Jew-controlled Media Continues The White-Hating BS



How about the following story out of Sanford, Florida this past week? Sanford is the place where the ever-so-innocent black teen, Trayvon Martin, was killed by George Zimmerman (half Jewish, half Peruvian). The black Gangsta wannabee tried to bash his head in on the concrete sidewalk, forcing Zimmerman to drill him in the gut to save his own life (probably saving not only himself but other victims down the road).

Last Sunday night, a mob of crazy blacks — men, woman, young and old — attacked a White couple (only photos of the adult perps were released, but at least four other black minors were also involved). They knocked the husband out cold, beat the daylights out of his six-month pregnant wife, Ashley Flournoy, putting the woman in the hospital. Her mother and sister tried to come to her aid, but were beaten senseless themselves. One of the blacks was reported by witnesses to have yelled out: “I don’t care if you’re pregnant!” Imagine that.

Not that long after the Trayvon Martin “incident,” a fifty year-old White man was pulled out of his car by two Sanford Gangstas, dragged off into the woods and bashed almost dead with a GD hammer. That, too, failed to get reported by the traitorous national media — including the so-called “conservative” FOX news. They all know this kind of thing is going on across the country.

Just stop a minute and think: If the races were reversed in any of this, you would hear about it on all the channels. You know it, too. Doesn’t matter about the Sanford, Florida, connection. Doesn’t matter one bit if Whites are attacked in the streets or in our homes. Nothing matters anymore but continued, non-stop White demonization in the media.

They want White people to stay stupid!


Freaky Black Punk Kills Little Old Lady Execution-Style

The harmless, 80 year-old Janie Fullilove, worked part time as a cashier at a local Volvo dealership in South Jackson, Mississippi. Unfortunately for her, she was also acquainted with a 17 year-old little black punk named Khali Kennedy, who apparently once lived nearby and did odd jobs for her on occasion.

The Friday night before last, the stinking punk stole the woman’s silver Volvo S-80 after taking her out to the shed in her own backyard. There, he smashed her head with some object and then put a bullet into her abdomen and another into the back of her head, killing her.

Looking for Fullilove’s photo for my elderly White victims folder (now quite full), I noticed the Volvo dealership where she worked had already removed her portrait from their website page. Boy, that was fast. I also noticed the head of sales was black. That’s so typical these days.

Contrary to what you might believe, this kind of thing happens to us White people all the time in Obongo-STEIN’s America, and even before, actually. The Jewish-controlled media just doesn’t want the White race to wake up to the fact that us Whites don’t matter one bit. That’s the reason you don’t hear SQUAT in the national news.

You see this anti-White brainwashing all the time now

The anti-White business is all over the media this month, because of it being “black history month.” Instead of displaying any real black accomplishments (certainly because they are so few real black inventions to talk about), they prefer to attack us White people.

Earlier today, I was watching a propaganda piece, “Stories from the road to freedom,” on the “history” channel. Of course, it was your typical White guilt trip. But it really doesn’t matter that it’s “black history month” — we get this kind of crap all friggin’ damn year long. That and the holocaust/Nazi BS.

They had this one part where the black voice-over was complaining about having to live in a White world, while the video cut to old black and white 1920’s films of Indiana White people out enjoying themselves, playing the ukulele and dancing flapper-style. The point they were implying was that Whites were busy having themselves a grand old time, maybe looking kind of dorky; while blacks were so downtrodden and oppressed by all us evil Whites anywhere in the country.

Then they slowly zoomed in on a cold White face exhaling a cloud of cigarette smoke into his friend’s old black and white film camera, which the 21st century video editor slowly faded into a scene of KKK cross burning and hooded marchers menacing scared little black kids watching on (probably just “b-roll” footage from something entirely innocent). If you thought about the specific visual clues objectively, you understood this was pure Jew White guilt brainwashing at it’s “finest.”

Last night PBS had on a similar documentary about slavery still existing after the War of Northern Aggression, where evil Southern White men used “peonage” (a fiendish Spanish form of DEBT serfdom) to work blacks for next to nothing.

