Boston Bombers: Kid Brother CAPTURED



Fingered in the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday, Tamerlan Tsarnaev (left), a Muslim Chechen immigrant, was killed early this morning in a running street battle with police, while his 19 year-old brother, Dzhokhar (right) was at large until early this evening when they found him in tarpelin-covered boat parked in a side yard. Right now, it looks like the cops did take him alive, even though wounded.


I bet right at this moment we have ourselves some seriously disappointed multicult bastards out there blubbering away, crying that it wasn’t some racist White guys from Mississippi or Alabama, like they were openly hoping for.

And why the GD HELL are we letting in Chechen SCUM like this into America? I’ve plain had it with the stupidity that has engulfed America with this multicult crap. I’m also astounded by the complete level of BS now. On Thursday I witnessed on TV the FBI publicly tell the country “don’t look at any other photos out there, just look at the ones we show you.” READ MORE

Wow. The cheekiness of these people is amazing. The couple of shots they released showed practically nothing, just a couple of guys with backpacks, maybe part of some plot. Of course, none of the other suspicious shots of an apparent police or military operations at the Marathon were talked about in the media, other than veiled, sarcastic references of things on the Internet. What’s the deal there?


What we got here, folks, is probably just some psycho Chechen nutcases. But it very well could have been a “let in happen on purpose” plot, where the FEDS knew of the two and gave them enough rope to hang themselves and/or further the careers of FBI agents overseeing the surveillance operation. Happens all the time.

Indeed, it’s possible the FEDs had them on the radar at the beginning, but lost control and the two carried out the bombing. There’s plenty of suspicion for this in the way the FEDs handled the so-called image discovery part, plus the sheer amount of suspicious-looking people at the Marathon — either police, military or maybe special operative units that the media kept from reporting to the general public. See all the photos HERE to get an idea.


Already they are yapping up a storm on “violent radicalization from the Internet.” You can bet they’ll use this Boston Marathon bombing as an excuse to “crack down on hate speech” — with the Kwans justifying it in their little heads that it’s only about Muzzies and not let themselves consider the ramifications for freedom in America.

Muzzie-hating Jews and Jew tools, like ugly creeps Pam Geller and Bridget Gabrielle, will also have a field day, going on TV every five minutes to stoke up the paranoia, talking about terror cells everywhere and selling books about the “12th Imman turning America into a Caliphate.”

Any criticism of the Jews and Zionism will be equated with the fundamentalist Jihadi business, simply because of sacred Israel and the holocaust crap. The YIDiot Kwans will not understand any distinctions as those of us who “get it” are silenced — maybe even actively prosecuted by the Zionist-owned government.

America is rapidly becoming a police state. Everything we saw in commie Russia is now coming to this country. I’ve been warning about all this for some time.

–Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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168 Responses to Boston Bombers: Kid Brother CAPTURED

  1. sog says:

    ha ha lol shit ..thats good bailry ..1350 times more ferilizer than some law allows ..was looking at the vid some guy poked around on and froze a few frames cans ee the explosion make its self evident muct to the left ans high they say 100 yeards up …
    yeah T bone they are also passing all kinds of damn laws to even make thinking about dumping kikes and illegals gainst the law ..fuck a bunch of damn niggere and commies ..that covers most muslim and jews right …..we would like to have our white countries returned to white and hell i will gladly leave this infested nigger cess pool for a white country ..or let us have some of the states for ourselves ..we want self determination and constitutioanl soverignty for whites free from nigger and spik malfeasance and hate and genocide these protected class of hate crime perpetrators comit against whites every hour in the usa ………………………………………………………………..

  2. That is funny, sog.

    Yeah and I don’t know why everyone just doesn’t plant black walnut. You’ve explained why everyone just doesn’t plant the hooch well enough.

