Crazy Old Jew Blows Sandy Hook Anti-gun Psyops


THE TRAITOROUS COMMIE Jew scam is going down, Jack! People all over the place are now having serious doubts about the whole “lone crazy kid gunman massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school” business. Even some I once wrote off as mostly braindead, shuffling along through life believing everything they see on TV is real — even “Storage Wars” — are starting to think something wrong is going on. Likewise, I’m certain secretive and murderous Zio Jew forces are at this moment working to limit the damage or, like Gene Rosen below, just trying to continue on with the Jew show!

Here’s what I think happened: The plan by the real perps called for six innocent widdle kiddies to survive the assault by so-called “lone gunman” Adam Lanza. Vicki Soto and any adults who happened to be in the room (like the teacher helpers), had to die right off the bat. Everyone knows little kids at that age can’t really say or notice all that much and will not make dangerous witnesses later. But adults sure can.

And there’s no way they would put such “traumatized” little children on the air later. Perfect excuse for a country they think is now mostly PC braindead and lacking critical thinking skills to see the real power structure.

The extremely clever plan was to waste enough innocents to shock America, along with creating a few “Flight 93” instant heroes for the nation to fawn and bawl over during the legislative and media efforts to disarm us. Instead, the real assassin(s) had to slay the last bunch of kids because something interrupted the plan (probably the wrong police unexpectedly reacted too fast). Six was the specific number planned to go free, because they told Gene Rosen in advance that six frightened children would end up on his driveway. But Rosen went way, way overboard with his ham acting in front the TV cameras.*

Please watch the video of this Jewish Don Knots below!

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax “Eyewitness” Gene Rosen

Gene Rosen (who looks a lot like Jew pornographer Al Goldstein) obviously memorized his lines, later going on to embellish and ad-lib like a bitch. Even after the survivor children fail to materialize as planned, the old fool just went ahead with the show. Someone could not get to him fast enough and tell him to keep his big mouth shut. Maybe the Jew coot merely forgot to charge his cell phone the night before!

Now, some people might be saying all the families of the victims were actors and the kids are alive somewhere (Area 51, perhaps?). I disagree. Murder is much more easy to pull off, especially for a bunch with zero moral compunctions to begin with.

The main and possibly only, public actor in this whole sordid, murderous NWO Psyops Gone Awry is one Gene Rosen — hamming it up just like the usual crazy holocaust-surviving Jew everyone is supposed to believe!

I might be a little too sarcastic here about living prisoners held in a place like Area 51. Hell, I don’t know. Sure, it’s not so impossible. Remember, Jewry invented the Gulags in the Soviet Union and having complete control of the hated Amalek Goyim has always stoked the inner Jew sadist.

VASILY BLOKHINBut the sickening truth is, nilhilistic Jewry would just as soon waste you dead on the spot, or even designated sacrificial Jews — if they have to — as long as they get celebrated as “heroes to the cause” in the coming Jew police state.

Hell, Commie Jewry killed tens of millions in the Soviet Union — far more than any so-called “holocaust.” Murder robot, Vasily Blokhin (right) of the NKVD holds the world’s record for hands-on executions — shooting upwards of 7,000 in the head, out of 24,000 “liquidated” Polish officers and “intelligentsia,” by Stalin’s Jew henchmen when they took over half of Poland. He’s thought to have killed up to 50,000 over the course of his murderous secret police career. Funny, how mainstream media in the USA remains deathly silent on all the evil Commie history, huh?

I guess they don’t have any TV time left over with all the evil Hitler documentaries and stupid-as-hell reality shows they run, now do they?

Getting back to Sandy Hook: Right now, the real perps behind it, got to be pissed about enlisting this Rosen guy. They probably pulled the “help Mother Israel” routine to get him involved; maybe sweetened the deal a little by promising lucrative Wall Street insider deals later on, after things died down. Or simply appealed to his kindler, liberal, Obama-loving side — explaining how “evil” gun ownership was by the unwashed Goyim masses and how it all had to be stopped by the caring, sensitive, “light upon nations” Tikkun Olam Jewry. They may even have used all of the above, knowing just how greedy and arrogant these Jews truly are (I bet Rosen thinks he’s a A-Number One Jew).

