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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Pat says:

    “CONSPIRACY THEORY”…where did that term come from?

    In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commission’s findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent a detailed directive to all of its bureaus. Titled “Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report,” the dispatch played a definitive role in making the “conspiracy theory” term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the government’s increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question.


  2. summerled says:

    pat brilliant
    just borrowed that to post everywhere cheers!

  3. Pat says:

    CIA DOCUMENT 1035-960


    —–READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What’s that?

    CIA Document 1035-960 was released in response to a 1976 FOIA request by the New York Times. The directive is especially significant because it outlines the CIA’s concern regarding “the whole reputation of the American government” vis-à-vis the Warren Commission Report. The agency was especially interested in maintaining its own image and role as it “contributed information to the [Warren] investigation.”

    The memorandum lays out a detailed series of actions and techniques for “countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries.” For example, approaching “friendly elite contacts (especially politicians and editors)” to remind them of the Warren Commission’s integrity and soundness should be prioritized.

    PROPAGANDA ASSETS LIKE slAnderson Pooper
    The agency also directed its members “[t]o employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics. Book reviews and feature articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose.”

    1035-960 further delineates specific techniques for countering “conspiratorial” arguments centering on the Warren Commission’s findings. Such responses and their coupling with the pejorative label have been routinely wheeled out in various guises by corporate media outlets, commentators and political leaders to this day against those demanding truth and accountability about momentous public events.

  4. Pat says:


    CIA Document #1035-960, marked “PSYCH” for presumably Psychological Warfare Operations, in the division “CS”, the Clandestine Services, sometimes known as the “dirty tricks” department.

  5. GTRman says:

    I’m pretty sure I was just privy to a ‘conspiracy ‘-
    but it’s just a ‘theory ‘ :

    Huddle in close , now ….

    I overheard my neighbour conspiring over the phone with who I believe to be her son .
    They were plotting for her to babysit on Monday as the usual Day-Care arrangements were snowed off .

    I’ll keep you posted , over and out .

  6. Pat says:

    “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
    –William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy

    “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.”
    –CIA operative, discussing the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Katherine the Great, by Deborah Davis

    “There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.”
    –William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

    “The Agency’s relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.”
    –The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein

    “Senator William Proxmire has pegged the number of employees of the federal intelligence community at 148,000 … though Proxmire’s number is itself a conservative one. The “intelligence community” is officially defined as including only those organizations that are members of the U.S. Intelligence Board (USIB); a dozen other agencies, charged with both foreign and domestic intelligence chores, are not encompassed by the term…. The number of intelligence workers employed by the federal government is not 148,000, but some undetermined multiple of that number.”
    –Jim Hougan, Spooks

    “For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government…. I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations.”
    –former President Harry Truman, 22 December 1963, one month to the day after the JFK assassination, op-ed section of the Washington Post, early edition

  7. Pat says:


    How to counter public outrage over the obvious nature of the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax. Go here:

    CIA DOCUMENT 1035-960

  8. Pat says:

    RE: Concerning Criticism of the Sandy Hook Movie

    1. Our Concern. From the day of Sandy Hook Movie Production on, there has been speculation about the veracity of the entire story. Although this was stemmed for a time by the initial shock of event reporting, various writers have now had time to scan the official report and documents for new pretexts for questioning, and there has been a new wave of books and articles criticizing the official findings. In most cases the critics have speculated as to the existence of some kind of conspiracy, and often they have implied that the government itself was involved. Presumably as a result of the increasing challenge to the official story, a public opinion poll recently indicated that 46% of the American public did not think that Lanza acted alone, while more than half of those polled thought that the government had left some questions unresolved. Doubtless polls abroad would show similar, or possibly more adverse results.

    There is growing speculation and belief that the entire Sandy Hook Movie was just that – a movie. Produced by JewTool Steven Speilberg along with other professional liars and shills such as Despicable Gene Rosen.


