This is the BULL Jew Media Crows About?

Let me tell you something that PISSED me the HELL off last week. This American man and wife spent $200,000 traveling back and forth to Israel, while also paying the traveling expenses for witnesses in a civil suit they brought against the Israeli military for running a bulldozer over their own flesh and blood daughter.

What did they seek in damages from Israel? ONE FRIGGIN,’ LOUSY GD DOLLAR. That’s right. A symbolic $1 dollar. And the Israeli court had the nerve to throw the case out, calling it an “accident!”

Rachel Corrie was run over as she tried to stop the Zionist bastards from destroying a Palestinian home (which they do all the time, for the least reasons). The driver claimed he didn’t see her. Right. I’ve seen the pictures (below the “continue” button). There is absolutely no way the man missed seeing her. They ordered him to run the brave girl down, sure as I’m sitting here. “Kill the best of us” is one of their Talmudic injunctions.

Did the US media report on the case? What, are you kidding me? I don’t think they even said a word when the girl was killed. Few Americans even know her name. I first saw the news about the Rachel Corrie suit case getting dismissed on the Internet (Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth site) — oh, wait, they did mention it on the little ticker tape thing FOX news has at the bottom of the screen. That took about three lousy seconds to scroll by. Does anyone ever really get any news from there?

Precious Jewry can never accept blame for ANYTHING.

Instead, all the media talked about was Clint Eastwood’s little improv with the empty chair at the Retardican convention. Like BFD! They talked incessantly about this nonsense, as if a little rambling by an 82 year old movie actor was oh-so-important. UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE. Talk about minor, worthless crap.

Hell, they spent more time talking about some beer micro-brewed by White House chiefs, time paid for by the taxpayer I might add, then the least reporting about the Rachel Corrie case getting thrown out.

What on God’s Green Earth don’t you get about the total BS going down in America? I mean, really. The hypocrite Jew media is bollixing up our heads and destroying our moral decency. It’s simply incredible anymore.

Later, I’m channel surfing and I stop at this one show, “HOUSEWIVES of Beverly Hills” or something. A woman in a tight bikini is running out into the surf, while another reality TV slut off camera is saying “look at that nice big ass on her… no wonder George Clooney was doing her for a year, ha ha.”

Is this how the media is now? Nothing but sleazy, brainless crap everywhere?

Just think about what brave Rachel Corrie was fighting against. Zionist Jew bastards bulldozing people’s homes for chrissakes.


In memory of Rachel Corrie. By Lasha Darkmoon


If she had been doing this kind of thing in Iran, the news would be reporting it left and right. Doesn’t that obvious dichotomy register one bit with you? Who really owns our brains in America these days?

I thought America stood for something. I thought we fought against evils in the world. I once thought the media was free (a long time ago). Are we not the good guys? No, not anymore, since the stinking Jews GD OWN OUR MEDIA.

Don’t get me wrong here. I like old Clint Eastwood. And sure, I also like women in sexy bikinis frolicking in the surf, too. But that’s all just basic, nothing business. Means JACK.

I am so totally pissed right now.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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431 Responses to This is the BULL Jew Media Crows About?

  1. John says:

    Anyone with eyes to read and a mind to understand will conclude that the policies of N.S. Germany were not some wild variety of rabid anti-Semitism. Once you understand that ZOG/ZOC has lied to us for over 75 years, and is still doing it, you’ll be approaching the light — the truth — which draws all to its brightness. Do we have the temerity to be more restrictive than Adolf Hitler?

    Germany essentially had a racial problem which revolved about kikes and Germans. Our lost nation is not so fortunate. Our task will be far more difficult and time consuming. As we seek guidelines it perhaps might be wise to follow Herr Hitler’s words only using “jew” to represent all of those who do not pass the “lily White” test. Thus, at the present time, no one should feel excluded because he is not blue-eyed, blond and 6 feet tall. Essentially, this will be a measure of character. If you feel that all worthwhile in this world must be in your image, then I am afraid that I will never choose to call you comrade. One can never recognize the sun when he is blinded by his own ego.

  2. Snowy Smith South Africa says:

    THE JEWS DESTROYED South Africa.
    The JEW New World Order DESTROYED South Africa

    Genocide of Whites in South Africa:
    Since 1994 more than 45000 Whites have been brutally murdered by Blacks.
    More than 4000 White Farmers have been tortured and brutally murdered by Blacks since 1994.
    Most of the White females were RAPED by BLACK Gangs before being brutally murdered.
    This is definitely a planned GENOCIDE.
    BLACK ANC Hidden Agenda to Purge South Africa of Whites.
    All Murders of Whites by BLACKS is definitely ‘ethnic cleansing’ GENOCIDE.
    All these Murders are definitely politically motivated by the ANC.
    ANC GOVERNMENT is an Accessory Before the Fact

    97% of Black Murders are armed with guns, AK47, R1, R4 and 9mm.
    On average there are 4 members in a BLACK armed GANG.
    Conviction rate for so called house robberies in South Africa is ONLY 7.67%; in the USA it is 53%.

    I have personally lodged an official complaint of GENOCIDE to the International Criminal Court The Hague, The Netherlands.
    Reference: OTP-CR-146/08, Snowy Smith, Fair Civil Law, 7 April 2008.


    The Office of the Prosecutor,
    International Criminal Court,
    Head of Information & Evidence Unit,
    Post Office Box 19519,
    2500 CM The Hague,
    The Netherlands.

    10 Million Violent Crimes South Africa in ANC 1994 to 2009.

    The BLACK Maid and BLACK Gardener are planning your DEMISE.

    PLEASE REPORT ALL WHITE GENOCIDE TO International Criminal Court The Hague.

  3. Pictured Lady says:

    As a loner, I’ve never joined a group in my life,,, unless you count the human race a group; 60 years of “group-free” living.

    With that in mind, the GENOCIDE “true Israelite’s” are encountering has hit hard – hard enough to inspire consideration of joining a group: the KKK.
    It seems they are the only group of WHITE men and women WILLING to STAND for THE WHITE PEOPLE without fear of reproach or the jews.


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