Update on Oakland White Teens Murder

I did searches for the perp’s photos for several days. Zilch. Nada. If it was two White guys who did this to black girls, everyone would have seen the mug shots and video on national TV by now, with traitorous talking heads blabbing on and on and on and on — hell, the White-hating Jews would already be contracting out bus companies to haul in militant blacks from across the country to raise cain!

Just like I said in my previous article: It had to be blacks who did it. Diantay Powell, 18, and Antonio Edwards, 19, have been charged with the incredibly vicious murder of the two young teen girls, Bobbie Sartain 16 and Raquel Gerstel, 15. The two best friends were shot down in the street out of the blue.

And I don’t need photos of the two animals — just the names alone tells me everything I need to know.

The two best friends were shot down on the street.

The two beautiful young girls murdered.

The two young girls were walking home from Raquel’s uncle house early one morning when the animals happened upon them and unleashed a barrage of gunfire from their car. Each girl was hit multiple times and left crumpled in bloody, pain-filled heaps on opposite sides of the street, clinging to life for the few moments they still had left in the world.

The punk “Diantay” (described as 5’5″ and 120 lbs) was supposedly the only shooter, and his bud, “Antonio” Edwards, was just the getaway driver. Sounds fishy to me. Police reported at least 36 rounds fired (shell casings, holes in cars and buildings, victim wounds). Neighbors said it definitely sounded like multiple shooters. Unless Diantay boy was firing two semi-autos cowboy style, while chasing the girls down, it’s probable his homeboy also took part. However, busy detectives don’t care all that much which animal pulled the trigger, just as long as both face the same charges and the case is solved.

Ah, the simple joys of multiculturism!

This crime has all the earmarks of a White-hating, thrill-killing. Indeed, it does look like it was for absolutely no other reason — just being White at the wrong place and time in America these days.

If you don’t think this was a “hate” crime, than your brain must be completely, totally fried by Jew multicult brainwashing by now. You may as well just bend over and take up the rear, you stupid little homo. If a couple of White guys did this to black teen girls, it would be all over the news 24/7 for the next 100 years.

Clearly, the White race is getting the shaft big time and the wool pulled over it’s eyes to the real nature of these so-called “people.”

Blacks are indeed murderous, violent animals, without a doubt. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to long ago and every damn day proves me 100% friggin’ correct!

Barton Gerstel, was devastated by the death of his daughter, Raquel. “I can’t imagine life without my daughter, and she’s gone now,” said Gerstel. “She’s going to be missed. I love her and my heart is torn.”


And to that stinking Jew hasbaRAT who said in my SPAMblinka que that I politicized Christmas with my last post, get this: You are GD right I did.

I live and breathe smacking you stinking Jews in the schmeckel. Every single word, sentence, headline, tagline, photoshop graphic, widget, link, comment, etc., etc., on my site, as well as in real life too, is expressly geared to do exactly that. I do whatever legally possible to awaken good White Americans as to what you devious little SOBing creeps are doing to my race and to this country.

I’ll happily “hold court” in living rooms, street corners, sidewalks, grocery stores, shopping malls, fishing piers, convenience stores, neighborhood barber shops — anywhere, anytime. Guess what? People are now listening. I can see the lightbulbs turning on and I’m loving it!

Whatever it takes, Jew. Every single “hit” on my site might be someone, anyone who finally realizes all the stuff about you stinking Jews is true and tells those around them (even if it’s later on). Each hit brings me closer and closer to my goal: Seeing the slimy tentacles of subversive, devious Jewry ripped away from this country’s head!

The good thing? Unlike you Jew creeps, I don’t even need to make crap up.

Now, getting back to the murder of these two young White girls: Haven’t you just had it up to here with what these black bastards are doing?

Just imagine if it was one of your loved ones, walking down the street, minding their own damned business and a car full of these animals pulls up and they start firing lead at them — punching bloody holes in their young bodies, killing them dead — FOREVER.

Blacks do this kind of thing all the time to each other over virtually nothing. Hell, why would you think they would have the least problem doing it to a White person, whom they have been conditioned to hate by the Jew media for decades? Especially nowadays with how spoiled rotten these brats really are, after all the insane BS out of brainwashed White libtards.

The traitorous US media does NOT and will NEVER care about White victimization. Oh no. All they care about is pushing the GD multicult angle — come hell or high water.

Romero Roberto Moya

Romero Roberto Moya. The murderous wetback went bonkers in Alabama the day after Sandy Hook.

Recent example: The very damn day after the Sandy Hook Elementary school killings (by Lanza or not), an ILLEGAL ALIEN (right) shot 5 people with an AK-47 in Alabama, killing 3 and wounding 2 (including a police officer). Not only was the wetback here illegally, he was also a convicted coke dealer, but spent less than one year behind bars.

This is the kind of third-worlder slime the traitorous US government sees no problem being here (like African Somalians, if you can believe it). Stupid-as-hell White libtards cry like little babies if we threaten to throw them out or even be against the invasion. It’s little wonder this country is rapidly turning into a filthy crap hole, exactly like where these people are running from. And you’re paying for it all, fool: Over half of them are on welfare and we pay the bill for them to pop out multiple anchor babies.

Now, you might think the media would report on Romero Moya’s little murder spree, being on a big anti-assault weapon tear right now. But no, it conflicts with the first law of the anti-White media: Only White crime can be reported nationally and turned into a circus. They want White Americans to stay stupid and only care about non-White suffering, or maybe polar bears and lost penguins — that kind of thing — never, ever the White race.

Basically, the don’t even want you to think you have a race. But the hypocrites never have one problem with other races making a big deal of themselves and strutting around like they are so smart, noble and unfairly oppressed by us evil Whites, like the insane Jew media makes them out all the time.

