Zionist Jews Really Do Control Obama

Anyone wanting to see exactly how the Jewish Supremacists control what Barack Obama says and does, need only look at his comments on the latest Gaza Crisis.

From: White Civil Rights

Speaking at a news conference in Thailand recently, the details of which were posted on the White House website, Obama lied blatantly about the entire situation.

“The precipitating event here that’s causing the current crisis … was an ever-escalating number of missiles” fired from Gaza into Israel, Obama said. “And there’s no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.”

This is in line with the official—and mendacious—Jewish Supremacist line spun out by all the Zionist organizations, “left wing” and “right wing” alike, for decades, that the Arabs, just like all “anti-Semites” just love to attack Jews for absolutely no reason at all.

The real cause of the Gaza crisis was ignored by Obama—not that he would not be aware, just that he is more aware that to mention the real reasons would not please his Zionist Supremacist controllers.

For example, Obama did not mention Israel’s economic blockade, which has inflicted so much misery on the people of Gaza for so many years.

Palestinian girl horribly wounded by the filthy Zionist Jews. Obama could care less. The skinny mulatto punk wouldn’t dare piss off the Chosen Ones or risk the eternal wrath of demonic Jewdom. (INCOG)

Israel has turned Gaza into what is effectively the world’s largest open-air prison, where the only relief from suffering comes from supplies smuggled across the border from Egypt.

From the Israeli side, there is only a systematic plan “to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger,” as one cynical Israeli official put it.

And that’s literally what the Israelis have done.

Israel controls all the transport bringing food into Gaza, “an average of only 67 trucks — much less than half of the minimum requirement [for basic nutrition],” according to Jonathan Cook, a journalist based in Israel, who notes that more than 400 trucks a day were coming in before the blockade began.

The result is chronic malnutrition.

According to Middle East scholar Juan Cole, over half of schoolchildren and two-thirds of infants suffer from anemia.

Medicines and medical equipment are in terribly short supply too. People die for lack of treatment.

They are not allowed to make the short trip to Israel, with its high-quality medical facilities. Hospitals cannot be built (or rebuilt, after the massive 2008 Israeli attack on Gaza) because building materials are systematically kept from entering Gaza, too.

So the Palestinian victims of a stream of Israeli air attacks — targeted assassination efforts that too often strike innocent bystanders — cannot get the treatment they need either.

In 1967 Israel justified its pre-emptive attack on Egypt by claiming that Egypt’s blockade of one Israeli port was an act of war.

How much more, then, is Israel’s on-going blockade of the whole Gaza Strip an act of war. If Gazans shoot rockets in return it’s a result, not a cause, of the conflict.

In reality, the Hamas government in Gaza has been remarkably restrained in its retaliation over the years.

When Obama said “a genuine peace process starts with no more missiles being fired into Israel’s territory” he got it completely wrong.

It was Israel that destroyed the chances for peace once again with its assassination of Ahmed Al-Jabari, the leader of Hamas’ military wing, who had enforced previous cease-fires and was central in negotiations for a new one when he was killed.

In fact, Hamas has already been strictly observing a truce which Obama completely ignored.

Instead, he put all the blame on Palestinians and made it sound beyond question that the Israelis are the victims: “We are fully supportive of Israel’s right to defend itself from missiles. … We will continue to support Israel’s right to defend itself.”

The only reason that the president of America can tell such blatant lies is because he knows that the Jewish Supremacist controlled media will always support him and will try and prevent any of these more obvious Zionist lies from becoming public knowledge.

Obama’s comments sum up precisely what is wrong with the whole system: domination by alien, Jewish Supremacists, who twist and pervert everything to suit their own agenda, no matter what the cost to any other people on earth.


I can’t believe how many blubbering KWANs have said to me: “Obama is against Israel, he threw Israel under the bus, he would rather go on “The View” instead of meeting with Bibi Netanyahu in New York, blah, blah, blah.”