  3. sog says:

    yeah frank they did and they had their undercover shmo in place with the bombers who were financed by the jews …the undercover schmo radioed in to HQ and axxed em if they wanted him to neutralize the bomb which was made much more potent with containers tanks of hydrogen ….
    HQ told him to let it ride ,back off and some other blah blah protocol was goint to take effect ..yeah it did and it blew the shit out of the basement ..knocked a few parking levels out …but it didnt knock over the building …structurally they could withstand 1500% of their total gross weight on the roof and stand strong ..another built in fail safe was that you could emove a whole 1’st floor infrastructure on any wall N. S E. OR WEST ..just one complete length and the building wouldnt even know the 1st floor perimete structure was missing ..very strong building and didnt fall from fire ,,lmao ..

  4. “Failure to report significant volumes of hazardous chemicals at a site can lead the DHS to fine or shut down fertilizer operations, a person familiar with the agency’s monitoring regime said.”

    They can go ahead try to shut this plant down. I am sure the government buffoons will actually try to do that.

    Really though, I feel really bad for this blast. I am sure most of the victims were hard working white dudes. God bless em.

  5. sog says:

    i dunno AOTP but i have a feeling it is the rareness of black walnut tree production and its beauty that made it so expensive ..but if everyone planted it that might make the value go down …at 100 acres and 25 trees oer acre at even 10,000 per adult 20 year old tree you would still make 25 million ..sighhhh ..hmmm
    back in the old days you could get acreage in the emeraldo for 200-500$ per acre and it is alot more expensive now …it is beautiful as hell up there …

  6. sog says:

    nice link aotp and may world anti jewish pogroms begin soon ..let the games begin ..i think weve all had enough of these god dam asshole jews ..these assholes are way past over due at the land fill ….

  7. sog says:

    i’ll say it again on adolfs 124 th b-day …only death and total eradication of jewish DICTATORSHIP is the only choice that will free mankind mainly white mankind ..because the shitskins could all live under jews communist umbrella and rainbow diversity just fine till they all started to kill each other ..lmao ..whites need their own dam nations er damn nation to live in with out dumb niggers and marxist idiots ..mexicans would be easy to get rid of ..they all live in tight knit ghettos over here and even though all these beaners are beaners they ar all from different bean patches in south america and mexxikko they all hate each other pretty much like niggers like to kill each other over a bannanna or what ever ..
    george washington used his own money to finance his militia army …just saying ..

  8. t bone says:

    I dont know about you, Sog, but I’m for dumping the whole GD mexcrement race. Every last single wetback!

    Not just the illegal ones either. Like I said, todays illegals will be tomorrows legals.

    I know their M.O. far too well. Legal wetbacks have moved into my neighborhood. I’d say about 5 per year on average, within less than a 100 yard radius, for the last 10 years.

    I just got a few new ones who blocked me from parking. They said “We’ll move our car so you can park”.

    Nice, right?


    Every single wetback started the same exact way for the first year. Soft spoken, polite, keeps to themselves, etc…

    But once that year is up, they know that they have established some roots. They morph into smug, arrogant, loud savages. Every single GD one. I anticipate the new wetbacks pulling the same BS in a couple more months or less. Its guaranteed. Its their M.O.

    They wind up thinking they own the place and that their entitlements exceed yours.

    Illegal or legal does not matter to me. Wetbacks are scum.

    Just like jews. I call them jews. ‘Zionist’ is another throw away word.

