We All Know Whats Going On Here

NOT A DAY goes by, each and everyone of you White people reading here today sees something that proves what I talk about here. Hell, turn on your TV and you’ll see it in five minutes or so, if you pay attention.

I don’t need long convoluted theories of secret societies pulling the strings. I can just list out what the media feeds us on a daily basis to see exactly the manipulations and brainwashing done to our country. It’s getting so bad, I might have to do serious drugs and watch hours of back-to-back ABC’s “The View” and “Oprah,” so I can go back to sleep.

Let me list out the lines of the plot now running against the White race and America, itself. I’ll use bulleted copy as a basic outline and briefly expound on each item.

First thing you got to understand here, is that I’m not some radical “far right winger” or skinhead neo-nazi. On the contrary, I’ve always been pretty much a regular, live and let live kind of guy. But I’ve plain had enough. I’m damn well sick and tired of all this non-stop bull. All the “PC” this and PC that, every GD minute of every GD day some PC crap is thrown in our faces.

Here are some of what’s going down (click “continue reading”). It’s not in any specific order, just what comes to mind. Ample evidence shows all this is going on. Likewise, we can readily pinpoint that it’s definitely “The Agenda” of International Jewry and not merely some lefty liberals, secret aliens from another star system, or whatever ridiculous BS conspiracy crap they put out there to keep us stupid and chasing ghosts.

  • Our dollar is now worth SQUAT. Everything, not just gas, is now costing us an arm and a leg. They may as well come out with a new cheap-ass, third world value currency to pay us slaves — maybe that’s the whole idea, huh?
  • We have good reason to suspect the Globalist Jews are using global warming paranoia to institute the UN Agenda 21 — creating the infrastructure for global governance — even though it will kill off the American middle class and America’s soverignty.
  • Even though the holocaust myth has holes in it a mile wide, all this Jew victimhood crap just keeps going on and on and on, doesn’t it? Same thing with blacks — the never-ending slavery business, ancient Jim Crow laws and us “evil Whites” are always wanting to oppress blacks and other special victim groups.
  • White countries are purposefully getting inundated with whatever non-White immigrants possible and we end up paying the freight. This has been a long-running stealth operation to gradually turn the White race into a minority so we lack the cohesive demographic power to stop them. It’s already happened.
  • Notice how they make out America just has to have immigrants forever (the “America was built on immigration” bit). But really it’s non-White third worlders looking to capitalize on America — any hard-working White Europeans or South African immigrants have immense difficulties getting here (South African Whites are actually deported back to a life of violent murder and real anti-White discrimination at the hands of African blacks).
  • Same racial replacement and destruction is going on for decades in other White nations like Britain, France (see video below), Greece, Italy, Ireland and Scandanavia. Even often criminal black Somalians allowed to immigrate into beautiful blond Sweden. They are quite obviously targeting White countries where the subversive, selfish Jews have enough media, political and financial clout to weaken White people’s demographics.

