Any Questions White People?

Art by Leif Oldhart. Download original HERE. Also download: “Now can we censor the Internet?” artwork HERE.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Greg says:

    The hate!

    Oh, the hate Bailey, I can’t take it. Just the sight of the swasitka makes my head spin around and causes me to go into a mad fit. LOL!

    The thing we must really be worried about are sharks at the beach, (though the ocean is their home), pythons invading the Glades, UFOs, Bigfoots, Global Warming, and last but not least….

    Those damn rednecks!

    The jewish people will never be safe until these things are taken care of.

  2. Greg says:


    I can’t be concerned with small trivial nonsense like the jews destroying the world (my nation included) to take it over.

    Sharks are being spotted at beaches….I mean WTF are they doing there anyways?

  3. silvernickel says:

    Here is another example of despicable jewish liberal created propaganda to keep the anti-white, homo, atheistic, Christian hating, commie duped plebes in their designated democratic cages, on the left.

  4. t bone says:

    Re: Jasons vid @ 11:47

    I believe that mulatto dude is affiliated with Mike Delaney @ ProThink. He absolutely nails the jew, spot on. Great stuff, borderline brilliant. Very articulate. I could not have said it better myself.

    It gets my vote for video of the week.

    Heres a re-post. This is a mandatory vid, folks:

  5. t bone says:


    Nitwityahoo is obviously talking down to his audience as if they had the mental capacity of 7 year olds (some probably do). Arrogant scumbag.

    Great follow up with the cartoon vid. My thoughts exactly as I watched that jew propaganda.

    A couple questions came to mind:

    How many wars has Iran been in the last 65 years?

    How many wars have the jews started in the last 65 years?

    I lost count with the jew wars but Iran is easy. Zero.

  6. Greg says:

    t bone,

    And before anyone supports attacking Iran they need to ask themselves:

    “What has Iran done to us?”

    “What do I really know about Iran?”

    “Are the same false accusations that were made against Iraq being made against Iran?”

    “How will a war with Iran affect America here at home?”

    Before waving that flag supporting the so called “global force for good” think and ask questions. Don’t be Patriotard Amerikwans.

  7. bubba(not bibi) says:

    t bone says:
    September 29, 2012 at 1:43 pm


    Nitwityahoo is obviously talking down to his audience as if they had the mental capacity of 7 year olds (some probably do). Arrogant scumbag.


    Actually they are …….have you ever had a discussion with a Bureaucrat or Politician? Most are hacks ,…..they’ve been cherry picked to fill the spot. I’ll bet 99% of those in the UN believe in the Holohoax, or at least would say it publically.

    However, they do sense this Isreali nutcase is capable of starting WW3, so they are caught between Iraq and a hard place

    The whole system smells like a whore house at lowtide.

  8. Jason says:

    ” The Jew will never tell you the full story of their control. And there is no excuse for even the common Jew to not be aware of it. As a mixed person, I see the placement of mixed people in society and I can say with full assurance that mixed people do not hold sway over the world. As humans, we automatically notice the placement of those of similar skin color and physical features in space-time. And I do not see Mulatto people running the banks, media, publishing industry, porn industry, or the American Government. Anyone who believes that the Jew does not notice the placement of other Jews is a fool. Anyone who preaches that the common Jew is merely unaware of what his brethren are doing is either an imbecile or serving to protect his Jewish masters by helping to claim their innocence.”

    ” The Jew can plainly see that it is his race, not yours or mine, that controls the political spectrum, just as easily as I would notice if such circles were controlled by people who were Mulatto, Black, White or Chinese. People who want you to believe that the Jew does not notice the power and placement of other Jews in society also must submit that they want you to believe that all Jews must be born blind. These people are lying to you. So where is this good Jew that will stand up with us and fight these criminals? Where is the good Jew who will denounce the whole of Jewish crimes and the entirety of the supremacist and immoral religion known as Judaism? I say to you that the good Jew does not exist because one such as that would cease to be a Jew.” – John Alan Martinson

  9. Hoff says:

    JasonEven I had a hard time to follow him. He is extremely jew-wide. I know him from before.

    bubba How can one claim Solzhenitsyn was not Jew wise?

    If that was aimed at me Hoff? I never said that Solzhenitsyn wasn’t jew-wise. I said he just didn’t get the whole picture. Ahood in uprising could NOT defeat the jews in 1917. The jews know exactly what they want. Most non-jews don’t even have a remotely idea that the jews can cooperate in groups. Who do you think have the upper hand: The clueless non-jews or the jews that have a plan?

