It’s 22 Million Illegal Aliens …YOU FILTHY LIARS!


It’s 22 Million Illegal Aliens, you Lying Political Scoundrels!!! (Politicians dishonestly claim only 11 million illegals.)

By James Buchanan @White Civil Rights

One of the first things that politicians do when they want to pass some incredibly bad law is they start to lie. When ObamaCare was being debated, various Democrats were promising us that ObamaCare would not cause small businesses to lay off or slash the hours of millions of workers or that ObamaCare would not turn into a bureaucratic nightmare or that government bureaucrats would not be on “death panels” deciding who gets life-saving care. Of course, all the skeptics were right, and now we’re stuck with this albatross around our necks, which will strangle what’s-left-of the US economy.

Well, the Democrats, Zionist-controlled news media and many spineless Republicans are lying about the number of illegal aliens in the US and how catastrophic it will be if they grant them all an Amnesty. The typical number being bandied about by these liars is 11 million illegal aliens. By the way, when you hear politicians saying “undocumented immigrants” instead of illegal aliens, that’s a blazing red flag that you’ve got a dishonest political weasel right off the bat.

Bear-Stearns estimated an illegal alien population of 20 million in 2005. One source in 2006 notes “More than a year has passed since those studies were done so we should add another 2 to 3 million to both figures given the continued ‘sieve’ called our southern border. That would make the Pew Study actual count at 13 million, minimum and the Bear Stearns Report count at 22 million, minimum.”

The only “good news” on the immigration front is that the economic downturn that started in 2007 and continued through 2013 has reduced the incentive for more illegal aliens to invade the US. Unfortunately, a badly damaged US economy is still going to be better than the Mexican economy, so the claims that millions of illegal aliens have returned back to Mexico are not very credible.

Why are politicians lying about the number of illegal aliens? They want you to think that an Amnesty for all the illegal aliens in the US is “no big deal.” So they come at us with the ridiculous low-ball number “11 million” hoping to fool enough Americans to get away with their latest bit of treason.

Meanwhile, the US economy is still stuck in the Bush-Obama Depression. Obama continues to spend 1.5 trillion dollars more each year than the US collects in taxes and the interest on the National Debt is $800 billion dollars per year. By the end of Obama’s second term, Obama will at least add another six trillion dollars to the Debt, more than doubling it over his two terms!! The number of Americans, who are receiving food stamps, has shot up from 31 million Americans when Obama took office to 48 million by October, 2012.

Somehow, Barack Obama was reelected despite this abysmal economic situation, no doubt helped by the fact that the Republican opposition was a lukewarm liberal Republican who supported a war on Iran (that would have been as unjustified as the war on Iraq) to appease his Zionist wire-pullers.

Now, that Obama is into his second term, the “moderate mask” is off and Obama is pushing for gun control and Amnesty for the gigantic illegal alien population. Never mind the fact that we’ve got 48 million Americans on food stamps, who could use the jobs that the 22 million illegal aliens are taking away from legal US citizens.

The Democrats are obviously pushing for an Amnesty to stack the political deck in their favor, giving citizenship to 22 million illegal aliens, who are for the most part poverty-level Mexicans, who tend to vote 80 percent for the Democrat Party. In fact, several million of these illegal aliens, may have illegally voted in the 2012 election so that Obama would get a second term so he could give them an Amnesty in exchange for stealing the election.

All patriotic Americans should call their Senators and Congressman and make it crystal clear that there should be NO AMNESTY. You may want to remind the Republican politicians what happened to the last Republican Senators, who voted for the 2007 Amnesty Bill, 75 percent of whom have been either voted out of office or compelled to retire. If a Republican politician can’t do the right thing (vote against Amnesty) for the right reason, he should do the right thing for fear of being thrown out of office in his next primary by the Tea Party.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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214 Responses to It’s 22 Million Illegal Aliens …YOU FILTHY LIARS!

  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Hey EZ
    Why don’t you tell that to all the victims of illegal mexicraps and all American citizens who are paying for their food and health care?

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    So, EZ expects us to cry for the poor mexicraps while Whites suffer to support them and suffer death as a consequence of their being here. Sorry, I’m not a bleeding heart for filth and I’m not going along with the jew agenda.

    ARE YOU?

