Zionist Jewry OWNS The American Elections

There’s a big deal now going on about some hidden video made of Mitt Romney addressing rich contributors. He’s telling them 47% don’t pay income taxes and Obama already has them in the bag since they depend so much on government (the commie Jew Frankfurt school agenda). Naturally, the libtards are now going off on Romney’s remarks, but the media is being careful because of the obvious race angle. Earlier today, FOX’s Blond Goyim Babe (BGB), Megyn Kelly, pretended to be so worried people might think Romney meant wheel-chair bound vets. Right. What a goofball. Cute goofball, sure.

Sheldon Adelson with Bibi Netanyahu in the country where his true loyalty lies.

Romney is merely stating reality about the parasites now infesting this country — not any honorable disabled vets. Virtually all blacks will vote for Obama, just because he’s black. The media will never tell you that outright. They don’t want us Whites to put two-and-two together and realize blacks are totally self-centered and racist. Hell, it’s only us “ebil crackas” who can be called racist in today’s topsey-turvy Jewmerika.

Romney also said the Palestinians didn’t want peace. Pure Neocon Jew BS there. Very possibly his audience were rich Jew creeps like Sheldon Adelson (right), who gave Newt Gingrich’s campaign 20 million and promised another 100 million to the republican party, all to dethrone Obama (he thinks Obama hasn’t been subservient enough). These stinking rich Jew rats now throw money anywhere they please to these days, openly manipulating this land for that lousy country of Israel — where the traitor’s true loyalty lies.

When I heard Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his VP running mate, I said, oh great, now I got to vote for the two. Not really. Don’t get me wrong here, I do think Ryan means well economically. Then I heard Ryan has Led Zeppelin on his IPOD. Woooah. Now that seals the deal for me!

I’ve always loved Led Zep. I used to play “The Song Remains The Same” (the first track from 1972’s “Houses of the Holy”) full blast on my Walkman (ancient man-portable music device), so the tune would loop in my head while shredding juicy waves or snow skiing mogul fields. Yeah, just like Ryan I guess, that song is on my Apple IPOD now.

Alysa Rosenbaum, AKA Ayn Rand, Russian Jewess intellectual. She’s looking a bit nervous while attending a hearing of the House Un-American Committee; which tried to root out commie rats in DC and Hollywood — most of whom turned out to be Jews like her.

Then I saw Ryan also likes Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” (real Jewess name: Alysa Rosenbaum), but qualified it by saying he’s against her commie leanings, only liking her no-holds-barred, “laissez faire” capitalism. Just what Globalist Jewry so loves — NWO police state communism for all us Goyim plebs out here, blood diamond style capitalism for them.

Oh, they’ll tell you Rand got purged from the University of Petrograd for being “bourgeois,” but by then, Stalin’s Jewish secret police were gone and Russia had more than enough of stinking Jew meddling. The good times were over.

Paul Ryan is merely trying to come across as libertarian; so easy to get away with since so few Americans even know who Ayn Rand is, much less a Jew, or anything about the multitudes of Jewish “ISM” conflicts, wierd personal/political angsts, never-ending money gambits and scams of all kinds. Oh, he knows about it, alright, but he’ll never breathe a word if he wants to stay in politics.

Years ago, I tried to read “Atlas Shrugged.” I think I got halfway through. I get irked when I can’t finish a book. I had the same halfway problem with Norman Mailer’s (another Jewish writer) “The Executioner’s Song.” I tried twice on that and failed both times. There’s only so much Jew BS a brain can suffer.

Enough about me. What you got to see is that both Romney and Obama are fully controlled by the Zionists. Didn’t Obama just diss Israel’s Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, by not having dinner or lunch with him, or whatever it was this time? Please, you think any of that makes one damn bit of difference? Get real, bozo.

Romney with Pam Geller of “Atlas Shrugs” website, paid Israeli whore and conduit of Zionist psyops propaganda on patriotic, but gullible Americans. God, I hate this traitorous bitch. Folks, these stinking Jews are going to win on November 4th no matter what. They’ve got this country in a fierce headlock and are not going to let go until we pry their cold, dead hands off.

If Barry Soetoro is so “anti-Israel,” there’s tons of serious stuff he could do to send a message, besides not chowing down on some Kosher crap with that shoe salesman, Bibi Netanyahu. Hell, Obama could truthfully say publicly that Israel had the Big One and the Israelis would scream bloody murder (behind the scenes, as much as possible). The ISRAEL-FIRSTER hasbaRAT Jews out here would have a fit, too.

The traitorous Jew-owned media would, once again, remain mum. They wouldn’t say anything unless given the green light from upstairs. That in itself is part of the game. Obama would now know the bigger Jews were upset, just because someone like Dianne Sawyer of ABC felt free to report on him saying something everyone has long already known in the DC environs. Hell, they might suddenly “discover” the Birthers were right all along.

Public stuff is always manipulated for consumption by the unthinking masses. Believe me, people like Obama think things out, and walk along some carefully plotted lines. In a way, I feel for the skinny mulatto.

