Further Musings on the Missing Naked Jew Guy


When I first ran my post here on Winston Smith’s brilliant efforts at obtaining an actual printed copy of the New York Times magazine from May 6, 1945; I also came across something else pertinent. On April 30th, 1945, the Altoona Mirror in Pennsylvania ran the Buchenwald shot on their front page (above), but this one does have Mr. Naked Jew Guy in it — just like we see it today — yet only 6 days later the New York Times (NYT) accidentally prints a wrong version, one that has everything the same (look at the poses of those in the bunks) — except the naked Jew guy!

Published in NYT magazine, May 6, 1945. Click to enlarge.

Published in NYT magazine, May 6, 1945 (page below “continued reading” button). Where’s Mr. Naked Jew Guy? Click to enlarge.

Now why is this such a big deal you might ask? Well, this tells us that the photo was altered shortly after Buchenwald was liberated on April 11, 1945 by elements of the US 9th armour division (no black hero dogfaces, either). Zionist OSS psyop agents and photogs didn’t arrive till the next day and this particular photo was supposedly taken on April 16th (12 days before the first US newspaper print on the 28th).

So it wasn’t just a later addition by some crazed Jew holocaust freaks way back in America. It had to have been a purposeful action by the same hidden Zionists closely involved in Anti-Nazi propaganda efforts from day-one — like the phony skin lampshades, shrunken heads stolen from natural history museums and the stupid Jew soap crap.*

My last post on this generated a few link backs from people on the Internet, like this one HERE. Of course, the stinking Jews at these places started jumping up and down (virtually, but maybe even literally as well); saying the slight blur I pointed out around the Naked Jew’s head was only because the poor Jew was swaying back and forth due to all the evil Nazi business. But how the hell does that explain the published version where the Jew happened not to be there at all?

Am I missing something here? Help me out. Is my view of reality so bunged up? Do we have (1) crazy holocaust Jews who can’t admit to JACK SQUAT or (2) braindead non-Jews who believe absolutely any kind of crap the Jews spew out, regardless of the least GD semblance of logic? Let’s try BOTH.

Signs of double printing along left side of Mr. Naked Jew Guy.

Signs of double printing along left side of Mr. Naked Jew Guy. Click to enlarge.

I know what’s motion blur and what’s not, trust me. The photo has all the signs of what is called “light leakage.” Yep, light can leak just like water. Enough photons made it under a very, very slight imperfection in the masking held down by a glass alignment frame and escaped out into the glossy emulsion side of the paper print (containing the light-sensitive silver halides).

And sure, Mr. Naked Jew Guy could have been a real inmate, his photo taken later or even elsewhere. Again, that’s not the point. The point is we’re being taking for a ride. There’s tons of “holocaust” photos exposed as fakes.

You just don’t hear about it, because the bastards control the media and our spineless politicians know they had better not cross them.

The best faked version of the Naked Jew Guy in the Buchenwald bunk room was soon flown back to US (they did have early wire transmission capability but it was slow and unwieldy). Copies were made back here for further use in the media, using offset printing and halftone dot screens, ever since.

In April of 1945, international Jewry was wild with glee all over. In the excitement of putting down the Jew-hating Nazis and Der Fuerher man, the NYT probably got a copy of the wrong print. Apparently, some distracted photo editor in the editorial offices at the NYT passed the wrong shot down to engraving. The jerkwad Jews screwed the pooch big time. Figuratively, this time.

“But INCOG MAN, what if it was just some creative, artsy-fartsy type back in the states who ordered it done, merely punch up the shot more?” Uh, the faked positive print was almost certainly created in a OSS or Reuters (NWO JEWS) darkroom only days after the camp was liberated (many US newspapers actually ran the Naked Jew Guy shot on April 28th — 2 days before NYT).

The real BIG picture

Sure, I and all my fellow “White supremacist” readers here at INCOG MAN, don’t need anymore convincing that all this holocaust crap is one friggin’ huge historical scam. But I’m hoping that you, a new visitor, might take the time to look at all the BULL in a different light and start thinking in ways the sorry mothers don’t want you to. Is that so much to ask?

Don’t you think HISTORY should be inviolable and free from absolutely ANY kind of lies and falsified political impediments? And that it should be fully part of “freedom of speech” for ANYONE to expose such matters? Don’t you understand all this holocaust crap has been used to manipulate our emotions for another race’s agenda to do whatever the flock they want in the USA and the entire GD civilized world?

If they can lie to us about this, they can lie to us about pretty much anything. Someone once said (forgive me for not remembering his or her’s name) the following:

If they can control the past, they can control the present… And if they control the present… they can control the future.

