Backstabbing Rat BASTARDS DID 9/11

FIRST ITEM OF business: If you still harbor any doubts about 9/11 being an inside job, just take the lousy 59 minutes to watch the video I have below the “continue reading” button (the link also has HD). Once you finally get it, once you believe these rat bastards really did this insanely evil job on our heads that dark day, you’ll also go on to understand how everything fits together.

Second: Besides the obvious jacking up of American patriots against mideast enemies of Israel, the reason they did 9/11 was to create the excuses to build up the infrastructure of the Police State. Just watch the first minute and a half of the video below to see a brief listing of the unconstitutional laws they’ve since passed. These NWO rat bastards have long understood the dollar was nearing the end of it’s life for use as a FIAT and reserve currency (our enslavement tool); the rats dearly want to roll out a new multinational currency to further their selfish Globalist ambitions, among so many other things.

Third: This is WHY 9/11 has successfully remained covered-up from the unthinking masses. In fact, it is the only possible way they could have gotten away with it. The evil rats behind this, are also behind so much more. They literally have millions of brother and sister rats out here, doing the grunt work for the bigger, richer rats. Oh, sure, these people are not getting secret instructions, via invisible ink on parchment, surgically embedded WIFI antenna running along the spine, or anything like that (but they want you to think we think stuff like that).

It’s only because these subversive rats fully realize if all us Goyim plebs out here get it, we might come after each and everyone of their devious asses — while wearing Realtree hunting camo and steel-toed jackboots; carrying torches, pitchforks, AR-15’s and nicely sporterized AK-47 assault rifles. As we probably should, of course.

9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. Bravely aired this week by the Colorado Public Broadcasting system (but not elsewhere).

Most importantly, these rats own and pretty much control mainstream media at all levels throughout. You think these pro-Israel people are going to allow any real investigative reports getting broadcast to the masses? And without all the obvious-as-hell sarcasm and “conspiracy theory” ridicule BS from the get-go?

You can see how much they try to dissuade us from believing anything but the government’s line of bull all the time. Some free media, huh?

Couple that with the silencing taboo of “PC” installed in our heads, gender-twisting social changes, massive third world immigration to destroy our political demographics and the never-ending multicultural brainwashing to divide up White people. All that plus, unfortunately, our very own weakness and inability to conceive of people willing to do such incredibly evil acts — you have the BS of today.

Ever hear about that quote business called the “Big Lie?” This is where Hitler supposedly said the little people fall prey to the lies from the Nazi leadership because the lies were so huge they had to believe it. They have the nerve to imply or say outright Hitler was bragging about himself and his buds (now why would he do that, anyway?).

Here’s the actual quote they jury-rigged around (chapter 10 of “Mein Kampf”). This is where Hitler is coming to the defense of WWI hero General Ludendorff, whom the Jews have basely slandered in their owned media simply because he presented a serious danger to Jewry’s commie designs upon Germany after the WWI armistice:

“But it remained for the Jews, with their unqualified capacity for falsehood, and their fighting comrades, the Marxists, to impute responsibility for the downfall precisely to the man who alone had shown a superhuman will and energy in his effort to prevent the catastrophe which he had foreseen and to save the nation from that hour of complete overthrow and shame. By placing responsibility for the loss of the world war on the shoulders of Ludendorff they took away the weapon of moral right from the only adversary dangerous enough to be likely to succeed in bringing the betrayers of the Fatherland to Justice. All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true in itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.” [go to page 196 of Mein Kampf PDF]

Hitler was really saying White people were just too naive and trusting to conceive of how hugely THE JEWS LIED. The quote has been so completely turned around for use in Jewish anti-Nazi propaganda in the West and has proved so useful over the years, all sorts of pretend clever PC intellectuals now use it every chance they get. Go HERE for more.

It’s just amazing how so much of the world’s true history has been hijacked and manipulated by these people. Sickening, really.

This “Big Lie” business can also be used to explain the psychological mind-set of today’s Americans when it comes to denying 9/11 could have been an inside job. People just can’t conceive their government would do something so big and evil to their own people. Folks, it’s not “our government” but backstabbing Zionist rat traitors they have embedded everywhere. Sure, virtually all of them are not part of any real operational plans that day — only acting as “gatekeepers” afterwards.

