The Most Worthless Race on the Planet

Let’s just state something for the record before I go off on my little rant: OK, so maybe there’s a few decent blacks out there. There’s always exceptions to any rule. That’s the nature of the beast confronting the White race — hell, for any of us confronting evil going back time immemorial.

The only reason so many White people think these murderous clowns are “cool” is because Jew media portrays them so. Think about MTV, advertising and all the black heroes constantly in Hollywood movies — total Jewy programming there!

However, once you calmly and dispassionately tally up all the pros and cons of this race, any sane and logical person can clearly see that BLACK PEOPLE SUCK MAJORLY. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or a Cray super computer AI program to figure that one out.

Sure, I wished it wasn’t so. I’d love to hang with the homies, maybe even get a little jiggy with them, smoke some spleefs and do the jungle rap as they shake that big STD-ridden thang in each other’s sweaty, booty-loving faces. Right.

All joking aside, some blacks may act decent and civilized at times — especially when they get around brainwashed White liberals who might have something to do with them getting “mo money,” while they happily milk the benefits of “affirmative action” (anti-White reverse racism), or various other “white guilt” scams blacks know very well how to take advantage.

But a substantial percentage of this race has never really worked much in the first place; instead, they freely suck on the public dole, while engaging in crime and drug dealing. That ape-like African has always been just under the surface, always waiting for the right jungle beat to set loose, or opportunity free from personal consequence. Since the days of Africa, blacks have long preyed upon each other and now prey on us civilized White people in our own lands –Whites who clearly don’t deserve the never-ending BS of PC after how blacks truly behave.

Beverly Hope Mellon just stopped to get some gas, when one of these animals saw her in the store (surveillance shot of her and him at the check-out above). The black perp followed her a little ways down the road, ran her car off the road, dragged her back into the woods — then raped and brutally bashed the poor woman to death with his handy baseball bat. Imagine something like this happening to one of your loved ones? These are ugly, ugly animals!

Now, I realize we have ourselves a few brainwashed White liberals reading here and probably foaming at the mouth over my supposedly “racist” comments, etc. Look at me (if you could): Do I give a flying monkey’s ass what you multicult fools think anymore? You can bet I’m happy as hell laying out the real deal, without fear of getting “a cap busted” in my White ass.

You see, these black animals would indeed shoot you, stab you, set you on fire, beat or club you crazily to death with any old big stick they found laying around — not a whole lot different from those proto-human apes in the movie “2001″ by Jew director Stanley Kubrick, come to think.

So, get this and get it good: These black bastards will kill your White ass in any way possible for that lousy $10 bill in your wallet or your cell phone, even if you were all so nice, liberal and DIEversity-loving, etc., etc. They would probably even laugh hysterically while bashing in your face and joke about it later with their “home slices,” “bitches,” or whatever the flock they call women nowadays.

Hell, for that matter, even the “women” would waste you dead and run off — squealing happily like crazy wild, piggish chimps. Black “women” are often more racially militant than the criminal men, because they hate being born seriously butt-ugly and take their frustrations out on any Whitey — whenever the chance presents itself.

The Cruelest Criminals EVER

This past June, Jaqueline Gardner was getting home from her waitress job when three animals robbed her at gunpoint of $85 dollars in tip money. Instead of letting the young woman live, the cruel bastards blew her away with a shotgun blast. She left behind a 8 month and 4 year old daughter. After Adam Bucklew, newly engaged and father of a baby, was robbed of a lousy $17 in his front yard, the animal went ahead and shot him dead anyways. Black racism and hatred blog spot

You think I’m exaggerating? Spend a little time at my BLACK CRIME archive. Just read a couple of stories. Do a few Google searches to see if those crimes did, or did not take place (in case you might think I’m only a racist liar). Hell, look at a few recent stories I did up here on my site (click the home button or the masthead, scroll down a bit).

A promising and popular med student in St. Louis, Halley Briglia, had just handed over her cell phone to robber Vincent Newman, when the animal shot her anyways. The bullet smashed into her neck, possibly leaving her paralysed for life. The career criminal had already shot 2 others for no reason — one in the face.

Just turn on your TV and you’ll see a report of a killing in your area practically every night (may have to read between the lines a little). The local media might report on the crime, but does whatever possible to hide the race (they actually go away for PC media training conferences on how best to do it). But you can usually figure it out, at least by where it happened in your neck of the woods.