Now, I would not at all be surprised to hear the guy had an “unexpected heart attack” soon enough and mourned as a “Sandy Hook hero,” ad nauseum, by the sickening obvious, Globalist Jew-owned national media. They do that for any Jew they can.

The real possibility as to what happened in that classroom was the designated survivors were shot down in cold blood when they understood they could not easily deliver the children to Rosen. They made a snap decision to end the operation by shooting down the kids. Remember, the assassin(s) just got through wasting the other classroom in toto. They had no problems killing innocents, whatsoever.

Now, some people might say “the simplest explanation is usually correct” (the old Occum’s Razor business). However, if you think about my little scenario here, you’ll see it’s really not all that complicated, nor implausible for a small, albeit heartless, team to have done exactly all this and very quickly (two, maybe three, highly-trained assassins would fit the bill just fine).

In fact, two shadowy figures are reported by responding officers over the radio. They actually caught at least one person in the woods behind the school. We won’t hear about his release or anything substantial until later when someone leaks it to the public via the alternative media. You sure as hell won’t see Tel Aviv Jew-owned ABC “World News Tonight” with Diane Sawyer say one GD thing, especially if it’s a dual citizen of sacred Israel!

I can guarantee you that embedded Zio traitors in the police (or Federal “ZOG” agents in Homeland Security) were right there to keep any real perps from getting busted by the local-yokels. It would not at all be difficult in the heat of the moment, or even later on (think about the “Dancing Israelis” on 9/11) — especially if you’re driving the right kind of vehicles and have proper ID.

Plus, all this neatly explains how they were let in. The principal gets an unexpected phone call from someone she trusts and opens the door for assassin number two (the main killer in charge). Instead of a friendly hello, assassin number one just behind him whips it out and shoots her dead on the spot, then quickly drops to one knee and shoots down another adult coming out into the hall to see what’s going on. Both women didn’t stand a chance.

While assassin number one proceeds over to the first classroom to kill everyone inside, assassin number two makes sure no other civilian is active and then manhandles a drugged and/or freaked-out Adam Lanza (already dressed for the party back at his executed mother’s house) into the foyer area. Number two blows a big hole in the front door with something, maybe a shotgun using the extremely powerful magnum triple-aught buck shotshell to simulate a “lone gunman” entrance.

Remember, shotgun pellets are almost impossible to forensically connect to a particular weapon. This might explain the business with the weapon in the trunk of the car (thought to be a Saiga shotgun). Or maybe he just used something high-tech to bust out the glass. All he had to do is make it look like Adam Lanza forced his way in, without leaving too many inconsistencies (which necessarily would happen after the ops timeline was soon blown).

JEW ASSASSIN SILOMeanwhile, assassin number one returns from his murder mission to classroom number one. They probably have some totally demonic heartless killer at their beck and call, much like that scary killer guy in the movie “No country for old men” (right). Believe me, such psychopaths have long walked this earth.

They already know the beautiful, young Vicki Soto is in the classroom right next door (perfect for later victim visuals). As they go in, an outside observation team, alerts them via secure communications that the local-yokels are responding far more quickly than anticipated.

Assassin number two makes a snap decision to end the operation immediately. Vicki Soto tries to throw off murderous assassin number one by yelling about all the children in the auditorium. He doesn’t bother replying. He starts blasting away at the two adults and the six kiddie “hero” set-asides, while assassin number two drags in Lanza and arranges his little “lone gunman” suicide death scene.

The two then proceed to exit the school and rendezvous with the next layer of the operation, possibly the purple van and phony nuns overheard being described on police radio traffic. I know the nun bit sounds crazy, but trust me, Christian-bashing Jews get giant laughs over Catholic nuns (it’s a Hollywood/sick Jew sex thing).

Hell, the real assassins may have even dressed in nun outfits, with police uniforms on underneath (for the escape) and used specially built pistol-sized .223’s (AR caliber) under their garbs. Imagine that.