This is the power of mass media MEMES. Remember the story about Obama dissing Netanyahu by supposedly not eating lunch with him one day? Stupid, inconsequential crap like this is used by the media (especially FOX) to make people think our presidents are independent from Zionist control.*

What a sorry joke on America. This is a perfect example of “controlled opposition” and misdirection, of which the sneaky Jews are long-time pros.

Also, it now must be fully understood that the whole bit about Obama being a “secret Muslim” has been integral part of a giant Jew “psyops” program designed to keep Americans from seeing the real deal about the stinking Zionist Jews and their control over this country.

GD it White people, STOP! WAKE THE HELL UP. We’re being jerked around by these infernal Globalist puppet masters!

* One of my own brothers — sorry to say — thinks Obama is against Israel or, like his buds think, that Obama is really a “secret Muslim.” I gently tried to explain to him that all this was nothing but a long-running “Potemkin village” false front to waylay patriotic Americans, but it just didn’t seem to register. Like so much these days, the TV brainwashing of the masses is a lot stronger than what one’s own flesh and blood might say. Sucks, doesn’t it?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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199 Responses to Zionist Jews Really Do Control Obama

  1. Jason says:

    As for mulattoes I think ol’ Barry may becoming jew wise after all though. Here’s one of his fellow mulattoes telling it like it is. This guy nails the jew so look out. It’s called “The Myth of the Good jew.” Pass it along to all your pals. Short, sweet, succint and definitely straight to the point!!! Enjoy it missy joo joo 🙂


    14/88/110 – again and again

  2. Jason says:

    I say to you that the good jew does not exist, because one such as that would cease being a jew. I’ve been to your site miss mad moo joo and it just seems a little like Pam Geller light. I think you need to kosher beef it up a little bit. Who does your decorating? It must be Hillary, only she could come up wit so much ugly.

  3. Jason says:

    two comments stuck in the jew filter

  4. ib says:

    Universal terrorist, the burglar, all the Christian and Jews countries like England, France, Germany, Italy, India, China including USA are under dark shadow of terrible economic crisis along with natural calamities and serious incurable diseases. In the last few months, these countries are attacked by Hurricane, cyclones, storms, earthquakes, floods, snowfalls including dangerous conflagration which have demolished many cities of all those oppressor countries including America. Hundreds of people have died.
    to Read more click-

  5. S A Lee says:

    I have a different take on this subject. I do not hate the Jews because I do not subscribe to the notion that all Jews are the same. I dislike Zionism, it is one of the causes of the worst wars. It is designed on purpose to cause wars. This benefits the Anglo-American-Zionist elite on Wall Street. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc got London-New York financial backing and each benefitted Wall Street. I am not a Holocaust Denier, I know that it was a False Flag mass murder to create a world where you cannot criticize Zionism. It was fine to despise Zionism until Hitler’s errors made it not okay.
    Hitler was flawed by his hysteria, mood swings, and Romanticism. He was after all an artist. The evidence points to the SS actually having killed large numbers of Jews. Greed and cruelty are common in governments. He had no way of winning a protracted war and thus the Wall Street crowd (both Anglo and Jewish) benefitted from the bloodshed. Now, they can cover up Zionism by accusing all it’s critics of being Nazis.
    The Anglo elite are as guilty as the Zionists. Only about .5 percent of Jews are ruling class Zionists and have happily sacrificed their brothers and sisters to Hitler and Stalin. Zionists come in three categories. Communist Athiest Zionists who happen to be rich. They are the Rulng Class Zionists. They want a world Empire of Marxism ruled by themselves.
    The second category are religious Zionists who think YWH promised them Rulership of the World. They are Useful Idiots and will be betrayed by their Atheist Brothers. The largest category are Everyday Average Jews who embrace Zionism without even knowing or caring what it is. In America, they are merely Consumerists like other Americans buying crap, wasting money, staring at TV, worshipping themselves in the mirror, hypnotized by Hollywood. They will be sacrificed.
    There are religious Jews who reject both Zionism and Israel. They want to practice their faith humbly and quietly. They are either ignored or denigrated by their so called brothers.
    That is why I do not embrace Hitlerism. Adolf was an interesting, but flawed genius. I read his book and he made valid points, but failed to blame The British Empire and the post 1896 US elite for the crimes he pinned entirely on one group of people. His SS took actions that did more to help the Zionists than harm them. Not one billionaire Zionist was killed in the Holocaust, just a few rich businessmen who probably worked for their money. The only rich Zionists they captured we’re allowed to go free after bribing Hermann and Heinrich. The much heralded Protocols were also the product of a British False Flag operation in Russia. Muslim Fundamentalism is a US-UK- Israel backed False Flag started by Col Philby a part time Commie, Nazi, Wahabbi Islamist, and Brit aristocrat False Flag mastermind. He wasn’t even Jewish. By the way, his master stroke was to promote the Double False Flag TE Lawrence in the papers to cover his real False Flag.