  10. Hoff says:

    t bone says:

    September 29, 2012 at 1:43 pm


    Nitwityahoo is obviously talking down to his audience as if they had the mental capacity of 7 year olds (some probably do). Arrogant scumbag.

    Great follow up with the cartoon vid. My thoughts exactly as I watched that jew propaganda.

    A couple questions came to mind:

    How many wars has Iran been in the last 65 years?

    How many wars have the jews started in the last 65 years?

    I lost count with the jew wars but Iran is easy. Zero.

    Correction: Iran have been in ONE war, when Saddam Hussein’s Iraq attacked Iran.

    The correct Q is: How many wars have Iran started the last 65 years?

    The correct A is: ZERO.

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hungary Stops Holocaust Payments, Demands Refund

    With all the depressing news we discuss here it is nice to post something positive.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Great New Video By Snordelhans: Virtual 9-11

    This sounds like it might be what the Israelis and our government have planned. This video is about 4 minutes long.

  13. Hoff says:

    Well, we claim to be able to educate people. We MUST choose our words very careful, to be explicit. I pick on incogman and Br Nathan becouse of bad wording, too. You are in good company ;D

  14. Hoff says:

    ;-D test

  15. Hoff says:



  16. bubba(not bibi) says:

    Hoff says:
    September 29, 2012 at 3:03 pm

    I don’t quite catch your meaning…..

    IMHO Solzhenitsyn had a very good perspective…even if one has to read between t the lines. He lamented that Russia list its roots and focus, which can be reverse engineered to Jewry which he either states or bluntly implies.

    I think it is quite clear that the Jews saw Christian Russia and Christian Germany as two powerful obstacles . Keep in mind the Kahazars (Jew Converts) were situated between Russia and Europe.

    The Jews saw the need to literally wipe out Russia first…..and had its sights set on Germany as the next target. Geo-politically, Russia was a huge frontier but isolated from central Europe. Germany, on the other hand was imbedded in Central Europe…it required more of a surgical strike.

    Solzhenitsyn could not help but see Jewry as the root….it must have been rubbed in his nose daily.

    Anyway….if we agree to disagree… big deal.

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Supremacists Are In Schizoid Panic Mode, Threaten To Murder All ‘Anti-Semites’

    Schizoid Jews and their veiled threats against us all for learning about the Zionist conspiracy.

    This video is 16 minutes long.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Snordelhans On A Roll: Great New Video Entitled: “Benny Netanyahu’s Magic Marker And The Red Line!!!”

    Go to You Tube and check out the comments about this video. You will understand why Joseph Lieberman is pushing to censor the Internet. This video is a little less than 6 minutes long.

  19. GTRman says:

    I watched the latest brand-new edition of South Park .
    It started well , taking the piss out of the folks that want to remove all elements of danger and aggression and competition from sports .

    About 10 minutes in we see Cartman drink a sample of an 8 year old boys sperm . ( As if 8 year olds have any ” creamy goo ” ( their words not mine ) but hey , this is a jew fantasy )

    Soon , everyone is drinking this stuff . Its being promoted on TV as a sports drink .

    No , I didnt make it up and couldnt if I tried .

    ” When Randy Marsh learns that kickoffs have been banned from elementary school football due to fears of serious injury, he protests this at a PTA meeting, and sarcastically suggests implementing a ridiculously safe and emasculating new game called Sarcastaball, in which the boys wear bras and tinfoil hats, use a balloon instead of a ball and give hugs and compliments to the opposing team instead of tackling them. Despite the sarcastic tone with which he makes this statement (and with which he speaks almost exclusively throughout the episode), the PTA takes this idea literally, and implements it, with Randy as coach of the South Park Elementary team. Although Stan and his friends are skeptical about Sarcastaball, Butters proves to be a morale booster for his team, telling them that they must draw upon their “creamy center” where the “happy, loving goo” sits that allows them to be good to others. The nation’s youth so embrace Sarcastaball over football that a National Sarcastaball League is created, and Marsh is made the coach of the Denver Broncos, complete with sarcastic cheerleaders and sarcastic halftime performers. When this takes him away from coaching South Park Elementary the team makes Butters team captain.

