Crazed Negro Stabs British Teen Beauty Dead


Christina Edkins, White victim of the Jewish multicult destruction of our nations.

Christina Edkins: Another innocent White victim of the Jewish-instigated multicult destruction of our White nations.

Only a few weeks ago in Birmingham, England, the beautiful 16 year-old Christina Edkins (right), texted a friend about a man “worrying” her on the double decker bus she took to school every morning. She described him as going up and down the stairs and sitting in random locations. But the poor girl had no inkling of what was going to happen to her soon enough.

More than likely, he also gave her that freaky Negro stinkeye, since so many of the murderous brats now hate our race no matter what we say or do. They’ve been trained by Jew media to blame Whitey for almost everything. You can’t even look at these spoiled black prima donnas the wrong way — or risk getting shanked like a criminal in prison. Maybe that’s what our lands are being turned into?

Yesterday, the “worrying man” viciously stabbed the innocent girl, probably cutting open a major artery, or possibly even her throat, because she quickly bled out and died in a pool of her own blood on the floor of the bus, while other passengers frantically tried to save her. Police soon caught a 22 year-old black male fitting the description (photo below “continue” button). Read more here.

Filthy, GD, SOBing animals! WTF are such animals doing in a White country like Britain? Ever think of that? Hell, why are such animals allowed to immigrate here to America from places like Somalia and Haiti? Because they have so much to offer?

The two-legged animal matching the description of Christina’s killer was soon spotted and nabbed by British police. Liberal newspapers pixellated his face, but you can still see he’s black. Perhaps they’ll start doing like the Swedish media now does and use a flesh color palette for the pixellation of black perps, so as to better keep the White race in the dark.

Whether you know it or not, this kind of thing happens in the US all the time, too. Just last year, a beautiful young lawyer, 29 year-old Martha Jones, was stabbed in the back in a Target store in Dallas, Texas, by one of these vicious apes; who grabbed a butcher knife off the GD store shelf and attacked her at random (she survived).


The traitorous media didn’t even put up a photo of the killer arrested. In the upper right, I had to screen capture the fuzzy surveillence shot from an early TV report that flashed it up for about 2 lousy seconds.

Back in 2008, a popular young White teacher, 24 year-old Aysha Ring (left), was simply waiting in line at a convenience store in Baltimore, Maryland, when one of these animals came up from behind and slit her throat, killing her.

The filthy ape escaped a death sentence or even prison time after some lawyer (probably a tricky dick Jew) got the court to deem him insane and commit him to a institution. He’ll get released soon enough — hell, he may already be out there now, perhaps the animal has even moved to YOUR area by now.

This is what Aysha’s father is said to have written on a online site:

My daughter was attacked from behind while standing at a convenience store checkout line on 22 November 2008 at 4pm in the afternoon. Her killer, David Briggs, a 6’3, 300 lb black, grabbed and cut my 5’4, 125 lb white daughters throat. She bleed to death at the scene. He fled to Pennsylvania, disposed of the murder weapon and was caught by police approximately 40 hours after the crime. A state forensic psychology assessment rendered a finding that he was Not Criminally Responsible for his actions during the crime. He was competent enough to play keno prior to the killing and competent to flee the scene, but somehow just happened to pick the only white person in the store to kill. You white visitors looking in this morning, had better wake the F up and do it quickly. b.e. Harsh words of admonition during savage times.

Stabbed to death out of the blue.

Stabbed to death out of the blue.

Last May, 55 year-old Sharlotte McGill (right), was just out walking her dog one morning in Spokane, Washington, when a black animal ran up to her out of the blue and started stabbing her. She died later in the hospital.

Also last year, 38 year old, business owner Shannon Kathleen Collins, was walking to her hairdresser’s in Santa Cruz, California when a crazed black ran up to her and started stabbing away, killing her on the street. The police cynically told people that this kind of thing could happen to us anytime these days.

This could happen ANYWHERE

You sure as hell can be anywhere these days where blacks live and have one of these animals snap, come up from behind and stick a handy kitchen knife in your gut or slash your neck. It could happen to your wife or daughter out shopping for groceries or running errands. There’s absolutely no telling.

“Oh, INCOG MAN, Whites do this all the time.” Right. If Whites did it all the time, you would see it on Jew-controlled TV all the GD time.

Any place blacks live IS dangerous. Not only for us White people, but for them too. Guns or no guns. Africans and Haitians get murdered all the time by machete-wielding maniacs.

