Happy Halloween from THE INCOG MAN!

Beware The ZioFreaks and HasbaRATS, Kiddies!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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486 Responses to Happy Halloween from THE INCOG MAN!

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    U.S. Belongs To Israel


    This video by Snordelhans is 3 minutes long. More proof world jewry controls this government.

  2. The Truth Will Out says:

    I’m not sure this book has been officially released just yet, Amazon says 6th November is the stated date.

    I hurriedly converted this book using a free online utility from a MOBI book I got recently, it opens in my Chrome browser, though not in my PDF reader.

    Mossad The Greatest Missions of the Israeli Secret Service
    Michael Bar-Zohar
    Publisher: Ecco (November 6, 2012)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0062123408
    ISBN-13: 978-0062123404


    Here is the original torrent (magnet link) I got the book from


    Flashback: Very funny first episode of Keith Johnson’s Revolt of the Plebs Podcast.

  3. silvernickel says:

    Frank, great post on that story. I am posting these links below as well. I am not a real fan of listening to those Snordelhans vids with distracting images and that one had some distracting music. I have to read to fully comprehend.


    They still call it the US Supreme Court.

    But like Congress, the White House, the media, organized crime, and big banking, the Supreme Court is just another Israeli-occupied Bantustan.

    Absolute Jewish-Zionist domination of American political life was confirmed last Friday, when the Supreme Court quashed the appeal of the Holy Land Five. The Five now face life imprisonment for trying to feed children starved by the Israeli genocide of Palestine.


  4. Karen says:

    Louis, I believe that’s the point, to “impress” new visitors. Incog is a talented writer who hits the nail directly on the head and does so in a personable manner. That in itself is threatening but nothing can be done about it, so his readers are made to appear stupid.

  5. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:


    In Toulouse, French president vows to fight anti-Semitism

    MARSEILLE, France (JTA) – France will clamp down on anti-Semitic hate speech online and elsewhere, French President Francois Hollande said at a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


  6. Karen says:

    Not you Sazzy, you’re indefatigable.

  7. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Examining Hitler’s Social Policies and Goals, and Germany’s Cultural, Financial, and Scientific Achievements

    Radio Interview: Deanna Spingola‘s guest Matt Koehl, the author of The Good Society, talked about the economic and social advances of the Third Reich and National Socialism which eschewed both Communism and Capitalism; two disastrous, speculative systems, with common roots, and are two sides of the same coin. This show aired on Thursday, November 1, 2012 on RBN.


  8. Bailey says:

    @ Silvernickel,

    Burn Snordelhans onto a CD and play it loud while sitting in traffic, play it in work or during Thanks Giving dinner.
    Forget the images of the videos but i gotta tell you, it’s the sounds tracks behind Snordelhans that really make it for me.

    Effin’ Brilliant!

  9. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1939


  10. Jason says:

    Some hard hitting facts about campaign donations from US jews to Netanyahu and Romney posted by Sazzy at 1:01 a.m. Important enough that I want to repost it on this page. I was trying to get through to a few kwans I know of the ultra-liberal persuasion about these corporate backers of Romney and Barry. I see Goldman-Sachs was the number one corporate sponsor of Obama in 2008 and now Goldman-Sachs is the number one corporate sponsor of Romney. They didn’t see any issue with that however. They were more concerned with the effects of the new open carry law in Oklahoma. Damn kwans.

    SazzyLilSmartAzz says:
    November 3, 2012 at 1:01 am
    *Major Donors to Netanyahu Campaign Also Supported Romney Campaign*

    More than half the people who donated money to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection campaign are Americans who also donated to the Romney campaign and/or the Republican Party.

    “According to records published by Israel’s State Comptroller office,” reports McClatchy, “Netanyahu has received donations from 47 individuals. Only one of them was Israeli, and 42 were American. Twenty-eight of the American donors also gave to Romney and/or the Republican Party.

    Romney and Netanyahu have known each other for years, done business with each other, and their acquaintance has been a campaign issue in the past, with accusing Netanyahu of displaying an improper preference for Romney over Obama.

