Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!


Exposing the “Nazi” Epithet – Who started it, why, how, and who benefits From the MUST READ site: JUSTICE FOR GERMANS

As a German child growing up in a foreign country during the 60s, I was often called a “Nazi” by some of my peers when they learned that I was German. It was of course, simply ignorant repetition or “parroting” of what was said on TV in hundreds of TV shows, Hollywood movies, alleged ‘documentaries’, in newspaper and magazine articles, as well as in radio programs, not to mention classroom indoctrination, and probably by their parents too. The libraries, of course, were also full of books which spoke of “Nazis” (and still are). So to deny that there was ever such thing as a “Nazi”, to most people, would be akin to denying the moon-landing, or perhaps more accurately, like telling a frightened child that “no monster under the bed” or “no ghost in the closet.” And one would then not only be thought as a “Nazi,” but also a lunatic, because after all, “everyone knows Hitler was an evil Nazi, and a madman, and a war monger and he wanted to take over the world, yada yada yada!” Well, if truth, justice, and honest history (as opposed to “convenient history) mean anything any more, then we need to un-learn this term, and to stop parroting it like little children, using it for convenience sake, and especially, from using it as a repressive weapon for the purposes of “stifling dissent”;  the very thing everyone wants to accuse “evil Nazis” of having done!

It’s time to debunk the “Nazi” epithet, and to show you where it came from, who invented it, and why. The fact is, that the term “Nazi” was created by the enemies of the National Socialists (the NSDAP). It was a pejorative term; an insult or a slur. The Germans, not even Hitler nor any other top party officials ever called themselves “Nazis”! They called themselves “National Socialists” and nothing else. Those who can read German and have studied any of the original documents and speeches know this already, but most don’t.


Konrad Heiden

The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism. Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party. The term is a variant of the nickname that was used in reference to members of the SDP at the time “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin”, and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy”.  So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves. One should also see why it would be used and popularized by Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and  subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.

It should immediately become apparent that, if there is no such thing as a “Nazi”, except in the propaganda which was invented and spewed by this man, then it follows logically, that there is also NO such thing as a “Neo-Nazi” either. Those who would describe themselves as such are as ignorant as those who say they hate “Nazis” and they are equally deceived. Indeed, I highly suspect that some of those who promote “Neo-Nazism” are really agents whose job it is to keep the spectre of evil “Nazis” alive, and to effect the demonization of all those who would dare question the whole history about Hitler, the NS  and WWII that we have all been sold.

What we must also know about Mr. Heiden, however, is that he was not just any other political opponent in the days of the Weimar Republic. He, himself was a “Jew”, and his father was a trade unionist, and that the trade unions were teaming with subversive, violent, Marxist-Bolsheviks. And NO, that is not “racist” statement, nor is intended to promote hatred.  Merely to sate the facts. If you want to make such childish accusations then please start with attacking Wikipedia.

Wikipedia states that:

“Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) was an influential Jewish journalist and historian of the Weimar Republic and Nazi eras, most noted for the first influential biographies of German dictator Adolf Hitler. Often, he wrote under the pseudonym “Klaus Bredow.”

Heiden was born in Munich, Germany, on 7 August 1901, and graduated from the University of Munich in 1923. His father was a union organizer, while his mother had a Jewish background. At the university, he organized a republican and democratic student body and became a member of the Social Democratic Party.

Heiden was one of the first critical observers of the rise of National Socialism in Germany after he attended a party’s meeting in 1920. He worked for the Frankfurter Zeitung and the Vossischen Zeitung, but became a freelancer in 1932. A year later, he went into exile; first to Saarland, then to Switzerland, then to France, and finally to the United States.