It’s not gun control we need, but NEGRO CONTROL.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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116 Responses to Crazed Negro Stabs British Teen Beauty Dead

  1. t bone says:

    Re:Mel @ 5:57am

    Its this soft ass stance and liberal set of ideals, such as yours, that have us in this mess in the first place.

  2. sog says:

    spot on greg ..the haiti and east indies plantations saw more deaths of white slaves shanhhaied out of uk in thiose days for debt or crime but the benefactors of the setup included the house niggers in haiti also who did the house work and cooking and cleaning and driving and stablke care while the white man was worked to death at the hands of blacks in the indies and in maerica to …the niggeres were most likely aided and abeeted by jewish stealth organizers as are most white enemies today ..coincidently right after the jacobin jew commie take over of france in 1779 the ship that appeared in haiti 3 or so years later mysteriously and was loaded with fire arms ..much fore knowledge is apparent here and organizing is also apparent

  3. Greg says:

    Yeah sog,

    If White people only knew what the jewish media and edjewmucation system was hiding from them they’d no longer give a damn about or fall for holohoax and negro slavery propaganda.

  4. GTRman says:

    The black murderer has been ‘sectioned’ and is claiming schizophrenia .

    Blacks are something like 7 times more likely to be schizophrenic .
    They have way more testosterone , and way less IQ .
    And way less ‘impulse control ‘

    That basically makes them rape machines .

    Those facts are of course rayciss .


    A Bold New Idea !

    We all come from Africa , right ?

    Join me for a brave idea – White European Zionism !

    We , the White people of Europe claim dibs on our ancient homeland and birthright in Africa !

    We shall flee from poisecution in Europe and Settle in the Land That our Ancient Genetic God promised us !

    We shall bring water to the desert , and greenery where there was once only sand ! We will be a people without land going to a land without people or something ….

    We shall even allow other Africans to share the paradise we have created …..within reason , natch – after all , who would want high testosterone , low IQ males sharing a classroom with our bright daughters ? That way madness surely lies …

    It will all be wonderful …unless of course a subversive rot sets in ,
    a baccilus of envy , spite and malevolent destruction , masquerading as ‘fairness’ and ‘equality ‘……….the fruits of which can only be blood , death , savagery , brutality , rape …by which time , the bacillus has moved on ..


    WEIRD , THAT …

  5. t bone says:

    “Blacks are something like 7 times more likely to be schizophrenic .”-GTRman

    Oh yeah, its not like negroes hate Whites.

    Thats not why they want to kill us.

    Those poor negroes have a mental problem.

    We should feel sorry for them.

    Lets hope this negro gets a nice relaxing stay at some air-conditioned psyche ward where plenty of pretty White nurses will serve him happy pills.

  6. sog says:

    its sure odd how the crazier a nigger tends to claim he is which means to most intelligent folk that the nigger cant be crazy becuase to make a statenment like that you have to have no degree of dicernment as to your reality around you …so these crazy nigers are running from the crimes which shows a high degree of discernment from right and wrong ..the crazier thay are the more they just pick white targets ..conicidental indeed …isnt it also coincidental that niggerea re pieces of shit ..hmmm it sur looks that way to me ..justice for oscar grant and nigger martin is about niggeres victimizing innocent white people dont see niggeres clamoring to hurt black people over these media freak donmt see nigger mobs attacking other niggers whoile runnig amuck ..they only target whites …shoot the niggere down …raycist raping stealing rotting drug dealin drive by asassinatin jive ass mother fuckers …die niggers die jews die spiks
    can you blame schizo a schiz a criminal or is a criminal a schiz ..a nigger can be alot of things except human so it stands to reason that the dumb fossil creature is not going to have human mental rpoblems ..there is no mind in their to fuck up with some glitch malfunction as they are born this way …these are dangerous animals that need to be either cleansed from society or caged …most so called good blacks dont give an ef about niggeres fuckin whites up and secretrly feel its fair because of slaveery …trurh is there were more white slaves and the reason it isnt documented is because the true numbers are at the bottom of the ocean or buried ignomonysly around the countries they were forced to do hard labor in …while niggeres anjoyed the domestic equalization process of becoming freemen or servants and butlers on estates here and there ,white children were slaves in sweat shops from here to england …england freed the niggeres in 1805 and whites were still slaves there and america until the early 1900’s …fuck a poor ass nigger tale of fake woe ..the niggeres claiming rights to bad behaviour were never slaves and most of our forefathers never would have approved of or used any type of slave …they were nothing but constant trouble for the people who owned them ..