  6. t bone says:

    S A Lee

    You need to step out of your gated community and do a little research.

    Thats the most liberal comment I ever read.

    If you love jews, just come out and say it.

    If you are a jew, just come out and admit it.

    I mean, it is cyberspace. The worst that’ll happen is you’ll lose whatever it is you’re trying to debate.

    I’ll get it started:

    It is not just zionism – its all judaism. Zionism is only a splinter group of their main talmudic objective.

    I’ll make my case as soon as I see that you’re not one of those hit-and-run shitstirrers.

  7. S A Lee says:

    I was hoping for a response like this. Sir, I am not a Jew, however, do you understand that the fact that I hate Zionism makes me an “enemy of the ZOG” as much as you are. We may disagree on whether or not all Jews are evil or just the Zionists. The fact that Zionist Gov’t doesn’t see the difference between us. I am officially an Anti Semite because I despise Zionism. It’s that bad. The Gov’t spies that are reporting on us right now are lumping us together. For that reason I advise persons not to endorse Hitlerism openly. By the way, I have no problem with people disagreeing with my take on this.
    I get the impression a great many here approve of National Socialism, but while it made for great drama it ended up helping the Zionists. I know Adolf was not the worst dictator and the six million figure is perhaps off. However, numerous SS veterans have confirmed the actions of their order and are proud of their actions. Check out Alois Brunner who moved to Syria and worked for Assad. Made the switch from National Socialism to Ba’ath Socialism.
    By the way, I am not a Jew lover. Known a few that I liked. Most were vain Consumerists. I once worked for an Israeli company and discovered that Israelis are the worst most conceited assholes on the planet. So bad was my experience with those creepy Israelis that I ended up calling them all sorts of names that will be deleted here and yes, I called them kikes. I “donated” the contents of one of their cash boxes to the Palestinian cause. So, no I’m not a Jew lover. I will never do business or work for an Israeli ever again.
    I worked in a Jewish dominated field and once had a Jewish girlfriend. Perhaps I am a recovering ex Jew Lover. I actually am trending to your side.

  8. t bone says:

    S A Lee

    It is not ONLY zionists. I’ve dealt with realtors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc… who were jews and ALL of them screwed me BIGTIME. I’ve met little jews who were against israel and acted reasonably pleasant. But thats short term. After knowing them for a while, they would eventually pull their usual jew BS.

    They love to lie. Sometimes you’ll notice that they try to be funny by telling these grandiose, larger-than-life stories. And when money or power is at stake, they will screw you – and do it with a smile and a handshake.

    You cant gauge a jew by a simple rapport. Some people have to work with them, etc… but really dont spend enough time to really understand their deep-rooted, nefarious intentions.