  3. EZ says:

    Hey Sazzy-
    I suppose I should clarify. The movioe “Tizoc” is a movie produced by a Jew to encourage people of European heritage to miscegenate with indios, the Mex version of “guess who’s coming to dinner”. The mongrel result of that mixing is what we’ve got invading our space. Mexico has a 10% white population but you’ll never see them here.

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Two Illegal Mexicans Rape & Murder 15 Year Old White Girl

  5. t bone says:


    If you read enough of my posts, youll see that I identify the jew as problem number one.

    But my town has been infested by wetbacks and they are the rudest, most arrogant scumbags around.

    A reason to go back?

    What? Now the burden is on Whites to atone for mexcrement shortcomings?

    Long, cold winters wont do it as long as EBT and Obamacare is available to them.

    They hate Whites yet hypocritically mooch off of White infrastructure. My taxes pay their way. They should get up off their lazy, braindead asses and build their own infrastructure. But why should they do that when they can get freebies off of a very naive American multitude.


    The mexcrements are hardly ‘victims’.

    I repeat, the mexcrements are hardly ‘victims’.

    Whites need to be concerned about Whites, not mexcrement, negroes or jews.

    The only concern we should have about the latter is exposing their frauds and frog-marching them out of our airspace. Period.

  6. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Okay EZ – misunderstood. Sorry.

  7. t bone says:

    Sazzy @ 4:01 and 4:09

    Well said.

  8. EZ says:

    Ok no prob my bad for not being clear. I was in Mexico for five years. It was the result of that, to a large degree, which caused me to become a White racist.

  9. t bone says:


    Can you summarize you experience in Mexico?

  10. EZ says:

    I don’t really even have words for it. Kind of like my grandfather wouldn’t talk about the war.

  11. Arribaman says:

    Right on the mark! Obama (alien-born, ex-Indonesian, NOT presidentially valid) most likely STOLE the election, via illegals voting, or some folks voting twice using different identities, especially in states (like Ohio) where photo-ID was been withdrawn (by alien groups working with Dems and some Reps).

    He’s further bankupting the nation with military actions continuing (which he aimed to end?) plus his new “medical” program – avildy pushed by the massive drug firms!

    Now he seeks to “legalize” probably 20+ million mostly very alien-minded (anti-white) folks and DESTROY WHITE AMERICA forever.

    And he knows many will get mad, so he’s trying to grab firearms: firstly assauly ones, but then all civilian guns are likely to follow. (Hint: do NOT register anything with US feds, not even your goldfish. Kick them out of your life.) Obama thinks: To hell with the white-man’s age-old “right” to keep weapons (specifically to prevent INVASION as the land faces, and/or tyranny in Wash DC as core citizens face.)


    Romny should yell about stolen votes & Obama’s illigitimacy but he’s a silent sellout.
    Actually Ron Paul should yell at how the insiders tole the Rep nomination too!

    (* You. I say this as one far from US shores for decades, when I saw it coming. Unfortunately my first overseas bastion in southern Africa got overrun by enemies after leftists in Lisbon just walked away from 90% of their country in the African provinces, so they’d have less immediate stress in Lisbon. Mozambique & Angola had been flourishing with the influx of European settlers bringing modern ways and rather sane rule, unlike the mosters that replaced them, and in places like Mugabe’s Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. I told folks in USA/UK that supporting this, a branch of our own culture/race sourrounding S Africa/Rhodesia/SWA, was FAR more important than the DUMB and unwinnable war in Vietnam, [helping one corrupt Asian gang versus the Moscow/China backed one. Regardless of who won, it wouldn’t just “spread” to vastly different white Australia.] But nobody got the message that major US/UK media surely never let me broadcast, having SEEN events. 1970s was time for Americans and Brits (and Portuguese) to clobber “red” uppity politicos in southern Africa (where we had a large and growing settler population, unlike Viet Nam!!) And take over the US/UK media too! (To hell with “rights” of liars to run media! Just take out the major liars and march them to… who cares? Remove them. You know who core operatives were/are in the main media.) And it is still not too late to do that regarding main media and your security in US, Britain, etc. (But too late for white Africans!)

  12. Arribaman says:

    Oh, I forgot to post a crucial link to article by Dave Gibson (Jan 30, 2013) on website about coming martial law, being prepared in test raids now in various US locations by infamous “joint” groups (in which goddam feds ALWAYS think they are supreme. Not so! I’m just reading Alexander Stephen’s famous 2 volumes on southern Constitutionality in the first US Civil War.) See

    “All Signs point to impending state of martial law”

    LEAVE COMMENTS there too! (other have.)

