CHILD BUGGERY A-OK Wrote Big Jew Homo Activist

“Celebrated” Jew homo activist, Larry Kramer, said most “gay” men victimized as boys have “fond memories” of early sexual experience. Looks like the nasty as hell Jews are combining a few of their favorite things — faggotry, child buggery and the never-ending holohoax victimhood crap! They got a lot of GD nerve trashing the Catholic Church all over the media, huh? [INCOG MAN]

By Peter LaBarbera

We're supposed to admire these sick perverts.

And we’re supposed to admire these sick demonic freaks?

Since its inception through “Lambda Report,” the newsletter launched in 1993 that was the precursor to Americans for the truth about homosexuality (AFTAH), we have been at the forefront of exposing the homosexuality-pedophilia connection, including “gay” activists’ advocacy and tolerance of sex between men and boys.

Frequently the charge leveled against this writer and any pro-family advocate who delves into this connection is that we are alleging that all or most “gay” men are child molesters. This is absurd. Recently this false accusation was leveled against me in a hostile e-mail to AFTAH. I challenged my accuser to find a single remark of mine that supports his claim that I had said that ”all or most gay men” are pedophiles. He never provided any evidence, because there is none.

What I have said for the last two decades is that pederasty and pedophilia are disproportionately connected to homosexuality — as one would expect since it is a perversion. I have asked the question of why so many child-sex-abuse victims are boys (usually estimated at more than 25 percent) if a mere 1-3 percent of men are homosexual. Deviance begets deviance, so the overabundance of pathologies — sadomasochism, unparalleled promiscuity, high STD rates, pornography, extreme gender confusion, relationship violence, and past child sex abuse – among homosexuals should not surprise those who still consider facts and reason above politically-correct platitudes.

Homosexual Advocacy of Pedophilia

A shocking aspect of the homosexuality-pederasty-pedophilia nexus is the public “gay” advocacy and glamorization (or rationalization) of sex between adults and children — mostly by homosexual men but occasionally by lesbians and radical feminists.

Ensler is another sick Jew pervert.

Ensler is another sick Jew pervert. Check her out — she looks like a demon from hell!

(For example, the much-celebrated “Vagina Monologues,” by Eve Ensler, included, in its original book form, a short story about a 24-year-old women seducing an adolescent girl after getting her drunk. In Ensler’s story, the girl, looking back as a woman, later recalls her victimizer fondly. Praising the de facto lesbian-predator-rapist, she says, “I realized later she was my surprising, unexpected, politically incorrect salvation.”)

With the Boy Scouts-homosexuality debate raging once again, AFTAH launches a new series, “The Pedo-File” to expose this most insidious brand of advocacy. Here we will document both the homosexual activists’ promotion of pedophilia — especially pederasty (man-boy sex) — and the historic reality of homosexuality’s link to adult-child sex going back to the ancient world.

Pedo-file-graphicNote that several of the articles for the “AFTAH Pedo-File” will be reprints and amended versions of old Lambda Report articles that are only now being published on the AFTAH website.

Our debut Pedo-File item involves one of the world’s most celebrated homosexual activists, Larry Kramer, founder of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis and ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power). The following is excerpted from his book, “Reports from the Holocaust: The Story of an AIDS Activist.” We have included a large excerpt to assure that the proper context of Kramer’s remarks is understood.

My own analysis follows the excerpt [all bold emphasis is added]:


Self-absorbed Jews so love using the word "Holocaust."

Self-absorbed Jews, like homo Larry Kramer, love using the word “Holocaust,” even when it comes to AIDS — a truly foul disease spread by these sick sodomites.

“Celebrated” homosexual activist Larry Kramer writes that when it comes to children having sex with “their homosexual elders, be they teachers or anyone else … very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it.”

“For reasons as incomprehensible to me as the ancient ‘reasons’ for hating Jews (that they drank the blood of Christian children), I don’t understand the irrational fear that apparently grips so many parents of school-aged children, that we [homosexuals] will ‘recruit’ these children. (And why is there never fear that straight male teachers will seduce littler girls?) Study after study has proved that gays are not child molesters, that child molesters are overwhelmingly heterosexual, and yet the belief persists. (Although curiously no one goes after the Catholic Church, where so much of the priesthood is gay;…) I know of no gay people who enjoy seeking sexual relations with someone who is not gay; it simply isn’t a gay characteristic. So this myth of recruitment, like the belief that all gay men are promiscuous, must serve some purpose for the straight world—to keep us different  and dangerous—and the dangerous must always be watched and rallied against, to the extent of the law.

“(In those instances where children do have sex with their homosexual elders, be they teachers or anyone else, I submit that often, very often, the child desires the activity, and perhaps even solicits it, either because of a natural curiosity that will or will not develop along these lines, or because he or she is homosexual and innately knows it. This is far from “recruitment.” Obviously, there are instances in which the child is unwilling, and is the victim of sexual abuse, homo- or heterosexual. But, as with straight children anxious for the experience with someone of the opposite sex, there are kids who seek, solicit and consent willingly to sex with someone of the same sex. And, unlike girls or women forced into rape and traumatized, most gay men have warm memories of their earliest and early sexual encounters; when we share these stories with each other, they are invariably positive ones. What has not been positive is our knowledge, from that early date, of the world’s disapproval. I realize that this is a very volatile issue, and that this in no way absolves the adult participant of responsibility in colluding in such acts, be it with boys or girls. Nor am I sanctioning sex with children, most of which I personally find as abhorrent as if I was a parent of a child myself. I am just saying that the issue is not so cut-and-dried as many laws and many parents had many righteous moralists maintain.)

“As with all kinds of sex, attempts at prevention aren’t going to stop them. They only increase the quotient of guilt and self-loathing–results exceptionally costly, both in economic terms and those of mental health. Most gay people knew they were gay from a very early age, whether they acted on it or not. Not only have we always known it, but we also know what many don’t wish to hear: that we can’t change and, more important, most of us don’t want to change–just as heterosexuals can’t change and, more important, don’t want to change. Why can’t society accept what we’ve known for so long, that sexuality is a given? I know I am stating a blasphemous heresy to too many when I say this…..”

Larry Kramer, “Reports from the Holocaust: The Story of an AIDS Activist,” pp. 234-235. St. Martin’s Press: New York. Copyright 1981. This quotation is taken from the Updated and Expanded “Stonewall Inn” edition published in 1994.


Thoughts from Peter LaBarbera:

This is a very troubling passage by Kramer, with tortured and inconsistent logic. Some observations:

  • What Kramer says is NOT recruitment surely is – in the eyes of most parents – the very sort of recruitment they fear most: an adult homosexual man using his inherent advantages to seduce or coerce a boy into sex. The idea that the boy may enjoy the orgasm and “special attention” — and have fond memories of his sexual initiation at the hands of the adult predator (or even count it as a factor confirming his homosexuality) — does not lessen the abusive and predatory nature of the encounter.
  • '60's beatnik poet and all-around nation wrecker, the Jewish Alan Ginsburg was a charter member of NAMBLA.

    ’60’s beatnik poet and all-around nation wrecker, Alan Ginsburg (Jew), was a charter member of NAMBLA. This fact is suppressed by Jew media.

    Most observers recognize that a child is not capable of truly “consenting” to sex with an adult — due to the tremendous power- and authority advantage of the latter. Clearly, an adult who manipulates a boy or girl (including a teenager) into agreeing to perform a sex act has not engaged in “consensual” sex as it is commonly understood between two adults. Hence the reason for age-of-consent laws, which NAMBLA (the North American Man/Boy Love Association) and other deviant-sex revolutionaries are striving to lower.

