Boston Bombing: White Patriots Targeted For Blame?


Oh, man, it’s so obvious now. Only minutes after the two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, the traitorous media was already making allusions to the possibility of domestic terrorism. You can tell the media bastards are salivating at the chance to make White patriots the baddies!

Now I don’t know if it was a false flag attack or not, but this I do know: Embedded Zionist traitors within the US government could easily have done it. The most important thing to keep in mind, is that this kind of scum have no problems committing such acts of murderous mayhem on innocent Americans. That scary idea is what keeps foolish and naïve Americans from getting the big picture.

Several news people were talking within the hour about the April anniversary of the Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma bombing, the Branch Davidians at Waco and even Hitler’s birthday coming up on the 20th. Brief (maybe a little too brief) mention was made about it also being the due date for Federal taxes (April 15). Well, doesn’t that say they were just being careful?

Sure — yet tax day would seem to be a big clue to talk about. But does that mean it was really anti-government, “tea party” patriots? No, it doesn’t, because any false flag operators would WANT a big obvious clue, or excuse that will resonate with the public later, once they appear to zero in on a pre-designated “patsy” individual or group. In other words, the false flag will have an obvious propaganda motive from the get-go on which they can make a big deal about later. Clever.

I’m not trying to say it was definitely a false flag mind you, all I’m trying to say is that it’s possible. Just look at all the evidence of false flag with 9/11, for crying out loud!

Here’s one witness’ story censored by national media. Training exercise? They use that all the time to cover preparations. You might think this guy would be interesting to interview on FOX or MSNBC, huh?

I don’t trust these bastards as far as I can throw them. And I pay close attention to the media because I don’t trust them one GD bit either. They are NOT independent and free from government/Zionist BS. Of course, we already know that by now.

We’re being taking for a ride.

After-all, there’s tons of stuff they don’t report on. And what they do report, only confirms the bias against White people.

Look how fast the mainstream media dropped that Texas DA and wife getting murdered. So sure the perp was a member of the “Aryan Brotherhood,” they were running lead-in reports left and right — on up until the cops named a fired justice of the peace as a prime suspect (who may have been trying to get payback for losing his job after he was caught stealing office computer equipment).

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was all over the place saying it was evil Nazis!

Did you see that big-to-do ABC made about that Florida security cop who had targets showing an ambiguous figure wearing a hoodie and holding skittles? You couldn’t see any black face, but that was enough. The poor sap merely showed the targets to fellow cops in the trunk of his car and never used them for target practice. That was enough to get him fired, even though he apologized profusely.

But did ABC report ONE GD thing on those targets being sold to the DHS, that show nothing but White people? Mothers, young children and old people, too.

How about the 1.6 billion rounds the DHS is buying? Or the 2700 MRAPS (armored cars) they are gearing up with? We all know the government is putting in place the infrastructure for something very big coming down the pike.

Hell, my gut feeling tells me this Boston Marathon bombing will be small potatoes compared to what these bastards have in store for us soon enough.

— Phillip Marlowe

Wake up and smell the stinking Gefilti Fish!




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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117 Responses to Boston Bombing: White Patriots Targeted For Blame?

  1. t bone says:

    I think its a mossad op.

    Why all the bomb sniffing dogs and precautions?

    Not because something was called in but because mossad needs their shenanigans to go according to plan.

    Seems the many dogs were nowhere near the actual bombs. Could it be that they were making sure that there was no mix up and that the bombs werent planted at a random location by mistake?

    They already have their patsy too. Someone with a rap sheet who fits the profile. Give it a few days. My money says they pin it on a White guy/group. Goodbye liberties, Soviet style.

    But if its pinned on arabs, then they have their excuse to bomb Iran.

    Win-win for

  2. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    But if its pinned on arabs, then they have their excuse to bomb Iran.

    Its interesting that in the Turban Cowboy, the muslim dude doesn’t know that he’s involved; therefore he was set up (by a false flag).

  3. Bailey says:

    “A school psychologist by the name of Mary Sherlach does not exist as an actual employee at Sandy Hook Elementary School. There is no licence for such a person and instead, suspiciously, her licence was issued only in 2013. The woman pictured as Mary Sherlach has been identified as Jane Vogel Brickell and, thus, Mary Sherlach is an alias. Ms. Brickell has been determined to be alive and well, living in New York. Morever, this individual is not disputing this finding, because she knows it to be true.”

