High Time For Some Serious NECKTIE PARTIES


THE LITTLE GIRL was simply returning to her Fairfield, California home from the school bus stop and passing through a neighborhood playground when it happened. Only minutes earlier, a video surveillance camera captured her talking on her cellphone, with her pink “hello kitty” backpack casually slung over her left shoulder.

Last seen on Jan. 31, by surveillence camera, the girl was just minutes away from death at the hands of BLACK ANIMAL.

Last seen on Jan. 31, by surveillance camera, Genelle was just minutes away from violent rape and death at the hands of a BLACK MONSTER.

The 13 year-old, Genelle Conway-Allen, had no idea what lay in store for her just around the corner (right).

Like something out of a real-life horror movie, a hulking black monster lay in wait. 32 year-old, Anthony Lamar Jones, worked in a barbershop less than two miles away and seems to have up and decided on that one particular day to take out all his angry Negro frustrations on any defenseless White person he could get his filthy paws on. A little Whitey girl would be perfect.

Just when the situation appeared right, he spotted the happy little White ho walking along, seemingly oblivious to the nearby brooding presence of an African warrior. He quickly snatched her up, covered her mouth with one hand and carried the squirming monkey over to a hidden clearing he found earlier. Slamming himself down on top of her, he tore off the nice Whitey girl clothes and did his thing. Finished, he realized he had to permanently get rid of the only witness — now sobbing away. Just a few intense moments of brute force strangulation of her scrawny white chicken neck was all that it took. “The demon White bitch deserved it,” he silently fumed while hitching up his pants.

Hell, the sick black bastard may even have murdered the girl first before doing his thing, so as to keep her from crying out and alerting anyone nearby.

Genelle’s foster parents and friends were naturally frantic when she failed to return home from school and none of her friends had any idea of where she was.* The police looked for her, even the FBI were later called in. A homeless man (probably White) eventually came across her brutalized, stark naked dead body in a bushy hide-away. He told a reporter: “She looked like a mannequin. It hurts my soul to think someone could do that to a little girl. I’m haunted by the image of her laying there without a stitch of clothing.”

Folks, let’s be honest here: These two-legged, free-ranging animals are now everywhere in our countries. There’s no telling when any one of us White humans might fall victim to this murderous, ape-like species — always portrayed as both victims of never-ending European White oppressions and wonderful hero figures by the Globalist Jew and multicult White controlled media.

And how about the recent story of the four White women in Tulsa, Oklahoma, mercilessly murdered execution-style just a few weeks ago? How come we hear never anything about such horrible “hush” crimes in the mainstream media?


stupid enough to have herself a mud kid.

One of them was stupid enough to have herself a mud child — almost like a real Hollywood celebrity! (who really prefer adoption to fulfill Jew media-required fashion, than actually sleeping with a dangerous ape; besides, of course, that big butt ugly Jewess, Kim Kardashian — a totally ridiculous celebrity invented by Jew media).

So sure was I that the crime was the doings of African-“Americans,” I did up a Photoshop montage including the above victims even before the two black brothers responsible were busted. See THIS POST to get a giant smack in the face — images of some of the White dead recently — people just like yourself who died shockingly horrible deaths at the hands of these truly vicious, White-hating african apes.

And, to be sure, one of the four Tulsa women murdered was a Jew-brainwashed, coal-burning whore (right) and maybe a minor league drug dealer too, who probably had it coming for messing with Sasquatch. But did each of the other women deserve to be tied up, forced into kneeling positions to get a bullet fired into the back of the head, ending their lives forever? Think about it here.

Seriously consider: Any friend, relative or acquaintance involved with this race very well may get you, or a loved one mercilessly murdered out of the blue. Think that’s all racist BS? Happens all the GD time nowadays, multicult moron.

Black males kill White women constantly. Coal-burners and the completely innocent. They will indeed kill any one us dead, even if you had little connection with them at all. They have been mentally ingesting Jew Hollywood movies all their lives and now foolishly think they need to silence any witnesses so they can escape “Five-O” (which is stupid, since they usually do something so dumb the cops track them down almost immediately, or a fellow homie turns them in to collect crimestopper money so they can buy crack for a month).

Get REAL, fools

Here's one in the act of shooting dead a convenience store clerk while taking his own child to the crime.