  • Note that even as Kramer struggles to include a disclaimer that he does not absolve “the adult participant in colluding in such acts,” he fails to issue a blanket condemnation of adult-child sex. Instead, he writes only that “most of” such encounters are “abhorrent.”
  • Kramer telegraphs that men raping/seducing boys does NOT deserve the same moral opprobrium as men raping/seducing girls – by direct comparing man-on-boy sex with “girls or women forced into rape,”  Such a distinction is deluded, specious and influenced by the peculiar claims of homosexualist ideology.
  • On that point, Kramer, like so many homosexual (“gay”) men, seems to posit a special exception for homosexual man-boy sex – compared to heterosexual predations — because so many “gay” men “have warm memories of their earliest and early sexual encounters.” In fact, he suggests that more troubling than the “early” man-boy sexual encounter itself is “our knowledge [as homosexuals], from that early date, of the world’s disapproval.” Is Kramer more troubled and angered by the “disapproval” of others toward a victim’s homosexuality than the predatory man-on-boy abuse itself?
  • Tragically, Kramer’s nonjudgmental and even cautiously “affirming” take on predatory man-boy sexual encounters is consistent with testimony of other “gay” men who view their initial sexual encounter as a boy with a man not (solely) as abuse but rather as a positive formative experience in their life of becoming “out and proud” homosexuals (“gays”). In other words, they view their seduction as boy at the hands of an adult male predator as confirming rather than causing their homosexuality. Underlying this politically correct thinking is the claim by many homosexuals that they always knew — since their early childhood — that they were “different” and, thus, “gay.”
CNN's Don Lemon is just what the Jews like to see on TV.

For Jewry, CNN’s Don Lemon kills two birds with one stone — faggotry and black.

  • In that vein, AFTAH has highlighted the recent “coming out” of CNN anchor Don Lemon, who after first revealing on air his own victimization as a boy at the hands of a “much older” male homosexual predator, subsequently publicly declared himself as (proudly) “gay.” Even though he was molested as a boy, Lemon, like Kramer, now matter-of-factly asserts that he was “born gay” and that it’s not a choice. The media fail to press Lemon on this: his victimization as a boy at the hands of an adult predator appears to be an afterthought or non-issue in the celebratory coverage of his “coming out.” However, common sense would indicate that the rape- or seduction of a boy or minor by an adult homosexual pervert plays an important causal role in the development of the victim’s deviant sexual identity.
  • Many homosexuals like Lemon and Kramer deny or muddle this connection – preferring to assert that their homosexuality existed prior to and is independent of their victimization. Worse, some homosexual victims of pederastic abuse deny they were “victims” at all or even talk about their boyhood pederastic encounter as helping establish their positive homosexual identity. Kramer takes pains to affirm that homosexuals are born that way — an unproven theory that conveniently mitigates against the notion that boyhood victimization (like other negative factors) is a causative factor in male homosexuality. (The same would apply to lesbians sexually abused in their youth.) Note that pro-LGBT academics routinely deny that there is ANY connection whatsoever between pedophilia and homosexuality.
  • The media also suppress making the connection between childhood sexual abuse and the formation of later “out-and-proudly gay” identity. For example, Lemon, a longtime ally of homosexual activists, is now held up as a “gay” role model — wity his “born gay” claims left unchallenged. [See this “LGBT History Month” biography watch HERE as Lemon actually voices sympathy for notorious homosexual predator Jerry Sandusky — and the man he interviews claims some people are born pedophiles.]
  • Larry Kramer’s claim that “very often” the child desires or solicits a sex with an adult parrots the NAMBLA line: that the boys desire sex with men and that they should have the autonomy and right to it under the law. The following is excerpted from an article on the NAMBLA website titled, “Frequently Asked Questions about NAMBLA and Man/Boy Love”

[NAMBLA Question:]  Do you believe it’s possible for a boy and a man to have a close, even sexual relationship, without any harm?

[NAMBLA Answer:]  Yes it’s possible, and it happens every day.  Many studies have confirmed that the large majority of sexual contacts between boys and older partners are both consensual and harmless….

Q:  But aren’t these relationships always initiated by the adult?

A:  No.  We know from experience that some boys do initiate sexual contacts with adults. This is confirmed by several published studies, which have found that a substantial percentage of boys’ sexual contacts with older partners were initiated by the boy ….

Q:  Do you believe there are actually boys who find men attractive that way?

A:  It is well established that some boys do find men very attractive.  Certainly, plenty of gay men have reported being infatuated during early- and middle-childhood (5 to 10 years of age) with masculine icons such as the “Marlboro Man” and even Peter Graves, the silver-haired leading man of Mission Impossible. Gay novels, biographies and autobiographies provide abundant examples. And not all boys who find men attractive identify as gay. It is very easy to underestimate the sheer scale of the multidimensional rainbow of human diversity — and the strength of teenaged male sexuality.

It seems that although most savvy homosexual activists have long denounced NAMBLA (which marched in early “gay pride” parades), some, like Larry Kramer, are regurgitating the reviled organization’s evil ideology.

Another dirty old Jew geezer, Frank Kameny, was instrumental in getting homos classified as normal -- but he also thought bestiality was A-OK too!

Another dirty old Jew geezer (thankfully, rotting in hell now), Frank Kameny, was instrumental in getting homos classified as normal — but he also thought bestiality was A-OK too!

Go here to see just how many Jews are into homo activism: Could Jews Get Any More Gay?

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  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Savile’s Friends

    Take a look at this guy. He molested children for years and nobody did anything about it. He’s a tribe member.

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I should of said he was a tribe member. He croaked awhile back.

  3. INCOG MAN says:

    Oh yeah, Jimmy Savile was a big time pedo Jew.

  4. INCOG MAN says:

    I think we got ourselves a bunch of demonic Jew faggots all over the place.

  5. GTRman says:

    Thought I’d share this great mini-essay by ‘Dan O Connor’ who is a regular and brilliant commenter on Telegraph blogs :

    ” danoconnor
    7 hours ago
    To Laurie Penny .

    Well Laurie , I don’t know where you’ve met all these
    ” politically correct ” conservatives who take offence at anything negative said about the royal family , the aristocracy and members of the political establishment , but it won’t be on DT Blogs , or any other Anti-Left debate forum. most of whom would like to see the royal family , and the entire politicial establishment rounded up together with all their Left wing useful idiot ideological trendy radical chic anti-White thought police like you and put on trial for treason and ethnic cleansing .

    By the way Laurie , if you want to locate the Big Brother establishment , you need go no further than the nearest mirror . You people are the unwitting best friends that the globalist , ponzi scheme corporate / capital / bankers, the 1% that you claim to hate so much , ever had .
    THAT , is how dumb you people are . You have been everyones useful idiot since the Bolshevik revolution .
    No , wait , I tell a lie . I mean since the American civil war .

    Quote ; ” The term political correctness is commonly used to reframe racist or reactionary ideas as somehow rebellious … ”

    They ARE rebellious Laurie , They are meant to be rebellious .
    The Left are the new authoritarian oppressive , establishment and the new conservatives of established moral orthodoxy and social taboos .
    Conservatives are the new radicals .

    Neo-Leftism is a new western White middle class trendy progressive chic religion of the God of the happy clappy Global Oneness, the Universal WE , that all must pay homage to or be condemned to burn forever in Left Hell for the sin of “reactionary -racism “.

    The other 92 % of the planet, the vast majority of whom are just about as
    ” reactionary racist ” as one can get , haven’t signed up to be fully paid up members of your cackmemie abstract luvy duvy utopian clap trap theories , as they didn’t get the memo from Islington Champagne Socialist HQ .

    One big sickening gigantic global compassion compassion sentiment competition . One big Hyper Moralism , Hysterical Humanitarianism , ego glow trumpeting of moral vanity .
    Totally cost free and requiring no personal sacrifice whatsoever .
    If you suspected for one moment that you might say one wrong sentence and have your career wrecked or the UAF would be coming around to throw a brick through your window , you might have second thoughts .

    Quote ; ” It is used to silence the anger of people who complain against injustice and hate speech by recasting them as bloodless censors ”

    It could be far worse . Just be happy you will never be in danger of Cameron sending his UAF boot-boy thugs around to sort you out .

