Apeman Burns Beautiful White Teen In Car Trunk

In a statement released Tuesday evening, Amber DeLoach’s family said it is mourning the loss of the “beautiful, loving and bright young woman with a zest for life…”

Just take a look at my montage above of the beautiful, but now dead and gone, Amber DeLoach of Savannah, Georgia. When a INCOG reader put in a link to this crime, I fully expected the perp to be another stinking apeman and put all this together even before the cops released the “person of interest” store surveillance shot (right). As usual, traitorous Jew media reporting neglected to mention his race when they gave out his description.

This is who they are looking for. Big surprise, huh?

Why did I expect him to be black? Because he set fire to the car, that’s why. That’s a clear indication a Negro did it. They think they are being so smart and clever, by burning the car they’ll eliminate forensic evidence and stay free. Same thing with killing the victim of a robbery or rape to get rid of witnesses (including others on the scene of the crime, even little children — black or White).

I don’t know if the poor girl was alive when the black animal or animals put a burning rag down into the car’s fuel line. She was in the trunk, raped, strangled, stabbed, shot — possibly even alive and still conscious. Imagine her fear as the vehicle turned into a blazing inferno around her? Imagine dying like that.

Oh, INCOG MAN, you’re just saying he might have burned her alive “because you’re a racist, White ‘supremacist.’ No ‘human being’ could do that to another human.” Uh, what don’t you get, multicult fool? Black animals do this kind of thing all the time to people in Africa, Haiti and even the USA. Back in 2005, apeman Stanley Bedford burned alive an elderly White couple in New Mexico (photo below “continue reading”). He put them in their own car trunk and, while still alive and conscious, set the car on afire — horribly burning both to death (medical examiners can tell by burned lung tissue from the victim screaming while engulfed in flames).*

Now I know some of you might be thinking “she must have been a mudshark and got her just desserts…” Sure, that’s what might have happened, but we really don’t know the particulars. Even if that was the case, it’s doubly sad our children have now been so brainwashed by Jew media they allow themselves to get into situations resulting in this kind of thing.

Us White people are now getting it from both ends!

We can also reasonably suspect the DeLoach girl was raped. She may even have turned him down, which the stupid, violent animal construed as being “dissed” or “da white bitch be racist.” Because of Negro worship in the Jew media, these animals somehow think all White girls have to want these disgusting apes.

Hell, blacks in Savannah Georgia evidently are going off the crime richter scale (black crime is really exploding everywhere). Mob robberies, mob hate attacks on Whites, rape, robbery and murder — you name it.

Killed in a hail of gunfire for driving while white.

This past Labor day weekend, two of these Georgia apes thrill-killed a young White couple at random (right), by blasting away at their car as they merely drove down a street too close to where the animals lived. The worthless, affirmative action black Chief of Police had the nerve to insult the dead Whites, by saying they were not so innocent victims. Huh? Yep. Everything is now topsy-turvy in Jewmerika!

If you pay the least attention to how sick and manipulative Jew media is these days, anyone with common sense sees all this pro-black stuff on a daily basis: From rap music to celibrity gossip rags; hollywood movies to TV shows, professional sports of all kinds — the stinking media Jews have elevated these violent, worthless blacks to ridiculous levels. You know it, I know it — so let’s stop letting the GD Jews jerk us around anymore.

This is the multicult “paradise” subversive Jewry and their brainwashed multicult minions have unleashed upon White America. Most White countries where lousy Jews live are being turned into multicult hell holes.

And note, this is NOT just the occasional crime by these stinking blacks. The few things I write about here are merely the tip of the iceberg with this insanely criminal race. Turn on the TV in your local region and you should be able to discern (read between the lines) just how out-of-control these animals are now becoming. Hell, it’s been this way from day-one, actually.

I read about a dozen horrible crimes every week around the country committed by this foul, disgusting race. They are spoiled rotten, violent, murderous, militant, stupid, lazy as hell and sorrier than gully dirt. In short, they have been and are a millstone around this country’s neck.


–Phillip Marlowe

*If she was alive or dead probably won’t be known until the trial, when the medical examiner releases his report. Trust me: The traitorous media will do whatever it can to suppress grisly details since the perp is black. It’s totally opposite when it’s a White guy. Hell, ABC national would already have covered it if that was the case. Get it now?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. bubba(not bibi) says:

    AKIRA says:
    October 10, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    What’s the Whitest band ever?

