Jew Judge Orders Abortion Pill Sold Over The Counter


Just look at that filthy Jew above! Federal US District court Judge Edward Korman orders the FDA to make the so-called “Abortion Pill,” or “Morning After” pill sold over the counter. This would allow young teen girls, or even randy boyfriends, to waltz right in and buy it, just in case things get a little too hot when the folks are out of the house.

I guess the parents of White children no longer have any word in raising their own, or much of GD anything else these days!

Leslie Kantor, Planned Parenthood.

Leslie Kantor, Planned Parenthood. Sex expert and Buddhist. Right.

When ABC “World News Tonight” with Diane Sawyer, happily reported on the Judge’s edict from the bench, they didn’t mention his name for some reason. Hmmm, I thought. Looking it up, I quickly saw why. Not only did the Judge have a Jewy name, he was about the ugliest specimen of Jewdom there is (photo above). No wonder they didn’t want to name the guy!

Then ABC kindly brought on a woman from Planned Parenthood to patiently try to explain matters to all us befuddled Goyim out here in TV land. When I read her name down at the bottom of the screen, I burst out laughing — practically like a maniac. It was another filthy Jew busybody mucking around with our race!

I looked Kantor up on the Internet. She’s a so-called expert on human and teen sexuality. I bet. It looks to me like the woman hadn’t had all that much personal experience since her divorce a few years ago.

I stumbled on her own personal little blog about all the trials and tribulations smarty pants found herself on the dating scene, while looking for her “Superman.” Poor girl, she wrote a post about going out on a date with who she thought was a nice man (finally!) and everything was so great. But on the third date (!), the guy got a little frisky and french kissed her, grossing her out and ending things. OMG! That one mistake was just too much for little miss perfect.

The sex expert tells us she’s into Buddhism, haha. I love it when these liberals try to pawn off a bunch of nonsense just because they don’t want anyone to possibly think they could believe in something too average and boring. Either that, or she doesn’t want to be known as Jewish, because her social engineering efforts just might alert a few Goyim to all the Jew scam gigs they now have running in our countries.

These sick Jews are bound and determined to skank us White people down, while at the same time limit us from reproducing as much as possible. That’s why abortion is so important to these people and why we are now genociding millions of White babies, while subsidizing with our tax dollars the criminal blacks to have children.

Have you noticed on the news, how they trot these nervy Jews out on just about every subject nowadays?

From the economy and money; to conflicts in the mideast (the sacred Israel crap); to the flooding of non-White immigrants into our lands; to race frictions and PC; to law and religion; to our family life and EVEN OUR GD SEX LIVES.

So what’s up with that?

There’s always been a bunch of stinking Jew “sexperts” getting rich working the angle of the dangle. Yep, even sisters Ann Landers and Dear Abby, were stinking Jews.

Are these SOBing Jews just so smart, caring and hip, that whatever they say, the rest of us in America has to listen to it? I don’t think so. The Jews are so twisted up in the head, it’s not funny — making them the LAST PEOPLE TO ASK ABOUT ANYTHING WHATSOEVER.

If the Jews were so few in numbers (not true), then why are they all over the media and involved in everything else? Because, dear brainiacs, the Jews own the media.

And why do these people continually feel the need to create trouble in our nations? It’s never-ending isn’t it? It’s because they love making money while having “careers” creating a ruckus. Better than working a real job, huh?

These people are so bollixed up in the head with total hypocrisy it’s not funny. Throw in the fact they consider themselves the “Chosen Ones” and the paragons of the planet, and you got yourself one hellish bunch running loose upon the land.

Get this: A week or two ago, the Jew media was crowing about the two football players in Steubenville, Ohio, who molested a drunk-on-her-ass female minor at a party. First off, the only reason you saw any report on national news to begin with was because one of the kids was White. If the perps were all blacks (which happens all the time, mind you), you wouldn’t have seen SQUAT about it.