Now I fully realize I’m speculating a bit here (OK, maybe a lot). And I don’t have any insider information — I’m just a lonely “lone wolf” Internet truth-teller. The nun bit is probably nonsense, but you never know.

If I did get a few things right, or if my whole scenario thing is more or less correct by accident, I might just be the next to get a visit from some scary as hell looking Zionist Jew assassin squad, intent on blowing me away and anyone unfortunate enough to be near me.

I say: Bring it on, you effin’ Zio mothers!

— Phillip Marlowe

*If 6 kids were killed in Ms. Soto’s class, along with Ms. Soto and her adult helper, and 7 living kids were discovered by the police much later hiding in the closet (total: the entire class), who were the 6 kids telling Rosen “their teacher, Ms. Soto, was dead” (see video)? If it was kids from another class, then what class and why did they say their teacher was named Ms. Soto? How did they get so far away from the school? Why didn’t the mystery bus driver just take them to the fire house right next door?

Inquiring minds want to know!



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Pat says:


    The below listing includes a couple kikes that aren’t there anymore like Wiener and Gifford.

    But this is enough to give you an idea of how fucking infested our congress is.


    Richard Blumenthal (D-CT)
    Former state attorney general who defeated Republican Linda E. McMahon for the seat vacated by Chris Dodd. Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue, Boies Schiller & Flexner, Cablevision Systems, Belfer Management, Tudor Investment. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: Lawyers/Law Firms, Securities and Investment, retirees, real estate, leadership PACs. Committee Assignments: none yet.

    Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
    Reelected against the well-funded Carly Fiorina; in the Senate since 1992. Top 5 Contributors: EMILY’s List, Girardi & Keese, University of California, Time Warner, Cotchett, Pitre &McCarthy. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: lawyers/law firms, retirees, TV/music/movies, womens issues, Democrats/liberals. Committee Assignments: Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Environment and Public Works (chair); Foreign Relations

    Benjamin Cardin (D-MD)
    Formerly a member of the House, Cardin was first elected to the Senate in 2006. Top 5 Contributors: Johns Hopkins University, DLA Piper, Constellation Energy, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Goldman Sachs. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: lawyers/law firms, real estate, retirees, health professionals, “pro-Israel.” Committee Assignments: Budget; Environment and Public works; Foreign relations; Judiciary, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
    In the Senate since 1992. Top 5 Contributors: PG&E corp, DeBartolo Development, Northrop Grumman, Walt Disney Co, Gallo Winery. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: lawyers/law firms, retirees, real estate, TV/movies/music, securities & investment. Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Judiciary; Rules and Administration.

    Al Franken (D-MN)
    First elected to the Senate in 2008. Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), General Electric, University of Minnesota, Time Warner, Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: lawyers/law firms, TV/movies/music, Democrats/liberals, Retirees, securities and investment. Committee Assignments: Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.

    Herb Kohl (D-WI)
    Elected to the Senate in 1988. A multimillionaire, owner of the Milwaukee Bucks (basketball). Top 5 Contributors: Herb Kohl for U.S. Senate, RE Loewenberg Capital Management, SC Johnson & Son, Safety-Kleen Systems, Tudor Investment. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: Democrats/liberal, finance, chemical and related manufacturing, waste management, securities and investment. Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; Judiciary

    Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)
    Oldest serving senator, in his fifth non-consecutive term. Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), Vector Group, Carella, Byrne et al, Cantor Fitzgerald LP, Apollo Advisors. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: lawyers/law firms, real estate, securities & investment, Democrats/iberals, retirees. Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Commerce, Science and Transportation; Environment and Public Works

