Sandy Hook: Americans Try To Make Sense


Lately, I’ve been reading a lot on all the horrible events at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut; the whole mess is a quagmire of conflicting, confusing material, enough to drive any casual reader away — maybe on purpose. Probably, much is due to poor reporting at the time, yet the media has completely failed to follow-up on mistakes, except for painting a couple of easily debunked parts as “conspiracy theory” — just like they still do with 9/11.

One good article is from Taki’s magazine, called “Asses and Assassins” which tells us that a lot of it is indeed BS conspiracy stuff, but we still should be alarmed about some of the verifiable facts out there:

Another interesting event confluence was a FEMA “Children in Disasters” drill nearby. Several “terrorist” activities of the recent past, including  September 11 and the London bombings, all occurred on days that drills were  happening. Whether that illustrates rogue government action or terrorist  infiltration is uncertain, but it is alarming

Zio Extremist Senator Chuck Schumer congratulates Eric Holder for being confirmed as Obama's AG.

Zio extremist and liberal Senator Chuck Schumer congratulates Eric Holder for being confirmed as Obama’s AG.

Also, the embedded link above has info on a program called “Project Longevity” that Attorney General Eric Holder was working to institute in Connecticut, two weeks before the Sandy Hook event. Holder was implicated in the recent Mexican drug cartel gun-running program “Fast and Furious,” as well as the investigation into Oklahoma bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building back in 1995. He advised members of congress not to look into all the suspicious deaths and worked to cover-up the FBI’s involvement with bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols from becoming known by other parts of the US government and public knowledge.

Holder is seen in this video openly telling an audience, also in 1995 (coincidentally or not), that we need to brainwash people into accepting gun control. Just how far will this perfidious guy go? The beaky bureaucrat has long been known as a big “philo-Semite,” going to Jew summer camps as a kid and socializing extensively in rich Jewish circles. I think we can reasonably suspect Holder was spotted and tagged early on in his career by Big Jewry, much like his Mulatto Highness, Obongo-STEIN.

It's often unbelievable how stupid Americans are.

It’s often unbelievable how stupid Americans are — especially “people of color.”

Ask yourself: If the majority of Americans believe nothing but what the dinner hour news tells them and are generally stupid as hell about the past (even the accepted version of history), don’t you think such people can get away with just about anything, including murder?

So, no matter what “conspiracy” debunkers say, Sandy Hook calls for serious suspicion by America, because the Second Amendment is so important (more so every damn day). One needs to calmly and dispassionately think all this out, instead of falling victim to emotional hysteria just because the victims were little children.

Likewise, we have ourselves plenty of possible nutcases or, just as possibly, Zionist disinfo operations like AKA Dallas Goldbug’s totally wacked “Wellaware1” website (his tagline: “behold the power of one,” no lie) — which I fully exposed here with my post on his patently stupid Phelps/Sexton conspiracy nonsense.

Judging by the enormous photoshop and video work seen there, Goldbug is certainly more than just one guy. His operation has to have several graphics people involved, at least. I should know, because I barely have the time to do the few photoshops I do, pound out my screeds and the website work. Videos are even more time-consuming (that’s why I only got a few I’ve done).

This guy tells us he's Italian, but one look says JEW RAT!

This guy tells us he’s Italian, but one look screams JEW RAT!

Goldbug must be the public Internet “front man” to an on-going “psyops,” or purposeful program to muddy the waters and make people discount real facts, should they look into matters in a cursory way. Make note that crypto-Jew Goldbug was busted in Texas for firearm concealment (see his mug shot under his Italian marrano name, Ed Chiarini, on right).

Texas is also the home to the Alex Jones Internet conspiracy behemoth — staffed thru-out with Jews. Texas is also George W. Bush and Lyndon Baines Johnson’s home state — definitely something very Jewy is going on down there.

I’m not saying I’ve been perfect on the subject, either. I may have been taken in by the Christopher Rodia license plate deal. On the other hand, I did figure out on my own (along with help from readers here) that the business with the black and red dress worn by the little sister of the Parker girl victim was a false lead (the photo of her with Obongo-STEIN).

Regardless of the BS, one has question the event from top to bottom. This and a whole lot more has all the earmarks of a devious third party at work today in America.