    But the real question is what would motivate so many wealthy American Romney supporters to send money to Netanyahu’s campaign. US policy towards Israel hardly changes between Democratic and Republican administrations.

    One of the major donors, the Falic family of Miami, not only donated to the Netanyahu and Romney campaigns but also to pro-settlement groups of Israeli Jews settling in the occupied West Bank.

    The revelation reveals how bizarrely close the politics of Israel and the United States are, and how bold the Republicans are about bolstering right-wing elements in Israel (two of Netanyahu’s donors also gave to the Democrats).

    But it also reveals the joint commitment many in the US and Israeli political class have to denying Palestinians rights. The defunct peace process has never been so broken, and that is primarily because Netanyahu has no interest in a two-state solution. His Likud Party Charter declares Jewish settlement in the West Bank and Gaza as “the realization of Zionist values” and describes the whole of the West Bank and Jerusalem as belonging to Israel.

    The quirky ideology of the extreme right-wing in Israel could have some further compatibility with Romney’s religious Mormonism, which has traditionally taught,according to Wikipedia, that “its adherents are either direct descendants of the House of Israel, or are adopted into it.”

    Political scientists David E. Campbell and Robert D. Putnam have performed surveys showing that “the religious group that gives them the highest rating of all” are “Jews.”

    The Netanyahu campaign refused to comment on the findings, but one of his aids spoke to McClatchy on condition of anonymity and said the prime minister considered America a “natural place to fundraise.”

    “They have always welcomed Netanyahu with open arms in the United States. The people, the donors there, could not give to him enough,” the former aide said. “And he and Romney also share a lot of natural friends.”


    I get tired of all this rapture business. This is the mindset of the typical zio-Christian and does us no good whatsoever. Some thoughts on the rapture from the CI side and also from Ted Pike. Food for thought.

    Judgment Day Perspectives, Volume II, Number 2

    A Simple Refutation of the Rapture

    By Eli James

    Unfortunately, the Protestant world (and some Catholics too) has become enamored of a very sinister deception. It is called the “Rapture Theory.” The Rapture Theory promotes the idea that “faithful Christians” will be spared the tribulations of the Judgment Day. Somehow, whether it is through the medium of space ships taking them to outer space or angels whisking them from this corporeal reality into the astral plane, these Christians believe that they are not required to defend the Faith against the enemies of Jesus Christ. Rather, they believe that all they have to do is wait around for the day that they will be rescued from all of this.

    Friends, there is hardly a more pernicious idea pervading Christendom than this one, because it has had the effect of neutralizing all those Christians who should be working for the Kingdom. Instead, they have become uninvolved in their own salvation.


    Scripture says the physical bodies of Christ’s saints, though perhaps obliterated in death, are so important to Jesus that He will reconstitute them at His second coming. Those saints who are still alive will ascend, following the resurrected dead, to meet Jesus as He comes to judge the nations. This “first resurrection of the dead” is often called the “rapture.” We will exist, both in the heavens with Christ and with Him on earth during the millennium, as physical beings, undoubtedly with angelic powers.

    There are, however, two very different conceptions of the rapture prevalent among evangelical Christians. The first, which has become an indispensable part of Scofield Dispensationalism, says the rapture could occur at any time and will coincide with the first of Christ’s two second comings. The second viewpoint, which I hold, says it occurs only at the single climactic return of Christ at the end of the Church Age.


    tic toc jews! 14/88/110 is just around the bend- Sieg Heil

  11. Bella says:

    Unfortunately most are enraptured to get a new washer/dryer & keep up with the jones’s.

  12. Bailey says:

    a new twist on an old favorite.


    “Sazzy, That big word that Karen used up there means, in english—> A real trooper!
    Keep it up!

    Not you Sazzy, you’re indefatigable.”

    Oy Vey’, I had to break out the dictionary for that one, WTF?

    @ Jason,

    Hang on, It’s only gonna get worse.
    Unless people WTFU!

