Violent Blacks Now Killing White People AT WILL


As I sit down here tonight typing out my latest “hateful” screed, word comes out of Brunswick, Georgia, that two black teen punks where nabbed for shooting to death a defenseless little 13 month-old White toddler in a baby stroller. They had demanded money from the mother or else they would kill her child. When the woman truthfully told them she had nothing, the black bastards went ahead and fired a bullet into the babe’s face — right in front of the mother.

Nothing surprises or shocks me anymore when it comes to this absolutely, totally worthless GD race.

I’m certain there are occasional visitors to my site from White liberal multicults. I got this to say to them: You’re dumber than an iron wedge. I can just see you sitting there right now — you lily-livered brainwashed fool. It truly amazes me how you people can possibly call me “ignorant and uneducated” for simply realizing the truth about this murderous race and having the guts to call a “spade a spade.”

If the races were reversed, or even if the perps had been White, it would have been all over the news. As it is, scant mention was made (certainly because the crime was so horrid, they had to say something). But don’t expect all the highly paid reporters, producers, video crews and satellite trucks from the national networks to show up and report anything else. As usual, the perps will merely be described as “youths” and they’ll go on to cover the least White crime — hopefully, for them, one that can be labeled as the doings of a evil “White supremacist.” Read on for even more terrible crimes.

This baby killing is not some random aberrant act from this mindless, violent race. No way. Yesterday, as I was going through my now massive HD directory titled “Violence against Whites,” I saw this one folder I hadn’t filed away yet (unsure of what form of crime — home invasion? spree killing? or just pure evil?). The folder was for downloaded images and dated February 9, so it had to be the day I first read the story. The crime actually happened back in October of last year — nearly 4 months had elapsed before I stumbled across it.


In Denver, Colorado, three worthless, criminal blacks needed a little spending money. So they picked out a local pub called “Feros” to rob. Inside enjoying themselves and having no idea of their fate, were four Whites and a locally popular, middle-aged Asian woman who owned the place.

Even before entering the front door, the blacks had already planned to eliminate any and all witnesses (haven’t these animals ever heard of ski masks?). Holding them at gunpoint, they proceeded to stab, slash and slit the throats of the hapless patrons and owner. The take? A measly $170. That’s $34 dollars for each life ended forever (photos above). Of course, being Negroes, they tried burning the place down to hide evidence. This is now a hallmark of black perps.

Six year-old Adiele, and four year-old Marley.

Six year-old Adiele, and four year-old Marley killed by a murderous black home intruder.

In December, just before Christmas of last year, came this heartbreaking story out of Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Anna Marie Galbraith came home at 8:11 pm to discover the dead bodies of her two little girls: Adiele six, and little Marley, only four years-old (left). The responding police soon found the murdered body of her 40 year-old husband Bobby in another room.

Just imagine the utter fear of those two little girls to find themselves at the mercy of a literal monster loose inside their home. In all probability, the father was killed first before the vile black SOB turned his bloody attention to them.

Riakos Lizana

Riakos Lizana

No matter what the age, these murderous animals will kill you dead.

In this case, the black killer, 19 year-old Riakos Lizana, spared a newborn in a crib, most likely because he figured the child was too young to pick him out of a line-up.

I sure as hell hope you liberal White people like rap “music” and basketball all so much that it’s worth this kind of pure evil done to our race.

Elderly White women fall victim to this violent race all the time. They break into their homes, carjack them in shopping center parking lots, sometimes get assaulted in old folk’s homes and hospitals by black nurses and staff. They get raped, beaten, stabbed, strangled, shot and even burned alive.

Indeed, the elderly are often “hate raped” before being killed. This kind of thing happens practically every day now. How often do you hear of a White person raping and murdering an elderly black woman? Never. If it happened, I can guarantee you would see tons of national news reports, where the media hypocrites would act all shocked and angered. You know it, too.

One old case I wrote about last year had a black monster taking three frail old White ladies out into the woods, just so he could practice his “Kung Fu” death blows. The vicious black sadist actually kidnapped the elderly women to use as living, breathing punching bags — beating each to a bloody pulp, killing them one at a time. Imagine that scene.