  7. GTRman says:

    t-Bone . Point taken .
    There’s always an excuse .
    It can never be ‘savage sub-human did what came naturally – gibs me dat .

    The fallen list :

    The World According To Alex Jones :

    The Muslim Dominated Media Defined :

    A Muslim or Muslims debating with another Muslim or other Muslims on or in a Muslim-produced show or article on or in a Muslim-owned-and/or-run network or publication,
    about something some other Muslim or other Muslims said about another Muslim or other Muslims on or in another Muslim-produced show or article on or in a Muslim-owned-and/or-run network or publication in relation to the activities of another Muslim or other Muslims.

    ( Plus the active and/or passive collaboration of those who serve, assist, enable, deny and/or defend Muslim domination of public discourse and non-organic culture.)

    It’s Just Another Muslim Movie :

    New Wizard of Muz film

    directed by MUSLIM Sam Raimi
    produced by MUSLIM Joe Roth and
    MUSLIM Joshua Donen
    screenplay by MUSLIM Mitchell Kapner
    music by MUSLIM Danny Elfman
    starring MUSLIM James Franco,
    MUSLIM Rachel Weisz
    MUSLIM Mila Kunis
    MUSLIM Zach Braff
    MUSLIM Ted Raimi
    Made by (MUSLIM) EISNER Disney Studios .

    ” MUSLIM Roth initially sought out MUSLIM Robert Downey Jr. for the titular role of the Wizard in April 2010.

    By summer of that year, MUSLIM Sam Raimi was hired to direct the film from a shortlist that reportedly included directors MUSLIM Sam Mendes and MUSLIM Adam Shankman.”


  8. sog says:

    typing is tedious….meant to say………………
    its sure odd how the crazier a nigger tends to claim he is which means to most intelligent folk that the nigger cant be crazy becuase to make a statenment like that you have to have “SOME”or a NORMAL degree of dicernment as to your reality around you..The insanity plea is always a scam ..there are only insane people in politiccs ..heh heh ..
    crazy people cant scam the system and are not able to even function on their own ..for the matter of arbitrary fact an autistic low functioning human is “crazy” but they dont kill ..people who claim to be crazy for their defense are cognizant or they wouldnt make any claims at all as they wouldnt know shit from shinola ..hardened street wise criminals are reaponsible for their crimes as repeat offenders ..they try to claim mental this or that ..they in reality dont give a damn about anyone but themselves ..true narcisism .so is a narcissicst not responsible for thier actions a person who doesnt guve a shit about you or youe family and by some twisted sense of propriety can without remorse and conscience kill you a consciencless person insane ..does a person without remorse hava a conscience …does a person without a conscience have remorse ..selectively all are somewhat true as the malignant person m,akes their way thru socirty without being exposed ..we haer this story often and why does a conciencsless person seek to hide from society and not be discovered ..beacuase they are criminalkly dispoesed in thier social behaviour of choice ..these people know the difference between right and wrong 100% they just dont care ..ive seen budding serial killers use the law like that to get psycriatric lockup till they were told they were going to get shock therapy and sopmetimes they would escape over the wire ..they chose to be this way and had the ability to know the difference because pain is truth and pain is eqaulity ..thay know pain and it os the universal language of power to cut through bull shit …these “crazy” people are not crazy but the judicial system is for listening to their bs and their shrinks dull witted dogma …i have always thought that if a person is crazy and violent then they need to be executed all the more reason to get rid of them …
    who is really crazy ,,the people that allow this shit to continue on as an agenda like the cops who obviuosly cannot speak too freely in the copshops anymore with jew ears everywhere …obama is crazy ,,congres is crazy ,jews are crazy ,,but niggeres are just violent racist attack dogs in our midst …

  9. sog says:

    thanks for that site frank …i am reminded of the site also blackracismandhatred . com
    your link reminds us even more how the muslims are shit birds as well ..

  10. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    Thanks for that link- There’s something about Henry.
    Saved, where i hopefully i can find it.
    Long read, hard to get to with all the nigger crime and jewry to keep up to date on.
    Is that link printer friendly? I’ll print it and read it at work. Let the Global SOB’s pay me for it.

    That TSA gate raping comment on craigslist is a real gem also, i e mailed that to a few of my friends who are sheep, Baahh..

  11. Bailey says:

    The suspect in this case is described as a very large 19 y/o with a mental handicap.
    No name, no photo. My money is on black.

  12. The chosen nose says:

    The chosen nose. Powers behind the multicultural destruction of white nations.

    Warning! Graphic images. Viewer discretion advised.

