You Won’t See Any of This on Jew News!


Used wheelchairs to take knocked-out girls into hotel room for rape!

How about the story of the two Irish girls in Tokyo, Japan? Rendered unconscious by some sort of date rape drug slipped into their drinks, two black “musicians” in the entourage of US rapper Nicki Minaj, took the knocked-out girls back to their hotel room — literally wheeling the two in by using borrowed wheelchairs — so they could sexually assault them at their leisure. The pretty young lass, Nichola Furlong (above), unexpectedly woke up during the raping, so one of the black animals strangled her dead with a room towel. The 19 year-old bastard was declared a minor and only got five years in prison!

One might think a story like this would be interesting for the US media to report with all the international connections, a beautiful young victim, the music angle (if you can call that crap music) and the freaky bit about the wheelchairs, now wouldn’t you?

stubenville-rapeYou know how they reported nationally (right) on the rape story in Steubenville, Ohio, where two high school football players were convicted of raping a seriously drunk girl? Well, the only reason you heard a thing was because one of the perps was a White kid (“dual” Israeli citizen-owned and Jew-managed ABC World News Tonight did a big report).

That’s right. It was only because of that one White face did it go on the nightly dinner hour news. Hell, black football and basketball players are always getting charged for gang rape (usually, of drunk naïve White girls), but they never say JACK. The hypocrite Jew-controlled national media stays silent — they don’t want us Whites to get a clue to what is being done to us all.

The filthy Jew media hypocrisy is now off the GD RICHTER SCALE!

Now, the very next day after the Steubenville black/white duo was convicted, comes a story where two “persons of color” football players were accused of raping a 13 year-old little girl in Torrington, Connecticut. They look like some sort of third worlder Mestizos, or maybe mulattoes. Who da flock knows anymore?

The three robbed, violently beat and sodomized a "special needs" student. Isn't the media supposed to be so protective of poor retarded kids? Well, I guess not, when it comes to perps when they are “people of color!"

The three teenapers robbed, violently beat and sodomized a “special needs” student. Isn’t the media supposed to be so protective of poor retarded kids? Well, I guess not, when it comes to “people of color” perps!

Then yesterday, we hear that three black teens (right) robbed, beat (breaking two of his ribs) and anally raped a “special needs” student in a bathroom in West Memphis, Texas.

Somehow, I think the so concerned Dianne Sawyer of ABC news will NOT be introducing any breaking news reports on these cases!

Sure, you might see something about it, should the crime happen in your neck of the woods. But that’s because they can’t be so obvious as to censor too much at the local level (they still try not to show adult victim shots if they happen to be White). Well, at least not yet.

I write a lot about these kinds of things here.* Why? Because I’ve plain had it. And you should too. This kind of insane BS has gone on for quite long enough, my friend.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

You could tell yourself “oh, it’s just the liberal media, blah, blah, blah.” Uh, if that was the case then how come the supposedly “conservative” FOX news stays silent? Hell, there’s tons of stuff FOX news doesn’t say a word about.

jodieariasInstead, notice how FOX is going on and on and on about that Jody Arias case. You know, the one where the crazy WHITE broad kills the WHITE boyfriend in the shower? Hell, there’s not one iota of mystery about the crime, the insane woman was clearly responsible.

Jew media loves crazy White people stories.

You can easily detect Jew media’s fervent wish to reignite people’s attention these days with another media “circus,” using just about any White crime that has something juicy — like they have been doing for decades now. Just think about all the non-stop stories down the years, like Jon Benet Ramsey, Scott Peterson and Casey Anthony. All White crimes.

But people really don’t give a rat’s ass what BS they put on the air, anymore. They know something or other isn’t quite right with the deal.

FOX has also been on a big tear with Obama’s Israel trip, talking up a storm on why we’re such allies with Israel, because they are “the only democracy in the Mideast,” so brave with all the Jew-hating Muslim countries surrounding them and getting garage-built, overgrown bottle rockets fired at them from Gaza. What a tiresome, sick friggin’ joke! FOX news is obviously pandering to the Christian Zionist demographic — which is their whole mission.

Today, Obama gave a speech to Jew students in Israel. He ended it by saying something about “Tikkun Olam” and “repairing the world.” What a load of crock. This refers to the the arrogant Jew’s belief they have a God-mandated mission to fix all us “Goyim.”†

Just think, Obama didn’t dare give a speech at the Israeli Knesset, because so many psycho right-winger Jews would walk out on him. But when Bibi Netanyahu spoke before our entire Congress and Senate (all attending together), they gave the foreign leader 29 standing ovations. If they didn’t, phone calls might get made, dirt might be dug up. These “Shabbos Goys” all know they had better suck-up to these manipulative people — or else.

