The Sandy Hook Phelps/Sexton Conspiracy BS


Try as I might, I can’t find anything at all to corroborate that Nick and Lauren Phelps, interviewed on CNN about the Sandy Hook massacre are actors. There seems to be a lot of this stuff out there, like this from Political Trance Tribune. Methinks a possible big Disinfo Psyops is going down, or someone has way too much time on their hands.

The guy behind all this looks like a BIG FAT JEW!

The guy behind all this looks like a BIG FAT JEW!

First off, the only thing I’m aware of their involvement in Sandy Hook at all is that they had two kids enrolled at the school, but neither were victims (when the names are compared to the victim list). All they did was tearfully speak about the murdered principal on Zionist Wolf Blitzer’s CNN report. Sensitive, caring liberals, Global citizens maybe, but not top secret plotting, Illuminati/Sabbatian/Wiccan/Satanist/Zionist/MOFO Jews.

Here’s the basic gist to the Zio conspiracy bull (wacky site here): The Phelps are really the Sextons, a very Jewy looking family living in West Palm Beach, Florida (note how crypto the last name is). Not only did Nick (same name as real hubby) and Jennifer “Greenberg” Sexton secretly play act as the saddened Phelps parents, Nick and Lauren, in the Sandy Hook made-for-TV melodrama; one of their daughters named Samantha was also used as the “image personna” for the cute little girl victim in the congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Arizona mall shooting way back in 2010, one Christina Taylor Green. All this and more according to the theory. Way more.

First, I compared the shots of the little girl and I will admit they look similar, but are NOT the same, regardless of any aging. Both do look like cutesy little Jew girls, for sure.

Maurice Greenberg, AIG, CFR, Zionist Sayan

Old Jew Maurice Greenberg: AIG, CFR, Globalist, Zionist Sayan, traitor.

Apparently, there’s some Greenberg relations to the Sexton Jew family in Florida, which is then conflated with Maurice Greenberg (left) CEO of American Insurance Group (AIG).

The real Maurice Greenberg did in fact help finance fellow Zionist Sayan, the Jew Larry Silverstein, in buying the World Trade Center just a few months before 9/11 and smartly bailed out (retired) right before the corrupt AIG was fingered in the mortgage derivative mess that left us all high and dry back in 2008 and from which decent, hard-working Americans are still suffering. The creepy old Jew coot is still sometimes even seen yukking it up as a guest on FOX’s Neil Cavuto’s afternoon show to this day, believe it or not.

Maurice Strong, one of the corrupt Globalists behind Global Warming gambit.

Maurice Strong, one of the corrupt Globalists behind the Global Warming gambit.

Furthermore, according to the bull, the great grandfather Sexton Jew (top middle guy) is really Maurice Strong (right) — one of the Globalists behind the Global Warming scam to finance the NWO Global Governance. Strong was also implicated for bribery in the oil-for-food bribery at the United Nations and is now living on the down low in China. Sure, the old Sexton guy does look like a pointy-nosed, liver-spotted Satanic Globalist Jew — BFD. Someone working for the Dallas Goldbug disinfo operation behind all this, even took the time to do a nice, but still unconvincing morph gif of the two.

The real Nick and Lauren Calio Phelps moved from Los Angeles in the summer of 2010 to Connecticut. When they arrived on the east coast, they visited a woman named Meg Duerksen, who put up some shots of the visit on her happy homemaker website. The Phelps family van looked trashed after the long trip, the kids tired and pissy, while Meg and Lauren clowned around, comparing butt sizes while on all fours. Fairly typical vacation shot crap people think is so funny, but bores the hell out of all the rest of us having to look at it.

The Phelps post on Meg’s site was deleted, probably by Meg herself after she saw the incoming billions of hits and worried that her friend Lauren Phelps was getting unwarranted attention from nutcases like me. Or “they” did it so “we wouldn’t get wise.” But I did copy the photos, expecially the goofy Big Butt shot.

Some people really go off on tangents. This Dallas Goldbug conspiracy guy (I wonder about that “Gold” there) even says one of the Sexton daughters is Caylee, the baby victim daughter of infamous Florida murder mother, Casey Anthony. Why that case has anything to do with matters is beyond this old coon dog’s brain.

Another thing people are saying, is that Lauren Phelps is secretly the same woman lawyer representing the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie shooter, Hellboy Holmes. Similar, but no cigar. Let me state something: There’s plenty of people out there that look like this kind of woman. Hell, I’ve probably hit on few myself.