    When Cartman tells Butters that his inability to be nice to people makes him a poor Sarcastaball player, Butters tells him that everyone has a creamy goo inside them that can make them good to others. Butters shows Eric a closet filled of jars of this “goo”, which turns out to be semen that he has stored from his nocturnal emissions, some of which Cartman and the other players ingest in order to improve their game. This tactic spreads until a popular sports drink made of semen is publicly marketed and endorsed by professional players.

    Meanwhile, after Randy’s wife, Sharon, expresses to Randy her concern that he has become unable to speak without being sarcastic, they consult a doctor, who tells them that sarcasm has caused Randy irreversible brain damage. Randy then goes to his son’s Sarcastaball game to plead with the crowd that sarcasm, and the game based on it, is dangerous. Stan and Cartman tell Randy that when Butters says that competitiveness can be compassionate, he is not being sarcastic, but entirely sincere, and that Randy is simply too grumpy to consider that the game can be played sincerely. When Stan gives his father some of the “sports drink” to boost his feelings of caring and goodness, Randy realizes it is semen. As a result, Butters is grounded for having others consume his semen. When he subsequently experiences an erection, his father tells him it is a “friendly compass” that informs him when friends are near, and that it is pointing up because Jesus is his friend.”

  20. GTRman says:

    And why was Cartman the first to drink the ” creamy goo ” ?

    Some answers here :

    ” The message is clear, Matt Stone realized South Park fans have not been laughing at Cartman but with him. He saw the popularity of Cartman and realized fans loved him for being a “racist” and a “bigot”.

    Stone realized the character he had originally created to discredit anti-Semitism has actually been promoting it for the last fourteen years.

    With the end of the series likely coming soon, Stone tried to kill the legacy of Cartman.

    The truth is that Matt Stone’s original plan to discredit anti-Semitism has backfired. He has already introduced the Jewish question to a whole new generation. ”

  21. GTRman says:

    Jews have been behind much of the seemingly harmless ” comedy ” of the last 50 years .

    In USA you had ” Archie Bunker ” which was a US version of ” Till Death Do Us Part ” written by jew Jonny Speight and starring jew Warren Mitchell as the ‘bigoted , rayciss white man ‘.

    The dad in sit coms has ALWAYS been played as a loser , a cuckold , henpecked , pathetic , etc etc .

    Jews inject POLITICAL memes into their ” art ” with intent .

    AKIRA says it better than I can , here :

    A commenter says :

    ” I don’t get it. What’s the point of this. It’s just about a stupid old TV show. What’s the excuse for all the Nazi style hate speech about Jews? If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it.
    2012-09-25 : Lucy ”

    AKIRA replies :

    ” Re: I don’t get it
    If you don’t like this post (or this comment) then just don’t read it.

    Re: “I don’t get it. What’s the point of this. It’s just about a stupid old TV show. What’s the excuse for all the Nazi style hate speech about Jews? If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it.”


    It’s History.

    Many people look around and wonder, “How did the world / this country end up like this?” (for good or for bad. The answer requires a study of History.

    For The Kike, media control is not just about entertainment or profits or information or art, as it is for most people. For The Kike the main concern is to subvert Non-Kike society. These two related TV series and the movie are examples of this.

    It’s not just an accident or coincidence that these cultural industry prawdakts are directed and produced and distributed by Kikes.

    The movie producer: Kike Nat Cohen.

    The movie’s opening: Nazis, Hitler:

    Most cultural productions have incidental political content. Kike cultural industry prawdakts are primarily political in intent.

    This is an example of a show that was DESIGNED to change British society in the ways outlined in the list above.

    In case you missed it in your bewilderment or outrage or confusion:

    The Likely Lads and Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? TalmudVision series, and The Likely Lads movie, were kike agit-prop and social-engineering prawjekts; designed to promote:

    * Class Warfare”: The idea that “society” = The Proletariat vs Toffs, Left vs Right, Labour vs Tory, Bolshies vs Rotarians

    * The concept of the White man as a perpetually henpecked and cuckolded irresponsible buffoon

    * The idea of Negro men and Kike schoolgirls as the objects of English sex fantasies

    * The idea that English men should vacate their parents’ homes so Negroes can move in (Africans, who speak The Queen’s English, proper like, and are working on their PhD’s at Durham U, after graduating from Cambridge…)

    * The idea that anyone bothered or amused by queers must be a closet queer (the original definition of “homophobia”, as first propagated by The Kike’s Screw magazine and in Kike “psychiatry”)

    * The idea that marriage is a redundant “institution”, and a joke

    * The idea that blasphemy and Anti-Christian propaganda is “comedy”, and that Christianity is just a big joke

    * The idea that fathers pimping their daughters is normal, and funny

    * The idea that rape is a big joke

    * The idea that adultery is a big joke

    * The idea that people should mate indiscriminately every chance they get, and never have to be concerned about diseases or pregnancy

    * The image of the English goyeem as bigoted, pathetic, directionless, lost losers. ”

  22. Bailey says:

    @ Frank ,

    It sure is nice to see good news , thanks .

