ZOG is Getting Ready — Are You?


The continued silence on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty is astounding. With the help of several websites, keystoliberty seems to be the be only one reporting on the passage.

In one way American’s are lucky, at least those who know, we know the globalist’s timeline; complete disarmament by 2016, slowly but surely. Now it is time to get the documents and spread them like crazy; e-mail them, copy them and hand them out to those without computers. The important ones are here, here and here. The ‘state’ in that last document, means only government, its agencies, from the federal to the local will be allowed to have firearms. We are already living under tyranny, how much worse will it get if we were disarmed? Say good-bye to all of the Bill of Rights, they all hinge on the right to keep and bear arms.

That becomes the future job, as well thinking hard about forming or joining a militia for defense. If the militias were strong at this point, the thought of disarming the American people would be remote. Remember defense, . . . . . who ever starts shooting first loses.

Knowing what-you-know, is a glimpse into the future, start preparing by exercise, hiking, exploring, purchasing items that will be helpful, storing provisions and learning new skills such as recognizing plants that can be used for food and medicine. Stay away from things that are illegal, if there is a battlefield it will be covered with ‘only dropped once’ equipment of an illegal nature. Learn Sun Tzu, understand the use of force and the use of spies for information.

Government ammunition purchases have not slowed down. Homeland ( the SS) just purchased .223 ammunition. It is a 5 year contract for 200 million rounds (click on top amendment on right side). On a separate order for Homeland (the SS) 255,000 rounds of .223 ammunition, labeled as Duty Ammunition. Along with that, 176,000 rounds of 308 caliber, 168 gr. Hollow Point, Match Grade, Boat-Tail, which is ammunition for use by snipers. Let me remind you they label ‘training’ ammunition. 308 caliber is NATO ammunition and could be used by NATO troops. If you haven’t check the last posting on ammunition and contracts please do.

Is the government preparing for a future event? I think they are.

Video: Obama on Gun Control

Source (via www.iamthewitness.com)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Dear Aryan that’s an old one, have you heard the one done to the tune of the American National Anthem, it’s just as good, can’t give you the link for it ,it was a long time ago, perhaps others could send you in the right direction.

  2. The Truth Will Out says:

    People like Toby wanted us to respond to that race-traitor Anders Breivik, they wanted us to sit to rise up and take the fight against the Arab, all for the sole benefit of the scheming juden.

    Can you imagine how motivational the following video would be if Breivik had targeted our real enemies the juwes.

    As it stands the two most well known ‘race-related’ attacks were against brainwashed White Marxists with the jew-tool Breivik citing our need to support the devils of Is Ra El, and the ever so strange case of that attack on a Sikh temple, the Sikhs being the most inoffensive and productive of all our invaders.

    To try and make the White races stand up and take notice you’ll have to understand that while juwes own the media, there appears to be no recognition of our anti-human problem, however in the real world, more and more of us realise the true scope and danger of the jew.

    Had he shot 100 choice nation-wrecking juwes there wouldn’t hardly be a tear shed for the victims, as it stands we’re all disgusted with the slaughter of white people, no matter how brainwashed they may have been.

    To find out which White nationalist groups have been hijacked look at the ones trying to deify AB, however all the uninfiltrated groups hold Breivik in contempt for he was doing the work of the jew.

    Let’s not make another mistake and have WWIII wipe out the rest of our white race, this time we must correct the mistakes of our forefathers in WWI & WWII and aim our sights on the rat-faced anti-Christ.

    America is way past the scientifically recognised tipping point (native population dropping below 75%) for civil war at 52% white European, this means, like it or not, you’re going to need the support of those you perhaps see as enemies.
    The jew problem isn’t just a white problem, it is a universal problem.

    Hitler saw that, you do too.

    Once the juden is totally removed from our lands, all our lands, then we can treat the symptoms of the past century of the juden virus and peacefully retain our white lands for white people, and fairly repatriate the races we can no longer live with.

    The confiscated gold will pay for the mass repatriation.

    Attend to the source of the ailment first, then the recovery will be that much easier.

    A world war between the Whites and the Arabs will simply mean White people numbering at 1-2% of the world’s population 5 years after.

  3. The Truth Will Out says:

    RE: Iran hacking banks, they may be doing it, but then again how long have you been scratching your head about how far back their deceitful lies goes through the history we know, considering the limitless bare faced front of all these fucking juwes?

    Every truly great man throughout history from Jesus to Hitler has been defamed and presented as a monster in our jew infected media.

    The banks are a cabal traced back to a long history of jewish mafia gangsters, they don’t all get along, and they’ve been at this business for centuries.

    If making the money disappear works and brings white America to it’s senses then maybe you should hope Iran is successful, as no matter how I’ve analysed it, we in the West really won’t make our own lives anymore uncomfortable than necessary, which is why times have to get tough before we can rally the troops.
    Just like in Greece it needed the food to dry up, while there’s food in our bellies and X-factor on TV our goyim will be kept in check.

    Once the food is scarce on the supermarket shelves, only then will you see a rude awakening.

    The major issue I have with the juwes forcing America’s hand in this attack against Iran is whatever is done to isreal, the same scum who have conspired to destroy our Western civilisation will be a million miles from any of the trouble.

    They hold all our countries hostage and wiping out isreal doesn’t solve our jew problem as Is Ra El is no more than a real estate for Rothschild.

    We’ve still got those rats in penis hats in our highest halls of power throughout the Occident.

    If Iran is behind the hacking they better be successful and kill the banks off completely, at least enough to bring about civil war.

    Anything initiated by us before then will be crushed instantly by the government.

    In the chaos of war they want us to die fighting the juwes battle.

    That may be the West’s last hope, we will need to suffer before anyone takes their fight seriously, otherwise the goyim are just too comfy to bother with worrying about juwes taking control of everything.

    There is absolutely no point in us white nations going to war with the Arab world and ignoring the jewish question, the extraction of the jew virus will solve the ills of both sides.
    There wouldn’t be any animosity between us and the Arabs had it not been for the juwes having America slaughter all these Arabs forthe past 50 years or so.

    In the past 3 centuries the juwes have had 300 Million of us White Europeans die for wars the juden initiated, there will never be peace while the jew is sitting atop at the pile at the controls of our system and societies.

    A Judenfreis planet is the solution to world peace.

  4. The Truth Will Out says:

    So many typos in above two posts, apologies.

    To make myself clearer, regardless of whether you agree with me or not, we need to de-program the brainwashed White Goyim, and surely we can mostly agree this brainwashing has been achieved by lies, the truth will set them free.

    Part of their programming has been the lifelong hypnosis that whites are bad, Hitler was bad, and blacks are cool.

    Some white folk are so negrofied they will never listen to a white man explain how Hitler really was our saviour, for these people we can use men like Farrakhan or Ray Hagins.
    Whites have been brainwashed into being so terrified at the idea of being called racist or anti-semitic they will reject any talk in support of Hitler, they however WILL respond far better to this man than if a ‘blonde haired blue eyed devil’ was to tell them the truth.

