Media Hypocrites Lusting To Disarm White America


OFTEN I GET “link backs” here on my site where people commenting elsewhere on the Internet paste in a link, saying “check out what this [racist, anti-Semite, hater] guy has to say.” More and more, some commentators agree with me, too. For giggles, I’ll follow the link back to see what’s shaking, but sometimes get there too late — the comment is gone — certainly deleted by mods or the site owner after they get complaints from you-know-who.

If any of these people have made it this far, let me ask them this: What is the common denominator to all the bull going on today? I mean really.

Now, I am not what you would call a “Neo Nazi” type of guy. I do apologize for saying that to those of my readers who may be, because I now think those folks were absolutely right from the get-go (even if a little too queer for der fuerher man, but that’s another story). It’s not that I’m happy about it, it just is what it is.

A lot of White people out there are now getting down right pissed about “the liberals” and all the never-ending social changes forced down America’s throat. It seems, for good reason, that us conservative and moral White people are getting the shaft big time, often ridiculed openly in the media and even painted as potential terrorists.

Since my days in college, I spent years studying what I saw was happening to America. I realized long ago something was seriously askew in history. I just couldn’t believe all the things few of my friends knew, or even heard about (since they didn’t already know, how serious could it be?).

Real parts of history seemed to be specifically ignored by the mainstream, facts that cast much of what I was supposed to believe in a totally different light.

But it wasn’t just dusty, ancient history, either. I could turn on the TV in real time, or open a weekly news magazine and note where things in America were headed. I quickly came to the conclusion that “The Man” was nonexistent (as imagined), since certain people were obviously being elevated, made rich and protected from exposure, people who raised hell all the time about “The Man.”

People like supposed “working-class hero,” Michael Moore, who makes serious money doing films, writing books and going on TV talk shows, acting like a big fighter against “The Man,” while trying to get us chumps riled up over the “bourgoisie.” Moore, in view of us Whites buying guns, recently said:

“It’s because too many white people are afraid of black people. Period. The vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to white people who live in the suburbs or the country. When we fantasize about being mugged or home invaded, what’s the image of the perpetrator in our heads? Is it the freckled-face kid from down the street – or is it someone who is, if not black, at least poor?”

I guess all us evil Whites are just “fantasizing” about the murderous crime now out of blacks these days, huh? Look how the Marxist wannabee, spins it into a commie class thing by the qualifying wordage “at least poor.” How many poor Whites do you see out robbing, gang-raping, mob-attacking and killing?

Uh, fat goy putz boy: White people have plenty of good reasons to fear our Zionist-corrupted government, to say nothing about the violent, criminal blacks out there, like the three Philadelphia afro teens who went out on a mission to rob Whites just this past Christmas eve. They abducted a 22 year-old mother  (probably a White woman from where she lived), drove her around for hours, taking turns forcing her to perform oral sex on them while holding a gun to her head.

Jeez: How much more of this crap are we going to take?

Michael Moore really makes his millions ridiculing regular, hard-working White Americans (like a serious Borat) in his movies and books. Anti-American foreigners, Jews and self-styled hipster liberals love his stuff because he makes White Americans look like buffoons. Hell, much of TV nowadays does the exact same thing, if you notice.

But beneath his carefully crafted regular guy look, the multi-millionaire fatso is a major-league hypocrite. He lives in all-White neighborhoods and travels around in private jets with a large entourage, including security people packing heat.

One of his books was even freely published with the title “Stupid White Men,” no lie. A researcher checked out the 134 people Moore hired over the years to work on his movies and books and found that only three were black.

Michael Moore is not the only one getting rich, by being a liberal at the expense of the White race and America. Why do such people get so much play, while any and all pro-Whites get treated like the devil incarnate?

It’s a Jew thing. Always has been. Get it now?

Then we have David Gregory, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Most White people don’t know it, but Gregory is indeed a stinking Jew, just like so many of the pundits and guests they have on Sunday talk shows (along with “people of color”).

Last Sunday, Gregory had the gall to castigate the NRA for merely suggesting armed security in schools, when he himself sends his kids to a pricey DC school that has 11 armed guards on duty (soon to be 12). Then he held up a 30 round magazine on-air, illegal since DC has a law against possession of such dangerous items and the studio was inside the beltway. But don’t worry — being a sacred Jew, Gregory will have zero problems.

That’s the thing: Hypocrite Jewry never has to worry, really. They consider themselves the elite of the Western world — while all the rest of us ignorant “Goyim” had better follow their insightful, caring lead since they’ve been so holocausted and all.