    A woman i work with has a cousin who was Mary Sherlachs best friend since childhood and her cousin attended Marys funeral .

    I don’t see any reason why this woman would make that up , i’ve known her for nearly seven years.
    Either somebody is bullshitting or this damn thing goes deeper than any of us can imagine.

    Anyway, It does seem like the Constitution State and the rest of the NE are leading the way toward destroying it AOP, I noticed that some time ago.

  4. t bone says:

    Sogs 7:05 link sheds a lot of light on this fiasco.

  5. I don’t know, Bailey, there is definitely disinfo campaigns all around the Sandy Hook psy op.

    I don’t know what the problem is with the northeast. How could so many of the whites be liberal retards and think of themselves as sophisticated. I think the roots of the problem are, one, too few whites and too many jews and, two, a largely non-rural, technified existence for most denizens which removes them from nature and the wisdom she supplies.

    Peace and prosperity for “Gentiles” is found in national unity. Satiation and wealth is found in their destruction for jews.

  6. StSimonOfTrent says:

    Congress Repeals Insider Trading Law for Themselves Same Day as Boston Bombing, Interesting timing, no?

    Congress Quietly Repeals Congressional Insider Trading Ban
    April 15th, 2013

    While Congress might be stuck in a deadlock on just about every issue imaginable, there’s one piece of legislation that both Democrats and Republicans hate unanimously: the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act, a law passed last year designed to prevent insider trading among lawmakers and government officials by requiring them to post disclosures of their financial transactions online.

    Both parties and both houses of Congress hated the disclosure portion of the law so much that it was repealed on Friday without debate—the measure was sent to the president by unanimous consent. The ordeal took about 10 seconds in the Senate and 14 seconds in the House, according to official records.

    The STOCK Act would have required members of Congress, their aides, and other federal employees making more than $119,554 a year to disclose their financial dealings in an online database. It was supposed to prevent government officials from using insider knowledge about policy-making to profit from stock trades and other investments.

    Upon the signing of the bill into law last year (pictured above), President Barack Obama said, “The idea that everybody plays by the same rules is one of our most cherished American values. It’s the notion that the powerful shouldn’t get to create one set of rules for themselves and another set of rules for everybody else, and if we expect that to apply to our biggest corporations and to our most successful citizens, it certainly should apply to our elected officials—especially at a time when there is a deficit of trust between this city and the rest of the country.” The White House has not said whether the president will sign the repeal.

    Despite the repeal, government officials will still have to file disclosures of securities trades over $1,000 within 45 days, but they no longer have to file them in a searchable database that was to be easily accessible to the public.

    Congress and the President had delayed the online posting portion of the act from going into effect 3 times already, but the ultimate repeal came after the National Academy of Public Administration, a nonprofit group, found that publishing the information would create an “unwarranted risk to national security and law enforcement, as well as threaten agency missions, individual safety and privacy,” in a report delivered last month. The group suggested that the online posting requirements should be suspended indefinitely.

    Lisa Rosenberg of the Sunlight Foundation, a nonprofit group advocating for government transparency, said that the repeal “sets an extraordinarily dangerous precedent suggesting that any risks stem not from information being public but from public information being online.”

    Rosenberg raises an interesting point: Since these financial disclosures are still considered public information, how does not posting them on the Internet mitigate their potential risks to national security? How does obfuscating information about the financial activities of government officials help anyone, other than those officials? Does the potential danger come from foreign terrorists knowing this information or from those citizens who just to know if their government officials are behaving responsibly?

    UPDATE: White House spokesperson Jay Carney announced that Obama has signed the repeal of the internet disclosure portion of the STOCK Act.

  7. Pat says:


    “A woman i work with has a cousin who was Mary Sherlachs best friend since childhood and her cousin attended Marys funeral .”

    That is pretty specific info.

    I want to speak directly to that person who claims to have been Mary Sherlach’s “best friend since childhood”.

    I am not saying that anyone specific is bullshitting. But I need proof of that kind of claim.

    I do not believe the official story of that event. There have been way too many inconsistencies.

    Here’s a question for you. Is that woman you work with who has the cousin who allegedly was Mary Sherlach’s best friend since childhood…….is that woman anti-gun? Is that woman an attention whore? Has that woman ever “stretched the truth” about anything?