Are you not plain sick and tired of the hypocrisy nowadays? The constant drip, drip, drip of Jew PC bullsh*t against the White race, while this kind of thing happens?

I’m telling you — sure as I’m sitting here — that all this multicult crap is nothing but misery, pain and death for our race and the end of the USA. No doubt at all, anymore.

— Phillip Marlowe

JUST GO TO MY BLACK CRIME ARCHIVE to read more horrible stories on these obviously out-of-control, murderous animals.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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190 Responses to Update on Oakland White Teens Murder

  1. sog says:

    @ hk w i only said that for 2 reasons whale woman ..#1 to tell it like it was for people who were denied the chance when they were inconveniently and rudely murdered by bolshelocks and #2 just to get you to come out of your hiding place …..i hope santa gave you a tune up …
    but i get a 99% in your eyes and yet the other 1% of truth still put a sting in your ting i guess ….
    try skinnycooking . com or halfmysize in6months . com lofl

  2. sog says:

    so what you would have us believe today halina is that NO germans actually died or were harmed in the polish experement where bolshevism was running as rampant in poland as syphlis in lenins brain ..were your realtives communists …were there no polish communists at all,,
    check mate sister ….if you want i can get you a prescription of prozac and a zanax chaser ..
    take it easy girl ..it sounds like the only time you know what your doing is when you are sitting down and being quiet …if i was mean i apologise …heh heh lol

  3. sog says:

    perhaps halina you do not realize that the areas hitler went and took “back” from polans were areas poland was granted by treaty of versaille ..why shouldnt he have ? there were germans being slaughtered in danzig among many areas in regards to this activity by russian comintern bolshevism ..jewish communism ….eventually even you will have to acknowledge that some of your people were eating out of the communists hand and following their agenda ..not one you say ? impossible and revisionist of you to further this doctrine of total polish innocence …
    other than that mrs. lincoln how did you like the play …
    i could feel you out there when i wrote that.
    the reason i believe this historical facts are because i have read too much on it …
    besides collateral damage and the unfortunate innocents caught in cross fires which inevidably happens there were also poles that were “innocent” of bolshevism that got tagged by germans coming in in 39 some 1.5 million German troops invaded Poland all along its 1,750-mile border with German-controlled territory. Simultaneously, the German Luftwaffe bombed Polish airfields, and German warships and U-boats attacked Polish naval forces in the Baltic Sea. Nazi leader Adolf Hitler claimed the massive invasion was a defensive action to protect the rights and llifes of german people …he was right….
    i wont say a few innocent poles didnt get whacked halina cus that wouldnt be realistic and surgical strikes dont exist ..
    it is even more tragic what the russians did after ww2 to 400,000 polish in the jew communist kangaroo show trials or at katyn ….we all agree that the jews and communism is the enemy ..so be it …

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    @ silvernickle
    Sandy Hook may be a coven for Satanists but so is the White House, Congress, Senate, UN and just about any other organization I can think of. As far as I’m concerned, the whole wide world is lying in the hands of the wicked one; the synagogue of Satan.

    Certainly Sandy Hook is a farce with a gun grabbing agenda and an “unholy alliance” with evil jews!
    I “strongly” suggest that everyone go out and purchase a gun or guns before Kikesteins laws take effect.

    Thank you for the information silvernickle!

  5. mikey says:



  6. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘DNA links 1989 murder to Stateville Coon inmate’
    December 9, 2012

    A man who was already serving time for another crime has been charged with murdering a woman in the Englewood neighborhood in 1989, police said.

    Michael A. Escort, 52, was charged with one count of first-degree murder for the Oct. 3, 1989 murder of a female in the 5800 block of South Lowe Avenue, according to Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Jose Estrada.

    Escort, from Joliet, is accused of beating and strangling to death a woman named Mary Smith.

    Other police sources said the Smith was in her 30s when she died.

    DNA evidence linked Escort to the murder and he was in the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections when he was arrested for the murder, according to a statement from police News Affairs.


  7. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    “Piss N Crap Shebeast was a real ball buster’

    Joyce Maxine Gregory, 35, of Ohio, was arrested for allegedly castrating a man with her bare hands.

    The incident took place in Shelby, Ohio early in the morning at around 5 a.m. during an argument between Gregory and her lover, 59, whose name has not been released. Apparently the man attempted to flee the house he was sharing with Gregory, and was calling 911 while outside when Gregory rushed the man, squeezing his genitals.

    Reports indicate that she squeezed the man’s genitals so hard that she popped one of the man’s testicles out of the scrotum.

    After being assaulted the victim, deeply wounded, made his way to a local “rescue squad building”, as reported by charlotteobserver.com. After notifying the authorities of the assault, officers went to arrest Gregory who was taken into custody without a fight.

    Once apprehended, Gregory was placed into the back seat of a squad car. This is when Gregory removed her pants and used the back seat as a toilet, urinating on the seat as she sat in her own waste.

    Joyce Maxine Gregory has been charged with malicious castration, and assault causing serious bodily injury. She has been previously convicted of drug possession, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and prostitution.


  8. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Herman caine and that guy from florida named west. Thats 2 black men who have a brain. And a whole lot of other black men I worked along side of in the military. Niggers are animals. dark people are not necessarily animals. I’ve seen spanish women that can work circles around white men in the union. But thats not hard to do is it?

  9. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    “Millionaire muggers” sent to Nigger U
    12 December 2012

    A gang of robbers dubbed the ‘Millionaire Muggers’ who stalked some of Britain’s richest people were starting jail sentences last night.