While ABC was doing a big 20/20 report on how terrible the Steubenville crime was and how all the young kids are now acting up, binge drinking at parties and taking sexual advantage of poor, oppressed females, etc., etc., yet at the very same time, the Jews over at HBO were running a Jew Hollywood movie called “Project X” — where the exact same kinds of thing was only the usual crazy teenage fun!

And you don’t know why things are now so effed up in America?

— Phillip Marlowe


I’ve plain had it with all these know-it-all, SCUM-SUCKING GD JEWS!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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180 Responses to Jew Judge Orders Abortion Pill Sold Over The Counter

  1. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    On the subject of cops being trained in Israel I dropped this in earlier,

    Sounds like the words of a cop trained by kikes in Israel, Eh?

    Nice huh, You have a carry permit, you have a gun but if you use it against a criminal you better be ready to face the consequences?

    Then why bother with the fuckin’ permit?
    Not having it and having to vent some nigger. that would be the lesser of the multiple charges.

    Some great comments sog,

    ghostbusters? LOL!

  2. Bailey says:


    No wonder why Dodges are such pieces of shit, cheap knockoffs of real automobiles.

    Dodge brothers were jews who ripped off Henry Ford.

  3. sog says:

    chung fuck duck-ling 3rd is a firecracker but in his \/her case it is a dud …he dont control shit ..his mommy does ..serious ..we been through this before back in 90-91 just before the 1st invasion of irack was korea this and korea that and they build good tunels to get into s.korea ? eh one knows why ..chinese are tring to illegally immigrate out of shit hole china maybe was the chinese chins who were the major dominating attack force against the south korheea in 50 and i guess even then the n. koreans wernt shit then as it was all about chinese doin the heavy lifting for the northies …n.koreans chopped up 2 americans 1 officer who was part of a tree cutting crew on the dmz up there ’76 ..any way indianhead div 2nd inf div was taking potshots from the northies even back in 60-70’s …north korean snipers were on the lookout for careless katusas and americans …japan used to control korea ..i cant remeber all the tons of info anymore ..but wasnt it the pervert clinton who walked the n.korean detainees out of their …odd to say the least ..half of korea north is starving and the other half doesnt want to starve or live in korea is a dump ..they have no rocket technology to send a warhead on to anyone except themselves ..but the usa and israel have probably been secretly supplying them with advanced arms and rocket scientists like they did with iran and iraq at the same time back in the 70’s and 80’s and the 90’s .another story ….
    korea is just bull shit designed to sell jewish news paper media and get us to ignore the other theater bull shit in iran ..pphht.
    i remeber somewhat that you could right patch your unit indian after a stint up on the 38 parralell demarcation jsa etc aka 38th …takin gooksniper lead up in the cp areas #1 on dmz line to about the late 70’s …dont remember if you could wear the cib for that tho but a lot of people tdy’d out of there to worse places till 75 …i am fond of the patch ,,its got presence .. …
    korea has provided alot of drama and theatre over the years and no one really knows why they attacked the usa back in the 50’s at least i never haeard a reason..but it does sell jewish newspapers and once again here we are with the illusion committee and korea now….
    koreans are just mad and jealous that we have indoor plumbing and they dont and we dont have to eat kim-chee ..ahhh fuckin sooo ..
    ooops ..amricaaners use agent uh o-ranje on d m uh zee line ..nooo uh good uh nummbuh 10 …
    oh for all of us beef lovers who go to mcniggers and burger bowel o shit fast food ,the south amaericans are also agent oranging land to clear it for cattle farming for beef for word wide dissemination of fast food meat …agent orange is bad one .,but it works stealthy and fast canal, NY and “hooker” chem corp and buried drums of leaky bad stuff is already in the niagara now ,,day by day little by little and the great news is real estate agent cockroaches are now selling homes again in the love canal suburban housing tract region …no danger from a chemocal with a half life of uranium and just as lethal by weight …jewish chemical makers as usual ..oh and this is out of the twilight zone but americans should knbow what europeans already know ..we got the roundup ready gmo crap from kike bastarsds monsanto and now we have dioxin ready gmo plants ..such a deeeeeeeeeal …where and when these apocalypse plants will be planted isnt going to be mainstream news …

