supporting the anti-White policies of their elitist jews and voting for politicians who push those policies. And, they’re probably sending donations to the ADL and SPLC on a regular basis. Which means even the good jews are not really good, just a little less noticeably obnoxious and open with regards to their support of anti-White policies and agendas.

    The second part of Kapner’s mission is to help keep Whites clinging to Christianity, because that helps keep whites from: (a) Thinking racially, or tribally and (b) It keeps whites thinking that they cannot go on offense and fight the jew and the other racial competitors on a racial basis, which is clearly how the jews and other races are fighting us – but if we do, that is ‘racism’. And, the jewish God frowns on ‘racism’, but apparently only when Whites practice it. So, in short – modern day Christianity has pretty much been poisoned by Cultural Marxism and it has become virulently anti-White. Christianity works along side the jews to promote the genocide of our race, and it does so by convincing Whites that they have no right to refuse to allow their nation to be flooded by millions of non-whites and then taken away from them, once Whites are reduced to a minority inside what used to our native homelands and which has always been our birthright.

    Today’s Christian Church also encourages and celebrates race mixing, helps to import and resettle violent and parasitic non-whites into formerly safe and prosperous White communities, and even fights to repeal or block legislation at the state and local levels which would help combat illegal immigration.

    So, one ought to be able to clearly understand the advantages that are enjoyed by the enemies of White European people to have White people shackled and restrained from going Postal on our racial competitors – visi vi, worshiping a jew wearing sandals who tells us to turn the other cheek and to love our enemies.

    Incidentally, about a year ago – there was huge stink that arose within the White Nationalist community when Rev. Ted Pike and Brother Kapner criticized David Duke and other White Nationalists for placing the survival of the White race at the top of their list of priorities, even ahead of Bible Thumping Christianity. This happens to be exact right order of priorities, since any religion that promotes the genocide of it’s adherents is clearly their enemy – but these two Christian voices wanted to condemn White Nationalists for it. Well, the stink that arose was so enormous that both Pike and Kapner eventually had to engage in some damage control, and they issued a modified position on it that admitted that racial survival and preservation of one’s people is actually ‘in line with Christian scripture’.

    The trouble is, most Christians today are still hardwired, brainwashed, and mind control programmed for the destruction of White Western Civilization – since they’ve been saturated with Cultural Marxist indoctrination for their entire lives, and as a result, won’t lift a finger to defend the White European race.

  6. Pat says:

    Open your wallet and pull out a dollar bill.

    That represents a means of exchange created by a privately owned for-profit corporation. They create that and loan it out for profit.

    If that private company can just print money – why don’t they just go buy what ever they want instead of messing around with loaning it out?

    If they just printed those pieces of paper and tried to trade them for valuable things – nobody would accept them.

    The key here is that private company has secured monopoly authorization over creating the means of exchange that you MUST use to pay your taxes.

    They have a monopoly and they have a money tree.

    They have used this mechanism to seize control of your environment.

    The group that is doing this is following the teachings of their religious cult. Their cult teaches the use of charging interest for the use of money.

    Their cult also preaches that members of the cult are “Chosen” by God and are superior to all others.

    Managed news is show business. The lines of demarcation that used to separate “news” from fantasy based entertainment have not only been blurred – they have been removed.

    Is it?

    Tel-Aviv-Vision has largely replaced human community interaction.
    Do you talk to your neighbors?

    If you live in a Counter-Cultural neighborhood, are you close with your neighbors?

    Talk to your neighbors. Be careful not to dump too much truthful information on them because they may overload and shut down on you.

    Go slow. Discuss the economic situation. Problems with the economy are not in dispute.
    You will reach common ground there.

    Once you have assembled some local allies – find out who your local politicians are.

    Then, go talk to them.

    There is power in numbers.

    All politics are local. Regain control.

  7. Pat says:


    We aren’t supposed to talk about specific people who are drawing an audience into some of the Jewish problem.

    I think the best strategy is to allow that to continue to happen.

    The smarter among them will really examine the message they are preaching.