Speaking of gatekeepers, a week ago I wrote a short piece on 9/11 here, called “Let’s Get This Straight Right Now,” which I considered holding until this year’s 9/11 anniversary. However, I really wrote it in response to a bunch of embedded Zionist hasbaRATS over at (an Irish political forum site).

Since then, my user account there has been quietly blocked, allowing me to log on, but immediately dropping my specific IP connection (a friend tells me they can do that with the particular forum software they use, so it might not be quite so obvious to other members). Some free speech, huh?

I was so pissed going back and forth with those embedded Zionist Jews — pretending to be just regular Irish — on that site, that I had to let off some steam so I wrote my rant and put it on the net over here; this was before they did their little BS trick to my account. But that’s OK, because the real people of the world are going to hear what you did to INCOG MAN and they’ll spread it around about your BS censoring ways. Got that, Jew faggots?

Now listen up: I don’t really care all that much about little things like that. What I do care about is where these Zionist SOBs are taking this country.

They did this to America to get us into WWII and are now doing it again over Iran. You hear me? Yep, WWII was to stop Hitler and Japan from freeing themselves from International Jewish money. They also recently did something similar to Libya’s Khaddifi because he was starting up a gold-based currency to use in oil transactions and African independence.

Hell, these evil bastards have recently given Syrian rebels ground-launched missiles (America, Saudis and Israel are equipping them from Turkey), which they now threaten to use against civilian airliners landing at Syrian airports under control by Assad. Funny, how that interesting little tidbit missed the evening news, huh?

About 55 million died during WWII (418,000 Americans). And with the GD crap they got now, it might be in the billions. Even if it doesn’t spin out of control into a Third World War, going to war with Iran will be the final nail in the destruction of our economy.

These Zionist Jew rats have been jerking the chains of America for decades. Ever wonder why people end up so sick and tired of them so much that we go haywire on their stinking asses? Well, you’re seeing the reasons right now in real time.

I AM NOT sitting here writing on my site because I merely hate Jews as liars and scam artists (they are all that, too), but to get your attention to the bigger picture that just might seriously affect everyone of us in some very bad, bad ways. Including little Jewry, BTW (not that I give a flying rat’s ass what happens to those stuck-up liars).

We’ve simply got to stop the GD car and yank these lunatic RATS out of the driver’s seat before they drive us all off the cliff.

— Phillip Marlowe

Go here to see who the RATS were: The Dirty Rotten Jews Did 9/11

PS: This will be up for a few days after the 9/11 anniversary. Make sure you watch the video and ALERT EVERYONE to these stinking Jews!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    you may feel like a looser due to others that surround you that sold out to satan and chose to be absent of morals but to me you are the rose among thorns

  2. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    you do have something to loose that’s worth keeping; your soul
    don’t let the cunts steal it -fuck them to hell.

  3. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    HD CCTV cameras being installed across the country are ‘a threat to human rights’

    -smash the cunts up
    show your appreciation for those who rape our children in the ass and get away with it,dancing in a tartan kilt scottfree

  4. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    herds of sheep are easily driven into the pit by satanic overlords.
    getting the lobotmozed automaton robot soldiers to destroy all of humanity in the process.

    being spiritual and full of the love of creation and your creator is satans biggest threat ,he needs to shroud you in the darkness of his lies to keep you as his slave.

  5. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    LIFES a bag of laughs being holocausted by satanic fake jew bankers
    and the extortionate USURY


  6. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    Those who will not be governed by GOD will be ruled by tyrants
    -william penn 1668

    God of this world =SATAN

    This is not a mere ,quaint philosophical statement ,this is the monarchy telling you that if you do not follow the code of satans bible they will kill your ass.

  7. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    God was not loving he was an absolute mass murderer
    God loved killing/murdering goyim-does it all the time.

  8. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    they think we english are meek and pathetic ,but you know that’s what satan’s fury has done to us -it payed off in the long run-just give to caesar every last thing you had and then run for the fucking hills.