    CIA DOCUMENT 1035-960

  9. GTRman says:

    Brilliant comment here , from the British Resistance site . Hoff would be proud , he’s pretty much nailed it (as they say now) in a couple of paragraphs :

    ” A difficulty is that many people don’t understand the connection of the Holofraud with modern life. The Jews could work out an exit strategy such as simply stopping mentioning it . It may just be faded out so mainstream TV mouths will be instructed never to mention it. Even quite informed people don’t yet make a connection since Jewish attitudes are so censored. There should be novels, sitcoms, films, history lessons, lectures about their activities; maybe in time there will be; let’s hope so.

    Jewish power is unlike most forms of power in being secretive and hidden.
    We are not saying they are omnipotent. The root in my opinion is their control over money, most obvious in the USA where the Federal Reserve (1913) is prominent and relatively recent. (The ‘Bank of England’ is far more obscure, historically – Cromwell, USA, opium wars, WW1 and what have you). In the US the Fed has allowed Jews to buy up all important industries, as far as I know, including of course the media. And carry out massive frauds including the Holohoax and 9/11. However, all this relies on secrecy. The power base is just paper; Jews are a paper tiger which unfortunately is inflicting crippling damage on white countries. It must be difficult for Youtube, Google etc as every day they must get contacted by irate ADL types spewing their lies, or unstable thuggish morons like the Weyman Bennett. Maybe they have a plan to remove all this material soon.
    Maybe they are legally bound by the First Amendment in some way.
    They are like a spinning top that has to continually keep being made to rotate.”

  10. Pat says:

    This trend of opinion is a matter of concern to the U.S. government, including our organization. The public information operatives such as LT. Vance of the CT State Police were naturally chosen for their integrity, experience and prominence. Maximum use broadcast grief was attempted, including some inappropriate laughter. Just because of the standing of the operatives such as LT. Vance and Dr. “Clown” Carver, efforts to impugn their rectitude and wisdom tend to cast doubt on the whole leadership of American society. Moreover, there seems to be an increasing tendency to hint that President Obama himself, as the one person who might be said to have benefited, was in some way responsible for the alleged mass shooting. Innuendo of such seriousness affects not only the individual concerned, but also the whole reputation of the American government. Our organization itself is directly involved: among other facts, we contributed information to the investigation. Conspiracy theories have frequently thrown suspicion on our organization, for example by falsely alleging that Peter Lanza worked for us. The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit the circulation of such claims in other countries. Background information is supplied in a classified section and in a number of unclassified attachments.

    CIA DOCUMENT 1035-960

  11. Pat says:


    Yes, that was a good comment you just posted.

    One thing, your Pound works the same way that our Dollar does. Both are debtFraud and InterestFraud instruments benefiting jews directly and are a means of societal enslavement to jews.

    This is the problem of our time.

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Plouffe: President Has Enough Votes to Pass Gun Control’

    (Get rid of their guns and let the immigrants kill ‘em)

    20 Jan 2013

    White House adviser JEWISH David Plouffe said Sunday that he believes President Barack Obama has sufficient votes in Congress to pass gun-control legislation.

    “I think Newtown has changed the debate,” JEW Plouffe said, referring to the deadly shooting at a Connecticut elementary school in December of 2012.

    “Sadly, it took a tragedy like that.” He said both Democratic and Republican Americans support laws controlling the size of weapons clips and requiring universal background checks on gun buyers.

    He also predicted that immigration reform will make it through Congress.

    “This is the moment,”JEW Plouffe said. “The stars seem to be aligned to finally get comprehensive immigration reform.”

    Obama has staked out a second term agenda of overhauling immigration, gun control and the tax code. JEW Plouffe took an optimistic stance, saying that the time has come for both immigration change and gun control.

    Obama’s call has put him in conflict with the National Rifle Association, which opposes the restrictions and has called for armed guards in every school. The gun lobby last week released an ad saying Obama’s own daughters are protected by armed guards at school and calling the president an “elitist hypocrite.”

