ZOG is Getting Ready — Are You?


The continued silence on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is astounding. With the help of several websites, keystoliberty seems to be the be only one reporting on the passage.

In one way American’s are lucky, at least those who know, we know the globalist’s timeline; complete disarmament by 2016, slowly but surely. Now it is time to get the documents and spread them like crazy; e-mail them, copy them and hand them out to those without computers. The important ones are here, here and here. The ‘state’ in that last document, means only government, its agencies, from the federal to the local will be allowed to have firearms. We are already living under tyranny, how much worse will it get if we were disarmed? Say good-bye to all of the Bill of Rights, they all hinge on the right to keep and bear arms.

That becomes the future job, as well thinking hard about forming or joining a militia for defense. If the militias were strong at this point, the thought of disarming the American people would be remote. Remember defense, . . . . . who ever starts shooting first loses.

Knowing what-you-know, is a glimpse into the future, start preparing by exercise, hiking, exploring, purchasing items that will be helpful, storing provisions and learning new skills such as recognizing plants that can be used for food and medicine. Stay away from things that are illegal, if there is a battlefield it will be covered with ‘only dropped once’ equipment of an illegal nature. Learn Sun Tzu, understand the use of force and the use of spies for information.

Government ammunition purchases have not slowed down. Homeland ( the SS) just purchased .223 ammunition. It is a 5 year contract for 200 million rounds (click on top amendment on right side). On a separate order for Homeland (the SS) 255,000 rounds of .223 ammunition, labeled as Duty Ammunition. Along with that, 176,000 rounds of 308 caliber, 168 gr. Hollow Point, Match Grade, Boat-Tail, which is ammunition for use by snipers. Let me remind you they label ‘training’ ammunition. 308 caliber is NATO ammunition and could be used by NATO troops. If you haven’t check the last posting on ammunition and contracts please do.

Is the government preparing for a future event? I think they are.

Video: Obama on Gun Control

Source (via www.iamthewitness.com)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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189 Responses to ZOG is Getting Ready — Are You?

  1. x says:


    I definitely did not infer you were a jew.

    I only left the quote by Incogman himself to state what he said last year about certain theories, and why I raised the point in the first place, it wasn’t directed at you.

    As I said Denise woke up to 9/11 without believing in ‘TV fakery and no planes’ . My thought is why add in to the mix ‘TV fakery and no planes’ when people believe in Jewjob 9/11 without it.


    I agree, I’m not an authority on any story of what happened. The military planes sounds plausible.

    What ever evidence I see that convinces me I’m willing to believe.

    I hold Incogman and Mike Delaney as much greater authorities on 9/11 then myself. It’s the only reason I raised the point.

  2. Barney says:

    Better late (on this thread) than never.

    Pat – I agree that it’s time to drop these unnecessarily detailed arguments regarding chemtrails and whether anything hit the WTC, but I’ll just have one last say on the subject because you seem to be trying too hard to push the “official” stories, and it’s making me wonder who “Pat” really is.

    Nobody can ever know everything. We have to rely on the work of others in fields where we have either little knowledge or little interest. I’m not going to learn an entire new field of science at my age when the results would achieve nothing, though I will read those documents you recommended.

    I don’t CARE what hit the WTC. That was just “the show”. The videos, whether provided by zog or not, clearly show that one of the world’s top demolition teams was involved in bringing the towers down, and that’s the key issue.

    All we need to concentrate on is the perpetrators. It doesn’t matter HOW the jews did something, just that it was THEM that did it. Super Thermite? Super Thermate? Mini-nukes? Termites? Who CARES? They’re just details, and most of us here wouldn’t know one from the other. All we do know is that those towers didn’t “fall” down, and they wouldn’t have collapsed at all without expert help.

    Did the WTC complex even exist? Probably, but I wasn’t there to see it, so it could be argued that the towers themselves were nothing but computer graphics. It’s reasonable to assume that they were real, but I never saw them myself, so I have to accept the words of those who say they did.

    Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people claim to have analysed chemtrail residue. Some of these may well be lying, but I suspect that the vast majority are telling the truth, if only because they tell the same story.