  4. sog says:

    heh heh bailey ahs just sittin here absorbing global ambiance thinking of headin out to a bar for real cultuer for a change ..maybe play some darts ..ah dunno yet ..big decision ..
    i have a back log of at least 3-4 years of reading to do thats if i stop down loading material last year ……permits and insurance are more kike oppression ..2nd amendment is inalienable and is under no circumstance to be interpreted any other way ..self defense is a birth rite ..if the cops who are minutes away when seconds count cant defennd you ,the least they could is fuck off and leave us to our business of being safe …og sknows when cops show up no one is safe …

  5. sog says:

    yeah i never liked dodge ems much …not a foird guy either escept for their shiutty vans and the hopeless front suspension thoise fuckrtards installed on their especaill the 250 or 350 have to take the van in loaded for commerce or what you ill be carrying most of the time they explan and go to alignment shop and have the 10 ton bender set the axles at a modicum of guesswork average so you tires dont wear out faster under load ..of course no one knows this or doesnt do it anyway and you go through hella tires on the front …
    chevy for me …vettes camaros ,,the firechikkin was a plagiurization of the camaro but it was nice enough …the chevy stepsides in around 86 -88 were the nicest trucks around ..

  6. Bailey says:

    GM for me.

    You’re kidding right?
    Bars aint cool anymore unless you’re into hip-hop and watching all the white girls hang around the niggers, unless you know where there’s a white bar.
    Here they no longer exist and i don’t miss them, Bailey drinks his beer at home now all i need is a pool table.

    Be safe out there.

  7. brian boru says:

    I was struck by the similarity of the facial features of this kike Korman and those of the filthy yid minister, Alan Shatter, in Ireland who has given scores of thousands of Irish passports to nigger and wog invaders since he gained office. It’s remarkable how the evil essence of jews is expressed in their facial features. As they age their vicious, predatory and merciless instincts become ever more deeply etched in their faces. Take Kissinger or Larry Silverstein or George Soros as examples. These creatures are evil personified and there will never be peace on this planet until they are dealt with.

  8. nodollarsjustcents says:

    Firecrackers. Who holds the lighter?? netanoyhoy says, arabs have the oil, we have the matches..

  9. nodollarsjustcents says:

    brien, 300 gr HPBT..I hear its good for a bad headache. Maybe get the wrinkles out of larry, moe & curly’s forehead.

  10. Jimmy says:

    Ha ha ha, I would prefer that 300 grainer in 375 H&H flavour I it would even take care of “Hippopotamus” from a certain group.

  11. Brian, I’ve always felt the same.

  12. There are bars with plenty of whites in New England if you are outside the cities. There’s not much quality shake and bake there anyway. My advice is stay safe, and germ free. The thing that is annoying as hell about most New England bars I’ve been to -which is most of them- is that they don’t have effin pool, foosball or air hockey tables, nor do they have pinball machines or video games. Everywhere else in the country I’ve been got the memo. It must be the jews, at least that is who I’m gonna blame.

  13. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    SOG I wouldn’t necessarily call Clinton a pervert. I’m talking about the bill version here. I’ve never been in the white house bedroom thank GOD but what self-respecting white man would NOT enjoy a good blow job once in a while. Great for stress release. His biggest mistake was fucking a jew bitches mouth he should have known that would come back to haunt him. Remember he lost the nuclear launch codes for three months about the same time rhammy jewmanuel was holding them for safe keeping.

  14. Bailey says:

    Yea, but even a bar with white people it’s hard to escape the rap-crap, the 12 TVs and everyone playing with their smart phones.

    That’s whites, enjoying their privilages.

    I had a shine box when i was around the same age as those kids and used to go in the local taverns to shine shoes back when men wore them.
    Men didn’t wear kroks and they didn’t go out in their pajamas either.

  15. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Has anyone noticed how hard it is to find a bowling alley nowadays? Them fucking jews fuck up everything.

