Who’s Going To Win Tuesday?

Open thread for comments on the election Tuesday. Who we should vote for, who you think will win, or even if it’s worth anything at all. Personally, I can’t stomach either one, since both are such major Israel ass kissers. Oh, I know the Globalist Jews can’t allow anything else, at least not openly in this country — thanks to Jewish control of our media and money creation.

Of course, I lean towards Romney since he’s a White guy who just might really have America’s best interest in mind (Mormons are indeed upstanding people). Maybe he’ll tell the Zionists to go ef themselves big time. If that happens, I sure hope he first makes the Secret Service his best buds and investigates every single agent for Israeli connections — sending any traitor Jews to the North Dakota field office for counterfeiting investigations (how appropriate).

Plus, I think Obama will make the removal of our constitutional right to keep and bear arms a prime goal for his second term. His mulatto holiness, left-wingers and White-haters, militant blacks, later-day commies and the Globalist, NWO Jews will usher in break-neck changes and censorship of pro-Whites to further the destruction of our race. The Jews have been slowly and carefully working to turn us European Whites into a spat-upon minority in our own lands, while still using us to further Israel’s hegemony in the Mideast and one World Governance in the West (NWO).

It’s all so clear now: This is what the stinking, lousy Jews have always wanted.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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427 Responses to Who’s Going To Win Tuesday?

  1. mike says:

    Sog after a little conversation from the christian anti jew viewpoint people are way more recptive to the fact that the shitkikes are trying to fuck us up, that’s my new thing now, I just want the shitkikes to go down

  2. sog says:

    yeah mike very wise ..only advenced studious minds can grasp the whole ww2 thing in its right context .then ww1 falls into place as does civil war and french revolution and the grandaddy of all the anti christian jewish revolution commnist bitches in russia 1917..
    to me i dont worry so much at first if people are holacausrt wise 100% as you can show them all the lies about the numbers and look at aushittz plaque etc ,,changed numbers 6 million not the official numer yada ydad and so now its only 2 milion and yeah yah many people died in highr numbers than jews in the work campos form typhus and its not inconcievable that so many dide from typhus as the swine spik flu 1916-18 and the jewbonik plague 1348 75 million dead etc ..tie em in like a fish ..hook them with truths they cant ignoer …even thier guru shitbird seamen wiesel say no death camps in germany ..no shit ,right ,,till the comintern turned cominform commie jew basturds took germany and strted rounding up civilians for some more jew genocide in the camps ,,this time with jews running the camps the germans were being slaughtered in these camps where on the outside theyu were being frozen and starved to death by eisenhauer the stupid zio kike puppet boy …
    no one in the general staff liked him let alone respected him ..prompooted fro colonel to 4 star ..but it was patton who had to save his ass in north africa after eisenhauers stupuidity or just plain semetic bullshit got thousand sof us boys killed ..believe it was the tunisia campaign …there is plenty of ammo to battle anti christ jews with just in that category …with some people the holohoax truth comes later …or not …i think some people just put the frikkin holocrust in the picture to keep people from totally shuuting out other info …hell theres enough documentation on jews satanik criminality without having to touch that subject with some …especially the numbers ..how many were in 3rd reich or europe or the ones that all left without any problems and hooked into havaara agrremnt or served in german armed forces or lived openly in germany ..
    bolshevik communism was the point of contention …germany didnt want any commies and most jews leaned that way even if they didnrt come right out with it …
    all these kikes these days are busybody nation wreckers for the sake of interloping in to christain life …they think all whiote people are christians …they certainly arent going to hand the rigns of power to the niggers ,it just seems that way right now …
    they have swayed public opinion of whites in the niggers mind as sure as a blanket brainwashing agenda … yakkin too much
    the good one that catches everyones ear is the 97% of these shit kikes are not related to any israelite ,real or imagined ,pure or watered down …just askanazzii assholes who have stolen the the “prestige” of the title ,,”chosen assholes “..
    scam con rube shit kikes ..the old walnut trick is probably a kike invention ..
    why cant thee kikes live and let live ..because they are slaves to the darkside luke ..heh heh ..born and raised that way ,and marinated in all the jibbersih from toddler stage

  3. sog says:

    shit ..lol ..prompooted ,really ?
    sounds about right like he was shit out …
    meant promoted …right heh heh

  4. sog says:

    ya mike pretty soon the jews will tax laughter and pissin and poootin ..ahyye gas tax
    probably get us for copyright infringement and intellectual property violations by passin gas ….no less …

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