Here’s Your Typical Jew Creep on Display

Slate’s “Political Gabfest” yapping away — so smart, so hip. You think any of these blithering lefty intellectuals would seriously criticize sacred Israel, or the token White guy dare to say something that could be construed as not politically correct? Don’t make me laugh hysterically. [INCOG]

By Dr. Patrick Slattery

Okay, so it’s not exactly breaking news that Jewish supremacists have been pushing for massive immigration in order to make whites a minority in America, as they already are in our elite universities. But it can still be breathtaking to see just how brazenly they can promote this agenda without blinking an eye and without facing any protest. Here is a short clip of Jewish journalist Emily Bazelon hailing the prospect of whites becoming a minority in America as “a good thing.” She claims that “We live in a melting pot, immigrant filled society with all different races and we want to keep it that way.” But she doesn’t even want to keep it the way it is now, she wants to change it further. When Colbert mentions that whites are a majority she quickly interrupts him to say that not for long, insisting that “We are going to continue to be more and more diverse, and that’s a good thing.” This statement goes unchallenged. If Colbert had said that America has a white majority and he wants to keep it that way, what kind of reaction you think he would have gotten?

The occasion for the interview was the Supreme Court case on affirmative action at the University of Texas. Bazelon defends the policy by saying that “If you get rid of affirmative action it benefits white people.” Clearly she wouldn’t want to do that. Moreover, she states that “All the research shows that [without affirmative action] there will be fewer blacks and Hispanics.”

Here’s where the hypocrite Jewess says she’s white, when she’s a really a Jew. Ha, ha — it’s all just SO GD FUNNY. Man, I can’t stand these Jew creeps! [INCOG]

At the start of the interview Colbert identified Bazelon as “white,” and so she could appear magnanimous in promoting affirmative action for blacks and Hispanics while acknowledging that it is at the disadvantage of whites. However, she is not actually facing any disadvantage. Jews like Bazelon, who make up just 2% of the population, account for 20-30% of the students admitted to elite universities, often a higher percentage than non-jewish European Americans, who still make up 70% of the population. Talk about “affirmative action!” As unfair as it is that many white kids can’t get into a top school because of official affirmative action in favor of blacks and Hispanics, the biggest damage has to be that official affirmative action is a distraction from this massive unofficial, pro-Jewish affirmative action. What better example of divide and conquer! White students are filing suits claiming that affirmative action for blacks and Hispanics discriminates against them. Asian students, who do not benefit from affirmative action and make up 16% of Harvard and two to three times that at California’s top schools, are filing suits claiming that they are being subjected to quotas by whites. Meanwhile, Jews can have their cake and eat it too, being a magnanimous white trying to lift up disadvantaged minorities one moment, claiming to be a disadvantaged minority the next, while all the time being a super-privileged ruling class. The goyim fight amongst themselves, and nobody dares point a finger at the Jews

How is it that Jews are accepted at rates some 30 times higher in relation to their share of the population than non-Jewish European Americans? Is it really that whites are such imbeciles? Of course not. It’s because faculties and administrations dominated by Jews are reading the applications. And the applications make it clear who is Jewish and who is just plain white. The Common Application, which is used by all leading schools, requires that applicants check a box for race. The religion box is optional, but available to anyone who feels it would be an advantage to fill it in, perhaps because their name does not sound Jewish enough. However, if that were all there was to it, the pro-Jewish discrimination would be too transparent. Bazelon sheds some light on the mechanism. She says that in addition to grades and test scores, schools may choose to consider other “personal attributes,” such as community service, leadership, or the responses to the essay questions that are required. This allows for subjective considerations to trump objective test scores. An applicant can claim involvement in coaching a kids basketball team at the Jewish Community Center or raising money for a Jewish charity. Who’s to say how this should be assessed? As for the essay questions, here is one from last year’s application:

“A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds much to the educational mix. Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.”

How is a white kid from Iowa supposed to answer what he would bring to the diversity in a college community? How do you think the Jews on the admissions committed would respond if he said “I’m a white Christian, that would make me something of a rarity on your campus.”?

Let’s ask Emily Bazelon what kind of diversity she brings.