  16. Biker says:

    the only thing the bar is good for is to pick up a quick 6 pack, or an order of wings. on days off i might go in for a few drafts, all the bars around here have pool tables. but even though 99% White, you dont want to be anywhere near the bars in my area after sundown. thats when the freaks come out. spiked green hair, face lookin like they fell headfirst into my tackle box, just effed up people. 20 years ago you never saw this. the men looked like men and the women werent there unless it was the weekend or there was a band. now, after 9pm its multi-culti metro-sexual inked and pierced monsters from i dont know where. you never see them in the daylight. how far we have fallen. or more like, how far the joos have pushed us.

  17. Bailey says:

    There’s a couple bowling alleys by me, a couple of years ago one of Obamas sons shot and killed another one of Obamas sons right in the front entrance of one of them.

    Yoofs wit’ guns go to bowling alleys, stay home, play lwan darts or horse shoes.

  18. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Fuck Duck the third is telling foreigners to leave South Korea if they know what’s good for them. Didn’t I tell duk fuk the third the other day that we have airpanes you cannot see and they drop great big firecrackers? We also have smart bombs that land in your above ground swimming pool? This duck fuck the third is starting to become big pain in butthole.

  19. Bailey says:

    Yea Biker,

    The bars in town really used to be where everyone knew your name and your father and grandfather before that.
    Last summer i was in my home town in jew nersey and the after work crowd was the same as before i left in 06′ but at night it became a different story.
    Freaks, wiggers and whores, hip-hop nigger thumping on the box, niggersports on TV.

  20. Biker says:

    the headline on my homepage said :


    found this arty, (not gunna copy paste my home page) that explained this ‘veteran’ was a 60 year old Serb living south of Belgrade.

    but someone that didnt wanna click on the link or research, would automatically think that this was another maniac right wing U.S. veteran and one of those evil guns.

    gatta love the jews media. bastards

  21. Biker says:

    true Bailey. when i was on afternoons id stop and bet my 6 of pounders BEFORE work, so i didnt have to go into the 3rd circle of hell on my way home at 11:15pm to get it. did it once, screw that. freak – a – palooza.

  22. Biker says:

    thats GET my 6 of pounders

    its all scripted PRT. goad N. Korea into war so we can occupy and rebuild them.

    secret US flights landing in Pyongyang?! of course! gatta deliver the dirty nuke purchased from Uzbekistan or some other god forsaken stan for them to use to nuke south korea. without war, how else are we gunna build bases and station troops directly on the Chinese border?

  23. t bone says:

    Someone posted how Korman looks like Shatter. I agree.

    That ashkenazi ugliness is unmistakable.

  24. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    You got that right Biker I hit my home page and it says Veteran goes on killing spree killing 13. I click on the ass-press story and it says “MAN” goes on killing spree in fucking serbia who can blame the guy shoots his own mother and fambly members.

  25. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    The guy was probably mad at his mother because he lived in serbia and she was the one that literally and physically fucked up his life.

  26. ProtocolsRtrue says:


    Five people stabbed in the health sciences classroom at the university of texas. Repeat… Five people stabbed in the healty sciences classroom in Texas. More to follow….

  27. $10 Bagel says:

    I agree with Simon that sending the jews to Israel is a tremendous improvement over having them in America or Europe. But honestly, there is no place in this world where you can contain these people. Not Liberia, not anywhere. Antarctica would probably be the best location if there was one. The Moon would be better. At least for now.

  28. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Two people on this website agree on something. The moon would be better but alfa centuaria would be even better than that. Put the jews in a space capsule and say call us back when you get to pluto. I’ll pay the sailfone bill most gladly 1 dollar a month for the next 3000 years.

  29. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    And these NFL players all mad because they have dain bramage. Thats why we make you wear helmets and shoulder pads dumb fuck. My apologies first but at what point in your career did you not notice that you fuckers bang each other in the head every day? If I could sue for dain bramage I would be a rich man right now. That’s why we hire fast-running niggers so nobody can cath them and damage our helmets.

