CHILD BUGGERY A-OK Wrote Big Jew Homo Activist

“Celebrated” Jew homo activist, Larry Kramer, said most “gay” men victimized as boys have “fond memories” of early sexual experience. Looks like the nasty as hell Jews are combining a few of their favorite things — faggotry, child buggery and the never-ending holohoax victimhood crap! They got a lot of GD nerve trashing the Catholic Church all over the media, huh? [INCOG MAN]

By Peter LaBarbera

We're supposed to admire these sick perverts.

And we’re supposed to admire these sick demonic freaks?

Since its inception through “Lambda Report,” the newsletter launched in 1993 that was the precursor to Americans for the truth about homosexuality (AFTAH), we have been at the forefront of exposing the homosexuality-pedophilia connection, including “gay” activists’ advocacy and tolerance of sex between men and boys.

Frequently the charge leveled against this writer and any pro-family advocate who delves into this connection is that we are alleging that all or most “gay” men are child molesters. This is absurd. Recently this false accusation was leveled against me in a hostile e-mail to AFTAH. I challenged my accuser to find a single remark of mine that supports his claim that I had said that ”all or most gay men” are pedophiles. He never provided any evidence, because there is none.

What I have said for the last two decades is that pederasty and pedophilia are disproportionately connected to homosexuality — as one would expect since it is a perversion. I have asked the question of why so many child-sex-abuse victims are boys (usually estimated at more than 25 percent) if a mere 1-3 percent of men are homosexual. Deviance begets deviance, so the overabundance of pathologies — sadomasochism, unparalleled promiscuity, high STD rates, pornography, extreme gender confusion, relationship violence, and past child sex abuse – among homosexuals should not surprise those who still consider facts and reason above politically-correct platitudes.

Homosexual Advocacy of Pedophilia

A shocking aspect of the homosexuality-pederasty-pedophilia nexus is the public “gay” advocacy and glamorization (or rationalization) of sex between adults and children — mostly by homosexual men but occasionally by lesbians and radical feminists.

Ensler is another sick Jew pervert.

Ensler is another sick Jew pervert. Check her out — she looks like a demon from hell!

(For example, the much-celebrated “Vagina Monologues,” by Eve Ensler, included, in its original book form, a short story about a 24-year-old women seducing an adolescent girl after getting her drunk. In Ensler’s story, the girl, looking back as a woman, later recalls her victimizer fondly. Praising the de facto lesbian-predator-rapist, she says, “I realized later she was my surprising, unexpected, politically incorrect salvation.”)

With the Boy Scouts-homosexuality debate raging once again, AFTAH launches a new series, “The Pedo-File” to expose this most insidious brand of advocacy. Here we will document both the homosexual activists’ promotion of pedophilia — especially pederasty (man-boy sex) — and the historic reality of homosexuality’s link to adult-child sex going back to the ancient world.

Pedo-file-graphicNote that several of the articles for the “AFTAH Pedo-File” will be reprints and amended versions of old Lambda Report articles that are only now being published on the AFTAH website.

Our debut Pedo-File item involves one of the world’s most celebrated homosexual activists, Larry Kramer, founder of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power). The following is excerpted from his book, “Reports from the Holocaust: The Story of an AIDS Activist.” We have included a large excerpt to assure that the proper context of Kramer’s remarks is understood.

My own analysis follows the excerpt [all bold emphasis is added]:


Self-absorbed Jews so love using the word "Holocaust."

Self-absorbed Jews, like homo Larry Kramer, love using the word “Holocaust,” even when it comes to AIDS — a truly foul disease spread by these sick sodomites.

“Celebrated” homosexual activist Larry Kramer writes that when it comes to children having sex with “their homosexual elders, be they teachers or anyone else … very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it.”

“For reasons as incomprehensible to me as the ancient ‘reasons’ for hating Jews (that they drank the blood of Christian children), I don’t understand the irrational fear that apparently grips so many parents of school-aged children, that we [homosexuals] will ‘recruit’ these children. (And why is there never fear that straight male teachers will seduce littler girls?) Study after study has proved that gays are not child molesters, that child molesters are overwhelmingly heterosexual, and yet the belief persists. (Although curiously no one goes after the Catholic Church, where so much of the priesthood is gay;…) I know of no gay people who enjoy seeking sexual relations with someone who is not gay; it simply isn’t a gay characteristic. So this myth of recruitment, like the belief that all gay men are promiscuous, must serve some purpose for the straight world—to keep us different  and dangerous—and the dangerous must always be watched and rallied against, to the extent of the law.