    ” Political correctness ” is used to make people like you stop slinging around with the gay abandon of a kindergarden snowball fight at every available opportunity , such subsitutes for fair debate , as —

    ” far-right-wing. ” reactionary racist ” knuckle-dragging , fascist , red neck , little Englander , Europhile , Islamophobe , homophobe
    swivel eyed nutter ”

    Quote ; ” When I’m accused of political correctness it’s almost always by somebody who is desperately hanging on to their deep seated predjudices about people who look , live or sound different to them ”

    Now I want you to listen very carefully Laurie .
    I am a White ” Kinist ” ( ethno nationalist ) and I have never , ever , not once, met or heard of any White person who went around hating or feeling a sense of animosity to the rest of the 92 % of the non-Whites on the planet because they ” look , live , or sound different to them ”

    I repeat , NEVER : What kind of lunatic would do so ?
    To attribute the worst of outrageous hidden motives to their opponents is the name calling knee-jerk reflex modus operandi of the Left . They do it because they found out it pays off .
    Their adolescent tantrum brat moral extortion racket works with White people because Whites are moral fanatics who are petrified of being seen as not ” good ” by themselves and others. It is a form of modern day Left wing clergy guilt/sin exploitation .
    The purging of modern day heretics to modern day religious orthodoxy .

    All non-Whites understand the concept of Peoplehood , of Nationhood and the Extended family and understand that massive population transformation is fraught with perils and potential conflicts and calamities . They defend their borders , their cultures and way of life . They act together tribally , ethnically and racially to defend their group interests . This is seen as being completey non-controversail when non-Whites do this .

    Xenophibia is the hard wired natural and crucial factory default setting of all humantity and has been for tens of thousands of years .

    Only White people can be tricked into believing that their spiritual communion and loyalties to their common ancestral soil , ancestry , history , mythology , legends , heroes, language , literature , traditions , values and folk memory is an optical illusion , and sociological fraud based on fear ,. hate and greed , and invented by a German in WW2 .
    Only White people need convincing that it is not ” unfair ” to want to remain the demographic majority in their own homelands .
    Only white people are expected to benefit from religious , cultural and racial diversity , and look forward with glee to becoming a minority of ever dwndling numbers and influence in ther own homelands .

    Only highly educated Lewft wing liberal progressives believe that
    ” diversity is a strength ” when all the lessons of history and human experience tell us that human religious , cultural , ethnic and racial diversity has been the major cause of human conflict war and bloodshed since time began . To say that diversity is a strength is the same as a mad man would claim that poison is good for you , or putting your hand in the fire will not burn you –

    In other words ,.the very paradigm you use as a prism is a false paradigm, it is an never ending closed loop ( you are racist because your are racist because I say you are ) argument . And the terminologies you use , such as
    ” reactionary ” ” racist ” ” injustice ” ” hate-speech ”

    –are not self explanatory and cannot stand alone undefined , undissected , unwrapped and on their own merit .

    Neo-Leftism is now to its very core a pro-non-White and anti-White genocidal racist ideology by knee jerk reflex .

    Neo-Leftism sees itself as being in a cosmic battle on the side of the Angels , which is liberals and all the poor oppressed , discriminated against non-White people in the world , who are considered to be more innocent , noble, non-racist and virtuous on account of their ” Otherness , ” against the Legions of the Damned , the last barrier to further human progress ..

    ” a bunch of angry white racists ” .

    It is a ” down with us ” guilt/ sin / shame snake oil peddling racket . ‘The multucult train you now have us all riding on , is not going to stop at the station the Left wants to get off at . ”

    The Telegraph is …looking like the ‘crazy internet conspiracy ‘sites of 8 years ago !

    And that’s just the articles .. ( yes , she’s another American jew ..)

    ” New world order: everybody gets treated like a criminal ” – Janet Daley

    Seriously though – there is a concensus in the comments at the Telegraph which is not a million miles from the sentiments expressed here – and Im pretty sure that wasnt true 5 years ago . Check out the “Jewishy” articles and the comments .

    There are defenders of Israel ( fair enuff -from their POV ) and those who deny that no jew has ever ever done wrong .

    The ‘jew-savvy , racially realist ‘ comments get all the recommends .
    Consistently .

  6. GTRman says:

    No proof of Savile being jew , so far as I am aware .

    I mean , the guy’s a paedophile necrophiliac ?

    And you wish jewism on him as well ?

    How much evil can one body carry ? OY !

  7. sog says:

    then here is a post for how schools mandate without medical degrees that your child has to take ritalin to return to school or be called an unfit parent and have the child taken away by the jew nanny state ,,wehich is not an option for a parent give children vaxxines is mandated by schools and these elements poison children as do the digital pulses coming thru tevee screen now and cell phone ,wi if ,etc electro smog later the child can speed ball ritalin with anti depressants ..something here needs to radically stop ..
    jews like freud were drug addled perverts working with communist talmud judaeic kikes ..
    the jews know best for your children and they can get away with pysically assaulting your kid at govt school ..jews as teachers should be verbotten….coleges are saddled with high paid ignorant jew teachers who follow the communist doctrines and brainwash goyin all day long ..jews skewing the lines of morality and ethics …misery loves company ..there should be a law condemning jews and imprisoning them all for attempting to destroy whats left of decent humanity ..

  8. GTRman says:

    Maybe they can sniff out even the faintest traces of jew genes , or it’s a semi-subconcious ‘mind-melge’ thing .


    Just imagine we were living in a world where the people right at or near the top of the Great Pyramid of Power were all paedos or perverts or sadistic homosexuals ,OR WORSE ! and Killing Humans was one of the most Lucrative Markets .

    ( as suggested by Megadeth , ” Killing is our Business , and Business is Good ” )

    Imagine the poor single working mom who , for a living , assembles components that are part of a missile system or a cluster-bomb . Maybe she’s the lady wot puts in the sharp bits , while her colleague drops in he ball-bearings ? Who knows ?

    There had better be a ‘conflict’ soon or there’s gonna be an awful lot of warehouses and hangars stuffed to the gills with the armaments gettin all dusty .

    And who on earth wants to buy a dusty cluster bomb ?

  9. sog says:

    anyway this whale guy has good information but like many others he has his head up his ass when it comes to his ignorant nazi rants the numbers people ..nsdap is what it really is and it was a unified convergent emergance of german people working together to renew germany from the desolation and destruction the jews wrought against germany ww1 and the imposing unfair versaille treaty and reparations ..who mobilised against who ..
    too many good conspiracy knowkledge authors still wallow in the anti hitler propaganda and brainwash holcasaute industry ideology ..thousands of jews are lying and the film interview with hundreds of survivors of allied bombibng of europe and the work kamps say there was no sytematic killing only disease and lack of food from allied bombing …

    this from biker over on hoffshaus
    the U.S.S.R attacked Poland not once, but twice prior to WWII. not a word from the ‘allies’. search: Soviet-Polish war, 1919-1921.

    between 1919-1940 the U.S.S.R also attacked : China, Mongolia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, without so much as a paragraph in any Western news media. Hitler got full pages, front pages! Stalin got a caricature of a jolly old fellow telling warm n fuzzy folk stories while puffing on his pipe. Uncle Joe.

    jew media spin. Hitler was a satanist, homosexual, cannibal, hermaphrodite, but our gallant Soviet ally was led by santa clause. yeah, sure.

    anyone can see the bull here. if there is an obvious pile of shit on the surface, isnt it easy to surmise that it ALL stinks?

  10. GTRman says:

    SOG – I promise you’ll love this .

    ” Fuck the jews , fuck the muzzies , fuck the shrinks , fuck the pharmacist , fuck the veggies ” I’m paraphrasing .

    Makin Bacon work for you …the Bacon Diet !

    How I Lost 130 Pounds and Fell in Love with Bacon

    ” My story of how I gained and lost 130 pounds is intertwined between psychological drugs and diet. First, I’d like to give a bit of history. I’ve been on different medications for “ADHD”, “Insomnia”, and “Bipolar” disorder since I was 8 years old. I’m now 24, so two-thirds of my life has been neurologically influenced by drugs.