  9. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:


    i did -did you.
    fake satanist jews
    rockefefeller cancer industry profiting from murdering goyim plus he goes around murdering scientists like raymond rife who cure profitable diseases
    the decline of white man-tarzan-named an animal by terrorist overlords

  10. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    If i’m wrong it wouldn’t be the last time.

    No hard feelings!

  11. mike says:

    Cannibal yeah whatever man, what’s up with this yahweh character? Apparently he/she is able to conversate with themselves for days on end?

    Yahweh have you ever though of shutting the fuck up? Apparently not, bet you havnt even noticed that you are talking to yourself completely wtf?

  12. Cannibal Rabbi says:



  13. mike says:

    Cannibal you’re alright dude, so, I’m looking for the jewish kahal right? You know anything about it? Its like impossible to find. What I’m looking for is the book written by a jewish rabbi turned christian anti communist. So this guy publishes 2 books on the communists/social democrats/jew rat bastards secret documents and all kinds of stuff exposing that they are murderers and just total scum. He warns alexander 2 the russian tsar who defied the rothschilds by sending a fleet to oppose the british attacking either the north or the south in the american civil war. Anyway he warns him that the kikes are trying to pull some shit and I believe the tsar funded his books? Alexander 2 and his grandson nicholos are both murdered by the kikes later. Anyway there is the russian publications of the kahal 1 and 2, there is a french translation and german translations from 1928 by siegfried passarge who seems to have written a lot about the kikes and communism. Anyway I’m trying to find the books and can’t. I have the correct german titles and all that but nothing. Can’t even find the isbn numbers. There is supposedly an american english translation in the library of congress also? Yeah there is some other books by the jewish rabbi turned christian whose name was jakov brafman/jacob brafmann. One is called the jewish brotherhood and the is supposed to be a third book on the kahal by jacobs son alexander brafmann.bthe german title is das buch von kahal translated by siegfried passarge.
    Book 1 Das Buchvom Kahal /1 Materialienzur Erforschungder jüdischen Sitten. by Jakov A Brafman; Siegfried Passarge Book Language: German Publisher: Leipzig : Hammer, 1928.

    Book 2 Das Buchvom Kahal /2 Das Buchvonder Verwaltungder jüdischen Gemeinde. by Jakov A Brafman; Siegfried Passarge Book Language: German Publisher: Leipzig : Hammer, 1928.

    So, owning a copy of brafmanns books in any language throughout the entire existance of the ussr was punishable by the death penalty. Does anybody know about any of this, or where to find a copy, or if these are the only books that have no isbn number? I think they are, filthy kikes

  14. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Are you queer?

  15. mike says:

    Cannibal sometimes you are annoying which I know is your purpose in life but come on dude I’m serious? Most of you motherfuckers on this site are not really against jews you just pretend to be for something to do or someone to blame. Yi_ou have no conception of the real struggle with these fuckers. This is exactly why I don’t even read incogs articles anymore. Its just a bunch of half wit retards posting ridiculous nonsense and calling everybody names? Good way to get those jews by further idiptizing wourselves and calling eachother jews. Way to go incoglanders. Id prefer national socialism but yeah let’s post videos of putrid music and call people names… no offence to incog and the real whitemen on here, guys like t bone gtrman biker john the first and jason sieg heil brother! Yeah I’m out nevermind…

  16. summerled says:

    mike keep posting it doesn’t matter what people think get your point across
    that’s why we post

  17. t bone says:


    Lauren Carson is back. She’s destroying the recent articles with her psycho spam.

    We’re gonna have to work on her.

    Somebody throw her a nigger. That’ll shut her up.

  18. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    I have been informed that the real jews are black but there are a lot of blacks plotting to kill off whites payed off by fake jews,also I have heard that blacks were the pharaohs and I have been informed that whites were slaves of blacks and indians and treated despicably .George Orwell told you stupid goyim whites that fake jew media is shovelling bullshit down your throats at those cunting places called HIGH SCHOOL -ARRRHHH FUCK THEM TO HELL-

  19. t bone says:


    B-b-blacks are spearchuckers and plate lips who shower in cow piss, spread disease,chimpout, mooch off the system and stink.

    Thats all.

  20. t bone says:


    Sounds like you want to divide White unity, jewbag.