Adam Lanza was 120 lb soaking wet, suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and was locked away unseen by anyone for at least two years. No one has come forward saying they saw him at any gun ranges with his mother. Hell, his whole existence is almost a blank slate.

Supposedly, he was pissed about his mother’s plans for him, shot her in the face four times with a .22 (or .223) and drives on over to the school (we still don’t really know why), quickly breaks through heavy security glass and operates a AR-15 like a trained assassin, killing 20 kids and 6 adults in just a few minutes.

Like others, I want to know how this kid got in through the security doors, was he wearing any ear protection while firing the powerful .223 round and why did the press report for two days the AR-15 was found inside Lanza’s car and not inside the school. Who were the police contacts that told them specifically the only guns found were a Glock and a Sig Sauer. Last, but certainly not least, who were the others reported on the scene and in the woods by police and videotaped by news choppers. And I want to see all these people on camera, too.

At least two rounds escaped the classroom (having to go through thick glass at least) and hit the very car owned by one of the adults killed, Lauren Rosseau, in the parking lot. Lauren was a new teacher who didn’t get the keys to lock her door, allowing Lanza or the real assassin(s) to get in. Her car hit by gunfire may be just one of those bizarre, coincidental things that occurs in life, or maybe something else — who knows?

In the very next class over, teacher Victoria Soto for some reason failed to lock her door (if the shooting was going on right next door then why wasn’t that the first thing?) resulting in her, the adult teacher’s helper and 5 or 6 children killed (I’ve read both numbers).

Then we have the crazy Gene Rosen all over the airwaves crying up a storm. This guy was obviously lying his wrinkled Jew ass off, either because he’s just another Jew looking for sympathetic attention (like all the supposed holocaust “survivors” BS stories over the years) or he had some Jew “Sayanim” involvement to gin up emotion. Patriotic authorities need to look as this guy closely, as well as the media reporting on the findings. But I won’t hold my breath.

INCOG’S take:

Now, I fully understand guns are quite dangerous and some serious nutcases should never have access to them. Likewise, there’s plenty of criminals that should not have them; mostly all the homies shooting each other in the street over chicken bones, dime bags and getting “dissed” (Negroes getting their feelings hurt). America would be the safest country in the world if it wasn’t for blacks and illegal Mestizo scum, up from Mehico.

And we have other serious problems. Stinking Jewry in Hollywood is obviously going way, way overboard with violent movies and TV shows. Video game murder realism is now insane. And Big Pharma has all kinds of brain-twisting SSRI drugs the Jew psychiatrists are feeding our children (you never see much on this subject, do you?).

Add to all that, a NWO government obviously working to disenfranchise White America and turn us into a minority, as well as completely in the grip of Zionist, Globalist Jewry. These traitors have been milking this country for all it’s worth since before WWII. Hell, they clearly work to get us into wars all the time.

I don’t think I ask for a lot or think I’m a nutcase. Of course, those of the “Jewish persuasion” will call me that or the usual Nazi slanders. But that’s just because they suspect all these things, too. Stew on that for awhile.

What’s the worse part?

Obviously, these stinking Jews will not stop, no matter what. They will do whatever takes to further the NWO and the racial destruction of the White race. Dead Goyim mean nothing at all to these murderous freaks.

Look at the horrors they brought on with WWII. Oh, you think FDR didn’t know the Japs were coming do you? Not only did he know and kept quiet, he worked to piss them off enough to make the first strike. He really wanted to get at Hitler, just like Bush wanted to get at Saddam Hussein for his Zionist Neocon buds — paving the way for Israeli hegemony in advance of the stage we’re seeing now.

Are we going to stay stupid forever?

That being the case, expect another big massacre or false flag operation in the near future. If they can find a patsy, both pro-White and pro-Iran, these devious bastards will look for any way possible to link him or them to the event.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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316 Responses to Sandy Hook: Americans Try To Make Sense

  1. Aservant says:

    @ Pat,

    I thought the same thing when I saw this Barton character……Jew.

    As far as his wounds go, he probably had surgery if his neck was full of shot gun pellets.

  2. Aservant says:

    @ Pat,

    I thought the same thing when I saw this Barton character……Jew.

    As far as his wounds go, he probably had surgery if his neck was full of shot gun pellets.

