Are You Ready For Tonight’s Debate BS?

INCOG MAN SITE open for comments during tonight’s debate between the rich mormon Zionist suck-up, Mitt Romney in the red trunks and the constitutionally ineligible, fast-talking Barry Soetoro (AKA Obama) in the blue. Tonight’s “political slug fest” will be watched by millions of Kwans, all anxious to hear the one supposedly crucial zinger — immediately inflated to ridiculous proportions by our infantile, multicult media.

Isn’t it just wonderful we have such a great democracy? Where candidates for high office can say what they think without having to worry about what certain embedded agents in the media and traitorous, fifth columnist organizations back here can do to them? Where a patriotic electorate only has America’s best interests in mind instead of their own loyalty to a foreign country?

OK, OK, I know some of you might rather watch “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” or maybe something intellectual on the “History” Channel, like “Pawn Stars,” or for a little more variety: “Cajun Pawn Stars.” But let’s get serious here — the future of our blue jean-wearing, “freedom-loving” nation is at stake.

Make note, while watching tonight, BOTH candidates have agreed not to talk about certain topics. They do this for every debate in advance (in addition to staying “PC”). The media knows all about it. Actually, it’s a conspiracy, when you think about it. Usually, it involves subjects the real power nexus doesn’t want the American public to think too much about, regardless of political party; such as the true racial implications of immigration for us European Whites; the real facts behind debt, money creation and the Federal Reserve; Obama’s birth background; or absolutely anything negative involving sacred Israel — like them having nukes.

Now, I sound pretty jaundiced, don’t I? Well, it’s because I’m GD sick of the bull! Any straight thinking American should be plenty pissed by now. I can’t stand the fact that the Jews have turned our political landscape in a brothel and our brains to porridge.

How about Obama’s line of bull, i. e. “he’s working for the middle class” crapola? Can you believe he has the GD nerve to say that? You see, that’s a safe line for a politician to take. It’s just like the “chicken in every pot” BS from the last century. The poor classes aspire to be middle class, and the richer classes used to be middle class. The true elite know it’s all political hokum to begin with (Arabs smartly call it “advertising”).

Now I will admit I lean towards Mitt Romney simply because he’s a White guy. OMG! I must be a racist! Oh, but it’s so A-OK to vote for Obama if you’re black. If you’re Mestizo, you’ll support him because he wants to give you and all your compadres a free ride — without the least concern about what the rest of us Americans think.

Hell, blacks will vote almost 100% for Obama and his hispanic vote is projected to be over 70%. Backstabbing, subversive Jews will mostly vote for Obama, too. White women might end up sealing the deal for the Mulatto One. Foolish White multicult liberals just can’t seem to get it that the other races feel free to openly vote for themselves. It’s only us who can be racist, right?

White Americans have been kept in a mind-numbing cocoon by the multi-billion dollar, International media conglomerates, owned by Globalist Jewry, managed by traitorous racial cohorts and useful idiots (shabbos goys and liberals). No doubt about it. Romney and Obama both know what they can and can’t get away with. AmeriKwans have long been drinking the red or blue kool-aid allowed by the rich demons who have this nation in a head lock.

All the while, us White people are slowly but surely getting turned into a powerless minority in our own lands. That’s exactly whats being done to us. As we scratch our heads and wonder WTF about this, WTF about that, our race is ever so surely whittled down into spat-upon losers. Hell, we’re already there, in many ways.

A few years ago, a family member once chirpily said to me as I nicely tried to explain to him the real deal: “I’m glad to see you’re now so interested in politics…” He was really trying to be complementary, of course, as if I had been a completely out-of-it wasto up until then (I have a bit of black sheep reputation in the family).

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in his happy Kwan face.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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257 Responses to Are You Ready For Tonight’s Debate BS?

  1. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Let me explain how the section 8 voucher program works; 1. An American loses their job in a jewish economic downturn. 2. American family becomes homeless due to forclosure on their house. 3. Jew take fed reserve bailout cash and buys up forclosed residential properties 4. jew fed reserve prints billions more and hands out section 8 vouchers to niggers who cannot nor ever will be able to take care of their own selves let alone 12 babies and baby daddies. 5. Nigger bitches hand section 8 voucher checks to new jew landlords who now have federal taxpayers pay for the jews new property holdings. 6. jews now own all property thanks to working taxpayers and have enslaved hordes of niggers who will now vote for whomever they are told and do whatever they are told at risk of losing house, food, medical care, school grants, free lunches and of course free cell phones.

  2. AKIRA says:

    “Was that Akira agreeing with me?”

    More or less, although I avoid using the word “Jew” in such contexts.

    Essentially it is The Kike who has engineered the destruction of White communities (and, now, enclaves) in the United State. But the plan of action could not have been achieved without the vigorous support of American Masons and White Protestants, who sought the destruction of primarily Roman Catholic ethnic communities (esp. low-income Irish, Italian and Polish communities), by moving Negroes into their midst. Eventually this has resulted in the legal and financial barriers against any predominantly White urban areas in the U.S., except for the richest Whites, in the gated communities and exclusive condominiums (which are anyway often shared with Kikes and the richest Negroes).

    That’s what Jones’ book is about.

  3. Greg says:

    A tornado went through a part of Charlotte here in NC either back in the spring or last year and I remember the neighborhood being very nice. I’m talking nice large homes and I see ghetto nigs running around the street scratching their nappy noggins while the media told their sob story..

    I thought, section 8 alright.

  4. AKIRA says:

    Re: “the plan of action could not have been achieved without the vigorous support of American Masons and White Protestants”

    A similar plan was carried out in the UK, but with more of an income or class element to it than the sectarian operation conducted in the U.S.

    In the UK, the most fervent White promoters of multikultism, and the importation of non-Whites and Muz, have been the rich Whites who have the means to (a) achieve those goals, and (b) live in communities where the only non-Whites are Saudi businesses, African professors, Indian doctors, the most succesful Jamaican drugllords, etc, whose children attend the same schools as little Tarquin and Lisbeth.

  5. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I live in a doublewide trailer. When I see nigger bitches that never worked a day in their life other than getting pregnant and having babies ( It MUST be a work related activity because they get paid for it) getting 2500 a month housing voucher and 1500 a month in food stamps and free medicaid and school lunches and pre-K and early pre-K and extra tutors and special classes for the (of course) extra needs children, and don’t forget the free cell-phone benifits, it makes me sick. Oh yeah, electricity and gas and water and garbage removal is free also. If only you could get them motivated to take their garbage all the way to the trash can and the street. It’s ok folks, keep working and paying for it. Only 1.1 trillion deficit this year… you and your kids can work harder and longer to pay for the niggers and jews. Back to work now… back to work goyim.

  6. caligula says:


    little Tarquin and Lisbeth? Sounds pretty ghetto, not WASP, i.e. Buffy and Biff (I was a Muffy) 🙂

    Top 60 Ghetto Black Names

  7. caligula says:



  8. caligula says:

    jew-wise German dude just shared this to me

    Reptilian Pope HD

  9. sog says:

    hey hoff how about we dig up ilja ehrenbergs rancid corpse and take a shit on it …..

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