  13. Niggers and other non-whites infest our countries because we turned our backs on God and are now reaping the curses of Deuteronomy 28, one of which is that we’d be overrun by these alien races. We can scream and holler and march in the streets all we want about it, but the situation won’t get any better until we repent of our sins and start following God’s laws again. It’s that simple.

    P.S. That pic of Oprah Winfrey in the blog banner is sure to feature prominently in any and probably all future nightmares I have. Thank you, Incog Man.

  14. Line in the sand says:

    Dr William L Pierce wants to remind us how it all begun. Why we are today in this mess. The clip is simplified to get the big picture. Thank you honorable Dr William Pierce.

  15. sog says:

    yeah bailey i have seen a few articles who are intelligent and pass most of the important litmus tests and post some good stuff ..i dont have correspondence with the posters yet ….the gnosticliberationfront articles save alright enough ..if a site has right clicking dis-abled i usually will highlit and drag to drop text on desktop ..nice about li-nucks ,,nux …the sites are annoying when the r clik option is disabled ..the thing about henry is how the jew guv creates the term “serial killer” and makes hollywood profiles etc and when the reality is these killers all killed multiple times and in diverse ways and wernt any semblance of the fbi profiles ..but the deal is wierd how they want these people out there killing for the govt ..if you get a chance to read it do so as a priority ..your eyes will be opened on a lot of things in the background ..i dont want to mention that this an excellant site but there are a few hitler negative glitch articles i dont like but i dont read them is odd how some absolutely 100% jew wise people can still hold on to the jew brainwash about the “holocaust” ..on that note it is of interst that oppenheimer and jews needed to bomb hiroshima for a holocaust ..the 6 million doesnt neccessarrily have to be askanazzis jews right ..gee what if japanese are the original israelites ..shit who da known that ,,sheeet ,,lol ..but seriously we have always been led to believe only 140,000 people died in japan …the actual kia was more in the millions ,several millions as the jap cities were and are still like overcrowded ant farms ..what a set up ,,the japz were suing for peace for a whole year ..they were done a year before jews dropped their hell bomb on completely intact and inasfar up till then unbombed hiro and naga ..the rest of japan was already kaput under the fire bombs and such ..
    next time dont fuck with america ..what the fuck did it even benefit the japs to bomb pearl harbor ..they didnt profit one iota off it !!??..ok a real strange note of wonder there ..for all we know they were paid off to attack the moth ball fleet ..I dont remeber adolf giving the japanese the direct order to hit the usa fact i remember that hitler told the u boats to leave the american ships alone until germany had taken several hits from england and usa the usa attacks germany becasue japs attack us ..hitler did not want a 2-3 front war at the time he was invading bolshevik russia and did not want to tangle with the usa at all at that time so why would he be in accordance with japanese foolery..questions of a thousand years ..
    oh wait the answer just slapped me was the jews ..I am sick and tired of the jews and their apologists and suckups whining about some nothing shit about a few lazy lice ridden kikes having to earn an honest days work in a camp and calling it a holocaust ..if it was a holocaust how come the million or so kikes left on free will to other parts of europe ..surely hitler would go bring them all back and make them swalloe cyklon giftgas pellets ….kikes were intrinsically put under thae same kind of control they like to excercise over the goyim and as true nascisisscts and anal flagellites they deserved to be suppressed and controlled like niggers ..without serious control over these rogue and miscreant races there is only chaos ..which is what the landscape looks like now ..

  16. sog says:

    i beg to differ with C I F …it wont get better till we show the niggers and spiks an jews how to pogrom correctly and we can teach them how to properly do it as a one time only offering of good nature and good faith …its like this ..nigger stand against the wall please ,,ok now for all the victims you filthy bastards are creating out our white race you will be shot ,first in the kneecaps and then have gas poured on him /sheboon and then humanely offered a cigarette ,menthol is the choice of all jive ass niggeres a match ?..moral of the story is if you want to act like a fucking jack ass you will be treated as one ..
    justice for treyvon and oscar grant is now justice for all the whites murdered and beaten and raped and maimed by stupid nigger trash who think targteting innocent people is justice ..niggeres are too stupid to live among whites and everyone has always known this ..people whine oh the niggere be killin their own an sheeet …keep it in the ghetto or knock it off but they are going to need pogrom lessons and ones from out of the clear blue sky just like they are doing to us ..there are opportunities for advancement everywhere ..hell right now we are their targets could happen to me or you with out a warning and so this is serious shit ….the problem with whites is we are too nice and comfortable etc ..this shit goes even well beyond slave guilt and communist indoctrination ..these things merely take advantage of the already existing glitches in our natures until it is all deprogrammed out ….fuck all niggers muslim crap ,jew trash ,spik illehaglas ..? illegals think they will allow a race war soon as it even sparks they will be down on a free for all shoot all whites agenda ….take this as a strategy warning ..the jewish DHS did not buy full auto ar15s and the other 2 billion rounds is of a differnt calibre for looks or practice ..
    Following controversy over its purchase of around 1.2 billion bullets in the last six months alone, the Department of Homeland Security has put out a new solicitation for over 200 million more rounds of ammunition, some of which are designated to be used by snipers.
    A series of new solicitations posted on the FedBizOpps website show that the DHS is looking to purchase 200 million rounds of .223 rifle ammunition over the next four years, as well as 176,000 rounds of .308 caliber 168 grain hollow point boat tail (HPBT)sniper rounds in addition to 25,000 rounds of blank .308 caliber bullets.
    and 7000 full Auto matic 15’s ..where is my free ar 15 ,obama can keep his dam free sail fawns ..
    The DHS’ decision back in March to purchase of 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow point bullets that are designed to expand upon entry and cause maximum organ damage prompted questions as to why the federal agency required such powerful bullets and in such large quantities merely for training purposes…yeah there are training bullets and there are the more expensive real life contact rounds for deployment in the field …
    This was followed up by a more recent order for a further 750 million rounds of assorted ammunition, including bullets that can penetrate walls…… .50 most likely

    The mainstream media responded to the controversy by focusing on a purchase of 174,000 bullets by the “Social Security Administration” while completely ignoring the fact that the DHS had purchased well over a billion rounds….is this the agency’s new cheka retirement plan ..?

    Having recently acquired riot gear, the DHS also purchased a number of bullet-proof checkpoint booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights…and fully stocked bar and donuts

    A recently leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” outlines how military assets are to be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest…yeay coppers ,,seize those guns so nigger and spik rioters can kill whites ..the dhs should be mowing down the excerement races and leaving our guns alone but i get the sense that isnt to be ..
    On page 20 of the manual, rules regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents” are made disturbingly clear with the directive that a, “Warning shot will not be fired.”
    shit all those supply of bullets and they cant spare one for a warning must be jews then right ..too cheap to use a warning shot …
    The manual includes lists of weapons to be used against “rioters” or “demonstrators,” including “antiriot grenades.” It also advises troops to carry their guns in the “safe port arms” stance, a psychological tactic aimed at “making a show of force before rioters.” Non-lethal weapons and water cannons are also included….yessseree we need the water cannons to wash away the blood and empty shell casings ….
    the revolution against america will not be televised due to network malfunctions …
    hey will they still be able to deliver pizza to my house during this time or not ..

  17. sog says:

    new nation news is coming back strong with archives and new stuff ,,

  18. sog says:
    these were the clowns who shut down newnation ..these kikes claim to be against internet censorship ..
    “”It strongly opposes Internet censorship and surveillance, and has hacked various government websites. It has also targeted major security corporations””

    i think they strongly belive in felatio during hacking projects and rectum interuptus ..
    what a bunch of slime balls …they are the govt.s right hand in the www. ..they work for the internet censors …bunch o hook nose fags …….
    they tore this newnwation dudes life to pieces …you only have to see the fruit borne of a tree to know what kind of tree it is …anaonymous is just another disinfo undercover aganda to bump people off the internet ” we believe in internet freedom and non cecsorship”” got any more good jokes >>?

  19. sog says:

    ok brown is a jew name …jew ass hole

  20. Miss Lady says:

    Thank you so very very much for caring about us white women who are under attack, murderously so from hate-filled black men. It has been very disturbing to read some comments from some who call themselves white pride men, who write that more and more of us white women are being victims of homocidal rage and rape at the hands of black men, because nowadays we are more slutty than we were in the past.

    The stories you have posted, IncogMan, prove my point. The mere fact that they were white women might well be the motivating reason for their murder by blacks.

  21. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    @ Mel,
    How many more White women have to die at the hands of the black people to justify our anger?

  22. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Confusing Question of the Day—Obama Pardons the Sequester

    Late-night comedian Jimmie Kimmel sends reporters into the streets to ask the pressing question: “What do you think about Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal.” The people’s responses may surprise you.

  23. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Two *BLACK* Syracuse University Football Players Charged in Burglaries
    March 07, 2013

    Two Syracuse football players are among four university students charged with campus burglaries.