  • We all know the Zionists want to take Syria’s Assad down. It’s not the BS about the people and so-called democracy building, blah blah, it’s really because Assad is best buds with Iran. You think they call for democracy in Saudi Arabia?
  • They want as many of us as homos possible. Less breeding is preferrable among the Goyim, most especially us Whites.
  • They want us to be immoral. This serves to distract the young, as well as weakening the ties of family and Christianity.
  • Speaking of which, we all know they want to breed away the White race. If you haven’t realized that one, you’re one seriously braindead moron.
  • Israel is to be protected at all costs. No matter what. Hell, the Zionist Israelis could eat live Palestinian babies in trendy Tel Aviv restaurants and we’d still end-up sending them our tax dollars, as gibbering idiot politicians insist how we’re such “staunch allies,” etc.
  • Jews must always be considered sacred people, terribly mistreated by us Whites over the centuries. Nothing they ever say or do can be allowed to be said or it’s us who are the Nazis.
  • They want to find some way possible to disarm us. It may be a moot point now since extreme forms of technological Police State power have become operational with “The War on Terror” (9/11 had many benefits for the deep state Zionists).
  • With “PC” they’ve created an incredibly devious, all-encompassing mental prison for our race. It’s so bad White people fear saying just about anything to friends and even family.
  • The pernicious mind-set of “PC” keeps the majority of Whites, especially Americans, from even thinking about any of this.
  • White people can’t even fly the flag of the confederacy without chancing big trouble. It’s just fine for any other race to express pride in their race but never White people.
  • Although “nationalism” is to be marginalized in favor of “globalism,” these people still feel free to yank our patriotic chains to embroil us in Mideast wars, paving the way for Israeli hegemony.
  • White Christians, especially males, are also marginalized. While we die in these never-ending Mideast wars, they feel free as a bird in trashing our race back home.
  • White heterosexual men can openly be discriminated against in favor of “multiculturism” and “diversity.” Notice how often the media pushes black hero worship, pairing up White women with black males all the time, or how many supposedly smart Jew pundits they bring on to tell us what’s up and how to think.
  • America is being used and abused. It’s becoming so blatant by the day, TV increasing looks like old style soviet “pravda” propaganda — but this time for Zionism instead Communism.
  • Our population is clearly being “dumbed down.” A recent poll of 1200 Americans showed 7% actually named Lee Harvey Oswald as Lincoln’s assassin. Even “accepted history” is poorly understood by the masses — idiot celebrity culture has replaced everything — often ridiculous stories get run on supposedly serious news casts.
  • Ask yourself why you see all kinds of stuff about Hitler and the holocaust on channels like the “History” Channel and National Geographic, but never anything about all the tens of millions of White Christians slaughtered in the Soviet Union?
  • The media specifically censors the race of perps when it comes to violent crime committed by non-Whites. They work tirelessly to keep Whites in the dark, especially lately with the rapidly increasing black on White hate crimes, home invasions and mob attacks on our people in the streets.
  • Our media is clearly under the control of the Jewish, Zionist race, helped along by brainwashed liberal and conservative “shabbos goys.” Plus, the giant media conglomerates are owned outright, managed and staffed through-out by Jews and “crypto-Jews” (those who have White-sounding names but are really Jews).
  • All these Jews instinctively understand what kind of thinking by Whites which would be dangerous to them — including the least bit of pride in the White race. It truly is a global conspiracy of profound consequences for all of us.

Let’s just think about this example: The US government has a law that prevents tax money to nations who haven’t signed the nuclear non-proliferation act. Yet everyone in power and the media knows Israel hasn’t signed and does indeed have the nuke.

So why don’t we see anything about that in the mainstream media?

Because, GD it, the big bosses don’t want the American public to know. But that’s only  just one example. Israel and Jews have heavily funded organisations specifically dedicated to keep the White race in check and the American masses in the dark.

The biggest lobby in Washington is AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and should be declared an agent of a foreign government. AIPAC even writes legislation dealing with Israel for “our” elected representatives in congress and senate to rubber stamp — that is, if those people know what’s good for them.

Hell, America has a treaty with Israel stipulating we’ll ship them oil from our strategic reserves before Americans get one drop, should the Arabs have another embargo, or war prevents the needs of sacred Israel.

And “American” Jews always seem willing to spy or help out agents of Israel. Who really knows how deep it goes, like with 9/11? These stinking Jews are truly one traitorous bunch.

As the folks at White Civil Rights recently penned:

Israel regularly invades, bombs and murders its neighbors—and when the task is just a little bit too big, it gets its lapdog puppet, the US government in Washington D.C. to come and do the real dirty work, like invading Iraq.

Are you going to just sit there, like a dumb knot on a log and let these devious SOB’s get away with any GD thing they want? These Zionist Jews laugh about how stupid we are.

While they turn our lands into multicult hell holes, get rich on Wall Street and thieving us to death with their central banking (the Federal Reserve). That’s the giant scam they’ve been using to milk our country since 1913. Hell, the whole thing goes totally against what our forefathers wanted when they wrote the constitution.

Not only that, we pay tax dollars to bribe foreign leaders to stay friendly and not break treaties with sacred Israel; to say nothing about the billions (probably tens of billions) we give Israel in military hardware and a lump sum every year. These even have the nerve to insist on getting it upfront so they can bilk us Americans for interest money during the year.

Every one of us ought to be arming up and forming militias right now. There’s no way for us to vote ourselves out of this mess. Hell, we can’t even talk freely since the media is either controlled outright by these traitors, or so throughly in the throes of PC-dom they dare not breathe a word.