She went to Israel straight out of college, married a Jewish man (so much for her melting pot), gave her kids Jewish names, clerked for a Jewish judge after law school, took an AIPAC-financed junket to Israel to get “background information” on the Palestinian issue, works for a Jewish on-line magazine [Slate], and says Palestinians don’t engage in non-violence because its not in their nature.

That’s the kind of diversity that Ivy League schools really seem to like their students to bring to their college communities!

These filthy JEW CREEPS can get away with trashing our race because they tell unaware Whites they are White, just like them.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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263 Responses to Here’s Your Typical Jew Creep on Display

  1. sog says:

    bolshevik collektivizm in south africa
    so somewherre there is always a loose link on something as henious as the un fucking believeabl shooting of 26 children ..jews kill thousands of palestinians because of talmud warrior mentality so whats 26 non kike kids to these monsters ..its the jews .. its always the jews …sure there is the sometime freak of nature who takes a gun and kills lots of people and could have been stopped by a brave soul with a firearm but the advent of sheeeping up the american public has been perfected and most idiots will say it is much more dangerous for a law abiding citzen to try to stop a mass shooter ..what bull shit they are saying we should just sit there with thumbs up ass and just wait for kike programmed asshole to indsicriminanatly kill everyone …its just a precurseore to cheka style nwo kike slaughters to come …without firearms we are cooked ..
    with all the electronic infiltration and surveillance they cant stop a lone gunman from emerging from the shadows and striking at the heart of security ….
    the answer ? is to disarm veterans ? and others who have not committed criminal acts with guns ……it is obvious someone wants our guns ..#1 unarguable fact …the reasons are rediculous as these elite lawmakers carry concealed guns for their own worthless hides protection …the way the world is going is creating alot of unbearable stress for white people ansd is bound to have some negative feed back fact there in all honesty will be a whole new class of criminal trying to just survive ….prey on the non whites is all i say …and the kieks …

  2. Bailey says:

    Wow, Those are some disgusting photos sog, what’s worse is seeing those creatures standing around presidents behind the desk in oval orifice.

    To me that says alot about who’s who in the district of criminals.

    Again i’ll ask, WTF is it that people don’t get?

  3. sog says:

    right bailey ,,where is the normal security or the watchfulness of school officials …the vigilance one is telling these people to be careful in the schools …it seems that the media just buries the stories after the flurry and its hard to believe the brevik norway dshit on top of the port arthur shit and colombine and dunblaine etc etc ..
    all schools …alright there is the same effen MO the jews have been using for 20 years now shooting = jew operation …
    the truth on this frwak will come out like 9-11 and the usual masses will ignore it and the jews think becuase they are smart and can usurp the constitution and no one will do a fuckin thing about it so for the kikes this a victory in their minds unless america rises upo and has its own gentile purim movement against the troublesome kike element ..
    heh heh bailey ,a book ,,i am hardly a writer of something that orderly and voluminous ….all the graet minds have contributed their wisdom and i am just a novice and a diciple of the truth ….and pissed off …

  4. Bailey says:


    …the way the world is going is creating alot of unbearable stress for white people ansd is bound to have some negative feed back ..

    And, Who are the masters of mind manipulation ?


    It’s not the Chinese.

  5. sog says:

    yeah bailey they dont bathe either ..look like locusts with pubik hair on their ugly arrogant pusses…the photo with chert-off and the 2 satanic rabbi trash is a very telling picture …scary looking sons o bitches ..probably packin uzis under those halloween costumes…sick lookin bunch …

  6. sog says:

    i dunno bailey ,have you ever experienced chinese waiter torture , lol

  7. sog says:

    hope your feelin flu less and better bailey ,,some home remedys`below that have worked especcilliay well currently and in the past…………..

    hot brandy with 1/2 whole crushed lemon and contents …slice and thouroughly crush the half lemon ……very effective and the effects of brandy works good ,,heh heh…….
    colloidal silver 5000 ppm ……………………………..

    dr. hubbels MMS ………………………….

    3-4 thousand miiligrams of emergen c vit c packs or the bottled tabs
    injectable vit c cures most jewbag flu’s…………………………….

  8. Bailey says:

    Thanks sog,

    The pic that caught my attention the most was the one of the Fiji nigger president Josefa Iloils.
    Oy, the bearded kikes were there along with the good Josefas’ body guard behind him but check out the punk ass kike one the right, some kind of IDF baby killer it looks like and what the fuck is that on his shirt??