    Three things that are forever coming up are Barium, Aluminium and Ethylene Di-Bromide. People also frequently mention desiccated human blood cells, and then there’s the probability of a link with Morgellons.

    You try to dismiss the fact that chemtrails are laid when climbing is due to nothing more than the fact that the engines are working that much harder on take-off than when coming in to land.

    Answer this one then. Jet engines have existed far longer than chemtrails have. Commercial airliners have been jet powered for much longer than chemtrails have existed. Air travel continues to increase. My local airport (London Gatwick) has been a busy airport for a very long time, even before most airlines switched to jets. I even remember when the first VC-10 was delivered.

    Jet airliners have been using Gatwick airport for a long time, since long before the first chemtrails appeared. Jets were a common sight long before chemtrails existed. Why is it that none of them were laying chemtrails?

    Even if we take your line that these are “probably” nothing more than contrails that behave in a way no genuine contrail ever did, why did they not exist then, but they do now?

    Contrails don’t form at low altitudes, and no jet exhaust has sufficient density to spread out the way these chemtrails do. It’s like expecting a single drop of water to flood an entire town. There just isn’t enough content – – – or are you going to start talking about a few loaves and a couple of fish feeding the five thousand?

    It’s getting ridiculous, and it’s arousing my suspicions. Why would you insist that everybody here become scientists and analyse something (jet exhaust) that isn’t likely to be the source of the problem? Why attach so much importance to misdirection and obtaining absolute proof (which is an impossibility anyway) of just one of many weapons zog is using against us?

    The public, even if we could get the information to them, which we can’t in adequate numbers, aren’t all molecular scientists. The data would mean nothing to most people. We’ll never see the perpetrators in one of their own courts, so why the obsession with chemical analysis? We know they’ve sprayed us before, and we can see they’re spraying us now.

    Don’t believe your own lying eyes because Pat says it’s not true.

    Who’s Pat anyway? How do we know he exists?

    That brings me to another point Pat. I think it’s time to end the confusion you’ve deliberately created about your gender.

    You told me something in a couple of e-mails quite a long time ago, and then you told everybody here that “I know” whether you’re a man or a woman, but I don’t know. I’ve never met you. I’m inclined to believe what you said because it fits in with your style of writing, but you could be a convincing actor.

    If you’re deliberately misleading people about one relatively unimportant thing, how can we be sure you’re telling the truth about anything?

    Tell the truth and shame the devil as they say.

  3. Bailey says:

    @ Barney,

    One quick one from me and it’s off to work.

  4. Annie Oakley says:

    I’m going to chime in on the chemtrail issue.

    When I lived in California, they were spraying the shit out of us. I really didn’t know what chemtrails were. I just figured since I lived close to the airport, it was jet fuel. Boy was I wrong. Every one in my complex had some sort of respiratory problems. One the tenants had to move as her children had become so asthmatic they were having serious breathing problems.

    When I moved to Florida I noticed the crisscross in the skies. I have taken pictures of them. I didn’t even have to go outside to notice when they sprayed. I don’t smoke and I don’t have bronchial problems, but I do have some now. When they spray it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Not only can I not take a deep breath, I’m incredibly tired. My spouse complains about the same things.

    I visited my aunt last year in Texas. Her respiratory therapist personally told me that she’s seen a HUGE spike in respiratory problems with people who should not be having problems, people who are NOT overweight or smoke. Why is that?

    I was in Michigan this summer. At 4am I would hear jets above our camp. The sky would be a beautiful sky with sparkling stars and all of a sudden I’d see criss cross of chemtrails all across the sky. The next day there would be a fog haze almost all day. The days they didn’t spray, the sky was a beautiful blue with no clouds.

    Now I’m in the South. They’re spraying here too. Yesterday morning I had the windows open. When I first got up early in the morning, I felt the heaviness in my chest. Same with my spouse. I didn’t even have to go outside to see the trails. Sure as shit, there they were.

    The farmers have told me here that their crops are MUCH smaller this year. They’ve all complained that most of their families were sick this spring. Confirmed with a fellow friend here who watches the chemtrails that they were spraying like crazy in March and April.

