Wake Up and Smell The Stinking Gelfiti Fish!

Obama is now outfitting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with 2,700 armored personel carriers (MRAPS). So why the hell does DHS need such military hardware? What don’t you get? These SOB’s know what’s coming down the pike. The real question is: Do you?

Sometimes I read people elsewhere on the Internet saying “that INCOG MAN is one wacky waycist dude,” or something to that effect. Sure, I might be full of unbridled gusto and fun to party with, but I assure you I’m not clinically insane or at least haven’t been certified as such by any sneaky Jew psychiatrists that I know of. But once they throw me in the Gulag, I’ll probably get that special label — either that or a .40 caliber DHS-issued bullet in the back of my White noggin.*


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Speaking of .40 caliber DHS bullets, why would the US government’s Department of Homeland Security put out bid requests and purchase agreements for 1.6 BILLION .223 and .40 caliber bullets? Isn’t the DHS only tasked with internal security (all the “war on terror” crap) and not expected to fight overseas in foreign wars? Daily target practice by agents shooting targets of White people? Please.

Uh, I don’t know about you, but something stinks in Denmark. And it doesn’t take too much to see the why behind these efforts, right along with all the never-ending efforts to implement social and demographic change to America. Will us White people continue to act like shorn sheep, blindly going along with whatever the patently obvious anti-White media tells us, while these subversive, commie Jews turn our country into a third world effin’-hell hole?

They’re getting ready — because they know we’ll figure out the deal soon enough.

How about it when these creeps have the nerve to slander any of us for daring to say one GD thing in defense of OUR RACE — whom they work to keep us Whites from even thinking we have a race — while daily building up the race consciousness and pride of all the other GD “oppressed” races? Have you not had enough of this complete and never-ending hypocrite BS?

America — On The Brink Of Civil War

Imagine personally witnessing a murder. You see SUBJECT A pull out from nowhere a giant chrome-plated .44 magnum Smith and Wesson revolver with a 12″ barrel and shoot a victim square in the face and blow his head apart in a cloud of pink mist.

Now imagine the police and media tell everyone it was SUBJECT B who did the shooting, even though you told the cops you clearly saw SUBJECT A pull the trigger.

It just so happens SUBJECT B gets labeled a Neo Nazi. With control of the media, these people can now label anyone they want to as a “Neo Nazi.” The oblivious general public will believe it since they’ve long been primed to think Neo Nazi are the baddies and that “our free media” would never tell a lie because they’re on our side against “the man.”

The dimwit “Kwans” (YIDiot Americans) take the lazy way out by thinking the police must have the real perp in custody and merely return to their frenetic day — chasing down little pieces of beautifully printed paper the bastards long discovered to work pretty damn good for slavery purposes.

Sure, those with more critical thinking skills will stop and ask inconvenient questions but then get labeled “conspiracy theorists,” crazy racist dudes or both — by the same media who everyone thinks is free.

KIKE TERROR MONTAGE 2The Jew Aaron Greene’s smirking Jewess girlfriend thinks it’s all a goy joke. She later told her friends she wanted to immigrate to Israel when Greene was freed; knowing Israel has no real extradition treaty with any goyim country — including their supposed “best buds,” the US. Unless the fugitive is too well-known, Israel does whatever it can to thwart extradition of fellow sacred Jews. Note how the media ignored the story.

A few weeks ago, a lefty, druggie Jewish couple in Greenwich village, New York, were busted over something stupid and discovered to have a bit of an arms cache, along with “bomb making” materials. ARs, shotguns, 9mm pistols, that kind of thing, and the chemicals for bombs were fairly powerful.

What media did report anything, had the nerve to call these two Jews “Neo Nazi.” ABC’s “World News Tonight” just ignored the story, even though they always, always report on the least Muslim or pro-White person involved in something like this.

The police uncovered the two Jews printing up phony Nazi propaganda handouts — certainly to implicate patriots and pro-White groups as criminals in some sort of false flag operation down the road, maybe even something like Sandy Hook.