Marcus Royal greedily leans forward to get the maximum he can from a stolen ATM card in Cocoa, Florida. Only minutes before this photo was taken, the animal broke into a home and beat to death an 80 year-old White woman, Faye Jones — probably to get the pin number out of her, but maybe also out of pure black spite as well. Imagine this happening to your own mother?

It’s not just America, mind you. In Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Australia, South Africa and all countries where blacks live in close enough proximity to Whites.

Did you notice how the media made a big deal about that double-amputee guy in South Africa killing his wife? They had no problems with that story because they were both White. But what about all the White Afrikaners now being killed by blacks on a daily basis in that country?

Steenkamp Marthella 14On Easter Sunday last year, 15 year-old Don Steenkamp came home to find his mother and father slain, probably by a White-hating black gang. His beautiful younger sister, 14 year-old Marthella (right) was still barely alive, but as he cradled her bloody body, she died in his arms.

Folks, this is the nature of these “people.” They have absolutely no moral compunctions or empathy for others, whatsoever. Given half the chance, they would kill you dead — even if it’s with a damn knife from your own kitchen.

And sure, most of the time it’s for money, cars, raping you (man, woman or child) and sometimes even torture. In the end, what difference does it make? Your entire existence means nothing to them but a few minutes of exciting, demonic pleasure or fast cash. Getting busted is not a real big fear for them. Incarceration usually means little work, relatively decent grub and a fairly hassle-free lifestyle. In the words of Charley Manson: “There’s plenty of sex in prison.”

Jamie Foxx yuks it up about getting to kill lots of White people on SNL.

Jamie Foxx yuks it up on SNL about getting to kill lots of White people.

Because of the Zionist Jew control of media, blacks have been conditioned to hate White people and want to get even for perceived injustices. All this has been instilled in blacks over the last generations by a Jewry intent on turning the White race into a minority for their ambitions of Global governance.

When Jamie Foxx went on the Jew show, Saturday Night Live, he joked in his monologue about getting to kill lots of White people in the movie “Django Unchained” (directed by noted White-hater Quentin Tarantino and produced by the Jewish Weinstein brothers). No one said a word in the media.

This anti-White media just expects us to laugh when it comes to these “people” wanting to kill us freely, or else they’ll call us “racists.” The pure hypocrisy brought on by Globalist Jewry and YIDiot multicults is astounding anymore. Par for the course, the profit-hungry, Jesus-hating Hollywood Jews released the White-killing film on Christmas day.

I don’t write all these things because blacks look different or smell funny. I write this because they are insanely murderous animals, now killing us Whites all the time.

Actually, my so-called racism is well-justified. You think for one minute I would bother doing up my site just because I hate the spoiled brats for sucking up the good graces of us White people? No, it’s hellava lot worse than that and us Whites had better wake the flock up and smell the coffee.

I say it’s long past the time that us White people start standing up and saying enough is enough.

Will you have the guts to tell it like it is?

— Phillip Marlowe




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190 Responses to Violent Blacks Now Killing White People AT WILL

  1. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Pat, your March 27, 2013 at 10:37 am post is a classic.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Incog man said

    “That’s the Jew for you. The world needs to CASTRATE every one of them.”

    Amen to that, they need proper circumcision ha ha ha.

    I hear a 130 grain .270 at 3200 fps works great on kosher gonads.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Like this?

  4. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Average homicide and femicide rates per 100,000 total population,
    by region, 2004–09

    A nice graphic summary of what we already know.

  5. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Lil’Mouse is only 13 years old ….. it must be in their DNA …. and its 4Real.

  6. I grabbed this lovely post from the killer’s wall on Facebook the night the story broke. The post was only there for a few minutes before someone deleted it, but it speaks volumes about these people.

  7. INCOG MAN says:

    Great find, LilyDellaValle.

    Those comments really show how these apes talk and think. I copied the screenshot!

  8. Greg says:


    Great article on negro troofs.