  9. Bailey says:

    What was that jew movie were the opening was of a bank robbery by dudes dressed like those smelly effin’ lubavitchers in a smelly lubavitcher neighborhood?

    I had that very idea when i worked in the kike Lakewood NJ just about the same time the hollywood jews released their film, i thought , Damn, can’t do that now 🙁

    I remember once seeing on the jew tube where all the niggers in the hood dressed the same , blue jeans and oversized white t-shirts so the nigger criminals couldn’t be identified.

    How about if hundreds of white people do blackface, afro wigs and exagerated lips while wearing the same blue jeans and red flanel shirts and having a little fun of our own ?

    I’d shave my beard off for that.

  10. Biker says:

    the typical jew creeps are already organizing anti gun rallys. these people just infuriate me. like the criminals are gunna give up their guns? HA! if people want to kill, they are going to kill. and id rather be armed than unarmed if some freak desides to start a shoot em up while my family and i are in the area.

    chain saws are responsible for deforestation. silverware made me gain weight. automobiles are resbonsible for drunken driving. water is responsible for drowning.

    im shocked and disgusted by what happened in Sandy Hook. what pisses me off is that the shooter is dead, but guns are on trial.

  11. Bailey says:

    The cool thing about white men is that some of us can improvise.

    Yep Biker, This has got to be “the event” that leads to gun confiscation, it’ll be done nation wide before Oboingos second term is up.
    Then only the niggers, spics and pigs will have em’.

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Connecticut Shooting: A History of Sandy Hook Elementary

    White school

  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Sandy Hook Elementary School SHOOTING False Flag Witness Heard NO SHOTS’
    Published on Dec 14, 2012

    Sandy Hook Elementary School SHOOTING False Flag Witness Heard NO SHOTS

    Authorities in Connecticut responded to a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Friday morning, the local NBC station reports.

    Police reported multiple deaths, several wounded children and at least one injured teacher, according to the Hartford Courant.

    One gunman is dead, authorities told ABC News. There are unconfirmed reports of a second suspect. Two guns were recovered from the shooter, according to CNN.

    A hospital representative in Danbury told NBC that medical facilities admitted three victims from Sandy Hook School.

    Reports say that the alleged shooter appeared in the building’s main office at about 9:40 a.m., approximately 30 minutes after the school day began.

    Students were escorted out of the building single-file. There are approximately 626 students enrolled in kindergarten through 4th grade classes at Sandy Hook Elementary, with another 46 faculty

  14. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Connecticut School shooting – false flag?

    The shooter will be a released to the media as a white republican. In reality it will have been a CIA agent. The killer was wearing combat gear and wielded quality weapons (a glock and sig sauer.) But Obama and his Jew overlords didn’t want to hurt any precious dark children so White children and kids were hit instead.

    If one of the teachers had a small caliber sidearm and had been trained to use it, the death toll would be much lower.

  15. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Good links CR and thank you!

  16. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Offensive Search Results
    We’re disturbed about these results as well. Please read our note here.”

    I don’t think the3 results have anything to do with a jew being “disturbed”. By kikes i am perturbed.

    At the bottom of the page, of any honest jewgle search!

  17. Bailey says:


    Be careful not to be sucked into bullshit like the 9/11 no plane theory.
    Like i said earlier though, i was listening to the Lie-O-Vision before i went to work today and the jews had it as a principle shot and gunman killed.

    An hour later when i got to work it was the mass murder of children and 8 adults.

    Of course something like this wouldn’t happen in Chicongo or some other concrete jungle, it has to be white, postcard america for full effect.

    I don’t see how this can be faked but i don’t doubt it either.

  18. Bailey says:

    Doubt that it happened that is.

  19. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    What have i done now, to be in moderation?

    Your call.

    Sorry 4 links, my mistake!

  20. ewkeane says:

    Weepy incumbant. He must have learned that trick from John “crying man” Boehner

  21. silvernickel says:

    They must know they had better disarm the populace (at the perfect moment) right before the fiscal cliff, further economic collapse and the communist implementation of ObongoCare.

    cold blooded globalists and gun control Nazis, haha!