“(In those instances where children do have sex with their homosexual elders, be they teachers or anyone else, I submit that often, very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it, either because of a natural curiosity that will or will not develop along these lines, or because he or she is homosexual and innately knows it. This is far from “recruitment.” Obviously, there are instances in which the child is unwilling, and is the victim of sexual abuse, homo- or heterosexual. But, as with straight children anxious for the experience with someone of the opposite sex, there are kids who seek, solicit and consent willingly to sex with someone of the same sex. And, unlike girls or women forced into rape and traumatized, most gay men have warm memories of their earliest and early sexual encounters; when we share these stories with each other, they are invariably positive ones. What has not been positive is our knowledge, from that early date, of the world’s disapproval. I realize that this is a very volatile issue, and that this in no way absolves the adult participant of responsibility in colluding in such acts, be it with boys or girls. Nor am I sanctioning sex with children, most of which I personally find as abhorrent as if I was a parent of a child myself. I am just saying that the issue is not so cut-and-dried as many laws and many parents had many righteous moralists maintain.)

“As with all kinds of sex, attempts at prevention aren’t going to stop them. They only increase the quotient of guilt and self-loathing–results exceptionally costly, both in economic terms and those of mental health. Most gay people knew they were gay from a very early age, whether they acted on it or not. Not only have we always known it, but we also know what many don’t wish to hear: that we can’t change and, more important, most of us don’t want to change–just as heterosexuals can’t change and, more important, don’t want to change. Why can’t society accept what we’ve known for so long, that sexuality is a given? I know I am stating a blasphemous heresy to too many when I say this…..”

Larry Kramer, “Reports from the Holocaust: The Story of an AIDS Activist,” pp. 234-235. St. Martin’s Press: New York. Copyright 1981. This quotation is taken from the Updated and Expanded “Stonewall Inn” edition published in 1994.


Thoughts from Peter LaBarbera:

This is a very troubling passage by Kramer, with tortured and inconsistent logic. Some observations:

  • What Kramer says is NOT recruitment surely is – in the eyes of most parents – the very sort of recruitment they fear most: an adult homosexual man using his inherent advantages to seduce or coerce a boy into sex. The idea that the boy may enjoy the orgasm and “special attention” — and have fond memories of his sexual initiation at the hands of the adult predator (or even count it as a factor confirming his homosexuality) — does not lessen the abusive and predatory nature of the encounter.
  • '60's beatnik poet and all-around nation wrecker, the Jewish Alan Ginsburg was a charter member of NAMBLA.

    ’60’s beatnik poet and all-around nation wrecker, Alan Ginsburg (Jew), was a charter member of NAMBLA. This fact is suppressed by Jew media.

    Most observers recognize that a child is not capable of truly “consenting” to sex with an adult — due to the tremendous power- and authority advantage of the latter. Clearly, an adult who manipulates a boy or girl (including a teenager) into agreeing to perform a sex act has not engaged in “consensual” sex as it is commonly understood between two adults. Hence the reason for age-of-consent laws, which NAMBLA (the North American Man/Boy Love Association) and other deviant-sex revolutionaries are striving to lower.

  • Note that even as Kramer struggles to include a disclaimer that he does not absolve “the adult participant in colluding in such acts,” he fails to issue a blanket condemnation of adult-child sex. Instead, he writes only that “most of” such encounters are “abhorrent.”
  • Kramer telegraphs that men raping/seducing boys does NOT deserve the same moral opprobrium as men raping/seducing girls – by direct comparing man-on-boy sex with “girls or women forced into rape,”  Such a distinction is deluded, specious and influenced by the peculiar claims of homosexualist ideology.
  • On that point, Kramer, like so many homosexual (“gay”) men, seems to posit a special exception for homosexual man-boy sex – compared to heterosexual predations — because so many “gay” men “have warm memories of their earliest and early sexual encounters.” In fact, he suggests that more troubling than the “early” man-boy sexual encounter itself is “our knowledge [as homosexuals], from that early date, of the world’s disapproval.” Is Kramer more troubled and angered by the “disapproval” of others toward a victim’s homosexuality than the predatory man-on-boy abuse itself?
  • Tragically, Kramer’s nonjudgmental and even cautiously “affirming” take on predatory man-boy sexual encounters is consistent with testimony of other “gay” men who view their initial sexual encounter as a boy with a man not (solely) as abuse but rather as a positive formative experience in their life of becoming “out and proud” homosexuals (“gays”). In other words, they view their seduction as boy at the hands of an adult male predator as confirming rather than causing their homosexuality. Underlying this politically correct thinking is the claim by many homosexuals that they always knew — since their early childhood — that they were “different” and, thus, “gay.”
CNN's Don Lemon is just what the Jews like to see on TV.

For Jewry, CNN’s Don Lemon kills two birds with one stone — faggotry and black.