Now why do I bring up all this Israel business when it comes to black criminal behavior?

Don’t you get it? When will you connect the dots? These people want you to do nothing, sit on your ass, while they slowly but surely turn our nations into stinking crap holes of third worlders. All this, while at the very same time we pay our hard-earned tax money to Israel and even GD die for the bastards!

— Phillip Marlowe

* I might write a lot here about black crime, but trust me: I barely scratch the surface. You should see my folder directories on black on White crime stories. It’s astounding all the things I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WRITE ABOUT. That’s only because I’m just one guy.

About the only realistic show on TV now is “The First 48” since the nature of the production forces a glimpse of real crime in the US. And it amply illustrates how blacks are truly murderous animals, responsible for most of the crime in the US. No doubt whatsoever.

† This Jewish “Tikkun Olam” stuff is totally insane. These Jews are so full of crap it beggers belief. Here’s one stuck-up Jew explaining it and why Jews shouldn’t marry non-Jews because of how special they are, on a site called “Join the Jew Revolution!” Bold-faced copy in brackets are my notes.

…You see, throughout human history, the Jewish people have been at the forefront of working toward what we Jews call Tikkun Olam (perfection of the world). Our Torah introduced revolutionary ideas into the world, and we, the Jewish people, are “chosen” to be a “light unto the nations” to bring these ideas into the broad marketplace of human civilization. [this Chosen arrogance is not only by right-winger Jews, but left-wingers, too].

It is our Torah that first introduced the revolutionary concepts of “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” care for the orphan, the widow [how many old ladies have been ripped off by Jew scam artists?], the infirm, the stranger. Our Torah mentions “love of the stranger” 36 times, more than any other mitzvah mentioned in the Torah! [Right, we see just how they treat the Palestinians].

It was our Torah that introduced to the world the concept of not causing undue pain to animals, [WOW, Kosher laws call for cutting the throats of cattle upside down and letting it stumble around to die from blood loss] and yes even the concept of conservation. It’s our Torah that says that a person must “work” the land [how many Jews you see working as farmers?] and “guard” the land, that the land must lay fallow one year in seven to regenerate itself [ridiculous, it must be rotated]. It’s our Torah that says that even in times of war, one may not cut down a fruit-bearing tree, [unless it’s on Palestinian land they want] even when Jewish soldiers’ lives are at stake, or divert the waterworks of the city under siege. [they do anything they want when it comes to the goy]

It’s our Torah that says that even in times of battle, soldiers must get rid of their bodily wastes properly. [like throwing it on Palestinians, which happened recently] In effect, we were the first members of the Sierra club; we were the first movers and shakers to save the whales and preserve the Darter Snail. [what a laugh — Israel is one of the most polluted places in the Mideast]

These Jews are such insane hypocrites!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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132 Responses to You Won’t See Any of This on Jew News!

  1. Bailey says:

    Yea sog, And all in the name of protecting us from some imaginary boogieman,
    meanwhile the jews are busy giving muzzies liquor stores and gas stations that white people used to own.

    We’re fighting “evil’ terrorists in the ME, so we don’t have to fight them here but at the same time bringing them here and giving them potential bombs and i’m not positive but i think those ragheads are driving most of our cities taxi cabs too.

    So, the jews tell us that DHS , the patriotard act and some alphabet shit is for our protection while the jews bring in the people that they’re protecting us from and giving them our jobs and business’ that can potentially kill hundreds of us on just about any street corner at any given time but if we do live we will end up in the hospital with muslim doctors looking after us?

    I don’t drink much water so, That’s what it seems like to me.

    Be safe out there, Buy for gas from white people and stay away from niggers..

  2. sog says:

    this guy merkins and his bro are involved in GM and Gmac embezzlement and subsequent bankruptcy where you know they buy the company back for 1 penny on the dollar ..kikes have bee doing the hostile take over of businesses and running them into the ground after they loot all the assets and retiremnet money and then they restructure or another kike cell buys up the company and the stock for pennies..they been doing this shit for 100 years in the usa …merkin alsois one of the owners of cerberus ,,that is buying up all the gun companies ..maybe is why novetske was killed because he wouldnt sell wouldnrt be the first time the kikel gangs offed someone to acquire a business chain …
    dont these jews make you want smash their faces inside out …

  3. sog says:

    there ya are ,,yeah bailey we got kikes rippin off billions and people like toben and zundel go to kike lockup for 7 years for speeking and asking questions ..jews should know thet the hoilohoax is just not a believable hoax and let it go wont change their strangle hold on the world and people who are stupid will ignore it or nor believe it even if a kike says there was no holohoax ..and weisel already said it death camps in fgermany and awshits body count was dwongraded to 1.5 mill which is still ludicrous based on the time factors that there were even camps ..some of em wernt even camps at all ..its that flouride and chlorine cocktail in the water and thousands of other pharmaceutical metabolites that dont break down in drinking water that all the drugged up american sheep are gobbling down and pissin out metabolites …