  13. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    NRA Tunes into Cable TV to Raise Money, Air Gun Rights Issues

    Sunday, 20 Jan 2013

    When President Barack Obama announced a raft of proposals in the biggest U.S. gun-control push in decades, C am Edwards, ho st of Sportsman Channel’s “Cam & Company” talk show, wasted no time siding with the National Rifle Association.

    “Assault weapon is a made-up name for a gun I can ban,” said Edwards, an avowed Second Amendment advocate, who later in the program read, word for word, the NRA’s statement in response to Obama’s announcement.

    Edwards, whose show is produced by NRA News, is one of the cable TV personalities the NRA hopes will promote the right of Americans to bear arms. That effort might become more important if public and political sentiments harden in favor of gun control in the wake of the Newtown shootings that claimed 26 lives.

    Another Program, Outdoor Channel’s “Friends of the NRA,” is hosted by former baseball player Matt Duff and champion shooter Jessie Harrison Duff and is an offshoot of the group that raised more than $200 million for national and local programs “that ensures the availability of quality training and educational opportunities,” the group says on its site.

  14. summerled says:

    Masses Close To Realizing Their Money Is Being Destroyed

    Today 40-year veteran, Robert Fitzwilson, wrote the following piece exclusively for King World News. Fitzwilson, who is founder of The Portola Group, warns, “When the masses realize that their money is being overtly destroyed in front of their eyes, there will be a panic. By then, it will be too late.” Below is Fitzwilson’s piece which discusses the approaching end game, and how gold and silver will be the primary beneficiaries.

  15. GTRman says:

    ” When the boot comes in ” he he the brits’ll get that one :

  16. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Santorum: We Need to ‘Stick to Our Guns’

    Sunday, 20 Jan 2013

    Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, said on Sunday that Americans and the government need to “stick to our guns” when it comes to fighting gun control laws for the United States.

    The former Pennsylvania senator and presidential candidate appeared in a roundtable discussion on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss President Obama’s gun control initiatives and several other key issues along with George Will, Cokie Roberts, former Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, and Matthew Dowd.

    At times, particularly during the gun control discussion, the debate got somewhat heated, especially between Santorum and Granholm.

    “Given the increasing level of violence in our society, people feel unsafe, said Santorum. “And having a gun and gun ownership is part of how people can feel safer.”

  17. Pat says:


    Gold and Silver is NOT the answer. People who say that shit are selling Gold and Silver. LOL

    In a currency collapse scenario – product and services will still have value. They will STILL HAVE VALUE because that’s the only thing that really has ANY value anyway.

    Gold and Silver do have some industrial value. But only if you’re building something that uses those metals. Silver can be used as an anti-biotic and can also be used in water purification.

    Don’t be duped by the Gold and Silver thing.


    Food, guns, ammo, cars, gas, clothes, and everything else that you presently use money to buy….will still have value.

    The problem is the money fraud.

  18. GTRman says:

    see the world in a grain of sand :

    ‘Mounted police, helicopters and scores of officers were deployed in Pollokshields, home to Scotland’s largest Asian community, despite a maximum of 10 members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL) turning up.’

    That’s TEN PEOPLE, folks .

  19. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Bill Clinton to Democrats: Don’t trivialize gun culture
    Former President Bill Clinton warned a group of top Democratic donors at a private Saturday meeting not to underestimate the passions that gun control stirs among many Americans.

    “Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them,” Clinton said.

  20. Pat says:


    Is this kid just stupid or is he an agent of the jews?

    He is downplaying the “zionist bankers” etc. – and wants everyone to “focus on ” the muslims who are enforcing sharia law in london.

    Well, is he so dumb not to know that he fucking jews are the ones who intentionally imported the muslims specifically so that they would do that shit – as a smokescreen for the jews so that the jews can continue their theivery?

    Is that kid so retarded not to know that you MUST kill the root of the problem and not just a branch?

    I am not impressed with that kid. He also does not identify the problem as “JEWS”. But that’s probably because he’d be arrested – right?

    We must start fighting the enemy directly.

  21. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Oh, MarmiteMan is back on YouTube again!