Not a word was said about Whites undergoing virtually the same thing, like White sharecroppers in the South, White immigrants in Allegheny coal mines and steel mills, where Gilded Age Barons put them up in tar paper shacks, paid them cheap tokens, only redeemable at the company store. Same GD thing.*

The one-sided BS and lies nowadays out of Jew-controlled national media continues the White-hate.

Notice also how mainstream media has been turning the South African Oscar Pistorius murder story into a circus. Why? Because he’s a relatively famous and the victim is a White woman. But do you think the anti-White media would report one lick about all the regular White people getting murdered by all the vicious, White-hating blacks over there?

Are you not sick and GD tired of all this Jewish media hypocrisy? Day-in, day-out, it’s nothing but black this, black that, or holocaust Nazi crap. It’s never-ending because the Jewish media mavens want all of us White people to feel guilt, pretty much over anything, even when none of us has JACK to do with it, only that we have White skin.

Isn’t that racist?

— Phillip Marlowe

* If you stop and think a minute, the PEONAGE system is really what America is under, right the ef now. Instead of company tokens and wealthy Yankee Robber Barons, they now have beautifully printed pieces of paper and national debt slavery to NWO Globalist Jew bankers. Think about it a little and you’ll get what’s really behind the “culture wars” business (actually anti-White brainwashing and Marxist social manipulations).

BORAT STAR The filthy, laughing Jew is turning all of America into one giant Sanford, Florida!

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287 Responses to Jew-controlled Media Continues The White-Hating BS

  1. Greg says:

    Note how the jew media uses nice little Trayvon pics instead of the thug pics Bailey.

    Also this:

  2. Finkle Stein says:

    You are completely right about the fact that Zimmerman saved not only his life, but the lives other victims down the road. Zimmerman took quite a pounding from the young primate who was hopped up on “Lean” and in a fully psychotic state when he leaped upon the community block watch captain out performing the duties of his assignment pinning his diminutive victim to the ground.
    The simian assailant didn’t stop once he was on top of Zimmerman, repeatedly pounding his face with both huge monkey fists until his nose was broken and the back of his seemingly defenseless victim’s head was laid wide open.
    How much more of this could any sane, reasonable individual expect a chimp out victim who is armed be expected to take? He was perhaps only one or two punches away from being rendered unconscious. Once that happened the young ape would have taken possession of the firearm and without a doubt would have murdered Zimmerman and several others with it before being captured by police and later being tried, convicted, and sentenced to a prolonged life of care free living in the State Nigger College (with thousands of others just like him)at the expense of Florida’s taxpayers.
    How many of these sub-humans (who respond favorably to nothing less than death or the threat of death , and who consider it a reward to be granted free room & board for life in nigger U for killing we who are full humans) before the cost of keeping them locked up becomes so high that our Jew Communist government leaders in an extortion play for higher taxes swings open the gates of all the state gorilla compounds allowing hundreds of thousands of these shit demons to overrun our country wreaking massive death & destruction upon the good and worthwhile people of this earth?

  3. Whose movement? says:

    Is the jew controlled media giving a facelift to EDL(English Defense League)?

    This from a forum:
    “There are absolutely loads of Asians, Blacks, Jews, Gays, and women all supporting the EDL. What people need to realise, is the EDL are simply against the current and in all honestly, the very real Islamic threat, and the Islamification of this country.”

    What is your take on this. In the end of the day, a group blended with jews and blacks. When the dust settles, for whose interest are they going to wag the dog. EDL leaders are openly pro zionism, pro multiculturalism BUT anti nationalistic.

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Boy, 9, Found Hanged ‘Was Bullied For Being White’
    A boy of nine who was found hanged is believed to have killed himself after he was ‘bullied for being white’ by an Asian gang at school.

    Aaron Dugmore – thought to be one of the youngest children in the UK to commit suicide – was discovered in his bedroom after being tormented for months, his parents said.