    Detectives believe the trio raked in at least £2million in cash, designer watches and jewellery.

    They claimed at least 40 victims after researching their movements online. Among them were Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone, former newspaper chairman Lord Stevens and BAA boss Sir Nigel Rudd.



  10. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Trigger nigger who shot two found hiding in backyard’
    December 12, 2012
    A man was found hiding in a backyard after he shot and wounded two women in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side, police said.

    David Victory, 21, of the 600 block of North Springfield Avenue, was found within about 20 minutes after the shooting, which happened around 5 a.m. Tuesday in the 700 block of South Kilbourn Avenue, police said.

    Officers saw Victory jumping a fence near the scene after the shooting and found him in the 700 block of South Kostner Avenue, according to police. He was charged with attempted murder.

    The two women, both 17, are expected to survive. One was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest and a graze wound to the head, police said. The other was taken to Stroger Hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg.
    Victory is due in bond court today, police said.

    Victory was out on parole after he was sentenced to four years in prison for robbery in 2009, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections and police.


  11. Bailey says:


    What do you want to say to the victims families?

    Fuck em’ straight up !

    That pice of shit said, Ya know what i’m sayin’ 26 times in a 5 minute interview.

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Nigger sets homeless White woman on fire (VIDEO)
    Published on Dec 27, 2012

    VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A homeless woman sleeping on a bus bench was set on fire in Van Nuys early Thursday morning, police said. She remains in extremely critical condition.

    The bus bench was her home for at least 10 years, according to those who know her, and her name was Violet.

    Police have arrested 24-year-old Dennis Petillo and booked him for attempted murder.

    The incident happened around 1 a.m. on Van Nuys Boulevard and Sherman Way. Police said Petillo walked into a Walgreens store, bought alcohol, walked to the bus bench, poured the alcohol on the victim and set her on fire.

    Petillo then ran from the scene, but a witness, Erickson Ipina, was able to chase him down.

    “I was following him and then I pulled out my cellphone. I called 911 and he just turned back on me and pulled out a knife, and he told me, ‘Stop following me or I will cut you,'” said Ipina.

    But Ipina continued following Petillo until police arrived. Investigators said the suspect is not believed to be homeless.

    Carl Stroebel says he recognized the suspect while watching Eyewitness News at 11 a.m. He said he’s the same man he gave a couple of bucks to outside a Walgreens.

    “I really feel responsible for this because I gave this fool the money,” Stroebel said.

    Stroebel says detectives told him he did nothing wrong, thanking him for coming forward with the information.

    Police say the 67-year-old victim was severely burned. She was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. Robert Wyneken says she was a regular at the nearby Lutheran church.

    “We’ve tried to get her off the bench for years, and she absolutely refuses. That was her home,” he said.

    Friends said they would return to the bus bench for a candlelight vigil at 6 p.m.

    Petillo is being held on $500,000. A motive for the attack remains unclear.


  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    San Jose girl gang murder (VIDEO)
    Published on Dec 27, 2012

    The handgun tattoed across Rebecca Villanueva’s chest wasn’t supposed to be indicative of her life anymore.

    The 23-year-old’s Facebook profile picture features her and three friends wearing yellow and green caps and gowns. On Sept. 3 she commented, “isnt this the cutest fucken graduation pic u ever did see HELL YA!!” To be honest, it is a cute picture.

    But a little more than three months since that comment, Villanueva, who graduated from the San Jose Conservation Corps charter school in the summer before getting an internship at the Santa Clara Valley Water District, now sits in a county jail cell, charged with murder.

    Police say she and others had a role in the Nov. 30 shooting that left 17-year-old Daniel Capetillo dead in front of his house. The gang-related murder was the 43rd homicide in San Jose this year. Since then, two more people have been killed, leaving the “Safest Big City in America” moniker more of a memory than reality.

    But a closer look at police data shows a disturbing new trend: Kids in San Jose are killing each other at an unprecedented rate.

    Almost a quarter of the city’s homicide victims this year—nine—have been 18 or younger. By comparison, that same age group accounted for five murder victims in 2011 and two in 2010.

    Nearly all of these murders involving young people have been gang related, and the suspects and victims are often the same age or just a couple years apart. Eighth grader Heriberto Reyes, 14, was beaten to death at a downtown park. John Sonenburg, 18, was found lying dead on the ground next to his truck. Dashawn Brown, 18, was shot and killed while walking down Edenview Drive.

    Last week, the 45th murder of 2012 took place at a Christmas work party in North San Jose, easily pushing this year’s total to a 21-year high.

    The city’s beleaguered police union has been all too happy to sound the alarm in its PR fracas with the mayor’s office. Far fewer officers are on the streets due to budget cuts, layoffs and resignations—from more than 1,400 in 2008 to less than 1,000 actively on duty today.

    Police Chief Chris Moore, who will join the exodus from the SJPD ranks in January when he retires, says that violent gang-related incidents in San Jose are actually down this year, but the incidents occuring are more severe. In the first 11 months of this year, the city experienced 263 violent gang-related incidents, according to the SJPD. In comparison, there were 294 similar incidents in the same time frame in 2011.

    “What were seeing, of those incidents that did occur, they were more violent,” Moore says. “But we got a lot of people who are shot or stabbed in our city who survive. Our homicide numbers would be significantly higher were it not for the trauma care.

    “Just because they don’t die doesn’t mean there aren’t a significant number of assaults involving these people. It’s not just the deaths. The deaths may have gone up, but it’s fairly consistent that 17, 18 and 19 year olds are a disproportionate number of victims and suspects.”