  22. summerled says:

    pat gold and silver IS the money problem
    the intrinsic value of precious metals will trump all available resources
    that is a fact try buying anything with a dollars in a few years you will starve

  23. sog says:

    they have enough votes to over ride the 2nd amendment ?…..
    you cannot remove an amendment and you cannot over ride it ..
    so the filthy whitehouse jew crew is close to committing treason yet once again ..
    villify free speech and make it unlawful to criticise the communist jew crew ..
    there isnt one thing about their political agenda that isnt criticisable ..
    these pathetic nation wreckers wouldnt be standing there with full assurance they could perform a deeper coup d etat on american free doms ..
    we als have the right to security ,a reasonable expectation to security at the most agregious failure of state …
    our reasonable expectations include the rigght to excercise any thing in the constitution and the bill of rights and amendmennts ..

    Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” is a well-known phrase in the United States Declaration of Independence. The phrase is meant to exemplify the “unalienable rights” with which all human beings are endowed for the protection of which they institute governments.
    life also means the defense and quality of life …no tyranny or genocide …we have also the need for the means to support our inalienable rights under GOD with whatever means possible …
    and the 2nd amen is just such written meanings for this
    take a look at cops would they do their job with out fire arms ..people would flip em off and laugh at them as they tried to do their job in an armed situation …
    do cops ever use thier weapons ..most cops never even pull the thing out or fire it ..but it is better to not need it and have it than to need it and not have it …besides the responsible lawful gun owners are not the problem and an unarmed citizen is a citizen at risk ….if people say that people have no right to have a gun then neither do cops as cops almost never use their service weapon in the course of their job….
    you cannot eliminate an amendment ,,you can only amend it and that takes a certain amount of congressional activity …
    but are the citizens of america ever consulted by the so called representatives of america …any aipac controlled representative who seeks to serve israels communist agenda is not interested in usa citizens or their rights ..
    israel is facist in the true sense of the word …..they enforce communism on countries but arent going to live in something that repressive ..
    in communist russia they had 2 kinds of shopping markets …one for party members aka jews and another place for the non jewish masses to shop in which were always short of neccessities and food …
    israel further implements removal of african foreign dna people who were flown there on the pretense that these niggers were jewish …lol ? wtf ?………..
    niggers are jewish or so they claim …more rediculous delusions from the failed race that used to build nations and cathedrals and invented space travel …ja right lol
    i can see that the washington crowd is as useless as ever with gas prices sky high and food prices and american businesses allowed to move off shore eliminating jobs
    corporations not paying taxes especially rockefellers and thier ilke …
    any immigration control in the works ?
    any nigger control ?
    how come the gun frenzy gets put on whites when most are jews and how come only white schools are shot up and not black schools or all jewish schools …
    how about that musket right ,an early form of freedom symbol ..a assault weapon ..or hopw about the usa sends its troops into southeast asia with lousy weapons insted of the already proved ar 10,_liberty_and_the_pursuit_of_happiness

    what part of the activities of repressing private gun owners rights doesnt spell infringement ….the jews have called for an end to our rights and economy ..
    who are these pathological orcs …

  24. Pat says:


    I disagree. Gold and Silver do not have “intrinsic value” other than as a commodity – and an agreed upon means of exchange of the value of goods and services.

    The problem with Gold and Silver right now is this: “Someone” has taken the opportunity of print a bunch of useless paper and buy up most of the worlds gold and silver reserves. That means that those “someones” can dictate the market price of those commodities.

    They are commodities.

    Remember the explanation of your unit of exchange described as your ‘cup of value”. Right now, that’s your dollar. Upon a dollar collapse – you are saying you want to use gold and silver? Well, guess what? Guess who controls the value of that gold and silver you want to use? LOL

    Unfortunately, the jews a bit more clever than most. That’s really too bad. And unfortunate.

    What is needed is an agreed upon means of exchange that no outside force can value manipulate.

    This is possible to do. Been done before and has always been met with opposition from the jews.

    It is a BAD IDEA to use a commodity as money – if “someone” has already bought up most of that commodity.

