Great New Video on the “White Privilege” BS

White Privilege? It’s Unfair!

Video by LilyDellaValle

Thanks for the link at the end, Lily! Go to Youtube link: so Lily gets the hits. Please leave a comment, favorite it and pass along. A lot of these White victims I heard nothing about — even the little 4 year old White girl beaten to death at the end from my home state. It’s unbelievable how the stinking Jew media has kept Whites clueless to all this. Our race is the one suffering daily victimization — not the violent, criminal blacks.



Here’s one of the White haters behind this “White privilege” crap:

Slick White Race Guilt campaign in Duluth, Minnesota kindly informs citizens that everything bad is secretly the fault of all us evil White people — just for being born White. One of the brains I found behind this propaganda campaign is the Jewess Tema Okun (right), who obviously has herself a nice career milking this White guilt crap (like a lot of stinking Jews everywhere these days). This kind of insidious Jew does whatever they can to make moolah from the race extortion racket, preying on corporations and government bureaucracies all across the country.

Funny, virtually all crime in Duluth is due to immigrant blacks from Somalia. I guess that’s just because they don’t get enough free government handouts and race favors for being black and allowed into the US (uh, why do we even let these criminal, piratical Somalis here in the first place?). Only half of them seem to work.

I’ve checked out the White guilt promoting site and the materials. Folks, this all professional high-end marketing and advertising. They are well-financed, without a doubt. It’s also certain they get plenty of free runtime and pro bono work, as well.

Doesn’t all this just piss you the hell off? Haven’t you GD had it right up to here?

Wisconsin State Government is financing White hate Campaign

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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161 Responses to Great New Video on the “White Privilege” BS

  1. ProtocolsRtrue says:


    1. They like WOMEN over the age of 18.

    2. They like BEER.


  2. Bailey says:

    It’s funny you mention that PRT,

    I took my 06′ Malibu for emissions testing a couple months ago and the guy came out after a half an hour and said my car will not communicate with their emission tester through my diagnostic port.
    With labor rates the way they are i’m not chancing having it fixed, atleast not until this jew state suspends my registration for not being up to date on emissions scamming.

    With some of the shit i see spewing out of the junkers people drive or the big bad diesel trucks it’s nothing but a fuckin’ joke anyway.

    Speaking of privilage, When you register a car or re-new a reg, there is a $25.00 clean air tax on top of the regular fee, i almost feel the guilt when i pay that one.

    Why dont most niggers and spics enjoy that privilage?
    Because they dont register their shit, or insure it.

  3. No stars and bars on the Lynyrd Skynyrd website.


  4. Heinemann says:

    @Pat: Sir, I was provoked to answer your comment about the scriptural interpretation, namely of the Genesis 3. I researched the references you gave and found the Christogenea network. The story of creation and original sin has never been exhausted and because it is inspired by the Most High it cannot. Remember the admonition of Jesus not to be conformed to this world. Do not allow others to interpret scripture for you even if they are respected. In this case they are using the “allegorical” view instead of the literal. I have learned that there is mythology amongst the words of the Most High. That is there are weeds in the garden or paradise. My comment is a warning -not to believe everything you read . These people have preempted the scripture to explain their agenda of racism , which is the critical danger of this day. But this is an abstruse interpretation and limits the metaphor of a tree for their own mundane use. Years ago fornication and infidelity or carnal sin was the great fear and “original sin” because of the earthly interpretation of scripture. Usual sexual sin or fornication was only a reproach of the female, never men. MY comment is only to exhort you to learn by inspiration and not these “cults” and know it alls. Martin Luther and others worked very hard and inspired to translate the scripture so that all may read the Word. Please learn to appreciate that. Refer to the Supreme Court. I am “taught” that they are needed to interpret the laws by the lawyers or law makers. God forbid! Laws that a honest and reasonable man cannot discern! Beware of these people , who deign themselves your teacher or “better”. That is not American. Keep yourself pure in race and heart but do not make a religion out of a carnal race. The characters in Congress are mostly white. Are they not? They sell you out for a farthing.The SS were white and “waschechte” Deutschen, but they would betray their own family. German is not of the flesh but spirit. Adolf Hitler because of the apostate church tried to rescue the Spirit of Christ from the unfaithful “jew” church and call the SPirit , German. Many pure white Germans were punished,(reprehended) for not being “German”. There were many heroes amongst the Rech but deserters, traitors, Sodomites, and now look at them! Have no confidence in the flesh , sir. Receive the Spirit. Thank you for reading. Heinemann