  9. sog says:

    only could watch 1-2 minutes of nigger rhetoric ,but notice how much obama looks like malcom little …
    ohhhh lorrrdy 400 yeahs of oppression and slavery and its our fault ..yes thats right ,a blanket accusation against borna nd unborn whites that niggere are fucked up animals ..nigger says we do drugs and stik needles in our arms cus of the white man ..i would personall like to shove a needle in blacks to kill them but we dont force anyone to do anything ,,heard of aa na ..niggeres choose to be scum ..niggere are scum …it was niggeres in harlem and other places pushin heroin and that big dude gettin his shit directly from thailand or laos ,named frank nigger somethin and they made a movie on him ..he was a nigger that didnt want to buy from italian or black mafia s and simply went to southeast asia and got the shit ..mexicans alsopush the trade back in mal;com x day ..and yet this nigger stands there and polarizes all da nigs in the ghetto who just bought there heroin from a nigger and says whites made you do it ..niuggerws and mexicans are still dealing in harlem and i doubt you would survive if you were white in a black area …niggeres are the ones pushin dope on their own in legion upon legions of amounts in all the major cities and its the white mans fault …reality says the niggeres are at fault and the jews who have always owned all the major drug trafficing routes and still do more than ever ….it is a jew nigger axis ..howeabout this guy
    i guess the niggeres that blame whoitey for their own abject stupidity never heard of these guys ..not a chance as every nigger is an aspiring rapper or drug dealer ..a large portion of murders in the nigger ghettos ids over drugs and turf and that is the white mans fault? ….the blame game played as a bluff card on top of the race card and we know that the niggeres are more racist than anyone else

  10. Frank Fredenburg says:
  11. white colonialkiller says:

    GOOD! thats the best news i heard all day serves you white trash right! now you know what it feels like in living on stolen land . and all the atrocities you white trash have committed this shouldnt even be the start of whats in store for you soon!

  12. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, you just wait, you baboon.

  13. Greg says:

    I thought I dun smelt sum fried chicken.

    Hey negro,

    No, I don’t know what it feels like to live on stolen land.

    Enlighten me.

    What does it feel like to be a useless parasite who gets handouts and special treatment?

    What does it feel like to have eternal excuses for your worthlessness instead of contributing something positive in the world?

    What do these things feel like?

    BTW, I don’t have a race card either. Whats that like?

    These brainiacs think that they can get rid of White people and still have all the luxuries the White man has created, built, and invented. They actually think these things just popped out of thin air for the taking or that they created what they see in White society themselves.

  14. Greg says:

    “Gibs me dat…..White society.”

  15. INCOG MAN says:

    I let the baboon’s comment thru, so Whites visiting can see how these animals think.

  16. summerled says:

    it just doesn’t know the jew set up and the fact it can spell correctly means
    it is probably a jewbot what’s that you say stolen land i guess Palestine’s not colonized

  17. Greg says:

    They need to see it alright Incogman.

    How do you White women like that?

    A negro praising the murder of a 13 month old child. What if that were your child you carried for 9 months and love more than anything else in this world?

  18. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    now you know what it feels like in living on stolen land .

    Whites were in Eastern North America and Central America, etc. long before Asian-Aboriginals. They came over during the ice age. They were killed off and/or mongrelized – and there’s a power lesson in that.

  19. summerled says:


  20. Greg says:

    If it comes back talking about IsntReal summerled, we know its a rat.

  21. t bone says:

    Yeah Incog, let that trash-talking shitskin’s comments thru. I’d like to have a go at that negro POS.

    Its an under-edumacated yard ape we’re dealing with. The only thing floating around in that pea-brained, gorilla-looking head of his, is jew spooge from the talmud tube. Too dumb to debate with logical thinkers.
    We’d have to lower our standards of comment writing to that of a 6 year old; words with 3 syllables or less, just to communicate with this stinky shitskin.

    BTW-Shitskins can only get gubment yobs when particular municipalities lower their test score standards. Yeah, they make it more retard-friendly so that negroes can barely pass these tests. The word is out but its not PC for the masses to say. EVERYONE knows the dumbness of the negro, they just dont say it….yet.