    The jews have already done this.

  25. sog says:

    hey mr. monkey obama how about a fair shake of the dice ..double or nothin ,,,ya faggot .
    reasons increasing for need of weapons everytime some dirt world turd shits out another arty 14 green card anchor shit …
    the real meaning of second amendment is to face the internal enemy of jewish communists and nigger terrorists and mexican psycopaths and anhilate them as they all deserve ..

  26. GTRman says:

    Message to Eric Blair/George Orwell :
    Dude , we loved your books , essays and articles .
    Looks like all your work to warn us about something-or-other was in vain !
    Nevermind . Drink up –

    Raise a glass to The War Without End!

    “The West faces a decades-long battle to defeat al-Qa’ida in North Africa, David Cameron warned today, as he signalled a dramatic shift in the UK’s fight against terrorism.

    The heads of MI5, MI6, GCHQ and the Chief of the Defence Staff will gather on Tuesday to begin planning Britain’s response to the burgeoning terror threat from Saharan Africa.

    Britain will offer money, military co-operation and security training to African states to head off the advance of Islamist radicalism.”

    ‘Islamist radicalism’? that’s a mouthful , cant they spell ‘muslim’ ?

  27. Pat says:

    It does not matter what you use as “money” as long as people agree upon its value and agree to use it in trade.

    Your local town could print its own money to be used for goods and services within that town. That would work fine.

    To understand the problems with currency and how criminals manipulate it for their own gain – you need to go back to the basics.

    Basic trade: where 2 people agree to exchange goods for services. A ditch digger digs a hole for a deli owner who trades one sandwich for one ditch.

    Commodity trade: This allows more than just 2 people to engage in circular trade. A ditch digger, a dentist and a deli owner all agree that one small copper disc is worth the same as one ditch, one fixed tooth and one sandwich. So the ditch digger can go the the dentist and dig him a ditch – the dentist can pay the ditch digger one small copper disc that someone gave him when he fixed their tooth – and the ditch digger can go back to the deli owner and give him that small copper disc for a sandwich.

    If the dollar collapses, some people as saying they want to use gold and silver just as the above example uses small copper discs.

    The problem arises right now as you attempt to acquire gold and silver. You will notice that you have to trade a lot of dollars for gold and silver at this time.

    So, lets say you’ve converted a large portion of your cash into gold and silver at todays market price.

    When the dollar collapses you will attempt to use that gold and silver to buy groceries…right? Where are you going to get more gold and silver after the currency collapse? Who will pay you in gold and silver? Where will THEY get their gold and silver after the currency collapse?

    Well, that gold and silver will be introduced into the market by those who have it. Who has it? The fucking jews.

    What will be their strategy? Their strategy will be to print out receipts for gold and silver supposedly held in a bank vault. Supposedly, you’ll be able to go redeem that receipt for real gold and silver at the bank.

    But the fucking jews will be issuing WAY MORE receipts than they have gold in that vault. They will also just print receipts and hand them to other jews to finance jewish buyouts of things.

    They will also influence the actual value of each receipt by controlling the volume of gold and silver that is available to the market. Supply vs demand dictates pricing.

    Too bad I’m not a fucking jew because I understand this scam well enough to fuck the shit out of people the same way the jews do. All day long.

    In the end, we’ll be right back where we are now. Fucked.

    If we want to solve this problem we need to get rid of the jews. Then we need to implement a money system that is immune to outside manipulation.

    This can be done.

  28. sog says:

    are niggerss born rapists rap ists ..did the jews see this race as a way to destroy the new young republic early on …these people are savages from whitchcraft mumbo jumbo voodoo deep dark africa …they are never going to be americans ,, only africans living in america and preying on white america …they are bound by the content of their alien dna …
    even using martin loser king ‘s speech about the content of their charcter etc we can see the niggerss are extremely deserving of mass roundup and extermination ..
    the only good nigger is a dead nigger ..
    chicongo had 506 murders or goodifications etc in 2012 ,so that means there are at least 5-600 active murderers running around since alot of trigger niggers dont work alone….arent niggers fun ..and we have one as potus …are we havin fun yet …

  29. sog says:

    niggah says dat dna test be rayciss .. i din do nuffin ..dat 4 yeah ol bitch wus axin fo it ..