Heiden’s book, “The New Inquisition”, published jointly by Modern Age Books, Inc. and Alliance Book Corporation, in New York in 1939, with a translation from German by Heinz Norden, includes a series of personal, but necessarily anonymous accounts by German Jews of violent persecution under the Nazi regime accelerating from the time of the fall of 1938 and an eerie and accurate prediction of the Final Solution planned by the Nazi regime:

To drive 600,000 people by robbery into hunger, by hunger into desperation, by desperation into wild outbreaks, and by such outbreaks into the waiting knife — such is the cooly calculated plan. Mass murder is the goal, a massacre such as history has not seen — certainly not since Tamerlane and Mithridates. We can only venture guesses as to the technical forms these mass executions are to take. In his book Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler suggested that the people to be killed be kept “under poisonous gas”; however, he speaks of a mere twelve to fifteen thousand. Doubtless the destructive instinct in the ruling class of the regime has grown in the meantime…”

There are a number of things there that should immediately send up “RED flags”! But let’s just look at the most blatant distortion of the fact. As I recently demonstrated with an article from the largest German-Jewish organization in 1933 (at the time when Hitler came to power and when Heiden set about telling his lies) defended Germany, and said to the world that they were doing fine, and they appealed for end to the atrocity propaganda. By the way, the Jewish population was less than 6oo,000 as Heiden had said.

Now let’s look at what Adolf Hitler actually did say, and in what context he said it. He was discussing World War I, in which he himself had courageously fought, and had been decorated numerous times for his bravery:

“The fact that the German people carried on the War proved that the Marxist folly had not yet been able to penetrate deeply. But as the War was prolonged German soldiers and workers gradually fell back into the hands of the Marxist leaders, and the number of those who thus relapsed became lost to their country. At the beginning of the War, or even during the War, if twelve or fifteen thousand of these Jews who were corrupting the nation had been forced to submit to poison-gas, just as hundreds of thousands of our best German workers from every social stratum and from every trade and calling had to face it in the field, then the millions of sacrifices made at the front would not have been in vain. On the contrary: If twelve thousand of these malefactors had been eliminated in proper time probably the lives of a million decent men,who would be of value to Germany in the future, might have been saved. But it was in accordance with bourgeois ‘statesmanship’ to hand over, without the twitch of an eyelid, millions of human beings to be slaughtered on the battlefields, while they looked upon ten or twelve thousand public traitors, profiteers, usurers and swindlers, as the dearest and most sacred national treasure and proclaimed their persons to be inviolable. Indeed it would be hard to say what is the most outstanding feature of these bourgeois circles: mental debility, moral weakness and cowardice, or a mere down-at-heel mentality. It is a class that is certainly doomed to go under but, unhappily, it drags down the whole nation with it into the abyss.” (Mein Kampf, James Murphy Translation, 1939, Page 518)  

Do we see the difference? And do we see the deception at work? Do we see the intention to mislead the world at large?

Regarding the camps, Heiden gives no mention to the fact those people being interned in labour camps were subversives. Nor to the fact that these people could be, and were often released back to their communities. I will have more on that, however, in a future post.  Also ignored is the fact that such camps were far more common and horrific in the Soviet Union, with little or no hope of getting out.  And of course, such camps had been invented and used very cruelly by the Brits, and also the American hypocrites too.

Regarding the ‘Frankfurter Zeitung’, “during the period of the Weimar Republic, the paper was treated with hostility by nationalist circles because it had pronounced itself in favour of the Treaty of Versailles in 1918. At that time it no longer stood in opposition to the government and supported Gustav Stresemann’s policy of reconciliation.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurter_Zeitung

As to the ‘Vossische Zeitung’, it was  based in Berlin which was a bastion of decadence in the Weimar period. It catered to the liberal-Bourgeois crowd and was very “international” in it’s views. “Until the second year of the Third Reich’s reign over Germany, the publication was generally regarded as Germany’s national newspaper of record, just as The Times and Le Temps were to Great Britain and France, respectively.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vossische_Zeitung

“All humanity has suffered from this injustice, and shall continue to do so until we all take personal responsibility, by researching and learning the truth, and speaking the truth, and for holding the real liars, haters and war mongers accountable!”