    It started when I was 8. I was having issues concentrating at school, and rather than looking at my diet or questioning the educational merits and practices at my public school, a neurological disorder was determined to be the culprit. I was sent to a psychiatrist who – after some “tests” – diagnosed me with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder; in order to cure this “diseases”, I was put on Ritalin which is an amphetamine that is similar to another well known drug – cocaine.

    When I was on Ritalin, I began to respect and never question authority. Much like a zombie, I just existed without actually living. About 5 years later, at the age of 13, I was put on Adderall – another type of amphetamine. This can cause issues with temper, heart problems, and insomnia.

    My emotions began fluctuating more often and going through puberty didn’t help. I got into a few fights and got into more than a few arguments. As a result, I was then sent to another psychiatrist who diagnosed me with Bipolar disorder, at the age of 13. I was then placed on a bipolar drug, known as Depakote, that would begin to truly destroy my individuality.

    Depakote, normally prescribed to patients to prevent seizures, causes massive weight gain as well as, in my case, a drop in IQ and ambition. I had always been quite energetic, but this completely wiped me out. In order to compensate for the drop in IQ, my dosage of Adderall was raised. And then, in order to compensate for insomnia due to Adderall, I was put on an anti-schizophrenia drug called Zyprexa that also causes weight gain and severe drowsiness. All this happened within a year.

    Then the inevitable happened, and my body crashed. One night, at the age of 14, I collapsed to the ground. I was suffering from atrial fibrillation – i.e. severe irregular heart beat – brought on by the mixture of drugs, the largest culprit being the Adderall. I was sent to the hospital, where an electrical cardioversion – the restoration of the heart rhythm through the use of electrical shock – was used to get my body into working order.

    As a result, I was taken off of Adderall and put on a heart medication. Adderall, being a stimulant, was the drug that prevented the weight gain side-effect of the other drugs that I was put on – which I was on due to the side effects of Adderall. On top of this, the heart medication I was given slowed me down even more. By preventing my pulse to get high, the drug didn’t allow me to exert enough energy while exercising, and a lowered my ambition to do anything. So the inevitable happened again, and I began putting on a massive amount of weight. From the ages of 15-18, I went from being 180lbs to 330lbs. ”

    Read more:

  11. Pat says:


    This video explains part of the story of how Talmud Vision mind fucks the viewer. The video does mention the viewers brain state but does not delve into how that is specifically manipulated by intentionally pulsing the magnetic field generated by the monitor.

    One of the things that is mentioned, however – is how hyper-activity in children is caused by viewing Talmud Vision.

    Please explain to your friends what is going on with the Talmud Vision Brainwashing Device.

    It turns out that your brain state can be manipulated externally by the electromagnetic field emitted from your Talmud Vision. This fact is exploited in many ways.
    It is used in advertising by pulsing the televised imagery at frequencies designed to place you into a more suggestible brain state. In other words, to make you easier to “convince”.

    Below is the abstract of a US Patent that describes how your nervous system can be manipulated by Electromagnetic Fields from Monitors.

    If you care about your kids at all – please do NOT expose them to the Talmud Vision. It is especially damaging to them.

    USP # 6,506,148 (January 14, 2003)
    Nervous System Manipulation by EM Fields from Monitors
    Loos, Hendricus
    Abstract: Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and TV tubes, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    GTRman I’ve read several articles about Savile and I know that at least one mentioned him being a jew. I don’t remember where I read it. It was months back. I checked out this jewish surname site. It has Savile listed as a jewish surname.

    Whether he was, or he wasn’t one, I hope he’s in hell. Burn baby burn.

  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    GTRman you have to click next on the bottom of the page to find Savile. I think it is the next page over. I don’t know why that did that.

  14. sog says:

    yeah gtr bacon is damn good shit …
    medical experements galore in the usa where we all suffer from deficit disordre and hyper redacted commy infiltration ..
    it reminds me of

  15. Whelk Collector says:

    Latvian Jews piss and moan about Latvian Waffen SS commenorating the loss of their comrades. Worried about commemorating a Waffen SS soldier’s death. Bollocks to them.

    We have the right to commemerate our own race. Just as an aside, I visited a German WW2 graveyard for fallen Wermacht soldiers in Greece. I was living there at the time and I remember the peace and quiet and respect that the Greeks gave to this place. My Dad and I walked around all the graves and there were some who were 17 years old. We spent hours there and I remember we both went off on our own, oblivious to the fact that the other wasn’t there. It was only when we hooked up we realized how long we had spent just doing the decent thing and acknowledging these young lads who died very painfull deaths.
    That was a

  16. Whelk Collector says:

    Apologies. I think I’ve posted my last comment in the wrong section/subject. Needless to say for this subject, Jew perversion is all pervasive. Damn them all and let’s stick by what we know is “RIGHT” and not by what “they” tell us we should think is right.

  17. Bailey says:

    Man, I can’t even read that shit.

    This is the first time ever that i will opt not to read a featured article here. these queer bastards are beyond disgusting.
    No offense to Incogman, I know that this is an important read or it wouldn’t be featured here but i’ve had enough of these fucking homos, they’re more in our face than niggers, spics and jews combined and it’s a good thing the topic here is seldom scene.
    If the jews would have let the queers stay in the closet i wouldn’t have much of a problem with them but now they are so in my face that i wouldn’t mind killing a few.

    And that is not a good way to feel, especially when you have friends that you’ve known for decades that play on the other side of the fence, The queers i know where good folks aside from their disgusting habits but they never bothered me because they kept their thing to themselves and if you didn’t know them you would never suspect their queerness.
    When i was married my wifes friend Sandy lived with us for about six months and her “partner” would come around on some weekends and nobody would know they were lovers, they respected us and we respected them, they went out and did their thing.
    Now we have to have faggots in our face 24/7 and they’re busy letting evertone know of thier sick lifestyle, look at the filthy TV, it’s almost like if you’re a fag you get to be on a show, if not have one of your own.

    I’d have to say that this is what happens when too many fucking jews have too much power and presence in every aspect of our lives.

    Just about everyday i see some lesbian skank who dresses more like a man that i do and she has a sticker on the back of her car with a rainbow that says “recruiter” underneath, so who is that faggot jew to say they don’t recruit?

    In the 90’s i got drunk one day with abuddy of mine i haven’t seen for years and we decided to mess with the fags at a queer club called the colliseum, we pulled up in my 74 rocket to the valet parking, right in front and when the queer approached to open my door i stood on the brake pedal with me left foot to the floor and punched the gas with my right, ripping a big posi burnout and the breeze was just right to blow the beautiful smell and white tire smoke right in the front doors. I held it for about 30 seconds and then ripped about 25 yards of squeeling burnout across the parking lot, got to the end and did a E brake 180 and stopped, when the smoke cleared i could see many queers in a frenzy, they were effin’ terrified.
    I left out the back of the lot and took the rocket home so i wouldn’t have to deal with the cops. :)

  18. Whelk Collector says:

    That’s good drills. Must have cost you a small fortune in rubber…. :)

  19. sog says:

    we will all lose if these types of luciferian jews and their inexorable lockstep to a perversion nation isnt stopped with extreme prejuidice ..GOD most certainly loathes homosexuality but pederasty is as i-man unravels it is the most ungodly and criminal of acts against innocent children …this a satanic agenda ..satanic circles engage and expose children to sexualization …jews say there is no real age limit …talmud teaches em that ..and pound fer pound the talmud is just as wicked and vile as a satanic bible ..its like comparing dioxin to uranium ….schools being infoltrated with whiny ltiying hoax survivors and their pedophile counterparts ..parents with no support or back up against the system and their children in the crossfire ..this is a line in the sand and this is most certainly war …..vaxxines …pharmacological medicne mainly adhd drugs and the ensuing tricyclic and ssri anti depressents are bio weapons in the effort to kill off whites and others many top elites are entanhgled in satanic rites and child sacrifice and sexual ritual abuse ..i for one woulf immensely enjoy helping to execute all of these entitis thru legal and legislated means ..the same thing is happening to us as they seek to legitimize our white extinction …….
    here is the real deal with khazaar jews and all other jews even watered down real ones ….this is socialism ,,communism ,talmudism,judaeism ,jewism . . . .
    In the earliest days of Soviet Communism, delighted that they had bamboozled the confused masses and taken firm hold of the reins of power in the Kremlin, Zionist agents Lenin and Trotsky were able finally to let their true, murderous selves come fully to light. All those demonic fantasies in their diseased minds were unleashed and blood began to flow. Pain, horror, unspeakable acts multiplied as the Red Terror engulfed an entire nation of helpless victims. The people had been promised great benefits. They were rewarded for their foolish trust with death, hunger, lies, and destruction. Sixty-six million perished…………………………………………………………..
    everyone of these jobs that a jew is in at wash dc is an invented position only to give a jew a hi paying job and add more zio neo kikes to the political mix …think of the money america could start saving if it banned all jews from civil and govt jobs asap ..
    it would be like banning communism cus the same people would be affected in both cases ..
    they are all judaeic comunist butchers ..they are all on the side of israel who butchers people 24/7 all around isreal and inside ..

    like the russia before and after with millions dead so shall usa be soon in their plans ..
    its a war on our children every day …there should be peace and liberty but there never is when jews are in control and in their ascent to power ..