    The OSMONDS !

  2. AKIRA says:

    “Many social scientists and civil groups, including the NAACP, reject that analysis. ‘I think those studies and arguments don’t really jive with the real world,’ said Adegbile.”

    Huggy Bear commented: “Oh yeah man, dat sho nuff don jive, seppin wit sum shee-it jive sum jive-ass cracka be sellin a brutha ta keep his ass down!”

  3. AKIRA says:




  4. Barney says:

    Just a quick one before I go to bed. There’s nothing much happening here, so I thought I’d post this to confuse the kikenvermin.

    What’s the time, kike?

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Alert: Highly Sophisticated Large Scale Cyberheist Targets Customer Funds At Major Banks


    Of course they are blaming this on Iran before they have all of the facts. Maybe it will turn out that Iran is behind it. With everything we are doing to them who could blame them. This article says the “ringmasters” are in Russia and Eastern Europe. What ethnic group has a large base in Russia and Eastern Europe? The answer is the same ethnic group that Joseph Lieberman belongs to. They can kill two birds with one stone. Increase support in America for an attack on Iran. Increase support for restrictions on Internet freedom.

  6. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    They won’t stop. They will never stop. They wont quit fucking with Christians.

    School Orders Cross Removed From Football Helmets

    Oct 10, 2012

    A Wisconsin school district has ordered a joint public-private school football team to change its logo – in the middle of the season — after a lone parent said the inclusion of a bishop’s hat and cross was a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

    Amendments to the Constitution

    Article 1. Religious and political freedom

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech…

    Does anybody in our government bother reading this document or take an oath to support and defend it?

  7. Hoff says:

    silvernickel says:
    October 10, 2012 at 1:33 pm

    I really think the jews get these retarded neo-liberal marxist puppets into place on these big city councils so they can take the brunt of the fire from the public. (ie white Christians)

    Of course the jews do. Take any insane idea that is bad for white people and who do you always see in the front? The jews, then comes stupid and retarded non-jews that realise that the only thing they need to do is parroting the jews bullshit, and then the retarded white is frontpage in all jew”media”. Next the jews bullshit becomes a selfplaying piano.

  8. Hoff says:

    Purim – its just another “everyone tried to kill us but we’re so great we survived” story to create hatred and fanaticism religiotard


    Every single jewish “holyday” is about how the jews have killed the enemy of the jews to the last man, women and child. According to a comment Purim is about what happen when the jews leave some few survivors, they come back and start to hunt down the jews. Sense moral, don’t do that mistake again, or in essence, kill the enemy of the jews to the last man, women and child, show no mercy.

    Or as the jew “poet” Ilja Ehrenburg so sensitive put it to the russian retards that fought the jews war on Germany: “KILL KILL KILL”.

  9. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    @Hoff== Your posts about the jew/bolshevik/communist takeover of russia are true. The jew elite owned and controlled that country. just like they do America today. But your last post about russian retards fighting the jew wars omits a very big difference. Most of these people were conscripted (or drafted, as the americans called it). They were not volunteers, the commisars simply went through the vast lands and even asian russia and took them by force and told them you either fight for us jews or we kill you right here and now. They were cannon fodder so the jews win both ways. They killed off unwanted russians AND Germans at the same time.

    Same as with the jewish controlled American Government. By implementing the draft Americans get killed off by fighting Germans, Italians, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese. Many people who fought and died in those wars were not volunteers. Some probably wondered why they are thousands of miles away FROM America and for What reason? The reasons were supplied by jew government and jew media and especially cheered on by people getting rich from the military industrial complex and selling war bonds. Even back to the civil war rich people could pay substitutes to serve for them and during vietnam college kids could get a diferment, putting the burden primarily on the lower classes. Deep subject but what could do more to surrender your right to freedom and liberty than to give a small number of people in the federal government the right to seize you or your kids and put them in the line of fire so those same people in washington can get richer?