The national news is even worse when it comes to censorship of black criminal behavior. In fact, if they don’t have to report it, they won’t. But if the perp was indeed a White person, and the crime was particularly egregious or even just a little interesting, all the TV whores turn it into a huge media circus, reporting on the stupidest details, hour by hour (cable “news” shows are really nothing but hourly regurgitating of what’s OK PC-wise, along with occasional NWO and Israeli Zionist propaganda about something in the Mideast).

If the perps were black, no matter how terrible the crime, the media drops it like a hot potato as soon as they find out. You can easily notice: Should the criminal have the least possibility of being a White (like maybe a perv killer), and before anything leaks from cops, they’ll start heavy-duty media coverage, but the moment someone tells them a black has become as a “person of interest,” the story disappears from the airwaves faster than you can say “aunt jemima.”

Contrast this with the incessant media coverage whenever some known White guy or girl is being prosecuted for a violent crime. Think about that Casey Anthony woman down in Florida the summer before last (the cheap brunette party gal with the nice rack), who apparently killed her cute little girl, or failed to report the child drowning for some reason. They went nuts covering the trial nationally.

Happens all the GD time.

The only real exception to this rule was the O. J. Simpson murder case, since OJ was somewhat of a major league celebrity and one of his victims was a Jew boy (Ron Goldman). Simpson was obviously guilty as hell slicing up his whorish, coal-burning wife, Nicole and the Jew waiter (out to get himself a little easy nooky that night). But the militant downtown ghetto black jury didn’t care one GD bit about whether OJ was guilty, only about him being a fellow “oppressed” black, and acquitted the SOB (who eventually ended up in the slammer due to usual black stupidity).

It was indeed was a big wake up call to White people on just how selfish and truly worthless blacks are, especially after seeing all the stinking, lousy brats screaming gleefully over OJ’s not guilty verdict everywhere across the country. The spoiled, racist brats got one over Whitey!


The US media employs all sorts of clever little tricks to hide the true nature of black people.

I once read a report from the Pugh center saying one out of every three black males has been, or will be incarcerated in a state or federal prison — at least once, but often multiple times. If Whites were as criminal, percentage-wise, that would mean upwards of 30 million inmates. Just imagine that. They would have to build open-air concentration camps everywhere (FEMA, anyone?).

As it is, our country’s jails and prisons are now overflowing with the stinking, violent apes (over 60%, with 20-30% Mestizos), most of them getting it on with each other, pumping iron, while eating fairly decent meals — all paid for by us taxpayers on the outside. Each inmate costs us somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000 a year (depending on the state).

And all that’s not including the dough spent with the police and legal system putting them there, not to mention the emergency medical services, or us Whites suffering and paying for their never-ending criminal depredations (like in insurance rates — health and property). It has to be in the tens of billions, without a doubt.

Just think about how much hospitals cost these days. Why? Because they have to pass on the expense of emergency rooms to White people who usually have insurance. Yep, sure do. Whether you know it or not, your monthly health insurance factors in TNB — black murder and mayhem. One of the biggest secret motives behind ObamaCare, actually.

Now, let’s look at another glaring example of selfish, lazy-ass black behavior: How often do you ever see blacks rushing to the scene of a disaster to help out? Sure, you might see a local black or two lending a hand (and zeroed in on by TV cameras), but I’m talking about people from the outside rushing to the scene. Even when the disaster happens to a black country like Haiti, it’s always White fools who rush to the scene and pony up donations.


The traitorous media constantly promotes White people to adopt blacks, or even mate our race away. This is why you see completely idiotic magazine covers like the one above (like it’s such a big deal she adopted a black kid to advance her movie career). It’s called “brainwashing” and they’ve been doing it for decades. They get away with all this because Whites have been programmed to fear getting called “racist.”

How often do you see them adopting black orphans (either from a natural disaster, murdered biological parents, or total loser crack whores)? Never.

It’s always some goofy-ass White liberal do-gooders taking in these ticking time bombs — feeding and clothing until they get old enough to kill some White kid or even grandmother and then the rest of us taxpayer fools have to pay the freight for prison.