Now, you may want to dismiss me as being a “biased German”, and I am sure that some will reflexively shriek that I am an “anti-Semite” (which I am not) for daring to bring up this man’s background, and questioning his character and motives, but any objective observer who has done his or her own research, and who is at all familiar with the realities of the Weimar Republic, and with the true, publicly stated objectives of the National Socialists should immediately see that there was a huge conflict of interest there and bias on Heidens part.  And that bias and his special interests would not only cause him to engage in childish name calling and insults such as “Nazi!”, but far more serious and injurious behaviours, such as LYING HIS ASS OFF off to foment another World War, that would eventually cost nearly 60,000,000 million lives, incalculable misery world wide,  and a bogus legacy that still haunts us all today.

No, Mr. Heiden was certainly NOT an objective “journalist,” he was a “propagandist” and an “opportunist”! For if he was really concerned with “human rights” then where and when did he criticize the bloody red Bolsheviks and the brutal genocide of tens of millions of Christian Russians and the starvation of the 7 million Ukrainians? Much less the plight of the starving, unemployed, destitute and desperate Germans who were being held as slaves in their own country by the dictates of the Versailles Treaty and the dealings of self-described “Jewish” bankers and financial barons of Wall Street, London and Paris, while at the same time, being primed for Bolshevism by the Comintern and the trade unions. The bloody Russian Revolution was brought about by those very same über-Kapitalist scoundrels, who also fomented World War I. Hitler had been openly discussing these things and fighting then from the beginning! Do you think just maybe they may have had a little something against him and the National Socialists, hmmm?

All things being equal, Heiden should NEVER have been given much (if any) credibility for his claims, as he and his interests (ie the status quo) were under the threat by the NSDAP. It was entirely in his interest, and that of his father, his family, his associates, etc. to smear the National Socialists, both at home and abroad, to preserve their own interests, at the expense of everyone else. Not only that, but also with a major interest in perpetuating his lies after the war too, in order to continually justify it.

One would have to be very naive to not know that he found a waiting and welcome soapbox in America, partly because of who controls the media there, but more importantly, because America, after World War I and especially during the Great Depression had fallen totally into the hands of the International Bankster Gangsters who happen to call themselves “Jews” (…and are not). The very same bunch of crooks who gave you the Federal Reserve and which rules you today, as well as Germany, and most other countries. The National Socialists had a rescue plan for their people and their economy, which threatened their hegemony and the long-term global plans, i.e. the NWO agenda. Are we getting it yet?

Heiden was not alone in his efforts either. As soon as Hitler came to power, many of the most influential Jews bailed out and headed straight to America, to literally “raise hell.” That, of course,  takes us back to what I had stated in my earlier post “World War II started in 1933!” (which detailed the world wide Jewish initiated boycotts). And for the Germans, that war has never ended. Nor will it, until people really begin to grasp the level of deception that has gone on, and is still being used to manipulate the world today.

Again, if people are truly seeking truth, justice, and peace on this planet, then it is high time they begin to learn and to research these things for themselves, stop trusting the media, and many in the alternative media, and stop perpetuating their lies, and stop using their jargon, not only for the sake of the honour of the Germans, but because it is self-defeating. All humanity has suffered from this injustice, and shall continue to do so until we all take personal responsibility, by researching and learning the truth, and speaking the truth, and for holding the real liars, haters and war mongers accountable!

But, to those who want to persist in using that nasty epithet, then perhaps we need to start calling you a bunch “Heidis”!

How do you like that, hmmm?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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212 Responses to Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler!

  1. Sen10L says:

    MJ you lying moldy ditch . All of Germany was wholely burnt and all white nations are still being holocausted. What the hell you talking about, no holocaust. That cremation service offered free of charge to of some fraction of jrews that died from natural causes and disease does not make a holocaust ? What an ungrateful and whiney broad, still in denial.

  2. Cleansweep says:

    This page is dedicated to the hundreds of people who have put their lives, reputation and freedom on the line to bring truth to the world.