Now, I’m also certain there must be a few Jews who clearly know the photo was faked and would prefer not calling anymore attention to it, if possible. This is your typical Jewellian, down the memory hole, tactic. There’s plenty of books censored and removed from libraries all over America; pinpointed as dangerous information by a devious, self-elected, Jew police organization called the ADL. They’ve organized regular Jews all over to keep us Goy in the dark over a whole host of subjects. They even resort to surveillance tactics on us American citizens, free from any government control or media exposure.

The photo above is of Obama getting a guided tour of the Buchenwald museum in 2009. You can see that the photo crops out Mr. Naked Jew guy on the right. Other photos crop out the blurring on the figure’s left. Someone knows the deal.

Buchenwald museum display cropped fuzzy left arm at just the right place.

Buchenwald museum display cropped fuzzy left arm at just the right place. The background looks pumped up, probably to make him look more stark, but maybe to get rid of signs of double printing.

Why is this so important? All this may look like a little thing on the surface, but if you think it out, you’ll understand that it’s a big clue to the giant head job being done to the people of the West.

It also tells us they have plenty enough internal control to keep silent about matters that could prove embarrassing to Jewry in general. In addition, they have safeguards in the media to protect the masses from learning; should any one individual Jew get a conscious, want to come clean — maybe turn to Jesus — that danger is fairly well protected. Which has happened before.

This possibility gets covered up by something all of us already know plenty about: PC. Actually, any censoring of “self-hating” Jews really has nothing to do with PC when you get down to it — it only gets buried within the smokescreen afforded by this nefarious social taboo. I’ve always said PC is totally diabolical.

There’s tons of stuff they purposefully keep you from knowing about right at this minute. They fully realize certain topics may get you worried, or even downright pissed, so they avoid like the plague calling attention to these matters.

Ask yourself why you see tons of stuff on Adolf friggin’ Hitler, but hardly anything about the commies killing tens of millions of Christian Gentiles. It’s because they don’t want us White people to get a clue, that’s why. Same thing going on with all the crime and murder being done by blacks to White people right the flock now.

Get this and get it good: The same forces behind all these holocaust lies having been lying across the board to this day. And it costs you with every paycheck, every trip to the grocery store, every trip to the gas station and every GD piece of BS crap they feed you on TV nowadays.

The real question going on is when are you bozos are finally going to wake the hell up.

— Phillip Marlowe

NYT Magazine, Sunday, May 6th, 1945, p.42
May 6th, 1945 NYT magazine (newspaper insert), page 42. From Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth (click the ridiculous “I understand” button).

* Look, I’m not at all trying to say the people (Jew or not) in the photos were faked. They were there, just the reasons for them looking so skinny and messed up is not explained fully. They want the general idiot public to think the evil Nazi Whites were completely responsible, so we need to cut them some slack in stealing Palestine and killing a few dirty A-rabs, right along with the traitorous Jews back here sliming up our country with sick crap, social and race upheavals and the flooding of our lands with non-White immigration. The “holocaust” is Israel’s most powerful weapon.

Please go read my The Real Holocaust Deal to find out what really happened. Unless you’re just a little wus and too scared of people calling you a hater and all that jazz!



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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183 Responses to Further Musings on the Missing Naked Jew Guy

  1. $10 Bagel says:

    I believe that “National Protectionism” website was started by Mike Sledge. He has been talking about this a lot lately. While Mike Sledge is known for doing one hell of an Alex Jones impression, he has admitted to fathering a child with a jewess. I respect him for speaking out against the jews and I think America needs to return to being a protectionist state in an economic sense, I just don’t think he is qualified to be a leader because he may have a conflict of interest.

  2. $10 Bagel says:


    Why would anyone here want “hoax memorabilia”? I don’t want to remember it. That website is just there to promote the holohoax as a fact. We need to leave it in the dustbin where it belongs.

  3. Bailey says:

    Great article but i find this a little offensive to dogs aqnd dog lovers,

    (no black hero dogfaces, either).

    Shouldn’t that be monkeyfaces ?

    Or ape faces?

    We’re they even really there?

    “Ask yourself why you see tons of stuff on Adolf friggin’ Hitler, but hardly anything about the commies killing tens of millions of Christian Gentiles. It’s because they don’t want us White people to get a clue, that’s why. Same thing going on with all the crime and murder being done by blacks to White people right the flock now”.


  4. t bone says:

    Great vids on jews and the plague, Sazz.

    I never knew that. It makes a lot of sense to me, esp. how a peaceful Europe started to engage in wars shortly after the jew was let back in.