    It’s cool that hungary is saying eff’ you to the jews .
    the second part of that article needs repeating .
    “Rising anti-Semitism in Hungary”

    The dispute has erupted at a time when Jewish organizations say bias against Hungarian Jews is at alarming heights, surging dramatically in recent years.

    Nearly two-thirds of Hungarians surveyed this year said Jews “still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust,” the Anti-Defamation League found, the highest rate among European countries it polled. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel handed back a Hungarian award this summer, saying Hungary was whitewashing its past crimes.

    Jewish organizations also complained that Hungary had dragged its feet in finding and arresting an alleged Nazi-era torturer, detaining him only after a British tabloid had confronted him at his Budapest apartment days earlier. The news emerged last month while President Janos Adler was in Israel, facing uncomfortable questions about the apparent rise in Hungarian animus toward Jews.

    Fuck Israel , Could it be that the Hungarian people woke up ?

    Let’s hope many more catch on , real soon !

  23. GTRman says:

    So , the question is :

    Are jews really obsessed with bodily functions and excretions , or do they knowingly put out this pre-juvenile filth as a poison ?

    American Pie : jew fucks a pie . Goy eats dog shit . Goy screws someones grandma in a dark closet , etc .

    The Change Up : Opening scene : Goys face is splattered with liquid shit from a baby .

    Theres Something About Mary : Goy girl rubs joo goo -judaism -jism in her hair .

    And the latest one , about phone sex : Girl gets covered in piss , opening scene .
    Then learns to love being a phone slut ..

    Warning : Jew ” comedy ” . Both “actresses ” are jew . One is married to Seth Rogen .

    Im fairly sure that time is short for this bizarre tribe .

  24. GTRman says:

    The people of Hungary knew exactly WHO was oppressing them under “communism “.

    That’s the difference .

  25. bubba(not bibi) says:

    GTRman says:
    September 29, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    I harken back the the Seinfled epsiode “Master of you own Domain ” aka the Masturbation contest.

    If not mistaken , at the time , Seinfelds ratings were OK, but this episode changed the whole game and moved it up the ratings scale.

    Not a prude…but not a sucker either. The Jew media is plateauing and running out of ideas…..(probably live pre -teen bestiality next?)

    When South Park came out…it was funny and edgy….but how low are we gonna set the limbo bar nowadays….?

    Overall…….I don’t have much time or use for TV other than a few shows. Miss the olde days of wit and subtle innuendo…

  26. GTRman says:

    Bubba : I agree . I watched it online anyway -TV is impossible to watch these days .

    So , how far down can we go ? Is it an unstoppable downward spiral or will there be a pendulum effect ?

    Shall we just stick a camera in a toilet bowl and literally watch people shit on us ?

    ( Dammit – I dont want to give those TV folks any ideas ..)

    AKIRA again , short and sweet :


  27. GTRman says:

    It would be great to see sanity prevail , and for White folks and Muzzies to ‘ be the better man ‘ , eg , if the Palestinians ever got control , instead of indulging in massive torture and slaughter , simply said ” lets swap houses ” !! So the jews had to live in the mess THEY created !

    In America , it would be great to see the likes of Larry David explaining his degenerate output to a jury of Christians in a court !

    Also , sending jews to work in Chinese and Indian factories : After all , it was them that thought it was such a good idea !!

    We can but dream ….

  28. t bone says:

    OK, lets see.

    Western countries that currently might be waking up to the jew:

    1. Greece



    Can anyone add to this?…or feedback?

    Maybe Italy (anti-Christian vandalism by jews), France (Marie Le Pen), and El Salvador (Hugo Chavez) too, but I’m not sure. Havent looked at them recently.

    My gut tells me that SHTF is only weeks away. Gotta ease up on the bacon sangwiches. 🙂

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    U.S. Government Legalize Sterilization For Minors without Parental Consent

    Jews have come up with another way to trim the goyim herd.

  30. bubba(not bibi) says:

    Bailey says:
    September 29, 2012 at 5:42 pm

    The revolution won’t take much…..