  3. Pat says:



    I hope your and yours are well.

    Good to see you checking in – as always.

  4. t bone says:

    Re: Sazz @ 3:41

    Pragmatic Witness (PW) finally woke up. Haha!

    (because if you’re anti-jew but believe there are some ‘good jews’, you’re not really awake)

    I’ve been to his blog. He writes well but I only agree with about 50% of his viewpoints. I read one of his articles where he championed jews in the talent/intelligence dept.

    I, personally dont think they are talented. They fleece goyim and get trained in whatever acting/singing they want to do…on the goyims dime. When Gentiles get trained in the arts (or academia), they’re much more likely to become iconic (e.g. Michaelangelo, Beethoven,Thomas Edison, etc..) unlike jews who exploit, use smut and subliminally mindfuck the masses with their ‘entertainment’ (e.g. Lenny Bruce, Eli roth, Woody Allen,etc…).

    Intelligent? Not! There are many top jews (gatekeepers) who lobbied and weasled themselves into the most prestigious universities. The up-and-coming jews get prepped in the finest private schools. The money that pays for this is goyim money.

    What do you think the jews do with those interest rates that you cant afford but pay anyway?

    What do you think jews do with the money from all the multi-cult/smut movies they produce?

    Meanwhile, you cut back on food, your daughters singing lessons and you’re having second thoughts about her college fund. Maybe a community college will be the way to go. Right?

    She could have been a great prospect but jew-usury took away your/her opportunities. Our intelligent White brothers and sisters cannot shine so bright in a jew-jew world.

    Is Bernie Madoff an intelligent jew?

    …or Chertoff, Fienstein, Schumer, Michael Eisner, Seinfeld, Al Goldstein or Bernanke?

    The word is ‘cunning’. The word is ‘calculated.’ The word is NOT ‘intelligent’.

    I always say ‘There are no good jews’. No exceptions. Never,ever trust a jew.

    I wish PW tenacity and happiness from here on out as he seems to have had the last straw with jews. This is what happens when you think theres a few decent jews. They ultimately show their colors and you are the one up shits creek, somehow. It never fails.

    I guess thats what it will take to prove my ‘no good jews’ theory.

    You live and learn.

    BTW-the theory applies to silverbacks and wetbacks as well.

  5. $10 Bagel says:


    Who are those people on the main Incog banner up top? It’s been driving me crazy. Is that the girl from Mythbusters on Discovery Channel inbetween Oprah and monkey Michelle Obama?

    Let me know… this is important lol.

  6. INCOG MAN says:

    $10 Bagel:

    No, that’s not the redhead from Mythbusters. It’s just some raving libtard, I think.

  7. INCOG MAN says:

    The Jewess next to 1st monkey lady is Israeli Dalia Itzak — one creepy looking Zionist.

  8. $10 Bagel says:

    What about that tranny on the Nuttiyahoo one?

    Speaking of which… Tzipi Livni looks like she could have been hot at one time.

  9. t bone… who is this “He” when you are referring to Pragmatic Witness… The Pragmatic Witness, Whitewraithe is not a “He” but a SHE !!!

    And I know in fact that Whitewraithe has never ever championed a Jew by any means whatsoever…. She is a very intelligent lady who could not sit idly by and watch America go to hell, so she decided to start her blog as an outlet to warn America…..

    Let get the facts straight….

  10. t bone….And if the “he” is myself.. Sorry, but I too have NEVER EVER championed a Jew at anytime, period…

    I really want to know what the hell you are talking about?

  11. $10 Bagel says:


    I think I just got IP banned for refreshing the page too many times to see all the different banners above. I’m on a proxy now, can you unblock me?

  12. t bone…. 50%??? most of the hasbara/jidf that constantly attack me give me a less than 5% approval rating, so for you to give me that mark is a vast improvement!!!! I guess a thanks is in order….

  13. Cannibal Rabbi says:

    I give you 0 percent cos you ran away from Aikra.

    Canada is big!

  14. Didnt run away from Akira… Just refused to argue with someone that constantly insulted everyone….More decency than putting up with that kind of spew…

  15. t bone says:


    I wasnt referring to you.

    And yes, ‘she’ did speak highly of the jews in the talent and brilliance dept.

    Hang around for a few mins.

    I’ll post.