  4. sog says:

    yes it is tuly a kill or be killed jungle out there now …ive had a few people i know get into some violence with some sheep and kicked their effen asses on the ground kickin in their ribs for crossing lines ..not too serious of shit ..but the feral nigger is out there seeking new prey …i can almost see the jewish puppeteers behind the curtain pulling the nigger maarrionette hate ful child nigger animals strings ..
    it is a kill or be killed alert to all white people ..”we” witnessed some street niggeres just absolutely stomp the lyin shit outta some mexicans thet pulled knives on the 3-4 niggers ..the niggeres weres stompoing on spik heads and basically the ems had to come and take the spiks away very very injured and unconcious it goes ..i dont know who started it but niggeres in close proximity is like bein in the zoo without the bars and cages ..heh heh ….no tellin what a white man can do with a throw away piece if niggeres strike ..its best to stifle the madness and gtfo of there ..jews created these nigger biological weapons ..only in a communist environment are they allowed to proliferate but the jews will not spare niggeres either in the end if it gets that far ..

  5. Michael Nunaurbis says:

    This happened Oct 17, 2012,

    Mugshots of the suspects: (left to right) Lynell J. Hil, Joseph Nathanael Hill, Dexter Lewis (Photos provided by the Denver Police Department)

    Nov 30:
    Two women killed in Fero’s Bar in Denver stabbed at least 14 times each

    Nov 15:
    Five (women) killed at Fero’s Bar were stabbed, coroner says

    Oct 25:
    Public services Thursday for Kelly Fallon, victim from Fero’s bar shootings

    Oct 24:
    3 suspects in deaths of 5 at Denver bar charged with 16 counts each

    Oct 20:
    Complete statement from family of Kellene Fallon
    Family of Fero’s Bar victim release public statement on loss

    Oct 19:
    No bond for 3 suspects in the murder of 5 at Fero’s bar in Denver
    Son of street gangster gunned down 18 years ago among three arrested
    Five slain victims of Fero’s remembered as amazing, kind people

    Oct 18:
    First of 3 accused of killing 5 at Fero’s Bar in Denver held without bond

    Oct 17:
    Fero’s Bar & Grill owner treated customers as “almost family”
    Five found dead after Denver bar fire identified by coroner, called homicides

    Three men short on cash thought they would rob a Denver bar, leave no witnesses and torch the evidence, prosecutors say.

    But a fourth man with them that night was a federal informant who told Denver police within hours about the botched heist in which five people were fatally stabbed inside Fero’s Bar & Grill.

    Those details emerged Friday in testimony from Denver police homicide Detective Mark Crider during a preliminary hearing for Dexter Bernard Lewis, 22; Joseph Hill, 27; and Lynell Jonathan Hill, 24, who are charged with five counts each of first-degree murder, felony murder, robbery and arson in the Oct. 17 attack.

    Denver District Court Judge John W. Madden IV will finish closing arguments March 15 before deciding whether there is enough evidence to hold the men for trial.

    The four-hour hearing offered new glimpses into the deaths of Young Suk Fero, 63, of Aurora; Daria M. Pohl, 21, of Denver; Kellene Fallon, 44, of Denver; Ross Richter, 29, of Overland Park, Kan.; and Tereasa Beesley, 45, of Denver. Firefighters responding to a blaze at the restaurant, 357 S. Colorado Blvd., found their bodies near a pool table and a dance floor.

    Lynell Hill needed fast cash to cover costs of an unrelated court case, so the trio hatched a plan to rob Fero’s, Joseph Hill told Crider. He was familiar with the establishment. Fero, the bar’s owner, was Joseph Hill’s landlady. He and his brother wore Halloween masks — the Hulk and Iron Man, respectively — so that she wouldn’t recognize them, Crider testified that Joseph Hill told him.

    Yet the men would make off with just $170 before fetching a gas canister from a nearby Loaf ‘N Jug and torching the business in a failed effort to destroy the evidence of their rampage, Crider said.

    The fourth man with them, Demarea Harris, was an informant for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on an unrelated investigation and has not been charged in the Fero’s incident. Crider said Harris told him he got together with the trio under the pretense that they would be shooting pool and drinking beer. He said he left while the violence was erupting but later made reference to seeing bodies, Crider said.

    Harris didn’t immediately report the situation to Denver police. Instead, he let the three men pick him up at a King Soopers and take him to a home, where he said he watched them try to bleach their gloves and weapons and divide the loot.