    Seriously though, WTF is it going to take tp reclaim whats ours and kick out the parasite jews?

  13. summerled says:

    yep we got stop paying federal taxes starve the beast
    just claim 500 dependents on your taxes then when question it say its for all those welfare recipients you charge me for

  14. Bella says:

    100 times & counting.

  15. Bella says:

    A chicken in every pot by freemason pol pot.

  16. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    *This video was produced by George Soros who funded Moveon.org and directed by Michael Moore*

    Caution: Foul language since it was produced by a Marxist jew.


  17. Biker says:

    the greatest story never told, part 12


  18. Bella says:

    Just old aushinwitzers paid & rolled out. Like on boob tube.

  19. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    LOL Bella – you’re probably right; never thought of that!!!!

  20. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    *Jewish Billionaire Funding Effort to Pull Jewish Votes Away from Obama*

    November 3, 2012

    It seems that billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s name comes up in this presidential election as often as Mitt Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan—this time Adelson is being identified as the leader of a network of wealthy Jewish Republicans who are spending millions of dollars trying to peel Jewish votes away from President Obama.

    The Republican Jewish Coalition has spent $6.3 million—four times higher than the $1.4 million it spent in 2008, according to a report on Bloomberg News. In addition, a charitable group that appears to be connected to one established by billionaire Ron Lauder has been registering U.S. voters living in Israel with the goal of convincing them to vote for Mitt Romney by highlighting Obama’s disagreements with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.



  21. Bella says:

    re reminds me not to purchase Es De Slaughter.

  22. Frank Fredenburg says:

    WWII History Revisionism Intolerable – Putin


    I read somewhere that Putin’s mother was jewish. I don’t know if that is true. When I hear he made statements like this it makes me wonder. He certainly isn’t a savior of the white race, like some claim.

  23. Bella says:

    When the Putana starts yapping about Nazis we then see who feeds him.

  24. Bella says:

    Lol back to you! Thx.

  25. Bella says:

    Always beware the extremes. Yes there is truth in Cassius the lean Most jobsworths i see are like putin’s wife…a humongous ass of fat paid for courtesy of our tax rolls. & many clad in black wallymart spandex.

  26. Bella says:

    not all fatties are ‘poor’ many are Mcdogs Beaurocrats.

  27. Bailey says:


    Thanks for the video @ 5:27.

    That’s why we’re here today trying to share our knowledge and concerns.
    There’s only a few left here that understand, they know who they are and so do me and you.

    The rest are hasbara jew scumbags who have done a fine job fucking up this board but we’re on to them, we know who they are and those rats are working double time, three shifts now and they barely make a dent in our quest to share the truth and finally put these jew bastards where they belong.

    Pack your fuckin’ bags you jew bastards and take a fuckin’ hike.
    Take” MY “money with you if you feel you must and spend it wisely, but don’t you ever come back into my space.

    Hell, Even Kissenger says the jews are toast.

    In my lifetime? I pray so.
    I wouldn’t want to miss a second.

    Fuckin’ jews..

  28. Bella says:

    Nobody FFed up this “board’. Incog is still standing.

  29. sog says:

    so what is new every village has a few idiots ..
    mental illness is not passive compliance it is what speaks from within the crippled mind of said person …
    jesus said pity them ,not hate ..
    i aint jesus ,,,and i think that there should be a certain amount of intelligence shown on comments posted or at least an awareness shown that proves one to be a liar or a truther or just a pilfererer and philanderer..
    one speaks of infighting or another speaks of off track commenting
    and some rats of atheist judaeism have spell checker as their personal god ..
    truth is thet wherever people gather without true solidarity chaos takes root .
    hitlers govt was absolute chaos and infighting
    the founding fathers of the usa were always at odds and arguing as i guess thay had to to keep the kike riff raff out ..
    thanks frank for the supreme court post …
    these 5 people being in jail is a travesty of the law because even the usa donates money to palestinian charity ,so the only criminal action is brought to bear by the usa clowns clones who donate OUR money to israel especially at a time when they are possibly the richest nation via colonialized nations assets and oil wealth captured by usa forces …
    israel simply doesnt need to steal anyones money anymore and it is with malignant intent that they do it ..
    the kikes are stealing us blind and on top o that the economical position of the usa is on the rapid decline and is only a matter of time before a economical hurricane of catastrophic capacity sucks this country down thru the tubes the jews have created to enslave each and every one of us …
    i would like to see obamas marriage cetificate..i bet they dont have one thats real its cus you cant legally marry two apes .
    and those chilren ,right ,from what orphanage are they being leased from
    all the niggers talkin about wasting romney if romney wins and the nigger house is doing NADA about all the tweets niggers are making …
    heh heh the natives in the jungle are getting restless sharpening up their datrs and polishing up their blow guns ….watch out for november 6 …it may go down in history as a day of nigger infamy what with the true fact that the nigger holder and obommma act to ensure the liberty of terrorist niggers to keep people from voting at ther polls




    jonathanturley DOT org/2012/08/01/federal-court-rules-against-obama-administration-in-black-panther-foia-case/

    and just lookm at that poor communist excuse for a supreme court …
    that nigger clarence muh dik thomas …it took weeks to confirm this philanderer because of his indickscretions..i am sure he and reprobate scum bag clinton must have shared hillary aor xchelsea at some point .
    clarence thomas was key in the decision of the gore vs. bush vote scandal ..
    thomas and 2 other supreme traitors to justice also and their respective spawns recieved very good jobs as a result of the contaminated justices decisions ..
    these good jobs were in medium high positions in bushes cabinet ..
    the fucken jews are laughing and wringing their hands to gether in a circiular talmud jerk session over that obnoxious kike influenced court decision against these decent 5 men ..
    israel and the israleis askaaanaxis have starved people for centureis starting at one place we know in the form of ireland famine and the willfull ignoarance of bejamin kike disraeli prime minister of kike/england for 10 months in 1868 then he served as chief british kike overlord again from 20 February 1874 to 21 April 1880..
    his last name was really spelled D’israeli..after his usurping term was up he travelled europe on the back alley route and contracted ghonnarhea and then underwent the MERCURY treatment they gave for it then …kikes killing with medicine …
    d’israeli had had affairs with married women and almost had a deul with one Daniel O’Connell bloke in 1835 because d’israeli had called o’connell a traitor ..but the constables were called and they were hauled in and cooled down ..these two would but loggerheads often politically in disrealis begiinnings and o’connell would bring up disraelis kike heritage negatively (is there any other way)specifically one time in a heated debate in parliament to which d’ashkanazzi replied “”Yes, I am a Jew and when the ancestors of the right honourable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon””” kike fuck wit ..kikes couldnr even build their own temple and the reason its referred to as herods temple is because he built it for the wormy kikes …so the story goes ,etc on and on with the kikes …

  30. sog says:

    speaking of kissinger bomb them all into peace prince of evil ..
    Heinz Alfred Kissinger , the name kissinger was taken from a bavarian spa town named bad kissingen ,by kissinasses grandpa named meyer Lob,so the real name for this shit kike monkey is lob ,,the lob ster …
    lord fuantleroy and kike asset and wjc anus licker now for the duration of all the tragedy and war atrocities in “our” time,,etc etc on and on with this guy ..lol he gets the nobel peace prize in 1973 for bombing cambodia with more bombs than the allies dropped on innocent germany,,and he gets the peace prize for continuing to escalate the bombing of n viet nam and for which he was slated to be the guy whi enede the war ,,,joke was on america and south east asia ..he was always there as nat sec ad and sec of this and that always a kike millstone around the already compromised predidents necks …
    every time this fukwit went to paris to talk to north vietmese peace talkers in the nixon would escalate the n.vn bombing ..the secret bombing of cambodia where ther are still millions of unexploded clusters and mines in the ground there ..and for which was being do=ne illegally murdering 40-50,000 civilians and armed persons ? and communism in general was furtherd greatly by this mans agendas and kike connections ..
    the chain of caommand in vietnam went to general westmoreland @macv ccc and from there went to kissinger ..the joint chiefs were not really in charge of that atrocity ,,maybe for plausible deniability sake ,?…
    kissinger is a very high ranking sayan general ,,and if armageddon is true then the jews are toast as the act of armageddon is the destruction of the plant parasite israel and them usinf the sampson option oblioterating the planet …so what then will the 2nd coming come back to ,a charred and radiocative wasteland ..scripture says that god will create a new heaven and a new earth …hmmmm i hope so ..