  3. sog says:

    mj easy on the ky ….yeah and your kazaar nothing issies marxist professor kin preach no 100 million dead by jews in russia in thier college communist indoctrination schools ..all these marxist smart ass teachers whoi do the will of zio marx muslimism should be shutins at getmo ..hey mj when is your birthday so we can in sult your dumb ass …and to think your mother almost swallowed you ..hmmmm.
    yeah thanx by god prt ..i was on my walk through the woods to grandmas house and reclusionist hit me after isolationist did because i had to bounce that ball for a minute .
    thanks for knowing that term ..the jew owned american newspapers tried to cow america with another (isolationist) ism again to describe why we didnt want to go to war in europe ..never mind the fact that jews wernt being persecuted but were acting like communists bolsheviks inside geramny and were the real enemy many of them ..usa interned japanese in usa for doing nothing at all during ww2….in germany the jews rat pax were dedicated to trying to annex germany to the ussr at all costs ..MJ would have been a dbl agent matahari betreaying anyone who didnt like her web site ..of course thay didnt have web sites back then but she would ahve claimed to have one anyway ..
    mj prozac and paxil zoloft and some tricyclics and valium and ritalin and you’ll be good as new ..or as good as it can be ..or might ahve been ..maybe ..etc and so on ..you do realize as you get older you will start to resemble a chinese person ..right lol …? …oh wait you already do …you have a real intersting website for people with 1 eye open and half a functioning brain …do you have a gypsy blind dating service connextion as well ..
    dont be so high and confused …………………………..anyway off with you ………………..

    isolationist usa didnt want to go in to europe and anhilate germany because the high command knew the jew spew was propaganda as did the high command know that the american kike neo con jew scum bags wolfowitz pearl axlerot and the other butt pirates were lying though their assets ..the truth didnt matter and the cia pretty lady was hung out to dry and her assets were left to burn in public view because of the fat little jew shit homo beastial sexul carl rove and fairy prinscess bush and thet wonderful satanic son rumsfeld ,chickenhawk ,coward and all around asshole extrordinaire ..germany hadnt done a damn thing to the usa and the treaty between japan and germany was if someone attacked japan or germany ..how convenient that japoan was attacking us warships in hawaii and so the usa could go to germany even tho germany wanted no problems with the usa ..to this day hawaiians dont want america or americans on thier island ..on and on blah blah ,,
    and so iraq stands vanquished and ethnically cleansed and all the oil now flows to israli and lebanese ports for the rothschild tankers to haul to china clone refineries ..
    america was listening and hearing the messag of father coughlin and america first back then before the war and huey long was a good and righteous man who desired to make the corporations who dont pay taxes still today ,be made to pay their taxes ..most of todays corporationss do not share in any financial responsibility to the usa ..
    when the new world order takes over people like mj will be forgiven for their self hatred and youthful misguided directions and looking a little chinese wont hurt either ..
    on a another note ,,people who say ahh ha hitler was financed by jewish banks …if every bank is a jewiush bank then it stands to good reason that if you go to a bank and get aloan then you /we are guilty of the same thing ..all money is owned by jews ..

  4. summerled says:

    Mike Sledge – Chicago The Beginning of the End– jewish blood sacrifice of all of us

  5. MJ says:

    There was NO hitler, therfore no holo’hoax’ So, stop the conspiracy junk.

    Soggy…”Easy on the KY”

    Me? A double agents.. Yep, that’t be me. Sure. 😀
    I like that you think I’m THAT powerful.
    Love it.
    Thanx, you made my day

  6. GTRman says:

    The KIKE Danny Cohen that spent £22 million of License Payers money on that shitty kareoke ego-fest
    ” The Voice ” , is no longer the boss of BBC1 .

    He’s now the boss of ALL BBC PROGRAMMING !

    Please share this information .

    Danny Cohen named as new BBC director of television

    The Oh-So-Highbrow Radio 4 , right now:

    ‘Front Row ‘ JEW Naomi Alderman reviews Iron Man 3 and talks to JEW Robert Downey Jr. Also stars JEW Gwyneth Paltrow and JEW Jon Favreau and JEW Ben Kingsley and based on characters created by JEW Stan Lee , JEW Larry Lieber and JEW Jack Kirby of JEW Marvel comics and released by JEW-OWNED Disney Studios .