    ‘Alex’ uses the word ‘zionist’ more than I would like. That word came about in the late 1800’s. He uses it to describe the jew in a time that pre-dated actual zionism, although the objective has always been the same.

    Very informative, nonetheless.

    Thx for posting.

  5. Mossod did 9/11 says:

    Thank you silvernickel , good to ‘see’ you again as well. And thank you for the link Ed & INCOG. I haven’t had time to check it out yet , but will get to it soon. Billy

  6. Bailey says:

    I’m just saying it would be a nice place to unload my hoax pic. which i got for nuthin’.
    If someones stupid enough to buy it, why not sell it?

    I don’t need it anyway.

    I also found that link from Noor interesting because if you go on the jew ebay and search holocaust you get ZERO results.

    Noor posted the link to illustrate that such hoax outlets exist, It’s on topic and i doubt she was encouraging you to buy anything and i’m glad she dropped the link, i think that most of us here would be interested to see how the hoax is sold to the dupes or even jewish hoax artifact collectors.

    every sheckel has two sides.

  7. Jews and freemasonry our plague says:

    A film by Juri Lina, author of the brilliant “Under the Sign of Scorpio”. Exposes the secret origins of Russian Communism is a must see. Jews and freemasons plotting to enslave and destroy free people everywhere.

    (watch all parts)

  8. Rabbi Simon says:

    I love the Jesus is a jew crowd, even though this word was invented in the 18th century in the 2nd edition of the King James Bible (its alleged King James was a Sodomite, pretty well known actually), is it any wonder the Catholic Church so guarded the translation of the Bible?

    Now we have 50 different translated versions, even a PC Bible, so as not to offend Sodomite Homo queers, J Ews and Lesbians ….. and 60 million ‘Christian’ evangelicals now worship apostate J Ews.

    For fans of the Holocaust..
    I have some real nice Anne Frank pens that she used personally, a few autographed photos signed by Anne, WW2 German Auschwitz soap, and a couple of boiled shrunken heads.
    All I will part with it for $100,000 or Send me $49.95 and I will send you an autographed picture – signed by God himself.
    You can trust me.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Excellent name, “Jews and Freemasonry our plague”

    This is what I am trying to get through to people everywhere; the power of the Jews would be be destroyed overnight if we could remove all Freemason criminals from government positions, the military, the police (most important) local councils.

    In Britian it is an army of over 750 000 Freemasons who run every facet of British life from politics, local councils, education, Police and many other vital areas of life.
    I don’t think people realise that without Freemasons Jews would not be able to enslave us. Freemasons are prostitutes of the Jews, they work for the Jews!

    Just add an equal sign (=) to the Freemason symbol of two V’s laid over each other one pointing up and one pointing down what do you get? It is the Jewish star of Molech.

    I highly recomend the book by Lt Gen Jack Mohr titled (The hidden power behind Freemasonry) It is availble for free in PDF format from


  10. $10 Bagel says:

    I see Freemasonry as nothing more than a symptom of jewry. And there are numerous symptoms. Get rid of the jews and the Freemasons would be useless, not the other way around.

  11. Jimmy says:

    I don’t believe so $10 Bagel, it is through Freemasonry that Jewish control of politics is possible, non mason goy who have not been graded and “trained” in the Masonic way are too risky same with police chiefs, and many other important positions.

    Freemasonry is the system that ensures the goy is on a short strop and the Jews have absolute control over them through the masonic system.
    Freemasonry have methods which ensure the initiate as he is selected for higher levels is bonded, to the organisation permanently if he disobeys (they always ensure there is good shit on high level masons) he is finished in jail and penniless.

    The degrees of Freemasonry are a way of weeding out the people most likely to be a problem for lack of cunning, weaknesses, problems, poor weak character etc.
    In short you have to be a commited scoundrel who is clever to move up the ranks of masonry.

    It is clear as far back as the protocols the Jews run Freemasonry as they put it “a screen behind which we operate” They also state it is the method by which they will run the police forces of the world and international police associations.

    Jack Mohr the author of the book whose link I posted above was a high ranking military officer in the US military, also highly decorated for bravery.
    He was close to the power structure in fact was a part of it. he quickly understood the real power moving behind the scenes.
    He was also a child of God, a commited Christian who spoke the truth, his book is fascinating.

  12. Jimmy says:

    Freemasons are utter filth, they are scum who would sell their own mothers for gain.

    They betray their own people, they have no consciense they worship not God but Jabulon the demonic deity, they also worship baphomet who is the devil.
    They are a brood of vipers who do the work of their father the devil with their spiritual kin the Jews.