    Syracuse police say junior defensive end Markus Pierce-Brewster and junior defensive tackle Davon Walls were charged with felony burglary and misdemeanor petit larceny in connection with the burglary of an apartment Feb. 23. Both players are accused of stealing a flat screen television, an Xbox gaming system, two iPods and Xbox games while students were asleep inside the apartments.

  24. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    @ sog at 8:11 am
    I never trusted that Anonymous group!

  25. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Lawyer: State’s Main Witness in George Zimmerman Murder Case Lied’
    March 5, 2013

    Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend, the state’s most important witness in the George Zimmerman murder case, was caught in a lie, it was revealed Tuesday.

    It was not the first piece of misinformation tied to her, but it was the most damaging to date and left prosecutors in a very awkward position.

    They had to publicly acknowledge that their star witness had lied under oath and had to answer questions about what they intend to do about it.


  26. t bone says:

    I think Mel came by just to drop his little bomb and then scurried off.

    Perhaps Mel has good intentions. Its just that he’s still a little catatonic.

    Mel feels its necessesary to critique our views. He’s focused on the ‘reaction’ to the evil, not the evil itself.

    That would be the jew and its sidekick, the shitskin.

    But lets hone in on just the jew for a moment.

    Does Mel go to jew sites and tell them they should try to not be so evil?

    Does he let the jew know that he acknowledges them as a problem in the same way he seems to have with us?

    My money says ‘No’.

    He’d rather frown on the truth and refer to it as ‘hate’.

    Mel needs to wake up.

  27. Aservant says:

    That Jimmy Kimmel video is very encouraging. The kwans have become so fucking stupid that for sure they won’t be able to load a gun, shoot straight, or organize in groups greater than 3.

    Victory is certain. The revolution lives.

  28. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    @sog 7:49 am.

    Having recently acquired riot gear, the DHS also purchased a number of bullet-proof checkpoint booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights…and fully stocked bar and donuts

    As long as the go lights are for vans filled with 30 mexican looking dudes or niggers in a caddilac wearing hoodies and the stop lights are for white people especially little old ladies or kids in a child seat. We wouldn’t want to racially profile any one would we? I’m guessing that DHomolandS is deploying these new checkpoint booths somewhere in idaho and montana.

  29. Bailey says:

    Rape case turned into mellow drama staring the victim, the two rapists and some dupes who thought it funny enough to video tape it on smartphones.
    High school football “Dynasty” is more important than a teeage girl being violated while being so drunk she vomited twice.

    Hmmm, Look at the names of the rape suspects and the names of the witnesses,

  30. Bailey says:

    sog says,

    ..I dont remember adolf giving the japanese the direct order to hit the usa fact i remember that hitler told the u boats to leave the american ships alone until germany had taken several hits from england and usa the usa attacks germany becasue japs attack us ..

    LOL !
    that’s the part that i never got.

    I heard that Shpeilberg sheads light on that via Hollywood.

  31. Bailey says:

    Hey t bone.

    I think Mel is the kind of goy who will have to learn the hard way, Or maybe he’s a verteran hasbarat.

    Either way, Fuck Mel and his softy bullshit.
    It was good to see so many “respectful” responses to Mels Idiocracy though, It showed that most here are the exact opposite of what jews say we are.

    Congrats on quote of the week, Bagel !

  32. sog says:

    mel mel mel …you owe it to the truth to get better educated have stagnated at the compromise /apathy stage but what you said was humorous just the same clueless kwaan …just stroll on down to your nearest welfare nigger colony and see what your life expectancy is or your womans ..niggeres live to rape and rape to live ..rape is an executable offense //i never understood why rapists ever get out of jail since they eventually graduate to murder as well …listen all the stats coming out of justice are all opaque propaganda meant to support the bull shit of a ruling class disinfo program ..letting rapists out of jail is foolishness ..pornography is the gateway for violence and ubiquitous alcohol of dramatic %’s whatever is good …hard liquor and methamphetamine make criminals out of human grey matter.
    women dont ask for it ..they dont deserve it and even the white male knuckledrahggers that say a woman was asking foer it are askew in the head ,,until someone rapes their daughter or sister or mother then its war .(you can gauge the response of an idiot to a statement like that when it happens to theirs and they were proponents of such idiology).even if their female family counterparts wernt asking for it or “asking for it” the phrase “asking for it” is a justification by rpae mentality or aiders and abetters to rationalize their sick attitudes which they would lose quickly if some rapeist said your mama was axxin foh it honkey .. ..cops are programmed like thet where even a rape victim has to in some states take a lie detector test ….the only people asking for it are rapists who need to be shot ..or women need to play all coooperative then slice the niggers or white jock throat nice and clean thru the jugular many victims wind up dead at the hands of psycos ,it is within the rights of a woman to kill …this kind of crime reaches far into many lives and destroys ….seems niggeres do this as a way to desecrate white women ..also naieve white women who marry or date niggeres and have children with them are at extremely high risk of death dismemberment and or having acid or gas thrown in their faces for wanting to leave …
    niggeres are african can never alchemize that out of them ..look at just how helpless and stupid they are without whites to guide them ..and in the recent set of events its the jews who are babysitting them and giving parental permission to act naturally ..
    yeah sassy the anonymous crew are entitled and allowed to fet into places you or me could never penetreate digitally ..they also claim to be for hire which is counterproductive to free speech ..obviously they were conscripted and contractd to hit newnation probably by some nigger outfit like the drooling panther club..panther party ,,aka rapes ‘r’ us ,an sheeeeeeet…