How about the stuck-on-himself Jew, David Sirota, columnist with Recently, they’ve been putting him on a lot at MSNBC and CNN in the wake of Sandy Hook.

I saw him on CNN’s Piers Morgan (a slimy Brit ex-pat) saying 70% of the crazy person massacres are the work of White men. Total BS. Maybe it seems like 70%, if you go by the degree of media coverage of crime in this country. You see how Jewish control of what Americans see on TV dovetails together with what all the “smart” pundits will say later?

Most Americans have never heard of any black spree massacres. Have you heard of the GMAC killing of 9 by James Pough, “Cookie” Thornton killing 6 White city councilmen in Kirkwood, Missouri, or the Hartford Beer distributer killing of 8 by another crazy black named Thornton? There’s been plenty of blacks who “go postal” — more than Whites, actually.

White males certainly don’t have the category all to themselves, or even 70%, either (but get all the coverage possible). Hell, the two worst school rampages, were by a South Korean (Virginia Tech) and a crazed, nihilistic Jew duo, Klebold and Harris, who specifically said they wanted to kill racists, Christians and Neo-Nazis (Columbine).

Or how about the bizarre story of the British Jamaican ex-pat, David Burke and Pacific Southwest flight 1771? The guy shot dead the two pilots in mid-flight, causing the plane to nose dive into the earth at 500 mph — killing another 41 people just like that. Surely, this story would provide plenty of material for a fascinating made-for-TV documentary? Oh, wait, Burke was black. Skip that.

So how come all these media pundits lately have forgotten the Washington DC beltway sniper back in 2002? The media covered it extensively — only when they thought it was a White guy and traffic everywhere was backed up looking for a white van. What the media neglected to tell you later is that the two black perps, John Mohammad and Lee Malvo, were Nation of Islam fanatics specifically targeting Whites (the one black bus driver victim wasn’t seen clearly by “little sniper” Malvo). It was much like the 1970’s Zebra serial murders of Whites in San Franciso you never hear anything about.

Sirota (in the clip below) says: “The issue with it will be, politically, I think; the profile is white men. That’s a profile that’s not, essentially, in America allowed to be profiled. That’s the one profile in America that’s not allowed to be profiled.”

Believe me: This stinking Jew would simply love to find a way to profile pro-White males without too many of the rest of conservative, gun-owning Whites finally getting it about what the stinking Jews are up to. You know it, I know it.

David Sirota and Ezra Klein (both Jews) talk to the confusing and hyper-wordy, pseudo-intellectual Chris Hayes, on White-hating, Jew-owned MSNBC. Watch Jewboy Sirota dance around his inner commie Jew — he knows what’s dangerous for a Jew to come right out and say, even if they want to badly as hell.

FEINSTEIN GUN GRABBERNow we got word that Senator Dianne Feinstein, Jewess High Goddess of Gun Control (right), has a plan to unveil with the coming new year. It’s supposed to call for the ban of magazines of over 10 rounds, stop public and private sales of the evil AR-15s that have just one military-like component — which is pretty much all of them.

Much more importantly, those folks who already have AR-15s, will then have to register them with the Feds (paying $200 per weapon), have their picture and fingerprints taken, and then have it OK’d by your friendly local police departments.

Just stop and think what a dangerous step this is for White America. Should they decide later (and they will) for a total confiscation — they’ll know right where to go. You can bet that Zionist, Commie Jews embedded in our government will have full access to the data at any time.

Look, we already know these Jews are working to turn the White race into a minority. It’s happening now big time. The next steps for them is to disarm us and then remove our rights to free speech (they’ll call it “hate speech” laws). Hell, Talmudic Jew senator, Joe Lieberman, put the keys to completely shutting down the Internet in Obama’s hands already. Oh, and they had a lot of excuses for that, too.

Now, I realize all this Jew stuff is hard to accept. Believe me. People don’t want to, when it goes against what the core belief system installed in their heads says. This PC core belief system has been carefully inculcated in you from mass media since you were a itty bitty child, plus what the ultra-lefty education system has been ordered to do (it’s getting worse all the time now).

You can readily see it all just by paying a little attention to that inner voice as you watch movies and TV. Hell, everybody already knows exactly what I’m talking about. The freakin’ Globalist, multicult and Zionist Jews have been doing all this to America, whether you believe it or not.