    I’m not saying she’s lying. I am merely asking some questions.

    It is not unheard of to have people make claims of being personally involved with “historical events” or “traumatic events” even though they had no such connection. Why they do that -…..who knows?

    As AOP can no doubt attest – I am willing to go speak to that person….in person to get their story. And I would actually take the time to check it out.

    What’s your honest take on that woman’s credibility?

  8. Peace and prosperity for “Gentiles” is found in national unity. Satiation and wealth is found in their destruction for jews.

    Also: jews thrive in urban cesspools while whites do very well with a little bit of space. One more reason why jews push mass immigration and “amnesty”

  9. summerled says:

    so thay got him eh??

    Authorities arrest suspect in Boston bombings, source says

  10. anon says:

    Suspects identified?

    GodisTruth says:
    April 17, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Yes white Americans working with middle eastern terrorists. Perfect now the profile includes everyone. Tactic: Make EVERYONE a SUSPECT and EVERYTHING illegal. This way you can selectively enforce against anyone you do not like or who does not conform. Congrats another step towards totalitarianism under the corporate oligarchy run by the hierarchy.

  11. Auschwitz survivor searches for family.

    WWII ended nearly 70 years ago. There certainly is a great number of survivors. I guess the Germans let the babies go? Or did I miss the queue to suspend disbelief?

  12. $10 Bagel says:

    t bone,

    Thanks for your understanding. When you stop to think about it, there is a big difference between our European homelands and America.

    Europe has always been made up of nation states where each nation represents a different White ethnicity. America on the other hand, while starting off as a White nation, has been for the last 200 years mixed White ethnicities with the infusion of other brown races.

    As much as it hurts me to say this, we can lose America… it is already lost for the most part. But we CAN NOT afford to lose our HOMELANDS, the White European nation states. Europe is our last and only hope for the survival of the White race and our individual ethnic identities and cultures.

    No matter what mistakes we make, we DO NOT DESERVE to be bred out of existance. Only a jew would have you believe that.

  13. Likewise, he apparently viewed with disdain what he seemed to regard as the innate characteristics of Jews. Admitting significant numbers of Jewish or Asian immigrants did not fit comfortably in FDR’s vision of America.

    Other U.S. presidents have made their share of unfriendly remarks about Jews. A diary kept by Harry Truman included statements such as “The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish.” Richard Nixon’s denunciations of Jews as “very aggressive and obnoxious” were belatedly revealed in tapes of Oval Office conversations.

    But the revelation of Franklin Roosevelt’s sentiments will probably shock many people. After all, he led America in the war against Hitler. Moreover, Roosevelt’s public persona is anchored in his image as a liberal humanitarian, his claim to care about “the forgotten man,” the downtrodden, the mistreated. But none of that can change the record of his response to the Holocaust.

    The observance of Holocaust Memorial Day begins Sunday night. It is the annual occasion to reflect on the Nazi genocide and the world’s response to it. In the case of the United States, it is sobering to consider that partly because of Roosevelt’s private prejudices, innocent people who could have been saved were instead abandoned.

    Rafael Medoff is the founding director of the David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies in Washington. His latest book is “FDR and the Holocaust: A Breach of Faith.”Medoff will speak Sunday at the Holocaust Memorial Day service at the Alpert Jewish Community Center

  14. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    So, its false flag blaming white nationalists working with muslims/Iranians to blow up white runners?

    BTW, Jewtube and MJewM have removed the Turban Cowboy clip, but its still here …

  15. Biker says:

    how about the MS St. Louis? German ocean liner carrying 937 jews that was denied entry by Cuba, Canada, and the US (under FDR) in 1939.

    FDR didnt give a shit for European jewry. neither did Churchill and least of all Stalin. sacrificial lambs. the bolshevik jews and the capitilist jews didnt care for the common jew. gatta look at the big picture. Israel. that they died as an excuse to create a jewish homeland? really isnt even debatable, it happened. its fact.

    kill them, blame Hitler.

  16. Annie Oakley says:

    Why was this Marathon on a Monday? Usually marathons are on a weekend date, Saturday, Sunday, NOT a workday.

    We were in a restaurant when we heard the news. When it said Boston Marathon we both said outloud, on a Monday? Several people sitting near us said the very same thing. When have we ever had a marathon on Monday? And tax day to boot.

    Something is really fishy here.