What a giant sized crock of horse manure.

If you pay attention lately you’ll notice the media are now injecting the word “terrorist,” in conjunction with the all purpose “White Supremacist.” The so-called “History” Channel did this the other day in a documentary of the presidents, when it came to Ulysses Grant and the reconstruction of the South (all the evil KKKers stringing up poor former slaves, etc). The term “White supremacist terrorists” covers a lot and is now all over the Jew owned media these days.

Now, any of us Whites who dare to broach White solidarity, anti-third world immigration, or even our moral beliefs, can be branded both White Supremacists and Terrorists. We’ll scare all the sweet and innocent non-Whites by using Klan and Al-Qaeda tactics.


Jewish Senators, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein, are leading the lefty Jew efforts to disarm patriotic and Christian White America. This hugely subversive race is clearly working to destroy not only the land of our forefathers, but also our very own race. We let these sneaky trouble-makers in from Eastern Europe and look at what they are up to. Traitorous Jews like this must be stopped — one way or another.

Let me just cut to the chase. This is what I think has been and is going on (my whole site deals with it):

  • Since Jewry gained possession of the FIAT money-making scam in the first decades of the 20th century, they have stolen mass media to steadily brainwash our race, in addition to making themselves filthy rich without manual labor.
  • These people are huge bald-faced liars and insist we believe whatever damn thing any of them say, like with the never-ending holocaust crapola.
  • Over the last 50 years, Jewry in general have been working to weaken the demographics of White Gentiles in our lands.
  • The Jews have been using the “holocaust,” race politics, moral and social decay to screw us all up in the head and keep us distracted.
  • The Jews have been openly promoting us to breed ourselves away with other races, put off having children in lieu of careers, or just join the pink team which works the same.
  • The Jews know that at some point we’re all going to get it. That’s why they have to put in place the infrastructure for a Police State (the War on Terror), thought crime legislation (hate speech laws) and to disarm us as much as possible for when we do.
  • Israel has always been the International Jewry’s insurance plan and “crime central,” where they can fleece Western countries at will. Since they have long had “The Bomb,” regular Jews living in our countries now feel embolden to further their subversive social and political agendas (read Marxism and social upheaval).

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Any Jews living in White countries everywhere have been doing the exact same crap. Just think about Britain, Australia, Sweden and other countries now being flooded by non-White immigration and crime.

I could go on, but basically, the Jews have long been in a quiet war against the White race.

You can even see them now bragging openly in the media on how White demographics and political power is rapidly melting away (just watch ABC, CNN and MSNBC to see this). Traitorous White libtards and multicults are applauding the efforts, disgustingly enough. These bastards will reap the whirlwind, too.

If they have their way, one day in the near future our race will undoubtedly be openly spat upon and freely discriminated against, with acts of murder and mayhem on each of us and our families — like what is now happening to Whites in South Africa (actually, violent crimes against us White people has been happening all across America and places like Britain and Scandinavia for quite some time).

Wake up and smell the stinking Gefiti fish!

— Phillip Marlowe

* Never, ever fear what happens if you end up in the “belly of the beast.” At that point, you’re in the hands of God and what they do to you thereafter is on their soul. Always fight back when you can. If captured, and some Commie police state Jew hands you a pen to sign a “confession,” act all submissive so you can get close enough to stick that GD pen as deep into their beedy orbital socket (eyeball) as possible! Try to grab the back of his head while you jab it in!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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299 Responses to Wake Up and Smell The Stinking Gelfiti Fish!

  1. summerled says:

    re post

  2. Sabine Centurion says:

    The vid had me until the narrator slipped into the “Nazis going door to door” trope.
    5 Star rapidly became 1 Star.
    Integrity requires that he used “Stalinist stooges going door to door”.
    Solzshenitsyn called it with regret, while in the gulag, that when the commie jew guns came in the night to get the non-compliant, their targets met them with ANYTHING THEY COULD GET THEIR HANDS ON and killed them.
    In his writings he stated that if they did that, the functionary drones(!) would think twice about what they were doing—when they had to say final goodbyes to their families before setting out on their night’s work, because they didn’t know if they were coming home the next day.