    Negroes are punk ass pussy boys, too. They only attack in groups and even then, its usually old ladys, young females and little babies who become their victims. Let him and his homos, I mean homoboys, try to pull any of his ‘hate Whitey’ aggression with me (or my jew wise brethren) and I’ll break his fucking legs.

    Then he can cry to the jew ADL how he was victim of a White supremacist attack when it was really him who became aggressive with me. But, like I said, he and his fellow chimp chumps appear to love the taste of crusty jew penis after a much needed ass-whooping. Negroes do anything for their jew sugar daddies, who, have pimped out the shitskin, worldwide.

    Bring it on nigger bitch boy! Theres more of us than you think and you will lose badly.

    Trust and believe that, pal.

  22. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, the baboon dropped his stupid comment and skedaddled.

    Must be one of those “homoboys” from the hood — or a trouble-making Jew.

  23. INCOG MAN says:

    That’s another reason Afro-Apes commit so much crime: They like prison so they can go full-on faggot.

  24. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Incog Man says:

    That’s another reason Afro-Apes commit so much crime: They like prison so they can go full-on faggot.

    I believe you’re right …

  25. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    The entire documentary … blacks like prison ….

    Louis Theroux – Miami MegaJail (FULL) 60 min

  26. Ralph Smith says:

    Yeah, the baboons killed my little brother for being white. I have an arsenal now that is dedicated to the next one that fucks with me. You can’t imagine how bad I hate niggers if you tried. They are all killers just waiting for you to turn your back. They will kill you for your tennis shoes or ipod. They will kill you for ten cents.. They will kill you just for the fun of watching you die. Death to all niggers.

  27. Honestly says:

    You cave n!@@ers should close your filthy sh!t holes and that’s the space between your chin and nose. You mayonnaise monkeys kill your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children for pastime. There is a proliferation of white on white crime in this country and you neanderthal apes ignore this fact. You pasty face baboons should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Yes Detroit and Chicago have such high murder rates because of white on white crime? The whites in South Africa are slaughtering each other off aren’t they? Europe had one of the lowest crime rates in the world until the browns and blacks flooded into those countries. Thanks to you jews. If multiculturalism is so great why don’t you jews adopt it for your jewish state? If gun control is so great why don’t you jews pass those same laws in Israhell? Do you care to answer that?

  29. white colonialkiller says:

    british will get whats coming to them!

  30. white colonialkiller says:

    Sweden also has a bad history in the past you all get what you deserve.

  31. EZ says:

    Hey Incog how about frogmarching white colonialkiller straight into Spamblinka!

  32. Eric says:

    mr coon says Aus is there island home..30000 years they say
    I says did Captain Cook see Atlantis or an island full of bush and black naked ferals
    in 1770..

    In 30000 years coons have achieved a big fat jeantil..

    Whites, 243 years in Aus . We built nice cities, good pubs, good looking women &
    Ned Kelly

    Go back to the bush and through a boomerang mr coon..
    With any luck it will come back and hit you in the head

  33. Larry says:

    All blacks are the same no matter who they. If you put them in the right situation they will all act like niggers. They will kill you over nothing. I hate my son will have to grow up in a world with these animals.

  34. mek pok says:

    Blacks from all over the World should make it Full time and all Season long, it should be Open times to start killing Whites all overm because the Whites have no pineal glands, they are Insensitive and they are Beastial, they only recognize skin colour and their groups….those are animalistic tendencies.

  35. Joe says:

    Not only white people. They kill all other races at will because they could be the president’s sons. The president could be one of them 30 years ago. I did not say this. The president said this himself during Zimmerman’s case. Just make them play baseball. It has running, shooting , and stealing. If you throw some bananas at them, everything is settled.

  36. FedupMother says:

    I live in South Africa. Today while waiting to pay at a store, this black piece of #%^#%% walked up to us and slapped my 6 month old daughter in the face…police did not even want to come out( finnally after threats) they showed, and seems stunned that we wanted to have him charged. We were then called racist and a charge was laid against my husband for hitting him????