  17. summerled says:

    don’t worry folks we got homoland insecurity on the case

  18. INCOG MAN says:

    Someone posts my article here on “Before it’s” and mods delete it:

  19. summerled says:

    We are entering the most dangerous period up till this point. It will get much more dangerous, but right now is the most dangerous so far. That’s because it’s a twilight period. Dusk. Neither light nor dark. There are threats out there but they’re hard to make out.

    We’re in that uncertain time of US history in which we know that the government is getting ready to arrest and wipe out all critics but some of us aren’t sure when to start shooting. Most of us aren’t sure who should be shot first. This essay is intended to remove that doubt and hesitancy.—mar-2012.html

  20. I find that when a website has a lot of corporate advertising or google ads you can’t trust it.

  21. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Remember this case? The one where jews media could not finish a sentance without the words Aryan Brotherhood White Supremacist at least twice?

    The wife of a former judge is charged with capital murder in connection with the killings of a North Texas district attorney, his wife and an assistant prosecutor.

    An arrest affidavit revealed Kim Lene Williams told investigators Tuesday that her husband, Eric Lyle Williams, was the triggerman in the murders of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, and assistant prosecutor Mark Hasse. McLelland and Hasse prosecuted Eric Williams last year for theft of three computer monitors.

    Read more:

  22. Anti-semitism is a disease – you catch it from jews.

    Edgar Steele

    One of best quotes of all time.

  23. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Depending on which jews media station you disbelieve, the Boston bomber has been identified and caught. Taken to the court house. Released and is still at large. Not identified. Re-captured. In front of a judge. Still at large. Still unknown. When will a paid spokesperson or jew media bitch just blurt out that they have no fucking idea instead of trying to puff themselves up by spewing a rumor that may sound good?

  24. summerled says:

    braking news detachment of homoland insanity chasing boston bomber
    ah lets face it this is more factual than JNN

  25. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I credit neil cavuto with this one. Better hide your pressure cookers and crock pots people the jews are coming after them next. I don’t have a pressure cooker but I have a crock pot and a deep fryer.. Oooops. should not have said that dont tell anybody. I think a tax on roofing nails would solve this problem.

  26. sog says:

    first and foremost long are americans going to remain denial of israeli control of america many times will americans allow israel to bomb and kill americans ..uss liberty ..oklahoma city murrah bldng…wtc towers and bldng#7 JYC 9-11…….several embassy’s around the world…bali nuke in 2002, 202 kia …lebanon marine barracks 1983 241 kia …zionist talmudist influence to start ww1 and ww2 with hundreds of references to the number 6million at several dates form 1800’s …zionist marxist neo cons in white house as in house commie termites litterally rip decision to go to war in iraq out of lawmakers hands and we go to colonoalize and ethnically cleanse iraq for israel and so they can steal the of the reasons israelserpents nest is angry now that the usa wont budge on the iranian colonialization plans the kike likudd israeli party has in mind ..
    many other airline downings and ship sinkings are mossad ops the usa a manpads believe was found mounted and aimed toward a civilian airport by cops ..

    all this shit is jews creating fear and terror uh in boston ,..someone lashing out at the government would lash out at spoecific communist islamic leaders in their war on whites and white so called supremecists ..why woild anyone plant a bomb to kill runneres and how did they do it with all the cameras and surveillance ..another inside job by zionized cops ,sayan jew cops in the highest ranks in anus likking connection to compromised and or zionis kike marxist mayors or governors one has been blamed on a serious level for this ..this is feeble and weak ..not a correct amount of plausible deniabiulity here for kikes and if investigated by anyone with half a brain will immediate lead to israeli implementAtion ..a hastily implemente terror act carried out by arrogant sloppy jews they get more emboldoned they get sloppier and dont care either way supremecy in the white house agenda and its matrix with nation of islam and new b;lack panther muslim marxist organization ..revrearend sharpton is 100% supporter and backer of anti white black suprenmecists and as are nigger sports and entertaimnment apes raza isnt a racist group at all …and doesnt want to kill all whites ..right could have been blAcks ior mexicans who pl;anted the bomb in boston which is why they are smothering this whoile thing with calm detrmination ..niggeres and mexicans and muslims hate whites and hate america so why at=re they here ..oh geee right ,,to destroy america and kill whites ..these are the real terrorisys and their jewish supporters in high political positions ..any terroist act or speciffically an act of war against the communist power in govt would be good for america and most of the jewish tewrro bombions around thw world have not been good for innocent people or innocent americans ..white people wouldnt pick a target like a marathin ..a true patriot would target la raza or all the communist anti white legions clamoring for the death of all whites and their infrastructure leaders ..this woulfd be constitutioanlly legal and morally and ethically righteous ..whats good for america is good for america ..whats bad for america is communism ,muslimism ,marxism ,judaeism ,aipac ADL splc ,jew news ,jew hollywood ..israel in general ..niggeres are bad for america now ansd innocent white americans ..did i mention la raz as a terrorist orgainization and sinaloa drug cartels in america are extremely bad with their ms-13 compatriots ..which is why illegal immigration is being changed to undocumented ..however the federal crime of illegal entrance to usa is still on the books …these mexicans are more politically in league with jews ..mexicans will someday attempt to force us from out homes and lands ..jews only want to disarm law abiding americans and no one else ..this is obvious in viewing holder and his glaringly anti white sentiments and his actiuons during and after fast and furious with the effeminate communist muslim nigger potus protecting him and rthe rest of the wrthless nigger caucass in congress saying in no uncertain terms that no matter what holder has done they will stand behind him ,hopefully not to close ,,heh heh ..