One recent example: Did you see that business about the democrats at the convention adding back into the party plank at the last minute, words about God and Jerusalem being the capital of Israel? Trust me: The big deal over God was merely a smokescreen to allow them to assuage the Zionists over Jerusalem (the Jews have been slowly clearing Palestinians from the place). The forced acceptance by a ridiculously rigged “floor vote” on both measures at the same time, confused the issue among Christian-Zionists, atheists and the anti-war crowd. Obvious trick.

Neither one of these candidates would dare to piss off the Chosen Ones. Now, that’s not to say they won’t drag their feet a little when the radical Zionists want us to go to war. In fact, that’s just what you’re seeing right now. Everybody and his brother knows that war with Iran is going to be a unmitigated disaster for the USA’s economy, if not something even much worse, like WWIII.

Dan Senor — Jewish chief advisor to Mitt Romney.

Romney is kissing so much serious Jew ass these days, it’s become quite sickening. I’m surprised his nose is not brown. But I guess they have highly paid makeup people to deal with it.

The way Romney sounds, he’ll start a war with Iran on January 20th. Also, his chief advisor is a big Jew Neocon named Dan Senor, married to CNN’s ratings failure anchor Campell Brown (who converted to Judaism — isn’t that sweet?). But Obama also has his own Jew handler, David Axelrod, and plenty of other Jews are running things everywhere else in DC, too. The Zionist Jews have total backroom power controlling both parties. It’s only a matter of when, not if, we have ourselves another full-blown commie Jew police state. Figure it out, America!

Nevertheless, the Goyim “conservative” crowd think Obama is anti-Israel (see FOX’s subtitles in the Senor Jew shot). That’s the first thing out of their mouths when you bring up any of this. Amazing the power of media induced MEMES — designed expressly to keep Americans confined to our own special mental Gulags of one party or the other. Pay careful attention, read between the lines a little and you’ll see this all the time — everywhere.

So, who is the INCOG MAN going to vote for? Should I vote for Obama because he’s a White guy and I hate Obama because he openly identifies as a black (but is half White, remember)? Or should I vote for Obama to hasten the downfall of this hypocrite Jew situation and hopefully awaken more White Americans to the real deal?

Guess what? Doesn’t mean a GD thing who I vote for, really. Hell, some old Negro wino downtown is going to cancel out my vote, anyway. And besides, they’ll jury-rig the results in some swing state like Florida to keep that skinny mulatto Obama in. Just watch.

We may in fact never, ever see a White man in the oval office again. Sorry to break it to you people new to all this. Folks, to put a stop to these stinking Jews, we’re going to have to start talking about a civil war — no doubt about it, anymore.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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189 Responses to Zionist Jewry OWNS The American Elections

  1. caligula says:

    ha ha, I don’t watch talmudvision

  2. t bone says:


    I read MK. Tell me exactly where he says what you quoted.

  3. t bone says:

    Savitri Devi from India, advocated for Hitler:

  4. Annie Oakley says:

    This is why I’m voting for Romney.

    Blacks, Jews, Asians and mestizos for the most part HATE white folks. Doesn’t matter if you’re working class or upper class, they still hate you. When Obama was voted in (and I knew this was going to happen) black on white crime skyrocketed. Not just the increase in crime, the increase in the SADISTIC nature of the crimes.

    Non-whites have been frothing at the bit to kick whitey in the nuts for a long time. It’s payback time whitey and with house niggah in office, you’re going to pay big time. Now it’s game over white boy, our house niggah is in office and we’re going to rub it in your face every single day.

    How are we going to rub it in your face? We’re going to pick the ugliest, most degenerate retards ever to sit on the Supreme Court. Sotomayor and Kagan prove my point. Picking these two women was a complete race to the bottom. Obongo made sure and picked the most vile, nasty looking, anti-white carpet munchers he could bring to the table.

    How else are we going to rub it in your face? Well Mochelle is going to take exotic vacations all over the world on the taxpayer dime, flouncing around in Air Force One. While the first Negress is traipsing all over hell and half of Georgia eating lobster and high dollar drinks, working class whites are drowning. The non-whites know we’re in deep shit and they laugh about it.

    So now we have non-whites getting high dollar paychecks with good medical benefits, driving nice 50K SUV’s, shopping at Macy’s while working class whites are dumpster diving, shopping at Dollar Tree and barely sliding into home base the 1st of the month to pay rent. Mom and Dad have trouble sleeping at night worrying about how they’ll pay their bills.

    The local foundry here started feeding its employees breakfast and lunch. You know why? The employees couldn’t concentrate because they were hungry. Now the foundry pays pretty decent but if your wife lost her job and all you have now is ONE income, something has to give and usually the kids are fed first while mom and dad are going without.

    The foundry realized what was going on and figured it was cheaper and kinder to feed their employees a good free breakfast and lunch than to have accidents because some employee is light headed. And niggers at the top are loving whitey being hungry. In their sick mind, it’s poetic justice.