  13. $10 Bagel says:


    Jewry is an octopus. Freemasonry is just one of the arms of jewry. If you cut off Freemasonry, they’ll slap you silly with the 7 arms they have left.

    If you are at all serious about winning this war, you NEED to go for the throat.

  14. $10 Bagel says:

    Noor al Haqiqa,

    If you are still reading, can you explan why you have the following on your blog? Thanks.

    Pharisaism is Talmudism;

    Talmudism is Judaism;

    Judaism is Zionism;

    Zionism is Communism;

    Communism is Nazism;

    Nazism is the New World Order;

    The New World Order is the reign of the Antichrist;

    They are the ultimate Satanic evil.


    “Moral decay, political corruption and FASCISM are everywhere. But activists have been busy. For decades we have tried every tactic to avert catastrophe. We voted, wrote letters, gave money, held signs, protested in marches, clicked links, signed petitions, tweeted websites, wrote books, taught classes, turned off the television, programmed apps, engaged in direct action, committed petty vandalism. All for naught. Popular revolution remains the only viable tactic left.”


    Noor, do you really think that Nazism and Fascism are the problem?

  15. summerled says:

    Barack Obama has announced the appointment of yet another Jewish Supremacist to the important post of US “coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf”—a move which will ensure that Jewish interests will be placed at the forefront in foreign policy once again.

    Philip Gordon, the Jewish Supremacist previously Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs in the State Department, is also, surprise, surprise, a “frequent contributor to major publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, and Financial Times” according to his official biography on the U.S. Department of State website.

  16. Jimmy says:

    Ha ha ha nice analogy 10$, I think I would put it slightly differently.

    I would say the 8 arms of the Jewish octopus are all the Freemasons and their lodges around the world the head is the Jews, the brain centre and controller of the tentacles.

    If you cut off the tentacles (Freemasons) you can kick that big lump Yarmulke wearing Jelly that is left all the way back to Khazaria.

    Anyway the eyes are drooping time for bed, good night all.

  17. summerled says:

    why do i feel like its 1913 you know what happens next

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Just showed a family member the naked jew guy photo in frame on the left and the NYT printed one WITHOUT him in a frame on the right.

      First thing out of his mouth? Oh that’s gross what they did to the Jews! I had to point out the missing Jew on the right and even then I don’t think it registered the shot was faked. When I explained patiently as I could, I knew he wasn’t really listening.

  18. $10 Bagel says:


    LOL, don’t you hate that? It happens to all of us.

  19. $10 Bagel says:

    So that Snordelhans guy came out with that Jew Genome MYTH Busted video on jewtube and he keeps banning me from commenting on his video just because I don’t agree with him saying that the damn jews are White Europeans. I was being polite. What the hell is this guys problem??? He acts just like a jew… but I know he is a Muzzie.

  20. summerled says:

    LOL Galloway still thinks six million dollar jews are bionic but i take his
    premise not our country to give to lies

  21. sog says:

    yeah jimmy i forgot to mention the round up ready soybeans and bt corn ..etc ..these monsanto crops are inferior grade and not as plentiful ..and so looms the spectre of food control once again by kikes ..they have spliced other strange elements into food crops including sterility causing genes expressions …soybeans have no enemy in the pest world and are toxic to pests so they ignore it like the 4 milion acres of soy in argentina is a good example ..gmo mods are extremely unhealthy ..so uh gee soybeans dont need pesticide ,right ,but they blast these crops with several times the normal ammount of poison because the polant has been modified to take the poisonong and pass it on to the consumer ,,,but they now also have an internal gene expression as roundup in side the damn crop ..the supreme court of the usa put an end to alfalfa non gmo a couple years ago …so all alfalfa is now gmo …and farms use 70% of alfalfa for aniaml feed and its also harmful to animals ..not to mention they own blackwater now ..monsanto spreads their toxic pollen unethically over farms and by virtue of having these gmo farms in the area can cause cross contamination …they are truing to eradicate mexicos indigenous potato species which come in many colors and sizes ..monsanto is worldwide and is definitely part of control protos ..the seeds indian farmers use grow for a few monthes and die leaving the farmer in debt for startup costs and pesticides they are still forced by the laws to use which are deadly ..monsanto needs to be crushed mercilessly …you are eating gmo in most foods now and it is changing our longevity ..these foods have become vehicles for poison to be introduced into your systems …now they are working on a dioxin ready plants ..dioxin ,,heh heh think agent orange ,blue ,yellow rainbow colors .. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_Orange
    the insanity of this program has rendered farmlands once again unusablee and or dangerously polluted ..only inhuman scum could spray this shit ojn humans and our own unfortunates …this shit meandered down the delta and on to austrailia where mothers milk is testing positive for dioxin for decades now …it has a half life thae same as uranium and is t-spoon for t-spoon every bit as toxic as uranium …remember love canal and hooker chemical company …where the dioxin inches its way to the niagara and has already reached it by now in the water table …better living thru technology and science…..
    i mentioned some sites on the gas chambers and the claptrap design of said bldngs used for delousing and wanted to reiterate how dangerous it would have been to use full strength cyanide in the manner needed to kill humans ….this mishandling and irresponsible use in claptrap out buildings or delousing chambers would have resulted in the deaths of all in the camps and down wind as well as any one walking into death room unprotected ..impossible ..jews cant throw out physics and science to force feed a hoax onto humanity …somewhere in the jew communist ussr after 1917 there had to have been real gas chambers of horrors where jews killed millions of germanic and others ..they got their super impose idea from their own homicidal genocidal machine techniques in soviet union from thiose days of genocide of 10’s of millions of white russians and caths and crists …at the 1919 time period i think they decried ad whined over 6 million cockroaches were in some vague danger in ussr ,,,hell it wasnt vague at all ..can you imagine the jews punishments in russia then if they had lost their dictatorial power then ….then again in 1922 i figure they propagandized the simpering morons of the world who financed and supplied their war against russia all the while 1922 saw a jewish communist famine placed into motion killing millions of non jews whole the jews say they are dying ..what unadulterated bull shit ..
    the whole dynamic of cyanide and its properties completely overshadow jewish myth ans speak loudly about the delusion of such attempted propaganda on gassings ..
    burning plastic will kill people fast ..house fires kill in 4-7 breaths if toxic materials are smouldering ..heh heh anscdotal trivia of the day ..margarine is 1 molecule removed from full plastic ,,it is a sort of liquid semi solid plastic and in so using in a frying pan is dangerous to breathe in house ,,can cause lung problems as can other “rancid” processed vegetable oils when the smoke is breathed ..the smell we like so much coming off barbeques is potential lung cancer causeing …breathing in burning fat can introduce fat levels in the blood stream as does fractionated milk (homogenized-pasteurized) ,this process fractioantes the fat molecules and allows them to enter the blood stream without benefit of digestion thereby raising blood fat levels exponentially .
    so this is why they dictatorialize milk and raw milk sales and pass laws banning home gardens ..they actively jackboot the raw milk sales crowd and jail these people and it wont be long before they try to show communist fist in your garden attempts /..most people will chimpout when it come down to this personal level of communist micro-management ….when you read how much safety has to be adhered to just to neutralize and vent cyanide thgru filters and neutralization filters you can see the obvious lie the jews are stuck with about any type of gassings and handling of dead ..absolute horse shit …from a scientific point of referance the holacaust is one big fabrication ,for one big industry where even now the bastard children of supposed holo survivors aere suing for free money …i know for fact that 70% of these so called holo survivors were never even in germany or austria hungary or poland at the ww2 epoch ..they rolled in from france and russia and elsewhere to sign ujp for lifetime of free money ..whats next children of children of children of step dad of uncle by marriage sues for free holo money …the joke is getting bigger everyday ..the lies are too large to cover anymore and way to rediculous to accept even as fsntasy as these are deliberate manipulations by an evil and greedy superorganism ,a swarm of cockroaches on anticoagulants …

  22. t bone says:

    Octokike’s head=jews

    Tentacles are as such:

    1. freemasons
    2. usury
    3. blackmail (exposure via media control)
    4. shitskins
    5. shabbos goyim (gov’t,sports, etc…)
    6. propaganda (jews write whatever storyline is good for jews, bad for non-jews)
    7. faggots
    8. feminsists

    Seems the octokike may be more unique than I thought. I ran out of tentacles for my list of jew functions. I’ll have to try and photograph this elusive creature. I betcha it has at least 16!

  23. summerled says:

    ok do not watch THE BIBLE on the jew channel you will blow a fuse

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Funny how they dropped out the bit with Lott surviving God’s wrath on Sodom and getting drunk and seduced by his daughters in a cave. I’m surprised they still used the name Sodom.

  24. $10 Bagel says:

    Did the Hitlery Channel say anything about the Romans killing Jesus Christ… or is that a different episode?

    Bill O’Reilly’s newest book is “Killing Jesus”. Bill read some email he was sent the other day and he was very quick to clarify it was the Romans who killed Jesus.

