Nutso Negro Goes Stab Crazy at Target


What is it with these Target stores, knives, crazy Negroes and good looking White girls?

Dallas Target victim of crazy black, Martha Jones.

Martha Jones, another victim of a crazy black in a Target store.

Just last year in May, one of these violently crazed Negroes grabbed a butcher knife off the shelf of a Target store in Dallas, Texas, tore it out of the package and chased a beautiful young White woman lawyer (right) down a shopping aisle. She was stabbed pretty viciously in the back, but somehow managed to survive.

Now we hear about another crazy Negro going ape at a Target in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attacking an innocent White girl out of the blue. OK, so we didn’t hear about it on the national news — what, are you kidding me? No, a British site reported it (they like to showcase violence in the US, even though the blacks and muzzies over there are just as bad).

Anyway, this past Monday, a common street Negro and career criminal named Leon Raymond Walls, grabbed young Allison Meadows, 16, by the hair and started wailing away at her with a knife (he probably just shoplifted it too). And it all happened in the check out lane right in front of the girl’s shocked family. She was home for spring break from school in Tennessee, but hell, it could have happened down there, too.

BEWARE: Crazy blacks hate White people and often act on it.

Half a dozen guys sprang to her defense and got cut up pretty bad from the apeman wildly swinging the knife. Allison was critically injured and came close to death before they could get control of the deranged apeman stabbing away at her.

‘He just kept screaming, “I’ll stab her again,” a witness who says he helped fight off the man. ‘He kept stabbing her. Me and like four or five other guys, they ran and tackled him… He cut the one guy’s lip almost off. The other guy’s finger was, like, hanging off,’ he recalled. — News Net14

Fortunately, the girl is expected to make a full recovery after surgery, thank goodness. I sure hope that crazy bastard Negro didn’t cut up her beautiful, White face. Also, let’s hope her and her friends now look at these insane, violence-prone apes in a whole new light.

So what sparks this kind of thing?

Race is just a “social construct,” right? Yeah, sure, whatever you say, bozo.

Let’s get back to the first question as to the “Why” White girls fall victim to these crazy animals all too often.

Here’s part of the answer: Blacks resent the beautiful, sexy and noble White race. A young, cute White girl is more than enough to drive the primitive jungle black male insane with lust, resentment or even outright murder; which often ends up that way with Jew media brainwashing turning White women into mudsharks (who risk violent, painful death for their foolishness sooner or later).

But it’s not just limited to the males, either. Black females (whom I affectionately call “sheboons”) can’t stand White women, not only because of how beautiful they are, but also because of how black menfolk go after White girls, due to subversive Jew media brainwashing. The situation for black females has become unbearably pathetic, since so many worthless black men now think they are “playas” and cheat any chance they get.

Plus, black females are spoiled brats, often quite racially militant, with whom Jew brainwashing has been doubly injurious, not only with the White-hating business, but also because of the shallow sex culture created by profit-hungry Globalist Jew media. They hate themselves every time they look in the mirror after watching Jew TV.

The problem is especially bad when it comes to attractive blond White females. But it’s not just blonds, either. Just compare the overall features of the average Negro with any nearby Whites wherever you go. Also, notice how those blacks considered (or implied) as good looking on TV is really just because they have somewhat White features to begin with (thanks to stolen White genetics). That, too, is easy to see.

The average black can go completely ballistic when they realize just how apelike they look as compared to the beautiful, much more evolved and sublime White person. OK, so you say that’s all so “White supremacist” right? Sure. But that doesn’t make it any less of a fact.

Here’s another vicious byproduct of evil Jewish brainwashing and social engineering: Negro rejection anger. Black males now think they can get any White woman they please. Plus, thanks to the corruptions of the totally vile Jew XXX porn industry in SoCal, filthy black males think all White women are whores and sluts (you women should see some of the sick comments from black men I don’t let out of moderation here).

When a White girl rejects, ignores or just happens to be completely oblivious to the Negro’s ridiculous come-on tactics, the spoiled brats often blame it on “racism” (along with everything else). After-all, how could they turn down a studly black? Hot-headed black males can’t handle the rejection, sometimes going completely ape over the “affront.”

This may have been what sparked these two recent Target stores incidents, even if the poor White female had absolutely no idea of what was going on at the time. Like many primates, just the wrong kind of look or glance is enough to set off the Negro’s animal-like reaction.

Just think about all this realistically (i.e. without Jew brainwashing*) and you’ll agree.