This is all not so surprising, since the Jewish-owned media actively works at brainwashing White people about blacks and liberalism. Individually and as part of organized groups, Jews of all sorts have long been promoting us White people to breed ourselves away, so as to gradually whittle down our race’s demographics and political power in our own countries (along with never-ending Third World immigration).

Simply doesn’t matter at this stage of the game that blacks turn any country into crap sooner or later. That can easily be dealt with down the road, once the biggest potential threat to Globalist Jewry (the White race) is rendered moot.

Look at how screwed-up any country or city run by blacks happens absolutely anywhere. South Africa you say? Hell, that place has been going downhill fast since the end of “apartheid” in the early ’90’s (the media doesn’t report a word). The Whites still there are often openly discriminated against, murdered and tortured all the GD time by black criminal gangs and black political groups. All except for the sacred Jews, of course. The Jews in SA and all over the planet were the ones behind destroying White rule in the first place, and SA blacks give them special consideration and police protection.

The Most Worthless Race on the Planet

GENERAL BLACK DEGRADATION newDoesn’t matter where these SOB’s live on the planet — the black race always end-up smack dab in the gutter. The real problem is that us Whites are going there, too — if the GD subversive Jew has his way with our countries.

Look at American cities like Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore, Apelanta and Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love — what a joke). Every single place that blacks have any kind of real political control, ends up seriously sucking major ass — sooner or later.

And blacks think if we don’t kowtow to them, move to side when they approach on the sidewalk, or even forget to smile pleasantly, you’re being racist. They are such spoiled brats they truly believe so many of them are in jail is only because of White racism — never, ever their own behavior. Absolutely everything they blame on Whitey, one way or another. Quite a few of them, like “Reverends” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have made themselves filthy rich milking the race card and extorting companies for beaucoup bucks.

The situation is all due to the Nation Wrecking GD Jew. Always has been. They were the prime movers and shakers in race-baiting and every other social change BS going back to the early decades of the last century. They did the same to Europe, Australia and South Africa. In fact, everywhere Jews live in any numbers they eventually push for the social, cultural, political destruction of White, Christian people. Look at immigration in White countries, for crying out loud. It’s actually been a silent race war against people of European heritage.

But not so for sacred Israel. The hypocrites are now openly calling the place a “Jewish state,” while removing thousands of immigrant “swartzes” from Darfur, Sudan and Ethiopia to concentration camps in the Negev desert before deporting back to Africa.

After breaking into her home, Sam Davis beat to death the elderly Emily Sweeten (79 years-old). What in God’s name makes these animals do this kind of thing?

After breaking into her home, Sam Davis beat to death the elderly Emily Sweeten (79 years-old). What in God’s name makes these animals do this kind of thing?

Poor, widdle “oppressed” blacks have never had it so good as in America. Think about Africa right the hell now, for crying out loud. Most of them there still live in mud huts (or galvanized tin sheets on crude cinder block buildings) on crappy streets or dirt paths. They freely throw trash and feces all over the place, while often killing each other in cruel, merciless ways. Americans go over there to help out and all Africans do is take advantage of the largesse of Whites to enrich themselves individually.

Happens all the time.

How many decent White kids have broken open piggy jars to send money to alleviate the suffering of starving masses in African countries? You have the Jew media constantly running sad sack reports showing all the dead and dying babies lying in the dirt, bones sticking out, and they still expect us to come running back in with our money to save their worthless hides every minute.

I say: Let all the SOBs die! Haven’t we tried enough? Maybe they’ll get the message and start cleaning up their act. Or at least let Nature do it’s thing and restore some balance. Ever think about that angle? Hell, many of them even say things were a whole lot better when the White man managed things (very true).

Getting back to this country: Blacks are not only violent and criminal, but hugely spoiled little brats due to the liberal agenda. They are clearly getting much worse, regardless of how many special perks they get these days because they are “people of color.”

And all you multicult liberals are huge hypocrites because you damn well know you fear going anyplace blacks are, or risk getting shot, robbed or raped. So don’t you just sit there and try to tell me otherwise. Faggots.

Hell, I probably hate your stupid liberal White ass more than the boogs and that’s saying something.

Like I said from the start, anyone with brain-one can easily see that blacks are the most worthless race on the planet. We’re stuck with them because we didn’t ship them back to Africa after the Civil War like we should have and Lincoln wanted (this historical fact is suppressed from common knowledge by Jew media).