    other news concerning sniffing dogs
    read with jew radar on and a grain of salt ..

  27. sog says:

    gee either the niggers were cookin up some crack for the winners party or the mexicans were cooking up some refried beens and shiot and it went critical methane on them ..bloowie ..could have been both or a mexican lit a cigaerette in a porta potty ..cell phone service jammed ..your call will not go through due to jewish terrorists using up all the band width ..we are sorry plaes try again in a little while signals are jammed routinely whan a dignitary or luminary is mobile and arriving at drop destenation why was sail fowns jammed up for a marathon ..obama secretly running in a marathon ..?
    what is eerie is these idiots transport these half ass wepaons in cars or trucks in traffic right next to yor car ..hey ? all the real big mouths in the news and govt are real quiet on this ..maybe people are getting sick of the jews ..take your pick ,,muzlims ,niggeres ,mexicans ,jews ,fbi ,cia,splc,bnai broth ,mi 5-6-7 all of the above ?,an NWO mix of psycos working together as a trial practice run to blow up whites ..when they do blow up some whites it will be too obvious so they dont want to over play thier hand and will incorporate a hate whitey nigger in thier plan ..but we know a nigger couldnt put together a simple thought so it is a ll cooperation and jewish leadership ..

  28. Frank Fredenburg says:

    “Did The FBI Know About The Boston Bombings Beforehand?”

    Brasscheck TV is not the only one asking

    This clip is about three and a half minutes long.

  29. t bone says:


    Stalin would have someone killed if they expressed ‘anti-semitism’. His henchmen were predominantly jews (Yagoda, Kaganovich, etc…). And communism is a jew ideology. The common jews continued to go to their temples as the Gentiles watched their ‘Soviet-based’ churches be destroyed.

    All jews, on one level or another, watch out for other jews. This is where their loyalty lies. And the rest of us non-jews are merely sheep/cattle to them. We’re not even considered human.

    ALL jews are in on it. I can somewhat tolerate self-hating jews like Bro. Nate but I am naturally skeptical at the same time. Cognitive dissonance. My ‘tolerance’ doesnt mean I accept them to be amongst us. Segregating them away from us would facilitate major improvements in our society.

    Churchill, from what I’ve read thus far, did not like the jews at first. But he later flip-flopped and sided with them (perhaps because he was part jewish?). Even if he wasnt a jew, he was a traitor who did the jews bidding.

    And FDR, I only know little about him but I understand that he had a little jew in him, too. He was the first political figure to open doors for many jew’s political careers. Nowadays, politics cant get rid of them. Woodrow Wilson did the same thing, but with bankers, in 1913, hence the Federal Reserve.

    The least that the common jew could do is speak out against judaism and expose the big jews shenanigans as: ‘par for the jewish course’.These common jews believe in the holohoax and would call any Gentile an anti-semite who dares to question it. These common jews support race mixing as well. I’ve never met one that didnt.