    He didn’t want anyone to think it could have been the JEWS… no that would have been a bad career move.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      They haven’t got that far yet. They are doing the favorite Moses deal now.

      I’ve seen the Hitlery Channel use Roman soldiers to arrest Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, when it was the Pharisee’s own police force.

  25. sog says:

    collegue wotan ..i believe the numbers are arbitray somewhat ..i think alot of times i am not clear and is what prompts me to stop writing till i can focus better but anyway this is a good subject you mention on the numbers that is as important as the cyanide delusion and the jew delusion of being israelite …i kniow there were 370,000 kikes in france or southern france and you say 750,000 in germany ,and the numbers of areas in 3rd reich jurisdiction may add up to 2.5 million ..i have read these numberes and have read differing numbers ..it would be good to have a ready source for the different numberes to finally put a def est on how many kike shit stains germany had in her reach …we know there wasnt 6 million jews in jurisdiction of germany hands down ..we know they didnt kill 6 million because there would have been 5.8 million kike cockroaches stacjked up like cord wood waiting to be incinerated ..there wernt even the mountains of coal at any of the creamatoriums in the camps need to raost up some people ..2 housr in a muffle and a greta deal of coal need ed to fire the oves that broke all the time from the refrctory bricks and differing temps ..auschittz ovens were down for 6 months once ..the ovens wernt even introduced till the 40’s and later as disease and allied bombing took infrastructure to task causing complete destruction and anarchy in germany …the same thing that should happen to israel …asap …mr amanadajehad may drop in for tea over tel aviv with a thermobaric or nuke up his sleeve ..soon ..heh heh
    jews arnt israelites either way ….jews are evil …either way …there never was 6 million kikeroaches available unless germany was loaned a ship load which never happened ..
    based on the differing cencus pop count in germany for 1939 supposedly the full count was 70-90 million depending on where you read …there were also 16 million out of germany germans ,ethnic germans in other states countries etc ..imay have read thet 2% of germanise pop was jew so it could be 700-thousand to 1.5 million and with jews in the austria and hungary etc ..the reach of the 3rd reich into any area where jewkazzaars lived could have been a total of 2.5 million ? but most of em lambed it out of the war zones and so i guess they are all holocaust survivors also ? lol ..there werre jews living opennly in german cities that were still somewhat intact ..really ? gee i thought hitler wanted to kill them all with bug spray ..seems as if the allied bombs vaporiesed more jews in the cities than died in the camps in any event body counts are impossible with a firestoerrm..150,000 jewkahazzr serve in wheremacht ? so much for hitlers gun control also …turkey under donmeh jews in 1915 istigated gun control and immediately removed was it 60 ,000 armenain troops from turkish army and disarmed and summarily esecuted them and 3.7 million others over a few years time ….if hitler had gun control and fear of jews he would have dis armed all the jew soldiers in wheremacht ..who died for germany im sure ..jews died under allied bombs as well and i guess they died as a result of the holocaust implemented agauinst germany which resulted in probably no less than 35 million deaths all said and done by 1950 ..and who knows what continued to happen in the eastern sektor after postww2 which would parralell polands show trials where stalin killed 400,000 and the origianl bolshevik mobile comintern death saquads in pre ww2 poland ..so the death of germans did not stop after the ar as even eisenhauers holodomor shows in his starvation pow camp experements in huma depravity or should i say jewish depravity …
    when i mentioned france in ww2 german occupation it is with note that southern france was not occupied and the jews there never saw a german ..and at one time in history france controlled the confederated territories of the rhine in 1800’s ..back and forth it went …

  26. summerled says:

    yeah thay are moving on to the vikings very soon LOL!!

  27. sog says:

    meant 70-80 million and another typo was 1817 for ussr jew coup and is easy to know that its 1917 no matter how shit my typing is …i can think a hundred miles and hour but can only type sub motion speed …disparity ..

  28. KILLKIKES says:


  29. nodollarsjustcents says:

    jid confirms they killed JESUS . http://youtu.be/r3iHtoAg6cc

  30. $10 Bagel says:


    I have to respond to you on here because Snordelhans banned me.

    Ashkenazim aren’t anywhere near 70% White. They didn’t allow marriage outside of the tribe until the 1900s.

    Many jews may have a small portion of European blood but it would be mostly Eastern European if anything. That stupid Snordelhans video claims the majority of Ashkenazim blood is Western European which is a total lie.

    And then he goes on to say “Surprise, surprise” sarcastically as if his Muzzie ass knew that jews where European all the time. I can’t tell you ow much this pisses me off.