Now, excuse me: I’m off to get my head shaved, a 14/88 tattoo and a pair of Doc Martens.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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648 Responses to Media Hypocrites Lusting To Disarm White America

  1. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I’ll drink whatever the fuck I want to using my own hard earned money fuck head take a drink of this and pass it around.

  2. Biker says:

    what ever it was that happened at Sandy Hook has absolutely everything to do with the 2nd amendment. sharing ideas and trying to get to the bottom of this madness is what i thought posting links and comments was all about.

    Sazzy has recycled some of my links also. and i was about to bitch till i looked at the time stamp… 2 minutes after i posted. well, she was reading while i was posting. the page doesnt update until you hit post comment. that simple. we were reading the same thing, i just beat her here by 2 minutes. i have also posted a link first thing in the morning, after which i scrolled back and found someone had posted the same at 1am.

    shit happens. relax

  3. summerled says:

    and its happened here too

    “It is useless to deny that grave Jewish problems existed in Germany. The nation was in the unfortunate geographical position of being the first stage in the perennial push westward of the Polish Jews. Unless forced on, they tended to stop in Berlin and Hamburg, where they obtained an unduly share of good professional positions. In Berlin, for example, when the Nazi came to power, 50.2 percent of the lawyers were Jews. In medicine, 48 per cent of the doctors were Jews, and it was said that they systematically seized the principal hospital posts. The Jews owned the largest and most important Berlin newspapers, and they had made great inroads on the educational system.”
    Stephen H. Roberts, 20th century Australian historian. Though hostile on almost every point to National Socialism, his book “The House that Hitler Built” does admit that Jews were a menace in Germany.

  4. Hoff says:

    By the way, the word is spelled “challenged” stupid LMFAO —

    SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    January 2, 2013 at 1:32 pm

  5. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Lately only sog and I align theorys like the protocols with facts starting from american civil war. Or even earlier. Only sog and I talk about jewhsitvk takover of russia. You talk about murdering 25 children including children. Sog and I talk about murdering 100,000 women and children in Dresden or 50, 000 in hiroshima or nagasaki. You must think that their lifes were less worthful. The reason they firebombed dresden was exactly because they thought that it was a safe haven for the women and children refugees and Knew they were there. They firebombed the place anyway but because jews won the war no war crime trials were ever filed.

    Here’s a war crime file charged against you jews and every American officer stupid enough to listen to a jew. You committed a crime against humanity. Get the jewen to bring it up in the next UN meeting. And it’s not allways about your spelling or typing or grammer sog. Most times it’s about trying to make you look stupid.

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    Hoff, can you please stop hasseling Sazzy? Thanks.

  7. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Only a really hard man could take an order to go dromp bombs on women and children. And some were stupid in the breifings. The jew pilots and navigators will lead the way . Your only job is a machine gun operator. We will drop the bombs on cristians and jews and vietnamese or libyans or iraquis or afghans or whoever we want to because we are jews and own american military. I think it’s about time for japs and chinese and everyone else who is not jewish to wake up. Without jews in america they have nothing. Most of us are waking up to over our sons coffin or brothers .. Common asians, They bought off our government. Have you figured out they are coming after your government nexT They want all of us dead but those willing to be slaves. I Know slant eyed people can win the war white men lost. But white man aren’t quite done left.

  8. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    “rabbi cannibal and hoff yous 2 have a real twisted issue with women ..( or is that issues with twisted women? Hehehe)
    yuse 2 knuckle heads should mandatorulay apologise to sazzy ,,ya dimwits”

    You’re not wrong!

    For shame, for shame.
    In my defense, which is no excuse, i’m an asshole!
    No, don’t demur! Back i say! BACK!, in the previous two hours.
    i’d demolished 1ltr of Whyte and Mackay Glasgow, Special Scotch Whiskey, Double Lion Brand, leading to momentary discombobulation, and consequent, shameful tosspottery.
    No excuse at all though.
    Ignorance is no excuse.

    Have a great year, as your country is taken back by those likeminded as yourself.

    Please, in the spirit of the season, accept my humble apologies. My good sense had fled! I had no right to assault you so, especially given your great and consistent work at this place.
    Forgive me, although my use of the c word, being so egregious, can’t be mitigated. I’m sorry.


    “Taig”s , had nothing to do with this..

    Look to yer own. To this day. Hugh Adam died the other day. An honest man.
    Unlike your new (Green=jew=Ashley ) overlords.
    Good luck to your new Bhuddist incarnation.

    Over to you Hoff!