  13. Karen says:

    Off topic but a bit of wisdom from a famous & brilliant old German Alky…”revolution sounds very romantic, but it ain’t. it’s blood and guts and madness; it’s little kids killed who get in the way, it’s your whore, your wife ripped in the belly by a bayonet and then raped in the ass while you watch. it’s men torturing men who used to laugh at Mickey Mouse cartoons. before you go into the thing decide where the spirit is where the spirit will be when it is over. I don’t go with Dostoevsky that no man has a right to take another mans life but it might take a bit of thinking first. of course tha gall is that they have been taking our lives without firing a bullet.I too have worked for dismal wages while some fat boy has raped 14 year old virgins in Beverly Hills. I’ve seen men fired for taking too long in the crapper. aaI’ve seen things I don’t even want to talk about, but before you kill something make sure you have something better to replace it with; something better than opportunist slamming bullshit….if thee is a battle, and I believe there always has been, then please be carefu of your leaders, for ther are many in your ranks who would rather be president of General Motors than burn down Shell Oil. but since they can’t have one they take the other. these are the human rats of the centuries who have kept us where we are, this is Dubcek coming back from Russai a half-man…the nest of the arts like the nests of the Revolutionaries crawl with lice covered freaks seeking coca-cola solace because they can neither find jobs or paint like Cezanne. …I am particularily pleased to live in this age, the little man has simply gotten tired of taking too much shit!

  14. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Alleged Sex Abuse Rabbi Says Teens Tried To Seduce Him LOL!
    This week, a Brooklyn yeshiva leader was arrested and accused of sexually abusing at least three teenage boys. Rabbi Yoel Malik, 33, a former teacher and part owner of the now-closed Ohr Hameir school in Borough Park that the victims attended, is alleged to have sexually assaulted most of the boys at different times at a Brooklyn motel. But Malik told investigators that the teens, all between 13-16, tried to seduce him: one police source told the News his comments “were self-serving. In other words, they were coming on to him.”

    Prosecutors said that in addition to rubbing each teen’s genitalia, Malik forced two victims to perform oral sex on him at the motel, and forced the third one to do so in a car. Police added that no charges have been filed concerning a fourth victim, who he also allegedly raped in the motel, and who is currently in Israel. Prosecutors said all four incidents occurred within the last year. Sources told NBC that “Malik admitted to detectives that he had encounters with the boys, but denied having sex with them or giving them alcohol and cigarettes.”

    He has been charged with 12 counts of sexual abuse, four counts of criminal sexual act, 11 counts of endangering the welfare of a child and one count of forcible touching. Many family and friends in the community have come to his support: his wife Rachel told the News: “This is vicious gossip…He’s a good man. I don’t know what to say. I hope it’s not true.”

    “This is a frame-up,” said his 64-year-old mother, Miriam Malik. “This is an extortion plot. My son has a heart of gold. He’s a wonderful father.” Misri Toba, one of his Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbors, said her husband was friendly with Malik: “He’s a fine man,” said Toba. “I don’t believe it’s true.”

  15. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Oh wow EZ – I am so sorry!

  16. Arribaman says:

    We’ve been having a hot discussion on the impending (?) US Obamacare (Martial Law & Gun grab), and someone voiced displeasure with my suggestion that toxic media needs to be overtaken. Well, “capitalism above all” is NOT my motto. (Many folks who have much money to buy things like networks, did a lot of sleavy and toxic stuff to get that much loot!) Truth over lies, comes much closer to my ideal. Preservation of our people and culture is high up there.

    And IF you get marial law, guess what they’ll be occupying? Major media. So you only get their version of news. So when anti-marxist revolt began in Baltic state Lithuania, the actual battle between plebs (commoners) and Russian “authotities” with tanks was at the main TV station! See, it’s about controlling one’s world view! (So why not take control before feds do in a more visible way? Why let lies just drag on an on? That is like lies had carried on Baltics radio/TV until the locals took over those facilities.)

    Ok, that means fed control of the internet will also likely come.
    (Right now some places like Red China omit many anti-China sites or ones with real news. To reach outside some folks their use proxy servers.) Get out shortwave to receive AND transmit local news you see of events, plus your ideas: what to do.