— Phillip Marlowe

Hat tip for the story: News Net 14

* OK, ok, so you think my little Jew brainwashing stuff is a bunch of hokum, right? Well, you just turn on the TV or watch a movie from Hollywood and when that little birdy inside of you says: “I’ve been seeing that kind of thing in the media for years. What’s up with that?” Yep, that’s the little birdy getting it.

This Jewish brainwashing has made you too scared of getting called a “racist Nazi” or some such slander they have for Whites who stand up for our own race. They want you to keep your mouth shut.

That’s why these people are getting away with literally turning America into a Third World crap hole right before our eyes and why us Whites are now rapidly suffering horrible criminal depredations, like teen girls getting stabbed in a friggin’ Target checkout line.

Are you not sick and tired of the BS?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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205 Responses to Nutso Negro Goes Stab Crazy at Target

  1. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Since Target has decided to appeal to the lowest common denominators, meaning queers and joos, it’s not surprising that these attacks are happening on their property. Of course, it can happen anywhere, considering the inherent violent nature of the nig. Yep, I’m a real bona-fide racist for wanting to live around my own kind – and proud of it!!

  2. sog says:

    yeah prt and the price of gasoline has doubled also+ since the void installment of interim zionist marxist muslim neo con niggguh stole the office of presidency ..tjhis whole country has been cornered into dependancy on gasoline need and the whole country runs on gas think he had his fingers crossed when he swore to uphold the constitution ..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha all the filthy kikes and niggeres are laughin cus they see its ok to bash whitey now …are these people borderline idiots ,mentally retarded …we wuzzzall slaves anshit back in the coloneeal days an shit were white europeans thanks to muslim corsair pirates and british led by jew ..there isnt one thing that happened to them that didnt happen to irish and british and causcasoid euro and middle eastern kidnap victims sold into slavery …the niggere refuse to see their wailing whining rights reduced …were we there in 15-1600 ? …who is to blame …every one is to blame for their own failure to build themseves into somethoing worthwhile but instead niggeres play the race card and the slave card ……….ever wonder why people hate muslims ..they were importers of white slaves and kidnappers ..thats a real honest to good ness great all around religion ..and today muslims can rape rob murder and what ever elsr ther little ol hearts want to do ..
    the question is without an answer and any answer would be an instant orphan today ..just getting all illegals out of usa would be an acceptable beginning ..all obamas exec orders coming from an unauthorized president are nil null and void ..forget citizen ship for these assholes …whites get deported all the time and have to go through strenouous immigration hurdles lets just lrt mexicrent sewage flow into the usa for free shit ….
    most of america would settle for blanket removal and an end to mexican parasitism and the dangerous element that lurks in our cities from sinaloa cowboys …marshall law on blacks ..racial profile all of em and get their guns their guns are stolen and used for illegal activities ..jews ……this is a global cabal resides in every level of socio eco humanity form secular to religious to industry to govt ..etc …infrastructure study ..
    observation and intel ..they have all the a;phabet fed agencies in their pocket and the control the blacks and the mexican criminal swarm here …any solutions ….yeah we can all join a group and haggle with each other on this and that and have to watch for co-opting kikes ..this nation is far worse than bankrupt and in debt above our eyebrows and our grandchildrens eyebrows …is there a viable 5th column ..probably not ..the usa military has been subjected to merciless morale breakdown and replacement of good leaders with zio assholes …on and on and so it goes …this is what people see when they pull their head out of their ass and see the truth …it is monumental corruption and decay of humanity …everywhere ..people dont care about sucking down flouride or care about why they are being bathed in radiation now from fukashima and russian nuke waste ..the answers are not printable here ..each person must take care of their corner of responsibility to the best of heir ability one can ask for any more from people ..maybe its time to start believing in miracles ….
    those protocols for being absolutely “not true” are absolutely true enough..
    ? Under Sharia Law, only Muslims are allowed to own swords, guns or other weapons. The non-Muslims under Sharia Law must be completely disarmed and defenseless. To break this law and be caught with a firearm, knife or other weapon, means a thousand lashes and having your head cut off as an enemy of Islam.
    ? Perhaps you think that you can evade these laws by dressing like a Muslim and pretending to be a Muslim. It is against Sharia Law to imitate Muslims in dress and speech. Furthermore, all non-Muslims must shave their hair off in front in order to make us easily identifiable.