    and after d’israeli got all the mercury treatment he shortened his name to dizzy cus he probably coulndt focus very long anymore ,hehheh

    one thing is for sure tho when this dinosaurstein dies im gonna hoist a few 40 oz brews

  31. Bailey says:

    How does one eff’ up a board?

    Many ways, one of which is filling it full of oneliners that mean nothing.
    It goes on and on, sliding anything of any real value onto the abyss.

    Some pretend to be on our side but never offer anything from the heart or even an interesting, truthful link,

    I’m not mentioning any names Bella, because i don’t play the who’s the jew game but i’ve been around long enough to know the bullshit when i see it.

    Lately it’s been alot of bullshit an it works only for so long.

    Good people get frustrated and vow not to come back, many do but some have not.
    the ones who have left for good taught me alot and i can’t say i blame them if they believe their contributions here have become a waste of time.

    Maybe they post somewhere else or maybe they figure the whole thing is a waste and decided to just care for themselves and their own.

    It’s not just here, it’s elsewhere, message boards have turned to shit.
    Like i say, the rats are working overtime 365/24/7.

    I”m not discouraged though and i don’t care if the pigs are reading or if the rats are working.

    I only care that what i feel is out here in the cyberspace for all to read, worldwide.
    It’s alot more effective than a megaphone and it’s burned into future history.

    Check out sog, back and swinging.
    Never give in but make sure there’s something else besides our struggle which is supposed to be our fuckin’ lives.

    Hobbies are great if they’re not expensive, i have a few downstairs.
    Helps to keep my mind off of everyday kikery which i see everywhere, everyday.

    But i just hate when i see kikery on pro white sites and i’m getting good at spotting it.
    Out of respect for the host and the real people i choose not to engage with who i think are kikes, there’s enough pollution already.

  32. Bella says:

    For heavens sake some silly fun in the small hours of Samhain is no reason to carry on & on.

  33. Bella says:

    So be the big intellect Bailey.

  34. Bella says:

    What u complain about was very late on a holiday eve/a.m. Bailey. Did we stop 6mill from posting? Stop feeling sorry for yourself & get on with it. & have some fun too.

  35. summerled says:

    bella, bailey makes a good point it turns people off to see so much fluff posted and no substance
    and yes i post shite some times in the heat of the moment but for anybody coming
    here and reading for the first time its off putting

  36. Bailey says:

    See what i mean?

    Are you really an old lady?
    I doubt it, you might be old and you might be a lady but your not a white woman worth saving when the shit hits the fan.

    Those who contribute nothing are nothing in whatever they do, neutrality and blankness is our most deady, silent enemy.

    Nobody coming here and saying blah, blah oneliners should be taken seriously, as far as women go only Sazzy and Annie come off as real and they’re to be appreciated 100% +.

    I’m sorry, Cannibal Rabbi is good for off topic and somewhat bizzare comments and most are one or two liners but the guy gets a pass because he’s been out there in the real world, good people have met him over there like i met good people here.

    When you do catch an actual post from the good rabbi it’s full of rightousness, rare as it is, i’ve seen it.

    One topic, One concern.

    White survival, if you don’t like it piss off.

  37. Bailey says:

    I’m far from being an intellectual, that title is reserved for jews.

    I’m just awake 🙂

  38. Bella says:

    Some older people I know, they are shy & come to my home & I encourage them to do so. They are even shy to share my lunch or my happy hour. These people have worked their entire lives.