  22. silvernickel says:

    “A key witness to the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy has retracted her official statements in the case and now claims that convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone……….Last November, Sirhan’s attorneys announced they were filing a challenge to the verdict, alleging a conspiracy by authorities in the case. They are asking that Sirhan be released from prison. His attorneys argue that Sirhan was the victim of a malicious form of “hypo programming” that falsely caused him to believe he was RFK’s assassin”.

  23. sog says:

    well put biker …. i think that children should be armed just like the little kike kids in israeli ..heh heh …i dont think american jew govt. would allow school children to be armed although its their constitutional right and especially because they seem to be a profiled .targeted group and a vulnerable and easy targets for jewish mk ultra jewbag brainwashed slugs ..yeah and the shooters never are supposedly traceable back to the jews but the kike foot print is all over this shit …so obomma is going to recind the constitution and still people dont get it …

    back when allthe school shootings took place it was obvious that disenfranchised drugged adderal,prozac etc ritalin zoloft etc minds could commit copy cat shootings ..any think tank worth a shit could come up with that theory …the more they media blasted all over hell and back about the school shootings it became a cause d’celeb for mutant media mutated teens to go shoot up a school especially since thye had been practiscing on their video games and the pysciatric drugs remove the social barriers for this kind of action and behaviour …
    this folloewing link has 8 links to school shootings and thats only some of the local ones as there were others in germany and other palces ..these links will link out to all the others in canada and germany and amish school and american church shootings …
    so they broke proto and did the colorado theatre a few months ago and that was pretty much proved to be kikes behind it ….kikes own the cia as well and any other shit like fbi etc ….
    the one common thread of bond between these shit heads is anti depressants …all of them were on them ..
    and how come its only the big fat mouthed jews who want gun confiscation …it is the jews ..its aleways the jews …they are the only sons o bitches who are clammering for the theft of 1st amen and 2nd amend …
    remember sirhan sirhan sirhan 3 last names …palestinian allegedly …set up like colorado shooter ofr like lee harvey oswald set up by demorenschildt handler and jew bosses ..every witness was eliminated and 2nd and 3rd ring participators in the assass of jfk were all terminated ….same will happen to the scum bags who coach these hi skool shooters …not all but most o these fuckers like loughner were mind controlled by zio mad scientists ..

  24. ewkeane says:

    Weepy leaders, what a decadent lot.
    This country is hungry for strong leadership, this hippy crap is a FAIL.
    School shooting. Mad men on the loose, but not all that new. Sometime they use dynamite.
    Daddy Lanza

  25. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    Offensive Search Results
    We’re disturbed about these results as well. Please read our note here.”

    I don’t think the3 results have anything to do with a jew being “disturbed”. By kikes i am perturbed.

    At the bottom of the page, of any honest jewgle search!

  26. sog says:

    yeah silver nickle the zios and corporate rotters wanted rfk out of the way …when they killed jfk through the use of meyer lansky and wjc they had wanted to terminate all male kennedy line …especcially john jr. it was a memo impossible to find on internet some one discovered like when happens when there is over documentation of everything before computer age …..For my money i believe that security guard eugene thane cesar who was right behind rfk and was a job that had required a security clearance from the department of defense…..Boris Yaro stated RFK was shot at point blank range….stipling and burns on his skin pretty much conclude shot from behind as the real deal ..all sirhan was good for in his mind controlled state was to shoot wild ly and distract every one for a couple seconds …
    they barely ever bothered cesar and never checked his guns …probably a throw away anyway and they must have known that is surpriseing the efforts the lapd went to go out of their way to stifle the investigation …was actually sirhan bashira sirhan and the guy says now he din do nuffins …
    some of these guys writing about it now say oh it couldnt have been cesar but he was probably involved in the conspiracy…fuckin bull shit …..this fukin mooly was right effen behind rfk from jump street always shadowing RFK closely to the right and behind ,close ….and you could not get that close without someone on the secret service or whetever passed for that there like cesar keeping a required clear field between RFK others ….the way they clucked on about eugene ,you had to figure that it was this dick wad …….it was still the jews tho ….JFK was not supposed to wipe out nixon in the 1960 by a landslide like he did and the jew powers that be did not cotton to the idea of a kennedy dynasty in the white house for the next 20 -30 years …i’ll stop there as there is a library of congress on all this tuff and how it crosses and links to alot of bad shit in the world then and today ..
    LUCIEN SARTI corsican mob
    CORD MEYER jew
    general cabel
    meyer lansky and his connections like to corsicans and wjc
    H.L HUNT american texan oilman
    jfk wanted to eliminate the oil dep[letion allowance welfare for millionaire oilmen .
    CLINT murchison
    BUT KENNEDY had determined to eliminate the fed reserve with executive order 11110
    and smash the cia into a thousand pieces
    wanted to personally see what israel was doing in its dimona negev desert nuclear facility and wante the kikes to sign a non proliferation treaty …i think jfk was dead in 6 weeks after that ..
    rfk wanted to get into potus then mount the judicial attACK ON HIS BROS MURDERERS …
    it was always the jews behind jfk’s death
    it was the jews behind rfk’s death
    it was the jews who almost killed teddy keenedy and maryjo kopechne kia who just happened to be the room mat e of hale boggs mistress ..hale boggs mia over alaskan wilderness with his aide and others ..congressiomnal House Majority Leader Hale Boggs (D- Louisiana) and Rep. Nick Begich (D-Alaska). and nicks aide and pilot jonz..
    boggs was highly critical of the bs warren commission…boggs also wanted to reopen the invstigation into jfk’s death …
    its kinda like congress man leo ryan sponsoring an anti cia bill called ryan hughes bill to clip the wings of cia rogue behaviour …cia would have to file a request in triplicate just to take a shit ..they didnt like that ,,so of to jones town and a convenient assasination there and the ryan hughees bill is vanished poof …all is hell that never ends well
    so in my earlier diatribe about the jews hiding behind jesuit and political intrigue had desired to summarily terminate all male kennedy direct descendants after bay of pigs ,code for jfk assassination…kikes think like that such as at suchenhausen post ww2 and decided brutal talmud holacaust of germany where anhilation of german seed line must be the first thing on a jewish commisar communists mind ..

  27. sog says:

    forgot the most obvious place the real jew terrorists hide ,,in the “cia” mi6 .etc

  28. sog says:

    forgot the most obvious place the real jew terrorists hide ,,in the “cia” mi6 .etc

  29. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “so in my earlier diatribe about the jews hiding behind jesuit and political intrigue had desired to summarily terminate all male kennedy direct descendants after bay of pigs ,code for jfk assassination…kikes think like that such as at suchenhausen post ww2 and decided brutal talmud holacaust of germany where anhilation of german seed line must be the first thing on a jewish commisar communists mind ..”

  30. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Some jew music i like.

    Some Black music i like

  31. sog says:

    the topik of mass murder s aND THE TOOLS USED TO IMPLEMENT A fuckin caps ..
    cigaretts =400,000 dead mother fuckers per year
    alcohol and duis crashes and liver failures and family disputes and incest and abuse from alcohol and its still very prevalent and legal and cheap ..
    automobile accidents every year …thousands of deaths ..
    slip and fall in the homes …millions of devastating crippling and fatal conclusions from this …
    200,000 people die every year from jew pharmacy prescriptions ..
    doctors kill another 150,000 with bad decisions and malpractice ..
    jew snipers kill thousands of our troops in iraq and afghanny and pakki ..
    and they kill countless others in the name and cover of the commuinist mongering united nations ..
    vaccinations kill thousansd of children evry year ..
    allergies caused by vaxxs kill people every yaear
    high blood pressure from preservatives and sodium crammed into our food supply.
    chlorine in our water is the grandaddy of cardio vascular inflammation leading to all sorts of vascular problems and heart problems ..
    so also the death of hundreds of niggers by niggers every year is never a cause d celeb to jews to invoke massive global whining about guns ..elsewhere the jews are the ones committing all the genocide and terror acts on children even in gaza and syria ,lebanon .iraq ,and every wehre else …so the only way to get people to notice is to kill school children ..
    america notices how bad theat shooting is and they also need to know who really is behind it and why …

  32. sog says:

    89% certain “NAYLOR” is a sephardic name surname …
    talmud says so …jews can fuck animals ,each other and whoever thay want at any age they desire and all the aniamls in the field …
    not much redeeming value in some scum like that …firing sqaud would be appropriate ..

  33. sog says:

    another attractive white woman enjoys the rewards of rainbow multicultural enrichment ..
    fucken worthless niggers …

  34. sog says:

    and the sub human nigger herd marches on ….