  30. nodollarsjustcents says:


    VOLTAIRE (1694-1778)
    “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value —- zero.”

    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.”

    “While boasting of our noble deeds, we are careful to control the ugly fact that by an iniquitous money system, we have nationalized a system of oppression which, though more refined, is not less cruel than the old system of chattel slavery.”

    SIR. REGINALD MCKENNA (former President of the Midland Bank of England)
    “Those who create and issue money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.”

    SIR JOSIAH STAMP (President of the Bank of England in the 1920’s, the second richest man in Britain)
    “Banking was conceived in iniquity, and was born in sin. The Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen, they will create enough deposits, to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers, and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.”

    “Those few who can understand the system (check book money and credit) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on it favors, that there will be little opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear it burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

    “Give me the power to issue a nation’s money; then I do not care who makes the law.”

    “A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world–no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government of conviction, and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress, of small groups of dominant men.” Just before President Woodrow Wilson died, he is reported to have stated to friends that he had been “deceived” and that “I have betrayed my Country”. referring to the Federal Reserve Act, passed during his Presidency.

    “Paper money polluted the equity of our laws, turned them into engines of oppression, corrupted the justice of our public administration, destroyed the fortunes of thousands who had confidence in it, enervated the trade, husbandry, and manufactures of our country, and went far to destroy the morality of our people.”

    “The bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing.”

    “In the first place, then, it is patent that in our days, not wealth alone is accumulated, but immense power and despotic economic domination are concentrated in the hands of the few, who for the most part are not the owners but only the trustees and directors of invested funds, which they administer at their own good pleasure. This domination is most powerfully exercised by those who, because they hold and control money, also govern credit and determine its allotment, for that reason supplying so to speak, the life blood of the entire economic body, and grasping in their hands, as it were, the very soul of production, so that no one can breathe against their will.”

    “Thus, our national circulating medium is now at the mercy of loan transactions of banks, which lend, not money, but promises to supply money they do not possess.”

    “The modern banking system manufactures money out of nothing. The process is, perhaps, the most, astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Banks can in fact inflate, mint, and un-mint the modern ledger-entry currency”.

    RALPH M. HAWTREY (Former Secretary of the British Treasury)
    “Banks lend by creating credit. They create the means of payment, out of nothing

  31. GTRman says:

    Wanted: ‘Adventurous woman’ to give birth to Neanderthal man – Harvard professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby
    Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School believes he can reconstruct Neanderthal DNA
    His ambitious plan requires a human volunteer willing to allow the DNA to be put into stem cells, then a human embryo
    They’re usually thought of as a brutish, primitive species.
    So what woman would want to give birth to a Neanderthal baby?

    Read more:

  32. GTRman says:

    Our town’s like a foreign country and locals can’t cope with the immigrants, says mother after TV clash with academic on Question Time
    Office worker Rachel Bull challenged leading historian Mary Beard on the impact of immigration on her Lincolnshire
    The academic dismissed claims the town is being overwhelmed by migrant workers as ‘myths’, but Mrs Bull insists Boston is ‘at breaking point’
    A mother who tackled a leading historian on live television about immigration insisted last night that her family’s home town has become like a ‘foreign country’.
    On BBC1’s Question Time, Professor Mary Beard dismissed stories about the number of migrant workers overwhelming Boston as ‘myths’ and said ‘public services can cope’.
    But Rachel Bull, an office manager in Boston, who was in the audience, immediately challenged the Cambridge University classics professor, claiming hospitals and schools are struggling to cope in the Lincolnshire agricultural town.

    Read more:

    Mother who dared to tell the truth about immigration on the BBC: Granddaughter of a Polish airman explains why she HAD to speak up and reveal how her High Street has become a ‘foreign country’

    Read more:

    Spinning immigration problems as purely a White thing.