    Especially the racial destruction issue.

  8. Pat says:

    I don’t want to ignite another fire here.

    But I have an open question for some of out religiously knowledgeable readers.

    Why does the church fail to warn us about Race Behavior?

    Did this ‘Omission” happen at a certain time?

    This is a problem because of the fact that Race Behavior and Culture are linked.

    I am not trying to start any shit here.

    It’s a valid question.

  9. Bailey says:

    I’ll answer that,

    Because the church is full of shit, compromised by jews.

    What other answer could there be?

    One of the most dangerous elements of society goes without mention in the house of the lord? Do Negro churches warn about the white man and preach about social justice for negroes?

    I’d bet that they do.

    I work with a older guy who is a zio-christian, The church tells its members that they must support Israel, The chosen ones.

    The catholic church supports Talmud Humpers.

    I’ll stay home on Sunday, Thank you..

  10. Pat says:

    So, you have a pretty good handle on the mechanics of this massive scam and organized crime ring that hides behind the banner of a religious cult — masquerading as a “religion”.

    Let’s say you live in a Counter-Cultural neighborhood with a lot of mud people around.
    How do you think they are going to receive your message that exposes the fraud to someone who is directly benefiting from that fraud?

    How are they benefiting? They benefit by government enforced coercion that forces the hiring of under-qualified job applicants if they are not White. They benefit by government enforced coercion that forces the acceptance of college applicants who are under-achievers and score lower on standardized testing – if they are not White.
    Face it, if you’re not White – you’re benefiting. I won’t waste your time listing all of them. But, you benefit financially here if you’re not White.

    Reality shows you that certain communities exercise certain Race Behaviors. What you consider to be “fairness” is a European Race Behavioral characteristic.

    Not every group exhibits that to the same extent.

    Your friendly neighborhood muds simply are not going to be receptive to any message that is going to have an adverse impact on their financial position.

    They won’t agree to a voluntary give-back of their “special rights”, “special benefits” and “government mandated victim status”.

    Face it, they just won’t.

  11. Pat says:


    Thank your for you reply.

    There simply can be no other reason for the lack of waring on the Race Behavior issue.

    If you ignore Race Behavior – you ignore Culture.

    Was it the mission to the Church to destroy all Cultures?


    I know that it is the mission of the Jews to destroy all Cultures.

    We have that figured out.

    If anyone has anything to add to this – please do so. Because the issue is central to what is going on today.

  12. Pat says:

    I can already forecast the Jewish position on this.

    They will say:

    There is no such thing as “Race Behavior”.


    Problem is: We can prove – and have proven that Race Behavior is a scientific fact based on the study of genetics.

    Sorry jew.

  13. mike says:

    Pat I teach my kids that anyone who looks like a “gangsta” is a complete lowlife piece of shit no matter what color and especially if they are white. So what happened is my kid and the other whites started calling a large group of shit talking asian gangstas pussy faggets and pieces of shit. Pull your pants up that kind of stuff. The cop said he wasn’t making out a report but that my son could have gotten a disorderly conduct with a racial slur/hate crime enhancer? I think he made that up? Or maybe not? In all actuality the kids didn’t say anything racist. So I made a big deal about it and the cop said they admitted to racial slurs. I told him all 5 of the kids said he’s lying and that the cop told them “bullshit” after they claimed they had not said anything racist. Also, my sons friend had his garage door dented before the subspecies of humanity ran away and called the cops. The cop said to this boy “I don’t believe you” about the garage door. The cop just wants to drop it and the rest of the parents do to but I think a huge deal should be made about racism towards whites. Just being white is a hate crime I guess. After the other parents pussed out I took all the kids(the other parents don’t even talk to there kids? Wtf?) Anyway, I took all the kids aside and explained to them how the illegals are destroying the country and how they are more important than the white citizen. I explained to them how being white is evil now and that they were in the right and should not take any crap and I congratulated them. I also explained to them when you talk to police you say yes or no and you never, ever, volunteer any information at all as it will be manipulated against you. I explained to them the importance of discovering if there is a police report labeling them as racists as that is used to compile a propaganda like criminal history on decent whites. The next step for these kids is to learn about communism, national socialism and the hitler youth and what they can do to be on the “white” side in the future. Sieg heil all

  14. Pat says:


    The cop said your kid could have been charged with disorderly conduct with a racial slur/hate crime enhancer?