  10. sog says:

    good eye proto //that kike bastard violence tax should be laid at the feet of niggers and spiks who commit violent crime ..but as alweays with such kike cunning they seek to punish law abiding white people and to disarm us …kike shits ..
    how rediculous about that damn tax …
    stick the weight of guilt where it belongs and if every rational m/f had a c/c permit and we could actuall defend ourselves ,crime would drop precipitously over nite..
    maybe the kike supported greeving niggers are getting burial reparations from these new taxes to help with the fambly’s recycling efforts and the state looking for sanitation reparations for paying for the niggers burials when the fambly doesnt claim the carcass..
    any and all laws pertaining to controlling law abiders guns are unconstitutional
    gun registration is gun confiscation ..
    like knives guns are legal to buy just damn near illegal to own or use …
    also spot on the draft and conscription deal ,where russia even allowed relaxing of religious suppression to get more people to join voluntarily thinking that hey there is change etc ….
    no kike temple was ever harmed in bolshevik russia whereas 40,000 churches were dozed or demo’d along with 200,000 russian ortho and other pristes ..
    being in the army was a away to eat also somewhat for however long they would live ..
    these loons russians lost 150,000 – 200,000 troops just taking berlin …
    if there were any germanics on the russian lines then they would be like civil war brothewr fighting brother or father …
    gentiles killing gentiles for kikes pleasure and the wjc order to eradicate germany which was justified according to some really stupid people ..
    hey any way good comments all …

  11. sog says:

    heh heh right s/n
    silvernickel says:
    October 9, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    I just lifted this ‘favorite quotation’ from a stranger on kikebook:

    “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.”
    i remember when pete rose said if youre not winning your not cheating hard enough ,,heh heh its sposed to be trying hard enough etc right ..

  12. sog says:

    hmmm most is true some is arbitrary and some stuff is true …
    degrees of reality

  13. sog says:

    meant and some is false …working around a headache …

  14. UKiller says:


    Modern sacrifice to Moloch as allowed by the Babylonian Talmu! A chosenscum, a Israelite Kingdom, a leader: Moloch

  15. sog says:

    listen up bubba i never read your shit ,but i was bored and decided to look at your comment above …feelings mutual ok ..im not gonna waste a lot of energy givin a fuck what some punk ass puke who spends all his time jackin off to his lesbian motherss picture thinks …
    your commenting on cannibasl and condeez was bizzarre enogh to get you dishonorable kike award …
    you attack me based on your irrefutable theory ,,are you a fuckin doctor or a pathologist ..yer little spooky bedtime story is very trumpd up for to scare little kiddies at bed time ..
    a patient who is brain dead like many kikes and gentiles hiuk hiuk yer a hoot dick face
    i am not going to say it never happened as you say but when people are brain dead as in crushed head or gsw to gourd etc then if the brain keeps the body alive its good if the main organ cant keep all the other little organs like yours alive ,then what because organ failure can cause the whole system to go septic …anyway fuck off jew freak ….
    you are a jew you are definitely a jew ..go die

  16. sog says:

    bubba when they come to harvest your organs they will have to surgically remove the jew dick from your ass and your hand from your pathetic cock hmmmm doctoer will say sheeeit this mutts organs are hammered from behind to hard isss no bueno …how is that mummy of yours ..
    asshole………does your sister have a restraining order against you yet or have ya beat her into total submission along with the family pet …

    now bubba is what im talkin about …suppose hes jew wise and a white man which is exttremely hard to imagine and for remarks like hes makin about my name i would jaus tas glad to se him get anhilated with all the other wortjhless white shits who suck nigger spik and kike dick …

  17. sog says:

    ……………………………………………..bubba when they come to harvest your organs they will have to surgically remove the jew dick from your ass and your hand from your pathetic cock hmmmm doctoer will say sheeeit this mutts organs are hammered from behind to hard isss no bueno …how is that mummy of yours ..
    asshole………does your sister have a restraining order against you yet or have ya beat her into total submission along with the family pet …

    now bubba is what im talkin about …suppose hes jew wise and a white man which is exttremely hard to imagine and for remarks like hes makin about my name i would jaus tas glad to se him get anhilated with all the other wortjhless white shits who suck nigger spik and kike dick …

  18. t bone says:


    Real Whites dont come here and stir up shit with the commenters.

  19. Chris says:

    Sog means female pig in Afrikaans,your foul illiterate mouth proved it

  20. Bella says:

    Pssst…they know very well that it is the nature of the sane to hope for the best & to do unto others as we would have done to ourselves. This is the law which stands. This law is perverted by Disneyesque commercial breaks. As in… if my house was bigger…if my dick/boobs were bigger! Add some hairtransplant hope & dippity doo da!!

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