All these asswipes are going to have to answer for their traitorous crimes sooner or later. I hereby swear before one and all, that I will be one of those leading the forces of patriotic righteousness, when we take back our nation. Should I go down in the fight, others will pick up the banner. They will hear from INCOG MAN.

Got that, you stinking bastards?

— Phillip Marlowe

Wake up to what the Jews are doing to us!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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985 Responses to We All Know Whats Going On Here

  1. Bailey says:


    It’s like the guy who was pushing gay Hitler BS, Pink Swastika, he’s still pushing that crap elsewhere and nobody is buying it.

    Some of these fuckers are like the Energizer Bunny.

  2. warriorhun says:

    Dear mike,

    I would like to bring to your attention the Soviet-Polish war between 1918 and 1921, and especially the 1920 Battle of Warsaw, or in another name, the “Miracle at the Vistula”.

    Back then, Lenin was intent on world revolution, and the Red Army organised by the Jewish Leo Trotsky was pushing through Poland to help out their Communist comrades in Berlin and Germany. In the Battle of Warsaw, Polish Marshal Pilsudski’s army whipped the asses of the Soviets out of Poland, thus saving everything West of Poland, including Germany, from Jewish Communism. So, calling the Poles cowards, or accusing them with not fighting Communism is, well, factually wrong.

    And although I totally disagree with HKW on the topic of Slavic collaborators with the Nazis-they were valiant fighters IMO, there is an interesting point there. Namely the collaborating Slavs were Soviet citizens, and that’s the important part, not them being Slavic. And I think, one of the faults of the mighty Führer was the mistreating of the average Soviet (Slavic) citizens, who were otherwise all eager to get rid of Stalinism and were ready to fight it. Antagonising these masses with mistreatment at the hands of the Germans was a mistake that, on the long run, cost Hitler the final Eastern victory IMO.

  3. mike says:

    Warriorhun that’s some good info, ill check it out, I wouldn’t say they saved germany though? The german people and ex soldiers would have fought just like they did? I’m speaking of the death of like 30 at least? Different agents of lenin who tried the same thing you are referring to. Eisner was killed in baravia after he had seized control of the palace of prince ruprecht, 10,000 dead polish and jewish communists lie in the streets of berlin after the confrontation the killed luxemburg… these communists you speak of in berlin were off course the non german illeggal immigrant russian and polish jews? Yes? It doesn’t matter but I also feel that what you say about atrocities against soviet citizens is also incorrect? What about the cossack division of the ss? Soviet citizens but even at stalingrad 40,000 of von paulus 200,000 were ukranian soviet citizens? Right?

  4. mike says:

    Warriorhun I found your culprits, here’s who was behind the soviet atrocities


    It seems stalins order that soviets dress in german unifoorms and massacre there own worked after all

  5. mike says:

    Warriorhun do you know anything of polands operation west? The plan included maps being circulated with polands new western border as west of berlin. This before hitler invaded poland, going back to 1 934 when the same pilduski you referred to above claiming he would water his horse in the rhine

  6. HKW says:


    thanks again for coming to my defense.
    If you go back and read carefully others comments again it was mike’s claiming that Slavs fought alone with Germans.
    To be honest, I personally don’t know that, but if there were any at all fighting their own countrymen then in my opinion they were traitors.
    If they fought only against another Slavs then they were collaborators or simply Nazi sympathizers, which is sad.

    What cheeses me mostly off is that millions of innocent people including Germans lost their lives because of this Nazi ideology I’m not so sure was good for everybody.

    Hitler could have solved certain international problems diplomatically and keep focusing on strengthening the German economy.

    Someone truly is stirring the shit amongst Whites again for certain undisclosed motives.
    I sense it and don’t like it.


  7. mike says:

    Halina your not even polish, you just blew it. You don’t even know what the term “slavs” means do you? Slavic language families. So here are the slavic nations who fought with germany against jewish/polish communism

  8. mike says:

    Halina says millions dies in ww2 because of nazi ideology? Not because of jews or communism but because of nazi ideology blah makes me want to puke!
    Warriorhun do you share this ideology?

  9. mike says:

    That’s not mentioning the non slavic baltic states of latvia and estonia. Also finland and the hungarians…
    Were the hungarians also cowards and traitors halina?

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Why do you people continually fight WWII?