    ?????????????????? ????“????”??????????
    ????????? ????? ??????? ??????????? ??????????? ???????????? ????????????
    heh heh ..ah sro uh roo rike chiernerese rangwidge…getr uh rewzed to it ..usa will be divdedup amongst muslims , jews ,mexicans ,niggeres will be slaves again and the chinese will own most of the usa but each race will live separately from each other ..and there will be strict law and order once again which is what we are obviously losing on an agendized schedule ..but this will be the elites dishing out the rules …
    the whites will be sittin in the freezer on gulag street …anybody with half a brain knows your remotest hope is hit and run guerilla warfare ..survival is a luxury at this stage forward to the starting gate of hell on earth ….may the best men/women win …
    we whites must all becme scientists ,doctors ,weapons experts ,boobytrap acquainted ..booby traps and guerilla warfare won a war not too distant ago in a place far away ..think calamity, act intelligently …what else is left ….yeah yeah yeah for now its the waiting game a game of chess between 2 blind men …ahyyye
    have you ever hear of any Jews demanding that jewish/communist atrocities be investigated? No, not a single Jew ever asks such questions……….

  3. sog says:

    proud sg chucky cheese is also a fave of negroid disfuncyional modern apes ..they love to chimp out there more than anyother place ,,well one of the top contenders ..niggeres flashin guns and talkin trash with chirren and white children around …black nuckuhs are lousy parents as most of the women are whores and the niggeres that knock them upo are pimps and drug dealers …for a real riot of a time go to a chuky cheese ..a memorable occasion .lol
    on south af ..van hoogstraaten jew owns most of the farms now that moogaabe seized ..the great communist marketing strategy was give the farms to the niggeres ….the very niggeres that were evicted off the 10-20 million dollar farms with the white owners …no one gets a farm ..the farms are sold to jew hoggstraaten friends as vacation spots …niggere starve like collective holodomor …its all part of the plan just like the W.H.O.

  4. sog says:

    hmm whackee computer just posted without my consent ..hmmm heh heh ..anyway all of africa 175 million niggeres ahs aids from a smallpox vaxxination agenda ..htlv1-2 patent held by litton medical ..made a snootful of this moonshine and stuffed it into africans …it isnt working fast enough ….etc…..azt will give you aids as well ..most people tested positive for aids dont have it till jew medicine prescribes azt for ya …jewish monkeyshines ..
    yeah “SAZZY” LIL SMART ALEC where are ya run off and elope .or what back on here if for to just emit a peep or 2 …

  5. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Maybe that’s why we don’t land so many Marines on Guam at one time great honorable nigger from Georgia the whole island might tip over and fall into the ocean. The Admiral held his laugh and said we never though of that. Maybe we should drop a whole bunch of niggers on the other side of the island and ask the marines to clear this place out?

  6. sog says:

    it does appear that mexico has been flushing its human toilet into usa for a long time now ..mexico had a strong influx of kike in 1542 etc but this bamboo arty is more to the point on how mexico is the land of the jews now …with 8 mexijew oligarchs ruling the place ..

    here is true meaning of jewish communism ..all jews lie and decieve ..all jews are a spy network for the downfall of the usa ..

    Moscow is home to 33 Billionaires, the most of any city in the world. And all but one of them are Jews! So, you thought that the Jews ran away from Russia and moved to
    America after the fall of Communism? Guess again…they bought up all of depressed economical russia for pennies on the dollar …………………………………………………
    Illegal Mexicans Have Bankrupted California……………………………………………….
    California’s $40 billion deficit is 50% due to illegal Mexicans.They also contribute to the deficits of 43 other states.Nationally, the Mexicans cost the federal, state and city
    governments $70 billion annually. The education of their children costs $7.4 billion and $550 million to house 169,300 Mexican prison inmates……
    any way check out da bamboo-man

  7. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    My apologies to niggers. You were the first into space. First the ruskieis strapped you into a capsule but then even the americans here’s a banana good luck space explorer but the chimps lead the way. Once we figure out how to get you up into space then we will start trying to figure out how to get you back.

  8. sog says:

    the monkeys were the first space primates ..heh heh ..
    offer them free bannannas to immigrate to saudi jewrabia ………..
    they couldnt have blackstronauts cus the adl said that they wouldnt be allowed to communicate with nasa ,,, yes nasa no nasa …
    Black Thieves Beheaded in Arabia

    RIYADH. Six black Somalis were reportedly beheaded in the Mecca region after being convicted of a spate of armed robberies against taxi drivers. The six were convicted of “forming a gang which dragged taxi drivers to remote places, beat them up,threatened them with a knife and stole their money… as well as stealing a number of taxis”, a Saudi ministry said in a statement. Arabs, who have been importing black slaves for hundreds of years, long before Europeans ever started their own so-called slave trade, have traditionally made short shrift with blacks, with many of them being beheaded or mutilated by the cutting off of limbs for offences like robbing and stealing.
    — Southern Cross African News
    Note: Arabia has a very low incidence of thievery for obvious reasons…………………..