Isn’t it long past the time for you to realize all this? Must we continually berate ourselves and wring our hands about “racism” every damn minute? We need to call a spade, a spade — no pun intended, even though the phrase fits like a glove these days.

And I say if the glove fits, we must NOT acquit!

— Phillip Marlowe

READ MORE: Absolutely the Planet’s Most Worthless Race.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Larry Smith says:

    Rotten Jews behind this pornography industry white women admireing black monkeys there no angels.What are we white men going to do.?

  2. Larry Smith says:

    Jews and monkeys ,white mud sharks we have alot of work to win against this scum.Hm violence is not the answer.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    I don’t think you will be surprised to see the mug shots that go along with this one.

    1.3 trillion budget. I’m sure plenty of it goes toward paying for our own destruction. They hate us anyway and want us dead biting the hands that feed them. Just 1 great society shitty.

  4. ihatebacks says:

    Black people need to commit Genocide.

    • Arctic Circle says:

      No, “ihatebucks”.

      Genocide is what they do now to all people…

      Blacks may voluntarily choose to commit “suicide” because of the feeling of guilt…

      it is important for you tony, to login with your own email ….

      Segregation is the way to go. 10,000,000 (ten million) police in the United States! Only Jews could have come with the absurd plan like this: to flood the country with themselves – sand niggers, and niggers, and then flood it withe the 10,000,000 hungry police to protect Violent Jews and Niggers from White People.

      Something is not right here. The problem must be adequately addressed: by signing the urgent petition to remove all Wealthy Jews, and Poor Niggers to the third world.

      You said it yourself, some time ago: “We were here for a long time…” Don’t you thing it time to start doing something? Or at least let us know what to do. Lonely wolf is a good old strategy, employed by brits, rus, and everyone else during and after the wwii.

      Now we need United Wolves, that the only way to address the problem.

      Will the tactic of lonely wolves effective against the sound technologies? Today’s lonely wolves must be using the same tactics as jews: more prowhite politicians, prowhite legislatrue, prowhite judicial, and provide attitude everywhere.

      They wanted “White Supremacy”, which have never existed before, it will be created for them. The proper way to utilize the resources of lonely wolves could be to step forward, and create a Pro White organization.

      For example, “Northern Poverty and Statutory Analysis Center to Support Victims of Jewdeo-Niggerian Violent and Financial Crimes Against Humanity”.

      Although it is important the Constitution is interpreted in the way it was intended, for us, not for them, and ensure that the laws come from the Congress, not a Jewdeo-Niggerian Judge.

      The Congress should be closely supported by the White people. For example, it is important to evolve representatives in our discussion here at, to help them what is really going on in world, not in the banking sector, not in the corporate elite, but with us Poor White people.

  5. Jim says:

    This is an issue I’ve never been able to resolve. When I was in the military, blacks were a minority yet they committed the majority of the crimes. They are animals always seeking someone to prey on. I see nothing good in this cursed race of people.

    • Dusti J Smith says:

      I totally agree with you. The state of our nation is because the monkeys have way too much influence over things..Way too many rights. They are wrecking this fucking planet…

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    “The Cosby Show” episode #789. Dr. Huxtable goes to the cage. Guilty on all three sexual apesault and sexual indecency charges. Man look at that koskanen bitch. Fucking hideous. Looks like a cross between a jewboy, a nigger, and a transfaggot. The cos will surely be saying this bitch wasn’t worth it.

  7. WHITEY RULES says:


    • Problem Solved says:

      How do you stop a Nigger from causing too much crime and hurting innocent people all the time? Just gauge their eyes out which would really put a end to their crime spree.