    Ray Hagin’s explains to negroes how Hitler was actually a hero not the devil.


    Give the above video few minutes of your time (from 10:00 to 13:00) to see what I mean, he goes onto explain that Hitler was a friend to Africans, and recognised their right to freedom in their own lands also.

  5. Hoff says:

    A jew tells in clear words that can NOT be missunderstood – unless you are a total retard. MANDATORY VIDEO!!!


  6. The Truth Will Out says:
  7. Pat says:



    There have been numerous studies on the unintended effects of high altitude CONTRAILS that diffuse into high level CIRRUS clouds. These clouds reflect the suns radiation and cool the areas involved. Google the shit out of this for more information. I have posted so much on this that it’s a waste of time to repeat it.

    I also laid out above the technology to apply if you want to know if there is any nefarious “spraying” going on.

    Did you click on the links provided and actually read the papers? If not, here they are again:
    A system for Measurement of Aircraft Exhaust Gas under
    Normal Operating Conditions of an Airport


    Remote sensing of aircraft exhaust temperature and composition by
    passive Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)



    You cite Mike Delaney as “knowing” exactly how the 9/11 event was pulled off? Delaney says that investigating the issue is “muddying the waters”?

    Delaney is wrong on this.

    Investigating an issue clarifies it. The problem is that people who do not know how to investigate anything are posting illogical conclusions as fact and spewing a lot of suspicion. That is what’s “muddying the waters”. There is also a lot on intentional disinformation being injected to confuse people. Just as was done post JFK.

    You mentioned that I “believe” in the “No Planes” theory. I don’t “believe” anything. I need proof. I need proof sufficient to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

    Question for you: Would you bet your life that “hijacked airliners” struck those towers and the Pentagon? Remember, if you are wrong on this – you die.

    I have not seen sufficient proof that “two hijacked airliners” hit those buildings.

    Did two “airliners” hit those buildings?

    The same JewsNews sources that tell you that Hitler tried to exterminate all the Jews – fed us “news” about this event.

    We nee “Proof” of the claim that “Planes” hit the towers and the Pentagon.

    Is it merely video proof? What about the chain of custody issue of that video you were shown? In a court, I would argue that video was provided by the perpetrators of the event. Why would the perps expose what they really did on video?

    The technology to create any video from Computer Generated Imagery existed well before 9/11. The technology to morph voices in real time existed well before 9/11.

    The video of the first “Plane” to hit one of the towers was provided by an Israeli Jew.

    The video of the second “Plane” to hit the other tower was provided by the Jewish Media.

    We obviously have a problem with who provided that information. How much of THEIR information are you basing your opinion on? Are we going to cherry pick some of their information as “good” and some of it as “bad” without subjecting all of it to rigorous investigation?

    There is literally so much wrong with the assertion that hijacked airliners hit those towers that the most efficient way to deal with it is to focus on a specific aspect of that event and reduce it to a “Claim”.

    Then you provide “Proof” in the form of “Evidence”.

    Then we examine your “Evidence”.

    I have “Evidence” that tends to disprove the assertion that hijacked airliners hit those towers.

    You have “Evidence” that proves it? Please provide one small piece of it in the form of a “Claim” so that we can examine it.

    This is how you find the truth about anything.

    Investigation does not muddy up anything.

  8. Smithers says:

    @ Smithers,

    Does it really effin’ matter about ones grammar ?

    This is Truth 101.

    Who fuckin’ cares how people spell or constuct their message ?

    I have yet to see anyone question sogs message.

    Ya’ know why ? Because he’s right.

    Yes, Bailey to a point you are right: people like Mad Joo ATTACK grammar because
    they can’t attack the message which is usually true where Jews are concerned,
    so most Zionists or their puppets resort to defaming the messenger, cuz they
    can’t dispute the message (old classic Jew trick!, make u look stupid).

    But a lot of his stuff isn’t even legible is all I am saying, Christ make
    statements into paragraphs @ least???

  9. OK incog you don’t like my comments and you have sent me to Spamblinka in a round about way, you have blocked my way into your site but I have got in, just letting you know, I know the score.

  10. Pat says:

    The Truth Will Out,

    Did I hear you say “DEPROGRAM”????



    Do you want the blue drive or the red drive?

    You unlock this door with the key of understanding. Beyond it is another dimension, A dimension of Lies. A dimension of Swindle. A dimension of Subversion. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance – methods and madness. You just crossed over into The Twilight Zone.
    In this episode, we are embarking on a journey into the near future. This is a future where fact meets fiction in a titanic battle. A battle for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

    Computer programmer Thomas Anderson is secretly a hacker known as “Neo”. He is restless, eager and driven to learn the meaning of cryptic references to the “Fed” appearing on his computer.

    A female hacker named Trinity confirms that a man named Morpheus can help him; however, three sinister Agents, led by Agent Smith, arrest Neo and attempt to prevent him from collaborating with Morpheus.

    Undeterred, Neo meets with Morpheus and agrees to take a look at some damning evidence that Morpheus has collected about something he refers to as The Jewish Matrix. Morpheus offers Neo a choice between two flash drives. One is red, the other is blue. Neo asks what the difference is. Morpheus explains that the blue drive contains video of the “official version” of the events of 9/11, while the red drive contains the truth. Neo accepts an offered red flash drive.

    Neo views a video on the flash drive that clearly depicts a scene in a control room at CNN where he observes CIA officials literally “creating” and “manipulating” news feeds on 9/11. The video makes it clear that the aircraft that “hit the towers” were computer generated. The control room also interfaced directly with designated “actors” and embedded agents working together to create the “illusion” of the events of 9/11. He is then goes with Morpheus aboard a private bus called the Nebuchadnezzar.

    Morpheus tells Neo that humans are fighting against The Jews who through the use of Usury have taken control of much of the Earth. The Jews harvest the value of labor produced by humans, who are kept docile within the “Jewish Matrix” – a synthetic reality created by the Jewish Media Complex to provide an illusion of freedom and self determination.

    Neo has lived in this synthetic reality since birth. Jewish synthetic reality encompasses a campaign of lies that stops at nothing. It is single-minded and unappeasable. Their lies are unrelenting, unyielding and grimly vindictive. Neo had been exposed to thousands of hours of lies broadcast to him on his Tel-Aviv-Vision. Countless hours of lies had been screened to him in the form of jewish written, produced and directed movies. He had read page after page of lies printed in books published by Jewish publishing houses. He had listened to hundreds of hours of lies spoken to him by his bought-and-paid-for politicians who are servile apple-polishers for “Israeli” interests.

    Morpheus and his crew belong to a group of free humans who “unplug” others from the Jewish Matrix and recruit them to their rebellion against The Jews, and who are able to gain strength within the Jewish Matrix by using their understanding of its true nature to manipulate it.