  9. sog says:

    i can tell you volumes on spikks Tbone ..ive lived in neighborhoods that went all the way brown and all that that entails with the crime drunk crasheses every day driving through houses all the shit gettin ripped off or vandalized ..wheel lugs loosened etc ..shootings stabbings etc ..have to carry loaded and open carry so the gangs leave you alone …1 neighborhood went veetmmeez and then ex sandanistas and meztizos by the time it went all the way brown all the niggeres had been forced out …spaninsh types that have been in california since 4-5 generations i cant say which way i would go ..i will go with law and order and respect and constitutional law and for jews being banned from politics and banking 100% ..forget the national debt ans execute all the jooish stock holders of federal reserve by order of a tribunal ..i have to say that 97% of mexicans need to leave or face retribution ..97% of niggers need to gtfo and 67% of thenm need to be summarily executed for crimes we know they are guilty of and or will be ..jews by god need to be driven from land mass to lands end somewhere it can be electric fenced in and let them starve to death ..all of them ..there is nothing more dangerous than a jew with a pen and paper and other peoples money as thomas jefferson explained ..and was it franklin and lincoln and jfk ..not so mucj jfk but the optheres mentioned driving the jews from america by force of hand ..and basically if the remeining 3% of shitskins cant toe the line then they can go away like israel is sending all their phony nigger ethiopian jews back to some damn where but they are gone but for the paqperwork and plaqne availability …jes are cheap and will overl;oad a plane which will naturally fly to the left from all the extra niggeres stuffed in baggage ..heh heh ..
    our “terrorist” forefathers saw the worthlessness and greed that infected the shitskins ..been damn well proved in spades ..heh heh and shades ..
    we just need our own effen homeland or be subsidized to go back to our forebears lands insteda of the shitskins gettinf subsidized to go there …i am all for kicking all muds out of scandanavia ..100% all brown garbage muslim nigger trash muslim arab feces with legs …hwell i wish they would legalize a wholesale slaughter and bounty for on all non whites and jews in the white nordic aryan countries ..100 fucking gone ..muslim trash marxist commie jew trash and niggers of all perversions sireee no mercy just5 ethnic cleansing the ontl way to ensure the end of the bull shit in our fore bars dna homelands …
    but i dont disagree with your reasons t-bone ..i know what itslike to live in black ghettos as well ..shooteings uhmm hit the floor nahh my favorite show is on ,,right heh heh ..maybe shoot back once in a while ..shhhh..

  10. sog says:

    yeah tbone mexicrap have the machismo thing ..they have to be ass holes ..ive dealt with it and ive alkso had them lick my boots from time to time …but they are thieves and yes they are now with the la raza to the point that none are to be trusted ..they steal shit off construction jobs ..they go in at nite to farms and steal shit loads of produce crops etc and sell this shit at fle farmers mkts etc …we would find no mercy in mexico and we would not expect any type of respect from spiks in mexica either …the tourist rade is dying there as the crime moves closer to resort cities and resort areas ..chaos and laawlessness is te rule od survial and law there ..shit hole ,,,do not go there ..the cops rape white women all the time old friend of mine blasted a few spik bastards down there many years ago ..hmm maybe 4-5 wetbacks splattered all over like refried crap on the ground ..he got out of there and made it safely out of mexico ,,lol..
    i had anothe psyco friend pay a lockup facility gaurd to let him escape and they shot at him anyway but they missed i think ..they might have hit him in the head lol ..crazy sob ..
    mexico treats all the mother fuckers comin from central shit hole merica like dogs too . rapes killings robberys and these central american fools keep coming …t-bone ill tell you im a dreamer ,,right ,i wish the god dam world could get along and that the right people could lead the idiots out there and we could have some dam peace for awhile ..
    dream on dream big heh heh ..but no matter what people think of j.b. campbells approach it is the only one that wouyld change things back to a tolerable level …considering that la raza and the NOI and the NBPP have called for the deaths of all white people we have work to do or we will be buried …
    this bull shit in boston is just a curve ball ..its “hey look” there is terrorism ..there is mindless terrorism that strikes at random times so it must be valid and american shit fer brains will lap it up like good sheep ..imho its not even these two rubes they took out 1 kia and one soon to be ..oswald could tell them a few things as could bin laden and well the non existent al kaida metnat ..fore knowledge ..innocent people ..=jews everytime …like the palestinian girls they kidnap and rape and mk ultra them to the limit and drug em up strap em up and release them into security zones with explosive vest popper …so how do the palestian girls with bomb vests get thru the checkpoints ..well they get through like the underwear bomber on the plane didi get escorted on by some fuckin lo iq golem schmo intelligence agent .lol oxymoron ..oxy-oxy moron …
    its all theatre of the bizaare ..