    And someone voiced displeasure with calling the “black liberation front” words like reds and uppity politicos. Well, “red” is the root of the Esau gang at the core (of the group commonly known as Jewry) – read Isaiah 63 on their pompous red attire in Bozrah the old capital of Edomia (Idumeans, Esaus’ gang, addressed in Obadiah). The red African leaders (often supported/paid by Moscow) became vocal and antagonistic against us (European Christians). Learn this: Leon Trotsky invented “racism” (in his 1930 “History of the Russian Revolution” tirading against slavs at that time) and later tiraded against all whites, trying to foment world red revolution in USA etc, from his last base in Mexico (after even Stalin exiled the very troublesome Marxist agitator). He was damned uppity, with way too much chutpah, thinking he has a right to destroy our culture, our Bible Laws. (They ought to be for Jews like himself, but he was just a humanist for his gang runnng all via secular regimes). Many African anti-white neo-Trotsky “marxist” leaders followed this vile style, like Nelson Mandela, just a common red terrorist in prison when I was there. If the uppity red jacket fits, wear it. I bet Mr Obama could fit into that jacket. What do you guys think?

    PS: Some folks find another German doctor invented “racism” – he wrote on strange sexology and pushed unconventional ideas. But it seems Trotsky was first, although the German Jew may have pushed its use widely in the early stages too, before the Russian word got into English widely. Both were kinfolk of same world view. (right now I forget his name and book title.)

  17. Wickerchairman says:

    So what can concerend folks actually do??
    How can they organize to stop this madenss?

  18. summerled says:

    make a stand declare the irs and the fed illegal stop paying federal taxes
    rally like minded people quite simply get in the way of business as usual
    yeah its tough but not impossible

  19. sog says:

    karen it reminds me of an old addage ,,dont shit yourself out of a job ..
    if you dont eat you dont shit,if you dont shit you can die and keep your job ..sog…..
    i think that by ridding society of its race traitors who absolutely negatively affect our quality of life as a few posters have confirmed we can be satisfied in allowing more air for us to breathe and a rennaiacanse of silence in opposition to the loud and onscene control of tyrants …in other words ,killem all and let the vultures and pigs have a feast …
    the reason the 5-0 treat us with such negative violent indifference and physical abuse is because thay have been getting away with it more and more over the last 60 years …i remember when looters and rioters were shot like they deserve …and they deserve it even more today but the police are neutered mentalk cases who will be fired if they dont toe the jewkike line in politically corect environment ..
    civil rights movemnet was never intended for whites and even with eric hilders broad statement publicly that whites dont get civil rights only niggers and mexcrap and asians ,chinks ,dinks and kinkx…billy reubins …
    if i had one wish my friends i would wish for all worthwhile patriots to have an m-60 and 20 million rounds to go with it and a full aray of real military weaons ….oh is that more than one wish …fuck the pc shit we are under seige and we have been targeted by jew world order for extinction …the use of niggroid bio weapons by cunning kikes to degrade the usa to the point it is now ……we are already dug]ffering from semi gun seizure and extreme control ..many good citizens are becoming casualties of the nigger and spik ON white crime …and what is driving us crazy is the inability to really ,,really fight back either politically or physically without landing in the klink..sanctuary cities tell us all we need to know …..irs in collusion with jew world order allowing lateeenohs to collect billions in fake child tax crdits tells us volumes …eric holder who is a trigger nigger his self and felony law breaker and not being chrged tells us all we need to know ..the nigger caucus is nothing but an ati white ,and rediculous nigger coddling agenda group of ooverpaid fried chicken eating niggers …do you think any of these niggers gives one shady fuck about 1 white person …they all supported trigger nigger holder when the “issue” of fast and furious came up …all these illiterate congress coons could learn to parrot was “daxx rayciss” dazz rayciss ” one of em up for fun and try to carry on a conversation with anyone of these installed puppet niggers on a 75 iq level or axx em where wash dc is …and uh uh yehh dazz rayciss whitey …
    the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT was about the end of whites as it is in south africa ..
    the only solution there is to arm all whites and slaughter all niggeres and jews down there ..and who cares if they are replaced with anyone ..the program down there is like russia or armenia or spain or even panama when op just cause dropped in and started incarcerating panamanian citizens ..shadow teams went and blocked off dtreets and had lists and dragged people on these lists out onto the side waks and executed them …well they were all on noriegas drug teams when noriagas cokaine express service and employees “retired” and any one else who didnt like the new regime starving them to death in “pow” type camps then they to the dissidents were also “retired” …
    this type extra judicial killing is typical of “police” states and is close to that here only they use the bio weapon trigger nigger to carry out the always marxist agenda of mass murder ….
    if we know anything about the jewish subterfuge then we know that it is vast and has socio econmoic and religious dictatorships interwoven through it all …hasidic lubavitch judaesim being the talmud ic religious dictatorship over america …food dictatorship now controls all phases of growth and distributiuon and is repsonsible for the massive toxic food matrix in your food supply …
    medical dictatorshiip ..educational dictatorship ..political dictatorship …pornography and metamphetamine epidemic that fueled serial killers worlwide and the likes of bundy and kraft and all the killers like this being jewsih is telling ..
    a socirty that is so scik from jewish meddling and shenanigans that it produces mutant sons of obama and is exactly what communist think tanks have striven for for 100 years we know that jews agenda is right on course and also the military is co-opted by kikes in govt as is congress and senate and industruies are controlled by greedy beady eyed hook nose jewish vultures …
    so what would be good for africa and the white peole there who civilized souther africa before any nigger ever even knuckle dragged there would be a mission imperative neccessity here in the usa …all the rouble making agitators and their henchmen all would need to be retired ….
    whites settled and farmed the hard scrabble land of rhodesia/zimbabwe for one example and there wernt niggers there until the farms flouridshed and niggeres gravittaed to farms for jobs and food and security ..the niggeres and whites on theis level got along fine till the communist kike agitators and their henchrats started to upset the peace there and now the farms are seized and they Are worth 10-20 million dollares and they are sold as dachas or country estates and hoogenstraaten holds much of the lands ….trhere is litterally no food being produced there now and the niggeres commie/jew gov wants white to come back and be sharecroppers for the new communst dystopia …
    one of the popular beiliefs is that japs didnt invade americas west coast because there would have been a weapon behind every blade of grass ..sounds good enought to me ..and so why do the jews chronically continually screetch and kavetch about gun control,when its nigger control the world needs …prescription medication kills alot more than 200,000 a year and cigarettes fahgeddaboudit ,thats another 400,000 a year ..negligent doctor dictatorship kill 180,000 trusting patients every year and lemme tell ya all of it anit so innocent or “mistakes ” as many are deliberate culling of whites
    an alot of these sdoctors killing patients is for financial gain as in harold shitman kike doctor who killed 3-500 people ..all in a days work and he gats paid to ,,suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a deeeeeeeeeeeeeel…

  20. summerled says:

    support the Libyian rebels because thay are the real voice of the people

    support the Syrian rebels because thay are the true goverment

    kill all the american rebels thay are terrorists

  21. sog says:

    oh well i have anoher typo for ya sass ,congressional black carcass theyre already brain dead so im half right ….
    a day in the life of a nigger congress coon …….dum de dum
    sheeeit i be wakes up ahdt rouns 11 clock ans doan caer gnomesayan if ids am or pm’s uhhmm hummm ..11:01 ? nigger eaches for his prostitute and mirroe fiull of ex and coke and likker bottle an shit …damn i am a lckety nigra a muckety muck fo sho an hans nod duh ebens say massa na all to dem dam crakkas down at dat congress place an shiudt ..hey hoe chop me aline an fill up my crak pipe biotch..i bes fiddin to bend an elbw ans lite up some uh dat crak sho nuff
    the rest of said congrees nigger carcus day or nite pendin on when duh ape stirs is repeated every hour exactly as above …. ..
    uhmm hmmm yeh uhmm hmm wen dat nasteeass holder biotch an shiuuh cummihn roun fo an shiuhh ,man my knukkles iz sore or sumpthin etc …then a 10 minute break for a chimpout on who took more hits off the crak pipe and etc ……… get the idea lol…

  22. t bone says:


    Whites are organizing but at a slow pace. These sites/blogs show signs of organization.

    But the masses need to nip the jew problem in the bud. Problem is, many Whites rather do things the hard way and wait until its almost too late; when their backs are to the wall with a negro or mexcrement knife to their throat and they simply have no choice.