    The method the group of free humans use to “unplug” others is called “Exit Counseling”. Exit counseling is distinguished from deprogramming by the fact that it is a voluntary procedure, that the follower is treated with respect, can leave any time, and that the decision to stay with the group or leave it is wholly up to the follower and will be accepted by the exit counselor.

    Generally, the person is presented with information about the group in question or other groups, including especially information which is usually not available to Jew-followers, testimonies from former members of the Jew-Cult, along with information on the nature of mind control theory.

    Morpheus is an ex-Marine who loves his country. Morpheus’s life experience has taught him quite a few things – not the least of which is that political reality as perceived by most people is actually synthetic reality created by employees of The Jewish Matrix to pacify and subdue the human population. Thought the Jewish Matrix does instigate wars among certain groups – the Matrix works to ensure that the population is pacified when dealing with Jews. Jews and only Jews.

    Aboard the bus, Morpheus and “the new guy” – Neo sit discussing their plans over a cup of coffee. “So how did you get into this,” asked Neo.

    Morpheus used to be a real “Patriot”. He still is. But not in the same sense he used to be. Morpheus used to be what he derisively calls a “Patriotard”. Today, Morpheus is an Exit Counselor helping people to exit the Matrix. The Matrix of confusion and lies that the Jew operates behind.

    “Yeah, I used to be a real Patriotard,” Morpheus says to Neo. “I had been fully indoctrinated by the Cult that is currently in charge here. My work is to help other people understand what is really going on – and to enable them to free themselves from a Cult that is designed specifically to enrich and empower themselves, while at the same time – destroy you”.

    Patriotards are people who have essentially been coercively influenced/brainwashed by Jewish propaganda. The BITE model describes the primary controls over human behavior. Behavior – Information – Thought – Emotion.

    The Jewish-Controlled-Government and Media apparatus recruits and retains its followers by using, among other things, systematic deception, behavior modification, the withholding of information, and emotionally intense persuasion techniques (such as a staged atrocity like the Jewish perpetrated 9/11 event, politically charged movies or even false flag theater shootings). Collectively, these described as “Mind Control”.
    “I used to think mud people were the problem, rather than just a symptom. I even used to listen to Rush Limbaugh. That fat bastard had me thinking it was Patriotic to want to protect Israel and the Jews. After a certain point, I was so far gone that I really started thinking that White guys were the real problem – my own people, people just like me,” said Morpheus.

    “Essentially, a Cult has taken over here. And we need to stop it,” said Morpheus.
    Is it really a “Cult”? asked Neo. “Let’s see here,” Morpheus said, as he reached into the lower left hand pocket of his dark blue BDU pants and pulled out a dictionary. “It says here that the definition of the word “Cult” is:

    1: formal religious veneration : worship
    2: a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of adherents
    3: a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also : its body of adherents

    “Well then – what’s a Religion,” asked Mike. “Religion” – here it is” said Morpheus as he paged through the dictionary.

    “A religion is:

    1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs.
    2. a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects: the Christian religion; the Buddhist religion.
    3. the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices: a world council of religions.”

    “I don’t really see much of a difference in those definitions,” said Neo. “So basically we’re going out to try to f*ck with peoples religious beliefs” asked Neo.

    “Judiasm is a cult that codified the usury and the idea of Jewish Supremacism into what they call their religion. It’s an evil cult”, said Morpehus.

    “Our objective is to help people make informed choices and decisions based on tangible evidence and truthful analysis. I don’t inject opinion. We work with objective tools that are designed to separate fact from fiction. Lots of times, that’s the same thing as separating good from evil. That all,” Morpheus said.

    “Hey, it’s time for us to go”, said Morpheus. So, both Neo and Morpheus headed out to work. They were going to spend the next three to four days “Exit Counseling” another person – and freeing their mind.

  11. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Good video Hoff and a cut and paste from Smithers.

    Yes, Bailey to a point you are right: people like Mad Joo ATTACK grammar because
    they can’t attack the message which is usually true where Jews are concerned,
    so most Zionists or their puppets resort to defaming the messenger, cuz they
    can’t dispute the message (old classic Jew trick!, make u look stupid).

  12. The Truth Will Out says:

    Pat, I understand your argument, but Delaney is not wrong on it “muddying the waters”.

    While I agree that most of us wouldn’t “bet our bottom dollar” against there not being any planes, the technology is there after all.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EyioNrPlYA – This is only what they allow in the public domain, Christ knows how advanced and for how long they have mastered it.

    The thing is “no plane theory” most certainly is muddying the waters, which is why 911 missing links doesn’t even broach the subject about the how and why it happened, just the “whodunnit” side of the event.

    The “no plane theory” will make the average punter switch off faster than flashing the greatest hypnotists symbol of the past century the Swastika.

    I can conceive of the possibility of there being no planes, however improbable, only it does indeed put you at a disadvantage in making the case about 911 and the juwes especially when there’s far more incriminating evidence available than hanging your hopes on proving the “no plane theory”.

    We need to wake up the world to the jewish threat, we need to be as subversive and clever as our opponents.

    That’s why I encourage and also wake up all ethnics I can also (of course I do not elaborate so far as to explain the welfare system scam to them…), we need to have everyone awaken to the juden threat, for we are all their prey.

    Once we have the juden threat eliminated we can intelligently and fairly retake our white lands, the confiscated wealth stolen by the juwes over these centuries will pay for it all.

    United we stand divided we fall, they’re banking on the latter to make us all their slaves.

    Brainwashed Goyim don’t want to hear about Hitler and wont even consider the holocaust is a lie when told to them from white people, which is why I promote Farrakhan and Ray Hagins to these types of Goyim

    White people under years of the Marxist indoctrination hypnosis program reject white folk telling them the truth about juwes outright, depressingly many of the younger generation will only respond to the link above of Ray Hagins’ speech far more readily than they would ever listen a white man like you or me.

    The no plane theory would have the average punter turn off in an instant.
    The chemtrails issue I also strongly believe in, I remember our skies back in the 70’s & 80’s have nothing like what we see today.

    In direct relation to chemtrails, I have photos of recent the recent “sunbow” effect which ONLY ever occur after a period of persistent con/chemtrails usually laid over where the Sun is setting/rising depending on where you are.

    The following was taken about 2 weeks ago (my first time ever witnessing these), I have seen this earlier on Monday this week and only just an hour ago in my own back garden today, those pictures I have to get off my friend’s camera when I can catch him in a few days time.
    I have quite a few if anyone is interested:

  13. The Truth Will Out says:

    Please note, the image I linked is not a ‘sundog’

    This is NOT a camera effect, it can be seen for periods extending an hour or so, I can travel for a few miles and these ‘sunbows’ can be seen by the eye from every angle.

    Here’s a video I found shortly after finding my first one

  14. Pat says:

    The Truth Will Out,

    That looks like high level Cirrus clouds.

    What exactly are they made of?

    Here is how you can find out:

    A system for Measurement of Aircraft Exhaust Gas under
    Normal Operating Conditions of an Airport


    Remote sensing of aircraft exhaust temperature and composition by
    passive Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR)


    It is a well-known fact that contrails can diffuse and form that kind of thing especially near high traffic convergence areas.