    Joseph Lieberman (Independent-CT)
    In the Senate since 1988, Lieberman became an independent after his defeat in 2006 primary at the hands of anti-war candidate (and IT millionaire) Ned Lamont. Top 5 Contributors: United Technologies, Sempra Energy, Purdue Pharma, UBS AG, Lehman Brothers. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: securities & investment, real estate, “pro-Israel,” lawyers/law firms, retirees. Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (chair); Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Carl Levin (D-MI)
    In the Senate since 1979. Top 5 Contributors: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Ford Motor Co, General Motors, Cerberus Capital Management, Guardsmark LLC. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: lawyers/law firms, retirees, “pro-Israel,” real estate, Democrats/liberals. Committee Assignments: Armed Services (chair); Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; Small Business and Entrepreneurship

    Bernard Sanders (Independent-VT)
    Genuine independent, self-proclaimed socialist, and one-man filibuster, Sanders has been in the Senate since 2006, following 16 years in the House. Top 5 Contributors: eScription Inc, Baron and Budd, Plumbers/Pipefitters Union, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Communications Workers of America. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: retirees, Democrats/liberals, lawyers/law firms, building trade unions, transportation unions. Committee Assignments: Budget, Energy and Natural Resources; Environment and Public Works; Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; Veterans’ affairs

    Charles Schumer (D-NY)
    Schumer was first elected in 1998 after serving for 18 years in the House. Top 5 Contributors: Paulson & Co, Paul, Weiss et al, Weitz &Luxenberg, Credit Suisse Group, Ernst & Young. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: securities & investment, lawyers/law firms, real estate, finance, TV/music/movies. Committee Assignments: Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; Finance; Judiciary; Rules and Administration (chair)

    Ron Wyden (D-OR)
    In the Senate since 1996. Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), Nike, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Berkshire Hathaway, Foxkiser. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: lawyers/law firms, securities & investment, health professionals, real estate, hospitals/nursing homes. Committee Assignments: Budget, Energy and Natural Resources; Finance; Judiciary

    Michael Bennet (D-CO)
    Bennet’s mother is Jewish, and a Holocaust survivor. Appointed to the Senate in January 2009 to fill the seat left vacant by Ken Salazar when he joined the Obama administration, Bennet won first full term in 2010. Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), Brownstein, Hyatt et al, Blackstone Group, Comcast Corp, Union Pacific Corp. Top 5 Industries/Interest Groups: Democrats/liberals, lawyers/law firms, securities & investment, retirees, real estate. Committee Assignments: Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions


    Gary Ackerman (D-NY)
    Top 5 Contributors: Castagna Realty, Associated Capital, Crystal Window and Door Systems, Tilles Investment, Abrams, Fensterman et al. Top 5 Industries: Real estate, lawyers/law firms, securities and investment, public sector unions, retirees. Committee Assignments: Financial Services, Foreign Affairs

    Shelley Berkley (D-NV)
    Top 5 Contributors: MGM Resorts, Bergman Walls & Assoc, Wynn Resorts, Harrah’s Entertainment, Apollo Advisors. Top 5 Industries: health professionals, casinos/gambling, lawyers/law firms, “pro-Israel,” real estate. Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs, Ways and Means

    Howard Berman (D-CA)
    Top 5 Contributors: Walt Disney, News Corp, Time Warner, National Amusements Inc, Sony. Top 5 Industries: TV/movies/music, lawyers/law firms, “pro-Israel,” retirees, computers/Internet. Committee Assignments: Foreign Affairs (Chairman), Judiciary

    Eric Cantor (R-VA)
    Minority Whip for the House’s new Republican majority. Top 5 Contributors: Altria Group, Comcast Corp, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Goldman Sachs, KKR & Co. Top 5 Industries: securities & investment, insurance, real estate, health professionals, pharmaceuticals/health products. Committee Assignments: Ways and Means

    David Cicilline (D-RI)
    David_Cicilline David_Cicilline
    Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), Waterson Terminal Services, B&D Holding, Di Marco Drago e C Sapa, Gilbane Inc, Edwards, Angell et al. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, retirees, real estate, Democrats/liberals, Construction services. Committee Assignments: None yet.

    Stephen Cohen (D-TN)
    Top 5 Contributors: FedEx, American Crystal Sugar, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Machinists/Aerospace Workers, UNITE HERE. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, labor unions, health professionals, air transport, retirees. Committee Assignments: Judiciary, Transportation and Infrastructure.