  31. EZ says:

    $10 Bagel-
    I knew you were banned and I know the 70% white thing isn’t exactly accurate but…it made it under the radar.
    I’m replying quickly now I’ll go back and read the rest of your message.

  32. EZ says:

    $10 Bagel-
    Ok good I read for content….it appears the latest tactic is “but jews are white!” just because they superficially resemble us and in the eyes of niggers and muds we whites all look the same anyways. Well here’s my take on it and it’s just like yours or maybe even more radical; jews as Neanderthals. For my ENTIRE LIFE I’ve had a keen interest in natural science and biology, now I look at a jew and I don’t see a White Man not even close I see Wassmanian mimicry in action. Jews have just enough human DNA to be able to exist within their host nation and get by without drawing excess attention as aliens. Physiologically they are very different from us. Anybody can see that. What we should work on is a Dichotomous Key to properly differentiate the species. We don’t even need DNA for this. Jews aren’t human as we are. They do not look, talk and act like ducks they’re hens!

  33. Cannibal Rabbi says:


    How’s the weather in haifa/jew york/ Amsterdam?

  34. Wotan says:

    March 3, 2013 at 9:27 pm

    Hi Sog, thanks for your interesting reply. A good source is “Germar Rudolf”, who,
    next to his treatise on Auschwitz (following that of Leuchter) has also done extensive
    studies on Jewish population movements in the thirties and fourties. It is estimated
    that during the time of greatest expansion of the German military there were about
    3.5 mio. Jews under their control. Of those 6 mio. were killed and 5 mio claimed
    compensation from the German Government after the war. Need I add anything?

  35. Bailey says:


    That jew math sure is a tricky subject.

  36. Hoff says:

    sog says:

    March 3, 2013 at 9:32 pm

    meant 70-80 million and another typo was 1817 for ussr jew coup and is easy to know that its 1917 no matter how shit my typing is …i can think a hundred miles and hour but can only type sub motion speed …disparity ..


    Hit ENTER TWICE sog. Come on sog you can do it. Just hit the fricking ENTER twice then and now.

  37. Jimmy says:

    SOG you know your stuff, the Jewish criminals have been messing with our food for some time.

    The pasteurising of raw milk which our ancestors have been drinking raw for millenia is a sure way of destroying vital nutrients and bacteria which are vital for brain development and intelligence in children. The risk of disease from unpasteurised milk is very small indeed, the health damage from drinking pasteurised is much greater.
    That is something that Jews don’t want in our children, intelligence.
    I am trying to find information as to what links Pasteur had to Jews or Freemasons.

    Another is good sea salt, vital for health and good body functioning; children starved of good quality sea or natural salt are affected in brain development.
    The Jewish run state health in Britain NHS has for years been telling the sheep that salt is “a slow poison” this is pure lies. People have been eating salt for millenia.

    Natural sea salt actually lowers blood pressure, that is bad news for Jewish owned big Pharma that makes billions selling their garbage blood pressure medication to the sheeple.

    Wild animals in various parts of the world have been know to walk over a hundred kilometres to have a good lick at salt deposits. Salt has been know for thousands of years to be a vital nutrient, but I stress good quality natural additive free salt.
    I think sea salt is best.

    As regards the toxicity of GMO crops that you mentioned, there is a research clinic in Italy the only one of it’s kind in the world that does life time studies on rodents unlike all others that only do studies for a set time.
    They found the following on GMO fed rodents, the cells in the esophagus and stomach
    thickened compared to natural food rodents because the body does not recognise the GMO stuff as food but rather as a foreign object or alien substance.
    The GMO rodents showed higher rates of tumours and malfunctioning in organs.
    A study in Japan also yielded similar results.

    I recently discovered the Weston Price diet study of the 1930’s I found this study very interessting. There is vital information to be learn’t from it.
    No wonder the Jewish media does all it can to hide the Weston Price study of the 30’s.
    There some videos on Youtube about the Weston Price diet well worth watching.

    Thanks for your interesting contributions and keep up the good work SOG.

  38. Jimmy says:

    $10 Bagel, any creature with such low compassion, evil instincts, remorseless cunning and cruelty cannot even be considered a human but a beast mate!
    That sloping forehead gives them away.

    Youtube banned this video but it was replaced I am making a copy before they find it again.

  39. Jimmy says:

    I wish our people would hear this message and take it to heart, it is sorely needed.

    Our people perish for a lack of knowledge as the Bible tells us.
    We cannot win this battle without fixing our relationship with God and obeying his rules. The enemy is winning because they follow their father the devil as Jesus told us.