    The historical stats say 3% of the given population….I say one well intentioned well motivated and well informed shit disturber is all one needs.

    It appears most of these inbred Kahazars like E LIE WEASEL hate(= avoid) debate…their subtle “2 left feet” tapdance is find ways to avoid obejctive(aka FACT FILLED) discussion of this BIG LIE.

    As I have said before…. in my City, …..I am going to ramp up “Christmas” display at my City Hall….nor more “Iwa Jew-ma” Menorah flag shoved down our throats.

  31. GTRman says:

    I think we may be witnessing the beginning of the 110th fall of the jew .

    Hubris , chutzpah …….we are going to see some back-spinning and damage control , but the Katz out of the bag ! Oh yes .

    Good audio here . If you havent got time for the whole thing , listen from 19 minutes :

    Don, a lawyer from southern California, is Carolyn’s guest for two hours of discussion ranging from the after-effects of the Trayvon Martin case, to the mentality of those on both sides of the slavery issue in America, to the non-credibility of the Barack Obama persona as sold to us by the media. In all cases, “untruth” triumphs over truth, yet Don remains optimistic that Whites will prevail in the end. Points of discussion include:

    Obama: “Trayvon looks like he could be my son.”
    Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter speak against White guilt;
    White self-hatred of Northern abolitionists who wanted to amalgamate the black-white races;
    Early photo-shopped pictures of ‘Barry’ Obama and odd-ball errors and anecdotes in his alleged writings;
    Obama hates Whites, favors Muslims, may be homosexual;
    And more.

  32. GTRman says:

    The ” global spiritual awakening ” that the hippy new agers talk about may well be a meataphor for ” folks gettin jew-wise ” .

    And this time , theyve got no-where to run to .

  33. GTRman says:

    Ive gotten to the point where I will just walk away from anyone that talks about sport .

    What they usually mean is ” Its my fave telly show ”

    Im alone , and not exactly what you would call happy , but Im not a twat , I hope :


  34. Hoff says:

    Snowy Smith South Africa September 29, 2012 @ 10:09 am
    WOW Obama:
    923 EXECUTIVE ORDERS in 3½ years!

    That’s because USA Congress will NOT pass New World Order COMMUNIST bills.

    So the JEWISH CRIMINAL MAFIA that has HIJACKED the USA Government is using EXECUTIVE ORDERS


    Teddy Roosevelt: 3

    Others Prior To FDR: NONE

    FDR: 11 in 16 years
    Truman: 5 in 7 years
    Ike: 2 in 8 years
    JFK: 4 in 3 years
    LBJ: 4 in 5 years
    Nixon: 1 in 6 years
    Ford: 3 in 2 years
    Carter: 3 in 4 years
    Reagan: 5 in 8 years
    Bush 1: 3 in 4 years
    Clinton: 15 in 8 years
    Bush 2: 62 in 8 years
    Obama: 923 in 3½ years!

    If you don’t get the implications you’re not paying attention.
    How many warnings do you need?

  35. t bone says:

    And a vid about the 923 Executive orders:

  36. Hoff says:

    Exchange “Executive order” with …

    JEW ORDER, and you get what this is all about.

    Just read what the JEW ORDER says in the video. I will boil it down to one very easy to understand oneliner:


    The first point in the jew Karl Marx Communist Manifesto is: EVERYTHING BELONGS TO THE STATE. When everything belongs to the state the jews only have one single question to get an answer to, and that Q is: – How do we jews take control of the state?

    America 2o12 is just the same as Russia 1917. The BIG Q is: Will the american people get it before it’s to late?

  37. John says:


    I grew up in Colorado and I’ve been watching South Park since I was a teenager. South Park is a real place and I’ve actually driven through it, so I get all the references in the show. I wasn’t fully Jew wise until a couple of years ago, but now that I am the show takes on a whole new meaning. This comment was spot on:

    ” The message is clear, Matt Stone realized South Park fans have not been laughing at Cartman but with him. He saw the popularity of Cartman and realized fans loved him for being a “racist” and a “bigot”.

    Stone realized the character he had originally created to discredit anti-Semitism has actually been promoting it for the last fourteen years.

    With the end of the series likely coming soon, Stone tried to kill the legacy of Cartman.

    The truth is that Matt Stone’s original plan to discredit anti-Semitism has backfired. He has already introduced the Jewish question to a whole new generation. ”

    I admit that I do still watch it and you can really tell that Jew co-creator Matt Stone is trying to do some serious damage control. I’m sure you saw that weird Passover episode they did recently. No doubt Stone is under some serious pressure from his Jewish bosses to dismiss Jew wise folks as crazy people and insult us at the same time.