  30. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I demand more knife control right now. Dese niggers at age 50 should be allowed to
    attend kollege and get der ged in peace. There only there to get der ged for Chris” sake dey allready had der 14 chireens and its now back to white man skool.

  31. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    And this may be my last and final solution to the worlds problems today. We get a ping-pong table and set it directly on top of the dmz and give them koreans only one ping-pong ball. That ought to keep them occupied for a while.

  32. DICARLO says:


  33. DICARLO says:


  34. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    I say only butter knives and definetly nothing serrated and especially take them off the shelves at walmart within the first five days of the month.

  35. Cleansweep says:

    Jews, donkeys and women

    It is difficult to appreciate today the love of German women for Adolf Hitler. Just as women today have been degraded by the jew owned media, education and entertainment system, so had they before the Reich.

    For example in Berlin during the 1920s, jewish club owners had poor white women have sex with donkeys on stage. Adolf Hitler restored the respect and dignity of
    women and admiration for their role in the society.

    Happiness and health indexes showed that German women under the Third Reich were the happiest and healthiest women in Europe. Their families and nation were also the happiest and healthiest and the most materially well-off per capita….until International Jewry, working through their puppet regimes: countries like the Rothschild led UK, the Jewish bankster led USA and the Wall Street funded Soviet Union brought the whole dream down.

    Women can become great again, beautiful, kind, understanding, patient, loving, nurturing of children, family and nation, poised, elegant, modest, worthy of respect, worthy of worship as they once were, through the restoration of femininity; the natural state.

    Feminism was invented by the men of the Jewish Frankfurt School as a cultural Marxist tactic to destroy Western civilisation and the white family!

  36. Greg says:

    That’s it, ban everything that is of any use to White people but keep the jews and their colored pets around. Those who beg for hell will get it.

    Moving on.

    This couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. Funny how things work out.

    Yo, here go one of dem ‘church-goin’ negroes. Just like the jews do. God, how pathetic.

  37. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Israel’s New Generation of Racists April 2, 2013 – 10 min

  38. Greg says:

    Watch this.

  39. Karen says:

    Bailey…”the bars in town used to be where everyone knew your name”…you’ve watched to many Cheers episodes. God, I hated that show. Made Gentiles look like retards.

  40. All-Eyes & Not-Sees says:

    Yes, the Death Metal stuff is bad but its very fringe. The Beatles did far more damage – just look at the cover of The Sargent Pepper album: Freud and Marx i.e. stealth Frankfurt School. Plus, many Jewish entertainers, including toilet humorist Lenny Bruce and occult sicko Alistair Crowley.

  41. summerled says:

    The 10 Commandments

    First of all, I would like to comment on the morality question. Admittedly, Jews like Christians and Muslim consider lying to be one of the cardinal sins, forbidden by Moses’ 10 commandments. Where Judaism differs from Christianity and Islam though, is in its limitation of the application of those 10 commandments to fellow co-religionists. While some people argue that the Torah (Old Testimony) is still ambiguous on that matter, the Talmud – Judaism’s authoritative interpretation of the Torah – leaves no doubt: Gentiles, are not protected by the ‘Law’. The Talmud literally teaches that Gentiles are subhuman, with rights comparable to those of cattle, created by God for the enrichment and comfort of Jews. From the point of view of many Jews, even though they will rigorously deny that this is the case, it is no sin to deceive, defraud, exploit, enslave, prostitute, torture, kill, as long as the victim is not Jewish. This is precisely the reason why Jews historically have been dominating slave trade and usury. This is also the reason why Jews are dominating up to this day every vice and crime you can make money with: sex slavery, human trafficking, prostitution, drug trade, weapon trade, gambling, you name it. In other words, moral considerations wouldn’t prevent Jews from lying about the Holocaust.