    This is not good.

    Essentially, this means that the injection of water vapor into the upper atmosphere can cause clouds – which do reflect solar radiation – which does alter weather patterns.

    This is a known problem.

    Engine manufacturers are working of methods of reducing water vapor in exhaust plumes, but the chemistry of kerosene based hydrocarbon fuels makes that very, very difficult.

    One way to mitigate the problem would be to mandate that aircraft fly lower, where the atmosphere experiences more mixing. The problem with that is that jet engines and airframes are significantly less efficient at lower altitudes, resulting in much lower fuel economy and reduced range. Operating costs would be much higher.

    There is a lot of effort towards electric motor propulsion. This would probably be the best solution.

    But, as you can see from the two papers I linked to – you can actually KNOW what is in those clouds from a ground based vantage point. No guessing. No suspicion.

    Contrail mitigation is a very important issue to the Military for obvious reasons. You won’t find much on the web about that because that research is secret.

  15. The Truth Will Out says:

    I miss Cannibal Rabbi

    Blue-eyed Devils wid attitude

    All them juwes

  16. Pat says:

    The Truth Will Out,

    We are on the same page with both with respect to the “NO PLANE” theories and regarding the “CHEMTRAIL” issue.

    If one believes that a more in-depth investigation is “Muddying the Waters” of the underlying issue – which this the FACT that the International Jewish Globalist Conspiracy did 9/11…..then we totally agree.

    I say that the core issue is that we can already identify “Persons of Interest” in the perpetration of 9/11.

    Those people need to be detained and questioned. Enhanced Interrogation Procedures are warranted in this case.

    I have no interest in running around in circles talking about any of the finer points of the 9/11 crime.

    I also don’t care to discuss the so-called “Chemtrial” issue with anyone who simply does not want to get to the core issues and examine the facts.

    I do think it is important to convey to the general public that they are systematically victimized by a very large, very sophisticated Media Conspiracy.

    The job of that Media Conspiracy is to Deceive and to Shape Opinion.

    They did both of those things on 9/11 and in the aftermath of 9/11.

    I have laid out science for you.

    I am not going to discuss this any further.

    I do not engage in “belief”. I seek evidence towards proof.

    Suspicion + Evidence = Belief

    Belief + More Evidence = Clear and Convincing Evidence

    Clear and Convincing Evidence + More Evidence = A Preponderance of the Evidence

    A Preponderance of the Evidence + More Evidence = Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.

    From what I have seen online – not very many people who post their “suspicions” really understand the process of fact finding.

    Too often, the whole thing turns into a circle jerk.

    I have no further interest in discussing these issues, as I have laid out enough for those smart enough to take from it.

  17. Pat says:

    One last thing regarding the “NO PLANES” theories:

    This issue points DIRECTLY to the Jewish Media Conspiracy.

    It points to WHO “creates” and “feeds” you “news”.

    Would it surprise most people to know that all Broadcast News is both owned and controlled by the Jewish Globalist Conspiracy?

    Is that “too much” for most of the sheeple? Would they “shut off” if EVIDENCE of this FACT was exposed to them?

    I say: FUCK THEM.

    Honestly, most people here are not worth saving. Just look around at the vast numbers of fat, ugly, Talmud Vision Watching, Niggerball Loving – Pieces of Shit.

    I don’t care what happens to them.

    They don’t want to listen?

    They aren’t smart enough to listen to science?

    They aren’t smart enough to be able to tell when someone is attempting to deceive them?

    Too bad.


    On a personal level, I’m all set. I have my “out”.

    I also interact with people who are smart enough to be able to understand the concept of Video Fakery.

    Obviously, this is just too abstract for the (m)asses.


    I hope they die off real quick.

  18. Pat says:

    Any of you who actually believes ANY of the content coming from the Jewish Broadcast Media – are well………….you’re idiots.

    They might not lie to you about the weather forecast or the latest niggerball scores – but the DO lie to you about things that affect the Jewish Agenda.

    They lie.

    They deceive.

    They will use Video Fakery if necessary.

    They employ “actors” to “play roles” featured in certain “news” broadcasts.

    Your Broadcast News is no “news”.

    It is BULLSHIT.

    The safe thing to do is to assume ALL OF IT is a LIE unless or until PROVEN OTHERWISE.

    Those sources cannot be trusted.

    Those sources could not be trusted on 9/11 either.

    For those who are smart enough to connect the dots…..do it.

    The rest….well – I don’t even feel sorry for you.

    You are what you are. Dumb.

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Pat says

    “Too often, the whole thing turns into a circle jerk.”

    Is that a kike thing? Guy touches my cock he dies! Not nicely.

    What would a bird know about that?


    “I say: FUCK THEM.”

    You’ve been noticed saying that.

    Does that go for children? Teenagers? Old folk doing their best under very trying circumstances?

    “Honestly, most people here are not worth saving. Just look around at the vast numbers of fat, ugly, Talmud Vision Watching, Niggerball Loving – Pieces of Shit.

    I don’t care what happens to them.”

    Are you a man or a woman Pat?
    Perhaps a bit o’ half’n’half!


    “They aren’t smart enough to listen to science?”

    Fuck science. Science isn’t independent of kike influence.
    Look at the fiddled figures at the U.E.A. concerning “Global Warming”, and ask yourself why Global Kiking has never been addressed by “science”?!

    “Too bad.


    Well Mr, we all die.
    Quicker you than me or mine.
    Whatever they think, or have no control over.

    “I also interact with people who are smart enough to be able to understand the concept of Video Fakery.”

    I bet jew do!

    “You are what you are. Dumb.”

    Are you a man or a woman Pat?

    Fess up.


    You spoke up for this idiot, when it made its first or second post.
    Gave it a clear run.

    Is it a man or a woman?

    What gives big goy?

    Who could stay away?

  20. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    @Sog Ta
    @Jason Thanks fer the email
    @tbone Rock on dude!
    @Condeez You’re lovely
    @TWO Thankyou
    @Bailey Cheers dude
    @Barney I owe you one
    GTRman Learn to play
    TTWO pleased to meet you

    @Pat Are you a man, or a woman? May’be a thing.

  21. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Lot o’ time past.

    No reply?

    Even from Incogman?

    “It says two sausages up there!”




  22. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Why did jew stick up for “pat”?


  23. x says:


    The piece I wrote earlier, I wrote yesterday after I saw you compared Chemtrails to Holocaust lies. It seemed to dismiss Barney’s argument.

    I’m not disagreeing with the need for scientific evidence I think we are on the same page with Chemtrails/Contrails.,you stated;
    A unit could be built and attached to a small telescope to get the data.
    All that has been offered so far is witness testimony, photos, and circumstantial evidence.

    later you stated;
    Pat September 21, 2012 at 11:29 pm
    I definitely am NOT saying that they aren’t spraying shit.
    They probably are.