INCOG’s Doppelganger Reality Check: Right at this very moment somewhere in the world, there is someone, somewhere who looks almost exactly like you (never exactly, but close enough for double takes). Might be a pig farmer in North Carolina. Might be a book store owner in Leeds, England. Or, like my problem, a studly porn star in LA (just kidding). Who the hell knows?

INCOG’s Red Herring Warning: Conversely, this whole Phelps/Sexton conspiracy business might be in itself a “conspiracy-conspiracy.” Say what? INCOG, now you’re really messing with my noggin!

Yep, they could have done all this crap to get people to throw out the baby with the bath water. Stay with me here.

Let’s say the real perps know all about this Internet conspiracy sleuth business. Let’s say they don’t want the general public to get suspicious to what’s really going on. Simply do up some weirdo nonsense and put it out there. It’s elementary magic tricks — while the audience looks at the hand behind the ear, the other hand is up to no good.

This is modern day Internet “psyops” to muddy up the waters. I’m totally convinced embedded Zionists did crazy things like that in the years following 9/11, such as the business with faked video feeds of the twin towers getting hit by nonexistent CGI planes. Simply nonsense.

Now, I do think it’s possible the Globalist Jews had something to do with Sandy Hook. Get that possible there. Not saying definitely, just that I am saying it’s within the realm of possibility.

Sandy Hook does indeed reek of NWO Zio Jew psyops. I know these people are quite serious about disarming America. This Dallas Goldbug business has all the earmarks of a serious Internet disinfo operation by these stinking Zio Jews.

Here’s the problem: People can’t bring themselves to believe others would be so evil and cruel to kill sweet little innocent children. I don’t know how to break this to you, but there’s plenty of psychopaths out there that would kill you in a Jew York minute, if they could get away with it, the money was good enough or they are working for a cause.

God, White people are so soft and stupid nowadays. I think if they really were exposed to the “Nature Red in Tooth and Claw” reality, they would have a mental breakdown and zone out totally, instead of trying to escape or fight back with brutal force.

Can’t you White people out there grow some cojoñes?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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337 Responses to The Sandy Hook Phelps/Sexton Conspiracy BS

  1. Sen10L says:

    That Dallas actor is really ChuckE.Cheezbug

  2. Biker says:

    just checked Sazzy’s link. beady eyes set close together, black rings under them, huge arching nose. that thar be a jew all. maybe goldbug is his real name after all

  3. Biker says:

    a hasbarat warning sticker is a great idea!

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Ask Dallasgoldberg a question


  5. Pat says:


    Sorry. I just hate kikes so much that it just boils over.


  6. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Hahahahaha Good job INCOGMAN!

  7. Biker says:

    great job Incog! thats the pic that cleared it up for me, that….is a jew.

  8. Jim says:


    just wanted to point out about the phelps, sexton connection. I admit its the only idea goldbug posits that is anywhere near to reality but i did a lot of digging and found a video of laura phelps performing on stage.

    i think you might agree after you see that video that the phelps lady on cnn and the one performing are the same and not the sexton/greenburg lady. if you google laura phelps expressing motherhood you’ll find it.

  9. American born says:

    LOL, that’s funny. He does resemble a RAT.

  10. Pat says:

    That is one profoundly ugly jew.


    Look at the mis-shapen ears. The rat-like soul-less eyes. That beak…oh that JewBeak perched above a weak jaw line.

    No wonder he has such blind hatred for us.

    He hates what he can never be.

    Shysters are like that.

  11. Larry says:

    Walking in Circles Around Sandy Hook Firehouse – Creating The Illusion of More People

  12. Pat says:

    Lets see… the car was left with the doors wide open,,, the only firetruck on the school grounds was already there… you and another parent got to the front doors… then you heard gunshots… interesting.

  13. Pat says:

    GENE…….What are the chances?

  14. Jake says:

    In reply to the first video posted by Pat
    entitled:”Sandy Hook parents ask more questions”

    This woman who was interviewed in this video was lying.
    Check out this photo of the school’s front doors.
    NO shattered glass.

    Why did she lie?

  15. Israhell on Earth says:

    I didn’t read the entire thead, but a really believe that not a single human being has been killed.(exept adam lanza and his mother) It’s a gigantic hoax, most of the parents are jews themselves. They got millions of dollars and are protected by state troopers up to this day. The Kikes are so brazen nowadays, they think that they can get away with everything.

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