    It will happen.

    If I could belong to a like-minded group, I would join in a heartbeat. I do plant seeds along the way and maybe one day I’ll luck out and find that group because of my efforts. Or maybe I’ll start my own.

    I have met a fellow White thru these channels and I’m in touch via email/phone with four. Its a start. And we are indeed like-minded.

    So my advice would be:

    1.) Frequent sites that you like until you feel comfortable exchanging contact info with other commenters.

    2.) Speak to people in your neighborhood about it (you may have to enter into it in a delicate manner until they’re ready to hear the hardhitting stuff).
    Remember: A steady diet is more effective than a force feed. And talk like you would to a 6 year old. In this fast paced society, people like simplicity, esp. thought provoking one-liners.

    You could even make some fliers or better yet, paper currency has a nice canvas to it. It reaches many hands.

    3.) DO NOT give up!

  23. sog says:

    yeah summerled you got a rapier salient point on that issue ..
    usually you follow the money to find the source of shit but with electronic banking now you have to follow who is killing the indigenous civilians in a country to see who the bad guys are ..nicaraugua africa spain syria libya lebanon was alittle complicated but is always the so called “rebels” that show up armed with news est shiniest murder wmd in theoir little jewish paid claws and alot of rebls aleways happen to be jews especially in war protests or the occupational unemployed occupy = to tea party dissemination and diminishment of any actual chance of creating a useful revolution in the usa because that is the only thing that will perhaps possibly even out the odds of overall white survival in the usa …

  24. sog says:

    my comment got eaten but yea summerled the rebels are always conveniently ansd suspiciously already organised and armed and they aleways kill indigenous civilians as does the U.N. .. spain 1936 – nicarauguan contras -libya-syria- egypt was probaly a mix of good and bad rebels mixed together for confusions sake–lebanon got compolicated but was always jews behind the devolvement of govt. and economy and safety for indigenous people there…rebels are a majical geroup of “freedom” fighters that seem to be completely and totally ready right at the time a country is thrown into turmoil the kikeinfluence in the govt throws the country into turmoil and the so called rebels are majically already at the asme time to toss the fuckin plav]ce into confusion and bedlam ..who wins ? certainly noit the indigenous especially if the unit nats starts bombing the shit outta the place “liberating” the masses …as if a cruel death by jew is liberation for the unlucky survivors …ask ghadaffi or hussein …i mean but they were placed into power at one time when things were more defined and lines wernt blurred and the goals and agendas were more “humane ” a kinder more gentler machine gun hand …these guys tried to become national minded and do good for their countries and the jews didt klike the sound of that perhaps …the only sound they like to hear is the clinking of coins and if you take one penny away from their lucre they will scream all day long ….oh yeah ….heh heh much as kikes hate pork is because pigs remind the world of who they are ..filthy swine…………

  25. summerled says:

    sog that was fucken brilliant quote of the year!!!
    i have no patience and hate typing that’s why my speech is limited LOL!!

  26. sog says:

    hmm i musta plagiurized that from somewhere ..heh heh …thanks but the real credit goes to the people who thrwo the sites on www and put all the info there …i have a 1 track background op aleways working to find common denomiator and connections and similar behavs and acts ..

  27. backinblack says:


  28. sog says:

    allovertheplace says:
    February 2, 2013 at 1:37 pm
    yeah thanks aotp …… a ok …
    hoff if i remember has all kinds of downloadable books pdf’s ? ………

  29. sog says:

    Muslim crime in Britain: A young woman was facially disfigured and almost lost her eyesight in a horrific unprovoked acid attack on the streets of London

    death to la raza and brown spik beret fuckin grease balls

  30. Karl Martell says:

    Her name is Barbara Lerner Spectre. She promotes the destruction of europe, through immigration. Legal or illegal. Watch and listen carefully to this white hating jew rat.
    She is infesting Sweden with her poison.

  31. Omar Revo says:

    you Americans have a serious problem dudes, they also get to your country among shipments coming by the sea, not only borders

    in a couple of years maybe you’re going to be a minority in your own home country

  32. Pat says:


    Have a nice day.

  33. La Raza says:

    Yeah, granting amnesty to 22 million criminals, and all the efforts are made to disarm you, while dumbing your ass down, so they can Legally assault you, while accusing you of racism, even asking you to go back to Europe.

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