    To Sazzy…,r:92,s:500,i:280

  9. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    @ Cannibal Rabbi,
    Thank you for the cute card and apology accepted. May God bless you and yours throughout the coming New Year and keep you free from the machinations of the jew.

  10. summerled says:

    1ltr of Whyte and Mackay and i though i was the only one try single malt
    doesn’t drive you crazy –well ok delays the process ! cheers

  11. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    The trick is to lock all the doors, so even if there’s a fire, you only damage yourself.
    My mistake was thinking anything obnoxious i had to say was of significance.
    Then compound it.
    Good news?
    Sound chips gone, so there goes my soundtrack. More reading.
    Bad news?
    I know how this one goes.

    Happy, healthy, prosperous new year to all here. God Bless and keep you.
    Incogman, thanks for your indulgence. Goes a long way!
    Barney and Gtrman, cheers!

    Kiss a kike goodbye with the toe of yer Jackboot.

    Especially Condeez. Size 4 or 5(euro sizes)

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Writer Skewers Germans,7340,L-4324254,00.html

    Notice this article compares Tuvia Tenenbom to Woody Allen, Michael Moore and especially Sacha Baron Cohen. Since Woody Allen, Sacha Baron Cohen and Tuvia Tenenbom are jews, YNET News apparently believes Michael Moore is too.

  13. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    @Frank Fredenburg

    Another rat shuffling out of the shtetl and instead of using its superior reason, empathy, universal understanding. Scuttles back to the nest to bring the good news to its kin.
    Instead of observation..

    “the worst of them are Gods, the best of us are cockroaches”


    “here’s what i “saw”
    Scamming and flim-flamming it’s fellow cockroaches!

    Imagine that life?
    Hell before Hell.

    There’s humour in it face to face.
    As a distraction.

    Like the 66 at Ibrox, i may not have made clear.

  14. Bailey says:

    The Elder says,

    It has been asked here why don’t people question this and how do you get them to begin to attempt to critically think about the entire pack of lies.

    They can’t because the Jews have ingrained the belief in lies deep into our national conscience.

    “The greatest generation” sat on their butts when JFK was ritually sacrificed in broad daylight. A few years later, there goes brother Bobby. Oh, a Palestinian did it. Those dirty A-rabs.

    Taking out JFK was a jew-coup of our post WWjew era. This bought them time to consolidate their power and positions. The goyim reveled in rampant materialism and the sexual revolution which the Jews heavily promoted.

    Throw in drugs, pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, poisoned food, talmudvision along with DEBT SLAVERY on steroids and we were on our way.

    The US masses were primed and pumped to believe any and all Jew lies from there on out.

    Waco, OKC, Gulf War……. “What fun it is tightening the noose on the goyim!”

    9-11? Piece of cake. The majority of the masses of asses never questioned it nor the ensuing wars for israhell which have followed.

    SH obvious lies are gobbled up like corn dogs at a carney show because all but a very select few can think clearly enough to question anymore.

    This is just the rundown since 63. We could go back to other periods of time and the Jew manipulation could be shown on a timeline as well. It has been there since the beginning of time, but in no other time that I am aware of have these satanic freaks gained the control they have now.

    They can indeed still be beat. I’m quite sure of that and I don’t rule it out at all. I just don’t think the mongrelized populace of the JSA will be on the forefront of their defeat. They are too much a part of the problem at this time.

    “This shit is crazy.”
    “Insane crazy”

    You ain’t seen nothin yet incoglanders. Mass deception on roids is headed our way.

    Do not be deceived.


    Quote of the week?

    One problem, Who the heck ever said Elder of Zyklon B was ignorant?
    I’ve seen ignorance here lately and arrogance too but it wasn’t coming from you.

    It’s coming from a guy who has no problem calling women the nastiest of names but i guess that’s to be expected from the only person i know to dump a porn video on these pages.

  15. TVLIES says:

    Michael Moore is not a gentile. He is a fucking kike. Just look at the hooked schnoz on that Neanderthal face & notice how he has been treated like a golden boy by his fellow tribesmen since his first docu on GM in Flynt Michigan. I smell gefilte fish……Goyim NEVER get this kind of treatment.

  16. sundown says:

    Mr. ICMan, I love your efforts and expozeys, but this cat, “Michael Moore” is no shabbos goy!!..sundown..

  17. IIIIIIIIIIII says: Here is a jewish “lets praise all the wonderful jews” site and they list Moore as one of them.

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