    ‘jew’ means talmud reader/subscriber. Its about them dominating us via deception, subterfuge, storytelling, usury, cries of victimhood, protesting, creating defacto organizations against us, exploiting weakness (sex, vices, need for success, etc…), blackmail, lobbying, avoiding their ‘just desserts’ by changing face-changing names, etc…

    We live in a judaized society. Its hard to gauge why something would lack moral value. The opinion-shaping jews have many people thinking homosexuality is morally ‘good’; people who thought it was a disgusting perversion only decades ago.
    White people feel the need to overcompensate for non-Whites, over ‘oppressions’ that were never implemented by todays White people. And we get shitty service with ‘a attitude’ from some uppity negress quite frequently. Some would consider that ‘tolerable’ as long as they dont get genocided, South Africa-style. Well, Hello? Is this morallity or is it exploitation?
    The Goyim become perplexed and scratch their heads trying to figure out what went wrong. But the jews, ALL jews, know exactly what theyre doing to us and our heritage.

    When one thinks about 109 expulsions, and how each country kicked ALL jews out, is very telling about the jewish collective. Although they try to keep it under the radar, each and every jew is a significant constituent in a well-oiled jew machine.

  30. Jimmy says:

    Brilliant Summerled, that is so funny, that video strikes a cord of truth, this bombing is so obviously a false flag attack it is almost impossible to believe another living breathing human being with a brain can still believe the government’s version of such events.

    Only a video like that can do justice to the ignorance of the brainwashed masses in front of their TV’s. We can only ask ourselves what on earth is going on in peoples minds that they cant see these blatant acts of manipulation.

    I bashed away at a news blog yesterday trying to chip away the tv crud on people’s minds to let them see what is really happening.
    Apart from the obvious Jews attacking with venom, the majority of lemmings are in denial and suffering from cognitive dissonance.

    One sign of encouragement was another “lone ranger” hammering away with the truth, this is a good sign our numbers are growing.
    When we engage people like this we are planting seeds of truth in their minds at the time it may not seem so but they build in the psych and at some time truth and wisdom can blossom in such a person the awakening arrives.

    We all started with a seed of truth in our mind and slowly built up knowledge of the Jews and their evil conspiracy against us. Most of us here have come a long way over the years I am sure; my “road of truth” was long and difficult.
    We must continue to reach out to our bretheren, with truth we are making a difference the change will come.
    It is no good just preaching to the “coverted” here, yes by all means we must keep a strong pressence here Incog man is doing a wonderfull job.
    Hitting those blogs where the mindless lemmings dwell is vital to keep the ball rolling.
    It is on those blogs I mention Incog and RZN and some choice videos, that hit hard.

    Strength to all fight the good fight.

  31. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Your’e right Sog. The possibility of a nigger being able to build a bomb without blowing themselves up is 99 to 1. The one that does put a bomb in his underwear pisses his pants and it fizzles out. The other ones carry it around in the rain or take facebook pictures of themselves first. So it really is 99.9 percent NOT a nigger because it actually exploded, albeit 3 hours late which still gives me a .01 percent chance it was a nigger.

  32. sog says:

    because obama is potus and the intel agencies have shut isreals desire to kill iran down the jews are pathological now ..this dioesnt mmean that obama is a muslim now more than he is a marxist commie ..he is both and he seeks to keep the middle east from becoming a lake odf nuclear fire ..hey thats a good thing doesnt make the nigger a israel hater or more muslim nigger because of this ..he is got half of israles dicks up in his sissy little ass and is a neo con carne zio muzziu hybrid 100% with that oput of the way now do the likud party kikopaths netin yeti and ohlmert and barak want to now eliminate our beloved pet monkey in the white house the bioston bombing simply a diversion to get all the agencies looking for the culprites and not keep obama safe ..knowing how sick the isralei kazzars are would they actually go agianst an american standing president however illegal and unquaalified agin fir the 5th time with kennedy the mosrecent with reagan and ford just getting a slap on the wrist by jewish oligarch overdarlklords …i wouldnt put this out of the ability and desire of these sick middle eastern kazaar kikes in israel to try something like this they the ones who killed countless russian tsars and american presidents and austrian and german diplomats so they could get what ..hey its way more than a country they wanted ..they also wanted dual and triple citizenships and banks around the world so they could continue to prey on the masses ..they would never be content to have a place to call home when they in fact are vampires in need of constant prey and new hosts as they suck the old host dry …

  33. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I figured out how to limit the jew population a long time ago. I keep my bank accounts empty and my veins filled with cheap beer. The go elswhere to sink their fangs.