  33. sog says:

    lol prt good humor ..heh heh was suggested that these fully stocked bullet proof kiosks ,roadside blockades will be implemented like on a rush hour friday or at a time of mass movement of people (holiday etc)(false flag event)…you are totally at risk and vulnerable in a car as they have all but taken away all 2nd amend ment rights concerning autos ..
    they but billions of expensive trick bullets for kikeland security …but even as cheap as jews are you would think they would be purchasing cheaper practice bullets …dead giveaway …these specialty bullets of mass trauma are intended to be used on americans ..
    these concienceless jewish domains would have no effect on america if the people could find common ground and unite ..I dont think it matterss to them if they get all the weapons or if thousansds of their zog agents die trying to get them ..they never cared who or how many die as long as people are dying ..jews and their proprietary entitled attitudes are insufferable and unforgiveable but at the same time they are fools as well ..many many jews will also be slaaughterd by the NWO ..jews arent israleite so in telling the real core sitch is that the controlling arm of all the kike violence may or not be as brainwashed as the rest of top kikery but nonetheless none of these kikes are desceneded from israle or iraelite tribes …there will be no loyalty accorded to many ews either ,only elites with enough clout will scurry away alive ..imho

  34. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Henrique Capriles, Venezuela Leader With Jewish Roots, Battles Chavez Legacy

    Second Chance For Telegenic Grandson Of Holocaust Survivors

    A Chosen One is planning to run for Chavez’s seat. What a shock.

  35. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    ‘Black Teacher Helped her Students Cheat’
    Mar 07, 2013

    It is a statistical fact that Black students score 15 IQ points lower on average than White students. This IQ gap has persisted for over 100 years and despite the best efforts of democracies including magnet schools, busing, ad nauseam, nothing seems to be able to change this. Add to this, the fact that Whites have a brain size 80cc larger than Blacks on average. The average White brain size is 1347. The largest brain size of an ape on record is 700cc.

    While it may seem “harsh” to point out these facts, maybe western democracies need to realize that you can’t expect different races to have the same exact abilities. Perhaps, expectations need to be adjusted to correspond to each group’s inherent ability.

    CBS Atlanta reports: “A former fifth-grade teacher implicated in a cheating scandal reportedly gave students the illegal assistance because she thought they were ‘dumb as hell.’ According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, math teacher Shayla Smith was accused of offering students the answers to a test they were taking at the time. She had reportedly been responsible for supervising them while the tests were being completed.”

    “Schajuan Jones, who taught a fourth-grade class across the hall from Smith’s former room, overheard her talking to another teacher about the test. ‘The words were, “I had to give your kids, or your students, the answers because they’re dumb as hell,” Jones was quoted as saying about the interaction between Smith and the unidentified third teacher. A former student also allegedly accused Smith of cheating, adding that the educator offered the girl, now in eighth grade, the answers to a math test in 2010.

    “The tribunal deliberated for just one hour before handing down a guilty verdict. Smith had been charged with willful neglect and immorality, and she subsequently lost her job. Smith’s case was part of a larger investigation that implicated approximately 180 public school teachers in the city, sparked by investigations performed by the newspaper. All tests proctored by Smith were allegedly marked with suspicious erasure marks, amounting to what was termed a “practically impossible frequency of changes from wrong to right [answers].”

    The Atlanta school system is one of the worst in the country, and it also contains one of the largest percentage of Blacks in the country. About a year ago there was a major scandal in the Atlanta school system when a number of teachers and several school principals were caught conducting massive test score fraud to bring the school system up to standard so no federal tax money was lost. The story has since disappeared from the mainstream news media, so it is unclear what if anything was ever done about it.