    The History Channel who is ZOG controlled did a story on weather wars. It came out on the documentary that spraying was a joint effort between US Air Force and DARPA.

    There are 2 great documentaries, What are they spraying and Why are they spraying that shows the facts.

    I know what I see and I know what I feel. Now when they spray, I keep the windows closed and minimize my time outdoors. I also use a eucalyptus Watkins breathing relief spray. I spray a little on a paper towel and it gives me instant relief.

  5. x says:

    Annie – that’s a good take on Chemtrails

    Tobacco companies used to put out info saying ‘smoking is good for your throat’ 50 years ago, yet people must have known smoking was pretty bad for you. Sometimes we only need to follow our our instincts or listen to our own bodies.

    Eventually scientific consensus said smoking was proved to be damaging to health.

    I only stated to Pat that if we need to prove everything by scientific method then he could do the same. I should have probably never pushed the point as Pat is a very smart poster.

    Anyway I never disagreed with most of Pat’s point on using scientific method, or that all trails in the sky are chemtrails.

    In fact by using Pat’s method it’s true that it’s hard to believe almost anything put on MSM and we should always look into who made or provided the money for anything.

    I looked at who helped make ‘What in the World are They Spraying’ the main guy is Michael J. Murphy – the other is Barry Kolsky – I don’t know if he’s Jewish but his google+ circle list, there are a few jews there.

    and he even did a ‘Nazi promo’ http://kolsky.net/video/promos/

    Of course if he works in Hollywood he’s likely to either be a Jew or work a lot for them.

    and Alex Jones and others promote the film.

    Does it make it disinfo? I don’t know.

    Here’s my Theory on trails- just my opinion – people can debunk it if they want.

    Contrails are known to change the weather by creating cloud cover, that’s scientifically proven. The level of air traffic today must be 10x or more what it was 50 years ago.

    In the meantime – Global Warming and now Climate Change is being used to call for carbon taxes. The debate on Co2 changing weather seem’s to have been debunked, but they want to push ahead.

    It could be that they’re are doing chemtrails to change the weather.

    Or maybe it could be that the large amount of jets in the world today compared to 50/60 years ago, is leading to some kinds of climate change (droughts/floods) and rather then admitting it is due to contrails, they are pushing the idea of chemtrails to make money off it.

    To a certain extent the fear of Chemtrails could raise a Placebo Effect on people.

    Imagine if you were told on the news there was a leak at a nearby nuclear station and please close your windows and go inside. You would probably get pretty fearful and it might lead to breathing problems you might get a headache or something.

    Maybe just being told that all trails are chemtrails is causing effects on people.

    From watching Alex Jones, he usually gets people very fearful, and then goes on to sell goods that could help you out- at very inflated prices. I believe almost all of the people who sell goods on Alex Jones are Jews.

    Organic foods are usually 2x the price of non-organic or more. I don’t know how many of those organic companies are Jewish owned.

    Of course best way to get organic is grow your own or buy from local farm or market.

    Pat is right in that we need to use or get scientific evidence- completely devoid of any Jewish influence. If anyone has that great, please post.

    Again just a theory of mine, the thing I always stated on con/chemtrails is that the definitely seem to change a blue sky into a cloudy one on my observation.

  6. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Next step?

    The “no kikes” theory!


    Free worldwidwe T.V. for those inclined.




    Hope you’ve had yer dinner.

  7. sog says:

    yeah bailey ,,shanksville is a real unbelievable scenario and the facts and science rule out a head on crash with the ground ..
    it may be the only real casualty in the drama ..hollywoodomized version ..
    shot out of the sky whatever it was ….aheemmm cellphone calls? fron an airplane ..heh heh right …hey captain could you fly this damn plane down to 1000 feet so we can mke some phone calls ,,heh heh

    roger the Ta pu earte wilcume also from old english influenced by danish and jutland roots in old and middle english ..

  8. gregorz says:

    the nation of lies and hipocracy never stop the playbook of the devil is the talmud
    just seen its leader netanyahu on t.v comparing muslim extremists with 70 yrs ago that nazi war machine bent on world conquest do these bastards ever stop lying and decieving people!

  9. Stef says:

    Thought you guys would like this one:

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