  16. t bone says:


    From Pragmatic Witness:

    Jews are a very intelligent people. As such, they gained tremendous wealth, media control, and intellectual dominance. They made the TV shows, movies, and documentaries; they wrote and devised many of our textbooks. Jews are so talented that even people who don’t like nor want to empower the Jews go see Spielberg movies, watch TV shows, and consume other stuff dominated by Jews.

    and this:

    Jews are indeed funny because they are intelligent and have superior wit. It’s no accident that so many of the great comedians and music composers have been Jewish in the modern era because good music and great humor depend on wit and brilliance. Germans are good at many things but aren’t much good at comedy. Indeed, comedy around much of the goy world amounts to little more than slipping on banana peels. Most of the great witty and brilliant comedy are Jewish. So, it’s true that Jews can be fun. Who doesn’t like Don Rickles and Marx Brothers?

  17. t bone says:


    should be ‘NTS’

  18. nodollarsjustcents says:

    Edison vs. Tesla

    You know a feud’s gotten bad when someone kills an elephant.
    The electrocution of Topsy, an admittedly ornery circus elephant who was already scheduled for death, was perhaps the lowest blow in Thomas Edison’s campaign against Nikolai Tesla’s proposed alternating current-based electrical infrastructure (Tesla eventually won out).
    What started out as an argument over whether alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) could more practically serve the country’s power needs had, by the 1890s, turned into a war of accusations, with Edison arguing that alternating current was dangerous and could electrocute people.
    In the end, Tesla’s AC system won: not because it was better at electrocuting anyone, but because its power was easier to transmit and easier to convert to different voltages.
    edison,what a monkey! tbone?

  19. t bone says:

    “t bone…. 50%??? most of the hasbara/jidf that constantly attack me give me a less than 5% approval rating, so for you to give me that mark is a vast improvement!!!! I guess a thanks is in order….”-NTS


    I have no beef with you. I actually go to your blog often.

    So I’m a rat now?

  20. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    You or him!

    It’s one o’ yeez.

    Not the runner.
    Not him.

  21. t bone says:

    No answer?

    Well I’ll say this;

    My facts are straight and I know damn well what I’m talking about.

    And I have no ill feelings towards Pragmatic Witness, either. But from the excerpts that I just posted off her blog, I can clearly see she was not quite awake at that point in time.

    I do wish her well.

  22. t bone says:


    I could have said Tesla instead of Edison.

    But that wasnt my main point.

    And I’m not retracting either.

  23. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    @ Pat and Aservant

    As far as his wounds go, he probably had surgery if his neck was full of shot gun pellets.

    If his neck was *full* of pellets, then he’d be dead. No need to slice his neck open to pluck out a few pellets. That can be done Arthroscopically.

    If this guy was shot with a shot gun it was at a long distance. I knew a cop that went to my gym and he was shot at close range with a shot gun and survived and his injury was highly scarred from the soft tissue that was literally *blown away*.

  24. Sorry, tbone …. I did not call you a rat by no means..

    It was meant as a jest… not to do harm…. If you took it the wrong way, do not be offended…

    I was just Joking around that the hasbarats who come in give me a very poor rating… LOL

  25. t bone says:

    Its all good, NTS.

    Keep up the great work, brother.

  26. ihatekikes says:

    i still say bro nate is a con.

  27. Tourniquettime says:

    I strongly suspect Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook CT shooter, dead, telling nothing) & the Aurora CO “Batman” film shooter Holmes, and others recently, were brainwashed to play their roles. (Possibly the masked “Batman” was a differnt guy entirely! Possibly Adam had trained gun accomplices.) Adam was in mental “care” & Holmes (a bright medical researcher!) vanished for weeks, then appeared in this atypical role. It’s all about seizing effective weapons in US, since too many whites awaken to the invasion (affirmative action screw, bank/corporate vampirism, media lies like 911, growing piles of non-white anti-whites and anti-Christs from all over the world) and they’ve had enough, especially facing anti-white Obama AGAIN as Dictator (with helpers!)

    Their hope in democracy is gone. (Rightly they fear. Rightly they arm themselves. This is logical. But you must understand more.)

    It’s about time we de-mythologize the wonder called “democracy.”

