The Scorpion and The Frog

From The Irish Savant
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Everyone on this blog will be fully familiar with what [Prof.] Kevin MacDonald refers to as the “group evolutionary strategy” of the Jews. The manifestations of this strategy, mass immigration to White lands, undermining of Christian cultural institutions, the fostering of White guilt, the undermining of our mores, to name but a few, have been spectacularly successful. The strategy has, in my opinion, been easily the most telling factor in reducing Whites to our now increasingly marginalised and degraded status.

What I don’t understand though, looking at it from a group evolutionary perspective, is why they keep rubbing our noses in it with trivial slights that add nothing to their overall objective.  Here I’m talking about the equivalent of petty apartheid as applied in South Africa. Christmas has now become almost a swear word, and Christmas trees increasingly rare. Yet a giant Hanukka lamp stands outside the White House at Christmas. Sandra Fluke enlists in a Catholic University, and then  sues them to pay for her contraceptive pills. That’s poking your finger in the eye. Closer to home our friend Alan Shatter [right: Ireland’s JEW Minister of Justice and Equality AND Minister of Defense] created a little bit of history by banning, for the first time ever, the use of the Irish Army at a Catholic ceremony………while refurbishing the Department of Justice to look like a Holocaust memorial.  In England the politicians pushing the banishment of the crucifix are Jewish.

I could go on and on, and you all have your own examples to add. But in fact this is what I’m driving at. The evolutionary strategy might be working fine but it seems poor evolutionary tactics to keep shoving your victims’ faces in it. Especially when you’re in a small minority and relying on the majority’s inability to recognise what’s being done to them. Trivial but blatant attacks on what most of us hold dear are exactly the kind of things that prod a sleeping and stupefied peasantry into dim awareness, and from that into explosive action. Look at history. Some of the greatest and most vicious of conflicts have been sparked by relatively trivial provocations. Albeit with simmering resentments underneath, waiting to be sparked off.

Now conditions at present, and more so in the immediate future, are particularly fraught. Or opportune, depending on your outlook. Without doubt there’s an inchoate slow-burning rage building up among the White working and middle classes all over Europe and the USA.  This could be set off by some relatively trivial but nonetheless provocative action. And we know what happens When The Saxon Began To Hate.” Everyone else gets crushed.

So why then do Jews continue to prod the sleeping tiger? Maybe they feel, and they could well be correct, that Whites have become so stupefied, misguided, degraded and guilt-ridden that we’re beyond reacting in any co-ordinated way. But what if they’re wrong? That would bring the whole edifice crumbling down, including raising hitherto forbidden questions about, for example, the Holocaust or 9/11. And god knows where that in turn would lead.

So again, why do they do it? I’m minded of Aesop’s fable of the frog and the scorpion .

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. sog says:

    allovertheplace /// makow is ok but all the stuff on the bomb is arbitrary ..heavy water is only good for hydrogen bomb apparaatus …
    i dont think hitler wanted the a-bomb in germany and wanted it and all activity around it out of germany..
    there were litterrlally a ton of patents and inventions taken from germany including the jet airplane …
    there were 800,000 thousand antiquities and state art that was tolen by russians
    there was 600,000 pieces of art taken by usa officials from germany
    and the theft of the crown jewells from princess sophie a german royal .
    germany always gets blamed for looting other countries …slovakia had anything other than open cess pools or poland had any shit worth taking ..not likely ..
    germans did not loot france and russia had nothing but bushes and dirt .
    and germany cetainfuckingly did not loot from siter country austria or hungary …
    pure kike propaganda bull shit
    germany is the antiques rich country that got looted and raped and murdered ..
    makow on the bomb ….i think makow is committing irresponsible journalism ..yellow journalism ir: urinalism
    he doesnt know enough to make any responsible contribution to that era on the bomb in germany and certainly did not research it …
    jews always had rthe bomb as they plagiurized it or stole it or invented it to fiuition thru oppenheimer kike …
    i know that einstein and the rest of the shady kikes wanted to drop an a bomb on berlin but didtn have the time on their side but as japan sued for peace for a whole year the american bombers that had extensively and completely destroyed the rest of japan and its 60+ cities with good enough conventionals had made sure there were 4 untouched cities and the bombers passed over these cities all the time and never bombed them yet ..
    kikes wanted to drop 4 bombs total and one target was the capital of japan which some more sober generals said no to …like when fdr said no to the bomb period ,,N O …so they kiked him off and put that truman shit stain in office to test their damn bomb aka jewish hell bomb on jappan
    they tested little boy a 20 megaton uranium gun trigger nuke that went sideways and didnt completely acheive full fision which was a good thing over hiro ..
    next they tested the fat man which was a plutonium implosion device on naga saki ..
    i dont recall if the uranium device had a secondary hydro option and it didnt go off …good thing ..
    they also tested a gun trigger device at concord aka port chicago …400 foot of ship vanishes and a pilot air force flying 9000 feet up saw the whole fissioanable event below him at nite and deterioratinh metal fly up past his plane glowing andf becoming 3rd point steel etc ..
    that event has atomic written all over it but people still say oh it was a bunch of conventioanl bombs that caused the multiple littany of destruction and powerful events ..
    contra cost county in the california area has one of the highest canceer rates in the usa ..
    i have only read as far as the quiet circle of scientists that were ceating the a bomb in germany were allowed to produce sophisticated weaponry which is how they were able to foster this abomb program along as far as they did before it was brought to hitleres attn..
    remember that german govt was in a shit shambles with all the egos and infighting and social climbing and people all trying to grab what they could ….i will try to read some moer on this atomic legacy and 3rd reich soon …any way peace ……….

  2. Hoff says:

    The Jewish people and world Jewish leadership are facing critical dilemmas, opportunities and challenges. These create a need for systematic thinking to examine the range of decisions that may affect the standing of world Jewry in the decades to come.

    The Jewish People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI) was established as an independent think tank whose mission is to contribute to the continuity of the Jewish people and Judaism, and their thriving future. “China and the Jewish People’ is the first document in a series of strategy papers dedicated to improving the standing of the Jewish people in emerging superpowers without biblical tradition.

    Thank good there is no jewish cospiracy. (sarcasm).

  3. sog says:

    and on Reinhard Gehlen who became one of the biggest spymasters for the oss soon to be cia …he was waiting in the mountains to surrender his main circle of men and all the papers germany had on russia and europe to the americans …..hmmm traitor saving his own neck comes to mind …and surrender he did and this was prearranged thru a popular colonel i remeber ………..part of all that paperclip shit ..
    he sold his self as neccessary as a tool spytool for the usa against russian communism and aggression …kind of ironic thio that the usa was run by kikes even back then ..
    i read about gehlen decades ago so i donrremeber much on the fuck..
    just how the fuck did gehlen know the usa would even care about russia as they were our slovenly mongolian allies right ,,nothing to fear there right ? or is it an endightment that we used russia or corectly the world kike did ..
    and they knew that they were going to have a cold war boogeyman before it was even announced in the news for decades
    its a whole nother library of congress readin in thet epoch …

  4. condeez says:

    Well Bailey.. some yes..

    You know I posted here many a time with-out my pic.

    You guys I posted earlier are the real thing!

    Many are the best!

    Why do we have the 2x poster?

    Where is Incogman?

  5. Bailey says:

    Incogman just put up a new post, check it out.

  6. sog says:

    aye aye bailey
    condeez incogman has been busy writing a new article ,i think thats where hes been unless he got too drunk the other day ..heh heh

  7. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Ain’t it pretty!!!!

  8. HKW says:

    No offence to anybody in the article below, but presenting some observations for consideration.

    Almost the twins – Two dictators of the XX Century

    Hitler and Stalin, Stalin and Hitler: The two leaders, who co-created the macabre scenario of the twentieth century.
    Despite the passage of many decades, especially on the occasion of important anniversaries, still echoes the question:

    How could this happen? !