  33. GTRman says:

    ‘They’re usually thought of as a brutish, primitive species.
    So what woman would want to give birth to a N ..’

  34. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I saw this short video of the israeli Egyption border the other day. Funny how israel will secure their border but the jews in American govermment will absolutely never allow our country to secure OUR border.

  35. Today, I am shocked…

    Someone who I have admired for years and thought was a true ally in this fight against criminal Judaism, Mark Glenn, has shown recently that he does not believe that Sandy Hook was a criminal operation, and looks upon the rest of us now as a detriment in this fight….

    He recently posted up the following article from known shill site: Salon, at, spewing the usual BS that everything about Sandy Hook in the “official” reports is right, and all of us claiming it was a false flag operation are wrong…


    Mark even insults us all by his picture of a “tinfoil hatter” in the opening caption! What the hell has gotten into that guy???

    I am disgusted by Mark in doing this…. All points put out by that trashy Salon can be ripped apart easily… Especially the part about that lying Jew scumbag, Gene Rosen….

    I don’t know about you guys.. But now I question who is a real ally and who is not? Are we being deceived by the big names in this fight?

    I have put a red flag up now about Mark Glenn…. Has he been threatened? Have they gotten to him?

    Your thoughts, everyone….

  36. GTRman says:

    more ‘White’ terrorism meme :

    Who was the white jihadi? Algerian forces find ‘two Canadians and at least one Frenchman’ among bodies of gas plant gunmen

    Read more:

    ‘Cowardly: It is thought that many of the hostages died as the terrorists tried to use them as human shields’-
    translates as ‘WE killed em – oops !’

    This is similar to what i posted here earlier :

    War Without End, Forever and Ever, Amen
    Today (Monday 21st January) is the anniversary of the death of George Orwell (Eric Blair) in 1950, at the painfully early age of 46. One does wish so very much that he had lived on to see Suez, the Hungarian uprising, the Chinese Cultural revolution ( and its pale British imitation), the coming of the European Union and the speech codes of political correctness.

    But today we should remember, above all, ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ and one of its central (and least noted) predictions about the modern state’s need for a permanent war against someone.

    As I’ve said before, Orwell was completely wrong about the future, and above all about sex. He was so annoyed by the repression and inconvenience of his own age that he decided that a future IngSoc tyranny would include an anti-sex league and a general loathing of sexual liberty. This is nonsensical. Slaves have often been allowed to copulate, but seldom to marry. The Nazi elite were sexually libertine and had little respect for marriage, especially Goebbels. One of the Bolsheviks’ earliest actions (then considered shocking) was to make marriage about as easy to dissolve as it is in modern Britain. There is no connection that I know of between sexual licence and liberty of thought, and rather a strong connection between sexual self-discipline and puritanism, and political liberty (see the Roundheads and the original American Pilgrims).

    Actually Orwell partly contradicted himself by predicting that this would only apply to the Party elites. The non-party proles would be bombarded with pornography and the sort of trashy ‘bread and circuses’ rubbish we are very familiar with : ‘There was a whole chain of separate departments dealing with proletarian literature, music, drama, and entertainment generally. Here were produced rubbishy newspapers containing almost nothing except sport, crime and astrology, sensational five-cent novelettes, films oozing with sex, and sentimental songs which were composed entirely by mechanical means on a special kind of kaleidoscope known as a versificator. There was even a whole sub-section — Pornosec, it was called in Newspeak — engaged in producing the lowest kind of pornography, which was sent out in sealed packets and which no Party member, other than those who worked on it, was permitted to look at.’

    Julia, Winston Smith’s lover and companion in rebellion, has actually worked in this dingy part of the Ministry of Truth: ‘There she had remained for a year, helping to produce booklets in sealed packets with titles like Spanking Stories or One Night in a Girls’ School, to be bought furtively by proletarian youths who were under the impression that they were buying something illegal. “What are these books like?” said Winston curiously. “Oh, ghastly rubbish. They’re boring, really. They only have six plots, but they swap them round a bit. Of course I was only on the kaleidoscopes.”’