  8. Deborah Paschall says:

    I live in a small town. There are some niggers who moved here from larger town in same state. I’ve lived here my whole life. These nuggets have ruin the neighborhood. They don’t work. Have taken over couple lots and I don’t know how they afford anything they smoke guess getting help from the government. They are trashy and dumb. They decorate the front yard where they live for Christmas but they have garage all around their house. They got empty soda cans Styrofoam cups jugs and just thrash all around. When it rains or wind blows it ends up my yard. Hey I can tell you answer to this question how many nuggets does it take ruin a neighborhood just one that’s all it takes. I can’t stand them. Their personality sucks too. They have no morals. I mean really their nothing but thrash

    • steven says:

      To close for comfort.June bugs coming near my home I don’t want them, Our goverment always standing by them ,even if there disgusting .Robbery ,rapeing, mugging, death thats what they bring.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sanctuary shitty of the year.
    CHIMPCAGO — For the second time this month, more than 60 people were shot over the course of a weekend in Chimpcago. At least eight of the 61 people struck by bullets this weekend have died, Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson confirmed during a Monday morning press conference.

    That includes two missing teenage boys found dead in a field late Sunday night, reports CBS Chimpcago.
    “It’s no secret that we had another unacceptable violent weekend,” Johnson said during a press conference in which he called for legislation that would toughen Illinois laws regarding repeat gun crimes and make it harder to purchase a weapon after committing certain crimes.

    Johnson said three persons of interest are in custody in connection with several of the shooting incidents this weekend. He noted that officers also shut down 68 block parties over the weekend for illegal activity, seized 83 guns, and arrested 29 people on gun charges.

  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    Kind of a good day today. Another nigger dead… 2 other niggers going to the cage for a long time (at our expense though. Boo. Too bad we can’t just shoot them too. )
    Oh, And cancel the dead niggers full ride scholarship to Penn State. Gee. I wish I had the abilities to run fast or jump high or play with balls or have black skin and a lower IQ and test scores for diversity’s sake. Maybe I could have went to college for free also instead of joining the military.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Yep. No black privilege for me. No assfirmative actions, minority set-asides, diversity hire and promote programs. No lowered test scores and standards for admissions and hiring. No free food ebt cards, free and subsidized housing and section 8. No free medical care Medicaid/Obamacare. No low income programs at all because baby-momma and baby-daddy don’t work won’t work and never plan on working. And why would they when everything is free? Life is SOOO much easier when you can sit around all day smoking weed and drinking 40 ouncers and fucking your way to a bigger ape-artment and bigger check and more free ebt stipend. Just sit there and wait for the mailperson to bring you your checks and refresh the ebt snap cards and bitch about how life is not fair and UNDER privileged and DIS advantaged you are. The only day they have to work is on voting day and get on that free bus to take you to the polls and vote for the democrats. They don’t have to pay income taxes either since they have no LEGALLY earned income. Only the fools and suckas goes to wux and pays da taxes. Paying for your own destruction feeding and housing these planet of the apes white people. And the jews and their pet niggers are laughing at you. Why do you think the nation-wrecking jews pretend to like their stupid-ass pet niggers so much? Because jews are using the nigger ape animal army to destroy America and genocide white people who jews consider their greatest impediment to jew world order domination and supremacy. After that’s done the jews wont need their stupid-ass low IQ Maxine waters pet niggers anymore and they can drop the faked love of niggers and without white people the niggers will starve to death also and go instinct in a few months like they would have done a thousand years ago if it weren’t for white people. How about that fucking genious al sharpcoon paying R E S P I C T to aretha franklin? Niggers. You just have to laugh at them if it weren’t that funny.

      • protocolsRtrue says:

        Case in point. Al Sharpcoon. The fucking retarded nigger must have heard that r e s p e c t song 10,000 times and he still can’t spell it right. No wonder niggers have to go through 3rd grade remedial classes before they can use their free college feetball scholarship. Wasn’t he an fbi informant for a while also? Oh good Lord sad to say it but I believe it nowadays.

    • protocolsRtrue says:

      Nigger couldn’t run fast enough outrun the bullet. Only Superman can outrun a speeding bullet.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Chimpcago USA must see. 2 more niggers off to dead nigger storage 2 others still costing us money. Does that balance out the costs to us taxpayers?

    • protocolsRtrue says:

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      • protocolsRtrue says:

        I know that sounds all racis’ an’ shit but what else can you do the Maxine waters shiela Jackson leighs hank johnsons korey bookers kamala shemequias jessie jacksons al sharpcoons erection holders obamas Loretta lynches that’s all you CAN do is just laugh at the low iq stupid-ass jews pet niggers. That’s why jews pretend to LIKE their stupid -ass low iq retarded jew pet niggers so much. Because jews know they are less than retarded also.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Planet of the apes. Life with niggers in America. The great society is here. Niggers and humans should not be forced to mix.