  35. sog says:

    i think we now have enough evidence to justifiably seek removal and internment of the nigger race ….maybe the jews could x ray their thick skulls like they did to 100,000 sephardic childrfen in israel between 1948 and 1960..sephardicks from northern apefrica
    youd have to turn the radiation knob way up to penetrate the cro maggot man skulls tho ..
    effen smoke all of em for all i care ..

  36. Cannibal Rabbi says:

  37. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Not a kike around!

  38. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Nothing ya bastards!

  39. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    Cover up for childkillers.


  40. sog says:

    remeber i think i posted that one of the reasons cocaine was outlawed was because niggers were gettin strung out on this shit and raping white women ..i have no doubts on that ..
    the other thing there is no doubt on is the fact that the new nigger panther party has boo coo people inside looking to either use it as a weapon against whites or tear it apart like cointelpro did back in the 60’s and 70’s ,but these stupid niggers were doin a great job of tearin them selves apart like hopefully the new raycist sociopathic panthers will to of the scumbag leaders of panthers in 60’s ,geronimo pratt was coonvicted of apesaulting Caroline Olsen, a 27-year-old elementary school teacher, and Olsen’s husband kenneth was murdered by gsw during a robbery on a Santa Monica tennis court, in an all white safe neighborhood , kenneth olsen who was shot but survived, identified Pratt as the killer. Julius Butler, a Black Panther and police informant, testified that Pratt had confessed to him, and discussed the murder with him on several occasions. In 1970, Geronimo Ji Jaga was arrested and charged with murder and kidnapeing.

    His attorney, Johnnie Cochran, argued that the charges should be dropped, alleging that Geronimo Ji Jaga had been 350 miles away on the night of the murder. Journalist and author Jack Olsen reported that FBI “moles” had infiltrated defense sessions and monitored Cockrings phone calls……..
    “”This cowardly and despicable nigger ambush and murder , in an entirely white community, happened only a few months after Congress created, and LBJ singed into law, the infamous Fair Housing Act.””………….
    LBJ uncle corn pone has never recieved close scrutiny as he should …he was also a huge player and mover and shaker in the illegal immigration steps the nation took early on …..

    “equal rights” … The word “equal” is a misnomer. It should read ‘forced integration rights” The word “equal” should actually never be used in conjunction with Civil Rights. Using the word ‘equal’ as a substitute for ‘integration’ and dangerous assimilation is intended to conjure up an image of a people (niggras) who were being oppressed, and being denied their Constitutional rights in America — by White Christian males. This is patently false. People of African descent in America prior to 1964 were not an oppressed people; nor were they being denied any Constitutional rights…it is a fact that the dangerous mental condition of niggeres even that far backk is coming to lite today …..
    this retarded nigger an oxymoron also uses shoa ceremony and it was 1984 …
    they like to jam up the supreme court by filing certs on worthless shit stain niggers who should just be taken out and shot …
    the amount of wasted money on a supreme court decision and a second trial can reac a million dollars in some cases …
    wasted effen money …waste all the monkeys ..
    the behaviour of this reprobate sociopath nigger is more hassle the state endures for what reason …
    once a nigger is put in prison for any offense it should be a life sentence and or a death sentence without fail…

    all you have to do is look at ebevn the african niggers muslim niggers niggere from here or there in white countries all over the globe and even in their in digenous nests and see that the nigger is a sociopathic raping killing zombie and should have a international bounty on all their heads ….

  41. sog says:

    sorry cannibal i was working on my nigger extermination thesis for a few minutes and didnt catch your latest posts …am saving and will watch on another computer later …thanks for the link…

    this site also details the bull shit propaganda of thr rosewood massacre beginning Jan. 1st thru the 7th, 1923…..

  42. sog says:

    yeah oopfds oops
    Olsen’s husband kenneth was murdered by gsw during a robbery on a Santa Monica tennis court, in an all white safe neighborhood , kenneth olsen who was shot but survived, identified Pratt as the killer.
    pick one heh heh …its ken olsen was shot by niggers because he was white and survived thank the lord and could identify nigger pratt …..his wife died fron american integration nigger violence gsw tho at the scene …
    id make a great news `caster ..yall can have it both ways
    all the nigger readin is givin me a f/n headache ….swet dreams

  43. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    It’s nothing.