    Harris told Crider he didn’t get a cut of the stolen money. But when Crider noticed cash in his pocket, he admitted that some of it came from Joseph Hill and Lewis.

    Defense attorneys questioned Harris’ credibility and why he wasn’t charged with a crime.

    “Demarea Harris is a proven liar,” Joseph Hill’s attorney, Tom Hammond, told the judge.

    Nevertheless, it was Harris who helped detectives crack the case when he walked into the downtown ATF office. Later, at Denver police headquarters, he told Crider that he and Lewis entered the bar first and sat down to eat dinner. Lewis told him he was mad at Fero for kicking him out once when he was drunk, and was upset at another woman there for getting him and his girlfriend forced out of their apartment.

    While the Hill brothers were outside, Lewis sent them a coded text message, “G-4,” which meant the plan was good to go.

    Harris said he had gone into the bathroom when he heard a door slam. When he came out, Joseph and Lynell Hill were inside wearing masks and the trio were ordering people to the floor, demanding their wallets and credit cards. Joseph Hill started looting the registers, Crider said.

    Lewis “just stabbed people over and over and over again,” while the brothers held the patrons at gunpoint. Harris said he and Joseph Hill passed the knife back and forth and that he told Joseph Hill to kill Fero because “they couldn’t have any witnesses,” Crider said. Joseph Hill bent down and slit her throat.

    Once the four had reconvened, Lewis’ girlfriend took him and Harris home. As they parted ways, Lewis kissed him, told him he loved him and “told him ‘blood in, blood out,’ ” Crider said.

    But Harris spoke to police anyway because, Crider said, “he said these were innocent people who shouldn’t have been killed.”

    A coroner’s finding that all five people killed in Fero’s Bar and Grill in October were stabbed helps define the killer or killers, authorities say.

    “From the offender’s point of view, it takes a different kind of pathology to kill someone up close and personal,” said Gregg McCrary, a former FBI profiler from Virginia. “It’s different than killing someone with a gun from a distance. The victim is pleading, crying, coughing, yelling. It’s bloody. It’s awful.”

    On Oct. 17, Daria M. Pohl, 22; Kellene Fallon, 45; Young Suk Fero, 63; Ross Richter, 29; and Tereasa Beesley, 45, were fatally stabbed inside the bar at 351 S. Colorado Blvd., according to a coroner’s report.

    McCrary doesn’t have specifics of the Fero’s case, but if police are correct that three killers were involved, some victims clearly had to wait their turn.

    Each victim suffered multiple stab wounds, Denver coroner’s spokeswoman Michelle Weiss-Samaras said.

    Dexter Lewis, 22; Joseph Hill, 27; and his brother, Lynell Hill, 24, have been charged with murder, robbery and arson in the cases.

    The victims were discovered after a fire broke out in the bar.

    (My Comment) WHAT??? TWO MONTHS TO COMPLETE AUTOPSIES? This is just a stinkin’ excuse for the media not reporting on it for over 4 MONTHS. And they weren’t GOING to report on it cuz it’s more black on white killing!! If this would have been whites doing this in a black bar, there would still be black rioting in the streets? WHY AREN’T WE????!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO THE STORY REALLY SOUNDS FISHY ABOUT THE ATF AGENT BEING INVOLVED. HE DIDN’T PLAN ON GETTING CAUGHT EITHER. He went with the killers to the bar because he was doing an “investigation of his own.” Did he forget that when he told the cops he thought the blacks were just going to go play pool and drink some beer?” Another story that just doesn’t add up.)

    This came from another article talking about the the counts on the charges the blacks had:

    (The bodies were found about 1:50 a.m. Oct. 17 by firefighters responding to a blaze at Fero’s Bar & Grill, 357 S. Colorado Blvd., according to the Denver Police Department.)

    Read more: 3 suspects in deaths of 5 at Denver bar charged with 16 counts each – The Denver Post
    Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:
    Follow us: @Denverpost on Twitter | Denverpost on Facebook

    Weiss-Samaras said it took nearly two months to complete the autopsies because the coroner wanted to know if the fire contributed in any way to the deaths of the victims. It did not. (My comment: What??? This makes absolutely no sense at all.)

    Police say the crime was initially a robbery. According to the charging document, the three were armed with a knife and a gun.

    (My Comment: Why did they stab them to death if they had a gun? To get their rocks off on torturing them? What about rape? Nothing was said about that, and yet blacks LOVE raping white women).

  6. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Is there any incog people out there from chimpcago land? A few years back some working women were killed in a clothing store in a suburb. Has anybody caught the animals that did that yet? White or black I want them caught. I want them proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Then I want them shot while trying to escape.

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