    The reason I brought up your no planes on 911 is because like chemtrails what scientific evidence do you have that cruise missiles were used?

    I’ve trawled through comments to find what you said about 9/11

    you say-
    They faked the video of the “planes hitting the towers”.
    I don’t think “planes” hit the towers at all. I think cruise missiles were used.

    OK fine, but give full evidence and proof, not just I think. Yet Barney brings up Chemtrails and you compare it to Holocaust lies.

    Here is a article from Incogman last year –
    Incog him self states;
    Zionist hasbaRAT agitators use missile theories, plane holograms and other made-up nonsense, to get unaware Goyim to throw out the baby with the bath water.
    The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On by Tony Lawson

    I said I don’t believe all trails from jets are Chemtrails, I agree I need evidence. But I also need evidence of no planes. I wrote Mike Delaney THINKS I didn’t frame it as you put it- as “knowing” exactly how the 9/11 event was pulled off.

    Mike Delaney says he finds it hard to believe that millions of New Yorkers would have been fooled. There must have been at least 50,000 people directly witnessing the 2nd plane hitting the tower.

    Therefore common sense tells me that a plane of some form hit the tower. I have heard witness testimonies saying it wasn’t a normal jetliner and it looked like a military aircraft that seems plausible.

    But as Incogman himself puts it – Zionist hasbaRAT agitators use missile theories, plane holograms and other made-up nonsense, to get unaware Goyim to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    If Incogman has changed his position since last year on ‘no planes’ and you have undeniable evidence then I’ll warm to the ‘no planes theory’

  24. sog says:

    smithers go fuck your mother ,,10-4 ? capische hazzcrap

  25. DTTJ says:

    Here’s the ONLY KNOWN (to my knowledge) video of the very first plane hitting the ?North? tower. It was caught by a French (freedom fries!!!!) film crew while doing a documentary on NYC firefighters.


    It certainly looks and sounds like a jet but doesn’t appear large enough to be a passenger airliner, to my eyes, anyway.

    I’m not on the no-plane train but I guess with modern day CGI and a professional studio almost anything could be possible.

    And I know for a fact it was a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon.


  26. sog says:

    i see someone used my name to reply to smithers in an unkind way

    ,,wasnt me heh heh ….on the other side o the coin ,,i tend to write off

    what has been discoursed of in comments and sometimes if a person

    doesnt have alot of background in assorted and various and odd

    political manifestations then it seems out of whack and if its bunched

    together its even harder to bother with ….i agree somewhat …but smithers

    keeps haarp-ing on it ..its not worth discussing at any point anyway ….

    ive always said if one doesnt want to read sog shit thaen dont …

    if it makes your day easier and better on your eyes and lack of

    concentracion skills stay away from the comments with sog above them …

    the writer does not bear responsibility for your inconvenience and doesnt

    really care either but i make some pittance of an effort to make a few

    people somewhat happy once in a while ..heh heh …

    read at own risk ,,jump in at your own risk ,there is no life gaurd on duty

    ,hiuck hiuck …

  27. sog says:

    actually what hit the towers was a complete lack of concern for their existence by lucky larry and a huge kike need to gain unwarranted and undeserved insurance money ..

    suuuuuuuuuuuuch a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel

    it doesnt matter what hit the wtc they came down faster than i can clap my hands ie 110 stories in 10 seconds ,,can you clap that fast ,?
    amazing demolitional miracle ,,,,suuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a deeeeeeeeeeeeeel

    i would be more impressed by the odigo etc kike message service and how they could warn 4-5thousand kikelets to stay at home without anyone the wiser ….
    so there are 4000 mute kikes that know sumthing steenks besides their wives hmmmm cooking ..

    i bet thay all got a paid day off and catstrophe pay ..

    how many of these “survivors” got special recompensation hmmm more like reparatiomns because they lost their jobs and how come no one cried anti semitism on the attempted murder hmmm euthanasia of 4000 kikes .. always the reparations and the sufferink of jews .suuuuuuuuuuch a deeeeeeeeeeeeeel

    and they always seem to survive …where are all the dead jew victims of hate ,bring them in to testify ,,have you ever seen a dead personm lie ,,i’ll bet you a shekel that a dead jew can lie …

    the science that has been suppressed and their comments are loud and the pilots and arhitects can speak for me any day as they know a hella va lot o more shit than i …the explosin and demo experts tell us of triple point of steel and the nuclear smoke looking plume rising from the towers ..
    i dont care if a swarm of pteradactles hit the towers ..

    people saw planes ,,righto ,and the planes had no official markings say some and other say they were steel hull reinforced but many feel they would have hasd to be assisited by special rockets to enter the impenetrable metal facade and possibly a split second cutting thermate charge in the areas where the planse were to enter …

    at any rate the planes were just to distract the fucking ididot publuic into thinking what alot of em think ….

    its all over except for the radioactive foot print at ground zero ..
    and the evidence was hauled away and turned into razor blades and whatnot in china …maybe they wiil make prison bars and cages with all the radiocative steel that escaped to china …

    jews did it …like every other false flag rediculous aganda the braindead kikes have pulled off …al kikda hammass terrror izm jews territory .if there were terrorists then how come saudi arabia and israel never get royally fucked up
    one thing you can take to the bank is that no one is going to endite anyone even with evidence ..

    just look oingobongo and his chief nut likker fast and furious nut likker

    boy holder and the way they are absolutely guilty of high crimes and

    felonies ,,conspiracy collusion sedition murder by circcumstance and

    association ,covering up ,perjury etc …these two gay faggot kike bitches

    should be swinging from the yardarm or the menorah on capitol grounds .

    by very association and close intimate attatchment to these crimes they

    should be placed under arrest right f/n now …
    no one is going to do that and they therefore are also aiding and abbetting these criminals ..

    its a jew jew jew jew jew world …

  28. Mossod did 9/11 says:

    Informing others of the Conspiracy for global Jew domination is great. I would encourage others , however , to also hit the streets w/ large , clearly lettered signs which are short & to the point. My sign says “ZIONISTS CONTROL U.S. POLICY-MEDIA-BANKING”. Other side says “SEARCH-U.S. & ISRAELI ZIONISTS DID 9/11”. I get a lot of reactions. Good , bad and indifferent. I carry 1 page flyers w/ info & sometimes have copies of “Missing Links” to give out. Large intersections are very good. I can see I get people talking , some take my picture (and I assume put me on facebook) which is good. This is effective and people are listening. Let us show people we are not afraid. Please consider doing this. I try & get out there about 12-20 hours a week. Try it !

  29. x says:


    I agree the planes don’t matter in terms of what brought the towers down. I agree it’s a magic trick to make you look at the planes whilst losing logic over the fact that steel framed building could fall into themselves- let alone WTC7 and that some form of demolition was used.

    It’s just that – take away all the knowledge you have on 9/11 and put yourself in the position of an ordinary non-jewise person.

