Sandy Hook Reeks of Satanic NWO Jew Psyops


I’ve been reading from some of the links people have been putting on my site. Frankly, at first, I pretty much thought it was just a kid with developmental problems, who’s mind was twisted by SSRI drugs, the insanely violent Jew media and video games. Thinking back, it seems pretty obvious the media worked fast to get that idea out there immediately, which in itself is a big red flag.

So, yeah, I’m not too sure anymore. Let’s take each item that strikes me as suspicious:

Lauren Rousseau, one of the teachers killed, had her car shot up in the parking lot (photo below). Well, maybe not exactly “shot up” but photos definitely show two distinct bullet holes. And her car was supposedly in the middle of the parking lot, with other cars all around. What are the chances of two stray rounds leaving the school and just happening to hit her car? Some, I suppose.

The car Adam Lanza drove to the crime scene was not registered to his mother or him. It was supposedly registered to a low rent, copper thieving (stealing copper gutters) druggie scumbag and member of a drug dealing family in Norwalk, Connecticut named Christopher H. Rodia. Now, this is really odd. So how come the media has said absolutely nothing about this peculiar situation?

Rousseau car MONTAGE update

At the time, FEMA had scheduled programs not far elsewhere in the state. The department of Homeland Security set-up a training program called HSEEP (sounds like “sheep,” huh?) back in 2010, but they’ve been up to this in a lot of places because of “The War on Terror.” That very morning, they had a training operation or conference of some kind just 18 miles away in Bridgeport.

It looks like security people were all over the state that day. This is becoming all too typical modus operandi for false flags, like 9/11 and the London subway bombings. They use such things as cover, or smoke screens for the real operation.

The rifle supposedly used by Lanza was the infamous AR-15 Bushmaster. What’s with all this “Bushmaster” stuff in “Lone Gunman” events? There’s plenty of other brands of ARs out there. And the AR was originally reported to have been in the trunk of the car, but that was much later, after they said he did it with a Glock and Sig Sauer semi-auto pistols.

They now have video of the cops clearing a weapon out of the trunk of the car. It looks like either a semi-auto shotgun such as the Saiga (as “Biker” here speculates), or a semi-auto rifle because the cop is sliding the charging handle on the right side of the weapon. Definitely not a typical, gas-operated AR with the charging handle to the rear. Maybe a sporterized AK.

They also said he shot his way into the school. This is where my forensic hackles get raised. Supposedly, the school had top-of-the-line security put in. But bullet proof glass shattering immediately by rifle or pistol fire? This is not the movies, folks.

If it was bullet proof, the glass would have turned broken white and Lanza would then have to smash through small parts of it with the butt of his rifle or something, tearing away the pieces of glass and sandwiched ballistic film (very tough stuff — I’ve personally examined it before). You couldn’t do it at all very fast, especially if you needed to crawl through. It would take way too long if you didn’t have a sledge hammer — or a small piece of plastic explosive.

Gene Rosen: Either a big fat Jew liar or actor.

Gene Rosen: Either a big fat Jew liar or Sayan actor who’s bit part was messed up by a change in events.

Then we have the toothy old Jew neighbor named Gene Rosen who was all over the news outlets, virtually telling us by rote, that six children were sitting in his driveway, with a mysterious, unknown man talking to them in a “very harsh way.” Then he brings the kids into his house, along with some unknown bus driver.

According to Rosen, the kids told him “we can’t go back… we can’t go back to school, Mrs. Soto, our teacher is dead.” The now “official” story has six kids killed in Vicki Soto’s classroom, along with Soto and an unnamed helper adult, but every one of the surviving kids to her class were later found alive by police, hidden in a closet.

This guy is either one huge liar (very possible for these sad sack holocaust myth-creating Jews), or more likely enlisted as an actor “Sayanim” (a civilian Jew secretly in service to Mother Israel). Rosen hams it up all over cable news big time, getting way too carried away and obvious with his bit part for the day (the psyop script was messed up somehow and they couldn’t get to him in time to shut him up).

Rosen, a retired psychiatrist, is also supposedly registered with the Screen Actors Guild (what a Jew!). Knowing how blindly Jew insular and anti-Second Amendment liberal and Jew-owned Hollywood is, you just might see this old geezer getting an Oscar this year.