    Will Romney stop illegal immigration, the kike Jew Federal reserve or the illegal Iraq wars? Uh no. Not at all.

    But if Romney wins, it’s a big FU to all those anti-whites, non-whites, Jews, gays, and other deviants that hate the white working class.

  5. sog says:

    caligula join whatever force you want …you obviously are either ignoring history or you know next to nothing about history ….,,but taking pot shots a hitler for trying to get rid of jews to palestine is not a real eye opener ..most kikes did not want to move to palestine ..no brainer.
    havaara agreement wasnt exactly an epiphany of oh hey thats it right there ,hmmm zionism and naziism must be the same …..any average intelligent person can see there is no connection in their institutions ..
    arguing on this shit is useless anyway its like asking what weighs more a pound of lead or a pound of copper ..
    no other countries wanted jews but jews still knew how to scurry thru ports and secret paths into other countries,as their pre odigo message facilites tells them to get out as bombs are going to fall soon ….
    many simply slid into southern france where germans never occupied ..or russia or new york or south america ,poland ,anywhere they could be cause they were angry at the nuremburg rules and they didnt want to help defend germany either and they didnt want to die under allid bombs .
    ..germany sure as hell wasnt going to try to keep askanazzi kikes from leaving as they were infiltraitors anyway and ww1 proved that ..and the jews heavy handed versaille treaty that germany signed was different than the one that had been agreed upon …….
    you should find out why ….
    wjc lightened up on the world german boycott so kikes could bring their money with them when they left germany for palestine which they were free to do but they also wanted to take their assets with them and so did the kikes who were tryin to buld illegal zio foundation in palestine ..
    but the war put a stop to the havaara financial transfer agreement for obvious reasons ..
    hitler cleared out therreisenstadt for rich jews as well ….
    any way do you know when and why the klan was formd and why the white sheets …
    are you a southerner ,if you are you should know ..
    i suppose what happened in jenin and the death of 5000 people there recently in israel and how kikes bulldozed occupied buildings over would be a good analogy of why the palestinians need a klan and an army and arms to defend themselves against jews who also raped the south post civil war ..
    parralelles and anaologies with the jew methoid exist everywhere today ..
    and now with the law stating that you cannot criticize israel on a college campus …
    israel will kill every last non kike in fake kike israel cus they can get away with it …i dont think christian supporters of israel would support criminal state of israel if they saw the truth …nor would approve if they saw the death and destruction of jenin that was a refugee camp built into a modern city ..before the kikes remove the evidence via bulldozers …check http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/jenin.html
    jimstone still shills on about nazi style this and that but other than that his intel and articles are a cut above all the bull shit out ther in the media ..
    the death and destruction in jenin happened to 70 other major cities and hundreds of smaller villages towns and parrishes in israel over the last 70 years ,etc …id say the kikes have made a sport of killing what appears to be a couple million people over there since 1940’s..
    nazi today is but a memory of what was ..true naso ism takes a whole nation building upon good ideas and social progressive foundations and political and financial
    it just so happened that there was a nsdap in germany and that they realized it was kike bolshevism and its constituent parties that formed a grave threat to a free europe ,especially germany………………
    Political Groups of russia pre revolution , Land and Liberty ,People’s Will , Liberation of Labour Group, Black Repartition , Octobrists , Social Democratic Labour Party , Socialist Revolutionary Party, Left Socialist Revolutionarist , Bolsheviks, Mensheviks ,Constitutional Democrat Party, Anarchists, jewish bund ……
    each and every one of these was either kiked up or kike controlled
    todays white supremcist gropus are highly controlled like nazi groups and ku kluxxers.
    farmers solidarity militias were smashed by theoklahoma murrah bldg fals flag nwo operation
    its all there in front of us anyway

  6. sog says:

    good stuff annie ,,have you seen the fuckin house the niggers are going to move into or at least own in hawaaii ….20 million for it ..
    and all the helpers and maids and shit in the stank house dc …that ugly she beast is costing extra time on the rollers at the fed hq kike money printers central …ugly and abnoxious ….
    jews from chicongo or is chimpcago saw a real funny way to slap all whites in the face when they put that no acct felon 3rd degree in office …
    suuuuuuuuuucchh a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeellll ,,,you see it was an impossibileity that any monkey would ever escape from a zoo and take up resiudence in the white houes but me thinks its more like a communist kike seige but alas the bushes also had a ritual kosherizing celebration in the white hous kitchen before magumba showed up ..
    flagrant anti white activity ,there is no mistaking this shit even brain dead people are asking for information ….dont take any vaxxines and dont give up your rightful 2nd amendment right ..
    2nd ammendment is our gun permit and registration is cencureship and seizure
    dont trip too hard on otheres talking at you in strange ways it could be a million reasons and some of em not good …hmmmmm

    anyway they say that obamonoid is not buying a house in hawaii ..uhmm hmm
    so this a kike owned house the swinging obamas rent



  7. sog says:

    hey calig i say we join up with the greeks and golden dawn …

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