    The Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force released a report this month noting that crime in October and November showed “the majority of victims were in the 15-19 and 25-29 age range, while the vast majority of offenders were in the 15-19 age range.”

    As a result of these trends, the task force recently lowered its outreach target age to 6 years old.

    “They’re getting pretty heavy social pull at a very young age,” says SJPD Sgt. Jason Dwyer. “If you wait till they’re 9 or 10 years old, it’s almost too late.”

    Villanueva was supposed to be an exception to that rule. Robert Hennessey, founder of the Conservation Corps, remembers seeing her on campus. She was no different than the 430 other people in her graduating class, he says, who successfully managed to get “their lives back on track, get an education and become successful.”

    But the streets have a way of clawing people back into the game, whether it be disreputable friends and family that never leave a person’s life or the lack of a job or money. A report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a U.S. think tank, found that 82 percent of 16-19 year olds in California are unemployed. More than half of the state’s 20-24 year olds are also without jobs.

    “I got more than enough friends who ain’t got no job, no money,” says Daniel, a 22-year-old San Jose native who volunteers at the Silicon Valley De-Bug community organization for at-risk youth. “So, people turf it out a little bit. It’s a little more savage.”

    There is an argument to be made that San Jose is still a safe place to live, even for criminals. Oakland just suffered its 124th homicide of the year last week, while San Francisco is a few short of 70. But a shift is clearly taking place in San Jose.

    “I’m hearing, particularly from moms, an escalation of fear,” says Raj Jayadev, De-Bug’s coordinator. “I definitely sense more fear. You can get touched in places that used to be off limits. Places that felt safe might not be there anymore.”


  14. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Gun Control Activist Yard Sign – Attention Criminals


  15. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    The root of the problem is not skin color. The root of the problem is jews subverting and destroyong everything they can their hands on. Dont let the jews get their hands on anything. They will steal it. They will destroy anything they cannot steal.

  16. Pat says:

    Let’s say there’s this dumb fuck nigger apologiser named ProtocolsRtrue and he’s a “working class” ditch digger. That’s what he does – I bet that’s actually pretty close to what that towering intellect niggers lover really does in real life too. He digs holes for a living. Let’s say I agree to give ProtocolsRtrue a sandwich if he digs me a hole. He digs one hole for one sandwich.

    That is called “trade”. Got that nigger-lover ProtocolsRtrue?

    Let’s say at some point we all agree to recognize a certain amount of gold as being worth the same as you digging one hole and worth the same as one sandwich. This enables ProtocolsRtrue to dig a hole for someone else and get paid one piece of gold – then give it to me and I give the moronic ProtocolsRtrue one sandwich.

    This is using “Commodity Money”. Got that ProtocolsRtrue? Re-read it real slow if you have to…sound it out phonetically – sorry, I don’t have an ebonics version for you.

    Now, let’s say we all agree that it’s a good idea to store our gold in a bank and have that bank issue receipts that we can use in our daily transactions. So, now ProtocolsRtrue digs one hole and gets paid one receipt – then he gives that receipt to me and I give that moronic nigger loving ProtocolsRtrue one sandwich.

    That is using a receipt as money. Got that ProtocolsRtrue?
    Now, let’s say the bank is being run by some evil hook nosed kikes who are writing out receipts to themselves for gold that is not in the bank – and they go around “buying” things with those receipts.

    What do you think happens as a result of that?

    Look around.

    This is what happens. They own the banks, they own the media, they own your government, they own the large corporations.

    Listen up you fucking nigger defending piece of shit ProtocolsRtrue: The hook nosed fucks have a Monopoly on receipt writing and they force us to use those receipts as “money”. They also “loan” those receipts out for interest. BTW, there’s no gold in that vault upon which those receipts are based. Those receipts are based on nothing. They are JewPaper. Might as well wipe your ass with it.

    Guys, the above mentioned JewPaper Scam is the basis of “The Problem.
    Do you guys think I laid it out simply enough for ProtocolsRtrue to understand? Should I have drawn some pics with a crayon?

    Certain idiots like ProtocolsRtrue seem to think that races only differ by “skin color”. ProtocolsRtrue even said that he thinks Herman Cain is intelligent.

    Well, ProtocolsRtrue maybe the nigger Herman Cain IS intelligent compared to you.
    This issue is BEHAVIOR. The issue is INTELLIGENCE. The issue is COGNITIVE ABILITY. Are we “all the same”? No, we are not.

    As things deteriorate further here – I want to see what happens to ProtocolsRtrue if he tries to get the Mexicans to help him eject the illegal aliens. Do you think they’d rape him – or just make him give them all head?

    Mexicans are smart and good and hard workers – right ProtocolsRtrue? Should be no problem then…

    After that, I’d like to see what happens to ProtocolsRtrue if he tries to get his “black friends” to do something about the niggers. Yes ProtocolsRtrue has “black friends” – even “smart” nigger friends he used to work with the the Jewish Multi-Kult Military….he said so.

    So, do you think they’d rape him – just make him give them all head – kill him…..or all of the above?
    BTW ProtocolsRtrue you can take your nigger apologist ass and spread it for your nigger “friends”.

    Fuck you.

  17. t bone says:

    “Herman caine and that guy from florida named west. Thats 2 black men who have a brain. And a whole lot of other black men I worked along side of in the military. Niggers are animals. dark people are not necessarily animals. I’ve seen spanish women that can work circles around white men in the union. But thats not hard to do is it?”-PRT

    A whole lot of other black men?

    Wetbacks working circles around Whites?…not hard to do?

    Thats called pro-multicult talk. Theres no denying it either.

    I think I’m starting to see the picture here.

  18. silvernickel says:

    yeah Sazzy, you got that right sister!