Here’s one in the very act of shooting dead a convenience store clerk while carrying his own child with him to the crime.

Every single day I read about some sickening new black-on-White crime. The national Jew-controlled media does everything it can to keep a lid on it, even the supposedly “conservative” FOX news (who tell us with a straight face they are not mainstream media — what a laugh).

But it should be glaringly obvious by now how the media circus always concentrates on White crime — like the recent trial coverage of that crazy White woman who killed her boyfriend in the shower a couple of years ago. They don’t care one GD bit about the dangers us regular White people face on the street today. All they care about is their cushy paychecks and that hot new restuarant in SoHo they are planning to go tonight.

Oh, these filthy Zionist media whores will pay. Oh, they will — one damn way or another.

Simply put: These black animals do NOT have the same moral compunctions and sense of honor and decency of White people. You know it, I know it, so let’s stop attacking fellow Whites who have the guts to speak the truth.

All you got to do is turn on your local news at night (people talk locally, so the local channels have to report it — at least for now). Every day in my area there are several black murders, almost every night, for chrissakes. Usually it’s black-on-black, but sometimes they are White victims (that’s when the victim photos get censored). Multiply all this by hundreds of other areas with black populations across the country and you get the picture — the murderous, vile black race is now totally out of control.

Actually has been for quite some time.

imagesThe DIE-versity and multiculturism experiment of the last fifty years or so, has failed miserably. And it’s not White people’s fault. God knows how much White people have bent over backwards for this utterly worthless race and suffered unfairly, not just with our livelihoods and tax money, but also with our lives.

Hell, just because you’re White, no matter what we say or do, they are still going to call you are a “stealth racist” enjoying the fruits of “White privilege.”

No longer should we succumb to this BS “White guilt” crap. If you pay attention, you can sense the growing fear in the media about all of us “waking up.” The Jews know the next stage in the NWO agenda will prove the most tricky, and have been ramping up the “war on terror” secret police infrastructure and psyops programs. In addition, PC brainwashing and propaganda is rapidly becoming ridiculously obvious — even to some of the braindead.

Are you not sick and tired of all the BS nowadays? Haven’t you just plain GD had enough?

I think it’s long past the time we teach these GD black animals a lesson. We need to haul these black murderers of our children down to the town square and string them up by the neck until dead, so all the worthless bastards see it!

Let the dead animals swing in the breeze for a day or two, bloat and blacken in the sun for all to see. Sure, it might look gross as hell to the squeamish out there, but will seriously drive the point home to the homies. Apparently, these “people” just can’t seem to understand anything else.

I can guarantee you that black crime of all sorts will plummet, even black-on-black gang warfare. It will save America tens of billions in taxpayer dollars yearly, to say nothing about all the tears shed over the murders of our loved ones. Just a few executions like this will let them know we mean business and make all the difference in the world. Hell, we would be doing the sick bastards a big favor, actually.

Call it tough love, if you have to.

— Phillip Marlowe

* The crime is a lot like the recent October, 2012 case of missing New Jersey 12 year-old, Autumn Pasquale — found dead; her body dumped like garbage into a recycling bin after two murderous black brothers lured her into their basement and strangled her stone-cold dead — the reasons for why we may never know, but certainly the traitorous, White-hating media would surely never report.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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786 Responses to High Time For Some Serious NECKTIE PARTIES

  1. summerled says:

    Terrorism isn’t just bombs. It is also the pre-staging of the public through game theory warfare, a subset of chaos theory. The public is propagandized and indoctrinated, not just through media, entertainment and news, but through control of education and the internet.”

    ok its gordan duff but use it


  2. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Hitler’s Shadow – In the Service of the Fuehrer (Beta Release) – Feb 18, 2013

  3. Snow White says:

    PPSS. Plus “Lithuanians”. & add the fags. Male or female.

  4. t bone says:

    Great vid, Summerled.

    The jews want to black out the White.

    Between the bourgeois gubgrabbers, boy in stripped ‘jammys’ and the hasidic kike weasles, wot on Earth can we do?

    Who was that English princess that got offed about 15 years ago?

    My money sez she was OK.

    Maybe the bloods got her…

    …or a crip.Tick-
    Tock jews

    The White Man A-Cometh.


  5. EZ says:

    Well guys the “marine” blocked me from posting on his video. That’s what they do when they can’t dispute the facts.