    Hey Lauren, the abortion doctor just called. He wants the judenfetzen you owe him from your last 6 ‘procedures’.

  21. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    we at war children ,the demon armies wish to create a living hell for you and your children with your souls firmly in satan’s grip and it is not of satan’s doing but from your own collective SIN and IGNORANCE that YOU CREATE ON HELL ON EARTH instead of UTOPIA THAT I WISH FOR.

    The righteous tree will be nested on by the foul of the air and desecrated and shat on by demon foul who’s soul mission is to destroy and pervert everything which is good,saying that there are innocent lost souls who feel compelled to self destruction as they have moulded to have an attitude of no hope and sorrow from what the devil vatican is souly responcible for doing to society.


  22. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    That got a bit fucked up there but I am sure those with a HEART will understand my gibber

  23. mike says:

    The fucking pharohs were white lauren carson? Check it out ancient egyptian for water aqua, spanish for water agua? Hmm sounds european,,, the ancient egyptians in like 5000 bc erected stone circles similar to european megaliths hmm… so many similarities to europe like the caucasian nose and red hair hmm… yeah a lot of blacks have red hair right lauren? You would know… for

  24. mike says:

    summerled you’re right. I get sick of the bs on the site that’s sick of the bs haha messing around. You were defenitely always a whiteman to. Thanks for the support

    T bone hey dude I think I found a german copy of the kahal. I’m still trying to get to a page that has an english checkout but I think I got it yeah badass

    Anybody ever read germar rudolphs disecting the holocaust? He used the name ernst gauss. Its the ultimate destruction of the holocaust myth.

    The word hitler so often used entfernung. So often translated as anihalation or liquidation actually means removal. That’s all removal. In the context hitler used it he wanted the complete entfernung of the jews from germany political and economic and media. The removal of the jews from bribing politicians manipulating economics and brainwashing germans with communist crap. Oh you want civilized life? You want to gas jews balh blah bullshit.

    The story of alois hitler being a frakenburger is also complete propagand. There is no such frankenburger even living in graz? Bullshit

  25. t bone says:


    Check out Madison Grant and Karl Haushofer.


  26. yahweh-the-destroyer-if-though-do-not-obey-commands-notliberal-theylietogoyim says:

    There’s my boy again,first day of school,packed his lunch box and his first school assignment at the U.N. is ;How to get away with cold blooded lizard murder and still make it look loving liberal and trendy.

  27. t bone says:


    Please delete this rats posts. Its destroying your comment section.

  28. mike says:

    Here is what I’m wondering? All the brave incoglanders who call decent commentors kikes and who talk about how hasba rats destroy comment secti ons, people like cannibal the babbling gypsy and others, many others, havnt said a fucking word about this yahweh character? Come on all the incoglanders calling everybody a kike where are you when a real hasba rat is destroying the comment section? Fucking talking shit to a whiteman but never to a for real hasba rat. Just like I’m always saying. A bunch of collaborators. Good for you tbone. I know you’re a whiteman cause you speak out against kikes and don’t call whitemen kikes. Everybody take a fucking lesson here from t bone on how to fucking act and be a whiteman

  29. Bailey says:

    Hey Mike , t bone knows who that bitch is , she goes by many names that i don’t remember because i don’t waste my time with jew spew.

    The question is , Why dont you comment on the current thread ?

    Was the good Rabbi right in calling you kikey ?

    You have come into question by a few , personally i’m not sure but being that you have not come out to defend yourself i’m starting to wonder.

  30. Greg says:

    Yeah Mike,

    Why not come off of just this one thread instead of hanging out with “Lauren Carson.” The “White girl” who aborted her baby after she found out negroes were God’s chosen people.

    And what’s up with the broken link on your name?