    (I saw the fatal flaw of democracy back in 1970s, but then I was fortunte to live in Rhodesia; I saw how rapidly we’re destroyed by anti-white gangs. But many whites trapped in USA still cling to US “law” and courts anyhow. Why? “Good old days” will never return until we force full return to very old laws… of God… about lineages.)

    Manmade local law was pushed 1776 by Freemasons under Illuminati* (like Adam Weishaupt) to be flexible (unlike Geroge III sworn to obey God’s Law in Bible) : over time allowing ANY law a President makes under “emergency” orders, as long as a “free” (media manipulated) election put hin there.

    Democracy is the de facto FALSE RELIGION of USA, versus God’s Law in Bible and that includes lineage identities: some are blessed; others cursed. Study this!

    The first “USA” error was allowing anti-Jesus types into USA – Jews being #1 danger, first let into Rhode Island by “liberal” Roger Williams, who broke with MA Puritans in 1630s! Within 80 years of US Revolution victory, propaganda in northern cities, then by force!, widen voting to blacks (manipulatable) via plotting Abe Lincoln (Goldberg?) – his roots may be Jew merchants/bankers of Lincolnshire England (let in after Edward I’s expulsion of that gang for usury, clipping coins & ritual murders; in mid 1600s Cromwell killed the king after his “liberal” revolt funded by Jew money backers in Netherlands, and he let them in again… soon to found their bank empires again.)

    I just want you to grasp centuries of deception in a nutshell. Each time we fell for some supposed “liberty” – to allow some folks to be free against God. In the end we paid a price. Obama now sells “liberty” to get medical care to millions, often aliens. He sells new “liberty” from fear in schools – just give him your only defence agains his gang.

    As for schools. Depart from federally influenced (and most state dictated) schooling! It is riddled with deception, bad history/assumptions: namely the religion of democracy. Teach kids at home. Don’t pay for “public” education. Shut it down. Get feds OUT – out of your life in every way! (Do collaborate with like-minded folks in “home” schooling.)

    It’s time to stop passing out. Put a tourniquet on the fed regime & Fed Res banksters. Form you own separating communities. Pretend you’re a whiteman in Rhodesia… since that is what will come with Trotskyite haters steering a global agenda. Be prepared.

    I don’t think just “getting the message out” will do any good now. The system is toxic.
    Now it is simply time to pull yourself, your family, your business activity, out. Collaborate with like-minded folks. Form new communities. Dump old systems.

    PS: * About Adam Wesihaupt, Illuminati, and Freemasons (like George Washngton!) see “Proofs of a Conspiracy” (John Robison) from 1798! Recent reprints exist.

  28. Voltman says:

    t-bone thinks Jewish entertainment is great? He asks: Who doesn’t like Don Rickles?

    Me! I think his acidic attacks (often on us) are vulgar. Marx Brothers? (I only saw Graucho on old TV reruns). He wasn’t funny. Jack Benny, another total bore on old TV. Joan Rivers, only good at attacking folks. But I do give the clan credit for twisted plots! Murders galore! That’s what they contribute. PLOTS. (I think such minds dreamed up 9-11.) Yes, some were good musicians, following German tradition often. This is the only form of their “culture” I can sometimes appreciate. (Not when they talk.) But I never BUY it anymore, as it makes them money; music is propaganda. (No Jews are Icelanders, but they had to make much fuss when Ashkenazi the violinist paid a visit. Or the world would hear they are “racist” – a term created by Trotsky)

    Nowadays “classical” music is dead, as their “enterpreneurs” pushed rock, rap (often violently anti-white lyrics!) and related un-European music! It seems to have toxic hypnotic properties (intense rhythm, unlike European music strong on tonality and complex variations, counterpoints, etc.) We need our intelligent new classical music. And rousing pop songs/musicals, displaying the war we’re in and be destroyed by.

    to: nodollarjustcents “Edison vs Tesla” or AC vs DC currrent. VOLTAGE??

    Edison began the motion picture industry in USA. Soon celebrate a century for the film BIRTH OF A NATION 1915 (D W Griffith) that was an immediate hit: the first feature film! With a pro-white theme! But even long ago he was coerced to make a new film showing evil of whites: Intolerance, which drew little audience! Ashkenaz talkers took over movies in the Hollyweird cabal. (Christian Americans should have shut their film factories, removed owners, but didn’t see danger of letting them entertain/teach us!)