    They said Aaron was threatened with a plastic knife by one Asian pupil, who warned him: ‘Next time it will be a real one.’

    He was also allegedly told by another pupil that ‘all the white people should be dead’ and he was forced to hide from the bullies in the playground at lunchtime.

    Aaron’s mother, Kelly-Marie Dugmore, 30, and stepfather Paul Jones, 43, said that despite complaints to the school, nothing was done to stop the bullying.
    Aaron had recently started in Year Five at Erdington Hall Primary School in Birmingham, a school where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic minority backgrounds.

    According to staff at the school he had already ‘settled in quickly’ with his classmates after he joined the school last September when his family moved nearby.

    The school, which caters for 450 pupils aged three to 11, received an ‘inadequate’ rating by Ofsted inspectors last year.

    Aaron was discovered by Miss Dugmore hanged in his bedroom at the family home in the Erdington district of Birmingham at about 6pm on February 11.

    He was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital where doctors desperately attempted to revive him but he died the following day from a suspected cardiac arrest.

    His mother said she was convinced the taunts led to her son killing himself.

    ‘Aaron got on with all the children at his last school, and for him to have been bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach,’ she said.

    Mr Jones said that from Aaron’s first day of joining the school he had noticed a change in him.

    ‘He became argumentative with his brothers and sisters, which wasn’t like him at all,’ he added.

    ‘Eventually he told us that he was being bullied by a group of Asian children at school and had to hide from them in the playground at lunchtime.’

    His mother claimed she went to see the head teacher of the school several times only to be told: ‘You didn’t have to come to this school, you chose to come here.’

    A neighbour of the boy’s grandmother earlier told how ‘he had been targeted by a gang of older bullies at the school’.

    She said: ‘They made fun of him because he was the new kid but no one really thought it was any more than playground stuff.’

    An inquest was opened at Birmingham Coroner’s Court last week but was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

    Detective Inspector David Wallbank, of West Midlands Police, confirmed that the force was investigating allegations that Aaron was being bullied in the run-up to his death.

  5. Frank says:

    Sorry to have to say this, but, the Media have nothing to do with keeping people stupid. People who are stupid are going to stay that way, no matter what you do. Sure, you can buff them up a little—-even stampede them—-with a concerted effort, but after a spell of hysteria, etc. (Global Warming come to mind?), they relapse into trying to repair their broken-down gas-grills or going to get their hair done.

    For those of us with measurable IQs, it’s like trying to balance a watermelon on the tip of a broomstick* (Wow! I just covered two obnoxious minorities with one metaphor! Let’s put a yarmulke on the watermelon!). The melon stays there for a second, but it’s hard work for us. Then, the melon obeys Newtonian IQ laws and falls back to its self-hypnotic stasis.

    Liberals, for eons, have seen the struggling masses, hunkered down and resentful as the source of their power. They may have even grabbed upon the fact that the plight of the huddled poor has more to do with their miniscule, cretinous mental powers, reinforced by class endogamy, than the external efforts of the well-off. Doesn’t matter, everyone from the Greek tyrants to Caesar, to FDR/LBJ and the Porch-Monkey-in-Chief presently befouling the (formerly) White House has ALWAYS known that the base of power is the base of the pyramid. And we all know what constitutes the major portion of a pyramid, don’t we?

    So, media be damned (and it should be), it’s the material they are working with. Ideological mountebanks will ALWAYS drag morons around by the nose and throw these hordes a few crumbs just prior to fleecing them.

    When the conservatives lost the White House (more or less forever) in the 1930’s, the die was cast. Woodstock stands as the supreme, signal event which symbolizes the death of this Republic. It wasn’t the media that robbed the masses of their brains, it was the unmitigated onslaught against teaching PROPER AMERICAN HISTORY which has done the damage. And we all know who packed up their carpetbags at SDS headquarters and moved over to take over the “power positions” in education, don’t we?

    *keep working on the “broomstick” minority—hint: it’s actually a demographic majority, but only a portion of it……

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