  31. mike says:

    Bailey I don’t know what your are talking about and I don’t care either, I don’t even read the posts or articles anymore. I always defended myself as you damn well know and I don’t anymore because its a waste of time. This site has more traitors than legit people and the real problem that has to be dealt with first in order to deal with the jews is some sort of unity. This site just propigates division which isn’t incogmans fault, its the fault of all the traitors on here who do what people have generally done throughout history. Somebody will come along like hitler and put an end to the sycophants hopefully. I don’t even know why I posted a comment on here anyway, after not posting for a while, I saw this yahweh shit and couldn’t resist. I’m not about to start posting again because its ridiculous. Bailey you were always cool as far as I’m concerned but go ahead and call me a kike if you like, I could care less. Go ahead and tell me why I’m a kike though? Id love to hear it? Because I won’t fall on my face and worship jesus right? The religion of usury, race mixing and anti freedom. Who should be in question here? Me or the supporters of usury, race mixing and anti freedom? I’m not trying to bash you either but come on man you’re not blind? I know I’m right because nobody ever answers or debates what I say, like the kikes, they the incoglanders who are traitors resort to calling people names instead of debating the issue at hand, like the kikes. I’m not saying all incoglanders are like that but some are. Either way take care

  32. mike says:

    Bailey and all people who actually give a shit. The barnes review has succeeded in publishing waffen ss general leon degrelles book “hitler the democrat” its really good about the different jewish communist dictatorships set up all over germany in 1920 ect… like eisner who took over the palace in bavaria and was finally murdered by patriots, after he tortured citizens but also scum like luxembourg, killed in street fights in berlin with thousands of kike communists, levine, lewin, hirsch, axelrod and tones of other scum. Shit that nobody knowds and that proves the jews are a bunch of fuckers. The book is just excellent. Its 30 bucks I posted about it before has anybody on here read it? Its the best book I’ve read yet, yeah for sure. I can’t believe incogman doesn’t have an article about it, “hitler the democrat” it deals with all the forbidden history, also incog how about an article about how all the holocaust photos are forgeries and touch up jobs? Germar rudolph (ernst grass) has the fakes and originals side by side in dissecting the holocaust.

  33. Bailey says:

    @ Mike,

    Don’t bring Jesus into this , I did bible school about 40 years ago, the jews had the book rigged already , church for me is weddings and funerals and they are both the celebration of life.

    I aint trying to ruffle your feathers , it was me that asked you long ago to start structuring your comments better , only because i liked what you had to say but i couldn’t fuckin’ read it.

    Who do i trust 100 % ?

    Quite a few , two in particular because i’ve met them outside of this board .

    I look for consistency , that’s how i gained the trust of one who i’ve met , for real.

    Get on the current topic man , kick ass if you have to .

    I do agree that maybe some here are rats , they’re everywhere .

    Get on the current topic and stop pissing yer’self over who’s real and who isn’t.

    Prove that you’re real and stand by it , simple, right?

  34. mike says:

    Greg you were always cool to but I’m not posting anymore, I made a mistake posting on this article one time now look, ten posts later… what broken link are you talking about? I’m seeing my name underlined but I’m not sure if it always was or not? Maybe I made a typo? I know your not saying that I’m a jew because? Are you? As I rember you were not one of those types but who knows. A lot of you guys are way cool but some people piss me off, for instance, I post a ton of shit about jacob brafmanns “kahal” and canibal says to me “are you queer” what kind of shit is that. If anybody besides tbone and myself even know what the “kahal” is I would be surprised. Anyway, its extremely fucking important and the response I get for trying to be cool with cannibal even though he is an idiot is “are you a queer” I don’t have ttime for this childlike bullshit. Mayb there just doesn’t exist anti jewish white nationalists? I know a few here in wisconsin that are completely aware of everything. I have in my possession a commendation from hitler to one of my ancestors which I could post but than everybody would know too much about me like my real name which is mike but I don’t see anybody else posting there last name so I won’t either. Perhaps incog knows it from my registration and I would be more than happy to email him the document I am referring to provided he doesn’t put my last name on here. Any other motherfucker who can show that there family served as an unterscharfuhrer in the waffen ss on here? Perhaps but I doubt it. I’m sick of being accused of bullshit for telling the truth but I guess you are not a true white nationalist unless jew collaborators say you are a jew. Hitler dealt with it and still does. The hungarian jew propaganda where the man who they said was alois,s father was only five when alois was born or the frakenburger bullshit that sog talks about, its not fucking true. No frakenburger even lived in graz? Whatever I’m not getting into the habit of posting again.