    OK – I that sounds credible to me.

    If you look up what “disorderly conduct” is in your jurisdiction, you will probably see that it’s worded in a way that allows for a lot of latitude on the part of the charging officer.

    I think I would try to schedule a meeting with the Police Chief in your town and ask the guy about what he’s doing about gang activity in your area.

    If he asks “what gang activity” – go ahead and reference the sucm that go around wearing gang garb with low riding pants – etc. Those are obvious gang related things.

    Just be objective, factual and concerned.

    Your contact will let them know they are being noticed.

  15. mike says:

    Luke great fucking comment my brother. I’ve been thinking the same. Yesterday I posted a comment about baptism. The ritual to me says that you are born an evil sinner and must be cleansed of your sin of being born a white european? The church further teaches you to beg forgiveness for your sin of being a free thinking whiteman for the rest of your life. I believe this is the equivalent of being convicted of a crime the day you are born, being placed on probation and ordered to pay fines for a crime you never commited. If we would not allow this why do we allow a disgusting religion of communist principles to be forced on us? Simply look at the early church colluding with nobles and royalty to keep the masses as peasant slave farmers instead of the pre christian citizen class of greece and rome? Wtf? Christianity did in fact give birth to bolshevism. At least the jew compromised catholic christianity. That’s why there were papal crusades against cathar and other non catholic chbristians through out the middle ages.
    Dietrich eckart
    Bolshevism from moses to lenin
    I have never read this book but I assume that it details a lot of what I am thinking out loud in this comment? Something is not right with christianity hence tremendous white opposition to it throughout dark age europe. Every time somebody converted their people became peasants for eternity. In this context christ worship becomes slave conditioning plain and simple

  16. mike says:

    Pat my pissed off ness comes from the fact that none of the white boys including my son said anything racist. They are being branded as racists simply because the kids they mouthed off to are non white asian scumfucks. That’s it. They did not say anything racist and the cop seems to have an ulterior motive in saying they said racist things when all of the kids deny this? They were totaly ignored and the gooks who lie and constantly cause trouble are being believed instead. Its ok, shows me what’s going to happen when shit breaks down and there is no white hating communist police to protect these third world motherfuckers.

  17. sog says:

    hey you meatheads this is not a religious debate web site so save all your anti christ shit for someone who gives a shit cus percentage wise on theis site you probably pissed off 97% of the readers …..or stay the fuck on topik …if you cant say anything nice about mine and hitlers christianity dont say anything ….if you have any qwestions about christianity ask god to show you ,,,seriously ,,ask him ..thats what it is ..a personal sitch between you and god … of the reasons to not read here isnt the fighting its the anti christain blasphemers ,,,,,want to be nihilistic good ,,then start your own blog and run with it ,,,,kaminski is the only guy we tolerate for his nihilist ic views exactly because he writes on his own blog ….
    the god dman kwaps are the enemy as well ,,,flat out enemy …you can smile at your enemies ,,ive done it every day but they dont see the homicidal hate i have for them ..cops are screwed up sob’s serving the gods of jewry ……they take an oath to uphold the damn constitution and within a day or 2 they are its main destroyers and vilaoters of our rights …..
    charging people with wiretapping for taking their pictures is a good one and mean while no one at 5-0 hq is charged for watching thru coppers car camera …
    the police are your enemy and its best to disengage from them ,they are dangerous ,,ive seen them kidnap people and torture them and try to kill them and have seen them kill people also and get away with it ….
    pat is good advice as well but the punk ass gangster problem never gets better ,it only gets worse and even with all the niggers killing each other in record numbers there are still millions of niggers, spiks, gooks in gangs ..
    cops are only there to preserve disorder and now more than ever they are coming heavy under the spell of twisted dhs talmud gook authority and there are too many low iq pigs that dont care about civilians and are borderline psycotix and learning disabled and conscience challenged …tread litely ive seen cops threaten to kill witnesses against them ..and seen them frame up someone for witnessing a cop crime ….will the cops question their new orders on high from the kike dhs to dispatch mobile bullet proof checkpoint huts and start eliminating people they deem as enemies of the state on the roadsides …the bilderberg kikes are currently looking for a way to implement the death of 5 billion people ….jews killing amlekites was it ,only the amalekites had way more honr than any jew ever did ….
    communism will go away when the people go away as the kikes wont need the banner to hide behind anymore and there wont be a need to massacre whole nations or steal and create debt curreny as they will in their dreams be the masters of the earth …lets see if there is anything we can do to ruin their dream