  34. sog says:

    yeah prt the 3 hour late thing wasnt that gilligan and the skipper ..oh wait same black inept comedy in boston ..cell phones jammed until cell phones not jammed and then the porta potty bomb goes bloosh ..ahhye ..a real diirty bomb …maybe they should just ban cell phones and those pesky niggeres and jews attatched to them real theory says nigerians under jewish instruction filled up propane tanks with match heads and put an unlit 100 mm marlboro or coulda been a kool menthol in the container ,,thye forgot to lite the cigarette and had to come back and lite it which is why it was late ..was it late ? and be careful not to put the lit end in first but whoi cares ,another suicede nigger also …dont make that mistake 2wice heh heh ..
    ok so it want a porta potty bomb but it makes better press ..

  35. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    If it did turn out to be one of those free obama phones that would be a good one wouldn’t it? Talk about the fbi being ordered to cover up shit that would make the jfk scandal look like a walk in the park.

  36. GTRman says:

    The plan was ALWAYS to make ” Terrorism ” a White American thing .

    And now it’s happening . People like to think that stuff that happened a hundred years ago was all in black and white , and not quite real .

    Well now you have Bolshevism in 3D full colour , America ! What are you going to do about it ? Your enemies cant POSSIBLY be those nice little jews that have kept you entertained for the last 50 years , could they ?

    It must be those Muzzie cab drivers ……go gettem !

  37. Pat says:

    Enter, Lord & Taylor clothing and accessories store – 760 Boylston St Boston, MA 02199

    “Investigators saw the image on surveillance footage they got from a department store near the finish line…” … index.html

    The key video footage, according to the mayor’s office, was film from a security camera located just over the road from the second bomb site at the Lord & Taylor store. “The camera from Lord & Taylor is the best source of video so far,” Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Menino, told the Boston Globe. … ation-cctv

    Let’s consider the hypothesis that Lord & Taylor’s Boston management is complicit in this PSYOP. Of course, theoretically the police could have ‘obtained’ the incriminating footage via routine procedure. However, the background of the Boston store’s General Manager is worthy of note. Meet Daniel Mandeau:

    Daniel Mandeau is named as a previous officer of Temple Emanuel, a Conservative, fully egalitarian congregation affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts.

    “Our membership of 1,175+ families represents a diversity of Jews from Newton and surrounding communities…”
    Ex Macy VP ‘Danny’ Mandeau also belongs to Boston 3G:

    “…Boston 3G, Inc. is a non-profit organization that creates an outlet for Holocaust remembrance in Greater Boston, focusing on the perspective of the third generation. As the grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, our mission is to explore our shared history to keep the memories of survivors alive and to bring together anyone who is committed to ‘Never Forget’ and ‘Never Again’…”

    And more on Danny Mandeau’s past here:

  38. GTRman says:

    Watch out for that Hollywood ” Dirty Bomb ” in Chicago or Seattle !

  39. Biker says:

    i understand and know their history quite well t bone. from their first attempt at revolution in Russia 1905-07 onward. Churchill was anti-jew, but he flipped. well, fast forward to today. Ramzpaul? Mel Gibson? anyone prominent that is against them, eventually comes around to kiss their ass.

    what im trying to point out is that jews are cut-throat bastards. all jews lookout for all jews yes, but big jews will not hesitate to crush small jews.

  40. Biker says:

    kinda like niggers, they hate whites for the most part. black on white crime is the evidence here. even so, a nigger will not hesitate to kill a nigger. the stats for black on black crime prove this.

  41. summerled says:

    tim the not so wise attacks white people while totally ignoring everything else
    you would seriously have to live in a box to believe this jew

    Terrorism and Privilege: Understanding the Power of Whiteness

  42. Biker says:

    thats one disgusting jew Summerled. off to Incogs next post, ive yet to watch the vid at the end.

    in addition to my earlier comment. case in point > Bernie Madoff. how many jews did that jew screw outta millions?

  43. MJ says:

    So? They delete me all over too ‘BIN’ and I am an ‘evil’ Jooo.

    Until you gasbags start naming ALL “Liberals” #Communists, you *aint* gonna get anywhere.

    Thats why I got booted off Twitter.
    Commies are scared to death of being EXPOSED AND REVEALED.