    They saw at least what looked like planes hit the towers. NYC has 14 Million people, The WTC was one of the most easily seen buildings in NYC and a tourist attraction at least 1000 people must have seen the first plane hit, at least 50,000 and maybe even 100,000 or more. Now I agree if missiles were used disguised as airplanes that makes sense. But I can’t believe that ALL the people who directly witnessed the 2nd plane hit would be later fooled by CGI and made-up images.

    Incogman himself puts it – Zionist hasbaRAT agitators use missile theories, plane holograms and other made-up nonsense, to get unaware Goyim to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    Mike Delaney also thinks ‘no planes’ muddy’s the water and has recently highlighted this video.

    I don’t know anything is 100% true. I personally think a missile is plausible for pentagon, and it’s fairly obvious that United 93 didn’t crash where they said. But unless I personally investigate the physical evidence I’m relying on other people’s photo’s/video’s/views.

    If someone says the images of 911 are CGI, then they should be able to show 100% verifiable video evidence that the video’s were faked. Otherwise it might compromise the ability of wake up people, who would believe in the demolition theories/larry silverstein/israeli involvement.

    Anyway you’re right that what matter’s is that Israel/Jews are the most redhanded in relation to 9/11. I’m just concerned with waking up as many people as possible.

  30. Bailey says:

    No planes ?

    Not in Shanksville or at the pentagon.

    As far as the planes being actual passenger jets ?

    This guy makes a solid case that they were not,


  31. Pat says:


    I’m sure you’re all aware of the “crazy” theories about “no planes” and 9/11.

    Surely, anyone who thinks that there were “no planes” is an idiot.

    After all – we saw it happen on Talmud-Vision.

    Why is the above title “No Helicopters”? Because we know that the Beijing Olympic 2008 opening ceremony giant firework footprints ‘faked’. Fake CGI video was broadcast allegedly coming from a “helicopter” – camera shake and all.

    Go ahead and go-go-dat. I’m not going to included the multitude of links on the issue here.


    There are a number of “no planes” theories.

    From a logical standpoint, it would be best to approach this issue assuming that the entire 9/11 event was a stage managed CGI event – and then try to “disprove” this assumption.

    I suspect that no planes were flown into the towers. Why? Because there is not credible, tangible evidence that this happened.

    There is video. Sure. But there was video of the Beijing fireworks display too.


    Were you aware that ONLY – ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and MSNBC were on the air broadcasting the event?

    Who controls those stations?


    Footage showing a plane flying into the South Tower on three stations (ABC, CBS, and MSNBC) and only showed a total of four different clips showing a plane (the CBS footage showed two different clips of a plane).


    Are you capable of approaching this subject matter in a rational way – or are you one of the masses who just can’t summon the required mental faculties necessary to set aside potentially tainted video – and investigate this issue?


    The average IQ out there is 100. The “average person” is probably incapable of processing information proving how utterly deceived they were on 9/11.


    At least the people in the military should know – right?

    The US military has minimum enlistment standards at about the IQ 85 level. There have been two experiments with lowering this to 80 but in both cases these men could not master soldiering well enough to justify their costs.


    How about the police?

    Some US police departments have set a maximum IQ score for new officers (for example: 125, in New London, CT), under the argument that those with overly-high IQs will become bored and exhibit high turnover in the job. This policy has been challenged as discriminatory, but upheld by at least one US District court.

    Average adult combined IQs associated with real-life accomplishments by various tests:
    • MDs, JDs, or PhDs 125+
    • College graduates 112
    • 1–3 years of college 104
    • Clerical and sales workers 100-105
    • High school graduates, skilled workers (e.g., electricians, cabinetmakers) 100
    • 1–3 years of high school (completed 9–11 years of school) 94
    • Semi-skilled workers (e.g., truck drivers, factory workers) 90-95
    • Elementary school graduates (completed eighth grade) 90
    • Elementary school dropouts (completed 0–7 years of school) 80-85
    • Have 50/50 chance of reaching high school 75
    Average IQ of various occupational groups:
    • Professional and technical 112
    • Managers and administrators 104
    • Clerical workers; sales workers; skilled workers, craftsmen, and foremen 101
    • Semi-skilled workers (operatives, service workers, including private household) 92
    • Unskilled workers 87
    Type of work that can be accomplished:
    • Adults can harvest vegetables, repair furniture 60
    • Adults can do domestic work 50


    CGI technology was used on 9/11.

    We can prove this by deduction.

    Most people reading this are probably too fucking dumb to understand the above.

    But, for those of you who are not – I would suggest you look into it.

  32. ihatekikes says:

    hi guys, did anyone see the movie in time? Shit its like them pointng in our face and theres nothing we can do.

  33. x says:


    You hold 10x more sway then me with Incog. He has you as comment of the week several times.

    So you are probably going to win your argument even though you are accusing anyone who doesn’t believe CGI was used on WTC of having a low IQ.

    But INCOGMAN himself said –
    Zionist hasbaRAT agitators use missile theories, plane holograms and other made-up nonsense, to get unaware Goyim to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    You say
    They faked the video of the “planes hitting the towers”.
    I don’t think “planes” hit the towers at all. I think cruise missiles were used.

    All I’m saying is give proof video’s were faked.

    In the evidence i’ve seen for Pentagon and Shanksville, yes I can believe there were no planes.

    But NYC WTC 2nd plane was witnessed by thousands of people, so I’m asking for something that proves it was CGI.

    Your response- here’s a video of Beijing Olympics fireworks made in 2008, seven years after 9/11 where the CGI technology would have improved five fold and the fireworks were witnessed by no-one and your dumb and low IQ if you don’t believe me.

    No just give something that as you say would stand up in court.

    Why not write how thousands of witness’ in NYC who saw a cruise missile are being denied free speech to say there was no plane?

    Instead you list IQ levels?

    I only brought up your ‘no planes at wtc’ because Prothink just commented on it and you compared Chemtrails/Holocaust and said there needs to be scientific evidence.

    I agree. Give clear evidence I believe you, make disparaging comments and say –

    Is that “too much” for most of the sheeple? Would they “shut off” if EVIDENCE of this FACT was exposed to them?
    I say: FUCK THEM.
    Honestly, most people here are not worth saving. Just look around at the vast numbers of fat, ugly, Talmud Vision Watching, Niggerball Loving – Pieces of Shit.
    I don’t care what happens to them.
    They don’t want to listen?
    They aren’t smart enough to listen to science?
    They aren’t smart enough to be able to tell when someone is attempting to deceive them?
    Too bad.

    Then I doubt that lawyer giving evidence for ‘no planes at WTC’.

  34. Annie Oakley says:

    Pat, I’m inclined to believe you on the no planes theory, here’s why.

    25 years ago when I lived in NYC, I visited a hologram museum in the Village. Small museum, been closed now for a while. The first time I came in there, there was a full size hologram of a woman when you walked in. It scared the bejeezus out of me. I said excuse me as if I’d bumped into a human. There were tons of holograms in this museum. They all looked as real as hell to me.