    Our people have been tricked out of their inheritance and protection in God.
    If we do not honour God and obey his laws in love and truth WE WILL NOT WIN.
    Even in a thousand “Reichs”.
    Why do you think the Jews want to outlaw Jesus and God? they make movies of Hitler but not of Jesus.

    If we don’t know this message nothing else will matter.

  40. HKW says:

    While watching Jimmy video at 6:34 pm I couldn’t help but watch another when the first one ended and here it is;
    The Illegitimacy Of A People Called Jews

    It started interestingly and then turned quite shocking…

    Good topic for discussion.
    Just curious; where do you think he is right and where he is wrong in your opinion?
    Everyone seem to have their own way of interpretation.

    Mental roller-coaster…

    Would you care to leave some comments under this video?

  41. Larry says:

    The Jewish Hand in Bolshevism/Communism Not Mentioned at School
    The Birth of Communism

  42. 9. Indoctrination Centers (formerly known as education)
    10. Federal Reserve: devaluing the dollars and looting the world
    11. Propaganda (PSYOP) and Media : Creating War of the World lies daily
    12. AIPAC
    13. Mossad: Spying selling secrets and real terrorism
    14. Illegal Immigration
    15. Talmud Blue Print

  43. Jimmy says:

    Hi HKW, I watched a bit of that video you posted, he touched on some truths but I could not really get his message. I think he is playing to a particular audience (his people). It’s late here (01:00) dozing off, it was impossible to watch the whole thing.

    He is certainly not someone I would give any credence to or have an interest in.
    If look at what he is wearing around his neck you will see it is an Ankh, this is an ancient Egyptian symbol of the gods “key of life” someone with occult beliefs I tend not to listen to them.

  44. HKW says:

    Another response! Thank you Jimmy.

    “he touched on some truths” – that’s what I thought at first.

    Admittedly he is a smart orator and he knows it.
    Touching on some half truths and combining it with his version of invented, creative theories he feeds the public with the convenient truth they want to hear and confirmed by their intelligent, but crafty preacher, who speaketh “the words” of their God.

    He only encourages the hatred…

  45. StSimonOfTrent-Child Martyr says:


    Would it be crude or in bad taste to send our Congressmen a bottle of Scope, and some kneepads with the Blue Star of David etched on them?

    For as much time as they spend on their knees blowing the Israeli lobbyists, i am only looking out for their health and best interests..

    • INCOG MAN says:

      St. Simon:

      Damn good idea. A small bottle of mouthwash might be cheap, custom kneepads maybe not. But then again, the faggoty Jews might have warehouses of them ready to go. Call Monica Lewinsky.

  46. t bone says:


    If it wouldnt break the bank, I’d include a jar of vaseline in with the package to the congressmen.

    Maybe a horizontal control bar with strings attached, too.

  47. summerled says:

    Simon lol
    unfortunately its the national pastime but its a crowded house of coarse

  48. LibertarianChristian says:

    Thank you, Bagel. I tried, in vain, to explain to Jimmy the other day, but he insists on focusing in on freemasonry… The old bait and cover Alex Jones move. Remove the jEW and freemasonry falls with it. Remove freemasonry, and there’s still the jew problem.

    Still at hospital with wife and newborn son. Going to a private Christian hospital vs a state hospital in a big city is a night and day difference. Minimal negroid patients, staff that actually cares, and a juden-free zone. This is what every industry could be like without them.

  49. Bailey says:

    New research says, Holocaust far larger than thought.

    Check out the Jew York Daily News link here and don’t forget to click on the link for photos of Nazis relaxing @ Au-shitz.


    Fuckin’ jews, We must put a stop to their lies.

  50. Laydee Liberty says:

    BUCHENWALD Illustrated Lessons in Bogus Allied Propaganda


    “ Above all, propaganda here is entirely IN Jewish hands. . .when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is SO effective that people have NO REAL knowledge of the true state of affairs IN Europe. . .”

    -Polish Ambassador at Washington D.C., Count Jerzy Potocki,in a report to the Polish Foreign Office, dated January 12, 1939

    Quoted in J.F.C. Fuller A Military History of the Western World, vol. 3 pp. 372-374

    “It’s not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of WHAT IS perceived to be true.”

    – Henry Kissinger, Jewish political adviser and N.W.O. Globalist?

    USE YOUR BRAIN – QUESTION Holocaust™ Dogma
    Question this N.W.O. Religion.


  51. Pingback: Is Elie Wiesel a Lying Weasel or What? – aladdinsmiraclelamp

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