  44. MJ says:

    When you crazies name them “Zionists” you totally throw off Christians/Patriots.
    Why cant you GET it? Ive told you this for FOUR years. You are as thick as the wacko ‘Jews’.

    ZION is mentioned over 250X in the bible.
    In the bible, it is plainly written that “Jesus is the cornerstone OF Zion”
    The way that Christians think of Zion is J E S U S. That is what they think “Zionism” is. Its a SPIRITUAL thing to them, NOT political.

    So, you message continues to stay nowhere.

    They are #COMMUNISTS.
    COMMIES are the ones that want the illegal alien shit, NOT “Zion” Patriots and Christians.

  45. MJ says:

    One last thing.

    The untermenchun you are attracting is vomitous. Blacks and VERY dark people are with the anti Zion message.
    They hate God.
    Anyone that hates Zion, hates God. Period.

  46. MJ says:

    Oh, not just black… but serial, white-hating blacks.
    Not like Pastor Manning or al West who are pretty good people.
    And, ewwww, really creepy, angry Jihadists.

    What can we expect from the fringe, though…
    Duke endorsed that white hating, former Black Panther for congress.

    It was nice to see ya all!!
    Kiss for Marshall 😀
    Hey, Incog, sweetie…People miss you on my blog 🙁

  47. Biker says:

    yes MJ, they are all no good bastards. you dont have to be a jew to be a liberal or a commie, but it helps.

    ww2 was THE battle of the millenia. break it all down and forget Germany, Jews, etc. it was Socialist Britain, Socialist FDR, and Communist Stalin against Facist Germany, Italy, and Japan.

    it was Left vs. Right. and Left won. look what we have today. its all left all the time. never ending social programs, debt, immigration, and equality where no equality is due. criminals have as many or more rights than their victims. Paedophelia is a ‘lifestyle’. illegal immigrants have more rights, and get more benefits from the government than legal citizens.

    its Leftie paradise! and sorry to say, but jews are leading the charge. as they always have. Zion or no Zion.

  48. t bone says:


    The jews can all wipe each other out as far as I’m concerned. My only concern is what theyre doing to Whites. That number, by far, exceeds what they do to each other. Remember that NY jew who chopped up the little jew boy?..and Joel Steinberg?

    Those 2 scenarios lend themselves to what youre talking about. So yeah, it happens from time to time. But it doesnt phase me in the least. Call me cold, but I have no sympathy for them. Think of the countless Whites that have suffered, and still suffer, over jew totalitarianism.

  49. t bone says:

    Mexcrement get treated better than our vets.

  50. Biker says:

    agreed t bone

  51. sog says:

    madjooo…thats what we say over here if you actually bothered to read the articles and comments …all kikes are commnunists and their sympathizers are communist helpers ..arrange these learning blocks any which way you want but dont come over here and preach to the choir ..gerl…besides that howareyuh..ready for another hotttt arizona summer amid the occasional flash flood ..yer ahard one to understand but i think by jove ive figured it out …
    hey T bone your not cold you are ready for real battle prisoners and no mercy to the decendants of kazaar genocide implementrs and totrurers of innocents that end there is no room for sloppy sentiment …zionist talmudmutts judeasim aipacx big mouth assholes like sirota and anus eyes wise ..these shit bags and their helpers and sympathizers are not worth keeping around nor are they condusive to progressive freedom and freedom from all forms of tyranny since they are the perpertuating generations of “jewish” meddlers and adulterartors of life itself on earth …
    mexcrement get treated like visiting royalty ..federal law exempts them from any and all medical costs ..why ? ..wasnt a long time back that 40-50% of all american family bankruptcies were filed for the very reason of medical bills know say you have a 200,000 $ med bill and you are not a spik so you have a 10-20% deductible the math your stuck with a 20-40,000+ med bill on top of all other shit like communist liberal property tax ..hey madjoo saez liberals and commies are the same ..maybe she is on to something ..liberals are worthless shit stains as well and can eat lead for all i effen gaf taxes and probates that family property has to go through etc and the sale of a home now with capital gains ripped and a new and special nigger faggot obama special obama tax on your house when and if you are lucky to sell and not get forklosed ..

  52. IncogIsSolid says:

    Do you think that the younger brother Chechian ran over the older, because he did not know that big brother was getting him involved in the real Boston Bombing and what followed?

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