    And you can bet that its a jew who always try to pervert the conversation. A person can say “That video was hard to watch” – and a jew will pervert it by transcending the word ‘hard’ to have an explicit sexual spin. The jew is notorious for saying “Jesus Christ” as a swear word. I personally have a difficult time with that.

    The jew cannot be gauged accurately when society is talmudic to begin with. The jew is in its element. Really think about that.

    When I first came here, I noticed that the commenters and Incog were well-researched. I had to learn what they were talking about before presenting my case, albeit, I did know that jews were a problem and I did state that.

    You cannot downplay what they are doing. The jew infiltrates and does not go about it with its horns showing. The jew will be a temporary sycophant with an ulterior motive.

    “One cannot allow the Jew the same means one would give an honest opponent, for he is no honorable opponent. He will use generosity and nobility only to trap his enemy.” – Goebbels

    I respect Hitler but I dont reference him on a daily basis. If people like to show AH’s good side, I can only respect that. I’ve broken through the machinations of the jew. I dont feel any guilt or doubt about thinking and expressing myself how I want.

    Sugarcoating, being politically correct or being confilcted is is how the jew wants our thought processes to unfold. No, I’m steadfast and certain. I will carefully chose my words but I wont stray from the truth.

    Give it a little time, you’ll see that it is ALL jews. You just haven’t experienced it yet.

  9. Vinny says:

    A lot of people think Obama is a Muslim. That’s not true. His mother was some kind of crypto Jew. Michelle, the first black first-lady of the USA comes from a black-jew family. Her uncle is a black-jew rabbi.

    Obama was raised to be a donmeh jew since the first day he was born. Donmeh jews — and a lot of other kinds of jews — worship Islamic Jihad, because Islamic Jihad ultimately serves Jew Zionism and “Eretz Israel”.

    That’s why Jews played an immense role in starting the Islamic Jihadist groups. That’s why the Mossad played a huge role in starting Al-Qaeda. That’s why Uncle Sam, with the donmeh Jew Obama as president, supports the Islamic Jihadists in Syria : So much so we’re actually expected to invade Syria and/or Iran and risk WW3 — a World War we Americans are in no shape to win, the USA will be destroyed if there’s a World War , especially if Uncle Sam starts the World War :

    We’re expected to start WW3 and destroy the USA for the sake of the Islamic Jihadists in Syria. One can see clearly how truly Islamic Jihad serves Jew Zionism and “Eretz Israel”. The Jews want us to destroy the USA for their desire to take over the Middle East ; I guess the Jews plan to make an “exodus” there if they take over the ME while the USA lays in ruins.

    About Jew Islamic Jihadists :


    Jews own and control the Jihadists :


    Probably everyone who reads Incogman knows 9/11 was a Jew War Crime against the USA. As the Jews incessantly repeat their lies, it doesn’t hurt to constantly repeat The Truth ;

    “9/11: An Israeli Operation From Start To Finish” :


    An hour and eighteen long radio broadcast video about Jews + 9/11. If you have the time, it’s worth watching. Extremely informative.