  9. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    The easy way to kill jews is to not borrow money from them. The hard way is for us to get our government to stop borrowing money from them from OUR checkbooks.

  10. sog says:

    ………………………………One Million Street Children in Russia………………………………………..
    MOSCOW. Russia has more than one million street children, according to Russia’s chief prosecutor Vladimir Ustinov. One crime in four allegedly involves underage youths, he said. A large proportion of street children are homeless children, but there are also many children of alcoholic parents. Russia’s overall population was estimated earlier this year by the United Nations to be around 143 million people.

    Note: Alcoholism and homelessness are part of the Jewish”blessings” bestowed upon Russia by Jewish Communism,while 33 billionaires run around in 150 million $ yachts and have expensive villas all over the world ..these kike oli’s bough up russia in 1998 during a huge depression and so on ……leaving the russians out in the cold as usual ..when the kowski etc kike was convicted for tax fraud in russai ,american kikes protested at the russian embassy etc anti semetism ,preordained conviction ,political etc …death to kykes………….
    “Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities
    also has the power to make you commit atrocities.”

    — Voltaire (1694-1778)

  11. sog says:

    A famous Negro boxing champion received his draft notice for
    army duty. After passing the physical examination he was passed
    on to the psychiatrist for the usual mental test.

    “What is the meaning of rabies, and what would you do for it?”
    asked the medic.

    “Rabies are Jewish priests,” spat the fighter, “and I ain’t gonna
    do nothin’ for ’em!”

    Los Angeles, Alta California – March 1, 2005 – (ACN)
    It looks like there is going to be a “showdown at OK corral” on April 1st in Tombstone, Arizona. A high level leader of the Mara Salvatruchas, Ebner Anivel Rivera-Paz, has issued orders, from federal prison, to members of his extremely violent organization to teach the Minutemen vigilantes a lesson they will never forget, La Voz de Aztlan has learned.
    The Mara Salvatruchas (MS-13) are a consequence of USA policies in Central America and a veritable chickens coming home to roost scenario..
    the minutemen are 500 civilian citzen volunteers committed to turning wetbacks back to mexico …
    remember chertoff ,the son of the devil who is behind the tsa atrocities and drafted the patriot act garbage after the kgb protocols …
    Chertoff who was instrumental in the drafting of the controversial “Patriot” Act will be the central figure essentially determining and dictating “who’s a patriot and who isn’t” to hundreds of thousands of local, state and federal law enforcement officers across the
    he was the “mafia” busting guy ,,that left the jewish russian mafia with less competition .
    if ya look close ly , chertoff even resembles lenin if not in the face then certainly in his decrepid kazaar jew soul …

  12. sog says:

    It is a national policy of the Leftist country of Mexico to seize
    the States of California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Arizona,New Mexico and Texas and to make them into a northern province of Mexico. They have already named this part of the United States as Atzlan, so you know that they are serious about their intentions.
    Our treasonous Congressmen know this, and they are helping the Mexicans to do it. It is a huge conspiracy backed by billions of dollars in Jewish finance and Leftist propaganda. Voting against it does no good because the traitors in Congress don’t even allow us a ballot measure to vote on………la raza ,,ms-13 ,, sinaloa cia jew cowboys ,,aztlan here we come ..this is the endgame for the jews california and arizona etc that invented cross dna mud mexicans never inhabited ..
    if history is any indication of where the victorious ruling elite top core lies the lower eschelon of wetbacks will be kiled off as well as the nigger and the “illegal immigrants” as a whole to be ethnically cleansed by noahyde law /..maybe ..

    in a country where the politicians and the Jewish media call their own treason as “legal” and “politically correct” and who then call patriotism as “illegal, right-wing, bigotry”, what can a little fellow do? Yes, what can the little man (or woman) do to
    put sand in the gears of the International monster? Remember, you do not have to stop the whole machine, just throw a grain of sand into the gears on occasion.

  13. sog says:

    even as far back as 2000 the jew media has been editing out black rapes and muggings and killings by niggeres against whites ..this shit has been goin on for a hundred and more years …the kikes have owned all the damn jewspapers for since the beginning …….
    They call blacks killing whites,”righteous justice”; and they call whites objecting to being
    killed, “bigotry”. So, my question is: What words from the mouth of a Jew, can you trust?

    the Jewish editors edit out of the “news”because they don’t want white people to be aware, wary of or to take any defensive actions against our aggressors. They prefer
    that we remain the victims………….
    there were people who knew this shit a long time ago and as i look back i can see alot of antagonism from niggeres bein committed without any reasons except for niggeres bein the true racists ..