    DC is a major city for Satanists with the fully corrupted Congress, WH and Pentagon and masonic monuments


    with this 13th Full moon we could see more deadly action by the jewish satanists in coming days to ring in the new year of order, with draconian gun control laws.

    Be careful out in public places; watch out for zombie killers and mobs of niggers!!


  19. Greg says:

    I’ve seen this cycle go on and on since I first came to Incogman’s comment section. In one sentence they’re nigger this and nigger that and in the next they practically are ready to give their daughters away in marriage to a negro.

    Best thing is to ignore them.

    They are probably just being spiteful or they watch alot of jew reality tv and have an addiction to drama and shit stirring.

  20. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I figured out the way to solve the worlds problems. It came to me in a dream last night. Jerusalem is the foundattion of of at least 3 great religions. Lets stop fighting over it. Lets put on a dirty bomb or radiation bomb that make it final and forever a great place to visit you dont want to live there. Because you wont live long. God will know that people are now longer fighting over my birthplace.

  21. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    shut up pat jew bitch. happy jewyear to you.

  22. Greg says:

    Negroes are equal to Whites like a turd is equal to a candy bar.

    Those who have truly experienced racial diversity know this.

  23. Greg says:

    That negro you thought was cool because you kissed his ass, never showed any love for your own race and culture when around him, never made it clear you were against race mixing and never told him you visited a pro-White site….here is his sons or grandsons in action doing what they do best.


  24. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Reading, ’Riting and Race
    December 17, 2012

    Is arithmetic racist? Are English and science and art?

    These might seem like stupid questions, but — speaking of stupid — a federal judge says the answer is yes, they are, and slapped New York City with a judgment that could cost the school system hundreds of millions.

    The case involves a 16-year-old lawsuit, a handful of unqualified teachers who tried to cast their own failures as a civil-rights violation — and the lefty lawyers who have abetted their cause.

    Would-be teachers in New York must pass a state exam called the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test, or LAST, to demonstrate a basic grasp of English, math, history and science.
    They have four hours to answer 80 multiple-choice questions, which feature short passages, graphs, pictures and poems — and they must also write a coherent essay.

    It’s not asking much. Teachers only have to score 67 percent on the multiple-choice portion, and the questions are absurdly easy. As a former city teacher told The Post, the exam is “high-school level, so anyone with a high-school [diploma] should be able to pass it, regardless of race.”

    But that hasn’t been the case. Back in the 1990s, whites passed at far higher rates than blacks and Hispanics.

    And when the test was first rolled out, some folks who had been teaching for years were required to take it — but failed.

    They were clearly unfit for full-time teaching and were demoted to substitutes, losing salary and seniority.

    And they didn’t like that.

    So in 1996, some of them turned to activist lawyers and sued the city to have their jobs and pay restored. The case has been kicking around the courts ever since.

    Their claim: Since black and Hispanic applicants failed the tests more often than whites, the tests were ipso facto racist.

    It’s an embarrassing thing to believe.

    The questions on the exam are race-blind and measure basic academic skills. Passing the test doesn’t prove someone will make a brilliant teacher — but no one who fails should be within a mile of a city classroom.

    In most ways, the SAT is harder, as it demands excellent math skills and a large vocabulary, neither of which is necessary to get certified as a state teacher.

    Think about that: These teachers are crying racism over a test that’s easier than one teenagers take by the millions every year.

    There’s nothing racist about the LAST.

    And that fact can’t be sued away.

    Yet last week, in the latest twist in this 16-year-old case, Judge Kimba Wood found that the LAST had a “disparate impact” on black and Hispanic applicants and violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    The city may be held liable by individual teachers who lost pay and seniority — and Wood also demanded that a “special monitor” be appointed to investigate any exams used by the state to license teachers.

    That would throw a wrench into the workings of the school system — and would likely saddle it with monumental bills of the kind foisted upon the Fire Department via its special monitor for employing similarly “racist” tests.

    The teachers have another court hearing in January to seek compensation.

    They don’t deserve a dime.

    And teachers who can’t comprehend basic math, reading and writing should never be inflicted on a city classroom.


  25. sog says:

    pat you are losing all credibility in which i may add you never had any ..he /she
    whatever …oy vey your so smart and intellectual and you wear that stigma like a kike
    Greg says: y a w n
    December 28, 2012 at 2:17 pm
    I’ve seen this cycle go on and on since I first came to Incogman’s comment section. In one sentence they’re nigger this and nigger that and in the next they practically are ready to give their daughters away in marriage to a negro.
    Best thing is to ignore them.
    They are probably just being spiteful or they watch alot of jew reality tv and have an addiction to drama and shit stirring………………………………………………………………………….

    right now fuckwad its you and kike biskit pat stirrin up the board ..and you with your still putting words in peoples mouths , you could give lessons on shit stirring …
    to me and perhaps others here you are transparent in that what you write and judge on others you are just imaging your self onto them …………………..
    like the time you brought your drama queen bs to hoffs site where nothing there has ever been said about you beacause you are a total waste of time and space like shit disturber pat ..
    you come on here all anti white and nigger and yet you say about yourself thet you have no violence in you ..why not ,got no nuts ….you sound mixed up and contradictory and pat sounds passive aggressive bi polar …keyboard commando both of you …now stop stirring the shit here …
    in my book prt is worth 10 of you bitches …you make as much never mind to me as stepping on a bug or a nigger ..so fuck off ..
    heres to your new year being your last
    Fuck you.
    you need to realize that there are lots of people who come here and dont comment but like to read the articles and this crap you 2 pull here alienates truth seekers and can polarize others ,who can see what contradictions you are ….sniff sniff im sorry

  26. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Black American Troops Still Raping Japanese
    Dec 27, 2012

    The United States military has a well-deserved reputation for bringing along with it very serious problems in the form of Black crime. One story about earlier Black rapes in Japan can be found here.