    Front Row also talks to JEW Frank Cohen .

    BBC4 , 9pm :

    Death Camp Treblinka: Survivor Stories
    An insight into how Samuel Willenberg and Kalman Taigman escaped from the concentration camp in Poland, where more than 800,000 Polish Jews died during the Nazi Holocaust. The two men were able to flee during a revolt in August 1943, before one of them sought vengeance in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and the other appeared at the trial of Adolf Eichmann for war crimes in 1961. This film documents their stories, the fate of their families and offers fresh accounts of a forgotten death camp

    Or you could watch a
    “live smear test ” on “Embarrassing Bodies LIVE !” presented by QUEER Christian Jessen on Channel 4 , or a new shit-com by JEW Ben Elton on BBC1 , or Newsnight on BBC2 presented by JEW Emily Maitliss , after watching JEW Claudia Winkleman present ” The Great British Sewing Bee ”

    BBC1 Boss: JEW Danny Cohen
    ITV : JEW Jonathan Levi
    Channel 4 : JEW David Abraham
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    Channel 5 , as befitting a channel owned by a jewish pornographer , is obsessed as usual with bodies : small (Britains Tiniest Toddlers) large (Big Body Squad ) and dead ( CSI -“Nick and Sarah discover a corpse “) and finally “Body of Proof “(another corpse is found )

    Maybe watch a movie “K-19 ” on Sky 1 with JEW Harrison Ford and JEW Peter Sarsgaad

    FILM 4 are fittingly , showing “Idiocracy ” followed by ” There’s Something About Mary ” .

    The ‘something’ being that she’s got JEW Ben Stiller’s filthy juism all stuck in her hair .( produced by JEW Micheal Steinberg and JEW Charles Wessler , with JEW Sarah Silverman , narrated by JEW Jonathan Richman

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    White “working clarse bloke ” cliche colleague-‘sexist’

    ..15 minutes in , first mention of ” Nazis ” and ” Neuremberg ”

    So , it’s a “traditional ” 70’s style shit-com , except that the buffoonish middle-age suburban White man now lives with his lesbian daughter and her girlfriend , fancies the Indian woman at work , has a gay mate , and the canned audience shits themselves with laughter every time they hear the word “erection ” .

    It’s pathetic , it would see shoddy even on children’s TV , but JEW-BOY Ben Elton walks away with a fat Licence-Payer check signed by JEW-BOY Danny Cohen , no doubt .

    It’s so bad , it’s worse than I can describe .

    It’s an ‘alternative’ to comedy , for sure .

  7. Jimmy says:

    It’s clear what the Obama’s zio thugs want to do to America, they want to enslave them like they have done to the British people; completely.
    Britain is a complete communist state, the people are totally disarmed the youth are brainwashed not to question race mixing. The NHS is a worthless health care system you have to accept the black African “doctor” Paki, Indian or as dear Pat likes to call them dot heads.
    Patients are treated like stupid children, the doctors are lazy smug complacent idiots secure in their government jobs dispensing useless expensive drugs for their Jewish owned companies. The NHS is designed to keep the British people in debt.
    Taxes are designed to keep the white Christian people just a step or two above starvation anything extra is heavily taxed.

    I think they are kept poor so they have to sit in front of their tellys and watch Jewish mind programing on BBC like Jeremy Paxman (Jew) and many others.
    They always have some idiot telling them there is no God. It is amazing how often they show Charles Darwin, he is noted in the Protocols of zion as being “one of ours” Darwin was produced by the Jews to lead the Goyin away from Christ with cleverly invented tales.

    The thought occured to me I wonder if the massive taxes on drinking in UK pubs is to keep the people away from socialising in pubs which is too expensive and force them to watch TV? I wonder. To ensure they get their daily dose of Jewish psycho programing.