  20. Bailey says:

    @ Whelk Collector,

    I used to get used tires for the rear from a buddy that worked at Goodyear and back then, gas was around 86 cents per gallon.

    Cost? – Next to nothing.

    Terrorizing queers with a real sleeper?- Priceless!

  21. Bailey says:


    On the last thread you asked,

    by the way WHERE IS the big bad flu epidemic the jews were droning about ..lie ing bunch once again …


    Just yesterday i read an arty in the op-ed in my local jewspaper written by a nurse of 17 years at Waterbury Hospital that was fired for refusing to take the jew vaccine and offered up some fine info on how it’s all a bullshit profit driven kike scam that in most cases doesn’t even work and even went as far as to urge readers to educate themselves and left the addy for Dr. mercola @

    Needless to say, I was impressed.

  22. Whelk Collector says:

    Bailey says:

    March 20, 2013 at 2:43 am

    @ Whelk Collector,

    I used to get used tires for the rear from a buddy that worked at Goodyear and back then, gas was around 86 cents per gallon.

    Cost? – Next to nothing.

    Terrorizing queers with a real sleeper?- Priceless!

    Great comment Bailey- It’s a fairly clean-cut case; either you want to be part of “WHITE” society and procreate as God and nature has proscribed, or you don’t and want to be different; either way don’t shove it down the throats of those of us who are for the most part naturally and evolutionary inclined. We should always have the deciding vote; problem is Jewry has made homosexuality a cause celebre. We have to flick this scum and re-asirght the White-way of living.

  23. sog says:

    yeah bailey it is no doubt a huge hoax as was the spanish flu 1916-18 ..some survivors of this thing tell of every one getting bamboozeld into taking the vaxxination and dying from it …maybe it was like black death to where sometimes the disease went airborne and blood borne ..but airborne is bad in a pandemic …people trip off a few million dying from typhus or correction ir was a fw thousand in kamp for kikes that died fo typhus …typhus is a real unsociable like cholera where you shit your self to death …the fact they have re mapped the spanish flu virus with a specifically deadly alteration should have people concerned …have you ever had “them” drop yellow dust all over your place yet ..i think they are firing for effect ..yellow dust is always the generic term for poison from the sky …they been dropping weird yellow dust at nite all over the place up here ..i dont thibnk its manna ..heh heh
    there hundreds if not thousansds of vaxxine links and a person could spend half an eternity reading all of them …suffice it to say that jews are and ahave always been the mediacal experementers on humans even to administer flouride and water to gulag prisoners early on ..
    some other real important triv is that the chlorine in our water is the DIRECT link to natural cholesterol in the blood going ballistic and causing plaque ing and deposits at an accellerated pace …flouride in the water is a criminal action against people as is chlorine ..there are other things that could be used …
    in other countries like england it is real bad for people who work in health care to be forced into accepting a toxxic jab ..all vaxxines and vaxxine science is bunk and dangerous ..more people die from vaccines than from diseases …

  24. Whelk Collector says:

    SOG- totally agree with you Re; flouridization of the water. How dare they do this to us? Chem Trails, another force muliplier. At what point do we say ENOUGH?

  25. sog says:

    i remember a few years back when the very doctor /researcher who invented and patented the psa prostate specific antigen test for benign hypertrophy or hyperplasia etc let the cat out of the box and said the test was a sham ,bunk ,piece o shit the whole howling kike medikill assassination er association attacked him left and right ..they probably have him in a rubber room some where …which reminds me to find a book i have on the true cause of prostate problems ..they will prescribe a drug for prostate problems that give males breast cancer ..and then they will chop out you shit unceremoniously and leave you all fucked up when very often it was un neccessary to remove ..oh but the doctors wouldnt do that ..have you heard of cabergoline aka dostinex is a prolactin blocker inhibitor ..heh heh look it up …its for us men is something out of a dream maybe was a bodybuildres ammo stockpile where they once used bromocriptine a poor substitute with too many side effects to inhibit prolactin and increas hgh levels which drop in males as we age and cortisol levels increas exponentially …environmentally unfriendly elements we have no way of avoiding cause low levels of test and sometimes no levels of testosterone ..jews add flouride to dumb you down and then they want to emasculate you chemically through the additions of certain chemicals in food production and packagings etc …when estrogens are introduced to male loop the testosterone loop does a bad thing ,,it shuts down ..hpta loop /hypothalamus -pitiuitary-testicular axis..
    this is why there is such a huge hormone replacement market by prescription for older males ..clinics all over the usa will issue a prescription on completion of blood test etc ..hgh also ..for anti aging you are better off taking enteric coated resveretrol and gero vital h 3 stable procaine …GH3 not to be confused with ghb ..found at cantron dot com ..made in liquid form ,also comes in pill form…anna aslan invented this in romania in the 40’s or 50’s but all the hollywood stars went to her for supplies ..6 month supply 90-100 bucks from right place …
    reversing the damage a vaxxine does to a infant ..the specific make up of vaxxines cause multitudes of auto immune disorders and the like as does bt corn products are going to kill everyone if the ubiquitous microwave soup doesnt …
    EDTA I.V. DRIP chelation and or can reduce the effects of toxic poison criminally administered to a child …also hyperbaric chambers and any type of home oxygen system to oxygenate system and then helps damged areas will wake up some stunned brain cells ..ozonated water drank dailey with cold fusion ozonater can absovle a lot of problems ..the world used to be 30% oxygen in the atmosphere and now since all the rain forrests are cut down and hundreds of airplanes in operation every hour consume hoardes of oxygen and the tainted dysfunctional ocean plankton sources leaves us at a whopping 12-18 % depending..many diseases are opportunistic in the face of oxygen depletion of cells ..your body stores oxygen in cells only if you are active then if you arent yu have 17x less oxxy in vivo ..body ..
    the usda fda or wtf were jack booting many usa hyperbaric clinics because . . . . .
    they were fixing people who had been paralyzed with strokes and children were coming out of the austistic fog ..amazing because we know the govt just wants us all to be healthy …lo l …even the so called harmless tetanaus shot is rife with hidden toxins and dangers ..the govt is really trying to kill you aint a theory anymore ..
    with jews you lose …

  26. sog says:

    russian gulags under jews ..if i forget to mention this it is what i always mean ..gulags are and always have been jewish communist ..
    and to be specific ..more people die from what vaxxines are advertised to protect from than from the disease they get from the vaxxine but other wise 400,000 people die yearly from tobacco and a whoppinf 700,000 die from medical science but only documentation for 180,000 mal practice deaths are found as then 200,000 people die from prescriptions every year ..heart attacks from bad hydrogenated fats and oils and chlorine in water …medically they could kill us all ..its always mainly jew doctors that push this agenda ..vaxxines are bull shit and dont prevent shit ,,they cause shit ..
    whelk collector i believe america is so dumbed down that if you told the horror story to peoples faces they would just refuse to belive it becuse it is overwhelming …
    an agenda so vast and monstrous as to render it unbelievable and invisible to the human conciousness …