    How is it possible that the criminal policies of two people were not suppressed in the bud, but on the contrary, took possession of the minds of people and stimulated them to the most cruel crimes?
    Representatives from a variety of disciplines see their cause in different ways, often in the most convenient to them and hardly ever truly justified.
    Here are some interesting thoughts providing biographies of the two tyrants and how the question “why?” is it still vivid despite the passage of years.
    The most intriguing is the similarity of the two totalitarian regimes, such as Nazism and Communism, that have many features in common, which to some extent construct the relative stability of each individual system.
    Here are some reflections on the nature of the system that narrows to identify similarities between Hitler and Stalin and their activities.
    While I’m not the first, rather one of the few, who sets the goal that indicate the matters of the utmost importance, have researched and reached for details.
    An explanation of just ethnic border skirmishes or fighting the judeo-communism doesn’t really wash out with me as the similarities between the two dictators are surprisingly strong.

    Origin and childhood

    Both dictators were born in countries other than those in which the absolute power wielded.
    Stalin was born in a small town of Gorii in eastern Georgia.
    The birthplace of Adolf Hitler was Braunau in Austria.
    Both were descendants of parents who have previously lost children. Both also came with a less wealthy families.
    Stalin’s mother Catherine was a washerwoman, and his father Wisarianow – a cobbler. His progressing alcoholism contributed to the failure of the business.
    Often extremely intoxicated he physically abused little Joseph and his mother.

    The mother of the future leader of the Third Reich was Clare, a serving maid, while Father was named Alois and worked as a publican, who approached his family members with arrogance.
    His way of getting Adolf’s attention was by whistling at him on two fingers and he mercilessly beat the children under any pretext.

    A. Miller presents detailed considerations for educational environments of both dictators and it confirms that both individuals were humiliated and ridiculed.
    Unable to retaliate they denied the abuse and pushed it to the subconscious mind these cruel experiments. Then in later life gave vent to a modified form of hatred towards others.

    Personal Lives

    It’s hard for people to completely absorb murderous ideologies and talk about their personal lives. This subtitle is mainly used to identify, to put it mildly, controversial family relationships, when talking about Stalin’s son Yakov , born of the relationship with his first wife Ekaterina Svanidze, who in 1941 found himself in German captivity.
    Interestingly, Stalin refused to exchange his son for Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus. As a result, two years later, Yakov committed suicide.
    Ekaterina died after four years of marriage of undisclosed illness.
    Stalin’s relationship with Nadezhda Alliluyeva, his second wife also ended in tragedy as Stalin despised her.
    Historians do not agree as to the cause of her death. Some believe that she was murdered by the orders of her husband and others believe that she committed suicide.

    Hitler, on the other hand, had a very disturbing relationship with his 23 year old niece, Angela Raubal, who allegedly also ‘committed’ suicide using his own pistol “accidentally left at his apartment.
    Threatened by him she was unable to leave her uncle who engaged her in a very perverse sexual activity. After the death of Angela, his colleagues found him confusingly similar looking female, Eve Brown, whom he apparently married at the end of his life and never had family with.


    The coming to power of the dictators also had something in common.
    That something was a kind of tricks they used.
    Hitler provoked riots convincing at the same time that only he is able to restore order.

    Stalin after Lenin’s death gradually eliminated his rivals.
    In the years 1924-1926 teamed up with Grigori Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev against Trotsky Lvov, then made an alliance against their recent allies of Nikolai Bukharin and Alexei Rykov, which ultimately were eliminated due to his influence on the selection of cadres.

    Both tyrants wanted and and were preparing for war. After all, the powerful trends were the focal point of policy.
    Stalin sought the revolution, and as Lenin said; – “A war paves the way for the revolution and World War II opens the way for the world revolution.”

    Hitler, in turn, allowed for the realization of the great slogans that helped him to gain power. Both also have used fear as a powerful weapon of its policy.
    Hitler threatened with civil war.
    Stalin used to say: “I prefer it when people support me because of fear rather than out of conviction. Beliefs are changing, but fear remains the same”.
    Interestingly they supported each other.
    Stalin saw in Hitler a kind of icebreaker who can demolish Europe commencing an armed conflict, while seriously undermining its own power.
    As the leader of Soviet Union Stalin saw here his chance master planning to conquer the continent of composed countries unable to defend themselves.
    Stalin supported Hitler by giving him a huge amount of nickel needed to build tanks and guns, and other raw materials and agricultural products.
    Also included in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was the green light for the Führer to the outbreak of hostilities.
    It was this signature believed to be one of the main causes of the outbreak of the Second World War.