  3. summerled says:

    Welcome to the Official Home of National Protectionism

    National Protectionism was launched to not only be a firewall to stop the multicultural agenda of international Communism, but also to spearhead the initiative of a creative vision and platform. This will not only protect European culture, but also be a proactive force against our enemies, foreign and domestic. We hope to quickly be at the forefront of the new American Nationalist Movement and begin the process of not only turning the tide against the destruction forced upon us, but to be the primary source of the new ideology, which will save European culture and Western civilization. Join us today and be a part of this epic enterprise!


  4. summerled says:

    Sabine Centurion says:
    March 19, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    substitute Nazis for communist jews the authors or going for maximum pc

  5. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Love your affirmative action posts pat thanks.

  6. Sabine Centurion says:


  7. sog says:

    yessir its good ..bailey those links will give you anything but a break ..youll need to duck tape your head together first about 5-6 complete circles around the jug ,man ..
    as we see that jews dont want to eliminate crime by all the laws they create ,,they want to remove any danger to them selves as the real criminals and terrorists that they are ,and they want federal,civil , and state police and paramilitarie forces on our asses at all times ..
    by the way WHERE IS the big bad flu epidemic the jews were droning about ..lie ing bunch once again …
    more people are killed by the war on drugs than by drugs …just thot id thro that in ,,
    that was a precedent setting law the usurped due process totally ans peoples properties and posessions were specifically targeted by law enforcemnet to steal,cus thats all that unjust law allowed for ..without due process in this country you have what we have now in craven congress and craven senate ..niggeres are large and in charge under the jew wire pullers ..destroit is officiallt dead and the niggeres are making definiter plans to have cat 7 chimpouts there in civil disobedeince …rsvp tweet byob byog …..
    alot of people feel that rioters should all be shot as violatrs of sedition laws ..i mean thats what they are ,black mob hit squads and looters and apes on crack etc ..hell let em have dtroit ,it aint wortha damn anymore …and these niggers blame racism lol..cant get enough mileage out of that old tired mantra can they ..crakkuh’s be leenin an sheeeeeeeet ,they be raycizz..niggeres ay we need dat paper ,we be dyin here ,we need crakkuh tax money …whites say kill each other off you dang crazy chimps ,,heh heh
    dont worry prt if you ask the jews to forgive you for face and tone crime you can pay a reparation er fine of 10,000 euros and they will aim that drone with your name on it somewhere else ..
    these raping dicktards were doing what dicktards have always done at that age and with prevalent jew industry supplied liquor and beer ..hey i aint for religion and government mixing but the usa would be much better of as a christian nation than a hasidic or muslim nation …if we took all the good things about moral and ethical christian behaviour and abided by it and jailed people who did nt ,the jails would fill up with gang bangers trigger niggers and beaners and white trash hust like hitlers felony camps did in germany when hitler reinstalled the rule of decent law and fuckin order ,,seig fucking heil ..
    bailey the guy that wrote inside the layrel canyon is a bit of a kwan but you know how to sidestep all that ..there is a description of how the social contract to live in the canyon was not allowed for niggeres and how they executed a nigger rapist up there in 1914 or so ..hung em shot em up and dragged em around a bit ..thats almost as funny as cromwell gettin dug up and tried post mortem for regicide and hung twice ans beheaded ,,heh heh …
    yeah also bailey some lady spent 4 million creating an american nazi refuge up in the canyon tween 1933-43 …4 million was a lot of clams in them days …the rmnants are still there …manson would have taken it over if he knew it was there ..et cet
    no budget yet out of wash dc ? ….then they should shut down since no one would miss any one there at all …start eliminating dhs and fema and all the high paid jewish college chancellors and on and on and on ..these parasites are dug in for the long haul . a simple can of raid wont work on them