Speaking of actors, how about that video of Robbie Parker, father of one of the victim kids, yukking it up right before he goes in front of the video cameras and then immediately starts acting all sad and stuff. Man, was that phony or what?

Then we have the press conference by the state’s head medical examiner, named Carver. That guy was one really bizarre dude and didn’t seem to know squat about anything.

VICKI SOTONewtown, Connecticut is also supposedly a big site for Satanists. I don’t know any Satanists personally, or if it has anything to do with it, though. But the way things are going, who knows anymore?

All kinds of strange coincidences have been discovered in the media for these evil acts happening nowadays. You should see all the predictive images of 9/11 discovered after the fact. Some are blaming the Illuminati or even the Devil himself. And what is it with this demonic hand symbol business anyway?

Let’s speculate a little here. If you really think about it, it would not be a hard thing to pull off. If you’ve identified a good patsy, then the rest is relatively easy.

They could have killed both Adam and his mother, Nancy. After whacking her with a silenced .22, they bundled the shackled and/or drugged boy to the school and put one of his mother’s guns to his head. With the body now in situ — a staged lone gunman suicide scene — another murderous assassin or assassins commits the actual shootings with deadly, military efficiency. One or two adults are supposed to have survived, but we’ve heard ZILCH about them and exactly what they saw.

Christopher Rodia could have been the one who first fingered Adam Lanza as a potential patsy to the operators, since Rodia had a druggie young girlfriend or niece, who supposedly was connected to someone in the Lanza family (Cassandra Scire). This guy might be a “cut-out” or was double-dealed in some way. Perhaps the real perps, in a rush, stupidly overlooked something little and the car used was unfortunately (to them) linked backed to Rodia. Or Rodia could even have driven Adam there.

Some may wish to excuse such things as merely “coincidence.” Others, not so accepting of what we’re supposed to think as “good citizens,” look at it as “evidence.”

Anytime you see this Jew reporter, Rick Levanthal, on FOX you should suspect something.

Anytime you see this Jew reporter, Rick Levanthal, on FOX you should suspect something is not right.

How about Rick Levanthal of FOX being there on the scene that day, virtually right away (I watched FOX closely that morning)? Oh, I know he’s based somewhat nearby (about an hour’s drive) at the FOX studios in Jew York city, but it’s funny how this guy is always there putting out the MEME for the public to ingest.

Levanthal was the reporter who interviewed the infamous “Harley guy” street witness in lower Manhattan on the morning of 9/11. The fast-talking “regular guy,” wearing a Harley ball cap, just happened to know exactly all the reasons why the towers collapsed so fast — in the very same way the government and the 9/11 commission would later explain it to America. To this day, no one even knows who this Harley guy really was (but there are several suspects).

Levanthal also did on-the-spot reporting work in Libya when the NWO were out to get Khaddifi’s ass. And in Afghanistan, too. The Jew sure does get around when it comes to NWO subjects, now doesn’t he?

Plenty of people are now rightly suspecting MOSSAD death squads are at work today in America, setting the stage for gun confiscations in advance of the next stage of the NWO. Just think of how murderous these people are, willing to pull off this kind of thing in furtherance of their agenda.

And that “Agenda” includes disarming the White race before too many of us “get it.” Already, people are waking up to what is being done and how the Globalist Jews use America as a bully in the Mideast. It’s so obvious these days as to be sickening.

Everything else you see is just like it seems. That’s the nature of reality for an America under control of the Satanic Zionists, busy yanking our chains because they know what’s in store for us soon enough.

Just think about this one, highly pertinent fact: If you own or pretty much control the flow of information to the public, you can do things like this without too much risk. If something does not quite work as planned, or if a mistake is made, it can easily be ignored (most fools believe nothing until the mainstream media tells them). Any talk later is just pooh-poohed away by embedded allies everywhere (i.e. regular Jewry in general).

These insane, evil NWO Zionists now feel free to do whatever they want. Remember, the stinking Jews live by the credo “the ends justify the means” and have no problems sacrificing even other Jews for the Tribe. Oh, yeah, they would kill your ass in a second if they felt it would advance Israel and/or the NWO order.