  39. Bella says:

    P/S Bailey my angels walk by & after a few times …watching my highheeled gardening …they know its ok & these pensioners are treasures!

  40. Bailey says:

    Thanks for that Saz, I needed a laugh 🙂


    high heeled gardening?

    Is that with shorts or a skirt?

  41. Bella says:

    ok You!!!

  42. Rocky says:


    ya Spamblinka some posters…?

    Haven’t seen some for a while

  43. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Welcome Bailey – it made me laugh too!

  44. sog says:

    heh heh remember rewopped iceberg ..i thot they were pretty ok …i think he might be back in another time

  45. Frank Fredenburg says:

    German Parliament Denied Access To Inspect German Gold Reserves Due To ‘Lack Of Visiting Rooms’


    Netherlands Citizens Group Demands-Central-Bank Reveal Location Of Country’s Gold Reserves


    Someone commenting on one of these articles mentioned he bet China took the gold. Probably a jew. Everyone knows China controls the Federal Reserve, and world banking.

    Every country better start checking their gold reserves. That includes America! Fake gold bars keep showing up. China ended up with some of those gold coated, tungsten bars. So much for China stealing the gold.

  46. Mossod did 9/11 says:

    @ John : I didn’t mock you did I ? If you got that impression by something I said you must have misunderstood. My point is that the Jews have 2 main strategies that they use against us… 1) Focus- they are never distracted from the pursuit of their goals. 2) Solidarity- They stand together no matter what. When we divide ourselves arguing about religion , we are just playing into their hands. And they love it.

  47. Biker says:

    Bailey @ 832pm. exactly. yes! thank you.

  48. sog says:

    for what its worth sazz i think everyone is glad to have you back on incogman s’ dont chall be goin away for now …ahhye…yer a very good poster and obviously a true patriot ….keep up the great work …

    so anyway sass do you mean the kikes in jewland can vote too ..hmmm right you are ,,,i rememnered that they are dual citizen ..too many concussions later ,,i do have some memory issues at times …lol…they should eliminate that shit ,that is the dual citizen as it only benefites the jews anyway ….
    @ vexed you sound vexed and true christians dont use naughty words …god told me that …and i never said any thing to you so you cannot claim that every poster came up against you and in fact most posters didnt …
    take it on the chin or turn the other cheek vexed because your protests look less than stable to anyone peeking in here for a visit …be what you need to be but dont think you know it all or are the 100% example of a servant to god who is 100% committed to serve the lord …i could never make that claim myself ..but god is patient and as you should be also …peace vexed
    and to be clear ,there alot of non jews who are not into hearing about god either so it isnt just a jew thing and alot of jews cant stand the jew religion and do gravitate to gentile religions …it happens …but this isnt relly a religious site …the religious arguments can go on for days ….people should just be happy to be who they are if possible as long as your white ,for all others we have powerful chemicals …

  49. sog says:

    yeah frank its reputed that there is no real gold in any of the repositories where the gold of a nation is held anymore…how convenient for the swindlers list right ? open a gold warehouse and have all the nations doing banking etc store there gold in a central outfitt and while no one is looking just replace all the gold with the clever fakes …
    its a mandatory tool to have the real good tester that scans the gold …others weigh it in a water deal ..others real paranoid will pay to have it resmelted right in front of them before they spoend 20-30 grand …its the most fool proof way ….melt down the gold and add flux all the slag and non gold metal and waste or fillers will come to the surface where you spon it out ,if it isnt pure ..the whole deal takes several minutes of time ,a short time actually …
    if you were going to invest in gold forget it cus even the coins and stuff are fake …lots of fake stuff ,lots !……..
    even fake gems now ,,not actually lab created gems are magnetic with a high iron content and a magnet will pull them …
    some people try to substitute lab created lesser gems for higher quality more expensive gems on a higher mohs scale ..lab creations are flawless and look alot better than mined stuff but extremely high quality mined gems are as nice looking as lab created ..
    hell they are faking alloy stamps on silver and gold now of smaler jewelry sizes ..like the stamp .925 for silver and .800 and up for antique silver that is fake actually …
    people are getting creative and treacherous in these hard times …