  8. summerled says:

    defying jewery !!! its easy to say Nazis carries no downside for the politically chloroformed crowd to expose the grater enemy if must be disguised
    to say jew turns sheepole off but if you start with Zionists then Israels then jews
    thay start to get it that what works for me

  9. Pat says:

    12-year-old White girl defends herself from home invader, The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Okla. 10/19/12

    12-year-old Kendra St. Clair was at home alone in Durant, Okla. when a nigger rapist began banging on the front door. The nigger rapist had been casing the St. Clair home looking for an opportunity to rape and kill a White girl. Frightened, Kendra called her mother at work, who told her to retrieve some .40-caliber Austrian designed Affirmative Action and to hide in the bathroom closet. Kendra complied, and after calling 911, heard the shit skin break through a back door. After about six minutes inside the home, the Sambo made it to the bathroom closet where Kendra was hiding. As the nigger rapist murderer attempted to open the closet, Kendra injected Sambo with some .40-caliber Affirmative Action, striking it and causing the shit skin bastard to pee and flee. Police captured the porch monkey rapist murderer a short time later and transported it to a vet before taking it to the zoo. Following the incident, Kendra’s mother told local media about how her daughter was coping, stating, “She’s a trooper… She’s staying strong and confident. She’s handling this much better than I would have.” When asked about her experience, Kendra told reporters, “I kept my head on straight. This is one White girl that isn’t going to be raped by a shit skin. I can’t wait until Sambo gets out of the zoo because I’m going to have him killed. I talked to a local Biker gang and they already burned down the Section 8 housing where that shit skin was staying. By the way, I really like the Glock 22. It’s a great shit skin stopper. Unfortunately, my mom had the magazine loaded with full metal jacket ammo. You know – cheap stuff for target practice. My shots on Sambo were pass-thru’s. I’m a little disappointed because I think I might have had better results using a premium expanding load. As a result of this incident, we always load up with the good stuff now.”

  10. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    no budget yet out of wash dc ? ….then they should shut down since no one would miss any one there at all …start eliminating dhs and fema and all the high paid jewish college chancellors and on and on and on ..these parasites are dug in for the long haul . a simple can of raid wont work on them

    @sog. That’s why the jew haber invented zyklon. Little did he know that his chemical weapons empire would clean up some jews too.

  11. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Speaking of chemical weapons. I think that’s the ruse to get us to attack Syria now. Weapons of mass destruction we’ve heard that one before haven’t we? At least I hope the Syrians have the good sense to make sure the wind is blowing toward Israel before they use them. Fucking jews. The Syrians had to know this was coming every country anywhere near Israel has been under attack since the day Israel was created. Building the Israeli empire. Wars to make Israel safe in the middle east. And I have news for us. They wont stop with the middle east. They will never stop. As long as jews exist everybody’s in mortal danger. Or your kids or grandkids.

  12. S.S. Wiking says:


  13. sog says:

    good on ya finklestein for choosing li-nux ..seek out the distros with the longest maintenace time period projections
    for ease and simplicity lucid-linx 10.0.4 has it all but they are closing down the uodate and repository at the end of april ..
    i have also found open solaris project op sys titled open indiana to be practical and simple to use based on the illumous kernel ..sun micosystems/solaris and oracle community have created stuff for decades ,,,pcbsd on thumbdrive is good if you do to OSDISC it is easier to buy the effen live version bsd op sys than to try to create it to usb oneself..
    RHEL is a red hat based op sys in a few flavores ,, “centos” “oracle linux” “tails”
    ..one i really like where you have to sign in root etc is PURE OS 3 ,,forget 4, 5, 6, 7 ….
    3 is better than 4 as 4 will act like it cant translate certain cmputer model keybord layoute properly ….plus PUREos 3 is a live cd system with a very similar to apple desktop experience …pure os 3 is hard to find unless your good at ferreting out sites ..this link is http://pureos.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=105&Itemid=&lang=english
    RHEL scientific linux is a red hat supported live version ….oracle linux is red hat actually with all the names of stuff changed to avoid red hat conflict…
    happy trails