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    They have a article on Yahoo News tonight about actors that have parents that work in the entertainment business. They said Sandra Bullock’s mother’s name was Helga Meyer. She was a German opera singer. I thought the name Meyer was jewish. I’ve heard she’s not jewish.

  12. Cleansweep says:

    Hello Brian Boru!

    “Thanks for that vid ‘Cleansweep’. Hitler certainly was by far the most popular leader of his people in modern times. He was a giant in comparison to the filthy vermin who misrule us at the behest of their kike stringpullers today.
    Also, few people could put on a parade like the Germans. Stirring stuff!”

    By all means. There is more where it came from 🙂
    Germany should build up their forces again. Now they have dwarfed their armed forces. Germany is the leading country of Europe. And as the leading country it should be the leading military force in Europe. But jews wont allow it. Jews are still at war with Germany.

  13. sog says:

    yeah t i forgot to add on your comment about the upcoming furor over calling illegals illegal ..its sneaking the hate law language thing in under americas nose ,and next thing you know we will have the same assinine marxist shit like england and austrailia and germany..where a fuckin mud fucker in sweden ,norway, denmaerk can tattle on the indigenous white person in his own country ..the pakki or nigger can say you wernt freindly ..its a law have to bend over for the invasive excrement races or youll have to go before some jewed up judge ,like england and etc …yeah they are not dying yet but they are dying to get “hate “law crap installed here …

  14. sog says:

    yeah t i forgot to add on your comment about the upcoming furor over calling illegals illegal ..its sneaking the hate law language thing in under americas nose ,and next thing you know we will have the same assinine marxist shit like england and austrailia and germany..where a fuckin mud fucker in sweden ,norway, denmaerk can tattle on the indigenous white person in his own country ..the pakki or nigger can say you wernt freindly ..its a law have to bend over for the invasive excrement races or youll have to go before some jewed up judge ,like england and etc …yeah they are not dying yet but they are dying to get “hate “law crap installed here …
    America’s Founding Fathers recognized this simple fact when they wrote the Constitution. That’s why they demanded a Bill of Rights. And along with freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, they stated—in the plainest of English—that “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
    In every country that the Communists ever took over, the first thing they did was seize private firearms and make possession of a weapon a criminal offense. They realized that only a disarmed population can ever be totally enslaved.
    Today they want to take away our guns. What will they want to take away next?

    It is rather ironic that under Hitler, every German citizen was ENCOURAGED to have at least one rifle, one shotgun and one handgun.

    That’s right—unlike the liberals and America’s Communist allies of World War II, Adolf Hitler favored the private ownership of weapons!

    That’s not what you’ve been told. There are a lot of things you haven’t been told.

    If you would like to discover other interesting facts in this corrupt, upside-down world, you should get in touch with the NEW ORDER. We’re working for a very different kind of world.

    Copies of this commentary are available in leaflet form from: NEW ORDER, PO Box 270486, Milwaukee WI 53227.

    neworder link off justice for germans link ..outstanding linkage ..thanks incog ..ahhye
    justiceforgermans dot com

  15. DICARLO says:

    AOP, my friend — The first question in my mind when you suggested the American Freedom Party was, do they name the jew? So I googled the American Freedom Party, and the first thing I see is that they attended the meeting held by American Renassaince. My information is that if you name the jew at any AR message board, you are censored and removed. Organizations whining about how blacks and mestizos have been empowered over Whites by the jewsmedia without naming parasitic jews as the minority who orchestrated that empowering, and are behind that empowering along with out of control immigration of nonWhites into White countries, is pissing in the wind. Last year, A3P/AFP’s presidential candidate lamented A3P being associated in any way with White Nationalists. Is this the kind of people (read: wimps) WNs want to be associated with? These people are jerking them selves off if they think they’re going to sneak into the back door into power by avoiding mentioning the vermin who are actually in power.