    The British Guardian newspaper (by the way these stories never seem to appear in American media) reports: “Okinawa police arrested an apparently drunk US Marine on Sunday on suspicion of trespass amid growing anger on the southern Japanese island over military crimes and demands for stricter regulations for American troops. The incident, the second after the US military had stepped up disciplinary steps last month, immediately triggered harsh reaction from the Okinawa government.”

    “Police said 1st Lt Tomas Chanquet of the marine air station Futenma allegedly sneaked into a room through an unlocked door and slept until spotted by a resident who called police. Sunday’s arrest was especially inflammatory on Okinawa, where the emperor Akihito was visiting to attend a fisheries event.”

    “An alleged rape by two navy sailors last month enraged Okinawans and reignited deep-rooted anti-base sentiment on the island, home to more than half the 52,000 US troops in Japan. The case led to a curfew on all troops in Japan, but two weeks later an American airman allegedly assaulted a teenager. Sunday’s incident also raises questions over the effectiveness of the curfew and other disciplinary steps. Japan has lodged a formal protest with the US embassy and military over the incident Sunday and demanded that they make sure the curfew is enforced.”

    In other words, keep your Black American animals off our streets. Now, if we can just get America to keep Blacks off our streets for the same reasons –Black rape and other Black crime.

    The Japanese are a proud people and one of the few remaining in the world who are willing to openly practice racial homogeneity and ostracize race mixing. Okinawa has had a terrible problem with rape ever since it was occupied at the end of the Second World War, and the victims have always been Japanese women (and sometimes very young girls).

    Americans have been brainwashed to think positively about Blacks. This brainwashing is usually cured by having actual contact with ordinary street Negroes. Other societies however (like Japan) haven’t been brainwashed to think positively of Blacks. They see them as unintelligent creatures, who are prone to raping their women and girls, and they’re upset that we’re still sending Blacks to Japan. Of course our government won’t stop including Negroes in the occupation force because the cowardly two party system likes to pretend that Blacks are equal, despite very real experiences and complaints that prove the contrary by the Japanese.


  27. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Arrogant Zionist Supremacists Increase Illegal Settlement Building
    Dec 26, 2012

    Despite claiming to be “peace-loving and democratic” to their puppets in the Zionist-occupied Western nations, the Jewish Supremacists have once again revealed their true intentions with a dramatically stepped-up building program in Arab land in the West Bank, a new report has revealed.

    An article in the Israeli news service Y-Net has reported that Israel has stepped up the illegal settlement building plans in the face of international defeats at the United Nations recently.

    According to the report, the “past few weeks have seen the government step up plans to build thousands of housing units in controversial areas beyond the Green Line.

    “Some of the plans were advanced following the Palestinian Authority’s UN status upgrade after having being frozen for months and even years.”

    Plans for Jerusalem include the construction of 6,000 housing units and hotel rooms. The article goes on to list where the construction is to take place, all in Arab territory.

    These plans are all part of the Zionist Supremacist plan to seize as much land as possible for the racist Jews-only state, and to force the Palestinians out even further.

    The Zionist Supremacists know they can get away with these outrageous plans because their puppets in the governments of America and other western nations will turn a blind eye to the Jewish Supremacist plans.

    The treatment meted out to the Palestinians, as tragic as it is, is only one side of the coin: the reality is that the Jewish Supremacists have also launched an equally vicious campaign to destroy all European nations as well.

    They are truly a threat to the peace and well-being of all people of the earth, and the sooner that the world rises up against this evil force, the sooner peace and harmony will be restored to our planet.


  28. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Nigger suspected of killing his White wife
    Published on Dec 28, 2012


    The Tennessee Bureau Investigation said the death of a Dickson woman found over the weekend is now being investigated as a homicide.

    The victim, Ashlee Long, was found dead by her mother and stepfather Saturday morning in a bed at her home on Bishop Lane in Dickson, according to Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristin Helm.

    The preliminary autopsy shows that Ashlee Long died from blunt force trauma.

    Husband hit on I-40

    The woman’s husband, Morris L. Long Jr., 23, was rushed to Vanderbilt Medical Center on Saturday after he stepped into oncoming traffic on Interstate 40 near McCrory Lane in Bellevue, according to Helm.

    According to Metro police, Morris Long was hit by a large truck and taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, but he is in critical condition.

    No charges have been filed in the woman’s death.

    Neighbors said the couple were married a year ago and never outwardly seemed to have any trouble.

    Funeral services for Ashlee Long will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. at Taylor Funeral Home in Dickson.


  29. Greg says:


    You wouldn’t by any chance be jealous cause Incogman asked me who I thought should be sent to SPAMblinka a while back would you?

    Funny thing is, I didn’t give him your name. Nor did I mention your name today.

    Stop embarrassing yourself.

  30. sog says:

    go fuckyourself shit for brains …i couldnt care less you trophy prestige hunting monger ..you are a fucking useles pice of white trash on the same parr with the niggers you love s much . the real issue was you putting words in peoples mouths ..both youand pat are exorbitant out of balance shills for chaos ..
    embarass ? my standing up for prt is not an embarassment at all unlike having to spar with a nitwit such as your self …jealous ? me lol ..of what ..you think like a moron ..geee why havent you posted for a few months because you got your little peepee caught in your zipper ..truth is you were butthurt by the truth on which you were nailed about your drama queen heritage and stirring up comment boards likke you did on hoffs site very purposely to come there and rain a cloud of piss and superiority on lil ol me over at hoffs …you lost any cerdibilty at that point and are a little 0 on the blueprint of life ….you and pat should get together for a real wing dinger of a time trying to outnigger each other and vying for alph dog staus ..you can sniff each otheres asshole to see if you should be jeaolous of what the other had foe dinner ….ha ha ha lol
    lmao ….later pissant


  31. dc says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All

    Sazzy: Straight up, you’re a really sharp and productive woman. I’ve learnt a lot from your finds. Much appreciated.