    Susan Davis (D-CA)
    Top 5 Contributors: Qualcomm Inc, American Federation of Teachers, General Dynamics, National Assn of Realtors, SAIC Inc. Top 5 Industries: public sector unions, women’s issues, defense electronics, lawyers/law firms, health professionals. Committee Assignments: none yet

    Ted Deutch (D-FL)
    Top 5 Contributors: Flo-Sun Inc, Lipman law firm, Marc Bell Capital Partners, Sun Capital partners, Akin, Gump et al. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, real estate, “pro-Israel,” retired, securities & investment. Eliot Engel (D-NY)
    Top 5 Contributors: Verizon, Monroe College, St. Georges University, Passion Growers, American Assn for Justice. Top 5 Industries: health professionals, “pro-Israel,” education, lawyers/law firms, telephone utilities. Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce, Foreign Affairs

    Bob Filner (D-CA)
    Top 5 Contributors: Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union, Plumbers/Pipefitters Union, Accurate Engineering, Duty Free Americas, Anakam. Top 5 Industries: health professionals, building trade unions, transportation unions, public sector unions, real estate. Committee Assignments: Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans’ Affairs (former chair)

    Barney Frank (D-MA)
    Top 5 Contributors: FMR corp, ActBlue (Democratic PAC), New York Life Insurance, Weiss Capital, Promontory Financial Group. Top 5 Industries: securites & investment, insurance, real estate, lawyers/law firms, retirees. Committee Assignments: Financial Services (former chair)

    Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ)
    Top 5 Contributors: University of Arizona, EMILY’S List, Lewis & Roca, Grant & Eisenhofer, Boeing Co. Top 5 Industries: retirees, lawyers/law firms, leadership PAC’s, women’s issues, candidate committees. Committee Assignments: Armed Services; Foreign Affairs; Science

    Jane Harman (D-CA)
    Top 5 Contributors: Northrop Grumman, Raytheon Co, SpaceX, Physical Optics Corp, Blue Dog PAC. Top 5 Industries: “pro-Israel,” lawyers/law firms, retirees, securities & investment, TV/movies/music. Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce; Homeland Security

    Steve Israel (D-NY)
    Top 5 Contributors: Rosen Partners, Cablevision Systems, Stidd Systems, Virtu Financial, Estee Lauder Companies. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, real estate, securities & investment, manufacturing and distributing, health professionals. Committee Assignments: Appropriations

    Sander Levin (D-MI)
    Top 5 Contributors: Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Honeywell International, American Fed of State/County/Municipal Employees, Northwestern Mutual, Comcast Corp. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, insurance, health professionals, real estate, hospitals/nursing homes. Committee Assignments: Armed Services (former chair); Homeland Security; Business and Entrepreneurship

    Nita Lowey (D-NY)
    Top 5 Contributors: JPMorgan Chase, Weiler Arnow Management, Goldman Sachs, American Assn for Justice, American Federation of Teachers. Top 5 Industries: securities & investment, retireees, lawyers/law firms, real estate, “pro-Israel.” Committee Assignments: Appropriations

    Jerrold Nadler (D-NY)
    Top 5 Contributors: Glenwood Management, Newmark Knight Frank, New York Eye & Ear Infirmary, American Assn for Justice, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, real estate, securities & investment, construction services, transportation unions. Committee Assignments: Judiciary; Transportation and Infrastructure

    Jared Polis (D-CO)
    Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, Intensity Ventures, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Del Mar Partnership. Top 5 Industries: Democrats/liberals, securities & investment, retirees, real estate, lawyers/law firms. Committee Assignments: Education and Labor; Rules

    Steve Rothman (D-NJ)
    Top 5 Contributors: Inserra Supermarkets, BAE Systems, Laborers Union, Teamsters Union, Lockheed Martin. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, health professionals, defense/aerospace, pharmaceuticals/health products, transportation unions. Committee Assignments: Appropriations, Science

    Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)
    Top 5 Contributors: American Assn for Justice, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, American Fed of State/County/Municipal Employees, American Optometric Assn, OB-GYN PAC. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, health professionals, labor unions, retirees, “pro-Israel.” Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce

    Allyson Schwartz (D-PA)
    Top 5 contributors: New York Life Insurance, New Democrat Coalition, Berger and Montague, Hankin Management, Investment Co Insurance. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, health professionals, securities & investment, women’s issues, pharmaceuticals/health products. Committee Assignments: Budget; Ways and Means

    Adam Schiff (D-CA)
    Top 5 Contributors: Blue Dog PAC, Honeywell International, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Operating Engineers Union, Parsons Corp. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, health professionals, retirees, TV/movies/music, building trade unions. Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Judiciary

    Brad Sherman (D-CA)
    Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), National Assn of Realtors, Specialty Merchandise Corp, Credit Union National Assn, Carpenters & Joiners Union. Top 5 Industries: real estate, TV/movies/music, lawyers/law firms, building trade unions, retirees. Committee Assignments: Financial services; Foreign Affairs; Judiciary

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)
    Top 5 Contributors: Flo-Sun Inc, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, National Air Traffic Controllers ASsn, American Fed of State/County/Municipal Employees, American Assn for Justice. Top 5 Industries: lawyers/law firms, health professionals, public sector unions, building trade unions, transportation unions. Committee Assignments: Appropriations; Judiciary

    Henry Waxman (D-CA)
    Top 5 Contributors: Vivendi, News Corp, Gilead Sciences, American Fed of State/County/Municipal Employees, LHC group. Top 5 Industries: TV/movies/music, health professionals, hospitals/nursing homes, health services/HMOs, lawyers/law firms. Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce (former chair)

    Anthony Weiner (D-NY)
    Top 5 Contributors: ActBlue (Democratic PAC), M&R management, Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Mason Tenders District Council of NY, National Community Pharmacists Assn. Top 5 Industries: real estate, lawyers/law firms, securities & investment, Democrats/liberals, TV/movies/movies. Committee Assignments: Energy and Commerce; Judiciary

    John Yarmuth (D-KY)
    Top 5 Contributors: Kindred Healthcare, Brown-Forman Group, General Electric, National Thoroughbred Racing Assn, Lazard Ltd. Top 5 Industries: retirees, health professionals, lawyers/law firms, public sector unions, hospitals/nursing homes. Committee Assignments: Budget; Ways and Means

    Dual Citizenship — Loyal to Whom?…op-5-financial

  2. Pat says:


    Bank of Jewmerica is a member bank of the KikeFederalReserve.

    Interesting where this is all leading….

    I suspect the “bankers” did the Sandy Hook thing to try to defang us pre-economic implosion.

    People are waking up.

  3. Karen says:

    Pat, the old Rabbi claims in vol2 that zionism is judaism and as for being mean-spirited I wholeheartedly agree, not a spiritual, kind old jew, like you see in the movies! He also claims that every word in the bible is the EXACT word of God DIRECTLY from the mouth of God and to claim otherwise makes you an Illuminati tool. I never said I agreed with what he wrote, but it’s very interesting and shows where Makow gets his material.

  4. Biker says:

    true Pat. debrief, disarm, destroy. surrender worked well for German POW’s in ww2 didnt it? as well as it did for Russians in 1917.

    if we let these satanic bastards take our guns without a fight, we WILL regret it.

  5. Pat says:


    Please don’t take anything I said as a slight against you. It isn’t and wasn’t.

    You’re very, very right. It is illuminating to see what the Jews say.

    When you read their bullshit you see what they tactics are.

    That was a good find on your part.

  6. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ProtocolsRtrue says:
    January 7, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    sazzy. So back to your 1/ 7/ 12 43. I knew I recognized that gun from somewhere before. Just never like that and never with 6 rounds in the chamber. Could somebody be lying to us?
    I don’t know which post you’re referring to.

  7. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    When discussing barney phhuuccking phhhrrrrank and his donors frphanny mae and phhreedy mac including his pphuccking boyfriend who worked there dont forget to mention barney pppphhhhraannnnks jewboys ssspphhhherrrrrmmmm donors.