  37. INDIGENOUS says:

    message to all you white illegals! GET OUT OF OUR SOIL! we want you all to go back to Europe! GET OFF OUR LAND! you are not welcome here!

  38. aries ortega says:

    reading the comments…fuck niggers are dumb as shit

    enjoy your aids, enjoy your ebola, enjoy your starvation…you people die the most horrible deaths LOL

    cant even build anything but a mudhut. even when a society is already built for you and then paid for you cant handle it LOL

    we should let darwnism do its course, digusting creatures arent human.

  39. Don in Taiwan says:

    More reason to exercise your 2nd amendment right, purchase quality, reliable firearms and get training by qualified instructors. Do not put your fate at the mercy of brutal unreasonable niggers or maniacs that show up when you least expect it.
    It will be one of the best investments you ever made. I wish the world wasn’t that way, but it is. And it is getting worse! The damned anti depression meds that are everywhere have been linked to violent outbursts.

  40. Don in Taiwan says:

    It is getting worse with all the “kill whitey “propaganda and all the filth being allowed to cross the border with violent gang affiliation. They have killed before. That is why firearms training is crucial, newbees have a tendency to hesitate even if they get the drop on an attacker. Situation assessment training is crucial.

  41. INCOG MAN says:

    Good advice, Don.

    Learn to fire your weapon like second nature. Especially a semi-auto pistol. When the time comes, don’t hesitate to use it.

  42. Whitepride says:

    Black apes are the cancer in this earth! Kill all niggers!

  43. robert de arce says:

    No indictment for 16-year-old boy accused of terroristic threat for Facebook post saying ‘Let’s Kill the Cops’
    December 29, 2014
    Yasin Shearin, a student at Concord High School in Staten Island, was released Monday after a Brooklyn grand jury decided not to indict him on the felony charge. Shearin posted the message next to an image depicting a gun pointed at a police officer’s head shortly after two NYPD officers were killed in Bedford-Stuyvesant, according to the criminal

    A Brooklyn grand jury Monday declined to indict a 16-year-old on a felony charge of making a terroristic threat for posting “Let’s Kill the Cops” on his Facebook profile shortly after two cops were gunned down by a maniac in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

    Yasin Shearin, who has been held in lieu of $50,000 bail since his arrest last week, was released in Brooklyn Supreme Court to his mother
    In spite of the grand jury’s decision today my office will continue to vigorously prosecute those charged with threatening the safety of our police officers,” said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson.
    Shearin’s mom insisted that her son did not mean what he wrote.
    “I do not condone any of this, I have a lot of sympathy for the cop’s families,” Tunisia Shearin said before the hearing.
    “I think it’s very unjust the way they’re treating my son. Children can be children. I don’t want to see my son railroaded for political reasons.”
    Shearin posted the violent message next to an image depicting a gun pointed at a police officer’s head, according to the criminal complaint.
    The message appeared several hours after Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were assassinated in their patrol car on Dec. 20 by a lunatic seeking revenge for the police-involved deaths of Eric Garner in Staten Island and Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.
    Shearin, a student at Concord High School in Staten Island, could have faced up to seven years in prison if convicted of the top charge.
    “I am ecstatic that the Grand Jury agreed with us that what Yasin was accused of did not amount to a crime. It was nothing more than a young, naive kid doing something dumb,” said his lawyer, Javier Solano. “Tasteless yes, a crime no. Unfortunately, he had to spend Christmas away from his family.”
    The grand jury is still weighing felony charges against another suspect, Clifton Jean Pierre, who sent a group text message to a cop he knows and others stating that “for every one they kill, we kill too,” according to court papers.
    Meanwhile, a southwestern Pennsylvania man has been jailed on charges he posted Facebook comments on Dec. 20 encouraging people to kill police.
    mong the comments Drake allegedly posted was: “The police brought this on themselves! I say kill them all! Enough is enough.”
    The 29-year-old faces a preliminary hearing Jan. 6 on charges including terroristic threats and disorderly conduct. Online court records don’t list an attorney for him.
    Police say Drake acknowledged making the posts, which also referenced the the deaths of Brown and Garner.