  42. summerled says:

    * Jews deny that they dominate Western media.
    * Jews deny that they dominate the financial sector.
    * Jews deny that they control the U.S. government.
    * Jews deny that the ‘Young Turks’ behind the Armenian genocide were in fact Jewish.
    * Jews deny that the vast majority of Bolsheviks were Jewish and that the Ukrainian genocide was a Jewish anti-Christian progrom.
    * Jews deny that the Israeli government has committed numerous false-flag attacks including the attack by the Israeli Airforce on the U.S.S. Liberty
    * Jews deny that there has ever been human sacrifices of Christian children as part of their Passover ritual.
    * Jews deny that historic events of the past 100 years follow precisely the blueprint of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, giving credibility to the suggestion that they are genuine and not forgery.
    * Jews deny the involvement of Israel’s Mossad in the false-flag terrorist attacks on 9/11 and 7/7, and the murder of Princess Diana.

  43. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    To any of you InCoglanders that may live on Americas west coast and especially california. I personally wouldn’t mind if a korean nuclear missile did somehow find it’s way to san fag or especially jewlywood. In fact I would hug the next korean duck fuck I meet in the laundrymat. If the whole state cracked in half on the san andreaus fault and fell in to the ocean and drifted away I would not mourn that either.

  44. sog says:

    duck-ling thurd is flapping hippo flaps at media ..koreeea is a chin province ..but i am puuzzled as to why the world leaders are mad at iran for having nuklear power plants and why they would let n.korrea hav nukes ..if you think about ,,n-koreea is way over there and we are way over here and there are a hundred other nations,countries,and shit holes kim stool fell in 3rd could attack ..what did this pudgy astard do ,spin a top and see what it landed on ..why dont the usa just smok n. korea ? because you would seriously pis off china as the fallout settled on their shit hole ..the kim dynasty controls korea ? hmm the generals are always plotting tho ..are there any raw materiels there worth stealing besides scrawny starving people and a handful of rice …
    look on the vbright side ,the bush family supplied arms and sattelite tech supplied to china even in restrictes times have obviously been handed down to n.commie korea and so if they light the fuse on one of there most honoruhbrull sky rokret fruhm hrell it will undoubtedly fall back to earth and nuke thier selves ,lol and or if miracles do exist ,it will fart along to wash dc white full sessions are going and eliminate thet parasite nest ..maybe this is a zio neo flimcom act of super secret squierrle skull duggery on wash dc by kikes ..hey where is my free decoder ring ..all the niuggeres got free sail foans an sheeeit ..are the kikes just winding up kim dong wang 3rd hell doll and trying to instill fear in the masses ..fuck jews and fuck korea ..all lies ..anytime the media craps out a spewage of bull shit its all jooo lie …
    but why would the pentagram dispatch b-52’s with nuke respones capabils over the grey skies of korheeea,if the gook slope fucks dont have old used dented can nuke givaways from chinka the type of think where the koreans are like american porch mokeys blaming all their failed hopeless useless excusees for humanity among their race on whites …ahh korrreenz wre arruh groinrg tro uhh bromm ru rrall tru hrell ru amelikrens …lmao …china has always done their heavy lifting after japan got thru de-chinking china real good from 1930-45 ..hmmm well that was a holocost by jap and 12-15 million chinese were brutally offed by japanese ..but jaopan relinquished control of the korean ant farm after the ww2 …
    i mean if the tired ass kike neo cons in wash dc are trying to stir up shit in korea youd think if there were any brains in korea that someone doesnt sit on then they would see the real culprit as israel as always and drop a fuckin nuke right down netanyahoos ass since im sure its up in the air 5 times a day worshipping al-lah …
    i mean do you think by the looks of these miscreant kooreenz do you think they allow or ban stand up comedy in that country ….it looks like they are always trying to take an ayatollah and are impactd ..ahhhfuckin sroo ..
    maybe its those hand me down thongs they have to wear and toss since they dont have washing machines ..this could be a key motive for their vitriol ..lets airdrop a host of sears washing machines to n. korea and stave off a world ELE .. hell i should be in the state dept ..
    remember how stupid the cuban missile crisis was ..i mean what is the effen difference if the nuke misslie is 7000 miles away or 70 miles ..does it make a differecne after it goes boom ..
    and at the time kike communism controlled cuba and russia and the usa and point a stick in any direction and you will find kikes under a rock ..
    if the kuhrheeanz have the dong feng missile good for them ..who let that happen ,,..lets just say who is going to argue with kike communist controlled china ..and iraq gets smoked ? and iran is next on the neo kike con hit list …lets put israel on the hit list….
    rthe place is lost in time warp with il jongs dads depuities trying to continuse the aristocracy way of life ..personally i wouldnt really describe that political hell hole in that good a lite ..
    and how about this shit
    these fucktards anaonymous would be on nsa ‘s hit list by now and rounded up and processed at getmo ..more chaos and confusion for american sheep …