  36. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    President’s Sibling Is Accused of Attacking Two of His Twelve Wives and Seducing a Schoolgirl

    6 March 2013

    On the broiling shores of Lake Victoria, a man in Islamic garb is making a politician’s sales pitch to a group of baffled villagers and the resident witch doctor — a wild-eyed character with green and pink parrot feathers in his hair. He is pontificating on an oddly familiar theme: a time for change.

    Yet the man on the election stump in this remote part of Africa perhaps has more right than most to appropriate the message that helped Barack Obama become America’s first black president. For the tall, paunchy figure trying to win over the villagers is 55-year-old Roy Abong’o Malik Obama, half-brother of the U.S. President and now following his famous sibling into politics.


  37. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    The Shocking Jewish Role in Slavery Part I: What Jewish Historians Say


    I mentioned Christina’s case and 2 others from this page. Also gave this web site a mention at the end of the video.

  39. Whelk Collector says:

    If you look at the MSM (Daily Mail) comments ection about this hideous attack on one of our young white ladies; there are over a 1000; that is quite a record. Moreover, I trawled through them all and there was not one comment about the savage nigger beast mentality or the vast number (and rapidly growing) of black-on-white crimes.

    They are (for the most part) perpetrated on single white males/females/olders and youngers; in short every vunerable element in society. It’s way past time that these crimes are highlighted for what they are. Then we deport all their grisly asses to their country of ethnic origin, with all their assets, (we are not thieves). Non Neg and within 90 days and btw we’ll send you your check….

    No more fighting against nasty white guys and you get to go back to the muddaland with money (loads of it compared to African standards) -Win-Win folks. Everyone must be happy right? Everyone, the blacks most of all get what they want?… Stand-by for the wailing and chimping.

    Fuck knows what the Aisians are going to do when we hand them their cards and a one-way ticket?

  40. S.S. Wiking says:

    I signed in to You Tube and they won`t let me vote it up? GREAT VIDEO LILLY!

  41. S.S. Wiking says:

    Sazzy! I enjoyed Dr. Duke`s video s on slavery and how the Jews controlled it!

  42. summerled says:

    ok so what do we intend to do about it rather than just fucken type
    we need solutions and ideas one is move away to a sustainable land
    or we can continue to suffer

  43. Whelk Collector says:

    Summerled… what can we do at this time….? I would welcome any suggestions. My paygrade didn’t go above Guardsman…. I went on to do a degree and passed it and I have 100% expertise about forming a line of defense, digging a trench, setting up arcs of fire and setting anti-personel mines, azimuths on a mortar and anti-tank tactics. I checked the basics of what we were taught by a UK Challenger Tankie and he said that this (Milan & mines) used to give them hate and discontent big-time during (80’s-90’s) I suppose that what I’m hoping for is that one of you guys know how to move the anti-jew resistance to the next level. I’m newly joined to this andmassively committed but I don’t have all the answers.

  44. summerled says:

    Whelk Collector says:
    March 12, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    yeah but first we have to get rid of the yids cameron and nillaband !!

  45. summerled says:

    ok if you want a real suggestion we form community militias
    armed and supported local folk
    well trained similar to the yomanrey of England to defend their towns and
    villages of cores we would be called racists but what the hell

  46. summerled says:

    but you can’t train anybody without being informed a good double barrel
    of incog might help they will ether listen or run although more gentle
    information may work in the beginning

  47. Whelk Collector says:

    Anything… If you think that will work, I’ll back it. How do we kick it off? -This is where we have a convergence between pure patriots and politicians. They won’t listen to us, they think were pieces of shit or any one of us as a burden on “their” society unless we sue them in court. They’ve built their world around “legalise”-Let’s hang -em by it.- Let’s sue the fuckers.

  48. Whelk Collector says:

    -Failing that…let’s offer the fuckers a way out….

  49. Whelk Collector says:

    Americans, white brothers and sisters,- it’s no longer an option (like it used to be in the 80@s)- We either win the right to decide who enters our nation and who leaves, or we lose everything and our race -(White people) In a heartbeat and it’s as good as done.

  50. summerled says:

    ok hears my plan a true barter system replacing feiat money which is a swindle
    anayway with true production and labor un taxed and currency is produced
    by productivity value is labour and trust in the local economy
    ALL MONEY MUST BE LOCAL or it is worthless because wealth will satay local

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