    We know that DARPA has planes that can be effectively cloaked, i.e. invisible. What would prevent ZOG and the US Military from using a project Blue Beam type of drill to simulate planes (holograms) in the sky? It’s not completely out of the question.

    Pat, sadly I agree with you on the Talmudvision nigger ball loving pieces of shit.

    Just yesterday I saw this HUGE white mudshark with her 2 half breed niglets. Guess what she paid for her food with? EBT card of course. THEN she went to the pharmacy to buy, guess what? Diabetes medication.

    Boys and girls, we’re paying for this shit. We’re paying for her 2 niglets, paying to keep her lazy ass alive while other good poor white people are hurting big time.

    You know if a huge solar flare comes in and kills most of these dumbasses, good riddance, sorry to say. There is NO reason not to know the truth. If these retards can surf the internet looking for their favorite ghetto rapper, they can search for the truth.

    I’m done with educating the masses. I don’t give all white people a pass either, if you’re not pro-white, I want nothing to do with you.

  35. Hoff says:

    The jews holohoax bullshit explained in 30 sec. The jews holohoax for dummies:


  36. x says:


    I notice on your blog you have this post;

    sep 12, 2012

    Debbie does not mention that there were ‘no planes and TV fakery’ and neither do any of the commentators.

    Yet they believe as all of us do that Jews were the main people behind 9/11

    My point is that why say ‘no planes and TV fakery’ – when people have woken up to Jews being the most likely people responsible.

    I saw those kinds of no plane video’s four or so years ago it didn’t wake me up to 9/11 jewjob it made me further disbelieve ANY conspiracy, as you have to assume that all the people in NYC were fooled.

    You went to a museum and saw a hologram and thought it was real. Ok fine in an enclosed environment, but are you saying that they managed to project a hologram in broad daylight in the middle of NYC? Surely given the potential problems it would be easier to crash 2 planes into the towers?

    Either way it doesn’t matter, but that more people wake up to the fact the Jews are the most red-handed regarding 9/11.

    I only made the point because Mike Delaney says no planes is BS and even INCOGMAN himslef said this-
    Zionist hasbaRAT agitators use missile theories, plane holograms and other made-up nonsense, to get unaware Goyim to throw out the baby with the bath water.

  37. silvernickel says:

    the ‘No plane theory’ to me, only means no Commercial Airliners from American and United Airlines were involved in hits on the intended targets (Even the small crater for UA 93 in Shanksville is suspicious of being a real jetliner crash site)………

    ……Holy Shit! Now that was a real sounding large jet with impact into the WTC North tower. Probably a drone jet like a 767 from the US military. Not CGI…..that is ridiculous!


    Same with South tower, with large military grey painted drone jet (767) and massive explosion.

    The Pentagon was hit by some type of missile from a military jet that performed a corkscrew manuever towards the pentagon.


  38. Annie Oakley says:

    X – I have another writer on my blog, Denise. She wrote the article about 911 as she lived across the river and saw the entire thing. I was living on the West Coast when it happened.

    Now X – I totally agree that the kikes did 911. But the kikes need our military and our technology to pull this crap off. We all know or at least I hope so, that the top brass of the US military has been hijacked by ZOG a long time ago.

    However, if you look at the data behind project blue beam, it’s not entirely impossible holograms could have been used.

    DARPA has an incredibly huge budget. They have done some amazing stuff. If you go onto their website, it’s all there.

    X – I’m not too happy you’re inferring I’m a jew. If you met me, you’d see I was a fair skinned blond-haired hazel-eyed middle-aged white woman. I don’t have friends that are Jews, nor do I want anything to do with them, so let me disabuse you of thinking anything less.

  39. x says:


    I definitely did not infer you were a jew.

    I only left the quote by Incogman himself to state what he said last year about certain theories, and why I raised the point in the first place, it wasn’t directed at you.

    As I said Denise woke up to 9/11 without believing in ‘TV fakery and no planes’ . My thought is why add in to the mix ‘TV fakery and no planes’ when people believe in Jewjob 9/11 without it.


    I agree, I’m not an authority on any story of what happened. The military planes sounds plausible.

    What ever evidence I see that convinces me I’m willing to believe.

    I hold Incogman and Mike Delaney as much greater authorities on 9/11 then myself. It’s the only reason I raised the point.

  40. Barney says:

    Better late (on this thread) than never.

    Pat – I agree that it’s time to drop these unnecessarily detailed arguments regarding chemtrails and whether anything hit the WTC, but I’ll just have one last say on the subject because you seem to be trying too hard to push the “official” stories, and it’s making me wonder who “Pat” really is.

    Nobody can ever know everything. We have to rely on the work of others in fields where we have either little knowledge or little interest. I’m not going to learn an entire new field of science at my age when the results would achieve nothing, though I will read those documents you recommended.

    I don’t CARE what hit the WTC. That was just “the show”. The videos, whether provided by zog or not, clearly show that one of the world’s top demolition teams was involved in bringing the towers down, and that’s the key issue.

    All we need to concentrate on is the perpetrators. It doesn’t matter HOW the jews did something, just that it was THEM that did it. Super Thermite? Super Thermate? Mini-nukes? Termites? Who CARES? They’re just details, and most of us here wouldn’t know one from the other. All we do know is that those towers didn’t “fall” down, and they wouldn’t have collapsed at all without expert help.

    Did the WTC complex even exist? Probably, but I wasn’t there to see it, so it could be argued that the towers themselves were nothing but computer graphics. It’s reasonable to assume that they were real, but I never saw them myself, so I have to accept the words of those who say they did.

    Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people claim to have analysed chemtrail residue. Some of these may well be lying, but I suspect that the vast majority are telling the truth, if only because they tell the same story.

    Three things that are forever coming up are Barium, Aluminium and Ethylene Di-Bromide. People also frequently mention desiccated human blood cells, and then there’s the probability of a link with Morgellons.

    You try to dismiss the fact that chemtrails are laid when climbing is due to nothing more than the fact that the engines are working that much harder on take-off than when coming in to land.

    Answer this one then. Jet engines have existed far longer than chemtrails have. Commercial airliners have been jet powered for much longer than chemtrails have existed. Air travel continues to increase. My local airport (London Gatwick) has been a busy airport for a very long time, even before most airlines switched to jets. I even remember when the first VC-10 was delivered.

    Jet airliners have been using Gatwick airport for a long time, since long before the first chemtrails appeared. Jets were a common sight long before chemtrails existed. Why is it that none of them were laying chemtrails?

    Even if we take your line that these are “probably” nothing more than contrails that behave in a way no genuine contrail ever did, why did they not exist then, but they do now?

    Contrails don’t form at low altitudes, and no jet exhaust has sufficient density to spread out the way these chemtrails do. It’s like expecting a single drop of water to flood an entire town. There just isn’t enough content – – – or are you going to start talking about a few loaves and a couple of fish feeding the five thousand?