  27. sog says:

    i think it was on here and white girls bleed a lot but it had thoise two goddam ugly kike lesbone bitches that had adopted some kids of them wass not even 10 yeta and the bitches had talked this confused kid into a sex change comes with a gaurantee ,you can always change back heh heh ..
    naahh it doesnt work that way ..sog says because the kid was exposed to jusaeism and its permissive godles doctrine and the perversion cunts he was well a little mixed up so they figure hey go to a jew shrink and so the kid is too too too young to understand the aqctuals of consentual or discern what the fuck it is he’s in for or without ..right ..morally and ethically this is correct ..what effen doctor would ethically chop off a 10 – year olsd dick and trun him into a fucking freak …all on the weight of 2 wildebeast dykes …there a alot of salient practical questions about all this being that the young boy is under 10 or even under 18 it shouldnt be something someone gets talked into by some devils from talmud hell irresponsibility and criminal child endangerment ..the likes of which only the protected class and protected underclass can get away with ..hell the cpa wants to take your kid awy from you if yu dint vaxxinate ,,and schools call the cops to come and get juniour out of class and they say your parents consented when they didnt and they proceed to invenomnate intoxxicate the youth with jew deadly potions …i really feel like killing someone is the omly proper response to this information ,,none of these people shpould be allowed to breathe anynmore ..
    where the hell is congress on all this criminal child molestation being presented to school children in a very clever and forceful way as brainwashing ..schools are a worthless waste of tax payers money now ..
    congress is busy at the down lo or the DC crack house ..these worhtless sons of bitches working hand in hand with these criminal deviants to further al;ienatr our children from our values …so i figure that congress is corporately guilty of all illegal bills and illegal actions by usurpers that is being bestoewd on america like a broken sewer pipe …

  28. sog says:

    so it the truth then all these monstous jews with no conscience have always been there in the back ground waiting for their chance to spread their vomit all over the usa that jews are gianing enough power to force alot of real crap on us they are opening up the flod gates of perversion even at much lower levels than before …

  29. cromanion/neandertal hibrid says:

    This web looks interesting. It’s the first time y enter.

    I’m busy now, later I will look more this web with more care.

    ¿Do you talk about neandertals and their porphyria illness?

    Neandertals are all around the globe, don’t care about skin color. Ghandi, gengis khan, Mao Tse Tung, Massai leaders, aztecs, maya and incas priests, the viking leaders, pharaohs , catholic kings of Spain were neandertals.

    Hernan Cortes was a canibal killer, as Mohamed, both were cromanion. Neandertals falsified the story of Mohamed. The sharia was anti Mohamed teachings. Sharia =sumerian laws from gimglamesh of 2000 BC.

    Francisco Pizarro was a marrano, a jehovitic neandertal, he was paedifile, necrophile and canibal. He have been the last hippy. The last neandertal that made cromanion sacrifices in the piramids.

  30. At what point do we say enough is enough?

    I’d say, judging by the way white culture has responded to the full spectrum of perversion, filth and death, not until things are ten or fifteen times worse. Of course then it will be too late. Way too late.

    At what point do we say is enough is enough?

    We ARE saying it. Some of us are here all day and all night saying it.

    Unfortunately, it is not quite the same as doing something about it.

    Which means, for lack of action by the erstwhile willing, things will get worse until they become downright terrifically terrifying.

    The erstwhile willing will be somewhat compensated by the fact that there will be more and more to complain about for some amount of time before that time.

    Hitler said it was action, not words that got things done. Hitler was the greatest hero in the last couple of hundred years. Hitler was out in the streets living on bread, water and will. He was worthy of support.

    The folks at the American Freedom Party aren’t as great as Hitler. But they are greater than you and I. Why? Because they are defending you and I. They are the warriors, we are the women inside the fort, fussing and complaining. Least we can do is donate them an amount that is commeasurate with a single dinner; the cost of membership in America’s most legitimate and viable party that explicitly fights for White interests.

    What I said above does not go for MD911.

  31. Two things. One. For many people, they will not enjoin something until they see other people doing it. Two: there is strength in numbers. People don’t wan’t to take a risk. They would rather see how it turns out for the pioneer before they get off the fence. It is interesting how many men and adolescents are so gusto about kicking ass, unless of course we are talking about kicking jew ass. Then it is to the forums. Are you one of those people? Witness Hitler in Mein Kampf explain the void in participation in the NSDAP until such a time as people bore WITNESS to the effects of unity brought about by brotherhood. The initial action took great fortitude and courage. Growth in influence came with consolidation of membership. Power came when the little birds flocked from the cover of the shrubs when it was deemed safe enough to do so. The power came from the masses of people, all they had to do was make a decision.

    By choosing something you are at least doing something. It is an act of freedom and an act in support of it.

    Your donations will finance flyers and activism. There are people that are associated with this party willing to do the initial work. But the work takes money. Hitler explains that in Mein Kampf too.

    American Freedom Party – Join

    AIPAC will continue to have it’s way with you until this party has power. The Republican party is a crumbling edifice on which were formerly writ words which were sustained by the structure. All there is left is the implication there is a commitment to words which are quickly becoming lost to memory. There is nothing to rely on in the republican party. Politics is the art of compromise? You can’t compromise on America. The only party for white patriots is the American Freedom Party. This is the party. Prevaricating is not an option. We need to do something and we need to do it NOW.

  32. Good article, Incog. I know which side of the fence I am on with this one. No question.

    American Freedom Party – Family

    “…We reject homosexuality and all of the other types of so-called “alternative lifestyles” being promoted by the ruling elite and mass media…”

  33. Pat says:

    In this video, some Brit talks about how the jews just stole money directly out of peoples bank accounts in Cyprus.

    Cypus is in the Med over by Greece.

    This guy never says the “j” word. Either because he doesn’t know about them or just doesn’t want to go to prison for saying it.

    This development in Cyprus is important.

    This means that the jews can do this shit to anyone – anywhere.

    This was indeed a shot across the bow. It was a warning and a demonstration of what they can do.

    I understand that Academi mercenaries have been sent there to prop up the Government – and also in Greece.

    Academi is the successor company to Blackwater.

    The only way to fight this shit is to go directly at the head of the beast and decapitate it.

  34. American Freedom Party – Family

    “Unfortunately, many white American men and women have misplaced their priorities: Individualism and hyper-materialism have become more important than family and community. Millions of our youth have been coerced into destructive Marxist politically correct philosophy through television, radio and print media. The exclusive groups that dominate these mass media outlets have methodically imposed a degenerate influence on our people.”

  35. Bailey says:

    Hey AOP,

    I was over at the A3P site, checking it out a bit and will be checking it out more.

    I found this very impressive and thought i’d drop a link.

    I like the way it points out the evil bastards without using the J word in such a way that anyone could figure out what and who the problem is and has been while also giving a lesson in suppressed history and exposing the myth of mutli-cultural bliss.

    I e mailed that link to some of my friends who are sheep, I hope they like it.

  36. Bailey says:

    Did i say Mutli-cultural?

    That kind of works better, now that i look at it.

    Mutli-Cultural Bliss.

    I like that quote @ 10:40.

  37. Bailey says:

    Hey Pat,

    I’m taking my money out of the jew bank and opening up an account with a community credit union.

    That Brit is hysterical and he is right about the jew banks and what they plan to do here as well but Americans should be concerned with this jew gig too.

    This can’t end good.

  38. Bailey says:

    Checkout the ignorant niggers in this clip.

    That’s an example of why they cannot join us in the quest for greater good.
    They’re stupid niggers, parroting jewberish and THEY are supposed to be the smart ones?

  39. Pat says:


    That’s probably a good move on your part.

    This money-taking in Cyprus seems to be a demonstration of how the “banks” can over-ride any domestic political policy.

    The only real solution to this problem is the institution of a local National currency that is created by the local National government with NO private entities involved whatsoever.