  13. The Real Truth says:

    Well most women these days are very worthless and clueless altogether since they’re always accusing many of us men for doing something wrong which many of us men are very innocent.

    • Daniel says:

      I was just discussing this with my wife today….GEEEZ, how about that. We (((men))) are some gangsters shooting with no remorse and out of control in each of our ghetto’s. We men do some carjackings at random more often now so ladies lock your car doors and get those cell phones ready to call 911 when any of us men are seen walking our dogs or jogging down the street. ~~~ sarc ~~~

      You awake and very aware! Bless you!


  14. Arctic Cirle says:

    Development of human-animal chimeras, Owners, has been slowed down because of opposition by some philosophers like icm, ethicists like mat, and policy makers, like sog.

    White people, in the west, started to question the moral status of such Owners, created by crossbreeding jews, humans, and animals. There are eleveated levels of social unresst all around the United States and EU, caused by the discomfort about transgression of species barriers. Such opposition often uses a contemporary western world view as a reference point.

    Human-animal-owner chimeras are often being created and weaponize to disseminate diseases, which cause significantly higher morbidity and mortality in the predominantly white countries, as compared to the nonwhite world.

    I argue that given this high financial, labor, and natural resources burden, we should look at socio-cultural perspectives on human-animal-owner chimeras like beings in the non white world. On examination, it’s clear that such beings have been part of the propaganda champagne, which was funded by the jew-human-animal-chimera-owners themselves, that the owners are somehow useful for the economy because they are better at counting costs, extorting labor, and and squeeze every last drop of profit from the malnourished white people in America and europe. The Owners-Chimeras spread itself all around the world with the spread of Capitalism, developed by the Jewish American economists such as Ben Bernanke, Murry Rothbard, Simon Kuznets, Martin Feldstin, Herbert Simon, Janet Yellin, Martin Feldstein, Robert Fogel, Allan Greenspan, and the finally, the most poisonous, Miton Friedman, throughout the developing world.

    How anything, especially, the economics, which jews like consuming so much, can be anything of common sense, but a poison, lies, labor pornography, and shootouts with the psychopaths.

    They say we need vigilantiess, and sharp shooters, so the police can kills them.

    I say No to that. I say we need more really smart people like the big both is s-g! He can see handreds of thousands of miles away. He understands the instruments of the Jewish-Chimeras self-propagation, he is not stupid. Not at all. But he is still supporting Capitalism, because Eats from the very hands of the bloody Capitalism. I wish to have more smart people like the Big Boss on our side. Unfortunately, he is gone for humanity in the comfortable comfort of the sweet checking accounts, real estate, acerage, collection weaponry, travel, expensive exotic women from aground the world, yahts, fee fall sky diving, bars, mistresses, expensive child care, etc. Finally, the local Jewish Think Tank presented him with the ticket for commercial flight to the Moon, if he marry jewish mangrell, like that other freak did.

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history 1995. Another innocent good boy dindu nuffin escapes justice from the evil white racist criminal justice system.
    O.J. Simpson acquitted

    At the end of a sensational trial, former football star O.J. Simpson is acquitted of the brutal 1994 double murder of his estranged wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. In the epic 252-day trial, Simpson’s “dream team” of lawyers employed creative and controversial methods to convince jurors that Simpson’s guilt had not been proved “beyond a reasonable doubt,” thus surmounting what the prosecution called a “mountain of evidence” implicating him as the murderer.

  16. t says:

    Fuckin niger drug dealing. murdering SCUM

    THEY FUCKING destroy everything!

  18. Worthless Women Everywhere says:

    The most worthless race on this planet are filthy dumb whores since unfortunately they really are everywhere nowadays since they just love to cheat. Been there.

  19. protocolsRtrue says:

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  20. jeremy says:

    Fuck Niggers, They all need to be Locked up in fucking Jails !

  21. John Doe says:

    It is just too very bad that the Laws are too very easy when it comes to low life niggers since all they do is cause too much crime to hurt so many of us good innocent people for No Reason at all. And the only way to stop these low life animals is to make the Laws a lot tougher by gauging their eyes out which that would solve the whole problem right there since they Can’t hurt or kill innocent good people anymore.

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