— Phillip Marlowe

And why haven’t we heard about other suspects being arrested, which they clearly were? On the police scanner recordings we hear:

“I have reports that teachers saw two shadows running past the building, past the gym.”

Then another voice: “Ya, we got ‘em. They’re coming at me.” inaudible “they’re coming down the driveway, left side.” Another voice: inaudible “… this is it.” We then hear that the police have one or more suspects “proned out.”

Then, several minutes later: “Be advised. We do have multiple weapons, including a rifle and a shotgun.”

So we clearly have a major story waiting to be revealed by the media: multiple suspects, multiple guns, and the portrait of Adam Lanza as a disturbed lone gunman now in serious doubt.

READ MORE HERE: Multiple suspects a profusion of weapons and arrests in the Sandy Hook story

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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515 Responses to Sandy Hook Reeks of Satanic NWO Jew Psyops

  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    LT. Paul Vance is part of the cast as well!

  2. GTRman says:

    If you wanted to peel another layer off the onion , and for a moment consider that the
    ” Big Jews ” ( whoever they are ) wanted to set up their ” Lesser Brethren ” for another
    ‘pogram’ , then , by golly , they are doing a fine(stein) job !

    ” Eugene Rosen ” ? Ha ! They may as well have rolled out a guy with sidelocks who runs a bagel-bar called Moshe MoneyGrabber-Kiddy-Gefiddler !

    Only a Plankton could now not recognise that jews run EVERYTHING in the ‘West’.

    Are they that cocky ? Or do they want a ‘ real holocaust’ so they can restore ” order from the chaos ” ?

    Fascinating stuff .

    I reckon Israel is expendable and is on borrowed time . I also reckon Israel is a Red Herring . Who needs israel when you control the fucking WORLD ? ( UK , USA , Canada , Australia , NZ ,France , Germany , etc etc etc ?

  3. sog says:

    @ sassy yeah whats the world coming to when actors play doctors and doctors play actors ..and any other variation …most doctors are actors in real life as they act like they know what they are doing …………………

    and the pedo thing in america is actually a subsidiary of global jew interests …from a worthless shit kike rabbi sucking on a babies doinker to them running the global jew criminal empire as generals the global sex trade is rampant and brutally controlled and vigilantly watched over by top people who supply heads of state and captains of industry ..always been that way …jews have been in the parasite business since early time ..
    the research of this cesspool of activity is not good for the mind or soul but the children are stolen in america every day for some shady kike shit …

    anyone who tries to blow the lid off this ring is usually dispatched and the case disolved …there was one big case 10 years ago where enditements were expected to even go to ghw bush but the reporter was offed and the evidence disappeared ..his was out of europe …ghw bush has dual citizenship with germany …kids used to disappear out of places like grand central station and large transpo hubs so much that someone invented the child leash and some people complained about it ..fuck stupid people ..

    canadian orphaneges were notorious for children being “borrowed” by high palce officails for sex parties and then returned and as neede murdered or sold of and disasppeared ,,,,it is a huge scandal that quickly got suppressed …

    think about who attacks and uses children for propaganda purposes and for religious ritual activities ..

  4. sog says:

    heh heh sassy would that mental hospital be jew town new york or israel ..
    most jews belong in a supervised confined area and medicated on cyanide .

  5. EZ says:

    During the Holodomor dead bodies were ground up and sold to the starving population as food. You don’t want to know how Jews dispose of their victims. Would you like some fries with that order?

  6. silvernickel says:

    Wow, I see Barney Frank, aka ‘NAMBLing Man’ is being touted for a interim US Senator appointment by that flaming mulatto Mass. Governor. Watch the video on the link below.

    That would be two jews in a row (i.e. Hawaii). What are the odds of that, in Jewmerika?

  7. GTRman says:

    Democracy . They keep going on about it . Its become a word that no longer means “popular will ” or ” majority rule ” , it encompasses all of the lefty-lib memes that we actually dont HAVE , freedom of speech , human rights , all that feel good bull .

    In a real democracy ( ie the majority decide what happens ) we would :

    Kill bad people ( rapists , murderers , kiddie-fuckers , thieves , swindlers , etc) instead of giving them a stress-free life in a gated community : heating , clean water and three meals a day, while pensioners who have paid taxes all their lives freeze to death .