  35. mike says:

    Ok I’m sorry bailey, see I am to used to being attacked by cannibal that I’m in pissed off mode all the time, I’m no good like that. If by chance I ever meet you or tbone ill show you the commendation imtalking about along with my id I’m sick of this shit. Take care guys I’m not dissapearing I’m just not feeling it like I used too. If anybody finds the book of kahal let me know. I’m trying to obtain a copy from a german atiquarian but I’m not sure what’s going on with that. He doesn’t seem to want to part with siegfried passarge’s german translation of jacob brafmanns books on the kahal and the jewish brotherhood. Siegfried passarge published this shit in 1928 titled das buch vom kahal in 2 volumes and its next to impossible to find, however, I found that it does actually have an isbn number, I didn’t think it would? Fucking kikes ahh hate them rat bastards!

  36. Jason says:

    Hey mike, read the current article then write your response. If CR is hurting your feelings then you’re being too fucking sensitive!!! If anything I think he would greatly appreciate someone who could give it right back to him. If you’re really concerned with historical accuracy and truth in all things then how about learning more about biblical truth before posting anything else about Jesus and usury and racemixing. It’s all a lie. Take some time to read on this site, then tell us all what you think. Sieg Heil my brother man. 14/88/110

  37. mike says:

    Greg, I felt a patriotic duty to make the comment section not be a disaster of jew bullshit that’s why I’m posting on this thread. Why should we submit and let the comment section be trashed? Let’s say yahwehs plan is to use that as evidence the we are all nutjobs ok. Bear with me and think about this. Let’s say this dike is a hasba rat and its a plan to make us look dumb ok. Why not post some thought provoking comments about something the kikes hat like brafmanns kahal and lean degrelles hitler the democrat? If somebody takes the time to look at yahwehs bullshit perhaps they will read some of the posts on here where I was talking about degrelles digression into pukebag eisner and luxemberg and the other comunists social democrat fucks, or perhaps they might be like “what’s the kahal” who is this rabbi turned christian jacob brafmann and why did the communists give you the death sentence for possessing the book about the kahal? That’s why I posted on here. I can’t bear to watch fellow white nationalist give ground to these fucking kike saboteurs. Actually, I should post a bunch of gottfried feders abolition of interest slavery on here in the same fashion that kike yahweh posts bs to make us intelligent whites look dumb? Great fucking idea. Greg if you get around to it please tell me what you are talking about when you say the broken link by my name? We all know the kike commies are monitoring and cataloguing all that we pos

  38. Bailey says:


    There are ups and downs when it comes to this shit we call the truth , ultimately it’s all ups.

    The jews need to peddle drugs and alchohol to keep us down , that’s why drugs are bad but i’d never turn down a beer.

  39. mike says:

    Everybody says cannibal is ok and I offer the olive branch to him continuosly and he talks shit back to me? When I get pissed at him he is silent so I’m at a loss, whatever don’t care.

    Jason I think its a steo in the right direction for sure but ultimately you have to see things as they are now. The majority of churches calling themselves christian do not adhere to true christianity and do peddle usury and race mixing. Ultimately I do not know what to make of true anti money lender christianity as jesus preached and is rarely now followed. As far as the real jews from 3000 years ago, they were rightfully enslaved or whatever in egypt for being manipulators just read about joseph storing the egyptians grain and eventually taking all the property and having them sell themselves into slavery for their own grain? Communism man. Besides, surely the egyptians were well aware with how to deal with famines without putting a foreign kike in charge. Its propaganda to make you worship jews. Bottom line, isrealites should worship isrealites, germans should worship germans, english should worship english, chinese should worship chinese, catch my drift. Complete nationalism for all nations and races is the best defense for nationalism for all antions and races. All countries, non white countries as well should maintain there heritage and nations in there iwn countries. Just as adolf hitler said. Europeans should not worship and isrealite, that’s not nationalism. I like hero worship which is not worshiping anyone but is worshiping deeds of honor. Worshiping right action in a sense. This is basicaly what the worlds first national socialists the spartans practiced. All nations maintain there nationalism. The jews often control all sides. Who says they don’t. Put christianity out there to control the anti jews by having them think christ was an anti jew? Who knows who knows? Sorry jason I could go on forever but I think using anglo saxon and isreal together in a name is almost race mixing advertisement. We are europeans and have no common ground with any isrealite or jew ect… nothing good will come of it. The churches all betrayed hitler just as he knew they would even though they suupported him at first…