    The Jews in America want to bring European type slavery to America, resist people resist wake your neighbours up, wake your families up, scream shout, beat the drums do what ever you do but wake the people up to the Jews.
    I like to reach out on the other mundane forums of brain dead lemmings and just throw the cat among the pigeons, do it it’s fun.
    I mention Incog, real zionist news, Protocols, and all the stuff Jews hate Goys to find out about like the holohoax.
    We must try to make this terminology common place on the internet, derogatory names Jews have for us like Goyim cattle, or shiksas or shabus Goy, we must try to get every white person in America to read the Protocols and show them how all the stuff is coming true in front of our eyes.
    There is nothing more important we can do than to wake up the next person and the next and…….education education education of the white people is what we have to do.
    By God we will succeed and remove this cancerous mold from the white Christian nation.

  8. GTRman says:

    I think there has been a shift – an not just a personal one . A ‘universal ‘ one .

    This is a very delicate time for the kikes who seek to control us all . Very , very interesting are the next few months .

    I’m quietly optimistic .

    At the very least I hope to go down laughing at these pathetic soul-less kikes .

    When the world turns to shit , let them eat it .

  9. sog says:

    On April 22, 1993, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum was dedicated in Washington, D.C. to honor victims of Nazi extermination.
    not only do joos now admit the numbers are ludicrous the truth is maybe 37,000 kikes died in camps over a 12 year period ..and the kikes were rounded up as criminals against germany foir engaging in real criminal behaviour and not because rthey were joos ..most dead at first were from old age and some natural disease of this and that and then later as the allied kike armies obliterated germany what did anyone expect to happen in rthe camps from starvation brought on by wiped out supply lines and the diseases running rampant from lack of any infrastructure and medicione availability ..
    eli the weasel asays they was no deffcampvs in die gherminny etc ..good point kike fuck ..therer were no death campos till the russians arrived and turned all the work camps into death camps for germans and not to mention french and british death cvamps for germans and american deth camps for germans where an estimated 9-10 million innocent civilkianns died and had been redesignated as disarmed civilain enemies and disposed of soviet style ..any partisan caught by germans was executed ,so what ,americans did the same thing to germans ..americans summarily executed loads of german soldiers and when they “liberated” the camps they summarily executed allther camp gaurds except when there was a photographer around ..all partisans be they french ,belarus,or soviet ,were always communist jews and would kill their own as well if expedeiency dictated so ..
    hey jack are you still here ..no one here gives a flying fuck about you or zlander ..
    you are an obvious jew stirring up the shit here ,,i suggest you get your jew butt pirate buddies to stop stirring up your shit …
    anyway jack offski what in the hell is your point ..people have read the diatribe zander/zcf posted and it sounded like a lot of contrived accusations and sniveling because he couldnt have acces the egotestical stroking he was used to anymore by being an instant “star” on his site ..did you ever axx yourself why he even needed prothink to host his site …if you keep coming here and bringing this shit up ,perhaps you will find the accommodations in spamblinka to your liking ..heh heh
    you guys sound like little hall monitors and block cops with a small man complex ..intellectual property squak squak ..all this bad ass info actually should be free to reissue anywhere ..why put limits and parameters limiting it …it all came from people like ezra pound and contemporaries and mullins and otheres who dont make a scene when the materila is disemminated among the shep for educational purposes ..
    now off with you ……..

  10. GTRman says:

    Jimmy – it’s very difficult to describe to Americans just how pathetic many British are .

    Many of them would apologise to a nigger rapist for not having lube .

  11. Jimmy says:

    Cheers GTR, ha ha ha I know it is so sad, even the young people and this where we should be reaching out.
    I was in the local supermarket the other day looking at some creme caramel puds, each one exactly the same in a little plastic mould; I was thinking to my self that is just what they have done to the minds of the British people.
    Complete uniformity of opinions and pre programed responses.
    If only we could teach them to switch that damned television off, the sparks of individuality and creative thought would fly again.

    For sure masses are also brain washed and dilly in America but at least you find pockets of resistence and difference in thought not in pommyland.

