Earthlings Pissed Over Friggin’ Ferengi!

EVER SINCE THE lousy Alien Ferengi race crash-landed in the desert outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, and begged us for refugee status way back in 1913, things have never been the same. The Ferengi have been slowly, but surely screwing up not only planet Earth, but the entire New Federation Order (NFO) — just scroll down below to see what these interstellar trouble-makers have been up to — you won’t believe your pre-frontal photon gathering organs!

Fact of the matter: Never has it been just us Earthlings sick and tired of them. Oh no. When they first arrived (and constantly ever since), they been telling us they were fleeing a HORRORCOST in the Alpha Quadrant. But what’s really the deal with this stinking bunch? Ferengi always seem to get their wrinkled, sickly-yellow orange asses kicked out by many other sentient life forms in the cosmos — just as soon as they decided they’ve had quite enough and are forced to take active measures in ridding themselves of this intergalactic nuisance!

Yeah, yeah, I know the Ferengi demand for us to believe all the sad sack drama stories they run on the Televiewers ever since they bought out the networks. How the evil STaZiS of the Alpha Centauri system sent 6 billion of them to the Molecular Decouplar showers and all that jazz. Endlessly, we have to watch supposed “recreated” scenes of poor, sobbing Ferengis packed aboard space transports like sardines and turned into sweaty slaves deep in the bowels of the infamous icy planetoid ASsWiTz — or zapped into atomic nothingness if they couldn’t mine precious Dilithium crystals fast enough.

Turns out, the STaZiS only herded them aboard old secondhand space transports they had floating around, set the autopilots on a random course and plasma-welded the cockpit doors shut before riding escape pods back down to the home planet’s surface. Once the warp drives just happened to disengage in our solar system, onboard artificial intelligence robots piloted a landing on the nearest habitable planet before ejecting themselves into deep space for a little peace and quiet (they hated Ferengi, too). Planet Earth was merely unlucky chance — for all us HU-MONS, anyway.

Contrary to popular belief, HU-MONS have no idea what the STaZiS of Alpha Centauri really look like — only how the Ferengi depict them in televiewer dramas.

Male Ferengis do whatever possible to get female HU-MONS (whom they call CHICK-sahs) to play with their nasty lobes.

When it comes to mating rituals, the filthy Ferengis are freaky as hell. Males often cross dress to trick other male Ferengi into sick things you best not imagine.

Ferengis love turning HU-MON males into wussified worms, or even flaming faggots.

Next to accumulating piles of Latinum and sleazing up our females, of course.

They’ve brainwashed sentient species all across the galaxy into unthinking automatons.

There are some HU-MONS who still refuse to see what’s in front of their olfactory organs.

Whenever certain spoiled crybaby races start raising cain over the least nonsense, you can be sure Ferengi will be seen lurking in the background.

Ferengi corporations profit mightily from bizarre life forms illegally immigrating to Earth and working for next to nothing. If you’re against the alien colonization of our planet, they’ll just call you a “xenophobe,” “hater” or the usual “anti-Ferengite.”

Ferengi are always working to get Earthlings to breed ourselves away with aliens. They portray it as chic, cool, loving — the “in-thing” — on televiewers all the time.

They tell themselves God (whom they call “FerShem”) has “chosen” them, and only them, to remake our supposedly “broken” world.

It seems the worse the economy gets for us HU-MONS, the better things get for Ferengis.

The very first thing they did when arriving here in 1913, was bribe corrupt HU-MON politicians and big wigs into letting them issue worthless paper Latinum certificates for use as currency. Of course, it made them richer than the spice guilds of Arrakis — all just mere coincidence, they shrilly insist.

Yeah, like we’re so sure they don’t conspire among each other.

Rich Ferengi women so love seeing studly Ferengi run things.

The Klingons have warned us about the stinking Ferengi ever since the First Contact.

Because Ferengi hate having their interstellar scams exposed, they now depict Klingons as religious fanatics and evil terrorists on the televiewer networks every chance they get.

Using terror propaganda and false flags, the Ferengi leadership tricked the New Federation Order into attacking the Klingon home planets with photon torpedoes and plasma death beams. Now they REALLY DO hate us.

You must be as dense as a Neutron star if you don’t think they’re yanking our chains.

Come to think of it, this kind of thing has been going on ever since they got here.