  40. mike says:

    I don’t want to start a christian debate on here? That’s not my purpose. My purpose is to post anything other than yahwehs bullshit and not give ground to hasba rats by abandoning the article. Fuck that shit. Post anything as long as yahwehs crap is not the only shit on here. Absolutely no giving ground! On that 911 documentary, the one where they were there on site filming? I forget the name but its kike? Anyway, if you watch it you see the ground is shaking and shakes the tripod and camer about ten seconds before the building collapses. That tells me of massive explosives inside such as the fireman all testified to in interviews. 911 was an isreal job not an inside job as the politicians like bush are kikes and under total kike control. Id love to see alex jones shouting 911 was an isreal job if he was a tue whiteman which he isn’t. 140 isreal mossad arested some with explosives some filming he first plane crash? Some with explosives, odigo messenger telling all isreali citizens to get out. Did jews die in the towers? Yes, but only 2 isreali citizens out of 4,000. Light this comment section up with facts not lauren carsons bullshit propaganda!

  41. Greg says:

    Mike the link on your name leads to nowhere, I was just curious about it. It’d be better to get rid of the link.

    I have never called you a jew and am not calling you a jew. If I thought you were a jew I wouldn’t tell you to come comment on the new articles.

    Mike, if you’re pro-White and against jews your cool with me. I am fond of Jesus Christ but not the corrupt system set up around him….which should not be attributed to him.

    And you won’t find a White man anymore against race mixing than me.

  42. mike says:

    Greg I’m sorry man I am just used to getting attacked a lot and am in pissed off mode. Its detrimental. What fucking link on my name and how do I get rid of it? I can’t see it? Incogman what the fuck? Can you see it? Weirdness sounds not good.

  43. mike says:

    Greg is it gone now? Stupid ass shit. It was in the website section and never noticed it? Wtf right? Damn I’m an idiot sometimes. Nowhere near as smart as people think

  44. Greg says:

    Yeah, its gone Mike. Don’t worry about it.

    Relax man.

  45. mike says:

    How come lauren stopped trashing the comment section all of a sudden?

  46. Bailey says:

    Maybe she had to go for another abortion ?

  47. mike says:

    Yeah, so in the naudet 911 commemoration film whatever? You can see the tripod and camera shake about ten seconds before the tower collapses. Because? Its a? Controlled demolition!

  48. mike says:

    I’m getting bumper stickers made that say
    911 was an isreal job
    Yikes watch out for kikes!

  49. t bone says:

    “You can see the tripod and camera shake about ten seconds before the tower collapses. Because? Its a? Controlled demolition!”-mike

    Heres some footage:

  50. Greg says:

    I remember a Fox News guy in a helicopter after the 1st plane hit that morning saying that the plane had no windows and did not look like a commerical airplane.

    Now, I know some don’t believe planes hit the towers and I’m not saying they’re wrong, but, if no planes hit the towers why would this “mouthpiece” for the jews not go with the plan and say it was a “commercial airliner” that hit the tower?

    By saying it “didn’t look like a commercial airliner” goes against the Muslim hijacker story…and was dropped from the media immediately that day.

  51. mike says:

    I remeber the fucking dancing isrealis on an israhell talk show saying “yeah we are just art students? We are hit by terror attacks everyday and we are just documenting the event, that’s all. We love americans paying for our m16’s please continue to build holocaust museums because we are the chosen people.

  52. Cogman: You are doing an excellent job here. Keep up the good work. The kikes are working at a feverish pitch to shut down all sights featuring truth. We all must do our part to get the word out to the masses about these anti-nature/anti-human Jew Vermin.
    I might suggest you contact a company that specializes in leading the lemmings out of their TalmudVision & Jews Media induced stupor (like to add Phillip Marlow calling cards to their merchandise line up with your email address printed on the back. We are in a race against the Lieberman black out deadline. Until that fateful day we must reach as many slumbering minds as possible. It pays to advertize.

  53. Yikes! I meant website address! Sorry about that boss, that wasn’t intentional.

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