  5. Ronnie Van Zant wound never give up the Rebel Flag.

    He was Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  6. Heinemann says:

    A correction on the last sentence above. There were many heroes amongst the Third Reich. But there were also traitors, murderers, Sodomites … forgive me this could have been confusing.

  7. Bailey says:

    I thought Skynyrd decided they would keep the rebel flag.
    And now it’s gone and they’re touring with Bad Company?

    Wouldn’t some find the Union Jack offensive here in the states?
    I guess that’s OK as long as niggers aren’t offended by it.

    And NASCAR has banned The General Lee from doing parade laps in pre-race activities, That’s the reason why nascar lost it’s core fan base- It’s been jewed.

  8. I took my 51 Lincoln to emissions and it failed.

    So now I just drive at night…

    Haven’t been able to afford a new car…

    (I’m White)

    That thing will get up and go for a car its age, so I am not that upset. I can get it up to 67 mph in a half mile if no one pulls out in front of me – in those cases, it’s start all over again…

    The plus side is that if I can’t find my car readily at the mall I just look for the oil slick.

    And I don’t ever need to rent a truck, everything fits inside the Lincoln…

    Sweet as she looks, too, my friends never ask to borrow her.

    Hey, all I ask is that they pay for the gas (and oil).

  9. Look at the website, Bailey. No Rebel Flag.

    Damn them.

  10. Bailey says:

    Yea AOP,

    That’s where i saw the big 40th anv. concert logo- Minus the Rebel flag.

  11. botchamania says:

    cogz,ever look at mostaque ali blog?muzzie but good well organized info.

  12. “You can take a boy out of old Dixieland, but you’ll never take ol’ Dixie from a boy…”

  13. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Wear your white bracelets today! Let them know that incoglanders care.

    If wonder if die juden will be encouraged to wear yellow bracelets signifying their privilege as the self chosen ones.

    Sorry if these have already been posted. They are just follow up links to incog’s lateset.

  14. Whelk Collector says:

    Heinemann- When you’re posting, please use “paragraphs”- it just makes the world reading your posts that much easier; connecting them as a cogent argument is even better. -Thanks. Gilo.

  15. Whelk Collector says:

    As a quick flippant response I think that the only White Jew wrist aband to wear must be golden- even solid gold? Or maybe just plated? Either way the Chosen people must wear their Jewish “Guilt”- (a complete anathema to Jews) on display; and it must be “Golden”. When this happens I’ll just start pointing at what assholes they are.

  16. All-Eyes & Not-See says:

    Wear your white bracelets today!

    Ever since Lance Armstrong started the LiveStrong yellow bracelet thing everybody has copied the idea and now there’s a bracelet for every cause.

    Ironically, Jew mainstream media is trying to crucify him. Any body who follows pro cycling knows how widespread micro-dosing is in cycling, but MSM media never presents it this way. Pro and pro-am cyclists are testing positive every other week, but MSM never reports these and are trying to make it look as though Lance is the only one doing it – the guy is getting singled out and demonized big time.

    Here’s a recent story that MSM over looked …

    “Michael Rasmussen confesses to 12 years of doping” Jan 2013

    What’s worse is that Lance had to confess to Oprah.

    Lance has 5 white kids – he’s good white man.

  17. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    You can lead a nigger to knowledge but you can’t make them think.

  18. Whelk Collector says:

    Well said SS Viking. -Now how do we go about winning?

  19. sog says:
    check out this crime was a nigger ..they didnt kill the newborn because it was a boruhthuh an all ….

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