      I’m going to have to cut out the bull real fast here. If you attack Whites of any kind, you may end up getting a little visit from my SS guards and thrown into SPAMblinka.

  10. HKW says:

    Isn’t it a PLEASURE to beat up the weaker one?
    Like the horde of vultures..

    NOW, I think, I know what is really going on, but WON’T TELL YOU.


  11. Bella says:

    Und now ladies & gents we are thrown the tyranny of the week! Compts. of Halloweena!

  12. mike says:

    Wtf I man? I’m standing up for all the whites? Read the fucking comments. people who volunteered to fight jewish communism being called traitors collaborators and cowards! If nobody else is going to say something about that kind of disgusting anti white kike bullshit than I will, fuck that

  13. mike says:

    Bella your funny!

  14. warriorhun says:

    Dear HKW,

    This one’s for you. „Raz na zawsze trzeba po?o?y? kres fa?szywemu szentymentalizmu w?grów wobec polaków!” – sformu?owa?a opini? hitlerowców gazeta Berliner Zeitung jeszcze w pierwszych tygodniach wojny, odzwierciedlaj?c oburzenie niemieckie z powodu ponownego zap?oni?cia kole?e?stwa broni polsko-w?gierskiej. 🙂 :


    As far as the “traitors” are concerned: traitors to what? To the Sovietunion? Definitely. To their own people? Hardly.

    It was like this: when the Nazis went into the Ukraine, the Ukrainian people were standing next to the roads, with flowers and kisses cheering the German troops on. They saw them as liberators, and flocked to the cause of the fight against Stalin. It was only later, if I remember well after a trip of Göring to the Ukraine, when he stated the Ukrainians have to work till they drop dead and everything they own belongs to the Reich, that they had second thoughts. So, some of them kept on fighting on the German side, in the hopes that on the long run it will result in a free Ukraine, like the Banderists for example, some were fighting both the Germans and the Soviets, etc… At the end of the war, those who were fighting agains the Soviets escaped to the West. The Americans handed them back to Stalin…and Stalin massacred them all!

  15. warriorhun says:

    Dear mike,

    The Polish people are as anti-Semitic and as anti-Communist as one can get without turning actually into Adolf Hitler.
    When they say things like “Hitler had Jewish origins” or “Hitler was just a tool of the Zionists to create Israel” it is not because they are spreading Jewish lies or Communist propaganda.
    The thing behind is that the invasion of Poland happened in a peculiar point in history. That is, right after the Molotov-Ribbentropp pact. That Hitler, the staunch anti-Communist sided with the Commie Jews of the Sovietunion to carve up Poland gave them a double-take and resulted in some serious thinking and second-guessing. I don’t think they are right in their conclusions, but I understand where these thoughts and opinions are originating.

  16. HKW says:

    Dear WarriorHun ,

    Thank you for the link @ 4.21
    I appreciate it.
    This is great news to me. I never knew about it.


    I am giving Incog permission to provide you with my email address.
    Should you wish so you are welcome to contact me.
    I will gladly exchange views and opinions with you.

  17. mike says:

    Warrior hun hey man? Hitler securing a molotov pact to try and prevent france and britain and poland for that matter, from forcing a jew run world war on him for simply defending unarmed german civilians from being massacred in the danzig massacres, bromberg bloody Sunday ect… documented polish atrocities man come on? Spreading jewish propaganda is spreading jewish propaganda. I refer you again to poland and pilduskis “operation west” and also the attempted french polish concordant of 1934.

    Also, if it sounds like bs it probably is, goering said that the ukranians must work to death until everything belongs to the reich? Sounds like something a kike communist would say, not an anti jewish german, I don’t believe it.

  18. mike says:

    Warriorhun would you care to comment on soviet troops in german uniforms massacring civilians to create anti german anti freedom partisans? Its an undisputable soviet document, explain this?


  19. warriorhun says:

    Dear mike,

    I am not denying that the German-Polish conflict was real and both sides have valid grievances. All I am saying is that, being a Hungarian, I can’t help myself: I can only be a saddened neutral about this part of WW2, while my heart goes out to my Polish brothers and sisters and my mind understands the reasons of my German kameraden.