    Men are believed by the Party to be in greater danger of corruption, so most of the work is done by unmarried women. But I digress. Actually, as Aldous Huxley warned, a truly repressive modern state would happily encourage untrammelled sex, while destroying marriage and parenthood , as part of its general effort to make men ( and women) love their own servitude.

    But Orwell got closer to the truth when, from Goldstein’s secret book, the mysterious text which he is given in the course of being entrapped by the Thought Police, he learns in Chapter III (‘War is Peace’) that war between the three great states of the world is permanent . In 1984 this war has an economic purpose (Which I suspect comes from James Burnham’s works, now I think shown to be fallacious) but also a political one .

    ‘All that is needed is that a state of war should exist. The splitting of the intelligence which the Party requires

    of its members, and which is more easily achieved in an atmosphere of war, is now almost universal, but the higher up the ranks one goes, the more marked it becomes. It is precisely in the Inner Party that war hysteria and hatred of the enemy are strongest. In his capacity as an administrator, it is often necessary for a member of the Inner Party to know that this or that item of war news is untruthful, and he may often be aware that the entire war is spurious and is either not happening or is being waged for purposes quite other than the declared

    ones: but such knowledge is easily neutralized by the technique of doublethink.’

    more :

  37. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:


    I’ve known about Mark Glenn for some time now. I had to stop going to The Ugly Truth because he kept calling White Nationalists – White Supremacists and that’s not true. He has also made some very anti-White comments and, speaking as a White woman, that ruffled my feathers. So, I’m really not surprised at anything the man does.

  38. I used to follow that guy’s site so closely, and I was even on his show a while back!!!

    How in the hell can anyone have respect for him any longer if he now thinks of the rest of us as quacks???

    We are only searching for the truth behind Sandy Hook, and not falling for anything the liars in the government and media continue to claim… The old saying stands: “Once a proven Liar, always a proven Liar!”…. Even Mark knows that! How can even he not see the obvious?

    I will still have his site listed in my side bar until I get an explanation.. If none comes, I will then remove all links to his site, and no longer reflect any information from it…. I do not support shills and misfits….

  39. MJ says:

    “Gun grabbing Bolsheviks”
    No shit.

  40. INCOG MAN says:

    I guess it’s the “STEIN” part you don’t like.

    I think “Obongo-STEIN” is great. I’m using it here for now on (since I came up with it).

    Guess what, Mad Joo? A reader here bought me a new Palistinian Keffiyeh. I’m getting it soon. Genuine, too, not some chinky-dinky knock off.

  41. Greg says:

    Mark Glenn must be against “jewish supremacism” in the Middle East but he must be all for it in White nations.

    Half-assed I guess.

  42. Greg says:

    Funny thing is:

    jewish supremacism in White nations, particularly America, makes jewish supremacism in the Middle East possible….not the other way around.

  43. silvernickel says:

    VOLTAIRE (1694-1778)
    “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value —- zero.”

    that made me LOL!

    that’s interesting about Mark Glenn. Why would he alienate his audience; an audience that distrusts the rogue government because of its record of horrific false flags? I dont go to Glenn’s site, but I was surprised when Jesse Ventura came out a few days ago and said he didnt believe the events at Sandy Hook pointed to a conspiracy. WTH? Could be wrong, but I don’t think David Duke or Alex Jones have even publicly stated they see a false flag or psy-op from this event. I think none of the major alternative media heads wants to consider it a psy-op, because it’s just easier and safe to blame big pharma SSRI’s, jew media and violent Hollywood for wacked out killer behavior. All the while bemoaning the marxist liberal gun grabbers use of the tragedy for quick leverage against the second amendment.

    In my best GTRman accent:

    “What you talkin bout, Governor?”

  44. ProudSouthernGirl says:
  45. Karen says:

    They should be scared and shitting themselves. Douglas Reeds’ Controversy of Zion has gone mainstream, only $24.95. kindle $8, at Amazon. Life can be beautiful!

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