  8. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I thought you posted something on january 7th at 1243 pm. my bad. should have added 2013.

  9. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    No this one from incogman websight. And the photos that lead the video you posted. That gun only chambers 5 rounds at a time.

    SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    January 7, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    White mother Shoots Home Intruder Six Times after Being Cornered in Attic
    Jan 5, 2013

    ‘Comrades Obama, Bloomberg, and the other jewish anti-gun creeps would have just assumed this woman and her two daughters be murdered.’

  10. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Conn. mayor wants school named for teacher in Newtown massacre’

    The mayor of Stratford, Conn., near where the Newtown massacre supposedly took place in December, has proposed naming a school after teacher Victoria Soto, who is said to have shielded her students from the gunman who took 26 lives, plus his own.
    Personally, I think this is just another “play on the emotions” to assist in the violation of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    United Way Sends Condolences To Sandy Hook Victims 3 Days Before The Shooting

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Whoopi Goldberg Demands Assault Weapons Ban (VIDEO)’

    Who cares what this ugly negress with a jew name thinks? She should be tried for treason and sent to Africa.

  13. silvernickel says:

    I forgot about this tyrannical story. This could be our reality one day;f=1;t=057626;p=

  14. LibertarianChristian says:

    @Frank Fredenburg,

    Google uses a page date listed on a website to display a date in the search results (when one is available). SOME websites will shadily alter their dates to boost search engine optimization. You can test this out by searching something that occurred today and set the search options to search excluding today’s date and you will still get a ton of results. It’s shady practice similar to the old days of “keyword stuffing”, etc…

    Meaning, the person on that blog doesn’t know this and prolly should.

  15. Furor Teutonicus says:

    “White mother Shoots Home Intruder Six Times after Being Cornered in Attic
    Jan 5, 2013”

    Obongo says, “Damn! If I had a son, he would look like Paul Slater.”

  16. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    @ Furor Teutonicus

  17. silvernickel says:

    Holy Occultic numerology! We’re supposed to believe that one of these children just happened to have had the ‘master number’ of shots embedded in their body?

    I dont believe it. The number eleven was put in these articles as a clue to their fellows globally of what criminal black-op they had going down. This number 11 has been noted by occult researchers many times in other suspicious black ops and terror events. Here we have it again! In your face.

    “The gunman in the Connecticut shooting blasted his way into the elementary school and then sprayed the children with bullets, first from a distance and then at close range, hitting some of them as many as 11 times, as he fired a semiautomatic rifle loaded with ammunition designed for maximum damage, officials said Saturday.”

  18. sog says:

    SazzyLilSmartAzz says:
    January 7, 2013 at 8:19 pm ……………………………………………………………………………….

    this ugly nigger bitch whoopie goldturd should be tried for failure as a human and for being ugly in public ..she is truly one of hollywood jews experements …she thinks she is a voice of public opinion ..shes a joke ..
    the communists and their shabbats nigger goy should have seen the carnage in new orluns ayyhe ..where blackwater took weapons from people so they couldnt defend themselves from looters and rogue cops and mercs …2nd amendment abated
    weapons seized in amerika ,,naaah ,,..
    how does taking guns away from 150 million law abiding respectful americans deal with a problem the jews insidious false flag forces implement ..
    who are these idiots who think that they can make choices for us ..isnt this called facism in its real definition and not the one they always paste to lawful govt.’s that supress jewish chaos ..
    facism is goldturd telling america to give up its weapons ..fuck that kaffir shit loaf just cus shes a friend of the jews they may not hurt her later or she has a gun in her purse like the =rest of the hypocrites ..hypocracy is huge with the chosenites and morons ..
    the problem is armed jews terrorists running rampant in this country ..all the tsa and anti terrorism doesnt seem to control the jewish rogue element ..all gun laws are an infringement on our right to own and posess and use a gun for responsible reasons ….niggers ,mexicans and jews use them irresponsibly ,and this is not a problem ? ,obviously not to the law because they would incur nigger and jew control instead ..
    the common nigger hood rat and his jew compatriot are the very definition of american terrorists …all the people tsa terroises are just innocent american travelers …how come niggers flash mobs are not intercepted and jailed under detention laws then if that is what they intend ,to lock up terrorists ,,,..these nigger knockout and flash mobs are the very definition of terrorism ….they are using telephones to communicate their movements so these nigger flash mobs are not exacttly an event that cant be intercepted …

  19. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    @ sog
    I agree and I think she’s an ugly black Commujew who should be tied to a mud hut in Africa!