  16. Okay DiCarlo, just take a look at their party platform. Kevin MacDonald is one of their leaders. Is he philo-semitic? And I wouldn’t necessarily call them wimps – they are exposing themselves, unlike you and me. I think their presential candidate was just had his own opinions. But, Hell, what can he say? He hasn’t get a huge war chest with his America-first, anti-NWO, anti-Hollywood, pro-Constitution message. I mean whose going to back him on that? I think we have our answer: nobody. As for Amren, I don’t know what to think about that. They do serve some useful purpose. If they had been talking about the kike, then they wouldn’t have gotten as much traction on some of the other important issues. But what does that tell you? I think the AFP is more limited by the support it will receive from the people it is trying to help than the jews themselves re breaking out on the jewish question. That is why one man saved Europe. He was the only one with the guts.

  17. Anti-Jew who Incog censors like a Jew says:

    BULLETIN ITEM: DAHBOO77 Proves 19 Year Old Suspect2 is falsely charged

    He also shows you from the flood of video cam material now on the WEB, who in
    fact is highly likely the Number One Suspect – one of the Craft operatives who
    exits the scene without the backpack he brought in…

  18. DICARLO says:

    Any white racial movement is doomed to fail if it doesn’t focus on organized jewry as the basis of the racial problems white people face. With that in mind, the jew must be named, and he must be named at every opportunity. As you well know, the problem of jewish subversion is not going to solve itself or go away on its own, and if the jewish grip on power isn’t loosened, there will come a day not too long from now when the Jews will have outlawed all criticism of themselves or the brown flood they’ve unleashed on the White nations.

    I’d say the most useful purpose AR, and other White organizations that loathe to mention the jew serve, is to divert Whites from the ultimate truth and keep them in the dark. It serves jew subversion. Pointing at the Federal Reserve’s financial swindle as the reason for America’s catastrophic financial decline without identifying it as a jewish swindle helps the jews to stay behind the curtain. Pointing only to non-Whites as the problem merely addresses the mess on the floor without dealing with the crux of the problem: the gaping hole in the roof. The jewsmedia will simply label these moderate, half-way-there thinking, moderates as dispicable racists, the same they would call them if they named the jew. Why do these people think they’ll get off the PC hook by pointing out only black crime and brown immigration? They’ll gain no traction anyway. There is no solution at the voting box because the jews count the votes.

  19. DICARLO says:

    Israeli Doctors Are Treating Boston Bombing Suspect: New Details on His

  20. t bone says:


    You definitely know the deal. The jew is priority number one.

    We need to find the right balance and focus on both the jew and shitskin problem without one diluting the other.

    We need to get the hole in the roof fixed. In the meantime, the mess on the floor can rot the floor if not dealt with on some level. Or if markers (awareness) arent visible, one can slip on the mess and hurt themselves.

    Point being; do not become harmonious with the mess on the floor. The mess on the floor will not assist in fixing the hole in the roof.

    Around 911, 2001, I searched for jew wise sites. I couldnt find any. However, I did find anti-negro sites. That wasnt what I was looking for. Although I despise the negro BS being thrust upon us, I knew the problem stemmed from the jews.

    I eventually found Incog. It was perfect. Incogland knows that it is indeed the jew. But Incogland also exposes shitskin crimes for the sake of White awareness. Theres a very good balance here.

  21. sundown says:

    It could very well turn out that these two kids are patsies!