Thank God the Ferengi are so noticeable — imagine all the problems we’d have if they looked mostly like us?

— Phillip Marlowe

The Ferengi: FerShem’s Chosenoids

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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601 Responses to Earthlings Pissed Over Friggin’ Ferengi!

  1. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    It is way better to KNOW who your enemies are than to trust jews who pretend to be your greatest friends and allies. The jEWS ae your greatest enemy! The jEWS are trying to kill you and your kids and steal your money and property! It’s the jEWS STUPID! The jews are our greatest ally and friend in the middle east… yeah right. I’m not seeing the great upside on that alliance. Many Americans who have not yet died can thank jew friendship as they slip on their prostetic arms, legs hands and especially the seeing eye dog canines can thank the jews for being so good to us.

  2. bubba(not bibi) says:

    Jason says:
    September 26, 2012 at 2:54 pm



    Probably title of a copyrighted Jew Porn Movie

  3. mchawe says:

    Maybe America is waking up. Especially if this is in VT…..

    “The arrogant Jews in Israel and America are so used to getting their way that when,finally, they are refused and told “No!,” they go absolutely wild in anger and disbelief.

    Well, it finally happened…again. The last time these jackals from hell were told “No” was in 1963, when President John F. Kennedy informed Israel’s puffed-up buffoon of a Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion that, “No! The United States will not allow Israel to have nuclear bombs.”

    Maybe everyone is beginning to wake up and say FUCK JEWS!

  4. Vexed. says:…0.0…1ac.1.BnfIPRsz-bg

    KILL Americans and Blame Iran! – Israel Lobbyist

  5. bubba(not bibi) says:

    I understand Netenyahu is going to address the UN tomorrow.

    Apparently today, US and Canada delegations did not walk out during Iranian leaders speech……they just didn’t show up…..(.ZOG ‘s bitches?)

    Can’t wait to here Bibi….I’ll bet its gonna be a beauty…expect a real psycho rant…

  6. Barney says:

    This will have to do. Best I could find.

  7. caligula says:

    My one actual supremicist friend (in real world, i.e. I actually know her) sent this gem
    Nothing to do with judens but mexcrements

  8. t bone says:



    Effin’ moochers.

    Hey Cal

    That blob of a wetback woman(or should I say fatback,fatfront, etc…) is the first pic I laid eyes on after a stressful day at the gulag.

    Her elbow bags alone cost US taxpayers 58K in 2011.

    Where does the ass begin? Where does the stomach end? I bet she takes shits bigger than some bouncers I know.

    Many negroes are the same protoplasmic catastrophes. Mooching, fat stinkbombs cramping me style.

    I saw the pic and 2 words popped into my mind:


  9. caligula says:

    t bone

    not sure if I included you and Bailey as amongst my faves on here…if not, meant to

  10. Sabine Centurion says:

    That red headed yapping piece of shit in that video at The Washington Institute of Zionist jew Bastard Flaming Assholes is…to borrow a line from Aguirre der Zorn Gottes…
    “…too tall, by about a head.”

    hint, hint,nudge,nudge

  11. caligula says:

    The Greatest Conspiracy

  12. caligula says:

    Terrorists Winning? Ivy League Professor Calls for Censorship of YouTube

  13. silvernickel says:

    “Mooching, fat stinkbombs cramping me style.”~tbone


    I saw my first ever blond wigged nig at the local grocery store working as a cashier. Look like a transvestite on first glance. I made sure to stare and make eye contact towards the Africanus sheboonus ‘Alba’ with my ‘WTF’ face. I agree tbone this sheit just cramps me style whenever I have to be subjected to it.

  14. silvernickel says:

    like what Caligula? Are you friends with ‘We know the secrets of the Federal Reserve’ and ‘Exposing the truth’ or maybe some other ones I dont know?

  15. caligula says:

    interesting…smart lady

    The Stark Truth: Interview with Prof. Virginia Abernethy.

  16. caligula says:


    Do know this:
    The Money Masters ~ Full Movie

    silvernickel says:

    September 26, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    like what Caligula? Are you friends with ‘We know the secrets of the Federal Reserve’ and ‘Exposing the truth’ or maybe some other ones I dont know?