    Telsa was a bright white dude who intented, and dreamed of power systems. Some of his ideas worked, many now seem mythical. (Much BS follows his famous name now.)

    AC is easy to step down in voltage, and it “grabs” less than AC (that momentarily goes to zero) and so AC so is safer, easier to transport. So it won out on wiring homes to big generators. But nowadays we need to focus on NOT being part of mainstream energy grids run by DOLLAR banksters and fed govt. Critics of either may find commercial power cut to them in emergencies or civil war. So prepare! Using what standard?

    For just a home/farm you worry about your own power needs only. A small group is not much different. AC or DC lines can link if power must be moved short distances. (12 volt DC requires massive wires and so is not practical. Higher voltage is needed.)

    AC current is not directly storable. With power loss it can be rectified to DC, used to charge battereis (that lose power, and wear out!) Probably its best to store fuel (like coal or wood you have access to) to burn for warmth in winter, bath water, cooking, especially far north! Generate a little current for LED and high efficiency lights etc for winter fire’s “waste” heat (using thermo-electric units, even stirling heat enegines?) Grab some solar or wind power (or harness a creek!) For larger loads or when its not stov time, run a larger generator and store current. That means using DC. So “off grid” folks (even un”green” ones like myself who store coal, oil, wood for winter heat) need to decide the current they’s store & current they’ll use in their home wires devices.

    Some (costly) lights and appliances are made for 12 VDC (powered by car or deep discharge batteries). Also some for 24 VDC. On the other hand IF you used 120 VCD you could plug in bulbs, heaters, etc. But 120 VDC needs special switches against arcing

    OR you can invert everything to regular 120 V-AC. Inverters are costly (can burn out!) and waste much energy. So, the situation is messy!

    I think it might be good for our “off gridders” (often “preppers” plus weird “greenies”) to set a common DC voltage to use in making our own (via small scale industries): light bulbs, motors, fans, saws, microwaves, hotplates, electronics – or link into internal circuit which is basically DC (except sections oscillating to get send/receive radio frequency).

    By having a separate standard, this separates us even more from the mainstream. It gives opportunity for our local small industries (big corporations have no interest in small market we represent now). Some of our folks might even attack massive imports (from China, which killed much US production of common electrical stuff!) or the existing systems of the mainstream – if/when it functions as the enemy! (If they seize our stuff they will have little use for it. Even our switches and plugs will be different.)

    For such a standard I’m thinking 40-50 volts DC. Not enough to be so dangerous as fulll 120 VDC. Not so weak wires must be massive to move and waste current.

    So what things already exist in this range. (I see some 40 VDC motors for machinery. My computer fan runs at 48 V). What voltage do new (DC) battery storage systems use? Flow through battereis seem a better bet to store current, but ones mainstream now pushes use costly rare metals! Lithium, vanadium, or zinc plus toxic bromine. We must build good flow batteries with common metals: iron, zinc, aluminum, manganese, non-toxic. (Four 12 volt lead batteries in series give 48-50 VDC as most overcharge 12 volts a little. But lead is not nice stuff. Poison.) I think 40-50 VDC (even 60 VDC? how safe is it?) volts would give plenty of power to run motors in refrigerators, air con, drills, saws. Not so good for electric heaters (1000+ W). Burn fuel for space heating.

    Anyhow, what do you folks know or think?

    Does it sound reasonable to aim at our own electrical “stuff” of all sorts, with our own DC power and batteries and generators – even our own plugs? (And keep enemies out of this? How best, if this takes off… and China or Israel industry decides to compete? Note odd electronics is one thing they make over there.)

    What voltage is best? (A shocking question… ha ha!)

  29. t bone says:

    No Voltman.

    Those are not my words. Its from the ‘Pragmatic Witness’ blog. If you read several of the preceding comments, you’ll see why I posted it.

    IMO, there are NO talented jew actors, musicians, artists or inventors.


  30. Larry says:

    Sandy Hook – Final Evidence – Case Closed – Time to Prosecute

  31. SBD TV says:

    The Simpsons strike again:(pure coincidence, no doubt)……………………….[1269]

  32. Pat says:


    As the great German soldier Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz said:

    “War is the continuation of Politics by other means”.