    We would also not be part of quasi-soviet blocs like the EU / NAFTA

    We would certainly not welcome millions of primaive , AIDS and TB riddled , third-world voodoo practicioners or desert dwelling genital mutilators into our countries and give them free food and lodging via our income tax.

    Besides , there would be no income tax.

    Minorities like jews and queers would be proportionately represented , if tolerated.

    1 % of population gets 1% influence .

    Im sure the rest of the world is very grateful that we are bringing them ‘ democracy’.

    Tikkun Olam

    Tikkun olam (Hebrew: ????? ????) is a Hebrew phrase that means “repairing the world” (or “healing and restoring the world”) which suggests humanity’s shared responsibility (with the Creator) “to heal, repair and transform the world.” In Judaism, the concept of tikkun olam originated in the early rabbinic period. The concept was given new meanings in the kabbalah of the medieval period and further connotations in modern Judaism.[

  8. GTRman says:

    I stopped killing ants when I was 8 . I felt bad . Ive dispatched a few fish . Wow , they bleed red , just like us . It wasnt nice . But if you eat them at least theres a point .

    But I reckon I could batter a kiddie-fucker / torturer to death with a bat and sleep easy.
    Bad wiring , like putting down a mad dog .

    But these mass-murdering war-mongering jew criminals ? Death’s an easy way out .

    Id want them to have a very , very long and unpleasant life .

    Televised , of course . You know how they love those cameras.

    If a jew screeches in the forest , do the trees hate them as well ?

  9. GTRman says:

    You know what ? In MY world , if people are upset about school shootings , I wouldnt get rid of guns , Id get rid of fucking SCHOOLS !

    They do FAR more damage to kids.

  10. GTRman says:

    Lets take ‘assault’ rifles off people . Starting with the israelis.

    Come on , after all , they are a ” light unto the nations ” .

    Disarm the israelis , let them show us the way .


    We are all part of Nature .

    Nature will NOT ALLOW the jews to succeed .

    Heed my words .

  11. GTRman says:

    Larry – Im far from endorsing CI , but Im listening to the audio you posted .

    Pretty good so far .

  12. GTRman says:

    Larry – did you mean this :

    The Devil and the Jews

    Rabbi’s book shows the
    scale and continuity
    of the llluminati
    Jewish Conspiracy

  13. lre says:

    Ran across a utube video that was posted on stormfront , called : Mark Levin exposes dianne feinstein on gun control ..

    No video just audio basically it’s is feinstein talking about her packing a gun and why . Might be something to checkout …
    Must say impressed with the research and the thread in general … great brain storming . I hope that others catch on to what you’ve been coming up with and it spreads to more boards .

  14. ovadiayosefgOYbals says:

    i have been corresponding with dallas goldberg ,we have finally solved this thing,take a look!!!

  15. GTRman says:

    lol , wow , youre right , ovadiayosefgOYbals . The ears are a perfect match !!

  16. nodollarsjustcents says:

    Sandy Hook & Port Arthur same MO. a must read Incog..

  17. Pat says:



    Listen, Mark Levin is a jewish disinfo agent. This fact is well established.

    His job is essentially the same as that of Rush Limbaugh. Just a different flavor.

    Go to the link at the top of this site that says “AMERICA’s REAL PROBLEM”. It’s about Rush Limbaugh.

    Maybe I should write a piece of that POS LevinSteinn as well.

  18. nojewsjustrite says:

    Satanic worship in Connecticut? Yes! See the Warren Occult Museum website. They feature an intro video showing a large, satanic worship figure that was “found by a hunter in the woods in Sandy Hook” as the fellow in the video states.

  19. fred says:

    I remember my Dad listening to the radio in the 60’s,and hearing a news report on the watts riots. Well my Dad who was a war vet from ww2 looked me in the eyes and said to me Adolf Hitler was Right! and the nigger’s and jews would not be here today and what a great thing that would be. Well to make a story short,I have always followed the Reich! And when you look at the big picture,yes Hitler and my Dad where right! All the shit has come to roost now that they have been allowed to breed and florish in our land and in our time! To all I can only say to you Good Luck if battle comes our way,and fight hard and may the Grace of God be with you all!!!
    Gott Mit Uns.

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