  20. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    sog I sentance you to endless reloop videos of “the view” with goldberg and babba wawa and the other 2 jew bitches interviewing that homo simmons exercise guru guy and whichever jew of the day. With toothpicks to hold your eyes open and the volume real loud with posters of the who and led zep on the wall. We can make you talk…

  21. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    OMG ProtocolsRtrue!
    How cruel!!!!!

  22. sog says:

    this article by citizenfitz on prophecies of future rocks …good stuff …good site …

  23. sog says:

    oh shit prt hoooow could you be sooo cruel
    i cannot tell you how much i hate that crap show the view ..
    that blonde bimbo ditz is the most opionated slob ive ever seen along with the other kosher hogs on that brainwashing state of the art hollywad jew program …my ex watches it and i used to mock all the idiots on there so i wasnt welcome during the show ..i wonder if they would consider having me on their ,heh heh …they might try deprogram me from truth and reality first but i know that just being in or associated with holly wood takes a major decontamination to get the jew alien corruption off of you ..

  24. sog says:

    you know the one where they remove your eyelids ..heh heh ..this should be done to the view whores and then they should be forced to watch liberace loops for 30 days straight ..oouch

  25. t bone says:

    “…I think she’s an ugly black Commujew who should be tied to a mud hut in Africa!”-Sazz @9:48

    About those ‘mud huts in Apefreeka’…well, methinks they is sho’ not made o’ dee mud.

    It’sa b-b-black thaaaang! Go-Rillaz is resourseful wit dung y’all. Negro fashizzle, flinging they poo.

    A Typical Rural House

    The rural poor live in huts and government-supplied “houses” that are no more than 150-200 sq. ft. in floor area. Huts are usually constructed from mud blocks, roofs are thatched and the floors are covered with a mud and cow-dung paste that serves as a disinfectant.

    INSULATION: Dried up dung is also used in colder places to line the walls of rural homes, as it’s also believed to be an excellent (and inexpensive) insulator.

    WOUND APPLICANT: Cow urine is often used as disinfectant on wounds.

    This references India, with a people more advanced than b-b-blacks. I have a good one about b-b-black mud huts in my bookmarks. It makes what I just posted look like an episode of ‘This Old House’.

    I’ll find it. I’ll post it.

    Until then:

  26. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    It’s not that bettey midler or jew bezar is it? Oy vey if you ever want to nuke the planet with fucking poison tv bombs lets just put goldberg and wawa and midler and behar or whatever a Hoda or yoda is together and just let them talk. Holy fuck either everybody dies or more people wake up.

  27. ovadiayosefgOYbals says:

    ok me and dallas goldberg have finally cracked this case ,see for yourself

  28. sog says:

    newspaper that exposed gun owners now has armed gaurds on premises …

    thousands oppose obama care ..
    if all the business owners stopped laying everyone off for fear and unreasonable compliance to obama “care”and decided to form a pact with other businesses to ignore the illegal communist obama care the states would have to pay attn. to the staes ability to refuse such federal invasion of states rights ..

  29. jon says:

    what your dealing with are not jews although they want you to think they are. they are of the devil, filled with demons look at the eyes. this is for the nwo or agenda 21 same thing, to shit on the christians. they know if won’t ever happen with an armed america. these fuckers have already stolen all of the countrys wealth . think of it ,cut a tree down and buy a country or a building or a senator the list gos on. they killed kennedy for it they had to ,to get where they are today. they own the media ,radio, banking,wall st all because they took out kennedy to control the money.

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