    There are two schools of thought about what lies behind North Korea’s increasingly frenzied posturing. The first goes like this: the rhetoric emanating from Pyongyang – including calls to “break the waists of the crazy enemies [and] totally cut their windpipes” – is no worse than their decades-old ritualistic promises to turn South Korea into a “sea of fire”.

    What we are witnessing, according to this theory, is nothing more than an inexperienced leader (Kim Jong-un has only just turned 30) shoring up his power base at home, testing the resolve of a newly elected South Korean president, and lashing out at the latest round of US sanctions and joint US-South Korean military exercises.

    ok and this and the world is worried about iran …?…
    The second approach is to caution that this time, it’s different: North Korea has carried out a third nuclear test, formally repudiated its armistice with the South, cut a military hotline, RESTARTED THE PLUTONIUM PRODUCING YONGBYON REACTOR , and stopped access to the joint North-South Kaesong industrial zone – which had been allowed to operate through even the worst crises in recent years. What is more, we have little understanding of how the relationship between the leader and his generals has changed since the opaque transition from Kim Jong-il – someone who knew the tacit rules of a showdown with Seoul – and his son.
    And none of this has been in the news as much as iran …ahhh i see a rat ..jews want to stael more oil from middle east as they are not satisfied with million billion they want million trillion …and the american taxpayer still has to suppoert this criminal state of israel and they are swimming in oil money …they are the richest country on earth i would suspect …

  45. sog says:

    jews suck on long denial dong ..

    How should we arbitrate between these two views? We could start by distinguishing between fantasy and fiction. The Prime Minister warned yesterday, in an article for The Daily Telegraph, that North Korea was “a continuing, and growing, nuclear threat”. But he picked his words carefully, aware that this was not yet “a reality”.

    Simply put, North Korea cannot mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile and then deliver it to the US mainland. When Kim Jong-un posed last week with missile strike plans displayed in the background, arrows streaking across the Pacific to American cities, those might as well have been lines daubed on a game of Risk. Pyongyang might be able to hit Japan, South Korea, or some nearby US bases, but even this veers to the implausible, given the plethora of land-based and ship-borne missile defence platforms that the United States has deployed in recent days and years.

    again i say ,who the eff would bother to even want n.korea and for what is a useless rocky non arable pos …so the following statement
    We should also remember that North Korea’s fury is born of fear. It may have got itself into this mess by conducting a missile test last year and a nuclear test in February but, having done so, it is sincerely afraid of the continuing US-South Korean military exercises, and may even view them as a precursor to an attack. lol .. right ..dazz rite ..
    it is n. korea that wants south korea and indoor plumbing and mcdonalds ,,

  46. t bone says:


    Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face.



    Brain damage?

    If you are referring to negro af-fleets, theres hardly any brain to damage in the first place.

    I dont think that many folks would notice such a finite improvement.

    BTW- The other day, I went to the store. A White cop was behind me, so I held the door for him. He very unwillingly said ‘thanks’, with an abrasive underlying tone to it.

    Not even 10 second later, he says to the wetback who worked the register “Whats up, boss? How’re you doing today?”

    I was taken back. The White cop looked down at me with condescending smugness but was all gay for the mexcrement.
    (I dont think either one was a homo per se, but I’m just sayin’…)

    A White cop treating me, a White citizen, with obvious contempt and is all buddy-buddy with the shitskin mexcreant. I’ll remeber that cops face. Next time, I’ll let the door close on him.