  6. Snow White says:

    Regarding the Oscar Petrious bs. I ask. Every 4 minutes in S.A. there is a rape. The Black pres. of South Africa has been charged with Rape. Same with Pres. of Izrael. No one turns the cheek on a pisser hyena.

  7. INCOG MAN says:

    ok, Snow White, you now are out.

  8. sog says:

    We’ve all heard about the black-racist, free Obama phones. A friend was recently looking for a part-time work and found this listing on Craig’s List [note: the “DMV” refers to DC, Maryland, Virginia]:


  9. t bone says:


    What was wrong with Snow White’s comment?

    Unless I misunderstood.

  10. Real American says:

    I`ll make a necktie of some of these bureauc(rats).
    – Jim Traficant

  11. coveyrider says:

    sorry about the (Waton) thinking faster than I can possibly type

  12. Wotan says:

    @All-Eyes & Not-Sees
    February 19, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Marvellous views from the inside of a great empire. On Krause`s testimony alone the
    notion of a dictatorship cannot be maintained. The multitude of interests in major
    administrations of this kind moves clearly into view. It would probably be interesting
    for HKW aka Halina to read what Poles did to that small troop of German soldiers, who
    fell into their hands: Cut off penisses, cut off ears, gauged out eyes, severed limbs,
    this usually carried out whilst people were fully conscious and running conform with
    autopsy reports on murdered German civilians, whose lifelight was blown out before
    the first German soldier set even foot on German territory robbed by the Poles. Halina`s
    attempts to represent the Poles as victims reminds very much of Jewish “victims”,
    who are known to regularly carry out the similar atrocities in Palestine.

  13. Wotan says:

    February 20, 2013 at 11:20 am

    You are obviously just a low-minded twad, who is trying to sell his monotonous
    deficiencies as original and funny brain sparks!

  14. HKW says:

    So far Wotan all I can see it is YOU representing the German soldiers ( the invaders !) as victims ( well…they were too, following orders) constantly bringing up those tragic events of war, which, in fact, was the Polish response as defensive military combat fights or possible events of revenge taken out simply of sheer desperation and outrage surrounding a particular situation during that war, and being fed up with centuries of oppression
    This was after all another, the FOURTH partitioning of Poland taking place!

    “Those to whom evil is done do evil in return.”

    No where, in any of my comments had I ever described in such gruesome details what was done to ethnic Poles, like you and others do it on continuous basis, but since you cannot stop, here is more info on my part.
    Please excuse me Incog, but I MUST respond.
    It is a high time now to clarify certain events.
    “Bloody Sunday”, German Fifth Column, and the Myth of Polish Massacres of Germans;

    In Poland, Hitler saw an agricultural land in close proximity to Germany, populated by modest but strong and healthy farmers.
    Hitler quickly took control of Poland by specifically wiping out the Polish leading class — the Intelligentsia.
    Therefore Hitler’s first target was Germany’s closest neighbor to the east.

    The Germans took over the ranches, farms and Polish factories.
    Most healthy citizens were forced into slave labor. Young Polish men were drafted into the German army. Blond haired children were “Germanized” and trained from an early age to be Nazi supporters.

    Before the Nazis invaded Poland, Hitler announced, “The destruction of Poland is our primary task.”
    He also commanded, – “Kill without pity or mercy all men, women, and children of Polish descent or language. Only in this way can we obtain the living space we need.”
    Hitler’s head of secret police, Heinrich Himmler, promised that “all Poles will disappear from the world.”

    This ALMOST happened before; not the Poles, but their country disappeared from the world’s map THREE TIMES!

    Hitler’s Goal: Terrorize Polish People Into Subservience.
    Poland’s educated class was purposely targeted because the Nazis and Soviets knew that this would make it easier to control the country.
    Hundreds of Polish community leaders, mayors, local officials, priests, teachers, lawyers, judges, senators, doctors were executed in public.

    Germany and the Soviet Union divided Poland in half.
    The western half, occupied by the Nazis, became a new German territory: “General Government”. The eastern half was incorporated within the adjoining Russian border by Soviet “elections”. This new border “realignment” conferred Soviet citizenship on its new Polish inhabitants. And all young Polish men were subject to being drafted into the Soviet army.
    Just like the Nazis the Soviets also reigned terror in Poland.