    As per the Soviets camouflaged as Germans, why am I not surprised? False-flag massacre is not only standard practice in modern warfare but it is a favourite trick of the Jews. I am sure you are aware that one of the greatest Polish national tragedies in WW2, the Katyn Forest massacre was carried out by the Soviet Red Army pointedly using German-manufactured weapons, and the Katyn massacre was blamed on the troops of Hitler until the fall of the Sovietunion!

    Let me make myself clear, so that we understand each other correctly. Personally I think Hitler was THE greatest German leader who have ever lived, and I feel saddened for the Germans of today who have to deny him and the generation of their Nazi grandfathers. After reading Mein Kampf, it became clear to me that Hitler was a proud nationalist and an honest patriot with great empathy towards social justice. His motivation was not hatred, but a fierce, protective love for his Volk and Vaterland, and his aggressive anti-Semitism and anti-Communism was derived from the undeniable fact that both Jews and Communists threatened and attacked Germany in the first place, not the other way around.

    What do I think of Hitler from Hungarian point of view?
    To understand me, you need to understand the soul of Hungarians: at the end of WW1, in the 1920 Trianon Treaty which is THE greatest of our national tragedies, the 1000 years old Hungarian Kingdom, our ancient Fatherland was carved up by the Entente Cordiale, and 2/3rds!!! of our ancient lands including Transsylvania, with millions!!! of ethnic Hungarians were simply given over to the surrounding enemy countries: Slovakia, Romania and Serbia.

    Adolf Hitler helped Hungary to shake down the shackles of the Trianon Treaty, he made it possible for us to liberate our ancient lands and our Hungarian brothers and sisters over the un-just borders! Mind you, in 1947 Paris Treaty we lost it all again-but back then, when with the help of Hitler, the evil of Trianon was destroyed, the Virgin Mary – lady protector of Hungary – was smiling on us in the Heavens, and it was great to be a Hungarian after 20 years of suffering!

    If Hitler did nothing else but this – hell, even if he would have committed only un-speakable crimes from then on against everybody else – still, for this thing alone I would forever praise his name! Small wonder that, when Admiral Horthy, our leader decided to jump out from the war and try a Romanian-type defection to the Soviet side, the whole Hungarian nation said “Screw it!” and continued to fight on Hitler’s side till the bitter end.

    Only thing I dislike is the 1944 German occupation of Hungary. I understand his reasons for doing it, but that does not take away the bitter taste. Still, when the Red Army came, the young men of the occupying German forces fought valiantly side-by-side with the Hungarian honvéd, so I won’t hold a grudge. I simply wish we just won the war!

  20. sean says:

    With “PC” they’ve created an incredibly devious, all-encompassing mental prison for our race. It’s so bad White people fear saying just about anything to friends and even family.

    This should be number 1. As the jew continues to peddle the filth known as the “mainsteam media” they are subverting and brainwashing the white youth with egalitarianism, double standards, liberal ideologies, deconstructivism. Nationalism and Ethnic cohesion amongst the jews and total division amongst the goyim in their own damn countries. The jewish media and education system teaches people to think in extreme black and white. What is good and socially acceptable and what is bad. It teaches them to stereotype the pro white movement as “racist, evil, redneck, retarded, murderous, and etc. etc.” while it contradicts itself when it says stereotypes are bad. Everything leftist and subversive is contradictory so contradictory it takes intelligence to actually figure it out. They teach diversity while they teach race isn’t real. They peddle diversity as a passive movement while infact it is passive aggressive. They claim to preach tolerance while being intolerant of any idea that is in conflict with their own. They teach one sided history with a political agenda in regard to events such as the trail of tears(leaves out the fact that indians struck first) world war 2(claims hitler persecuted jews for NO REASON) slavery(leaves out the fact that there were more white slaves then black and leaves out the barbary coast and their white slave trade) along with other biased historical events our children only get the jewish version. What this does is teach children to look at the world through the lense of political correctness. When they see a poor homeless man they don’t see a bum they see a man who is the victim of the evil american system. They see black gang member shootout on the news it is not an evil act of murder instead the perpetrators are actually “victims” of economic racism left with no choice but to become criminals. Once you start seeing the world through the lense of PC you are screwed. Forever descending into leftism and irrational dogma. The process doesn’t constant it actually progresses. The subject becomes more and more radical until the mere sight of a white man in a business suit sets off their pavlovian leftist reactionary mind.

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