    Nice to see you are back again, maybe we will hear from all the regulars tonight hope so.

  12. sog says:

    lord forgive me and my tricks ..yes mj does have some alhorythym monitor on incog or she gat a batphone from the adl who alerts her to any comment made against her odd ravings ..so glad you could make it agin mj …its always a traet to hear from a luminary such as yourself ..im glad i could make you laugh …heh heh …
    my dear MJ let me expplain how powerless a dbl agent is ..they are expendable on both ends and usually are thought of as a dire risk to both sides and both sides always know who the dbl agernts are .it is noit a powerful position ay all but a precarious vulnerable hi risk position …its funny how you would misinterpret what was printesd on your behalf and opine and dream of your own illusionary power ,or think that is what was meant ….the spygame is all programmed out for total disinformatonal theatre to the elite minds in the natioanl security business so they can be led wherever the jews wish …intelligensc communities up thru early 1900’s all shared common information at certain levels of coures this is to a illusion ..illusuion and enigmas and entities and smoke and mirrors is all creative zio bolshevism jewishism for centuries and `centuries ..
    paul the apostle was all things to all men and at first he was a tattle tale and a murderer by any definition and meaning ..sometimes whwn people try to be all theings to all people it creates weakness and vulnerabilities ..self delusion and deception ..mj when you look in the mirror what do you really see …God does raise up people when they let him do so ..He can raise up people to do great things …human beings attempting to do all the right things at the right time and getting it chronically wrong is an attempt at trying to return the world to the times in the great garden of eden ,before war and senseless blood shed ….God can work with a willing human soul till ,as the parable of the silver smith says ,till he sees himself in the reflection of your soul…a silver smith will work silver in and out of the flame ,not too hot not too cool ,release the dross and work the silver thru the fire of lifes tests and as the silver gets to the finished stage the apprentice asks the master silversmith ,how do you know when its done ..the master smith says ,when i can see my reflection in it ..
    pat brilliant post earlier
    and jimmy excellent post ..at least if all current christians knew how to use the yool of prayer and what to pray for al manner of miracles could happen in america ,and i believe it is God that holds back the lethal xx tide of jewish bolshevism for now in the usa .

  13. LibertarianChristian says:

    Incog & friends,

    I’ve been in Brazil in the Amazon doing some work lately have have been off the grid missing my WN info!!! Finally got some wifi and hope to be able to share the insanity a few I’m with have spouted.

    Happy birthday, uncle Adolph! I’ve used my phone for music and alarm clock and my reminder for Uncle Adolph’s birthday came up on the 20th. Oh how I wish I could run into one of the SS heroes or wish that “Boys from Brazil” was a true story.

  14. Cleansweep says:

    Every militia and patriot group should have one of these.

    I mean it. Seriously. Forget about legalities. The government doesnt care about legalities. What you gonna do when they come for you?

  15. Jimmy says:

    Cheers SOG, that is a very nice line and very true,

    “God can work with a willing human soul till ,as the parable of the silver smith says ,till he sees himself in the reflection of your soul”

    Let us pray and hope the Lord will lead the lost sheep of the white Christian nation back into his fold freeing us from the hand of the enemy.
    These sons of the Devil are working and receiving instructions from their Father Satan, Jesus said this plainly “for ye are of your father the Devil it is his will that you do”
    Spiritual, prayer warfare is just as important if not more important that everything else we do. We must stay in the Lord, praying on his protection and breaking spells and sorcery.
    Putting people in spells and trances a type of mass hypnosis is also part of the reason our people struggle to see the truth. The Jews love their Kabbalah spell casting black magic.

  16. Cleansweep says:

    Why a .22 caliber firearm may be the most important purchase you can make.

  17. Jimmy says:

    @cleansweep, I don’t think I would like to handload with single stage press for that mini chain gun.
    A days work for 5 seconds shooting! ouch

    I wouldn’t like to be in the receiving end of it either, very impressive.

  18. MJ says:

    I didnt do anything to the Incogmans blog, SOG.
    Not ever.
    I happen to like the Incogman.