  14. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Haber played a major role in the development of chemical warfare in World War I. Part of this work included the development of gas masks with adsorbent filters. In addition to leading the teams developing chlorine gas and other deadly gases for use in trench warfare, Haber was on hand personally to aid in its release despite its proscription by the Hague Convention of 1907 (to which Germany was a signatory). Future Nobel laureates James Franck, Gustav Hertz, and Otto Hahn served as gas troops in Haber’s unit.

    Gas warfare in World War I was, in a sense, the war of the chemists, with Haber pitted against French Nobel laureate chemist Victor Grignard. Regarding war and peace, Haber once said, “During peace time a scientist belongs to the World, but during war time he belongs to his country.” This was an example of the ethical dilemmas facing chemists at that time.[9]

    Haber was a patriotic German who was proud of his service during World War I, for which he was decorated. He was even given the rank of captain by the Kaiser, rare for a scientist too old to enlist in military service.

    In his studies of the effects of poison gas, Haber noted that exposure to a low concentration of a poisonous gas for a long time often had the same effect (death) as exposure to a high concentration for a short time. He formulated a simple mathematical relationship between the gas concentration and the necessary exposure time. This relationship became known as Haber’s rule.

    Haber defended gas warfare against accusations that it was inhumane, saying that death was death, by whatever means it was inflicted. During the 1920s, scientists working at his institute developed the cyanide gas formulation Zyklon A, which was used as an insecticide, especially as a fumigant in grain stores.[10] During the Holocaust, Zyklon A was altered by the Nazis to be used in the gas chambers of concentration camps as Zyklon B.

  15. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Sorry InCog I don’t want to detract from your site but this stuff is just too funny to not share.


  16. Whelk Collector says:

    The Ardennes- Battle of the Bulge- Last of the Waffen SS in Europe

  17. Whelk Collector says:

    Jimmy- Of all the great posts I read on this site I think that you are closest I’ve read to a cause-solution debate that I’ve seen so far:

    “In the town of Amersham in England there is a memorial on a hill on the edge of a farmers field.
    The Amersham martyrs memorial where the Christian people of the day would not tolerate some cult who preached denial of Christ’s deity.
    The good Christian people were having non of it. These Godless scoundrels were rounded up and burn’t alive. (starting about 500 years ago)
    They knew only to well where that kind of wickedness would lead to.
    Look at how quickly our society collapsed when the Church lost it’s Christian character?”

    -I don’t live very far from that town and have been there many times (I used to have a lovely girlfriend there) and I can tell you that the locals have not forgotten what was done. -Just spend an evening in one of the local pubs. BTW 6 weddings and a funeral was filmed here.

    I say each to their own: White Christians and Atheists to be part of their own country of origin. Everyone else “mag-to-grid” GET-RID.- It’s that fucking simple.

  18. brian boru says:

    Interesting video summerled. It’s unfortunate, however, that the maker used National Socialist Germany as an example of where resistance should have been violent. That government was a power which resisted the criminal kikes who are hell bent on the destruction of our world. The Soviet jew system was the example he should have used. Had the Russians resisted the Bolshevik kikes violently when they had a chance fifty million non-jews might have been saved and the communist kike experiment derailed. Europe might then have avoided destruction and the gangster state in occupied Palestine would never have been established. Our world would now be a much safer and whiter place. Now, however, the kike is buldozing us all towards the abyss. Just about everything else stated in the video is accurate. It is unfortunate that most white Americans are not even at the first stage of resistance and that doesn’t bode well for a successful overthrow of the kike power structure at this point. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a very painful process removing this kike cancer from the world.

  19. jimbo says:

    start “blowing away” cops, feds, niggers and jews NOW!!

    don’t just fckn talk abt it…..FUCKING WELL do it!!

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