  14. sog says:

    sog says:
    March 30, 2013 at 6:44 pm
    “”hallelejuh 2 fucking dead niggeres””” , its gettin to the point where i get niggeres ,,mexcrement and kikes mixed up ..they are all the same for the most part ..all soul brothers ..heh heh the blacks goan duh sue duh jew foh not lettin em become rabbi’s an sheeeet …hell most neegroids have jewish surnames anyway ,,,..hey naacp how come dayizz no nigguhz in dah synahgouges ansheeeeyt..what is ape foxman gown doo foh duh niggeuh ansheyt..hey uncle abe the niggeres want to join your slimy sinogogg temples …freedom of religion an sheeeeet …lol..

    shoulda read for the more scrootinizing reader as “halleleejah 2 fucking dead spikanos”…
    hey i’ll take it anyway they come ..dead niggeres dead wetbax or dead kikes .who the eff cares …the more the effen merrier …
    that bad ass 11 year old lady shot the effen balls of of the dam spik …she should get a medal and a coupon good for killing more worthless parasite spiks …

  15. sog says:

    good, biker ,hope you coiuld restore your bookmarks ..i dont know if you got this one but its killer and covers iraq ,pakkis ,afghanis etc …hours of pictures ,articles ,,graphic ..
    so this stupid naacp noigger says the girl wanted it ..i think the world already knows she was passed out and couldnt want anything or speak in defense or submission etc …most states have laws that say a woman cant legally submit to sex while very drunk ..or at least they are not capable of making a cogent decision ..society has a duty of care to watch out for other peoples welfare and not to exploit a fucked up sitch …you are eiother a lolife dog ar a gentleman …or a nigger or spik or jew with no morals like theis horse nostril nigger naacp ..what a worthless shit stain ,,
    all i got to say is no nigger deserves anything but the worst he can get ..

  16. sog says:

    something stinks in america ..where mediocrity is king ans stupidity is rewarded and niggeres can run wild and ther is no punishment for niggeres …
    so now someone else will be victimized by nigger rapists becuse the legal system is run by jews who enjoy siccing niggers on whites ..

  17. Hoff says:

    I wish I had your way with words allovertheplace.

  18. sog says: ……media said it was chins students …
    china has niggeres to ..go figure ….
    and for jews the lautenberg ammendment gives all the russian kikes that come over here in the jewussa ssi ..even old white peole cant get this shit if their lousy pension is almost zip from the epidemic jewish financial scandals that have rocked the foundation of this country ..the old people are targeted by jews always will be the 401 k files and outright nationalizing (stealing) of people bank deposits …like right now in greece the bankesters have billions they just stole and want a handout and to steal whats left of greeks money ..they ahve done this in every country ..
    minoritees can get that paper like 30,000 $

  19. Bailey says:

    Is this the niggers with knives thread?

    The nigger bitch stabbed a mother who was lured by her ex-boyfriends offer to give her baby new sneakers.

  20. The African American says:

    What do you have against African Americans!? What have we done to be criticize and stereotyped about mistakes that a small percentage has done? You shouldn’t judge a race over ignorance that some of us have. Yes, i am a African American or “nigger” that you call us. People who believe that all black people are dumb ignorant and the only thing we can do is kill and envy white people is ignorant themselves and have little education and is closed minded. Many black people never want to be white, many of us don’t envy white people. Whats the point? We have every thing we need to look and be beautiful and intelligent and succeed in life. Blonde hair and blue eyes doesn’t appeal to everybody.
    And slashing Jews is not necessary. They have rights to and we are all entitled to represent our opinions. Black, white and Jews are all citizens and have rights. Don’t act like white people haven’t done any hate crimes against black people. That is not uncommon and just like black on white crimes it isn’t aired either.
    Black people always have to seem like the bad guy in a situation. Is it because our skin is darker than yours? Whats the problem. All I ask is to be open minded and stop the ignorance and stereotypical thinking.

  21. INCOG MAN says:

    STF up black fool. I could care friggin less about your skin color. It’s your murderous, criminal behavior and the never-ending victimhood BS. We’re sick and tired of it. It’s GD past time we revoke your race card. Got that?

    Now go back to watching Mendela crap on Jew TV.

  22. Jocelyn says:

    What pisses me off is how they are calling my race negros

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