    Sog: I’ll level. You come across as a jackass; worse, a jackass with no respect for his readers. That said, I recognize your commitment and sincerity, and I thank you for your input, when I can follow it. One thing to think about might be: if we are so convinced of the superiority of white civilization and culture, then we should perhaps exhibit it, taking the time to distinguish between “there”, “they’re”, “their”, etc., etc., _ad nauseum_. I suggest you lay off Pat, he’s speaking to a different audience, and can’t help either his brains or education. He may or may not be a prick, but he is interesting and useful.

    Pat: I wish you would not rise to the bait. Remember that Incogman’s target demographic is exactly the median. Which means that two out of three readers haven’t a hope in hell of understanding, let alone debating, the key economic issues. For my money (heh!) the best key to prising open the oyster of ignorance is the holocaust fraud. … Most important thing is that we’re all trying, and that includes sog and PRT no matter how lame they can be.

    Just the thoughts of a very, very old man folks, not important. What is important is that we all protect and fight for our own: Sazzy, sog, Pat, … .

  32. sog says:

    @ chris thanks ..thats a good link ……right on and truth

    @ greg …you have attacked aotp and prt and just by sidling up to pat looking for some sense of comradeire from that guy who attacks people out of the blue ….check your radar pal …
    you have mentioned my name plenty of times because i called your shit out when you bludjeoned aotp and now flinging poo at prt jus cus pat was gettin his freak on by comin off all ramped up on psycotropics …

    hkw what no response …lemme tell you that when staleens soviet union killed 400,000 of yall in show trials post ww2 including emil feildorf this is what happens every time a nation of people helps communism to take over their country is that the prolatariet brainwashed pro commies always wind up getting communist hspitality and ethnically erased …come on halina he germans did not kill 3 million poles ..lol …
    and the constant carving up of countries was pretty common in europe and there were countless small medium and large wars and war less take overs …even a russian csar became the first official king of poland ….the problem is so many ethnic germans had made these lands their homes and foreigners moved in around them and also took root like in pooland ..
    yes i hope you are doing well to halina ….and a happy new year to you as well …that was then this is now but there are many lessons to learn from the present as well as history ..and sometimes they are one and the same …

  33. Greg says:


    Are you finished?

  34. sog says:

    so its completely possible kikes were running their slave ships full of white kidnap victims also along with nubes shanghaied off the streets of sities around the world…there were white slaves before black slaves …the plantation owners if not jews themselves were in the financial divination relam of jewry …jews wanted to break the south and buy it up cheap ….kikes specialty is starting wars and enslaving people …it all fits …..speaking of the south you realize there were many different levels of southern life and poor ,middle and well to do whites ..i dont think the south was a good example of real freedom for everyone under all the fiefdoms and wealthy landowners controls …it may have seceeded with good intentions which the embedded kikes in the south and the rothschilds took advantage of and hijacked the south long before the secession and civil war ….but they did make good on their satanic talmud and profits with the deaths of 700,000 whites and lots of profit eventually from their manipulations of the greenbacks throught heir influences …..

  35. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Thanks sog. I admit that I am guilty of blogging while intoxicated. But I also told the shithead I will pop the top of another beer everytime I hear of another nigger dead and another nigger going to jail. My brain and liver cant keep up with all that good news.

  36. EZ says:

    You’ll never be sober again at this rate!

  37. Biker says:

    i was in the military also and believe it or not, ive known some stand up Black men and women. one buddy stayed with our white group of 4 or 5, absolutely loyal. all white friends, white girlfriend. i asked him why one drunken night after a typical yard-ape walked up to him and started with the yo-my-niggah stuff and my buddy came unglued on him. his answer? he is a Black man, and absolutely cannot stand niggers.

    on the flip side, most Blacks in the military are NIGGERS. straight up, without a doubt. animals. i wasnt prejudiced at all growing up, One or Two black families in my little town, and they were good people. then i joined the military… and due to reverse-rascism coming from these big-city silverbacks, i grew to hate them. with a passion. thats where im at today. there might be a few good ones, but most arent worth a shit, and thats where im at today. they are all niggers, until they prove otherwise.

    the same can be said for Hispanics. there are more Hispanic U.S. Medal of Honor winners than any other race/demographic combined. real stand up people….some of them. and like the blacks, those that are stand up, absolutely hate the wetbacks. even more than we do or could. when i was out in West Texas i was shocked to see that the Mexican-Americans, the ones whose families have been there for a Century, and fought AGAINST Santa-Anna and Mexico for the right to be free of the same, were downright violent and vocal against wetbacks and illegals. they give them a bad name.

    now this was the 80’s and 90’s, im sure much has changed in Texas, and in the Military, but i have 3 words that should make everyone stop and think about our so called superiority


    we can do better. and if you start throwing stones, expect some multi-cult liberal bitch to throw a honey boo boo back.

    it is possible to love your own race, without hating another. its a tough balancing act, but it can be done. im not denying black on white crime, its rampant. and Sazzy, look not just at Japan, but also Black military crime in Germany. its rampant there also.

    but when did this start? right around Abby Hoffmans revolt against everything traditional and White. black on White crime in the 1950’s? show me. its nothing compared to todays stats.

    who created the modern hip hop ghetto nigger?

    who opened the floodgates on our borders, the US and Europe?

    who created honey boo boo, and the current generation of stupid and damned proud of it Whites?

    the enemy of my enemy is my friend…..for now.