    It’s getting ridiculous, and it’s arousing my suspicions. Why would you insist that everybody here become scientists and analyse something (jet exhaust) that isn’t likely to be the source of the problem? Why attach so much importance to misdirection and obtaining absolute proof (which is an impossibility anyway) of just one of many weapons zog is using against us?

    The public, even if we could get the information to them, which we can’t in adequate numbers, aren’t all molecular scientists. The data would mean nothing to most people. We’ll never see the perpetrators in one of their own courts, so why the obsession with chemical analysis? We know they’ve sprayed us before, and we can see they’re spraying us now.

    Don’t believe your own lying eyes because Pat says it’s not true.

    Who’s Pat anyway? How do we know he exists?

    That brings me to another point Pat. I think it’s time to end the confusion you’ve deliberately created about your gender.

    You told me something in a couple of e-mails quite a long time ago, and then you told everybody here that “I know” whether you’re a man or a woman, but I don’t know. I’ve never met you. I’m inclined to believe what you said because it fits in with your style of writing, but you could be a convincing actor.

    If you’re deliberately misleading people about one relatively unimportant thing, how can we be sure you’re telling the truth about anything?

    Tell the truth and shame the devil as they say.

  41. Bailey says:

    @ Barney,

    One quick one from me and it’s off to work.

  42. Annie Oakley says:

    I’m going to chime in on the chemtrail issue.

    When I lived in California, they were spraying the shit out of us. I really didn’t know what chemtrails were. I just figured since I lived close to the airport, it was jet fuel. Boy was I wrong. Every one in my complex had some sort of respiratory problems. One the tenants had to move as her children had become so asthmatic they were having serious breathing problems.

    When I moved to Florida I noticed the crisscross in the skies. I have taken pictures of them. I didn’t even have to go outside to notice when they sprayed. I don’t smoke and I don’t have bronchial problems, but I do have some now. When they spray it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest. Not only can I not take a deep breath, I’m incredibly tired. My spouse complains about the same things.

    I visited my aunt last year in Texas. Her respiratory therapist personally told me that she’s seen a HUGE spike in respiratory problems with people who should not be having problems, people who are NOT overweight or smoke. Why is that?

    I was in Michigan this summer. At 4am I would hear jets above our camp. The sky would be a beautiful sky with sparkling stars and all of a sudden I’d see criss cross of chemtrails all across the sky. The next day there would be a fog haze almost all day. The days they didn’t spray, the sky was a beautiful blue with no clouds.

    Now I’m in the South. They’re spraying here too. Yesterday morning I had the windows open. When I first got up early in the morning, I felt the heaviness in my chest. Same with my spouse. I didn’t even have to go outside to see the trails. Sure as shit, there they were.

    The farmers have told me here that their crops are MUCH smaller this year. They’ve all complained that most of their families were sick this spring. Confirmed with a fellow friend here who watches the chemtrails that they were spraying like crazy in March and April.

    The History Channel who is ZOG controlled did a story on weather wars. It came out on the documentary that spraying was a joint effort between US Air Force and DARPA.

    There are 2 great documentaries, What are they spraying and Why are they spraying that shows the facts.

    I know what I see and I know what I feel. Now when they spray, I keep the windows closed and minimize my time outdoors. I also use a eucalyptus Watkins breathing relief spray. I spray a little on a paper towel and it gives me instant relief.

  43. x says:

    Annie – that’s a good take on Chemtrails

    Tobacco companies used to put out info saying ‘smoking is good for your throat’ 50 years ago, yet people must have known smoking was pretty bad for you. Sometimes we only need to follow our our instincts or listen to our own bodies.

    Eventually scientific consensus said smoking was proved to be damaging to health.

    I only stated to Pat that if we need to prove everything by scientific method then he could do the same. I should have probably never pushed the point as Pat is a very smart poster.

    Anyway I never disagreed with most of Pat’s point on using scientific method, or that all trails in the sky are chemtrails.

    In fact by using Pat’s method it’s true that it’s hard to believe almost anything put on MSM and we should always look into who made or provided the money for anything.

    I looked at who helped make ‘What in the World are They Spraying’ the main guy is Michael J. Murphy – the other is Barry Kolsky – I don’t know if he’s Jewish but his google+ circle list, there are a few jews there.

    and he even did a ‘Nazi promo’ http://kolsky.net/video/promos/

    Of course if he works in Hollywood he’s likely to either be a Jew or work a lot for them.

    and Alex Jones and others promote the film.

    Does it make it disinfo? I don’t know.

    Here’s my Theory on trails- just my opinion – people can debunk it if they want.

    Contrails are known to change the weather by creating cloud cover, that’s scientifically proven. The level of air traffic today must be 10x or more what it was 50 years ago.

    In the meantime – Global Warming and now Climate Change is being used to call for carbon taxes. The debate on Co2 changing weather seem’s to have been debunked, but they want to push ahead.

    It could be that they’re are doing chemtrails to change the weather.

    Or maybe it could be that the large amount of jets in the world today compared to 50/60 years ago, is leading to some kinds of climate change (droughts/floods) and rather then admitting it is due to contrails, they are pushing the idea of chemtrails to make money off it.

    To a certain extent the fear of Chemtrails could raise a Placebo Effect on people.

    Imagine if you were told on the news there was a leak at a nearby nuclear station and please close your windows and go inside. You would probably get pretty fearful and it might lead to breathing problems you might get a headache or something.

    Maybe just being told that all trails are chemtrails is causing effects on people.

    From watching Alex Jones, he usually gets people very fearful, and then goes on to sell goods that could help you out- at very inflated prices. I believe almost all of the people who sell goods on Alex Jones are Jews.

    Organic foods are usually 2x the price of non-organic or more. I don’t know how many of those organic companies are Jewish owned.

    Of course best way to get organic is grow your own or buy from local farm or market.

    Pat is right in that we need to use or get scientific evidence- completely devoid of any Jewish influence. If anyone has that great, please post.

    Again just a theory of mine, the thing I always stated on con/chemtrails is that the definitely seem to change a blue sky into a cloudy one on my observation.

  44. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Next step?

    The “no kikes” theory!


    Free worldwidwe T.V. for those inclined.




    Hope you’ve had yer dinner.

  45. sog says:

    yeah bailey ,,shanksville is a real unbelievable scenario and the facts and science rule out a head on crash with the ground ..
    it may be the only real casualty in the drama ..hollywoodomized version ..
    shot out of the sky whatever it was ….aheemmm cellphone calls? fron an airplane ..heh heh right …hey captain could you fly this damn plane down to 1000 feet so we can mke some phone calls ,,heh heh

    roger the Ta pu earte wilcume also from old english influenced by danish and jutland roots in old and middle english ..

  46. gregorz says:

    the nation of lies and hipocracy never stop the playbook of the devil is the talmud
    just seen its leader netanyahu on t.v comparing muslim extremists with 70 yrs ago that nazi war machine bent on world conquest do these bastards ever stop lying and decieving people!

  47. Stef says:

    Thought you guys would like this one:

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