  17. caligula says:

    (going back to mexcrement, i.e. fat people)

    Chris Rock – Black Men Love Big white women HD

  18. caligula says:

    much funnier

    George Carlin FAT PEOPLE

  19. sog says:

    barney very good points …
    absolutely right on the vaxx …they are just instruments of poison introduction into human races blood stream …
    however my friend alot of things are bathed in formaldy and some of the most pernicious buggers still live and are the jew bugs….hook nose bacteria …beady eyed virus’s
    like say a dental lower mandible cadaver bone implant for tooth implantation ..a cadaver bone even kept in formy can still deliver cancer as well as livers that have been exposed to viruses that are mersa and vrsa or a change up in liver transplants now has people needing livers signing waivers that yes they will take a liver from a person who dide of whatever and has a hep c or b liver sitch or other problem ……
    many things hide in the cells where a good chemical soak wont affect
    one example of gram stain analysis for mycoplasma fermentens incognitus is not conclusional cus of its ability to hide so they need to split the cell open micro style and subject it to pcr run up …etc…
    main thing is they want your body to become auto immune to things there is no cure for and random mixed symptoms etc .
    like if youer body becomes auto immune to sqaulene then you will have problems ..
    and basiocally formy will cause cancer at some point ..being alive and getting embalmed …suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

  20. Sabine Centurion says:

    Robert In Arabia,
    I agree with your “world upside down” take on the Veterans Today article that at least we both believe to be a Big Deal.
    If the tipping point has truly happened among our military and intelligence people that begins to end our deranged co-dependency with Israel; it’s historical significance cannot be exaggerated. The days of The USA being the attack dog, armory and Fountain of Cash for Israel are OVER.
    If the existence of the report is true, events have been set in motion that can’t help but initiate Clean Up Time within and of our governmental institutions.
    Is it too much to expect that our financial and media institutions can also be cleansed of Ashkenazi jewish Zionist subversion and treachery?
    GOOD! It’s long overdue and I’d like to be part of it.
    I’m an Agnostic but I’m praying that it happens, soon.
    This could actually be the beginning of “the abolishment” preceding the establishment of a new government ensuring our “safety and happiness” that Jefferson wrote of.
    I can hardly wait for the actions that’ll follow the realizations, once they penetrate thick skull bone and tough brain tissue.
    Roundup of moles and agents should be…interesting.
    Remember, Pollard wore a Navy uniform.
    “Post-Israel Middle East”—the words alone are electrifying.
    This is going to be GREAT!

  21. AKIRA says:

    There’s no way this picture could be real. It makes absolutely no sense! Peres is left wing and Kissinger is right wing. Peres is a patriot of the Jew State and Kissinger is an American patriot. Apart from both having ugly accents when they speak English, what could they possibly have in common that they could share a laugh over?

  22. DanAgainstJewWorldOrder says:

    I still blame the Baby Boomer Shabbos Goy who worked for the Zionists the past 5 decades. No generation of Americans has ever been more hospitable to the Zionist Jews than the Baby Boomer gentiles have. It first started with Americans like Woodrow Wilson born after Civil War Reconstruction, and it gradually became worse decade by decade.

    There are plenty of Christian Zionists out there who outnumber the Jews in America…There is no way the Zionists would have been able to cement their power in this country without those Goyim willingly giving it away or being deceived (most probable). The Jews just know how to get away with manipulating the financial markets and the law better than White Anglo-Saxons. When you can pervert the law, sound business, money, YOU HAVE WON!

    The Arab little business owner/shopkeeper is similar to the Jew but at a much smaller scale! He tries to rip you off with a knock-off Rolex watch, a beef jerky, etc…The old school 19th century Anglo-Saxon business owner is true to the origins of what he sells. Its in the Germanic peoples to gain others trust for their labor! He usually won’t sneak behind your back and rob you blind like Blacks, Arabs, Jews, Mexicans, and others.

  23. DanAgainstJewWorldOrder says:

    If the Zionist Media was capable in the late 1990’s of brainwashing attractive, semi-attractive American/British White females into believing that any young, solo White Male under 35 asking for a? date or expressing sexual desire in the opposite sex is a stalker, imagine how easy it would be for them to pull off a 9/11 (the 1998 sequel to the summer blockbuster film Armageddon) false-flag event in 2001.

  24. MIKEY MM says:

    zebra attacks continue all over Washington DC


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