  38. Biker says:

    just re-read my above and i kinda sound like a libtard there. what i was trying to say is that we need all the help we can get. this is a BIG problem, our jew problem. if we alienate the good of any race, we lose them, and the jew will play them against us.

    its us against everyone else, or everyone against the jew. which is more likely to work?

    “there are thousands hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root” -Henry D. Thoreau

  39. sog says:

    yeah sazy it was niggers that were found dead from ww2 in this site to
    my writing is off and want to apologise for not editing my material on oother posts where some of it collides together or doesnt finish ..too much rage goin on ….it is unavoidable these days ..
    biker that enemy would be the jew ahhye ..
    he has taken the po black man and hobbled what may have been decent in a few of em once upon a time and created a modern day nigger zombie epidemic like a michael jackson freakathon with trigger niggers and hip hop shoot till you drop knee hugger baggy pants and no purpose in life these days except to hunt whites ..
    ….military and jail will cure any god dam liberal ..quickly…niggers are worse when they are in numbers like uraneum ,unstable and more dangerous when critical mass sets in ..
    i dont trust any of them o % …like alot of people say there are 1 or 2 good ones out of millions and that is evidence of a failed branch of humanity …i think thats all prt and aotp were trying to say on here before they got cut down ,,..whatever ..level heads will prevail ..
    this conspiracy the jews have created is so vast ans so monstrous that it defies the wildest imagination to even comprehend it …and we need to be attackjing it asap ..
    they will come for all and it wont be a party in the kike fema concentracion kamps ..
    lu baaa vitch hasidic psycos want your head …..its ok if we worship them right but dont try to excercise your right to religious freedom here in the jewSA …ITS considered idolatry if you can wrap your normal mind around the stench and perversity of a kike mind …..

  40. Biker says:

    agreed SOG, its a tough line to walk. if we let them in they might screw us, if we dont let them in… we might screw us.

    and yes, prison or bootcamp is a sure cure for any multi-cult. you can love them all your liberal heart desires. its a rare case when they return that love. and when there are 20 of them and 1 of us? forget it.

    its war alright, war on all of us. niggers are killing each other at a greater rate than they are killing whites. whites are getting dumber, and weaker. ALL of the races need to wake the hell up! whether we stand together or not, we need to stand against their grand plan, or we all disappear. there wont be any white, black, or yellow, or brown, there will be a mongrel mixture of all, ruled from the temple mount.

    we cant let this happen

  41. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Claim seeks $100 million for child survivor of Connecticut school shooting


  42. Bailey says:

    When the cops identified this POS i thought, uh-oh, i was wrong.
    Hah, A nigger with a spic name.


    So, I see i didn’t miss much yesterday, just white people fighting over the “good nigger” myth.
    I aint taking sides in all of that but it’s a shame to see good people squabble over such bullshit.

    Focus people, Each year gets worse for us, Especially with the installation and the re-installation of that POS Barrack Obama.

    The real problem is the filthy kike bastards, forget about the good nigger you know for now, when the time is right you’ll see if the nigger is good or not.

  43. Lames says:

    I’m from the Bay Area and a white girl before you start judging. Sartain and gertsel were not innocently walking home at 5am, they were hanging out smoking weed with these boys. Sartain was dating Powell and got upset when he told her his girlfriend was coming to hang out with them. She slapped him and he hit her back, when Raquel exited the car to defend her friend she was shot in the face by this monster. What did Bobbie do? Start to run away and promise “not to tell anyone” that he KILLED her bestfriend (what a GREAT friend) The only innocent person in this whole thing is Raquel my heart breaks for her dad. The only reason I believe Powell even was interested in a 16 year old white girl is to pimp her out hence why he ALREADY HAD a girlfriend. It’s Bobbie Sartains fault this whole thing happened in my opinion and I applaud Raquel for her bravery.


  44. Breana says:

    Okay, one this is just a racist as site. And all of you guys deserve to be in jail or dead, w/ the fucking things you guys are saying and acting. Grow the fuck up, where in the 20th century no more slavery or segregation. The world is diverse get the fuck over it. And second of all you don’t know shit about the Bobbie and Raquel case, and you don’t know what happened or why it happened. Raquel was like my little sister you guys have no respect for the passed away. You make me fucking sick. Can you have a fucking picture or Barton first and not a fake guy crying wtfffff. This shit is degrading and unright. Bobbie and Raquel. Were like 2 peas in a pod couldn’t leave each other’s side, they’re not to blame. They were w/ the wrong type of people/crowd and things took a turn for the worse. The only person to blame is Diantay for shooting them both. Bobbie was NOT dating Diantay BTW either.

  45. Rock says:

    I don’t even know how your article ever made it! You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about and if you were a real journalist you would have done your due diligence and researched what happened before you called yourself trying to explain the case. This shows that you’re a racism and don’t have no respect for the families that’s suffering from this tragedy. Wtf makes you think they were black? Please do yourself a favor and keep your closed minded thoughts to yourself it’s gone only land you bad reviews and no career!

  46. INCOG MAN says:

    The shooters WERE black, you idiot. I talked to a cop involved in the investigation.

    You’re an effin idiot liberal.

  47. INCOG MAN says:

    The crime was practically censored completely by the media. You can’t even find one photo of the perps. If it was White perps, they would have 20/20 shows on the crime.

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