    The jew-money that is currently circulating is a deadly virus affecting all who use it. The kikes have had their scumbag operatives pass legislation that forces people to use the kike-money and pay their taxes with it.

    Moving your money out of their direct control may help you in the short term – but all the kikes have to do to get around that is to have their operative pass a new law or regulation requiring any institution that holds money on deposit to allow for the taking of that money on the governments say-so.

    So what then? Do you just take it all out and put it in a safe in your basement? You already know that your jew-money is merely a “receipt” that is value-manipulated at will by the jews.

    Basically, you’re screwed to some degree no matter what you decide to do.

    The real interim “solution” to this problem is to convert your monetary holdings into something of real, tangible value. Like what?

    Like machine tools that can manufacture useful parts.

    Like livestock that can produce more livestock.

    The long-term solution to this problem is to dump jew-money altogether and go to “Hitler-money”.

  40. I have been working on some very disturbing research, though not difficult research, that should hit American Alliance soon. It is shocking and should be a real eye opener to the White world.

    Yeah Bailey, the American Freedom Party is the party for Whites and American heritage and an antagonist to all things that are against us. The only way to do that I guess, is go explicitly white. It’s what should have been done long ago. The thing that is likely to make this succeed where other movements in the past have failed is that 1) hardly any whites can be fooled any more and 2) the position held is to support the self-determination of all people. I agree with that. (And think of this – are the republicans EVER going to talk about Dresden or any of a hundred other things on A3P? No. Never.) It may just be that racial cohesion in the only curative for jewish tyranny. Anyway, I guarantee when I post my research you will want to sign up for the party, because the unfairness and genocide against our people cannot be made any more plain.

    The only solution is to go explicitly White. (this does not mean we draw in enemies where unnecessary in the political landscape; we have enough coming at us already) And priority NUMBER ONE is, well, you know what; it can only be one thing.

  41. ihatekikes says:

    hi everyone,

    Incog accept my apologies, but for the love of God i couldnt bring myself to read it. I really, really, effing hate these things. Regarding the money situation, best to buy farming implements. Can be used to barter. How sad it is in this day and age for us to be even contemplating a bleak future, when we are supposed to be the most ‘enlightened’ and ‘knowledgeable’ humans ever. Sad.

  42. Max says:

    Jews are behind the Marxist militant homo/pedo lobbying groups. Here’s a big list of them:

    The Jews use their homosexual/pedo propaganda to corrupt Christian society and break it down, and they admit this! Here’s a section from a Jew magazine “Jewish Quarterly”:

    “Sexual revolutionaries. Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America. Some porn stars viewed themselves as frontline fighters in the spiritual battle between Christian America and secular humanism. According to Ford, Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. . . . It could very well be that part of my porn career is an “up yours” to these people’. Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said (on, ‘The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. . . Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged.”

    That quote above was from here:

    Jew pedos also get hidden most of the time, but there is a list of just a few out of thousands:

    And more on homosexual deviancy here:

    Also, Britain’s Government did a Home Office study and it said: “Bradford et al. (1988) suggested reasonably that approximately 20 to 33% of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature and about 10% mixed. Bradford et al. (1988) also quote a 1980s survey of the Paedophile Information Exchange which found that most members were attracted either to boys between the ages of 8 to 11.” — (Grubin D. Sex offending against children: Understanding the risk. Police Research Series. Paper 99. Home Office, 1998.)

    The 33% homosexual pedos is 3,300% over representation of the 1% homosexuals in the general population, showing how deviant homosexuality is and how prevalent are homosexual pedos with Jew pedos most likely going off the scale altogether!

  43. As I explained at American Alliance in a recent post, the following is the real kernel of the scam:

    Money is a means of exchange.

    It can be freely provided by a sovereign government. Or it can be provided at interest by central bankers glommed onto a non-sovereign government.

    Say there is a new island that pops up in the Ocean and non-jews move there. Say they form a government. And say that government issues currency interest free for commerce and trade. Say they issue a certain quantity of fancy pieces of paper into circulation. People produce and consume using this paper, using it as a mark to trade what oneself does for what another does, and most island residents work and have what they want.

    Say now that the island government decides to double the quantity of fancy pieces of paper. Will this do anything to the underlying productive and consumptive capacity of the economy?

    It may if there are restrictions on the flow of money or with the velocity of the flow of money in commerce. But if most everyone is working hard and playing hard, the economy is fine: the quantity of money has filled the bucket.

    What will happen is that nominal inflation will occur, but not actual inflation.

    What used to cost half a fancy piece of paper will cost a whole one, but since there are twice as many pieces of paper, no real affect on production and consumption -the economy- has occurs.

    Now, say a few jews move to the island. They start buying media outlets and infiltrating institutions such as government, schools and clubs. They set up banks and start influencing the amount of pieces of paper available by pumping out, withholding or restricting credit. The papers go wild. The jew bankers begin to surreptitiously lobby the government for a central bank to smooth over the boom and bust cycles by making credit available to banks because they claim restricted pieces-of-paper-to-lend in the bank markets is what they claim caused the economic disturbances.

    The politicians, now bought off pawns and media whores, agree to institute the central bank. The bank will provide more paper to the banks when they need it and it will lend to the government in economic downturns so that it can come out them with its head above water in crises.

    Never mind that the government could previously just print the stuff if more economic activity was called for.

    So the central bank ensues lending to the island government at the nearest opportunity. For this it prints its own fancy pieces of paper. The banks lend to the public and for this the central bank gives the bank is turn more newly printed fancy pieces of paper so they can lend even more.

    It is said by the new schools of economic thought the jews instituted that giving the banks free pieces of paper is good because they will lend more and that when one loan is made it is spent and people can work and earn that spent money and put it in another bank which can lend it starting the whole process over again, all consummating in a tsunami of positive economic activity.

    The government, it is now noticed, is gaining a larger and larger debt. The government institutes the IRS – the Island Revenue Service- to pay for the extra pieces of paper required to pay the debt. The people are now paying to the IRS. They also have noticed that the money they borrowed from the banks on their own is getting a little uncomfortable in it’s own right. The two expenses combine to make things a little unpleasant. The newspapers lobby for social programs. The media-beholden politicians make social redistribution to less capable people law. The government borrows more. People become disenfranchised and destabilized economically and start going batty and using drugs. The media act as if this is normal. They even begin to glorify it. jew companies sponsor it.

    Suddenly, society, on its heels, becomes susceptible to the media’s alarming notes about the threat of a certain island 1,000 miles away. Before too long the decision is made to attack. To do this the island government borrows heavily from the central bank. Island residents worked and earned more for the war effort but now they are getting laid off. Social programs are needed. The government borrows more. The IRS demands more from those who are left working…

    What is really happening here? Before, fancy pieces of paper freely issued by the government were used as receipts in trade (production and consumption). Now, spurred on by a variety of crises, the government and people are diverting a larger and larger portion of the supply of pieces of paper into the jews’ pockets.

    Even as the amount of the stuff grows, the proportion going into the jews pockets gets larger and larger with each lending contract. Note: the capacity for production and consumption did not change; it does however actually go down because for every transaction in trade somewhere a debt has to be paid to the bankers; so in essence the productive are carrying unproductive parasites on their backs. It is counter-intuitive to most island residents because they thing that more paper should lead to more economic activity because the paper is what is needed for economic activity.

    Also, internationally the island’s pieces of paper are worth less because their is less production. The banking class puts the screws down on the island residents to beef up the currencies’ international appeal (meaning those that have them can get more for them even though the bankers are skimming so much).

    It is slavery by another means and name. Instead of direct forced labor of a people, the jews’ usury draws pieces of paper from people’s pockets that they must use as receipts for trade. The more lending the more of a slice the non-productive jew bankers draw from the productive working island population. Slavery.

    Ironically, some wise island residents learn, the jews were big-time owners of black slaves they brought over from Africa who they are now claiming to be saviors of, as they in turn accuse the island pioneers of being the cause. In this way they hide the fact they still practice slavery (debt slavery) from everyone and disenfranchise, destabilize and disempower the original residents so that they themselves will have all the power.