  22. summerled says:

    Israeli Doctors Are Treating Boston Bombing Suspect: New Details on His

    what’s that suspect suddenly dies from his wounds well what do know
    butcher to the ER ,butcher to the ER

  23. Okay, DiCarlo. Suit yourself. You too t bone. Let me know when this real solution comes along. It does seem to me that there has been plenty of organizations that have – and they have never gotten anywhere. Don’t ask me why that is. But one thing is for certain – we have to organize. When you organize a bunch of people, it is necessary to have a range of acceptable opinions. I mean, the AFP wants to put up a massive border fence, increase tarrifs, get rid of the IRS and CIA, eliminate the Fed, eliminate income taxes, un-indoctrinate education, stop funding israel and provide relocation assistance to a mass of recent immigrants. Is there anything implied in these actions that you can fathom that will involve dealing with certain undesirable groups, and one most particularly? It is a fact that a lot of whites will be turned away by an anti-jew message at this time. You know how we always complain how people need to wake up? Well, we need to wake them up. And sometimes you don’t do that by slapping them in the face. Sometimes you have to draw them in. I mean, contrast the AFP with the republicans and democrats. Anyway, I felt it they were worthy of my support. And please, let me know when that organization that will effectively carry the message and do the work comes along. It’s getting late in the game.

  24. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Not to be disrespectful, but …….

    AntiRacist Hitler

  25. NO QUARTER says:

    Maybe it’s these guys – check out this jewtube vid:

  26. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    There’s a bunch if interesting stuff on the Marathon here …

  27. MJ says:

    Of ALL people!!!
    You dont even give a RATS ASS about the TX BOMBING!

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Uh, Mad Jewess, I don’t have time to cover ALL of what you Jew creeps are up to. I’m only one Goy you know.

  28. sog says:

    mj hows gravity treating you these days …
    it looks like disinfo or there is saudi smell around this boston bombing …israels promise to deliver iran’s oil fields to the saudis as a gift has been interupted ??boo hoo..saudi arabia is broke ..i guess thay can pound sand….they have a lot of scum bag perverts to support in that muslim infidel country run by stealth jews it could be true that iran is supposed to go to the saudis ..who have pretty much been in the back ground and out of the media lites …hmmm and nutinyeti is jihad level angry at the usa right now ..punk ass …..nothing works with the jews all up in the intel agencys running diversions and interference for marxist bottom lines ..all jews need to be removed from american govt can see how hitler felt now ..
    mj how did you know its a bomb in boston hasnt been released to the sheep news stations ..
    I dont believe in coincidences either for that matter do make me laugh tho mj ///you are 1/4 sephardic ,yes? and your mother is 100% sephardic or 1/2 or 1/4 ..and sephardic at best is 5.78 % original israelite from a mix of time ..only problem is scholars dont feel that sephardic ancestral dna is thru shem line but rather thru japheth ..what a way to fuck up the world tho ..akkadians invented usary and history invented jews ..jews reinvented themselves thru history as superior only no jews dna is with single race parameters ..follow me girlfiend …
    come out of your self delusional progression from the self deception that you are any better or any worse than anybody else within parameters since you arent really jewsih anyway … think your pretty cute dont you think you are a modern day jooo ..odd way to see one self ..
    watch that movie on modernheretic3000 and have a laugh or 2 …heh heh

  29. MJ says:

    What a stupid thing to say. Suggesting that just because I am a little bit ethnic-Jewy, I would have something to do with Monsanto and West TX.

    Look….’goy’Incog.. Why is Boston more important than these folks in TX? Boston is loaded with Commies who breed Commies.

    The MSM HAD you too!!

    JEW tool!!!!!

    The “Bomb” hit in TEXAS, ‘Sog’gybottomboy while all of you wre worrying about Boston, which was probably just a flag op.

  30. MJ says:

    sog: gravity sucks over 40.

  31. summerled says:

    from NTS site

  32. Jason says:

    R.I.P. the united states of America

    Born: July 4, 1776

    Died: April 21, 2012

    Cause of death: jews

  33. Ken says:

    Incogman sure likes to repeat Jew Mass Media bullshit and hatred towards Muslims or anyone the Jew Mass Media wants to demonize.