  10. S A Lee says:

    T Bone, I thank you for your response and for your opinion. I find the WN movement to be superior source of info to the crap media. Though I may not hate all Jews, I believe in a Anglo Zionist Occupation Gov’t as the true source of evil. There’s some real nasty Protestant bankers in the cabal that runs the fake money, debt system along side the Jews. As I said, I worked for some Israeli bastards once and the filthy shits had the nerve to cheat me on my commissions and then sneer at me and worse give me a lecture on my moral failings after they cheated me. So I have experienced some of the crimesyou talk about.
    Perhaps it’s because my family were shopkeepers and we were in similar businesses that we never hated Jews. We saw them as fellow small business owners. The Jews of my grandfather’s generation were very clever, funny, knew card tricks, jokes, etc. So I sort of liked them when I was a kid
    The Jews my age seemed very shallow and materialistic, wouldn’t have known Zionism from toilet paper. In the 1990s I had a Jewish girlfriend, she didn’t attend synagogue, ate pork, and wouldn’t have known a Talmud from a toilet brush. She liked shopping for clothes, watching “Friends” on TV, and reading People Magazine. I got out of that about 15 years ago and avoided her type since then. Vain, shallow, materialistic.
    As far Mr Hitler is concerned, I was a free thinker so actually read his speeches and most of his book before judging him. I never just accepted the “He was bad just because we say so” theory. He was definitely a mythic figure and the pivotal person of the last century, Hollywood is still making money fom his story. I am just not convinced yet that only the Jews are to blame and that every Jew is to blame.
    Again, I know a lot or most of them are assholes, I worked for one. Here’s one that makes me sick. Most Evangelical televangelists support Israel and Zionism. Yet I know most of today’s Zionists Jews are Atheists and Israelis hate Christians. Most of today’s Jews are not the Jews of the Bible. Are the Televangelists just fools or paid patsies. By the way, I agree Obama is not a Muslim. He is Zionist owned. The Domneh theory sounds plausible, got any sources on that.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    One way jews manipulate the American people into non-stop wars for israel is by continuing the myth that we cannot become energy independent and the middle east is a vital strategic interest to us. When in fact the only interests they care about is israel. Whether it’s Alaska, the keystone pipeline, the gulf of mexico; natural gas, coal, nuclear or ridiculess windmill and solar projects that do not and will not work, our own zog and its paid provocateurs will do anything they can to keep us from energy independence so we can tell both the jews AND the arabs to go fuck themselves.


    Obscure mussel on front line in Pa. battle between drillers, enviros

    Most Pennsylvanians have probably never heard of the rabbitsfoot mussel.

    Even fewer are likely to have encountered one of the small freshwater mollusks in the wild.

    The rabbitsfoot is one of dozens of species on Pennsylvania’s state-level endangered species list, which figures to be the next front in the ongoing political battle between the state’s burgeoning natural gas industry and the environmental movement, which sees the gas drillers as a threat to the state’s natural beauty.

    But for the drillers extracting gas from Pennsylvania’s rich Marcellus shale deposits, protected snakes, mussels, frogs and salamanders can stop even the most powerful of their machines.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/09/16/obscure-mussel-on-front-line-in-pa-battle-between-drillers-enviros/?intcmp=latestnews#ixzz2f6TYBxXV

  12. Vinny says:

    @S A Lee :

    Two links about donmeh Jews. Another name for donmeh Jews is Sabbatean Jews. Contrary to what Jews say, they never rejected Sabbateanism. In fact, Sabbateanism is the real Judaism. 90% of Jews — if not more- are ardent Sabbateans. Sabbateans, on other words, Jews, always had an affinity with Islam, especially Islamic Jihad. Jihad ultimately serves jew Zionism and their desire to takeover the Middle East :


    Uncovering the kabala :


    Kabala and Sabbateanism — in other words, Judaism — can not be separated. Kabala is just as important to the jews as the Talmud. Kabala is the main book of Satanism, along with Islamic Sufism. The 2 mainstays of Satanism.

    I don’t have links about Obama being a donmeh Jew. One has to read between the lines about him. He was groomed for the presidency by Sabbatean/donmeh Jews, he’s owned 100% by Sabbatean/donmeh Jews, and he follows their agenda very earnestly and ardently. His half-brother, also African-born as is Obama himself, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood was started by donmeh Jews to a very large degree. Michelle is a black jew also. She, too, is a Sabbatean jew. It naturally follows Sabbateanism/donmeh Judaism is Obama’s “religion” in his heart.

    If he was truly a Muslim he would never be the president, that’s for damn sure.

    If you can’t find info about Obama’s brother being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt , let me know. I have the link somewhere here in my home office. I will have to go looking for it. But that’s not a problem if you want the link. Still, it should be easy to find with a simple online search.

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