  44. Jimmy says:

    I never even knew that Jimmy Savile was a Jew, in all the media frenzy by the Jew mass media, none of them ever thought it necessary to mention he was a Jew.

    It goes a very long way in explaining why he could do what he wanted at the Jewish BBC and get away with it.
    There were many reports of him molesting young girls and no one ever took any action against him.

    The Talmud makes it “kosher” to abuse little kids, the Jews are so evil that is difficult for normal people to even believe it.
    There is a long history from before the the 60’s and 70’s of Jewish media and movie moguls abusing white Christian girls, Marilyn Monroe was treated like a whore by Jewish movie bosses who passed her around to their mates. This was corroberated by Joan Collins who knew Marilyn.
    Unblievable sick Jewish filth.

  45. Jimmy says:

    Nice analogy of the economy and bank scam by AOTP; I also like this version from “Eddy Rothschild” I think it should be recomended viewing for all toddlers instead of watching sick Jewish cartoons designed to deform young minds of Christian children.

    @Max, the destruction of white Christian America by the Jewish criminals has been in step and in proportion to the success the Jews had in leading the people away from the Biblical truth and faith in God the Father.
    Pornography, secular humanism, Darwinsim, Freudinsim and all the other poisonous beliefs spawned by the Jews have been their real weapon against us.

    Until we return to Biblical truths and faith in Christ we will never win of that you can be sure, in the Bible one reads of God’s destruction for those who turn away, he allows this to happen to us when we forsake God.
    This is why the children of Satan (Jews) are so determined to bring a lack of faith and filth into our lives, it gives them power in Satan over us.

  46. summerled says:

    PM: There is No Jewish Future Without Israel
    Binyamin Netanyahu said that his objective as Prime Minister is to “ensure the future of the Jewish people”

    just read the comments nutjobsareus!!

  47. Sen10L says:

    I hear you Bailey. I logged on last night and saw the most recent article and left without commenting- it was so f’d up. Felt like I needed immunizations and a steaming hot shower seeing it for just a few seconds.

  48. StSimonOfTrent says:

    4500 Israeli Children Molested Yearly…Where are groups protesting Synagogues?
    Compare this to 245 Incidents in the Catholic Church annually and 260 incidents in Protestant Churches.

    2,000 complaints of sexual abuse filed by children under 12 in past year
    By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent
    Haaretz – December 13, 2007

    An additional 2,500 13 to 18 year olds also reported abuse; as much as 12%of the incidents took place in schools.

    The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel received nearly 2,000 complaints of sexual abuse in the past year from children under the age of 12, and nearly 2,500 from teenagers aged 13-18.

    In over half of the 9,000 new cases the crisis center dealt with this past year the victims were minors. In 60% of the cases involving children under the age of 12, the abuse included incest while 17% involved rape and 19% indecent acts.

    The report states that in 72% of the cases involving children under the age of 12 the assaults occurred in either the victim or the perpetrator’s residence, while 12% took place inside educational institutions. As much as 90% of the victims were assaulted by someone they knew.

    These findings, which were organized as part of a report by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel called “Not in our school?”, will be presented on Wednesday to Education Minister Yuli Tamir.

    These assaults stem from “the innocent worldview of children, which creates an absolute trust in adults, without the ability to resist forcefully”, the report reads, citing articles and victims’ accounts of abuse.

    Even at the later ages, from 13 to 18, around 80% of the perpetrators are known to the victim. As the ages of the victims rise, the percentage of cases involving incest drops, while those involving rape rises. In cases where the victim is between 13 and 18 years old, 41% involve rape, and 7% group rape. Incest was reported in 20% of the cases for this age group.

    In this group, 17% of the assaults took place in educational institutions, of these, 11% were in religious yeshivas.

    The editors of the report attribute the rise in cases of sexual assault against minors to the exposure of teenagers to “non-normative sexual behavior” on the internet and the media, and the weakening influence of parents and teachers as authority figures.

  49. summerled says:

    Top 10 Psychotic Global War Criminals
    Psychotic Predators Battle to See Who’s the Biggest Baddest Mofo Out There

  50. Cromanion, thank you for joining us here, Sir. Those is some profound information you provided us. You know, in addittion to those you mention, many jews are like cro -magnons and or neanderthals and or circus freaks. That is why the prime minister of israhell, nutinyahoo, eats shit and ehood barak drinks piss when flying. 2 bad they missed those flights on 911 to go see their fuck buddy silversteen. Talk about neanderthal features. Some of these things have no prefontal cortex whatsoever. That is the brain region for human-ness. So they aren’t human but they are hypocrites. Saysalot. Nutunyahoo does have incipient horns growing out of the slopex but I think id give that a different prognosis. Capishe?

  51. Does sog work second shift or was he up so late last night that he hasn’t woken up yet?

    And where the heck are some of the people that used to kick around here? AB, hoff, whiteman and such?


  52. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Dr. Duke exposes the truth behind the perverted kike, Sigmund Schlomo Freud.

  53. There is this satanist that has been publishing things via Henry Makow. I don’t know if the freak is for real but how can things be explained other than by the assumption that there are a lot of satanists in high positions. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and some people don’t seem bothered at all. On the other side the most recent article links back to the original one where the freak ticks off several famous people he claims are or were satanists. To be safe, I just say we deal with the whole lot. The 1% want to reduce the worlds population by 90%. Okay, lets begin with the 1% and reevaluate after that.

  54. PS: only one of the roughly fifteen or so person list of people the freak (fictional freak?) says are satanists is a jew. That does make me a bit skeptical right there.

  55. Jimmy says:

    Great vid from EZB
    Indeed Freud was a filthy creature, as he famously declared to his friend on sighting America on the ship from Europe, that he had not come to bring a panacea but the plague to America. His friend incidently recomended homosexual relationships for healing childhood trauma??? what filthy evil creatures of Satan these Jews are.

    Modern psychiatry is based on Freud’s work what a joke, the brainwashed lemmings of the world have lost the ability to think.
    That people are so simpleminded as to regard modern psychiatry as a respectable and genuine practice is tragic. Modern psychiatry is a joke and pure quackery.

    I was earlier watching this vid from Bro Nat, this guy is amazing considering his background. I know, when I first saw him and thought WTF? but as I watched him and listened to him I think this guy left Jewry far behind in his love for Jesus.

  56. Bailey says:

    AOP says,

    “Nutunyahoo does have incipient horns growing out of the slopex but I think id give that a different prognosis. Capishe? ”

    This is true, Check out the 2012 AIPAC conference speech by Netanyahooo, not only can you see the horns, If you watch closely you can see them move.

    I shit you not!

    Yea Sen10L,
    I was drinking my after work beer while reading this current post and my stomach started to turn about 1/4 of the way in, that feeling reminded me of when i watch kosher slaughter videos, which by the way, i will never do again.

  57. nodollarsjustcents says:

    allovertheplace says:

    March 20, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    PS: only one of the roughly fifteen or so person list of people the freak (fictional freak?) says are satanists is a jew. That does make me a bit skeptical right there.

    The only one must be kosher jew,the rest rabbis..Feed em some PORK

  58. Chris says:

    Do you like stories?

  59. Bailey says:

    This is going on right up the road from me and it’s the first i’ve seen about it.
    The rapists are afletes and the case is sealed.

  60. Chris says:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

    ? Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  61. summerled says:

    Former neoconservative luminary Francis Fukuyama of Stanford (formerly of Johns Hopkins) compares the neoconservative movement to Leninism. Neoconservatism, according to Fukuyama, is the reincarnation to some extent of both Leninism and Bolshevism.

    Fukuyama’s observation makes sense when even Irving Kristol, who founded the movement, proudly admitted that the “honor I most prized was the fact that I was a member in good standing of the [Trotskyist] Young People’s Socialist League (Fourth International).”

  62. summerled says:


  63. Sabine Centurion says:

    Chris, thanks for that. I never tire of reading it.

  64. Jimmy says:

    A joyful and heartwarming little story/picture from

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