  38. Hoff says:

    If Br Nathan ain’t the real deal, I don’t know who will be. Br Natahan in Jew York, video:

    Hoff September 29, 2012 @ 7:18 pm
    Another Jew code word decoded: Executive Order = JEW ORDER.

    How do you as a Jew come from a Jew-ghetto called “Israel”, surpass 300 million Americans and get the Master Key to the White House?

    You get APPOINTED. How you as a Jew do that is that you control the “president” of USA.

    How do you as a Jew surpass US Congress? You control the “president” and make him sign countless “Executive Orders.”

    Lnk to my comment at Br Nathan’s blog:

  39. AKIRA says:

    Any questions, Wjite people?

    Just ask Kike Bro-Nate!

    Here’s his “evangelism” report about all the filthy “White Goyim”, the “Jewish” students and the “intelligent” Muslims. The Muslims aren’t counted by him as “Goyim”. Is that because Islam is Talmudic filth, or just because they weren’t White?


    Brother Nathanael
    September 29, 2012 @ 1:11 pm
    The dregs of humanity were all out tonite in droves at Times Square – my 3rd nite out here in NYC.

    Every shade of purple, (white goyim dying their hair purple with matching tatoos), brown, white, and black made their showing tonite.

    Maybe 1 out of 100 people have an intelligent look in their eyes and faces and it’s almost a great comfort to see a human being that actually doesn’t look like a zombie.

    The “Naked Cowboy” was making all kinds of lewd poses in front of me and the stupid white goyim just couldn’t get enough of his carnal lewdness.

    Huge crowds of the White Goyim that David Duke and Kevin MacDonald are just so hopeful of starting a “revolution” gathered round the Naked Cowboy oogling and taking pictures with him INCLUDING THE WHITE GOYIM MEN making muscle poses with this low life bikini-clad muscle man imbecile.

    As I see it “on the streets” Amerikans are made up of mostly “entertainment-addicted” idiots who hate the truth and will believe any lie served up to them to make them “feel good” about themselves. This is why Lieberman is setting up Wide Screen TVs in his FEMA camps to keep the white goyim happy. The Naked Cowboy will even make some special appearances so that they can still think they still have lots of “muscle.” AMERIKA IS DOOMED.

    NYC is a metaphor for Amerika: HYMIE TOWN/JEW TOWN USA where every other building is named after a Jew couple like The Miriam and Sidney Levinson Building. In other words ALL THE ROT AND LIES AND WICKEDNESS IN AMERIKA has been brought to us by JEWS.
    The plain clothes security person didn’t show up tonite and sure enough after about an hour of me holding up the Holy Cross I was assaulted. A thug in his forties hit me on my head and when I told him that I was going to charge him with Assault & Battery he took off fast since there were 2 cops on the other side of the street.

    This was my third nite out on Times Square and what really redeemed my time is that MANY New Yorkers THANKED ME for what I was doing. MANY OF THEM.

    I also had some interesting conversations and encounters with Muslims who seem absolutely entranced in a positive way by my holding up the Holy Cross.

    Many Muslims from Turkey who looked much more intelligent than the Amerikan Goyim wanted to take pictures with me and one very intelligent young woman asked me to explain the Orthodox Church to her. It was a wonderful conversation and a great time to share my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. I was very respectful and she kept on asking more and more questions.

    I explained to her that Jesus Christ offers forgiveness of sins through His death and Resurrection and that no other religion offers this: Forgiveness of sins and assurance that death has been conquered by Christ’s Resurrection. She thanked me for being polite and respectful and for sharing my faith with her.

    ALSO – I got a chance to share Christ with a group of young Jewish yeshiva students who were very attracted to my Street Evangelism. They were in their teens and still had an open mind to some extent.

    AND – TONS OF PEOPLE came up to me saying, “I See You On YouTube!” This is VERY encouraging!

    ALL IS WELL. I will be back on the Streets of NYC tomorrow. Do keep me in your prayers!


    It’s “funny” to think of the stupid White “Goyim” who have given this Kike cash.

  40. Kender says:

    well, the porch monkey may very well shit like the rest of us, but he doesn’t know how to wipe his ass! look at this shit stain! he ain’t wiped his ass since he took his first dump.
    just covered with it….oh wait is that his skin color? lol

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