    The Soviets took over Polish businesses, Polish factories and destroyed churches and religious buildings. The Polish currency (zloty) was removed from circulation.
    All Polish banks were closed and savings accounts were blocked.
    Books, monuments, historical inscriptions were destroyed.

    The Nazis began a forceful campaign of propaganda to convince the world of the inferiority and weakness of the Polish people, and the Nazis invincible superiority and power like Wotan’s does it today.
    Because of the obliteration of the Polish press most of the world was not aware of the atrocities going on.

    The real causes of the war by Norman Davies;

    Had Hitler taken ‘care’ of the jewish solution only without affecting ethnic Poles I wouldn’t utter a single word of protest.

    World War II was truly a global war.
    Some 70 nations took part in the conflict.
    Entire societies participated, as soldiers, war workers, or victims of occupation and mass murder. Every nation on the face of the globe had felt the impact of the
    If the cost in human suffering was immeasurable, the cost in physical wealth would probably never be accurately measured.
    The effects of the war spread far beyond the battlefield.
    The war brought ruin to many.
    City ??of ruins;

    Why?! Wasn’t it about the jews only?

    Human tragedy reaches its peak in the fact that at this very moment,
    after all the efforts and sacrifices of hundreds of millions of people,
    we have still not found peace or safety and we are still in the grip of
    dangers which are even worse than the ones we have survived.
    Smolensk; http://www.vdare.com/articles/katyn-and-the-good-war

    Disregard the number of jewish victims in the article below. It’s not only about them.
    The question is; Was World War II ‘The Good War’?

    Was is it worth escalating it that far?
    I seriously hope that a careful consideration of the past may show us a better way in the years to come.

    The tragic consequences and years of vengeance after the war:
    How neighbors turned on each other and anarchy erupted in the aftermath of WWII

    “Those to whom evil is done do evil in return.”

    What is there to glorify? Who has really benefited from it?

    Final Warning: A History of the New World Order

    Some people and/or organization represent themselves by symbols, specific names and I wonder what made you chose yours?

    No more comments.

  15. Point to make says:

    The conflict was local to begin with. Germany and Poland were negotiating on how to
    solve their border disputes which were the result of the notorious and unfair Versailles treaty dictated by the allied powers in the end of World War I.

    The western powers, mainly Great Britain, France and US did not want Germany to succeed in brokering a bilateral deal with Poland, hence they convinced/agitated the Polish leadership not to make any treaty with Germany concerning their border disputes.

    Danzig(Gdansk) was a German city. And East Prussia was part of Germany but separated geographically from the Heimat.

    Poland was the bait that the western powers(Great Britain, France, USA) and Stalins Soviet Union wanted Germany to take. Why? Western powers had a deal with Soviet Union to lure Hitler into their trap. The trap was Poland. It was imperative that Germany would get the blame for starting the World War II.

    In order to succeed in this, Soviet Union and Germany signed a nonaggression pact in 23.8.1939 where they agreed upon their respective spheres of interest in eastern part of Europe. Soviet Union and Germany agreed that they would attack at the same time against Poland. And Poland would be split between them. Soviet Union occupied most of the polish territory.

    But Stalin betrayed Hitler. Western powers and Soviet Union backstabbed Germany. Soviet troops marched in to Poland on 17.9.1939 – more than two weeks after Germany had done the so called dirty work alone – without leading to any declaration
    of war against Soviet Union from the British and French side. War was declared only on Germany by Great Britain and France so that the world would be deceived into believing, thinking, that there was only one aggressor, Germany. Which according to historical evidence is ofcourse completely false.

    By the way, the US president Roosevelt didnt find it uncomfortable to continue with business as usual with Stalin, even after Stalin had signed the non aggression pact with Germany!

    Eventually Germany saved Europe from being overrun by the massive communist Soviet Union.

  16. Anthony Lamar Jones, 32, of Fairfield, was charged with murder, lewd and lascivious acts with a child younger than 14, rape and kidnapping with intent to commit rape, according to authorities.

    “The murder of a 13-year-old assaults the very core of who we are and what we stand for as a community,” said Solano County District Attorney Donald A. du Bain.

    Read more: http://www.kcra.com/news/Man-32-arrested-in-Suisun-City-girl-s-park-death/-/11797728/18469262/-/xjmvau/-/index.html#ixzz2Lm4YNymv

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