  50. sog says:

    wasnt too cohesive on the gem scam
    lab created gems are beautiful and flawless and cost for a bag of 3-4 carat sapphires with 10-20 of em will cost 50 70 $ these aexample of sapphire are authentic sapphire made from corrundum as are rubies and sapphires both from corrundum …i believe its chromium that determines the red color in a ruby and also stunts its growth to 2- 4 carats ..
    some of the most expensive stones in the world back in the day were flawless mined rubies of heavier carat because of the size rarity …
    so some one could take a lab creation and sub it for a mined one …one is cheap and flawless and one is expensive and not so good looking with a few inclusions etc ..
    but the lab creation will be magnetic form iron contents …
    most mined emeralds today are included to a high degree ,making them unatractive ..lab created emeralds are what they used to look like a hundred years ago before they exhausted all the good digs ….so a c/c/c/c gem quality MINED emerald today if found and cut would bring a very high price ..but a bag of lab emeralds of any carat wt you want for around 20 of em is 50-70$ and they are flawless ..
    anyway that concludes gemstones 101 a for today heh heh
    the diamond is the most non rare stone in the world ,,,they will actually destroy many of them to try to keep the kike value up ….they are only allowed to release so many per year to keep price and demand up …lev leviev russian pig diamond magnate owns control over the world diamond trade .
    intreststin shit over at sierra leone was that these are some of thee most flawwless and color correct diamonds in the world ….the story doesnt end there but tomrrow is another day ……
    yeah t-bone ping back now ya hear..be safe as ya can

  51. sog says:


    jews telling it like it was sending letters swimming eating in the cafeteria etc getting married probably butt fucking there bunk mate and who knows what else they did ,but the aushwitz bull shit and the jew lie is out of the bag ….

  52. warriorhun says:

    Dear Bailey,

    I think you hit the nail on the head.
    I felt – subconsciously – that something was disturbing me, recently when I scrolled through the comments section, but I could not point out exactly what it was.
    Upon reading your comment, the penny dropped: it was the totally meaningless and worthless one-liner comments, going on and on and on, on multiple pages. I wish people just ceased posting them!
    Best wishes,


  53. Biker says:

    @ Frank F. i have 100 bucks that says theres a kikeload of real gold stuffed away in Israel. Dimona? somewhere out in the Negev? where did all of the Czar’s gold dissappear to? THEY have it. 100 bucks? hell, ill bet my house.

  54. Karen says:

    Bailey, instead of assuming the role of arbiter of whose in and whose out on this forum you should descend back into your basement to do what you do.

  55. sog says:

    anyway northerntruthseeker has a good hard hit article on the effect of gold and the paper written on it and against it etc …it has a direct effect on usa economy and global as well ..he hits dead center and stays on courss on the gold deal

  56. sog says:

    fuck off karen ..is it true that you are a man ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
    ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..is it true you came out ..
    weird comments from your end litterally ..

    we prefer to think of herr bailey as a gauleiter instaed

  57. sog says:

    Indeed, it was to fulfill his dream of becoming an |architect| that Hitler went to Vienna at the beginning of the century.
    i think this could be a mandatory read as well as the one below debunking all kike bullshit forever and so is http://www.air-photo.com/index.php


  58. sog says:

    hey t-bone remember i said id put up a site some of hitlers watercolours
    watch out for the rest of this site tho as they dont like hitler too much …lying scum bag kikes trying to defame hitler as usual but a pretty good art layout from the man


  59. sog says:

    hey t-bone remember i said id put up a site some of hitlers watercolours
    watch out for the rest of this site tho as they dont like hitler too much …lying scum bag kikes trying to defame hitler as usual but a pretty good art layout from the man



  60. Karen says:

    Sog, you disappoint me. Calvinism war pure evil.

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