    Many cops will have to get off their multicult bandwagon and make a choice soon. When the tables turn, esp. when we’re in the thick of it, race traitors will be profiled, documented and monitored.

    And what historically happens to traitors?


    Shitskin love, folks. Its here and it wore out the welcome that many of us didnt even give ‘them’.

    Dump ’em all. Even the quadroon babies with the blonde afros.

  47. Frank Fredenburg says:

    McAuliffe Attacks Cuccinelli For Prosecuting Sexual Predators

  48. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    Some people say the craziest stuff. I was watching the nfl network and Hank Stram the coach of Kansas city Chiefs knows he’s micked up even back then in the super duper bowl . Hank bursts out way to go baby they have no idea what your’e doing they look like a bunch of Chinese in a fire drill. No shit watch the tape.

  49. sog says:

    Have You Seen This Black SCUMBAG?
    thats easy that was eric holder …

  50. Finkle Stein says:

    The Marxist Communist censors of truth a Suckerburger’s Two Face Book disabled my account yesterday, so it looks like I’m back to irritate these alien interlopers over here for as long as it takes for me to get another much more offensive Fuck Book account up and running. I hope I live to see the day when strong patriots drag the Burgs & the Steins out of their lavish offices in places like L.A, Washington, and Jew York and make public showings of turning them into Kentucky wind chimes as a means to deprive all the little hunched back Satanic demons of their collective delusion of invincability and invulnerability and to crush their rude, intrusive, vulgar spirits.

  51. Sabine Centurion says:

    Don’t forget the Witzs when the necktie parties happen.
    The day I see the Irgun / IDF demon Emmanuel slowly twisting in the breeze with purple face and extended tongue will be the day I believe there may yet be a chance that our Republic will be restored.
    So many Ashkenazim feral swine, so little rope.
    The Australopithecus Africanii will have to be content with hot lead in their lice ridden Eggplants since no sane human would touch those things with their bare hands to place a noose. The campfire burnt marshmallow impersonation also has a cleansing-by-fire effect that can’t be denied.
    Lately I’ve been thinking of a list of worthy targets that could be suggested to Exalted Chubster Kim so that if and when he spazzes and launches he could actually Do Good when acting out.
    Hollyweird, Tel Aviv, Dimona, Crown Heights, South Side and Lake Shore Drive Chitcago, D.C., Wall Street, Detoilet, North Philly and Apelanta are the Top Ten.
    Why not?
    If they got Neutron Device Air Burst tech when they bought The Goods from that Paki earwig, the use of it would spare infrastructure, such as it is, while zapping zap worthy specimens wholesale ranging from unregistered foreign agents, bought off gubbamint tools through rampaging niggers to fleas, ticks and 4 legged rats.
    What’s the area code for Pyonyang?
    Does Skype work there?

  52. Collins says:

    How many millions of innocent lives have the Jews destroyed over the course of recorded history? How many people have stopped trying to defend themselves against the Jews because they realized it was impossible to stop this tribe of demons? The Jews are the most cohesive and destructive force in the world today. They hate the white race as they view it as the only obstacle thwarting their goal of world domination. The Jews already control England, the United States, Canada, most European countries, and the list goes on. The Germans said, “The Jews are our misfortune.” How right they were and still are, but the Jews are the misfortune of the entire world, not just one country. But most people cannot see the truth. The Jews dominate the United States, a country of 300 million people. How did the stupid sheeple of the U.S. ever allow this to happen? And, short of a revolution, is it too late to reclaim America?

  53. Joe Blow says:

    Ah before you go off on buddhist I’m both white and a buddhist and don’t agree with the bullshit put out there by that jew scum. I also very much hate Jews with a vengeance. This broad is no more a buddhist then I am the sultan of Brunei, what she is is some new age feminist retard who blows every jew she can find. She does not represent the Buddhist community in any way shape or form PERIOD!.

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