  • In that vein, AFTAH has highlighted the recent “coming out” of CNN anchor Don Lemon, who after first revealing on air his own victimization as a boy at the hands of a “much older” male homosexual predator, subsequently publicly declared himself as (proudly) “gay.” Even though he was molested as a boy, Lemon, like Kramer, now matter-of-factly asserts that he was “born gay” and that it’s not a choice. The media fail to press Lemon on this: his victimization as a boy at the hands of an adult predator appears to be an afterthought or non-issue in the celebratory coverage of his “coming out.” However, common sense would indicate that the rape- or seduction of a boy or minor by an adult homosexual pervert plays an important causal role in the development of the victim’s deviant sexual identity.
  • Many homosexuals like Lemon and Kramer deny or muddle this connection – preferring to assert that their homosexuality existed prior to and is independent of their victimization. Worse, some homosexual victims of pederastic abuse deny they were “victims” at all or even talk about their boyhood pederastic encounter as helping establish their positive homosexual identity. Kramer takes pains to affirm that homosexuals are born that way — an unproven theory that conveniently mitigates against the notion that boyhood victimization (like other negative factors) is a causative factor in male homosexuality. (The same would apply to lesbians sexually abused in their youth.) Note that pro-LGBT academics routinely deny that there is ANY connection whatsoever between pedophilia and homosexuality.
  • The media also suppress making the connection between childhood sexual abuse and the formation of later “out-and-proudly gay” identity. For example, Lemon, a longtime ally of homosexual activists, is now held up as a “gay” role model — wity his “born gay” claims left unchallenged. [See this “LGBT History Month” biography watch HERE as Lemon actually voices sympathy for notorious homosexual predator Jerry Sandusky — and the man he interviews claims some people are born pedophiles.]
  • Larry Kramer’s claim that “very often” the child desires or solicits a sex with an adult parrots the NAMBLA line: that the boys desire sex with men and that they should have the autonomy and right to it under the law. The following is excerpted from an article on the NAMBLA website titled, “Frequently Asked Questions about NAMBLA and Man/Boy Love”

[NAMBLA Question:]  Do you believe it’s possible for a boy and a man to have a close, even sexual relationship, without any harm?

[NAMBLA Answer:]  Yes it’s possible, and it happens every day.  Many studies have confirmed that the large majority of sexual contacts between boys and older partners are both consensual and harmless….

Q:  But aren’t these relationships always initiated by the adult?

A:  No.  We know from experience that some boys do initiate sexual contacts with adults. This is confirmed by several published studies, which have found that a substantial percentage of boys’ sexual contacts with older partners were initiated by the boy ….

Q:  Do you believe there are actually boys who find men attractive that way?

A:  It is well established that some boys do find men very attractive.  Certainly, plenty of gay men have reported being infatuated during early- and middle-childhood (5 to 10 years of age) with masculine icons such as the “Marlboro Man” and even Peter Graves, the silver-haired leading man of Mission Impossible. Gay novels, biographies and autobiographies provide abundant examples. And not all boys who find men attractive identify as gay. It is very easy to underestimate the sheer scale of the multidimensional rainbow of human diversity — and the strength of teenaged male sexuality.

It seems that although most savvy homosexual activists have long denounced NAMBLA (which marched in early “gay pride” parades), some, like Larry Kramer, are regurgitating the reviled organization’s evil ideology.

Another dirty old Jew geezer, Frank Kameny, was instrumental in getting homos classified as normal -- but he also thought bestiality was A-OK too!

Another dirty old Jew geezer (thankfully, rotting in hell now), Frank Kameny, was instrumental in getting homos classified as normal — but he also thought bestiality was A-OK too!

Go here to see just how many Jews are into homo activism: Could Jews Get Any More Gay?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. Chris says:

    Do you like stories?

  2. Bailey says:

    This is going on right up the road from me and it’s the first i’ve seen about it.
    The rapists are afletes and the case is sealed.

  3. Chris says:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ? Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  4. summerled says:

    Former neoconservative luminary Francis Fukuyama of Stanford (formerly of Johns Hopkins) compares the neoconservative movement to Leninism. Neoconservatism, according to Fukuyama, is the reincarnation to some extent of both Leninism and Bolshevism.

    Fukuyama’s observation makes sense when even Irving Kristol, who founded the movement, proudly admitted that the “honor I most prized was the fact that I was a member in good standing of the [Trotskyist] Young People’s Socialist League (Fourth International).”

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    Chris, thanks for that. I never tire of reading it.

  7. Laydee Liberty says:

    The NEXT PHASE of indoctrination
    enabling a degenerate society to accept and embrace Pedophilia through Homosexual Families.

    Homosexual couples/and or their associates training
    their own adopted infants to suck on men’s penises
    and NOT A woman’s breast.


    If you the reader don’t THINK this isn’t going on within this culture

    WARNING this video IS extremely disturbing
    and contains explicit sexual references.

    (Homosexual couple) Pedophiles-Adopt-and-Molest-Boy

  8. Israel Findgold says:

    Children of all ages played in Lincoln Terrace Park. It was ideally situated on Eastern Parkway in the middle of a million Yiddish immigrants and their children. But after Sundown the sounds of laughing children ended, more serious business was to take place. Armies of teens tiptoed into the handball courts and softball field. Awaiting them were hundreds of faggots on their knees in prayer. Cocks were sucked and moans could be heard throughout court and field. Until this days the park is revisited by those who had their cock sucked as a teen. But unfortunately the lonesome faggots can never recreate their first thrill. The park still exists, but it should have been named Lincoln TEAR-ASS Park.

  9. Cindy says:

    If any pervophile tries to touch my kid, they’re going to get a home version and unesthetized sex change operation with some big old garden shears.

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