    One should also look for similarities in the two totalitarian systems.
    Its leaders reign under the sign of despotism. After all, both were socialist in nature characterized by the interference of the state in all areas of life. They acted on the basis of the doctrine of the state and with the extensive police apparatus – the military. Both with great firmness “exterminated” the opposition.
    Stalin had a real obsession with conspiracies against him seeing enemies everywhere. Significant are the words spoken by him: “I do not believe anyone, not even myself.”
    It is estimated that by 1939 as a result of purges within the communist party he killed about million people.
    The activities of Hitler as the most famous event of the night from 29 to 30 June 1934 referred to as the “night of the long knives”, which killed about 400 leaders of the SA squads and those who turned against him. Just as Stalin, Hitler did not trust anyone and he confirms this in his own words: “The strong man is strongest when alone.”

    Cult and indoctrination

    Both were aware of the importance of dissemination of treatment-oriented assets, their preferred behavior was by imposing an enhanced and well-defined media.
    They were often very elaborate forms of social influence, often taking the very nature of the manipulation.
    Stalin created a kind of ministry of ideology.
    In Germany, the head of the propaganda office was Joseph Goebbels.
    (See Architect criminal propaganda Joseph Goebbels)
    Cult of personality was an important pillar of propaganda; talking about the presentation of the leaders, as the exceptionally talented person, infallible, almost perfect.
    This concept comes from Russia and is used mainly for spreading a myth about communist leaders.
    The leaders have also been perceived as a steadfast, strong and charismatic.
    The most humanitarian and charismatic way was the deceitful show of a treatment consisting of presenting themselves in the vicinity of children.
    Well-known is the story of when, during one of the meetings came up a little girl named Stalin Mam?aka and gave Stalin a greeting. The dictator took her in his arms, pictures were taken, which bears the inscription; “Stalin Soviet children’s best friend” and then distributed throughout the country. It is worth mentioning that Stalin introduced criminal penalties, including the death penalty also for children from the age of 12.
    In turn, A. Miller, writing about violence against children at the time of Hitler, the Fuhrer is quoted as saying: “My ideal of education is severe. Whatever is weak, it must be absolutely wiped out. In the militant stronghold of my order, a generation of young people should grow who will sow fear in the hearts of the whole world. Violent, domineering, fearless, cruel youth is what I want. In this way I can give a new shape to things. ”
    Personality cult was perpetuated in both systems: in books, poems, plays , symphonies, films, paintings or buildings. Both in the Third Reich and the Soviet Union cinemas were built, that screened strictly selected, and sometimes created for propaganda videos.
    The press was also under their control.
    Both leaders appreciated the power of radio. They took care of their development.
    In the Soviet Union the vast majority of citizens had the opportunity to listen to the “Voice of Moscow” every day. The western radio listeners were sentenced to death by firing squad.
    Hitler was also aware of the power of radio transmission. It is worth noting that until 1937 Germany had at their disposal 25 radio stations and two years later went up to 36 of them, every day radio broadcast logs.

    Attitude to religion

    Both, however, did not underestimate this aspect of reality.
    Joseph Stalin saw it as a brake on the struggle for the souls. As a result, he decided to create in 1929 the Union of Godless Militants, whose task was to promote atheism.
    Its activity was oriented against all religions. With time he realized the destruction of places of worship and cemeteries, as well as the creation of lists of priests for murder.
    On the other hand, Hitler made the religion a kind of instrument in the service of his policy.
    In Mein Kampf, he wrote: “Everyone should be active within their own religious community of their collective religious framework and regard it as their first and most sacred obligation to position themselves against those who in their actions and speech are trying to scramble out of it and involve in another.”
    It is worth noting that Adolf Hitler as a child has attended a Catholic school run by Benedictine monks, and Stalin was a student of a seminary.
    Hitler was apparently 165 cm tall and Stalin around the numbers of 162 to 165.
    It is well known that the dictator of the Soviet Union used a stool to stand on at the pulpit. Their hight was certainly their complex too.
    Both also were artistically creative.
    Stalin wrote poems and Hitler painted elements of architecture and still life, peoples portraits and dogs. He even tried to join the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, but have not gained recognition in the eyes of its committee members.