    Which is why I still come here after 4 years. Plus, I know you all really like me. You really, really like me.

    Now, adios.. I see that Incogman still has NOT said ONE thing about those poor people in TX.
    White people, too.

  19. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks for checking in, LibertarianChristian.

    Watch out for the head hunters down there: We don’t want to see any Zionists using your shrunken head in a holocaust museum display!

  20. Bailey says:

    Jew bastards, Always lying.

    Jew York Mayor says,

    “What we cant do is let the protection get in the way of us enjoying our freedoms,” he said. “You still want to let people practice their religion, no matter what that religion is. And I think one of the great dangers here is going and categorizing anybody from one religion as a terrorist. That’s not true … That would let the terrorists win. That’s what they want us to do.”

    Only one religion can be catagorized as terrorists and that’s jews, or are they a race?

    The problem is that the terrorists are winning because it’s the jews that run the show,
    the whole fucking thing.
    When in the hell are people going to wake up?

  21. sog says:

    heh heh funny shit incog ..lol ..libertarian shrunken head on display ,,lol
    jeeez louise mj i was just pullin one of your 4 legs ..aight ..keep it real gnomesayin ..
    but what about the adl and jidf lettin you know that the mean ol incog commentors are gangin up on you ..you may actually like that ..but i think the adl secretly hates you girl ..gnowmsayn
    oh and maybe its just yer sense of humor we dont understand ..? ..

  22. condeez says:

    So I guess MJ cancer is cured?
    No just another lying bitch for isNotReal!
    Just another slunt…

  23. Snow White says:

    I dont use pay pal & pal a cup of coffee to you on me from canuckistan is not working. Help?

  24. Snow White says:

    Guess Incogman lets the mj on to be fair. Otherwise its silly c. time.

  25. Snow White says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of Herr Wolf for us to see.. Thanking you sog. S.S.

  26. THE JEWS are “The Great Master of Lies” Mein Kampf Quote in Context
    Picture LINK Below:


    JEWS ARE THE GREAT MASTER OF LIES is the proper context of this idea attributed to Hitler

    However, a close look at the German leader’s writings displays a somewhat different approach. On pages 134, and 173 of Mein Kampf (My Stuggle) (Hurst & Blackett edition, 1942; reprint available from Angriff Press, PO Box 2726, Hollywood, CA 90028, $10)

    In Mein Kamp Hitler echoes the German philosopher, Schopenhauer and alleges that it is THE JEWS who are “The Great Master of Lies.”

    At NO point does Hitler advocate using the JEWISH “Big Lie Technique” himself.

    (The BIG lie technique is that you just keep repeating the same Big lies over and over again until it is believed by everyone)

    This is a great illustration of how Hitler is RELIGIOUSLY TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT by his Political Opponents and the JEWISH LIES are maintained because people are too lazy to research and verify anything and just keep repeating Jewish misinformation.

    The Big Lie Technique in the Sandbox


  27. Eric says:


    Adolf Hitler… The Artist…



  28. Laydee Liberty says:



    Clip from the JEWISH propaganda film
    “Hitler – the Rise of Evil” (2003)

    Dialog from the film:

    Friedrich Hollaender: “Everyone’s depressed – bad for the economy but excellent for cabaret. German people don’t need democracy, for God’s sake, they need music, laughter, someone to tell them what to do so they can get in line and follow.”

    Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Don’t tell me you’ve become a nationalist?”

    Friedrich Hollaender: “I’m a satirist, Ernst. The most dangerous politician of them all. Speaking of humor, I’m going to hear Hitler tomorrow – would you like to come?”

    Ernst Hanfstaengl: “The anti-Semite?”

    Friedrich Hollaender: ” The National Socialist anti-Semite. We call them “Nazis” just to piss them off. I hear he’s fascinating.”

    Ernst Hanfstaengl: “Well, that’s very open-minded of you.”

    Friedrich Hollaender: “You mean for a Jew, yes? I’m not supporting him, for God’s sake. I need new material!”

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