  44. joy says:



  45. We should be hunting down all blacks and lynching them in the streets

  46. Guest says:

    Not only are you a fucking idiot white colonialkiller, but you have no idea what
    you’re talking about Niggers have been killing each other through out the centuries and that’s before the Caucasians Kemets, Arabics, European of any type discovered Niggers in Sub Saharan Africa, and since Negroids are to stupid to record anything about their history, they wouldn’t know how many of their own kind have they killed. an you accuse white people for all the crimes they commit in the world, when the Negroid race commits most of the crimes in the world considering with all the statistics that shows they do

    and I hate to break it to you moron but people like you and others that are like you think like you an follow you’re footsteps are the real ignorant ones here fool.

    Ok wow you delusional people that think black people (A.K.A. Niggers) had it bad big fucking deal so did other races an or ethnicity’s and much worse even. you think what black people have had and or had it bad compared to other races an ethnicity’s like being hosed down and being chased an attacked by German Shepard’s, I can tell you whatever black people have been through Caucasians and Asians been through much worse. their just trying to monopolize how much worse their life was compared to Caucasians an Asians, but that didn’t stop the two races from succeeding. when Europeans went to North continental of America and Latin America that didn’t stop the Amerindians. from making casino’s that look like TP’s or Adobe an establish Mexico in their own way and not to mention they didn’t keep pulling the race card, the slavery card, the oppression card, like the savage negro’s do, Caucasians of every type (European, Arabic, Russian, Kemet) were doing these things to each other when they first met one another but that didn’t stop them to keep going and advancing. same thing with Asians (Philippines, Japan, Korea, Malaysia) an when the Europeans first clashed with the Asians well both sides didn’t stop from progressing forward.

    and didn’t blame on one another why they can’t invent and or built or founded a nation let alone technology, and if black people (A.k.A. Niggers) are so great how come they still live the way they are an or do. not to mention their still naked mostly and wearing grass skirts well the ones that are and the majority still can’t even read or write while only remnants of them only can an are smart to certain degree but no where near as smart and or the same level as Caucasian and Asian people, but of course you moronic dimwits think just because you’ve seen an or met a black person (A.K.A. Nigger) that can read and write an wear proper clothing or look gangster that suddenly makes them you’re equal?. like wow how delusional is that! and they’er the only race that hasn’t built anything yet whether it be a car, plane, house, building, power plant, phone and cell phone, clothing, rocket, shuttle, satellite, part of the space station, infrastructure, theme parks, carnival, circus, corporation, school, authority system, hardware, army, navy, marines, air force, technician, engineer, farming, CPU manufacturers, GPU manufacturers, you blinded sighted idiots just don’t seem to realize those are called uncle toms the black people (A.K.A Niggers) that you may think are equal to you are just acting white and or pretending to be civilized an being you’re friend or friends will sooner or later show their true colors, L.A. Riots, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore Riots, Mall fights an or mobs, black school fights an or shootings, ghetto fights, project fights, KFC fights, Mc Donald fights, Burger King fights, restaurant fights.

    Liberal nigger lovers and niggers themselves keep chanting an bragging about the niggers ” Lack for capacity for evil and they are in tuned with nature” which of course that is complete bullshit considering they keep killing wild animals there more than poachers.

  47. Guest says:

    Colin Flaherty

    Never let you or your family members trust or be friends with an or date or marry niggers, let alone be an acquaintance

    Nigger having sex with a car

    Niggers want death to yellow and white people

    Nigger admits to having sex with 100 dead women

    Nigger having sex with cow

    Nigger marries two donkey’s

    Nigger had sex with a horse

    Nigger had sex with a dog

    Nigger had sex with Pig

    Nigger having sex with a chicken

    Nigger having sex with sheep

    Niggers gang banged a Hispanic girl

    Biological differences about Humans and Niggers

    Humans fed up with TNB an Monkey shines

  48. classydiva says:

    Suffer you white ass thieves, you’re the biggest killers, liers, crooks, can’t be trusted money hungry ass wipes in the world. eat shit

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