    Will it now bring to your mind the question of how it could have changed the fate of the world if Hitler was accepted into the Academy?

    It is also interesting that the two tyrants were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!
    Stalin’s candidacy was reported twice; first time in 1945, for his contribution and efforts to end World War II, by the historian and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Halvanda Kohta.
    Three years later the initiator was Wladislav Rieger, professor at Charles University in Prague.
    Adolf Hitler was nominated by the Swedish parliamentarian E. Brandt for activity undertaken in a peaceful resolution of international disputes with Czechoslovakia and Austria.

    I will venture to say that it is extremely difficult to cite all of the similarities between Hitler and Stalin. They both even wore similar uniforms.
    While there is no denying that there were also many differences from the most basic as culinary tastes and the ratio of alcohol they drunk, to the other much more important matters, such as the state and its citizens they ruled.
    However, the two of them, as no one before, mocked the value of human life.
    Stalin used to say, “The death of one man is a tragedy and the death of million a statistics”.
    Hitler said: “I am fully aware that with our response, which will come will also bring the nameless suffering and misfortune of many men…”
    “…but there will be a great tragedy for millions of other men…”
    “…I know the hears of millions of my (?) men and boys aglow at the thought of finally being ALLOWED to WAGE WAR against an enemy…”
    and “…I am fully aware that the continuation of this war will end in the complete shattering of one of the two warring parties.”

    Any consideration to lives and their families?
    They were not at the front lines!

    The most painful news, however, is a growing number of extremist groups, referring to the doctrine of both Hitler and Stalin as heroic and praise their policies.
    I am saddened by the fact that more than half of Russians still want to return to communism emotionally talking about Stalin as well-known and perfect leader.
    Although there are different ways to justify this state, at the same time it is surprising to see the level of ignorance by supporters of both dictators and their policies.

    And finally, here are the words of Viktor Suvorov, pointing out the differences of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin;

    “The shape of the moustache!”

    This new Hitler Haplogroup Chromosome evidence;

  9. condeez says:


    Ok CR who is Pam?

    You shister..

    Spam..a lal..

  10. condeez says:

    Oh shy Cr that is it!

  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:



    I’m not fond o’yids or darkys.
    Does that make me amount to evil?

    If so.

    Evil i am.

  12. condeez says:


  13. condeez says:

    CR…Umm..Who cares!

    Same side..

    Sorry Cr..

  14. condeez says:

    Is the jew…the same..yep!

  15. sog says:
    forgive my impoodence on the hydro aspects of little boy .
    hydrogen bombs aka thermonuclear are primary and secondary the primary being a enriched uranium implosion entity …
    correction from above
    little boy was simply a gun trigger nuke ,not an implosion device ,and one of the reasons they stated for the construction of said fat man was because they had no more raw enriched uranium of the grade desired ,as some went into the production of the implosion pluto device ..
    hmmm intresstin head was up my ass on the nuke construction there for a second …rather embare assin …..
    wikipedia dot org/wiki/Thermonuclear_weapon

    point made as to israel creating hundreds if not thousanss of these damn bomms and it makes total sense that they would plant them all over the world ,,?
    what about fuckashima and the explosives found in a swedish nuclear reactor palnt plant

  16. sog says:
    forgive my impoodence on the hydro aspects of little boy .
    hydrogen bombs aka thermonuclear are primary and secondary the primary being a enriched uranium implosion entity …
    correction from above
    little boy was simply a gun trigger nuke ,not an implosion device ,and one of the reasons they stated for the construction of said fat man was because they had no more raw enriched uranium of the grade desired ,as some went into the production of the implosion pluto device ..
    hmmm intresstin head was up my ass on the nuke construction there for a second …rather embare assin …..
    wikipedia dot org/wiki/Thermonuclear_weapon