  34. Pat says:

    Funny “Ken”.

    I like that you choose jew words like “hate”. Yeah, Incog is spreading “hate”.

    Well, Ken….we don’t care what you or people like you think.

    Maybe you should find something else to do with your time.

  35. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    manner of death: strangulation

  36. Eric says:

    NEW YORK (AFP) – New York police said Friday that they have found a fragment of one of two airplanes that slammed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

    The huge chunk of aircraft was found wedged between two office buildings in lower Manhattan.

    The buildings, at 51 Park Place and 50 Murray Street, are located just two blocks from the site of the attacks known as Ground Zero.

    Only a very narrow space exists between the buildings, which could explain how the part eluded investigators for nearly 12 years.

    { The dzhokhar SAYS:’That’s where I hid my pressure cookers..”}

    Police said the plane fragment appeared to be “part of a landing gear, apparently from one of the commercial airliners destroyed on September 11, 2001.”

    And the part bears a “clearly visible” Boeing identification number, according to police spokesman Paul Browne. Although police would not confirm the size of the piece, NBC television reported it was about five feet (1.5 meters) long.

    Authorities said it will not be removed until the area has been thoroughly examined, including for possible human remains.

    “The NYPD is securing the location as it would a crime scene, documenting it photographically and restricting access until the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner completes its health and safety evaluation protocol, after which a decision will be made concerning sifting the soil for possible human remains,” Browne said in a statement.

    The aircraft was one of two hijacked 12 years ago by Al-Qaeda suicide attackers and flown into the Twin Towers, destroying two of the nation’s most iconic buildings.

    Authorities were alerted to the chunk of wreckage on Wednesday after surveyors found what they believed was damaged machinery at the rear of 51 Park Place.

    The attacks killed 2,753 people at Ground Zero. In coordinated attacks, another plane smashed into the Pentagon while a fourth crashed in Pennsylvania.

    No remains of 1,122 of the victims in New York have ever been found, according to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
    Since 2006, authorities have selected 6,134 bone fragments and 1,845 other remains for advanced DNA testing, which has led to the identification of 34 victims.

  37. Bailey says:

    A sign of things to come.

    It seems that most people in the Watertown neighborhood didn’t have a problem with this.

  38. silvernickel says:

    DHS jews! And I see Israeli doctors are ‘caring’ for that poor duped Chechnyan kid.

    Satanic, terroristic bastards!!

    jewscum Schwartz says they prepared for bombings at the Marathon yet pictures from the event shows suspicious groups of men ALL OVER with big backpacks……they include military-like contractors, the Chechnyan brothers(FBI dupes?) and two middle east dudes. Who wears big backpacks to watch a marathon?

  39. silvernickel says:

    Kentucky Derby and Indy 500 coming up soon.

    I wonder if the jews have some terror in mind for those major spectacles?

  40. Eric says:

    Front row seat for this guy..

    Boston Bomb Hoax? Phoney Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off

    If you see him @ Indie 500 fucken run hehe..

  41. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I told my wife they will make the wine sipping ladies remove their gargantuan hats before the derby. I also said I volunteer to check their undies but wife said no. It was in moderation because I get my internet via satellite and we were in the middle of a big lightning/thunderstorm at the time.

  42. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    America. What a country. Notice they just report that it was MORE than 100 thousand, but do not report actual amount of all benefits.

    The accused Boston Marathon bombers’ family pulled in more than $100,000 in welfare up until 2012, The Boston Herald reported.

    The benefits included food stamps, Section 8 housing and stipends, the report said. One person with knowledge of the documents that will be handed over to the House Post Audit and Oversight Committee told the paper, “the breadth of the benefits the family was receiving was stunning.”

    Read more:

  43. Back to Africa With All Negroes says:

    Those fuckers look like they could easily be Jews to me.

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