    What gets on my nerves is the………… kikes.

    Merry Christmas!

  44. sog says:

    N F L niggers turning in guns becuase of beeeellcher ,,,nigger kills with knife in link

    i wonder what we are waiting for to retaliate against all niggers in the war they started with us in all our own secret ways before they zip tie up internal travel ..what with NSA west in utah…hope consists of a major bug taking out all these mainframes ,,god speed ,,carnivore ,,,nsa ,,echelon ..these things are not used for inner security ,,they are used for invasion of privacy and if they all went to smoke and crashed programs it would be better for all of decent mankind …especially the one in israel …what are they building underground over there for 100,000,000 $
    silver nickle when mandela dies he will just cease to breathe our air and will present a problem for hazardous wsste disposal
    thanks for the sites

  45. sog says:

    here is what jews do to palestinians who protest the shooting and bombing of gaza children regularly ..the jews dont like palestins protesting or being mad ..jews dont think palestinians habe the right to live ,period ..
    so if the jews are out protesting guns in our streets in america and not the lack of security in schools when its a pattern of behavioural attacks on scholls and the jews dont protest the fact that this attack could have been stopped by an armed teacher …hell in israel everyone can carry a gun and ill bet you real money that jewish rabbis and school teachers carry firarms ..america has been gelded by the louse kikes ….
    jews should not be allowed to protest on our streets as they should be run over with their own bulldozers for their penance…
    thise communities and wealthy enclaves and kike ghettos should be run over with bull dozers ..symbolism …they like that ..nuremberg trials in that city was a symbolic slap at germans …..kikes like to run over everything with bull dozers ..they litterally lined up 30 + bulldozers in lebanon back in early 80’s side by side and demolisehed towns ..hell even right now southern lebanon is uninhabitable as kikes dropped millions of small minen everywhere …
    jews ran over jenin and other palces then they flatten the towns and cities and make everythimng disappear ..ethnic cleansing …
    rachel corrie …crushed by a bull dozer purposely by some stinking askanasaar…
    how easy it would be for the usa to just anhilate israel in the blink of an eye and take out all their oppressive mossad all over the world ..there would finally be peace ..

  46. sog says:

    mandela 94 years old has quit talking and seems troubled ..probaly cus he hasnt raped and murdered a white woman for awhile ..or maybe he senses the hell he is going to …anyway i hope he hurries up and dies …good riddance ….
    this link has a vid of nigdella and kike kasrils singing ” kill whitey” ….hell i feel the same way about niggers and jews ,,,,,where is the song “kill all niggers”
    it is interesting that Patrice Lumumba was murdered by the cia when he was the favorite for the congo and mobutu was put in by cia ..mobutu was a genocidal freajk like idio amin uganda …phd dont you know …rooms full of eyeballs and other really cool shit ..
    lumumba was a good guy as for politics …it is even more odd that the commies would use his anme for a university in commie russia ..

    Fight Crime-ABORT BLACK BABIES!!
    remember when i posted the shit that rep king in florida said about nullifiers about shooting them /// man that sob did a retake and 180* turn after and a deep bs apology ..kikes can still run scared if all of america woke up ..wake up amerikwa …
    karen go back to sleep and take a handful of ativan with a triple shot of 181 rum ..

  47. Irish Savant says:

    “But it can still be breathtaking to see just how brazenly they can promote this agenda without blinking an eye and without facing any protest.”

    This always blows my mind. Must be supremely confident that they goy morons are in no danger of waking up.

  48. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:


    It’s no secret that American Jewry is traditionally anti-gun (or, at least not explicitely pro-gun.) There exists a broad, though by no means universal, feeling that guns are treyf. Un-kosher. Not Jewish. Even editorials calling for more Jewish gun ownership begin with admissions to that effect. But, never before has this sentiment felt as immediate as it does in the aftermath of Sandy Hook: A tragedy that feels both frustratingly familiar, and achingly new at the same time.

    JEWISH BITCH Dianne Feinstein to Reintroduce Expired Assault Weapons Ban – She’s been working on this for years and Adam Lanza was the Hanukkah sacrifice to feed her Lilith bloodlust.

  49. melgibstein says:

    Slattery is the biggest Jew arse kisser on the internet. If this guy is a doctor Im Barbra Streisand.

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