    point made as to israel creating hundreds if not thousanss of these damn bomms and it makes total sense that they would plant them all over the world ,,?
    what about fuckashima and the explosives found in a swedish nuclear reactor palnt plant
    so anyway the hdros implement the use of uranium even in the implosion devices with varting degrees of plutonium or uranium and israels 3rd generation plutonium nukes aka suitcase and lunch pail nukes use a very pure plutonium 99.97% pure etc on and on

    plutonium is mostly a byproduct of nuclear fission in reactors where some of the neutrons released by the fission process convert uranium-238 nuclei into plutonium. this is how they wanted to roll in those days making all reactors breeder plants insted of utilizing much safer and healthy thorium .
    this is also a jew influenced debacle ..
    and as it remembers that both f/m and l/b both had plutonium -239 cores.
    pandoras box

  17. sog says:

    yeah bailey heh heh just the site of that 1 ferret what is it in the center cracks me up looks like it is on orange soonshine …
    conndee z. jeez maybe this spazbarrat simpsons character is whale sperm.ithink a jew once axed me if we had any spaermottazoah ,,wasnt sure what the rat was sayan that a kike dish …
    ahhh hah hah ha ha lol right condeez .. hey mj grandma heh heh watch those spider veins you wet fart …that shit makin me laugh hurts me face ..

  18. sog says:

    yeah bailey heh heh just the site of that 1 ferret what is it in the center cracks me up looks like it is on orange soonshine …
    conndee z. jeez maybe this spazbarrat simpsons character is whale sperm.ithink a jew once axed me if we had any spaermottazoah ,,wasnt sure what the rat was sayan that a kike dish …
    ahhh hah hah ha ha lol right condeez .. hey mj grandma heh heh watch those spider veins you wet fart …that shit makin me laugh hurts me face ..
    shit you know what that vid looks like ..hmmm not gonna say it butt it looks like an improper sexual type of thing …heh heh

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    On reflection………

    I only like gtrs, fighting, drinking, and offhand kike disparagement.
    Stick to what you know!

    Hey people

    “Mary de Rachewiltz”


    He did weep.

  20. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    FREE!! FREE!! FREE!!

    This fellow gives you a FREE copy of “Judaisms Strange Gods” by Michael Hoffman, Ernst Zundel’s driver, just for listening to this very informative broadcast.

    NO CATCH!!

    After a minute it gets going.

  21. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “CR…Umm..Who cares!”

    I do.

  22. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “jew once axed me if we had any spaermottazoah ,,wasnt sure what the rat was sayan that a kike dish …
    ahhh hah hah ha ha lol right condeez .. hey mj grandma heh heh watch those spider veins you wet fart …that shit makin me laugh hurts me face ..”

    You’re appearing to be a kike scatmuncher gone rogue!

    Give us a clue jew!

  23. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    SOG is a shit kike.

    Got it?

  24. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Shove it kike!

    Where ya gonna go kike?


  25. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Are these ALL your fake identities?


  26. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    How say you?

  27. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Answer, or forever be damned as a liar!

    I Am Calling you A Shifty Lying Bastard!

    Come back.

  28. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Yeah t-bone. just as soon as we put up signs along our borders that say illegal immigrants must stop here. And signs in convience store windows that say no guns allowed. The driver carries no cash signs worked well also. Guns are illegal injew york and jewcago. No gun crimes there right? It’s all funny but it’s not. When the niggers and jews come to me hopefully the dogs will tip me off to their approach. Then my biggest worry is what to do with the bodies. They will stink up the place and the turkey buzzards are fat enough already.

  29. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    absolutely no illegal drugs allowed within 1500 feet of a school. No prostitution either.

  30. Bella says:

    Nobody listens to Boob Segar. An emotional boat anchor!

  31. Bella says:

    But dear prots? How the heck do they get it into the loo then? Wait, got it , the bloodline of swill jimmy savile?

  32. Bella says:

    Of coarse this Dali do da was a jerk off of the well known “persuasion’ & not one to leave alone in your house either…I can imagine the way he would paint a dining & brown! &! extra for his signature ‘tire skid’.

  33. Bella says:

    opprtunities…like the 100 other times!!! Mind you this system is 2000 yrs & crumbling. Got to go & put din din in the oven.

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