    Conversely, Politics is the continuation of War by other means.

    We are in a Political War with the jews.


    You should not have a favorite weapon.
    — Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings
    If there is one attitude more dangerous than to assume that a future war will be just like the last one, it is to imagine that it will be so utterly different that we can afford to ignore all the lessons of the last one.
    — MRAF Sir John C. Slessor
    Adherence to dogmas has destroyed more armies and cost more battles than anything in war.
    — J.F.C. Fuller
    We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
    — Aristotle
    To make no mistakes is not in the power of man; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and good learn wisdom for the future.
    — Plutarch, Greek biographer & moralist (46 AD – 120 AD)


    Although the jew Vladimir I. Lenin did not coin the term active measures (lactivnee meropriyatia), he originated and set in motion all its component parts. Those parts included the International Department (ID) of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), Section A of the first chief directorate of the KGB, and the propaganda department (PD) of the Central Committee.

    The ID is the coordinating center for jewish (Soviet) active measures. Its lineage can be traced directly to Lenin’s formation of the Third International in 1919.

    Lenin’s intent was to advance the cause of global revolution by forming communist parties in noncommunist countries and creating conditions for revolt through propaganda and agitation.

    The approach was adaptable to political realities.

    The International Department, formed in 1957, was a sophisticated apparatus at the summit of jewish (Soviet) power. It carried the view of the leadership, bringing influence to bear on any area-political, military, or economic-that would aid or abet jewish (Soviet) policy. At the same time, it sought to denigrate and undermine the policies of the noncommunist world, particularly those of the United States.


    More politically realistic than its Leninist ancestor, the ID’s purpose was to manipulate public opinion and gain the acceptance of Soviet ends.

    The ID’s secretary was Anatolii F. Dobrynin, who had served as Soviet ambassador to the United States for 24 years. He was appointed to his post by Soviet General Secretary Mikhail S. Gorbachev in June 1986, several months after the important Twenty-Seventh Congress of the CPSU.

    The ID worked closely with the propaganda department, headed by Party Secretary Aleksander N. Yakovlev, who had served for 10 years as Soviet ambassador to Canada. The propaganda department employed dual courses of action. It orchestrated the line of the party, utilizing Soviet and bloc media, and overtly replayed disinformation generated by the active measures apparatus.

    Since the PD embodied the former international information department of the Central Committee of the CPSU, it covered both the Soviet home front and the foreign scene .


    One of Lenin’s first acts on seizing power was to establish the Cheka, or secret police . He knew that without such an instrument of fear, his movement could not expect to survive.

    That circumstance did not change, but the Cheka became the KGB-and its activities were worldwide!

    Section A of the KGB’s first chief directorate worked in liaison with the ID in carrying out covert Soviet active measures. These efforts included disinformation operations, the placement of forgeries, and the managing and directing of knowing and unknowing agents of influence-professionals in sensitive positions, both private and public-whose activities were frequently of great value in the Politburo’s plan to gain acceptance of its position on major issues .



    So how do you propose to fight this war?

    Do you think you can just “pick up a rifle” and that “somehow” the jewish infrastructure will collapse?

  33. katie says:

    I’d say it’s like a flow chart…Alex Jones even mentioned it once. Scare the sheeple…demonic autistic mental cases…gun control…provides jobs and fear. Oh preppers are nuts too

  34. Don in Taiwan says:

    Sandy hook is a false flag. Full of holes and anomalies. A stage in a gun grab agenda. We need the police and military to realize they are being used to create an Orwellian society that they and their children will have to live in.

    There is nothing noble about trying to look for something to “bust”your fellow countrymen for, victimless crime or minor traffic violations. Don’t you realize these creeps don’t care about you and you are in peril of losing your retirement pensions? The fabric of society is falling apart because some of you think you are above your fellow citizens.
    Being used to dismantle the Constitution afterwards you will be disposed of when you have served their purpose? You will be a laughing stock or worse.
    Hey all you vets being used to fight wars that America has no business being in, wrecking people and their nation who never did anything to us. People like the Iraqi shop keeper that we have more in common with than the elite class that sends you hazardous duty.
    You are considered domestic terrorists now, a big “thank you “for your sacrifice, what does that tell you? It means they could careless about you.

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