  18. sog says:

    on kapner anyone could be right cus we dont personally know the cat ,,but the articles are sophisticated and aimed at the american short attention span mind …we are conditioned to pay attn in our youth by the tv and the commercial break and 6 more minutes of bs than a 10 minute slurry of shit we neednt pay any mind to ….so his atrties are profound and informative for short attn spans which makes me wonder ,,great its good and i dont donate to him cus i doint live on that site and dont do paypal but can some one explain this pile of shit arty he wrote concerning 4th reich
    for this article alone i condemn him to a smart info gatherer and money grubber ….him not his other articles ,,,i dont give a fuck about him cus he is too embedded and hard to figure out till i saw that shit about the 4th reich ..
    i dont cotton to reich slanderers or german civilian killers who ride in the same propaganda bubble …
    it is typical jew crap to call anything that should be blamed on bolshevik kikery on germans ,,,to super impose the atrocities of the jewish murderers in the ussr onto the german civilians and germany ..
    i mean after all didnt the kikes make good on their threat to annhilate germany and all its children and mothers and old men and young soldires ..stalin was all too happy to see millions of more russians obliterated in the war ….on the same wobbly wheel why didnt hitler dress up barbarossa troops with winter wear ,,i mean it wasnt like they never saw snow in germany and they knew all too well what the power of cold temps could do during the british blockaed where millions starved and froze to death …whose fucking moronoic blunder was it to not arm germans with winter clothes or did they think the war aginst russia would be wound up quickly like to think that but then i wonder why the english channel wasnt turned into an impassible ship graveyard for 7000 ships on d-day as germany had the rail guns and arty to do it …germany had half a chance at best to be all it could be but the insidious jew was so deeply imbedded for 1000 years into europe ,,,just wonderin is all ..nothin is ever as simple as we think ..
    and so now christianity is being parralelled to communism …you better back up …christianity and catholocism split a wide and large difering direction early in the 1000 area and there are the records of luther who was extremely jew wise and translated afetr the fact of atranslation being done to remove the catholic churches power over independent christianity ..the catholic church had the indulgences ..a list of every sort of sin and crime and a price to pay for absolution by the catholic church ..this shot was so out of hand as to be purely jewish influence on the church as we know that jews were invited in to the catholic church to be the currency counters as the duty was beneath the papal priests …fox in the henhouse ..
    i am getting the feeling that all the talk of christianity takes away from the main message on bashing criminal jews …read on luther and see if you take away a parralell between christainaity and bolshevism ..hell that is exactly what peole say when they write that socialism in germany and zionism are the same thing which is patently brain dead logic …illogic ..
    i think i need to paddle away to a remote island for awhile …

  19. Dafydd says:

    Previously I recommended the link to British Resistance, well now having had more dealings with them, I would advise people to stay well clear of them, because they only allow one sided debate, and if you disagree with some posters, they resort to abuse, and give you no right to reply.
    If you say something positive and objective about Adolf Hitler for instance, they start abusing you, with name calling; because basically these posters are as thick as two short planks.
    The site is flooded with odd balls of this ilk!

  20. SBD TV says:


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  22. Larry Smith says:

    No good Jews any nation without them because a great nation ,my nation not to great with Jews around disgusting jews.White mans curse

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